How to Cut Tree Limbs that are too High to Reach

How to Cut Tree Limbs that are too High to Reach

As is known as the trees grow and turn years, their roots are spreading more and more. In the same way, trees get taller and taller. Many times trees will need some type or style of pruning to give them the shape we want. While trees that are increasingly large need less and less maintenance, this infrequent maintenance can be complicated.

Therefore, when you need to know how to trim a tree in order to cut some particular branches of tall trees, you will need more than just a ladder. It will also require some useful elements that will help you do a good job.

Pruning large trees is usually useful at times when you want to sell your home or perhaps simply to improve the facade. It could be that you simply want to improve your garden, place some plants, some types of flowers, perhaps a small artificial lake, and to complete this small natural environment you will need to trim your trees.

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Therefore, the most recommended in these cases will be to prune those old branches of the older trees. This will allow your trees to get a more renewed and vigorous image.

These tips are important to avoid collateral damage, either for the tree itself, for you as it may suffer some fall or injury to your ladder, and for objects that are around the tree. An example of this is trees that acquire a considerable size and are located near a house.

When these types of trees are not pruned, they can do some damage to your home. So, if you want to avoid spending money on future arrangements in your home, you should follow the following tips. You can also know how to trim a high tree, which will undoubtedly continue to be useful in the future.

The location of the stairs

The location of the stairs is one of the most important items if you want to achieve a safe and appropriate felling. If you need to reach a considerable height It is recommended that you have another person at the base of the ladder so you can hold it.

Keep in mind that the ladder must rest at the point of greatest resistance of the tree. This means that you should always rest the ladder against the trunk. This way you will be making sure that during the process of pruning your tree you and your ladder will not fall to the floor.

For better support, you can choose to tie a rope to your ladder, pass it around the tree, and tie it back on your ladder. This way you will be safer and avoid possible falls. This advice is important, especially in those times when you should cut thick branches.

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Finally, it is advisable to avoid placing your ladder against the wind. It could happen that a wind that is strong enough can knock down your ladder, next to you. Therefore, you should consider the weather, force, and speed that the wind reaches the area where you live.

Starting to cut the tree

You should avoid starting to cut the tree from any arbitrary site. You should consider what pruning style you want to give your tree. Therefore, starting with superficial cuts is the most appropriate. First, identify those branches that you want to eliminate. Then you can continue and make this type of cut at the bottom. Just crossing the bark will be more than enough.

In general, the main objective is not to tear down the branch, since that would be a change too abrupt for the image of the tree. A tree with its fully pruned branches is usually not very attractive to look at. The objective, in this case, is to decrease the amount of bark that the branches of your tree have. Therefore, you will only be refining the thickest branches.

If you intend to make a cut in the branch, you should consider the most appropriate distance to do so. Therefore, in these cases, the recommended distance is about 6 inches. If you manage to keep this same distance in all the branches you want to cut, then you can give your tree a more pleasant and symmetrical style.

One of the recommended objectives is to maintain and respect the tree collar. This term refers to the point where the tree and its branches connect.

Remove secondary branches

Another very useful way to start pruning your tree is through the part of the branches, where they are thinner and smaller. However, for this, you must have an electric saw, since if you only have a manual saw, the work will become much heavier and take longer.

Today, a wide variety of electric saws is offered in the market, so you can access your best option, always taking into account your needs and objectives. In addition, you will get the security of being able to perform pruning from the smallest branches.

Pretending to cut a branch large enough means needing to have enough calculation. This means that if you cut a branch that is too large and you have not calculated well where it will fall, then the result will be a destroyed object or an injured person.

A good way to prune from smaller branches is to select different sections of the tree. That way, you can divide the pruning into different sections. This can be very useful rope saws.

Making the last cut

To get to the last cut, it is always advisable to remove as much weight as possible. In this way, the last cut will be one of the simplest, if it is not a thick and heavy branch.

A recommended distance to make the last cut is at least about 2 inches from the trunk. After pruning you will not need much more care for your tree.

Your tree will be composed over time in the same way that it has managed to grow. Therefore, by pruning your tree with the recommended distances, you will be decreasing the damage provided to the tree.

Some additional recommendations

When you decide to prune your own trees you are making a good decision. Whenever you do it in the most appropriate way, you will be reducing the expenses of this activity. This is because you will not need to hire labor to do the job.

In addition, you can give your trees the most appropriate style, depending on whether you want to renovate your garden, or simply improve the image of your house to sell it.

Consider that if your tree is too high, pruning could be more difficult if you have a phobia of heights. In these cases, it is not advisable to perform pruning, since the fear of heights itself can cause some type of injury when falling from the ladder.

In turn as an additional point to the above, you need to have the appropriate strength in the upper body. This feature will be important both if you have a manual saw as well as an electric saw.

The manual saw will require more effort from your muscles, while the electric saw is generally heavier than a manual saw. Thus, you will also need muscular endurance to support the electric saw.

However, with the right equipment, you can make the cuts and pruning your trees in a professional and safe way. By following these tips you will know how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach.


How to prune a tree that is close to electrical wires?

In the event that your tree is near an electrical line, the most advisable option is to call a professional in the field. Keep in mind that with the tools and objects you will need to prune a tree it would be quite easy to suffer some kind of intermediate or lethal damage.

What safety measures should be taken before pruning a tree?

Before starting pruning your tree make sure you are not under the tree you are cutting. In addition, you must remove and keep children and pets away. The pruning area must remain free. This way you will be ensuring that no member of your family suffers any damage from a small or large branch.

What safety equipment to count to prune a tree?

If you have the appropriate safety equipment then you can perform a successful pruning. Two main objects that should not be missing are a pair of safety glasses and the most suitable gloves. For a better level of security, you can add a rope in order to tie your ladder to your tree. However, to obtain good results it is advisable first of all to have a good tree branch cutter.

How to remove branches efficiently?

One of the best ways to perform your pruning also includes removing the branches as they accumulate. This could be quite obvious, or even useless until someone stumbles. Therefore, to avoid some kind of discomfort it is advisable to prevent the branches from accumulating on the floor.

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