Bagging The Top 15 Best Washing Machine Cleaners In 2020!

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Best Washing Machine Cleaners

Washing machines. They just could not go any simpler. Newer technologies get more complicated each time. 

Simultaneously too, cleaning them automatically becomes more demanding now. If only there are cleaning solutions that could ease the cleaning process– the effort and time it takes– and make a cleaning difference. 

Fortunately, there are. And they are waiting for your picking. Yes. All fifteen of the best washing machine cleaners are here for you to bring home. 

Let’s pour it in!

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Top 15 Best Washing Machine Cleaners in 2020!

1. 20Pcs Household Washing Machine Cleaners

Our “Top Pick” is a perfect achiever of deep-cleaning consequences fitting for all washing machines.

Whether you are cleaning the top load or wash load, the 20Pcs Household Washing Machine Cleaners can surely assist you with it. All 20 pieces of these washing machine cleaning tablets can achieve so much in just one cleaning because they are designed to be HE (highly efficient) cleaners. 

Just how efficient is the product?

In terms of concentration, it lathers to a fine thickness just enough for build ups to break out. This proves helpful to heavy washing machines because it economizes the expected frequency that machine is to be cleaned in the next 2 months. 

Fortunately, because of the product’s strong results, cleaning can be pushed further for another 3 months. 

Reinforcing the HE standard of the 20Pcs Household Washing Machine Cleaners, the purifying agents act to remove odor at a 100% turnabout. With this feature, least time and effort is spent on purifying and/or disinfecting the washing machine. 

All 20 pieces of the cleaner are easy to use and apply. Using a 3-step process: place the 1-2 tablets on the roller, pour water and let soak, and turn the washing machine on, the whole cleaning scenario deems mess-free results under short time. 


  • Triple active oxygen decontamination effect
  • HE (highly efficient) washing machine cleaner tablets
  • High concentration, sufficient lather
  • Trims cleaning frequency down to every 2 months
  • Purifying effect
  • Easy to use & apply
  • Best for front load/top load washing


  • Takes time to dissolve
  • Strong scent
  • Bulky package
  • Tablets easily break apart

2. Onegirl New Solid Washing Machine Cleaning Expert 

Topping with the “Best Value” package on our list, this latest Onegirl cleaning product pays washing machines the best favors. 

In terms of safety, the Onegirl New Solid Washing Machine Cleaning Expert qualifies as the perfect, most notable bulk of 25 tablet pieces. It goes without saying that it feels smooth on the hand. Yet, it manages to be tough on odor and buildups at the same time. It is also a noted beast when it comes to killing pathogens. 

All this is made possible because of its deep cleaning and decontamination capacity. 

What is in its decontaminating effect?

Active oxygen. Yes. it utilizes all active oxygen to remove 99% of dirt in all forms. That also includes unseen elements clinging along the tub sidings. More so, active oxygen works well in melting obstinate grease on surfaces– tiles, top load, washing loader/roller, etc. Experts insist that you can use it in all areas. And they are proven right. 

It truly does shimmy up surfaces in your house (besides the washing machine) with the least to no chemical reaction at all. 

The “best value” Onegirl New Solid Washing Machine Cleaning Expert is also easy to use; it is highly efficient so that it is marked by various evaluation boards as a multifunctional genius!


  • Safe & smooth
  • Deep cleaning & decontamination capacity. 
  • Tough on odor & buildups
  • Utilizes active oxygen
  • Multifunctional package


  • Bulky package
  • Takes time to dissolve
  • May cause clogging if not properly soaked
  • Strong-scented

3. Dishwasher and Washing Machine Cleaner 2 (Pack) – All-Natural Non-Toxic and Safe Descaling & Cleaning Solution

Our 3rd-ranking washing machine cleaner serves as an answer to the clogging difficulty caused by our first two products: it is conveniently liquid. 

A package of two bottles, with each bottle sufficing 4 uses, the Dishwasher and Washing Machine Cleaner 2 (Pack) – All-Natural Non-Toxic and Safe Descaling & Cleaning Solution reigns as the cleanest, most mess-free washing machine cleaning package present in the industry today!

The reviewers said it all. The two bottles are easiest to use and apply. All you have to do is to pour out the substance and voila, no melting needed. 

