10 Best Swamp Cooler Pads: Cold-Cutting Warm Air With

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Aspen Cooler Pad 
  2. Portacool PARKULJ24000
  3. Dial 3428 Replacement Pad

Hot weather’s not arriving any sooner. But when it does, it surely grips our lives in the neck, depriving us of comfort and peace. Hot and warm weather. Low-humidity. Sweaty and sticky body. All these troubles spell one need: an air-conditioning unit.

But an air-conditioning unit would be difficult to bring outside, notwithstanding its propensity for warming up the bills instead.  Why, your ultimate solution for the incoming, sweat-inducing summer days, my friend, are the best swamp cooler pads!

Now, keep it cool and read the reviews for yourself!

Here is the List of 10 Best Swamp Cooler Pads:

  1. Aspen Cooler Pad 
  2. Portacool PARKULJ24000
  3. Dial 3428 Replacement Pad
  4. MasterCool Pad
  5. Honeywell Replacement Pad 
  7. DIAL 3074 Polyester Pad 
  8. Dial 3437 Cooler Pad
  9. DIAL Duracool Pad 
  10. MasterCool 3 Media Set 

Top 10 Best Swamp Cooler Pads Reviewed

1. Aspen Cooler Pad 

Aspen Cooler Swamp Cooler Pads

Topping our list, this “Top Pick” high-quality swamp cooler pad kit from the Aspen Snow Cool brand eases cooling operation with its added stability and unmatched cooling quality!

  • Coolest Cooler Pad Experience
  • 7% Cooler Quality
  • More Evaporative Wicking Area Per Square Inch
  • Faster & Cooler Air Delivery
  • Least Water Flow but Increased Air Delivery
  • PPS Packaging

With strong grid-flo stitched fiber grids, this Aspen Snow Cool product cools the air with lasting genuine coolness. That was the first that crossed my mind when I used it for the first time. 

Its second greatest asset, reviewers and experts confirm, is its reduced operation costs-least pumping and water flow concerns. It just proves to be a perfect cooling mechanism. By perfect, I mean immaculately perfect!

I personally think that this is an immediate answer for people who are, at this point, still doubtful over swamp cooler pads’ effectivity. Bet all your money, and you’ll still end up as the winner with this one! 

Crafted well to absorb the most amount of water despite the lack of pump, it kills humidity in an instant. It may not give the most solid feel ever for a pad kit, but I don’t mind. In fact, I never consider its lack of solidity as a disadvantage. 

I just can’t find anything wrong with the swamp cooler pads. Excelsior-powered technology. Added evaporative wicking area per square inch. An open cellular structure. All these mechanisms work spontaneously without drawbacks. Surely one of the best swamp cooler pads you can pick.

Its excelsior quality is simply beyond compare. How do I know? I tried it on a very hot weather. Which result did I get? An evenly distributed cool, that’s what! 

Another most impressive feature of this affordable kit of cooler pads is its PPS packaging. A premium quality both in and out, this swamp cooler pad is sure to keep you smiling on hot weather.


  • Lasting Genuine Coolness
  • Reduced Operation Costs
  • Least Water Absorption
  • Excelsior-Powered Technology
  • Added Evaporative Wicking Area Per Square Inch
  • Open Cellular Structure
  • PPS Packaging 


  • Not-so-Solid Feel (not that much of a problem)

Why choose it?

  • This “top pick” best pads for swamp cooler kit by the Aspen Cool brand is an intelligent, spontaneously convenient item that effectively cools wide spaces.

2. Portacool PARKULJ24000

Best Swamp Cooler Pads

This “Premium Pick” swamp cooler pads by the Portacool has got the Portacool advantage,  fully designed for a holistic cooling attitude!

  • Portable Replacement Media for Jetstream Match
  • Genuine Replacement Part
  • Organic Material Sources
  • Portable Evaporative Cooler Feature
  • Long-Lasting Cool

Nothing compares to the uniqueness of this product! At first glance, you won’t expect its highly expensive quality. Dry-looking. Lean. Simple. Resembles a pile of cardboard. Well, I can’t blame you. But surprise, surprise! Reviewers tag it priceless! 

Designed to match the tremendous requirements and standards of the top-selling Portacool portable evaporative coolers, this set of coolers also works with other jetstream receptors. It’s not a brand-exclusive technology. That’s one thing to expect of the product. 

