11 Best Toilet Fill Valve in 2021 [Updated]

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  1. Kohler Genuine Toilet Fill Valve Kit
  2. Fluidmaster 400AH Toilet Fill Valve
  3. Korky, Blue 528GT Universal Fill Valve
Best Toilet Fill Valve

All bathrooms and the operation of each of its parts are different in each home. If you ask, how is this possible? Then let me tell you that in the case of toilets, not everyone has the same internal components. However, some products can improve the operation of these toilets, regardless of the model you have.

Therefore, from this point, you can select one of the following 11 items of toilet filling valves, and from there decide on which is the best toilet fill valve according to the needs that you wish to meet.

Improving and increasing the good experiences of your bathroom can be something simple and simple, which only implies the purchase of one of the following products. Also, it will be quite useful since most of them manage to reduce water consumption. Without a doubt, a decrease in your next bills to pay will always be welcome.

Then, we take a look at the next 11 best options in toilet filling valves.

Here is the List of Best Toilet Fill Valve:

  1. Kohler Genuine Toilet Fill Valve Kit
  2. Fluidmaster 400AH Toilet Fill Valve
  3. Korky, Blue 528GT Universal Fill Valve
  4. Korky 528PRO Pro Fill Valve
  5. NEXT BY DANCO Toilet Fill Valve
  6. Plumbcraft Anti-Siphon Toilet Fill Valve
  7. Plumbcraft Eco-friendly Toilet Fill Valve
  8. TOTO TSU99A.X Fill Valve
  9. American Standard Toilet Water Fill Valve
  10. BrassCraft Mfg BCT015 H FILL VALVE

The 11 Best Toilet Fill Valve

Then you can pay attention to the features and qualities that the following products can offer you. Keep in mind that each of them will not offer you the same features as other models that are available in the market. Therefore, to make a wise decision, read the following articles carefully, and then choose what the best toilet fill valve will be for you.

1. Kohler Genuine Toilet Fill Valve Kit

best toilet valve replacement kit

First of all we have this model that is an original Kohler Gp1138930 universal fill valve kit. This product provides a completely silent water filling because it provides a fun experience by giving your toilet the necessary water without your perceiving it. It is also very useful because its operation will not present any discomfort.

Besides, multiple filling cup inserts are provided. This manages to optimize water performance properly. Additionally, you can conserve in a better way the amount of water that this product can provide. This results in significant savings because you will need to consume less water each time you use the toilet.

This model is adjustable, which allows it to adapt to any height of your toilet. This means that whatever Kohler toilet you have, this product will be fully compatible. Therefore, this product can provide you with adequate use from the first day you have it at home.

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On the other hand you must confirm the color of the handle to be able to realize what the correct part is, since if it is a gray color you can use this part, although if it is black you must use GP-108316. Finally, the color of the lid could vary. This product weights 8.8 ounces and its measurements are 4.9 inches x 16.9 inches x 3.5 inches.


  • Optimize water use
  • Fits several toilet models
  • Silent Operation


  • Its installation could be complicated

Why should you buy this product?

Because it is one of the products that will provide you with an efficient and adequate use for your bathroom, that is, you can take care of the water you consume, and at the same time, you will not notice the operation of the product because it does not produce noise.

2. Fluidmaster 400AH Toilet Fill Valve

This is another of the most suitable options for a wide set of toilet models. This product is one of the most suitable models within the plumbing, urinals and their parts. It is considered by many users as the best toilet fill valve. To know the reasons, let’s see some of its characteristics.

First of all, Fluidmaster 400AH high performance toilet fill valve is one of the best toilet valve system in the market. This means an excellent water recharge, a good level of efficiency along with a very accessible cost of this product. In this case, you can maximize the performance that your toilet already grants you. A good operation for your toilet is very important for everyone.

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Also, water costs often increase without us noticing. Therefore you will be able to optimize the use of water with this product as well. This simply means saving on the amount of water your toilet will need.

At the same time it is a product that offers great compatibility with the different models of toilets. Compatible brands include the American Standard, Toto and Kohler.

This valve provides a double refill, including duo flush. On the other hand, it is a perfect model for 1.6-gallon toilets with 3-inch and 2-inch discharge valves. Also, it is an excellent choice for those old high-gallon toilets with a 2-inch discharge valve. Definitely a must-have from the list of best toilet flush in the market.

Forget hiring labour to install this product, since it is simple, easy and fast. You will only need to assemble, install and adjust it. In such a way that your product will be ready to use.