Utilizing an effective green formula, a formula containing concentrated organic solutions. These solutions represent extracted nutrients from plants, herbs and other essential oil sources. Consequently, the Dishwasher and Washing Machine Cleaner 2 (Pack) – All-Natural Non-Toxic and Safe Descaling & Cleaning Solution genuinely presents a 100% non-toxic package. That also goes with the gentlest scent. 

The cleaning not only removes bacteria, odor, buildup and other pathogens, it also prolongs washing machine and dishwasher lives. Through its organic compound, it lays a thick coating across the dishwasher and washing machine surfaces. 

In a sense, the coating protects the surface in the long run, keeping it lustered and molecularly packed for the next few months. 

That should also make the product economic. 


  • Easy to use & apply
  • Has Effective Green Formula; 100% non-toxic package
  • Fine & gentle-scented
  • Protective coating solution
  • Economic package
  • Cleanest, most mess-free washing machine cleaning package 


  • Lacks concentration
  • Takes time and repeated application efforts to finally take effect
  • Problematic cap; easy-spill
  • Lacks lather
  • Some shipping inconsistencies
  • Easily expires

4. Lemi Shine Natural Washing Machine Cleaner + Wipes 

This 4th-ranking topnotch washing machine cleaner comes with two giant packs, all boasting with the longest-lasting results. 

Although the Lemi Shine Natural Washing Machine Cleaner + Wipes  require generous amounts to be poured in to achieve the desired effect, it still manages to impress with its long-lasting effect. In fact, it proves to provide the longest-lasting effect known for any washing machine cleaner in the market today. 

Its cleaning style involves absorption tendencies natural for any organic cleaning materials. As it does so, it deodorizes and optimizes active molecules both in the surface and the atmosphere. As a result, it facilitates a self-cleaning action for the washing machine or dishwasher. 

What about its strong scent?

Its scent, despite smelling organic, still proves too strong for some people. Actually,  it is all about the citric scent. In reality, not all people are pleased by citrus tanginess, lest an intensified one. 

Our recommendation: pour 2 glasses at each pour of the Lemi Shine Natural Washing Machine Cleaner + Wipes. This should neutralize its arresting scent. But if intense citrus scent seems not a problem for you, then you don’t have to be bothered in doing so. 

But what is most compelling about the product, in our opinion, is the fact that it includes cleaning wipes in its package. Certainly, this is one of the many reasons we rank the Lemi Shine Natural Washing Machine Cleaner + Wipes as a topnotch item!


  • Longest lasting effect (4-5 months)
  • Deodorizing and optimizing effect
  • Powerful citric extract
  • Facilitates a self-cleaning traffic
  • Phosphate-free
  • Includes cleaning wipes in package
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Absorbent cleaning capacity


  • Intensely strong citrus scent
  • Requires excessive amount to achieve result
  • Can be overly lathered
  • Lacks high efficiency
  • Reacts with other applications
  • Tear-prone package; easy spill

5. Affresh W10135699 Whirlpool Tablets Washing Machine Cleaner

Landing 5th on our list, this topnotch washing machine cleaner hits home with a lightning-speed penetrating and dissolving effect. 

For one thing: the  Affresh W10135699 Whirlpool Tablets Washing Machine Cleaner is a quick-dissolving agent. 

How does this affect its cleaning capacity?

It affects the cleaning capacity by doubling its effect. Not only does the dissolving aspect secure fast-cleaning output, but also facilitates an absorption cleaning capacity. As it does so, it replaces positive-charged ions with negative ones. On a molecular level, it enhances the biogenetic performance of elements in a washing machine, for instance. 

Unlike bleach, the Affresh W10135699 Whirlpool Tablets Washing Machine Cleaner breaks buildup not by using chemicals, but by mainly altering its molecular phase. In a way, it should pass as an impressive organic cleaner. 

Best for cleaning both top load and front load washing machines, it should elicit a long-lasting effect, hence its absorbing capacity. Resembling strikingly similar absorption traits with that of the Lemi Shine Natural Washing Machine Cleaner + Wipes, it should qualify as an economic package.

On the contrary, what is solely disappointing about it is its slow reaction process, taking time to fully take effect. In this case, patience is surely a virtue. 


