How to Make a Futon Look Classy

How to Make a Futon Look Classy

The word futon is associated with a lot of negative descriptive words like unfashionable, cheap, old school, ugly, among others. It’s not surprising that people have associated it with those words, considering how futons used to be popular back in the ’80s, and they all looked flimsy, cheap, and ugly. Fortunately, this can all change, and futons can start having the right name. With the right vision and design, your futon could look significantly better than others. In our how to make a futon look classy article we are going to show you how.

Every small home or apartment today has futons in them because it’s such great space-saving furniture. It can be converted from a couch during the day, and a bed at night. Multi-functional and space-saving furniture is what people need for small spaces, especially if you want to maximize your home. You don’t have to be afraid to tell your friends that you have a futon at home, especially if you make it look classy and fit well with the design of your room.

When you’re choosing a futon, you must take into consideration where you’re placing it. You have to make sure it doesn’t stand out too much, like a sore thumb, especially if you haven’t converted it yet to look classy. Here’s how you can transform a regular futon to a classy one.

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What is a Futon?

A futon takes a lot of forms, and it could be a mattress or a couch. Futons are usually placed in the living room or bedroom, or anyplace for comfort. Today, futons are multi-functional, because they can be used as a sofa, couch, and a bed. It’s the perfect furniture for anyone living in a small space, especially if you design it well to fit your space’s interior. 

How to Select a Futon Design

A big part of making sure your futon looks classy and seamlessly incorporates to your room’s interior, is if you know the kind of design to watch out for. You have to make sure it looks stylish, and you won’t have a hard time answering the question of ‘how can I make a futon more comfortable.’ At the outset, you should already keep an eye for the following details:

  1. Frames

The frame of your futon will make or break the entire look because this is one design aspect you won’t be able to replace. You’ll be able to paint over it once in a while, but the design will always look the same. When you’re choosing a futon, make sure the frame design looks well, whether it’s being used as a couch or as a bed. Make sure it works well with the aesthetic you’re going for, or else choose a frame which looks neutral and classy, which can work well with any design. After you’ve chosen your design, there are also other factors you have to think of such as:

  • Sturdiness – make sure the frame is strong enough to withstand any weight or pressure. You don’t want you or your guests falling over every time it’s being used. Make sure you choose a frame based on its material, such as wood or metal. That way, you’re assured of its durability.
  • Flexibility – you’ll be transforming your futon from one type of furniture to another. You might ask yourself ‘how to make a futon look like a couch??’ The process is simple, especially if you make sure that the frames are flexible enough when you have to transform it.
  • Weight – one of the selling features of most futons is that it’s not heavy, compared to most sofas and beds. It can be easily moved around the home, which is why it’s an ideal furniture to have. Make sure you choose a futon that isn’t too heavy, or else you’ll have a hard time moving them around and transforming it.

2. Mattress

Now that you’ve decided what frame to get, it’s time to figure out what mattress to use. Most futons already come with a mattress, which is just a standard foam that gets worn out in time. Instead of relying on these, invest on a separate mattress which can be attached to the futon.

In selecting a mattress, keep in mind that it has to be comfortable enough for anyone to sit or sleep on. If you choose a mattress that gets worn out quickly, you’ll end up with a flat looking piece of furniture over time. Make sure your futon remains its shape and volume, or at least replace the mattress once it loses its form. 

3. Futon Covers

Futon covers are perhaps the only flexible design element in making your futons look classy. You can select from different types of covers to match your interior, and you can always change it out quickly. However, make sure to get the right size for your futon. You don’t want to get one that’s too big, or you’ll end up with a lot of wrinkles. Not only that, but it’ll look like a piece of cloth covering the entire futon. You also want to make sure the cover isn’t too small, or your mattress will be seen and get dirtied. 

But don’t just choose any futon cover, and make sure it doesn’t look cheap. You don’t want your covers to look like regular bed sheets that you’ve used to cover your furniture. As much as possible, you want to make sure that your futon still looks like a couch, and not a mattress. It’s also good to incorporate small pillows with your futon because it makes it look aesthetically pleasing. 

How to Make Futons Look Like a Couch

How to Make Futons Look Like a Couch

During the day, you want to make sure your futon looks more like a couch than a mattress where someone just slept on it. After you’ve used it, keep it up as a mattress and fluff out its pillows. Arrange the mattress cover, and your futon is now a couch. In addition to fixing the futon itself, you can add other furniture and fixtures to make it look more like a real couch. 

Tables: Couches are always accompanied by tables, whether they’re placed at the side or in front. Make sure to pair your futon with a small table which can be moved around easily, and that its design complements the futon. You can add books or candles on top of the table, and space would look significantly better and less empty.

Lighting: Other than tables, couches usually also have light fixtures for people who enjoy working or reading on the couch. Set up a small reading area by putting a light beside your couch or overhead it. 

Accessories: Make sure to put accessories that couches typically have. You can use small pillows or even a duvet for comfort. You can also set a carpet underneath the futon, which would complete the whole look. 

How to Keep Your Futon Looking New and Classy

Consider futons as an investment, because you’ll be using it for yourself and when you entertain your guest. Keeping it look new and sharp isn’t a hard task, especially if you know what to do. Here’s what you can do to keep your futons look brand new all the time.

  • Buy a mattress pad: Your mattress should be comfortable enough to sit or lay down on. But a mattress pad will always be your friend to give you added comfort. Not only does it provide additional support, but it reinforces your existing pads. Mattress pads help preserve the real mattress inside. Keeping it new will pay off, especially if you plan on selling your futon in the future. 
  • Flip your mattress: The mattress of your futon can lose its shape, primarily when you use it often. Make sure to reverse the side once in a while, and fluff it out regularly. Doing so would even out the foam inside and reduce the likelihood of it getting deformed. 

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Where Should You Place Your Futon?

You should always place your futon in a space where you’ll be entertaining guests often. It’s a hassle and a tiring job to move your futon every single time. Make sure to keep it in a functional space, where you won’t have a hard time pulling it open as a mattress.

 Look at your area and figure out where it fits and where it’s more appropriate. It’s usually tempting to put futons on the corner of your rooms because it provides more privacy, especially at night. Often, the best place to keep it is backed against a wall in the living room. That way, you can easily pull it open for guests to sleep on. 

Futons are always an excellent addition to every home. It has multiple uses, and it’s excellent space-saving furniture. Make sure to always keep your futon in the best shape, by upgrading its looks once in a while. Mix and match patterns and find the best style for you. You need to take full attention over the details of your futon and make sure to envision the designs you have and how well it will work with your space.

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