  • Adequate compatibility
  • Silent and powerful filling valve
  • It allows optimizing the amount of water


  • Some of its components are somewhat vulnerable

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this product, as it offers a multitude of excellent qualities, such as good operation, proper use of water, easy and simple installation and an affordable cost.

3. Korky, Blue 528GT Universal Fill Valve

toilet fill valve

The third product on this list is an efficient and attractive option. This model will provide proper operation, and therefore you can forget your previous filling valve. This product is designed to repair those toilets that are not filled properly or are slow.

Besides, it will no longer be necessary to continue supporting the improper and noisy operation of your old valve. This model manages to provide adequate functionality along with a very low noise level while working.

On the other hand, this product is very easy to install, so you won’t need to hire any specialized labour here either. You can count on using this product just by assembling this model, installing it in the right place and adjusting it without the need for extra tools of any kind.

Therefore, just remove the old fill valve or the old toilet faucet and insert the new fill valve, and adjust it. This brand offers an innovative torsion lock adjustment which will make the installation a much simpler and more enjoyable process.

Also, this product is compatible with all Toto brand toilet models and compatible with certain Ultramax, Eco Drake and Pato brand toilet models. By buying this product you will get excellent quality and a more than proportional life according to its cost. So it is a product made in the United States, designed and designed to last for a long time.

Finally, this product offers dimensions of 2.4 inches x 10 inches x 4 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces. The entire complete product includes a filling valve, a filling tube, a metal refill tube clip, a mounting nut, a cone washer, a coupling nut and the instruction manual for easy installation and fast


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Proper operation
  • Made in the United States


  • Your design could be somewhat awkward

Why should you buy this product?

Why it is a product that offers excellent functionality, low noise, and efficient water use. It is a product designed to last for a long time.

4. Korky 528PRO Pro Fill Valve

Korky 528PRO Pro Fill Valve

Next, we have another of the intermediate-range products that could grant you an acceptable level of functionality, compared to their relative accessible cost. Therefore, this high-performance filling valve can provide adequate use to reduce the amount of water consumed by your toilet.

First, it is a product that is used in a wide range of toilets. Therefore, it is an excellent option beyond the toilet model you have.

This model can be easily adjusted when using it, which means it offers quick and simple installation. In this case, you must assemble the different components of the product, and then install it in the right place. And finally, you must make some slight adjustments so that it can be fixed.

This model is manufactured in the United States, which ensures a product of quality and efficiency. Besides, it works just as well as brass, as it is designed to provide adequate strength.

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On the other hand, its operation is silent so it will not provide any discomfort. Along with this, it is designed to provide a good level of support against high pressure toilet fill valve. The compatibility that this product can offer includes the brands Kohler, Toto, American Standard, Gerber and many other brands.


  • Made in the United States
  • Great adaptability
  • Silent operation


  • Awkward design

Why should you buy this product?

Because this product is one that offers greater efficiency, resistance and adaptability, to different models of toilets. Therefore, it is a versatile and suitable model with great lifespan.

5. NEXT BY DANCO Toilet Fill Valve

NEXT BY DANCO Toilet Fill Valve

However, to get one of the best products in the field of plumbing, you should only pay attention to the qualities of this model. So it is a toilet filling valve that will allow you to save water first.

Thanks to the built-in mini valves that adjust to the level of the filling water of the tank you can optimize the water consumption. This means saving for your budget, which allows this product to be paid only.

Another of its good qualities is that it manages to detect water leaks. This toilet filling valve, in addition to saving water, can issue an audible alert when a leak is detected. Therefore, it is very useful because you will be aware of any potential problems to be addressed. This quality adds to the optimization of water since it manages to consume a lower level of water and also prevents losses.

Also, the strong jets manage to stir the debris in the toilet tank, so that dirt can be thrown down the drain with each discharge. This manages to keep your toilet tank clean at all times. So, it will certainly be less worry.

It will only require a few simple adjustments to this product, which means that you can close the water inside the tank, making the repairs instantaneous. Then, it regenerates quickly and provides an adjustable height of 11 inches to 13.8 inches.

Finally, it provides easy installation thanks to its smart nut quality. This gives you the possibility to mount your product in your toilet, without the need for any type of tool.


  • Water use optimization
  • Leak detection
  • Easy installation


  • Some components are vulnerable

Why should you buy this product?

Because it is one of the options that can offer you a set of excellent qualities from its easy installation and simple adjustment, its cleaning jets, leak detection and water optimization.

6. Plumbcraft Anti-Siphon Toilet Fill Valve

floatless toilet fill valve

Now, if you want to get an intermediate option, while taking care of your budget, this is another of the models to consider. This product includes water flow adjustment stages, which allows the use of water to be optimized properly.