  • Quick-dissolving tablets
  • Facilitates an absorption cleaning capacity
  • Molecular altering cleaning power
  • Best for top load/front load washing machines
  • Highly organic
  • Economic package; long-lasting effect
  • Doubled cleaning capacity (qualifies as HE material)


  • Strong-scented
  • Takes time to take effect
  • Weak lather
  • Limited package sizing
  • Problematic package
  • Some shipping inconsistencies

6. Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide

For a brand as popular as Tide, 6th place would be a justified position. Impressing the best cleaning scent among the products mentioned herein, this washing cleaner befriends the nose first before effectively cleaning the washing machine. 

Nothing compares to the Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide’s effortless and light cleaning attitude. Also, it is light on the hands and nose. Doubling as a laundry detergent, it sees works done in just one use. 

With the product on hand, you are already cleaning/maintaining the washing machine while doing the laundry. Thus, it helps you save both time and money. 

But you have to be circumspect about its laundry business. According to some users, its laundry-cleaning aspect is not what it projects to be. Albeit not damaging to clothes, its laundry service is proven many times to be underwhelming. 

It should just focus on cleaning the washing machine, say experts. 

Meanwhile, the Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide is distinctly known for its freshening capacity. Thus, it does not only clean, but also leaves off a fresh trail after. 

It may not be as HE (highly efficient) as the former products herein, the Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide is still known to modestly deliver.


  • Effortless and light cleaning attitude
  • Soft & gentle on hands
  • Soft & fresh-scented
  • Freshening capacity
  • Economic package
  • Dual purpose: laundry & cleaner


  • Questionable laundry capacity
  • Lacks the HE command
  • Excessive lather
  • Limited package sizing options; limited product volume
  • Does not dissolve easily; might clog sinks
  • Easily-expired

7. Washing Machine Cleaner (3 Pack) 

Behold: another PurTru washing machine cleaner package makes it on our list; this time, it lands on the 7th place, thanks to its all-washing-machine-purpose-use, green formula and protective coating. 

Like the Dishwasher and Washing Machine Cleaner 2 (Pack) – All-Natural Non-Toxic and Safe Descaling & Cleaning Solution, it secures the cleanest, most mess-free result known in the industry today. 

Weaving its effective green formula, a formula containing concentrated organic solutions, the Washing Machine Cleaner (3 Pack), optimizes the washing machine surface using activated ingredients. Merely extracted nutrients from plants, herbs and other essential oil sources, these ingredients also act as powerful coating instrumental to the washing machine’s longevity. 

The main target of its descaling green formula is to remove odor-causing bacteria. With that ensured, the washing machine would finally look and feel fresh from the inside out. 

Compared to the former package, the Washing Machine Cleaner (3 Pack) obviously comes with a pack of 3. Where it has more, it also tends to be more expensive. 

In that line, it would also be worthy to note that some reviewers think that the bottle package is impractical, not to mention that the bottle is made of plastic. They went on to insist that the average volume of needed cleaning consistency can be packed as one and not separately in plastic bottles. 


  • Easy to use & apply
  • Has Effective Green Formula; 100% non-toxic package
  • Fine & gentle-scented
  • Protective coating solution
  • Economic package
  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • Cleanest, most mess-free washing machine cleaning package 


  • Easily expires; reacts with heat
  • Lacks concentration
  • Takes time and repeated application efforts to finally take effect
  • Problematic cap; easy-spill
  • Lacks lather
  • Some shipping inconsistencies
  • Plastic bottles are not environmental-friendly

8. Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

The Affresh brand is really digging it hard on our list. Gaining momentum at the 8th place this time, it brags in a new and improved odor-removal disposition. 

The Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, consisting of 6-month supply tablets, is designed to satisfy Whirlpool, Amana, and Maytag brands’ cleaning actions. Highly concentrated, it hits build ups like 20Pcs Household Washing Machine Cleaners and decontaminates like the Onegirl New Solid Washing Machine Cleaning Expert!

If only it was easily dissolved, then it should satisfy like PurTru! But the product’s tablets are crackey, stiff and difficult to dissolve. Still, this does not mean that it does not deliver. It may take time, but it surely cleans with 100% turnabout. 

The difficult-to-dissolve 6 tablets of the  Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, if you intently look at them from an optimistic point of view, actually comes as a blessing. To say it simply, it supplies beyond 6 months, beyond its suggested time frame. 

It is a lucky consequence of two dominating factors: HE concentration and a tight package. 

One tablet can maintain a clean, odor-free washing machine for the next 3-4 months. All it takes is simply rinsing the washing machine once a week, and not applying any more of the cleaning product. 

The Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, despite its weak lather, powdery texture, and a tendency to clog washing machine drain components, still emerges as an all-safe cleaning material.

Ultimately, it is most preferred for its penetrating cleaning effect. 


  • Designed for Whirlpool, Amana & Maytag brands
  • Consists of 6-month supply tablets
  • HE concentration
  • All-safe cleaning command
  • Penetrating cleaning effect
  • Provides 100% clean & odorless result
  • Economic package


  • Crackey, stiff and difficult-to-dissolve tablets
  • Weak lather
  • Does not sit well with LG, Sharp, Samsung & other brands
  • Tendency to clog washing machine drain components
  • Powdery texture

9. Oust Pack Of 2 Dishwasher & Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Descaler 

Coveting our 9th position is a dual-purpose and practical washing machine cleaner by the Oust brand!

Why is the product practical?

Firstly, the Oust Pack Of 2 Dishwasher & Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Descaler both works as a dishwasher and a washing machine cleaner. And it does its job seriously. 

Secondly, the product is a one-pour descaler. Not that it has HE concentration, but it quickly penetrates into the surface. More so, it does not require rinsing after. All you have got to do with it is to pour and leave it to absorb and penetrate. 

Besides descaling, the Oust Pack Of 2 Dishwasher & Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Descaler does not do much. It may prove to de-grease kitchen tiles and furniture, but it has much to prove in the long run. 

At least 50 out of 100 reviewers claimed that it is a strong grease stripper. The plausible factor for this divide, according to experts, is the product’s dependent reaction to certain materials. Some materials allow penetration by the product– say tiles, hardwood, stainless steel, but not plastic, iron cast, metal, etc. 

Our recommendation: identify where you are applying the product first and foremost. 

The Oust Pack Of 2 Dishwasher & Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Descaler package consists of 2 x 75g Sachets effective for the next 2-3 months of usage supply. 


  • Dual-purpose: dishwasher & washing machine cleaner
  • Deep & fast penetrating action
  • Highly practical
  • Cuts running costs
  • Descaling & de-greasing actions


  • Lacks HE command
  • Takes time & repeated pours to take effect
  • Unwherlming de-greasing effort
  • Does not work on specific surface materials
  • Some shipping inconsistencies

10. OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters, 4 Count 

Our 10th washing machine cleaner by the OxiClean brand proves to be another powerful odor-busting product!

Emerging also as one of the easiest to use-and-apply washing machine cleaners, the OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters, 4 Count toughs up via a 4-count package. Applying the product is merely down with a 3-step action: 

1. Cycle with one pouch

2. Wipe clean

3. Repeat monthly

In addition to that, it is known for its odor-busting technology. Filled with natural antibacterial minerals that clear all washing machine components off of odor-causing bacteria, the product has unsurprisingly high concentration. 

But make no mistake about its strength for it is, after all, phosphate-free. Thus, it should be safe on the hands. In fact, it is even safe for septic tanks. 

What makes it truly safe?

Ultra-fine cleaning powder. That is what makes it an instantly-dissolving solution. It is mess-free, and clog-sensitive. More so, using it does not usually entail running costs, particularly on water. 

The main problem users have against the product is its short-lived effect. 

Why is this so when it has high concentration?

The concentration of the OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters, 4 Count is reduced as a temporary solution. Thus, applying it every month is needed to achieve desired effect. 


  • Easy to use & apply; involves only a 3-step-action
  • Toughs up via a 4-count package
  • HE solution; highly concentrated
  • Phosphate-free
  • Safe on hands & septic tank
  • Ultra-fine, fast-dissolving cleaning powder


  • Long-term cleaning investment
  • Requires monthly application
  • Bad smell
  • May have some bleach contents
  • Poor pouch design
  • Excessive lather

11. Cleaners Washing Machine 200 g 

Our 11th-ranking “Premium Value” washing cleaner by Bosch marks an interesting niche within the transinternational market, thanks to its high-efficiency command– quick results, easy-to-use package and an ultra-safe solution. 

If there is one product on this list that instantly leaves a lasting impression on first use, that would be the Cleaners Washing Machine 200 g. But even that cannot even begin to justify its premium value. Perhaps, the quality can. Or, it’s the ultra-safe solution that can speak for it all. Why not have all its components justify its premium value. 