As durable as its sellers claim it to be (although it’s not really that much of a water-resistant) it still manages to cool despite several uses in a day. Made from plant-based fiber materials, this cooling product, apart from its intended longevity, is an acclaimed all-safe cooling agent. 

What about its cooling quality? Well, its wicking area might not be as expanded as that of Aspen’s, but it surely delivers. Air humidity, as experts put it, require the most pumping efforts before succumbing to neutrality. Fortunately, the product has built-in pumping layers. So, you don’t have to sweat it. 

Its main operative procedure involves insertion into a jetstream– could either be the same or different brand– and a weekly replacement. Despite its claims, the cooler pads require a weekly replacement. 

The only problem users have with the product is unnecessary bulkiness. 


  • Expensive, Premium Quality
  • Portacool Portable Evaporative Coolers
  • Versatile; Matches Other Jetstream Receptors; Not Brand-Exclusive
  • Built to Last
  • Plant-Based Fiber Material Sources
  • High Cooling Quality
  • Built-In Pumping Layers


  • Unnecessary Bulkiness

Why choose it?

  • This next best cooling pads for swamp coolers wouldn’t have earned our “premium pick” for no reason. It’s right to be tagged as an all-favorite because it isn’t limited to its own brand. 

3. Dial 3428 Replacement Pad

An equally convincing set of replacement pads by the Dial brand, this “Best Value” pick bears a Mastercool seal– a global standard for swamp cooler pads!

  • 20-1/8″ X 28-3/8″ X 3″ Dimensions Plus
  • Mobile Mastercool Package
  • High Cooling Capacity
  • Fine-Patterned Filter
  • Ergonomic Design

Fine-patterned, this product is almost identical to Portacool’s wonder pads. Perfect for a dozen units, except the MMB14, it’s got an extra-fit. Meaning, it’s not unnecessarily sizey. Because of its ergonomic design, it internally holds cooler air before release. 

Experts praise its ability to balance the traffic of air and water herein. While its system is not really that perfect, it truly works under the most difficult circumstances. This advantage rules out all other features in this best swamp cooler pads list.

Unlike the Portacool quality, this Dial model deems the least replacement possible. Most interestingly, its pads don’t easily run out of moist. Perhaps, its fined-up pattern has much to do with such an advantage. 

Experts saw its filter patterns to be finer and thinner in diameter. Technically, the fine, yet rigid quality of the exhaust surface stores and pumps sufficiently before releasing enough air. And since air storage is expected to be more massive, it balances the whole flow.

The 20-1/8″ X 28-3/8″ X 3″ dimension of its pads naturally acts as an insulation advantage for its filter. More so, it also provides the pads with a more elongated cool air flow. 

The main problems we have against the product would boil down to its incapacity to fit the MMB14 unit, shipping problems, and tear-prone sidings.


  • Extra Fit
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ability to Hold Cooler Air Internally Before Release
  • Balanced Air-Water Pump/Flow
  • Least Replacement Possible (at least once every 2 weeks)
  • Fine Filter Pattern


  • Incapacity to Fit MMB14 Unit
  • Shipping Problems
  • Tear-Prone Sidings

Why choose it?

  • This “best value” product bears a Mastercool standard- well balanced, ergonomic and of course, economic– it never fails to work under pressure. 

4. MasterCool Pad

Bearing an equally effective filter, this top product set of swamp cooler pads by the Champion Cooler brand impresses with a multi-layered design marked by Mastercool seal. 

  • Rigid Media Pad Quality
  • Greenguard Gold and Mastercool-Standard 
  • More Durable & Stable Construction
  • 8-Inch Reach
  • Made with Premium CELdek Media

The pads stretch for 8 inches. Pumped for rigid media cooling, they also promise few replacements, but not as few as Portacool and Dial. It does confidently banner Mastercool and Greenguard Gold-certified titles. 

Like most Champion Cooler pads, it stands to last long. Thanks to its multilayered filter, it exhibits an equal stability with that of the Aspen Snow Cool coolers. It’s also highly durable and solid. It does not easily slip off from jetstream locks. 

How effective is its cooling capacity. Well, to rate it simply, I’d give it an 8/10. Reviewers and experts all agree to it. In fact, even beginners can say so. With its undeniably smart water-air filtering capacity, it should effectively cool extra-large rooms. 

