How to Install a Corner Shower Without Buying Anything

A corner shower presents a ton of advantages to your bathroom. It has a small footprint so it’s perfect for those small spaces. It also works well for a large bathroom. You can allot a larger floor area for a luxurious bathtub or a hot tub. 

And having a separate shower and bath fixture can also do a lot for the interiors of your bathroom. And there are a ton of ideas, corner shower shapes, and sizes that you can work with. Though the space allotted may be essentially small, you can still customize your corner shower.

You can make it modern, vintage, or match your existing bathtub. And the good news is, it’s easy to install one! Scroll down below for our DIY guide on how to install a corner shower.

Different Styles for Corner Showers

A small space won’t stop you from designing your corner shower to your heart’s fancy! And if you’re not yet sure how to dress up your corner shoer, take inspiration from our few tips.

1. Twist on modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms usually have a minimalist look. And a minimalistic corner shower looks clean, pristine, and is easy on the eyes. But you can always amp it up. You can match modern bathroom interiors with cool designs. Installing a bench with a contrasting color can liven up your space without adding too much noise. 

2. Custom showers for really tight spaces

If you have a really tight small space to allow for a corner shower, making use of hexagonal design can help you maximize the space. And it looks luxurious too.

3. Neutral interiors and patterned floors and walls

You can make a small space seem larger with a minimalist theme in neutral light shades. Then dress up your floor or ceiling with patterns. 

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4. Corner shower with a corner storage

You can maximize your bathroom space more by installing a corner storage niche in your corner shower. It’s also a nice way to showcase your bath collection.

5. Corner shower in a large bathroom

Corner showers aren’t just meant for small spaces. You can even make a large bathroom roomier by installing a corner shower. Then you’d have more space to place some more benches, a vanity mirror, and your perfume collection.

Corner Shower Installation

Installing a new shower doesn’t need to be such a hassle, unless you want to renovate your entire bathroom! 

And if you’re installing a corner shower in a new bathroom, you can buy a corner shower unit that is available as one unit. This is ideal for areas that don’t have yet a framed wall. But for finished bathrooms, it’s easier. So check out these steps

  1. You would usually need a corner shower kit consisting of just two pieces- the base and the two dry shower wall panels.
  2. Test the base first. Check if the drain hole in the base fits the drain hole in the floor. 
  3. It’s time to glue it together! Brush PVC primer and cement on a flange and drain pipe. Set it in the drain to the floor and allow it to dry. And make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Place the gasket on top of the drain. Then set the shower base in place.
  5. Check if the base is covering the entire gasket.
  6. The base should be level.
  7.  Get your drill and drill holes around the base where it meets the wall studs. Then nail the base on the wall studs.
  8. Run a few caulk along the drain flange. Take note though that the caulk isn’t the first line of defense against leaks. Your shower instead must be able to shed water into the drain Check with the manufacturer first before buying.
  9. Then set the drain body and line up the holes with the holes in the flange. 
  10. Attach the drain body and the screen. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions on this.
  11. Before installing the wall panels, make sure it’s dry. You can roll a coat of primer to protect the panels from moisture. Do these days before installing the drain to ensure it’s thoroughly dry.
  12. Make a cutout of the shower panel using cardboard. Then place the cutout against the wall water and trace the outline of the holes on the cardboard onto the shower holes.
  13. Then cut the holes in the shower panel using a hole saw.
  14. Using the cutout again, place it against the water wall and trace the location of the valve and showerhead.
  15. Cut out the traced areas. Retest again by placing the trimmed cutout and see if it fits perfectly.
  16. Get your drywall panel and place the cardboard cutout over it. Trace the outline of the holes from the cutout to the wall panel. Then drill holes in the dry shower wall panels.
  17. Test first the wall panels on the shower, and trace their outline on the wall. You might need help with this. Have someone hold the panel for you.
  18. Run adhesive tape one along the walls, approximately 1 inch from the line that you drew on the top of the wall panel.
  19. Then apply adhesive every 12 inches on the wall.
  20. Place the panel on the wall, following the tracing that you made earlier. Press them firmly against the shower wall.
  21. Place silicone caulk on the corner of panels to seal them.
  22. Let it dry before installing the shower hardware.

Tips on Installing a Shower Bench

A shower bench is a nice addition to your corner shower. Especially if you have seniors in your homes, this can be convenient for them. And here are simple tips when installing one in your corner showers.

  • Ideal shower seats should be placed 17 or 19 inches off the floor. And if you have a small corner shower, the recommended size is 30 x 30. Ensure that the addition of the shower bench won’t affect this measurement. So it’s ideal to get the bench dimensions first. 
  • Gluing the bench of the wall isn’t enough. To ensure that the bench is sturdy enough to bear weight, cut a groove into the shower stall and insert the bench into the groove. You can use mesh tape and caulk to seal it. 


What is the best size for a small corner shower?

The minimum would be at least 36 by 36 inches. This will prevent your elbows from banging the walls or the glass.

Can I install a bench in a corner shower?

Yes, a corner shower bench would be the most appropriate.

Are glass corner showers easy to clean?

Yes, you may use water, a squeegee or sponge and soap to clean the glass.

What is the best shower enclosure for a corner shower?

A quadrant enclosure is the most ideal. Its curved frontage is ideal for tight spaces. It can also make your bathroom look more modern and contemporary.


 A corner shower is great for small spaces. It’s also an economic way to liven up dead space in a large bathroom. 
Whether you choose a doorless shower or an enclosed corner shower, a corner shower can also liven up your bathroom space when designed properly. Having it installed by a professional can cut a hole in your wallet. It’s actually quite easy to put up, just follow our simple guide on how to install a corner shower and it can be done in a day.

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