So this is another product that will allow you to take care of your budget saving up to 38% more water with each discharge. This water saving will undoubtedly be reflected in the next bills to pay.

On the other hand, a quick-acting water shut-off is included, which prevents any toilet from continuing to operate continuously. So, it fits a wide set of toilet models. Along with this, anti-siphon technology keeps drinking water safe. Besides, you can replace the faucets with floating balls or filling valves. It is one of the most versatile options that you can find in the market during these times.

As an additional point, the best toilet fill valve is adjustable from 8 to 13 inches. It also has other additional qualities, such as a fast and powerful discharge, or an efficient and silent water filling. So this model allows you to avoid the inconvenience that other filling valves can generate, due to the level of noise they generate.

It is a model that manages to adapt to most toilets, and next to it, offer an easy, simple and adequate installation. The toilet repair kit will also include a discharge valve and a refill tube. Therefore, all your inconveniences related to your toilet will be easily solved with this complete product.


  • Optimize water by consuming up to 38% less
  • Silent Operation
  • Anti-siphon technology


  • The dimensions are too large

Why should you buy this product?

Because this product certainly offers some features that you will not find in other similar models on the market these days. Its anti siphon technology, its rapid discharge, its silent operation, its optimization of water and its versatility with the different models of toilets make this product one of the best in the market.

7. Plumbcraft Eco-friendly Toilet Fill Valve

high pressure toilet fill valve

This is another of the most appropriate options due to its price and its acceptable functions, it is this model. This toilet filling valve can be adjusted between 8 inches and 13 inches. On the other hand it is another option that can provide you with a set of really useful features. Two of these functions are a fast and powerful discharge, and the other a very silent water filling.

Also, this is another product that will provide anti-siphon technology. So drinking water manages to stay safe. On the other hand, the faucets can be replaced with filling valves or floating balls. An option to consider including in your bathroom.

This product also includes six colour-coded water flow adjustment layers. This simply means the possibility of adjusting water savings by up to 38%. Therefore, this is another option that will provide adequate water savings, and that without a doubt you will appreciate on your next bill to pay.

Also, the toilet/float valve repair kit is adapted to a large number of different two-piece toilets. Among the brands included are Kohler and American Standard, among many others.

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As an additional point, this product can give you a simple and quick installation. You just have to assemble the product, install and adjust it, for proper operation. It does not require any extra tools, so this process can be done by yourself. The complete product includes a perfect discharge valve, a refill tube and water flow adjustment caps.


  • Fast water discharge
  • Water filling silent
  • Easy and simple installation


  • Not compatible with some types of toilets

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this product as it can offer an excellent balance between a good performance, a resistance for prolonged use and a relatively accessible cost, that is, all in one product.

8. TOTO TSU99A.X Fill Valve

Next, the next option is very well qualified as one of the best toilet filling valves. It presents adequate compatibility for a certain set of toilet models.

This means that the Toto adjustable replacement filling valve assembly for toilet tanks offers compatibility with current models of toilets of the same brand. With what any Toto model you currently have this product can be used.

This best toilet fill valve can restore the water contained in it. This is done in a precise and efficient way. Water recharging your toilet will no longer be a problem because this product offers the optimal operation, even when using water. This means that this product manages to optimize a certain amount of water, which certainly assures you that there will be no waste.

On the other hand, this complete product includes all the necessary parts for you to carry out the installation, without requiring additional accessories and tools. Therefore, the product includes a valve, a filling tube and clamp, a conical washer and nut, and a more than adequate design to provide you with one of the best performances.

This product will provide you, without a doubt, an easy and simple installation that allows you to avoid all kinds of damage to your toilet. You will not require any specialist who manages to install this product, since you can perform the entire procedure yourself by simply reading the instruction manual. The process is as simple as assembling your product, installing it, adjusting it and starting to use it.

This product offers dimensions of 4 inches x 2 inches x 12 inches, along with a weight of 9.6 ounces. Without a doubt, it is one of the most chosen options in the market these days, it is even pointed out by many users as the best toilet fill valve.


  • Efficient performance
  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility with Toto models


  • The product is somewhat heavy

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this product as it offers a set of excellent qualities, which will satisfy all the needs of your toilet. Therefore, this product is considered as the definitive object that you will need to buy for your toilet.

9. American Standard Toilet Water Fill Valve

Another excellent option that has comprehensive and complete functions is this America Standard model. It is among the most chosen options for its versatility and functionality, in addition to its slightly accessible cost. This is a Universal Fluidmaster fill valve. This best toilet valve replacement kit can grant you all the necessary solutions for your toilet.