Its got an extended wicking breadth to accommodate the room’s secluded spaces. And, it does not miss corners. In fact, this is especially known for its detailed cooling attitude. 

Every once in a while, its water could drip. But that generally depends on the maintenance. But can we tag it as high-maintenance product. It depends. Are you into long-term cooling result? Then, you are to expect high-maintenance measures in the long run. Even the best products are no exemption. 

Other problems users have against the product involve a high-maintenance condition, glue-like scent, and a limited jetstream reception. 


  • 8-Inch Allowance
  • Mastercool & Greenguard Gold Standard Quality
  • Smart Water-Air Filter Capacity
  • Multilayered Filter
  • Extended Wicking Breadth
  • Detailed Cooling Attitude


  • High-Maintenance Condition
  • Glue-Like Scent
  • Limited Jetstream Reception 

Why choose it?

  • This best top product has multilayered filter design best for cooling rooms with several corners, providing it further with stability and endurance. 

5. Honeywell Replacement Pad 

Best Swamp Cooler Pads

These high-quality replacement pads for evaporative air coolers by the Honeywell brand reach extended areas and condition with unquestionable clarity. 

  • Least Replacements Required
  • High Water Retention
  • Longer Lasting Evaporative Cooling Effect
  • Air-Conditioning Effect
  • Fine-Patterned

All-fitting. Not limited to its brand. All these pads easily fit in any jetstream receptor possible. Also built to last long, with sustained cooling effect, the pads go beyond cooling, but also conditions air. 

Armed with the capacity to recycle air, the pads store its own neutral air temperature. Besides maintaining a balanced pump and flow, the feature allows it to keep the air cool for more than 15 hours. 

Reviewers, despite being disappointed by its lack of environment resilience, still deem it necessary for clearing the area from molds, dust, and other elements.

Also fine-patterned, it’s filtering capacity holds a significant volume of water.  Thus, it absorbs without interruption all necessary moist to keep the jetstream sped up. 

Packed with a solid feel and a great number of pads, the kit only deems replacement within 4-8 months. This advantage, in a way, lists the product as an all-time economic masterpiece. 

Sustained evaporation is a sure advantage by this kit. Considered by many to bear one of the nicest cooling flows available, it brings about a genuine cooling performance for summer season.

Notable drawbacks of the product include shipping problems, a bulky package, and tear-prone sidings. 


  • Easy-Fit; Fit-in-All Evaporative Air Coolers
  • Air-Conditioning Effect
  • 15-Hour Coolness Duration
  • Balanced Pump & Flow
  • Sufficient Moist for Sped Up Stream
  • 4-8 Months Replacement


  • Shipping Problems
  • Bulky Package
  • Tear-Prone Sidings

Why choose it?

  • This topnotch product uniquely conditions the air, beyond cooling it. 


Dial Manufacturing’s swamp cooler pads intensely suck out moisture from air, transforming it to cool droplets for conditioned feel. 

  • 36″ X 24′ Spin Roll Cooler Pads
  • Expandable Design
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Imported Quality
  • Made from High-Quality Aspen Fiber Straws

The main issues concerning the product is the presence of the aspen straws that break apart after several uses and some inconsistent cuts. From afar, the cooler pads actually look solid and compact. 

Packaged via a 36″ X 24′ roll, the cooler pads are easily utilized and distributed. With an added 1 ½ roll, you won’t really run short of it. The measurement provides them breathability, expansion and more room to absorb water.

So even if the pads extensively get damp at the end of the day, they’ve still got room to expand about. This calls as a double-purpose feature because the later expansion allows the pads to fit perfectly to the cooling box. 

Some reviewers complain about its tendency to sag after 2-3 uses, debunking manufacturing claims of being “heavy-duty”. Other reviewers however, are saying otherwise. They insist that drying the pads after using actually redeems their solidness. 

Its tendency to sag comes as no surprise with its beastly ability of absorbing water from the air. It intensively sucks all moist within seconds to cool the place fast and easy. That’s why. 

One thing you’ve got to be mindful about the pads is their falling aspen fibers. These fibers potentially clog unfiltered pump. As for its inconsistent cuts, you’ll only need to be more patient about it. After all, they’re expected to expand.

Other problems concerning the Dial Manufacturing Spin Roll Cooler Pads outside their falling fiber straws and inconsistent cuts have to do with their high-maintenance nature, and a weird scent when drenched.


