How to Clean a Lawn Mower Carburetor

How to Clean a Lawn Mower Carburetor

When you try to visit someone else’s house, the first thing you will see is their lawn. To view it beautifully trim and tidy, makes people give praise and inspire them to do the same with their garden.

But what if they suddenly discover that their lawn mower is not working correctly. There are a lot of reasons why it’s not working, but the usual one is that it is not taken care of properly.

Like any other machine or appliances, maintenance of the device is a crucial step to keep them running for a long time. It is especially true if you have a lawnmower carburetor. Every time you use it, lots of grass, twigs, and debris may penetrate the engine.

Some of it blocks the engine fuel or the air passageway damaging the lawn mower until it stops working. To make things work again, you must maintain and learn how to clean your mower correctly. 

What Is a Lawn mower Carburetor?

A carburetor is a device found bolted to the top or side of the lawnmower’s engine. The location of the carburetor sometimes changes depending on the manufacturer. This tool is essential as it helps in drawing gas and air from the gas tank through a filtering unit and finally into a mixing chamber. The gas and air are mixed to produce combustible material that will be the power source of the lawnmower.

An excellent carburetor should provide a good mixture of air and gasoline for the lawn mower’s engine. Some of the carburetor parts include carburetor’s float bowl and float nut, which help in feeding the gas to its chamber.

How Can You Find The Carburetor?

Locating the carburetor in the lawnmower is an essential skill in troubleshooting any problem in your lawnmower. It may seem like an easy job, but people sometimes spend a lot of time just looking for it, especially if your lawnmowers are big and composed of a complicated system. Here are some steps you can follow to make sure that you can find the carburetor in your lawnmower quickly.

  • Turn off the ignition first so that you can start looking for the carburetor. Don’t also forget to set the lawnmower in gear and use the parking brake of the machine to prevent accident rolling.
  • You can access the lawn mower’s engine by releasing any restraining devices such as hood hatches.
  • One thing you could search for when locating the carburetor is the air intake and filter. You can identify these by looking for square-shaped or round filter housing that is usually located on the side or top of the engine. You can also see that the filter housing unit is mounted to the carburetors by screws or latches. The housing also contains filter or foams, which is used to prevent dust and dirt from entering.
  • You can also look for the carburetor by tracing the fuel line from the gas tank. Do this by identifying the gas tank, which is typically black in color. The gas tank also is placed in a position that allows easy access for fueling.
  • You can also follow the fuel line from the tank and find the connection point with the carburetor. The fuel line is usually located near the gas tank or attached to its bottom by a small clamp.

Things You Need to Clean a Lawn Mower Carburetor.

Let’s face it. Cleaning things up might be easy, but taking things apart is not. Some may even think that taking it to a repair shop is much easier and hassle-free. But the cost it entails might be a problem, especially if you are on a budget. To properly clean and check your mower you will need some materials. The basic things you need are the following: 

  • screwdriver
  • adjustable wrench
  • needle-nose pliers
  • socket/ratchet set
  • a set of rags.

You may also need fuel, carburetor inlet needle, a piece of wire or paperclip, a seat, and carburetor cleaner. Getting a carburetor cleaner will clean the inside of the carburetor. It will unclog the air and fuel passageway.

It will also help you to do maintenance in your lawnmower after washing it. You can easily buy a spray can of the cleaning material to clean both the insides and the outside of the lawnmower without taking the parts out.

  • If it’s your first time to clean your mower, it’s a good reminder to take a picture before taking off its part. Don’t hesitate to take a picture every time you remove a piece, so you can put it back the same way before you open it. 

How to Properly Clean a Lawn Mower Carburetor

Here are the things you need to know to clean your lawn mower carburetor properly.

  • Think About Your Safety

The first thing you need to think about before you start anything is your safety. Remember that gasoline is a flammable and toxic substance, so make sure that you have proper ventilation going. Make sure that your doors and windows are open. Use a ventilation fan if you have any. 

  • Check Why the Carburetor Is Not Working.

There might be other reasons why the carburetor is not working correctly. It’s better to check it first before taking it apart. Check if it has enough gas inside or if the ignition switch is in the right position.

The spark plug should be clean and properly attached. These things may seem obvious, but a lot of people still forget these things. Once you have checked everything and found no problem, then you can start checking the carburetor for any issue

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Take Off The Cover And Air Filter
  • Take Off The Cover And Air Filter.

Taking off the casing may look complicated, but it is quite easy. You just need to unscrew all the screws of the cover until you can see the insides of the mower. After that, you can remove the air filter to find the carburetor. Make sure to clean the filter until it is free of any debris. It will help the carburetor breath if the air filter is clean.

  • Remove the Carburetor and Take Off the Fuel Line From It. 

Using your tools, unbolt the carburetor and remove the fuel line attached to it. Use some rags to wipe any spills that come out once you remove the fuel line. Remember that if you don’t see any spillage, it means that you may have a clogged line. It is better to check your fuel line for any problem after that. 

  • Remove the Bowl and Clean the Nut

Easily clean around the bowl using your carburetor cleaner then remove the bowl by unscrewing the nut. This nut has a hole that you need to clean since it’s the passageway of gas and air. You may use a paper clip or a wire to clean it from any debris.

Carburetors usually stop working because of this problem, but it is easy to fix once you clean it. Don’t forget to clean them properly and replace the bowl if it’s already damaged or too dirty. It is much better to replace it than cleaning it all the time.

  • Change the Needle

If you already have removed the bowl, then you can see the float connected to the carburetor with a pin. You need to take the pin and change the needle. Also, replace the gasket where the needle sits.

  • Use the Carburetor Cleaning Fluid.

If you are done removing all the parts, then now you can spray the carburetor cleaner. Make sure you clean everything, especially the holes in the carburetor. Just use the paperclip or wire that you use earlier for the nut. All holes should be clean and free of anything.

  • Replace the Main Gasket.

It is better to replace the main gasket and buy a new one. You will find it quickly since it is between the carburetor and the bowl. 

  • Assemble It Back.

Once you are done cleaning the carburetor and its other parts, then it is time to reassemble it. If you have taken pictures while removing the pieces, then use it to assemble it back again. Make sure everything is back in place and add gasoline to it. After that, you can start it up to check if it is working correctly now. If you still encounter any problem, don’t panic and check first if everything is done completely. If it is still not working properly after making sure that everything is back in place, then maybe it is time for you to take it in a repair shop to fix the problem. 

Additional Safety Tips

  • Never clean your lawnmower near any open flame; it may cause accidents.
  • Remember the cleaning agents and the fuel is a toxic and flammable substance.
  • You can use safety goggles to protect yourself while cleaning. It will protect your eyes from any harm while repairing.
  • It is better to clean the lawnmower in a well-ventilated place.  

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The carburetor is an essential part of the lawnmower. It keeps the engine strong and working. That is why it’s important that owners know how to take care of it and properly clean it. It is recommended to clean a few times every year to keep it working well. It will also keep your things in good working condition and making it last no matter how hard you use it. 

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