One of its qualities, it is adequate to control of water, which means rational use of the amount of water that your toilet will use. We can agree that one of the important aspects is whether the best toilet fill valve manages to optimize the amount of water it uses. If so, this is one of the products that manage to spend a smaller amount of water, to offer in turn a superior performance than that of other models offered today in the market.

By buying this product you will get all the necessary components for your toilet. That is to say that a valve, a washer, a rod and coupling nut are included. You will not need any other part or additional component, but you will not need any tools to install, because it is a very simple and simple process.

Do not spend money on hiring a specialist because by reading the manual you can perform the entire procedure yourself.

Additionally, the complete package includes a coupling washer, a refill tube and a refill tube clip. It is a product with durable construction and innovative engineering. These peculiar characteristics manage to grant a useful life more than extensive because it is a product for a lifetime.

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The model manages to offer dimensions of 3 inches x 3 inches x 10 inches, along with a weight of 0.16 ounces. Optimizing and improving the operation of your toilet will now be much easier.


  • Optimum use of water
  • All components for your toilet are included
  • Acceptable technology and engineering


  • You may require some tool for installation

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this product as it is one of the best options that the market can offer you these days. This is demonstrated by offering adequate performance, a set of spare parts and a trajectory of the American Standard brand.

10. BrassCraft Mfg BCT015 H FILL VALVE

This fully operational product for all types of users is considered by many buyers as the best toilet fill valve. Its qualities more than eloquent manage to provide superior functionality. It is a product that is very easy to use, and at the same time manageable and highly durable.

This easy operation will allow you to achieve not only proper use but also one that is simple to avoid spending money on any specialist.

On the other hand, the disposition of its materials manages to offer extensive durability and resistance to the passage of time and wear of the applications. That simply means an extensive shelf life and therefore a product for a lifetime.

Beyond that this product is manufactured in China, it also manages to grant excellent results. This indicates that not all products from China are necessarily bad, weak and / or fragile.

Therefore, this product will give you an anti-siphon toilet tank filling valve, which is adjustable. This versatility is compatible with a wide range of different toilet models. In turn, the patented height adjustment features of a quarter turn are included.

This model manages to fit between 9 inches and 14 inches tall. It has black and yellow colours, which indicates that it involves intelligent design. The complete package allows you to provide all the elements you will need for installation. This simply means that it includes a metal “S” clip, a plastic filler tube, a plastic locking nut, a plastic filler valve connecting nut, a rubber choir washer and a washer rubber handle

In conclusion, we can mention that it is a product that manages to provide great results to all consumers. Opting for this product means not being disappointed in its origin.


  • Easy to use product
  • Highly manageable and durable
  • Includes adjustable anti-siphon toilet tank filling valve


  • It presents an unattractive design

Why should you buy this product?

Because it is a versatile option, low cost and acceptable operation. That is, it is a mid-range toilet filling valve that can offer you great satisfaction for the operation of the toilet.

11. Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Universal

Last but not least, we have one of the most complete options when it comes to toilet filling valves. You can obtain a single set of components with a single purchase, which will be very useful to optimize the operation of your toilet. This simply means that only with this purchase you will have a toilet like new.

First, it presents an easy, simple and adequate installation. Therefore, you will not need to hire any specialized labor to help you install this product. Consider that you can have the instruction manual, which is simple and easy to understand by any user. It only remains to take your product and its instruction manual to assemble this model, install it, adjust it and start enjoying its use.

This model manages to adapt to 2-inch discharge valve toilets. Today many of the toilet models manage to have this feature. Therefore, this toilet fill valve is highly compatible with a wide range of toilet models.

On the other hand, the 400A toilet fill valve easily adjusts between 9 inches and 14 inches. You then have the perfect fit, which will avoid complications during the operation of this model.

As an additional point, the adjustable 2-inch water-saving toilet lid is included. This feature called Performax will optimize water consumption, which will undoubtedly be reflected in the next bill that you must pay.

Finally, inefficient filing and discharge valves can be replaced with broken leaks and broken toilet handles. By buying this product you will get a toilet practically like new.


  • All-in-one product
  • Fits 2-inch discharge valve toilets
  • Easy simple and quick to install


  • Coast of many small and vulnerable components

Why should you buy this product?

Because this option is one of the most complete among the models that are in the market, and also those listed in this article. Obtaining a practically new toilet will be easy and simple since you only need to buy this product.

When to Replace Toilet Fill Valve

These are telltale signs that you have to replace your toilet fill valve. Delay replacement and it can add a chunk to your water bills. Even the best toilet fill valve needs replacement once it’s worn out. 