That should be a great idea. After all, it is greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Cleaners Washing Machine 200 g’s imported tag could all alone affect its purchase. But surely, it is not all that. For a washing machine cleaner that maintains a 2-3-month lasting effect, it should ridiculously be tough. 

In addition to that, it maximizes an odor-busting technology with the least involvement of chemical, energy and other ingredients. 

What is in it then? 

Water and intensely activated oxygen. This explains its not more than 200 g volume. Yes. It lacks the lather; it lacks the coating. Yet, it saves you enormous time, effort and money. 


  • Imported quality
  • Fast-acting effect
  • Ultra-safe solution; oxygen-activated odor-busting technology
  • Quick use & flow effect
  • Effective container; easy to use package
  • Leaves fresh scent after
  • Does not require constant application


  • Too saturated
  • Lacks lather
  • Lacks concentration
  • Easily-expired
  • Quickly dries up like alcohol
  • Weak holding capacity
  • Some shipping inconsistencies; lacks preserving sealants

12. Dr Beckmann Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner 

Ranking 12th on our list, this unique Generic- Dr. Breckman washing machine cleaner accomplishes massive cleaning tasks as a small handy aid. 

No one can exactly point out if the Dr Beckmann Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner is a detergent, an all-around cleaner, a washing machine cleaner, or a coating formula because it does all with little issues. 

Given its spread-out all-around cleaning capacity, it should be saturated. And it does not come as a surprise. Anyhow, it has a special ability of wrapping and/or coating into the surface, protecting it in the long run. 

The cleaning technique over maximizing the Dr Beckmann Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner capacity is by leaving it to soak into the surface for 10 minutes. By doing so, you get to encourage it to absorb. 

While it takes time, it sure does work if granted time to absorb. 

Does it remove odor?

Not so much. But at least, it does not smell strong. Boasting a short line of organic ingredients, it should be safe for all-around use, even on skin. 

Looking at it from the outside, one could never expect it to perform as said. Packed in a tiny, handy plastic bottle, it works as a carry-around item. However, you might have to consider transferring the solution to a different container to avoid spilling. 

You thought it right: it has got the worst plastic container ever. 


  • All-around cleaning formula
  • Special coating ability; sticks on surface (highly protective and prolonging)
  • Handy/compact package
  • Can work with just a few drops


  • Too saturated
  • Lacks lather
  • Lacks concentration
  • Takes time to absorb
  • Weak anti-odor power
  • Easy-spill container

13. Eco-Gals Eco Swirlz Washing Machine Cleaner, 24 Count 

Safe, compact, economic, highly-concentrate washing machine cleaner: this Eco-Gals product sizzles in the 13th position on our list!

Families have all the right reasons to buy and use the Eco-Gals Eco Swirlz Washing Machine Cleaner, 24 Count in the home because besides its all-around cleaning capacity, the product is ultra-safe even with pets around. 

Reviewers are particularly fond of its self-cleaning action. Termed Eco-Swirlz Unique Foaming Action, such a feature grants the user the leeway to take a break or do other things while it swirls in action inside the washing machine. Ultimately, others call it empowering!

The product is particularly foamy. In fact, it can get too foamy at times that it spills from the washing machine. Experts explain that the swirling motion intensifies pressure and thus builds up foam inside the loader. While foaming helps, it also troubles the machine. 

Excessive foam leaves residues in the machine. Reviewers (in washing machine cleaner reviews collections) even noted that the residues left by the Eco-Gals Eco Swirlz Washing Machine Cleaner, 24 Count feel greasy. Too bad. 

Our recommendation: do not apply too much amount and do not leave the machine swirling for more than 10 minutes. Be conscious about that!

What about the cleaning result?

If it does not leave off residues, the product should accomplish extra-shiny cleaning results. 


  • Ultra-safe; organic solution
  • Eco-Swirlz Unique Foaming Action; self-cleaning action
  • Economic pack
  • 90% concentration
  • Compact package


  • Too foamy; leaves off grease
  • Bad smell
  • Does not remove odor
  • Some shipping inconsistencies
  • Tablets take time to dissolve

14. Juner Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler Deep Cleaning Remover Deodorant (White) 

Another deep-cleaning washing machine cleaner by the Juniper brand reigns in the 14th position, thanks to its anti-stain formula. 

