How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing

One of the factors that present inconveniences for the health of any person in the home are the dirt that is in any tile. Without realizing the dirt in this place, it multiplies over time. And it becomes increasingly evident especially with the help of steam and moisture that are generated in any shower. Therefore, cleaning the shower tiles is essential. By following the following steps and using one of the following techniques you will know how to clean shower stalls, thus achieving a more presentable bathroom and that gives you less shame.

New ways to clean the tiles are recommended day after day, but many of them are not properly tested. Therefore, it is a waste of time and frustrating not to achieve the expected results. That is why in this article you will find a set of useful and efficient ways to clean your bathrooms, such as a no scrub bathroom cleaner or a natural shower cleaner.

Use vinegar and baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most recommended options at the time of cleaning. It is not usually used in homes in general. And on the contrary, it is highly efficient when it comes to removing dirt.

You should only take the bicarbonate and spread it along with the tiles you wish to clean. Keep in mind that baking soda must be properly cast, especially at the joints of the tiles. After this, you can include on the baking soda an amount of vinegar on which it is small. To get the reaction and the proper chemical process must wait for at least 1 hour.

To finish with this type of cleaning you should only rinse in the area. This is one of the most effective ways that will help you if you are interested in knowing how to clean a tile shower.

Dish detergent together with vinegar

In this second case, the vinegar also manages to provide adequate removal. For this, you will need a clean spray bottle, and then pour a cup of vinegar inside. Within this bottle, you must also include the same amount of liquid detergent. How to next step should mix both ingredients properly.

Finally, you should only spray this product that you have created on the most difficult stains of the tiles since when waiting for at least 1 hour, you can clean the entire area effectively and quickly.

Use hydrogen peroxide with borax

If so far the other methods have not worked for some reason, then hydrogen peroxide may be the most appropriate since it is usually used when the rest of the solutions pass. When combined with borax you get a product that has excellent cleaning skills. With a pH of 9.3, borax is by nature an alkaline element.

First, you must pour a certain amount of borax over the wet tiles and then let stand for about 5 hours. After this, extend for 2 hours an amount of hydrogen peroxide but only after cleaning the borax. Finally, having waited for about 2 hours, it will only take you to rinse the area. This technique lets you know how to remove stains from bathroom tiles effectively.

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Use salt

Salt can be highly effective for cleaning tiles because it manages to dehydrate unicellular organisms. When cleaning the tiles using salt, you must first rinse the area and add a small amount of salt that is sufficient. All you have to do is leave the salt thrown on the tiles for at least one night. After that, you should only rinse the area the next day.

Use steam

One of the most efficient ways to clean the shower tiles is to use steam, in those cleaners that include it. With a suitable steam cleaner, you can generate high pressure and a high temperature that will allow you to clean the desired area. However, it is not highly recommended for all types of tiles.

Use lemon juice

This product is also called a beautifying agent because when used on the skin and dark spots it can illuminate the area. In the case of tiles, it is the same. Lemon juice manages to leave no space in the dirt of the tiles since it is as acidic as vinegar.

Just put this product on the most difficult stains and wait approximately 2 hours. Then you just have to rinse the tiles you want to clean, of course without the need to scrub.

Clean Shower Tiles


What is the best way to keep the shower tiles clean?

One of the best ways to avoid using any of these methods is to clean the shower tiles every day. At least, you should consider removing the condensed steam from them.

How to avoid the accumulation of steam?

Preventing the accumulation of steam in your bathroom is an effective way so that your tiles do not get stained faster. Simply, it would be convenient for you to have an opening or fan that manages to expel the steam.

How to prevent tiles from being damaged?

If you are not sure if your tiles will suffer any damage to the technique you have chosen, then it is recommended that you opt for the most innocuous and less corrosive cleaning technique.

Do you need any additional tools?

In general, the techniques presented here do not require any additional tools. An exception could be the use of a steam cleaner. However, you have other equally effective techniques that will give you good results.

To conclude we can mention that this article gives you the possibility to know how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of those shower tiles will be much simpler than before.

Forget about the inconvenience and inconvenience that this type of dirt can cause using any of the most appropriate methods for you. Your bathroom will be much healthier and you will get a more pleasant presence.

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