  • 36″ X 24′ Roll Plus Added 1 ½ Roll
  • Breathable & Expandable
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Strong Water-Absorption Capacity
  • Fast Cooling Performance
  • Easy Fit


  • Falling Fiber Straws (potentially clogging pumps)
  • Some Inconsistent Cuts
  • High-Maintenance Nature
  • Weird Scent when Drenched

Why choose it?

  • This top cooler pads absorb immense amount of water in a matter of seconds; in turn, it cools air fast and easy.

7. DIAL 3074 Polyester Pad 

A Dial masterpiece, this highly efficient one-piece of cooler pad could be everything one can ask from a swamp cooler pad. And surely deserve mention in our best swamp cooler pads list.

  • 30″ x 36″ Dimensions
  • All-Fitting Quality
  • High-Efficiency Foamed Polyester
  • Lasts for Years
  • Foldable Pad

It may only be a one-piece cooler pad, but it manages to produce cooling result five times better than the multiple pads. What’s most interesting about it is that it easily fits on evaporative coolers regardless of styles and sizes.

One reviewer even mentioned fitting this polyester-made cooler pad to a DIY evaporator. And, guess what. It fit. Unlike paper coolers, it lasts longer; it takes years for a polyester material to decay. That should be a good thing. 

Another group of reviewers criticize it for its messy output. That is because, opposite to the preceding brand herein, it doesn’t hold water. This mechanical reality is either good or bad depending on circumstances. Outdoors it should not be a problem; indoors, it can be difficult.

 It still holds little moisture, though not much. As typical of a polyester material, it spreads moisture across, instead of absorb it. This is another good thing for it also means less dust is absorbed. More so, this should make the cooler pad a quick-dry material. 

The best about this cooler pad is that it’s intact. No stray straws. No chipped or torn sides. All these conveniences truly make up for its lack of solid-ness. As mentioned earlier, this cooler pad is expected to last for years. 

Aside from the lack of solid feel and a messy water flow, other problems concerning the product have to do with shipping problems and a foldable body. 


  • 5x Better Than Multiple Cooler Pads
  • All-Fitting Size and Breadth
  • Absorbs Less Water & Dust
  • Intact Quality; No Stray Straws & Torn Sides
  • Flexible Feel
  • Fast-Cooling


  • Lack of Solid Feel
  • Messy After-Cooling Water Flow
  • Shipping Problems
  • Weak, Foldable Body

Why choose it?

  • If you’re all hands with a non-replaceable pad that fits all evaporative cooler receptors, then this is the product for you. 

8. Dial 3437 Cooler Pad

Manufactured in China, this equally-compelling set of cooler pads from Dial is best for quick fit and usage. 

  • 40″ x 23″ x 8″ Dimensions
  • Mastercool Quality Tag
  • Made in China; Imported Quality
  • Quick Fit & Dry
  • Easy & Convenient Operation

If there’s one thing users would improve of the product– that would be its bad smell. Bad smell is inevitable, especially with fine-patterned evaporative pads. Take note that we’re dealing with moisture here. So, the best solution is to manually dry the pads after use. 

For its 2-part, single density construction, much can be argued about. For typical users, the construction does not improve whatsoever the product’s existing cooler performance. But for the liberal users, it’s a new advancement in the cooling pad technology. And so, it warrants investigation. 

Technically, the narrowed construction density, despite looking like a lessened version of the product, actually offers unseen benefits. First, it allows the pads for a quick and easy fit on any evaporative tools. Second, it loses the bulkiness of the pads. 

Some reviewers even claim that its thinned construction enables the pads to dry quickly. Albeit the veracity of such a claim, a first-hand experience is still needed for one to truly prove. 

Certainly, the product victors as the lightest among the pads featured herein. So, it should serve outdoor purposes best. Experts even agree that it’s light cardboard feel and texture allows for fast air and moist traffic. Ultimately, its cardboard/paper nature does not clog your pumps.

Other drawbacks of the product, outside from its odor include a tendency to have mineral buildup in its filter sheet, tendency to absorb and store dust, and lack of solid feel. 


  • 2-Part Single Density Construction
  • Light & Thinned Feel
  • Easy & Quick-Fit
  • Quick-Dry
  • Fast Air & Moisture Traffic


  • Bad Damp Smell
  • Tendency to Have Mineral Buildup
  • Tendency to Absorb & Store Dust
  • Lack of Solid Feel

Why choose it?

