How to Install a Retractable Screen Door

How to Install a Retractable Screen Door

In general, you might want to have the door open on a hot day. Once you do this, it is very difficult to prevent certain undesirable visitors from entering your home. Therefore, mice, mosquitoes, among others, could easily enter.

That is why throughout this article we will see how to install a retractable screen door. This means that we address all those people who wish to install greater security and comfort in their homes. 

After following these steps, you can enjoy a fresh breeze, without anything else entering your home.

That is why below we will see each of the steps necessary for you to carry out the installation yourself when you want. If you want to save money, and not hire someone to do the installation for you, then just read on.

How to Install a Retractable Screen Door?

Before starting the Brisa retractable screen door installation, you have to consider some preliminary aspects. First, no specific or advanced skill or knowledge is required. You just need to follow each of the following steps carefully to do a good job. 

Therefore, we can mention that it is an easy task.

The cost of this task can vary considering the width of your door. Also, not all retractable door windows offer the same quality. With which this can vary the final cost.

When we talk about the estimated time for this task, we must clarify. If you have some experience doing a similar activity then in 4 hours you will have finished the task. On the other hand, if you do not have any experience it will take approximately 6 hours.

It would be advisable that before starting you have some basic tools. At least you should have a hacksaw, a drill, and a tape measure.

Previous considerations

Firstly, this task will not take three or four days to complete. On the contrary, it is an excellent improvement for your home that will be carried out in a single day. Once the installation is complete you can see how easy it is to use these retractable screen doors.

Here we will not find wheels or hinges that swing. Usually, this is a blind that you can slide down and up. In turn, this design will avoid some damages and inconveniences that occur with windows that include wheels and hinges.

You must take into account the exact interior width of your door. It would be convenient for you to measure at the top and also at the bottom of your door. If your door frame protrudes by more than a ¼ inch, then you should adjust the jambs.

By doing this you will be able to square the frame properly. However, if the frame does not protrude more than ¼ inch, you can start the installation directly.

1. Start by trimming and adjusting

In this case, the retractable screen door has a shutter-like operation. You just slide down and up to put it on or off. This screen is made of fibreglass and is rolled inside an aluminium box. This storage cassette or square box is 2 inches.

Retractable Screen Door

The box is installed on the upper frame of your door and horizontally. Therefore, you should take your hacksaw and cut the storage box to get the proper width. Consider that the box has to be ⅛ inch less wide than your door.

2. Assembling the pieces


Once you’ve got the perfect width in the storage box, you can grab the plastic lids. You just have to put each of the plastic lids on the ends of the same box.

It won’t be necessary to use any kind of glue since the lids will fit perfectly in the freshly cut storage box. In turn, remember to replace the handle that corresponds to the screen.

3. It’s time for the mounting clips

Check the metal mounting clips included in the complete package of your purchase. For this, you must take your drill or failing that a screwdriver. With which you must screw the two metal mounting clips. Be sure to do this on the head housing above the door.

Installing a Retractable Screen Door

It is important that the curved lip, or the curved part of the mounting clip, is facing the door. In this way, you will be respecting the design of the storage box.

4. Assembling the storage box

At this point, you should take the storage box and mount it horizontally. Specifically, you will need to fit the box into the mounting clips you previously installed.


Next, you will need to install the side views so it is wise to draw a line on the side frames. This way, you should mark directly under the storage box.

5. Installing the side tracks

To measure from the marking lines on the sides to the sill, you will need to lower the storage box. It should be at least ⅛ inch of those dimensions.


Now from there, you’ll need to cut each of the aluminum side views. Verify that the dimensions of the aluminium side view match exactly.

At this point, you will be able to put the storage box back on top. Once this is done you will be able to slide the side tracks in each of their places, below the storage box.

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6. Securing the side tracks

In this case, you must secure the two sidetracks to the frame of your door. To do this you must use the four 1 ½-inch thumbscrews.


You must separate the weatherstripping by placing a short section of the plastic tube on each track. Finally, you can insert each of the corresponding screws. As you can see, this is a very simple task.

7. Check your new retractable screen door

After completing the previous steps, you should verify the correct operation of your new retractable screen door. Slide the screen up and down making sure it slides smoothly.


The display must be kept within the side rails at all times. You do not have to worry about the display voltage as it is preset directly from the factory. 

However, you could apply an adjustment if you need it in the future. To do this you just have to remove the storage box to get to roll up the screen in the desired way.

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To end this article, we can mention that you will be able to have the appropriate information for this type of task. Just by following the steps mentioned, you will know how to install a retractable screen door.

It is a project to improve the comfort of your home. Also, this simple task will require some simple tools and a free afternoon that you have. You and your family will notice the comfort of the retractable screen doors

After following these few steps, you can enjoy a cool breeze without the other inconveniences. It is simply an obstacle for these undesirable visitors, such as rats, snakes, mosquitoes, among others, depending on where I live. In other words, you can enjoy your home differently.

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