Before everything else, since it would be condescending not to mention the Juner Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler Deep Cleaning Remover Deodorant (White) stain descaling formula! 

Yes! This is the subject of several users’ obsession for it. A stain-removing capacity. 

Washing machines are prone to stains caused by the buildup of bacteria, textile inks, etc. Detergents are surely incapable of removing these stains. So, one can only imagine how people dramatically lined up for the product. 

The Juner Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler Deep Cleaning Remover Deodorant (White) is also guaranteed to be a deep cleaning/descaling formula. Matched with its anti-stain action, the product accomplishes fresh, pearly white washing machine surface, not to mention odor-free. 

But here’s a catch. The whiteness that the product leaves, despite the promise of deep cleaning, affects only at face value. Reviewers describe its whiteness effect to be short lived. 

This has to do with the formula’s lack of holding capacity. Although it works as a deep-cleansing agent, it only actually coats the surface with gloss and does not really break the source of the stain. Meaning, it is only tough on dirt, but not its by-product, which is the stain. 

Some problems users deal with the product include saturated formula, tendency to clog components, slight harshness on skin, and a limited pack size. 


  • Strong Stain Descaling Formula
  • Deep cleaning action
  • Best for cleaning washing machine crevices and other narrow areas
  • High concentration
  • High lather/foam
  • Easy application


  • Tendency to clog components
  • Too saturated formula
  • Slightly harsh on skin
  • Limited pack size
  • Temporary whitening effect

15. QBABY Solid Washing Machine Cleaner 

Prepping up for the 15th rank, this 20-piece genius washing machine cleaner product by the QBABY is certified to treat your washing machine like a baby!

Consisting of delicious-looking effervescent tablets, the QBABY Solid Washing Machine Cleaner holds so much quantity being a washing machine cleaner. In this sense, it accomplishes large cleaning tasks for all-around purposes. 

Reviewers rave about the product’s versatility: can be used on front loading and top loading washing machines, kitchen tiles and floors, stainless tools, etc. 

A guaranteed HE product, the QBABY Solid Washing Machine Cleaner can also act as a detergent. Bearing sufficient lather, it can manage to spread THE solution across bacteria-laden surfaces. Certainly its concentration would not slant out despite repeated use because it is exactly to last longer.

The product also bears a long-term effect people would really love to keep on using and about. It saves money, time and effort. 

The only disappointing points about the product had to with its bad smell, difficult-to-dissolve tablets, harsh ingredients, some chemical presence, etc.


  • All-around purpose cleaning 
  • Versatile cleaning command
  • Sufficient lather
  • High concentration
  • Tough on bacteria


  • Bad smell
  • Harsh ingredients
  • Some shipping inconsistencies
  • Presence of chemical
  • Difficult-to-dissolve tablets
Washing Machine Cleaner

How to Pick the Best Washing Machine Cleaner: A Professional Buying Guide

A clean washing machine is not just a dream lived, but a reality to deal with. It would be paradoxical to have a dirty tool intended for cleaning your clothes. 

A filthy washing machine not only obviously makes filthy washing outputs, but also wastes a whole amount of time, money and effort. It would be a waste of the detergent, for instance, as it blocks the maximum potential of the detergent to clean clothes. 

Washing machines, despite their heavy-duty expectations, are not demanding. What they need is occasional maintenance and, of course, cleaning. 

And how is it best to clean the washing machine than by a washing machine cleaner.

Although most people immediately link washing machine cleaners to detergents, they are not to be blamed. Consequently, certain products (many of them are featured on our list) that are both detergent and washing machine cleaners actually exist. In fact, some are also tasking up as dishwashers; others simply gain an all-around, all-purpose cleaning reputation. 

Even if this is the case, it would still be downright ignorant to immediately conclude that washing machine cleaners are detergents. To say it simply, not all of them are. 

It all boils down to properly choosing and/buying the best washing machine cleaner. Certainly, not all products are the best. Otherwise, we will not be ending up with this review, will we?

Choose your washing machine cleaner wisely. You would not want to wind up with cheap, allergy-inducing, non-cleaning, and poor quality washing machine cleaner. If you do, you will not only suffer dirty washing machines, but broken ones as well. 

Learn our professional buying guide for the right decisions!

  • Pathogen

An essential task of the best washing machine cleaner is to get rid of bacteria, germs, and even viruses. These elements always always find a place to settle in a heavy-duty washing machine. 

