Box Fan vs a Tower Fan: Which can Improve Air Flow Better?

Box Fan vs a Tower Fan

Fans can help improve the circulation in your house. And there are different types of fans. And each fan has varying fan speeds that can suit your cooling needs. In this article, we will get into the details as to how these two fans perform. Box fan vs tower fan- which can serve your needs the most?

These two fans can bring coolness into any space. So we will list down their differences. This will help you decide which type of fan is best suited for your home.

Box Fan Vs a Tower Fan: Which Is Better?

Let us sit these two types of fans side by side. So we can see the difference between each type of fan.

Box fan

What is a box fan

A box fan is a portable fan that has a grills or lattice plastic work enclosure. This type of fan is also suitable to be placed near windows. It can pull in warm air out of the room. And also, it can pull in cool breeze into the room. A box fan can also get rid of any bad odors, smoke, and dirt.

How does a box fan function

The air moves in a straight direction, back to front. You can also use a box fan to dry wet floors. Some brands are equipped with remote control. But you often access the speed settings of the fan manually.

Simple design

You don’t even need to read the manual to know how to operate a box fan. They are intuitive and you might just need to press the button to change the temperature settings. So everyone can easily access these fans. These fans also have fewer complex features, very basic indeed. It doesn’t often have any advanced features. 


While modern box fans aren’t that loud, some distal models can be really noisy. So this can disrupt your sleep if you tend to be a shallow sleeper.


Box fans have a relatively cheaper cost. And It’s often easy to do repair jobs once it gets broken. You can even do a simple DIY on it. 

Tower fans

What is a tower fan?

Tower fans are equipped with a series of blowers that are arranged vertically. That’s why they are called towers. These units are also light and portable. Thus, like box fans, they can be easily moved from one place to another.

How does a tower fan function

Instead of a straight direction of air, it moves up and down. And it can even circulate air up to 180 degrees. So, in a sense, it can cover a large area when compared to a box fan. Tower fans also have different speed settings and often use remote control.

Tower fans are more silent compared to box fans. And since they don’t have the blades that box fans have, these are safer for use around children and pets. And since they are vertically positioned, they are slimmer. So you need less floor space for these units. And they can easily squeeze in a very narrow corner of the room. 

A more complex design

Since tower fans are more innovative, they have a more complex design. So you might need to go over the manual carefully to see how it works. Some brands are highly innovative that they offer a lot of new features. Some units may even have air purification and humidifying effects. So to make the most out of your tower fans, you have to read the manual carefully.

 More environment friendly

Since tower fans are equipped with a more modern design, most brands often equip their fans with environment-friendly features. Green is in. And consumers nowadays are looking for more eco-friendly options. That’s why the more modern a fan is, the more eco friendly it can be. 

White Noise

When compared to box fans, tower fans are silent. They even sound off a white noise which can lull you to sleep. 


Tower fans cost more than box fans. And these cooling units are more innovative. Some are also equipped with timers and a natural breeze setting. You can use the latter if you prefer a more subtle and natural air.

In addition, it’s difficult to do a DIY repair on tower fans. You have to return it to the manufacturer for repair. Attempting to do a DIY can mess up with the coverage. Their mechanics are more complicated compared to box fans. 

More stable

When compared to a pedestal fan, a tower fan is less likely to topple over. That’s why it’s also a great option for those homes with kids. 

What is the Best Fan for Cooling a Room? Types of Floor Fans

There are several kinds of floor fans. We’ll be listing down each so you can choose which is the most suitable for your homes.

1. Tower fans

As mentioned earlier in this article, tower fans are slender and have a tower-like structure. They can also blow out air at a 90-degree angle. And modern tower fans have a wide range of features such as a timer and sleep mode feature.

2. Window fans

These are similar to box fans These can be placed near a window and can remove stale odor and dust. It can pull in fresh air from the outside. Thus it’s suitable for tiny humid rooms.

3. Box fans

Box fans are very portable and can pretty much be placed anywhere. They function almost the same as a window fan, except that they are more versatile.  

4. Pedestal fans

Pedestal fans are also called stand fans. And they are particularly known for their oscillation feature. And these fans are often and height-adjustable. It has a knob that you can adjust to change the height of the fan. Pedestal fans are notorious for toppling over.

Floor Fan

What are the Advantages of a Floor Fan?

Floor fans are an inexpensive way to improve air circulation in your house. Here are their common advantages.

  1. When used in conjunction with an air conditioner, it can lower your electricity bills.
  2. It can remove stale air and replace it with clean air from the outside.
  3. These cooling fans are quite portable and can be used even outdoors.
  4. They are great for cooling air in small personal spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom.
  5. No need for installation compared to ceiling fans.
  6. Floor fans are economical and easy to operate. Almost anyone can use these.

Floor Fans vs Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are also an inexpensive way to cool the air in the room. But how is it compared to floor fans? Is it a better option?

  1. Ceiling fans require installation. Thus, it requires more professional work.
  2. Even if you can’t use it straight out of the box, it does have its advantages. Ceiling fans can circulate air up to 360 degrees. So they can cover a larger area compared to most types of floor fans.
  3. They are the most popular types of fans used in most houses in the USA.
  4. Ceiling fans are the best option for commercial spaces since they can circulate air in larger spaces. 
  5. A ceiling fan can improve the aesthetic of your home. Some may even come with light kits and can take the place of an expensive chandelier.
  6. Ceiling fans are safer. They are less obtrusive too. Since they are mounted on the ceiling, there is no danger of the blades getting into contact with anyone. When compared to a pedestal fan or a box fan, it’s also a better choice if you have kids or pets around. 

What’s the Cost of Operating a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can be more expensive. Price can range from 50 to 100 dollars, depending on if you’re going to buy one with a light kit. 

Albeit it’s a more expensive upfront cost, the cost of running a standard ceiling fan is somewhat close to a standard floor fan. So ceiling fans are also an inexpensive way of cooling air in your rooms. 

Why Choose a Fan?

Air conditioners can cool a room better right? So why do you need a fan? Well for good reasons. And here are some of them.

  1. Air conditioners are not energy efficient. It can skyrocket your utility bills.
  2. In terms of circulating air, fans do it better. With an air conditioner, the cool air tends to stay in one place instead of circulating. Tower fans can better improve the airflow in your rooms.
  3. Your air conditioner will work better if you use a fan at the same time. Instead of cranking up the AC, turn on a fan to help circulate the cool air around the room. This will also lower your carbon footprint as well


Do Tower fans cool a room?

Yes, they can. Tower fans can oscillate air into your living space. So it can efficiently cool a room. Plus, it can have a timer feature so you can set it for a more comfortable sleep. Tower fans are also a great alternative for a home that can not yet afford an ac unit. 

Are box fans better?

Box fans are easier to use and cheaper than tower fans. But to answer the question above, that would depend on the circumstances. If you are on a budget, then it is a better fan option. 

Do you need a fan even if you have an ac unit already?

Yes, you do. It can help significantly lower your utility bills. And when you use a fan along with your ac unit, you don’t have to crank up the ac to its highest temperature setting. 

Which can improve airflow in your home better, a box fan or a tower fan?

A tower fan can circulate air better in your home since it can rotate up to 180 degrees.


There are a lot of fans in the market. Sometimes it can be confusing to choose the cooling products that best suit your homes. Though all can improve the air circulation in your space, one will definitely be of more value to you. 

Consider the pros and cons. And choosing the best one can make your life more comfortable. Our article will guide you on what type of fan can serve your needs the most. And to answer the question at the start of the article, a tower fan can better improve the airflow in your homes compared to a box fan.