  • This Dial product is an easy fit and a straightforward set of cooling pads; it satisfies warm outdoor usage. 

9. DIAL Duracool Pad 

Ranking among the most durable brands listed herein, this roll of swamp cooler pads by the Dial Manufacturing brand instantly carry the exact same genes of its preceding model– highly durable, breathable, expandable, etc. 

  • Highly Convenient
  • Highly Durable; Heavy-Duty
  • Made in USA
  • Economical Package
  • 33×160 Duracool Standard Roll Pads

Indeed! It isn’t as flawless as our sixth Dial Manufacturing model, but it’s got several unique qualities you’ll never know you needed in the cooling business. Opposite the detrimental issue about its complex instalment system stands its special ability to process a focused flow for water absorption. 

Many users consider this a unique advantage. Obviously, not all cooler pads can suck out water in such an orderly fashion. With that ensured, not a drop of water gets wasted. So, it should be economical for all. 

Made from thicker aspen pads and an incredibly layered filter, it shares the heavy-duty command of most Dial Manufacturing products. Designed to last for several uses, it does its own water extraction– another unique ability. 

Most reviewers theorize that its focused water absorption contributes much to its efficient water extraction. But how does the water extraction really work? Imagine pads that automatically dispose themselves of water. That’s how. 

This is highly advantageous in the sense that it relieves its own from the weight of stored water. Meaning, you can now leave the pads in the coolant, since they’re now lighter.

Another advantage of the product is that it doesn’t easily run out of pads. Due to its breathability, expandability, and some added rolls, it can fortunately last for years.

Drawbacks of the product include a weak cooling capacity, lack of solid feel, some shipping problems, and an easy-tear quality. 


  • Focused Water Flow & Absorption
  • Economical Package
  • Thicker Aspen Pads
  • Layered Filter
  • Innate Water-Extracting Mechanism


  • Weak Cooling Capacity
  • Lack of Solid Feel
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Easy-Tear Quality

Why choose it?

  • This practical roll-on cooler pads impresses with the usual Dial Manufacturing neatness, efficacy, and longevity.

10. MasterCool 3 Media Set 

Made by Champion Cooler for MasterCool coolants, this set of swamp cooler pads boasts of high-efficiency, convenience, and a durable, lasting construction.

  • 3-Piece Replacement Rigid Media
  • MCP44-PAD
  • Highly Durable
  • Compact & Sufficient Package

For a part there, these pads feel weak. Yeah. They’re weak in construction like most paper pads, but they surely deliver in terms of cooling large areas. From its added pegs down to its compact filter agents, the pads can most likely absorb and deliver water in a pressure rate. 

Designed to fit a series of MasterCool units– MCP44- MCP44E- WPL44 and WPL44NP0– it operates neatly and easily. What you’ll have to ensure in your part is to match it to the intended MasterCool units.

It might resemble soft paper quality, but its construction is fashioned in utmost quality–fiber and plant-based absorbent materials, etc.– and built to last longer. 

Give it 6-8 months, and the pads will hold water like before. It’s cooling is also observed to stay in quality for months. Perhaps supported by its added pegs, the pads fit perfectly well with MasterCool brands. 

Its given 35.5 in. x 5.88 in. x 2 in. dimensions provide it a consequential allowance. So in case of immediate adjustments, the pads easily yield to your need. 

Problems with the product include glued corners, bendable frames, horrible smell, messy output, limited cooler match, and some shipping problems. 


  • Large-Area Cooling Capacity
  • Added Pegs
  • High-Pressure Absorption & Delivery
  • Fiber & Plant-Based Material
  • Perfectly Matched for MasterCool Coolants


  • Glued Corners
  • Bendable Frames
  • Horrible Smell
  • Messy Output
  • Limited Cooler Match
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • This top product from the Champion Cooler brand is indeed a champion when it comes rapid absorption and distribution of water; it ranks among the most convenient and durable cooler pads. 

How to Find the Best Swamp Cooler Pads:  A Professional Buying Guide

Swamp cooler pads are made for the purpose of cooling your warm, low-humid climate in the summer. Known also as ‘evaporative coolers’, these pads help swamp coolers achieve a feat similar to that of the air-conditioner.