How do they thrive?

The moist. Buildup of minerals. Airborne interactions. All interactions in space. That is how pathogens thrive and survive. Mold-causing bacteria, for instance, settles for a balance in a humid and damp washing machine area. 

Now, the best washing machine cleaner must possess a degree of antibacterial command (most preferably from organic concentrations) reinforced by high concentration, a deep-cleaning command, and sufficient lather.

  • Limescale

Limescale literally refers to the buildup of water minerals in the washing machine surface (including other surfaces in the home). Resembling mold elements but not really exactly alike, lime scales tend to crystallize harder than molds.

Meaning, removing limescale proves to be more difficult than removing mold buildup! However, the best washing machine cleaner integrates a balance between an organic bleaching compound and a synthetic one. 

  • Odor

The best washing machine cleaner has got to have a tough attitude towards odor-causing bacteria. As such, it should exhibit efficient descaling and deep-cleansing actions to qualify as such. 

The ability to descale has to do with the ability to break apart the main source of the problem right and easy. With high concentration, high-efficiency command, and an absorbent-penetrating effect, a cleaner should succeed in finally eradicating odor!

How to Clean My Washing Machine

How to Clean My Washing Machine

Maintaining a washing machine gets trickier by the time. It certainly does so right after putting soap on it. That time you suddenly realize that soap is never enough is the perfect to outsmart the trick. 

Cleaning the washing machine, regardless of a top load or front load configuration, is also maintaining it. Although maintaining entails a broader, more complex means, it should also refer to cleaning in the other way around.

As we have mentioned earlier, cleaning the washing machine is imperative for all users. The dirt, odor, residues, left to build up in the washing can affect future clothes by transferring odor into its fabric. 

Meanwhile, one should also be circumspect about the cleaning solution being poured into the washing machine. You see, most washing machines are sensitive to harsh cleaning products. 

And this justifies the need for the best washing machine cleaner. But before you even decide to buy one, acquaint yourself first with the tips on how to clean washing machine.

Cleaning a Top Load

  1. Up the cycle to a max!
  2. Pour in 4 cups of vinegar (white) into the tub. 
  3. Turn it on and let it agitate. 
  4. Empty the tub. 
  5. Fill the tub with water halfway and then pour (or in the case of tablets, just throw depending on the number indicated in the product package) in 2-3 cups of washing machine cleaner. 
  6. Agitate the solution and let it settle for 10 minutes. 
  7. Begin scrubbing using a brush.
  8. Lid shut the machine and turn it on. 
  9. Empty the tub after before wiping all its areas dry with clean, dry rug. 

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Cleaning a Front Load

  1. Sponge the front load side frames off of mildews. Use the cleaner right away.
  2. Complete at least 10 wiping cycles before proceeding. 
  3. Pour and apply 3 cups of washing machine cleaner into its drum/tub. 
  4. Pour in a solution of ¼ cup warm water and ¼ cup of baking soda separately into the detergent container. 
  5. Turn on the cycle with normal speed and temp. Make sure the water you are using is warm.
  6. Empty the tub of water when done.
  7. Wipe the tub dry after. Do at least 10 wiping cycles before sealing the front load entry shut. 


What factors should I consider before buying a washing machine?

Some factors you have to consider before buying a washing machine include its spin factor, load capacity, semi/fully-automatic machine, size, adjustment settings, wash settings, among a few. 

Is it safe to clean the washing machine with an agitator?

Yes. In fact the agitator helps in distributing the solution all over the tub/drum surface. It also pushes the solution to penetrate faster into the target area. 

Which is better: washing machine cleaner or vinegar?

While both surely have their own advantages and disadvantages, we would prefer a washing machine cleaner at any given day over a vinegar because of its broader cleaning scope. 


A washing machine can do the cleaning all by itself. It needs the user’s responsive demeanor in order to properly maintain and prolong its standard.

The user of course cannot clean without the washing machine cleaners. Thus, we present our 15 best washing machine cleaners available in town. Ultimately, our list highlights the top 3 achievers: the 20Pcs Household Washing Machine Cleaners (top pick), the Onegirl New Solid Washing Machine Cleaning Expert (best value), and the Cleaners Washing Machine 200 g (premium value).

To sum it all up, washing machine cleaners pay washing machines enormous favor. It removes odor-causing bacteria and other build ups without asking so much.

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