  1. Running toilet

A running toilet can be caused by a leaking flapper. But if your fill valve is worn out, this is likely to happen too. There is a simple test to know you need to replace the fill valve.

Put colored dye in the toilet and wait for a few minutes. Don’t flush the toilet yet. If the water doesn’t change in color, it’s the flush valve that is worn out.

  1. Odd noises

A low humming sound indicates that the water is not freely flowing. And if it turns into annoying screaming noise, it means that the metal parts are loose. And the sounds are an indication that your fill valve is worn out. Water does not freely flow if there’s something wrong with the fill valve. 

Remember that if there is an odd sound coming from your toilet, it might mean that your fill valve is beginning to fail.

Replace Toilet Flush Valve Guide

Replacing a toilet fill valve is one of the most common toilet problems. But it’s very easy to do so. See our simple guide below.

1. Shut off the water supply

Turn off the fixture shut off valve. It’s located on the water supply line where the pipe supplies water to the toilet. Then flush all the water from the tank. If there is a bit of water left, you may use a sponge to clean it out. 

2. Disconnect the fill valve

You can easily do this by loosening the coupling nut. Then from inside the tank, disconnect the chain. This is what connects the handle lift rod to the flapper valve.

3. Remove the toilet tank

Lift the tank off the toilet bowl and set it on a flat surface. Or unscrew it from the toilet. If the screws are rusted, you can spray penetrating oil on the threads. This will remove the rust.

4. Install the new flush valve

We’re listing the general guideline, but it’s best to read the manufacturer’s guide first. Also ensure that the flush valve kit  includes the necessary washers and seals. 

Install the flush valve to the toilet tank. Thread the spud nut into the flush valve’s tailpiece.

Check the height of the overflow tube. It should be at least an inch below the hole where you see the flush handle. 

5. Align the flush valve

Position the flush valve in such a way that it aligned correctly in the tank. The overflow tube must be facing to the back or side. 

Then tighten the spud nut, ensure that it’s secure. Next is to place the gasket over the flush valve tailpiece and the spud nut. The beveled side should be facing away from the tank.

6. Return the toilet tank

Put the lid or the toilet tank back on. Alternatively, screw them on.

7. Reconnect the fill valve and lift chain

From inside the tank, reconnect the lift to the flapper or flush valve inside. Then reconnect the water supply to the flush valve’s tailpiece. Make sure to tighten the nuts.

8. Check for leaks

Turn on the water supply and check the bottom of the toilet for leaks. If there are any leaks, you need to tighten the fittings. 

Then flush the toilet to test if everything is working properly. If the toilet is still running after the end of a flush cycle, your flapper might need to be adjusted or the tank bolts need to be tightened.


Are extra tools required for the installation of any of these products?

In general, no extra tools are required to install any of these products. Almost all of them manage to provide an easy and simple easy installation for all toilet fill valve types users. That means that you don’t need to hire a person specialized in installing toilet filling valves.

Just by taking the manual and carefully studying the instructions you can assemble your product easily and quickly. It also does not require that you have to damage any pipe or part of your toilet in any way. The design of most toilet filling valves is designed to fit perfectly with your toilet.

What should be done in case of losing any of the components that include the purchase of one of these products?

In case of losing any component, most of the brands and companies that manufacture these products grant the possibility of obtaining the spare parts. In this way, you could avoid buying the whole product again.

However, not all models of toilet filling valves manage to provide the same amount of components. Therefore, some of them will provide you with a greater quantity of components while others grant you no more than 6 pieces for each product thanks to its design.

How to detect water leaks?

In case of having a water leak somewhere in your toilet, some products and models of toilet filling valves can give you the possibility of preventing water leaks.

There are even models that will notify you through an audible sound when a water leak is detected. This feature is really useful to avoid major problems and an excessive increase in water consumption.

How to determine the compatibility of any of these brands with my toilet?

In this case, the main thing will be to consider if you have a toilet in two parts. After that, you should consider whether you have enough space so that the toilet fill valve you wish to buy can fit in it.

To do this, you should consider the measurements of the toilet fill valve and then measure the dimensions that your toilet can offer you.

Final Words

Finally, we can mention that any of the options chosen in this article will undoubtedly give you the best results for your toilet. This means that you can optimize the performance and operation of your current toilet, making you get better experiences in your bathroom.

So that it only remains to pay attention to the qualities of each product, so that you can then decide which is the best toilet fill valve. Therefore, optimize not only the performance of your toilet, but also your budget because most of these products will allow you to consume a smaller amount of water, and therefore reduce the cost of the next bill to pay.

As you will see, the best toilet fill valve chosen by you can provide you with a set of good solutions.

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