But why swamp? The answer lies in its cooling characteristics. Swamp cooler pads, commonly used first in El Paso, Texas, utilize a moist-absorption mechanism, hence its name ‘swamp’. To suck in water, it also sucks in air. But first, it equalizes the flow to facilitate an uninterrupted cycle. It is therefore important to intently consider the brand you are buying. You would not want to end up with the messiest (or wettest) cooler pads.

Yeah. They can be quite expensive and difficult to maintain. But wait, you can’t bring the air-conditioner outside, right? So, these coolers should compensate. In the place of air-conditioner, supplementing its limitation– that is its portability and focused cooling mechanism– the cooler pads remain a basic need.

Users get wiser each year. They learn more tricks in fully benefiting from the coolers, notwithstanding having to maximize their capacity. Indeed! One can prod the coolers to function 5x better than normal. After all, these are versatile agents inclined for improvisation. 

However, that topic deserves a space in its own. For now, we can only narrow our filter to choosing the best brands. Certainly, there has to be a formula for the best product. The complex mechanism of the cooler pads surely did not come about by accident. No. Of course, not! Product manufacturers are way smarter than that. 

Let’s get the right air and be steps ahead of them. Here are our professional buying guide  to help you:

  • Buy the product with the regulating speed.

In choosing the cooler package, you can’t just stop with the pads. You’ll have to look into the coolers per se. Ask customer service representatives if necessary. Once you’re done asking, look into its speed options. 

Standard coolers have several speed options. This is a necessary feature among coolers as it provides you direct control over the cooling rate. You can’t just be cool with the cool because it can eventually lead to wasted energy. 

A thermostat-like control should be the standard. With this, you’re sure that not an ounce of energy or cool air is ever wasted.

  • Go for the one with expanded evaporative wicking area per square inch. 

The expanded wicking area enables the pads to absorb maximum water and air without losing much of its space. Standardized by square inch, the measure sufficiently allows both air absorption and distribution traffic within the limited confines of the pad.

The PPS PACKAGING COMPANY #46IP 29×29 Aspen Cooler Pad for instance, has added evaporative wicking area. Expectedly, its pads don’t easily run out. 

Meaning, only a minimum space in the pad is being consumed with the expanded wiking area. Besides saving the pads for longer use, it also keeps water from leaking. 

How to know if the product has added/expanded evaporative wicking area? The answer is indicated in its product description. Nevertheless, you can ask the customer service representatives about it. 

  • Go for the pads with an all and easy-fit. 

Not all cooler pads fit coolers. In fact, some of them are designed to exclusievly fit certain cooler units/ jetstream receptors.

However, it isn’t always the case with the cooler pads sealed MasterCool. This type of pads are proven to be versatile, all-fitting. Some pads like the Dial 3437 Mastercool Cooler Pad, 40″ x 23″ x 8″ tend to be quick and easy-fit. 

That some brand indicating exclusive match/fit actually ending up as all-fit pads is a discovery you will have to make for yourself. Call it tricky, but that’s the real deal with matching. Well, you’ve got the reviews. You can refer to them for a start. But all-in-all, your first-hand experience shall serve as your teacher.

  • Go for the one with the least water flow, but increased air delivery. 

Fiber and/or plant-based cooler pads usually have the least water flow. The water flow we’re talking about is the pad’s external water flow– the excess, wasted water. 

With the least water flow, you are secure that the pads are not at all wet and messy. Having said that, some pads react badly to moisture. And, the immediate consequence is a bad, damp smell. 

Minimal water flow obviously keeps the odor out. Increased air delivery is an immediate consequence of minimal water flow. Draining the pads effectively tests their capacity to hold water. 

  • Check the thickness of the cooler pads.

In setting your eyes on the cooler pads, feel them first. What about the thickness? How thick? 2-3 inches? Well, the ideal standard would be 8-12 inches in thickness. 

Albeit it’s rarity, 8-12 inch cooler pads (specifically the master cool swamp types) actually exist. From the likes of Aspen Snow Cool down to Dial brand’s 3428 Replacement Pad MMB14 Mobile Mastercool. 

One can only base it on its 20-1/8″ X 28-3/8″ X 3″ dimensions plus, to get the full extent of its thickness and expansion. Now, in lieu with thickness and expansion, Dial Manufacturing’s 412 Yhl1012 36″ X 24′ Spin Roll Cooler Pads has much to contend. 

To say it simply, the thicker the pads, the cooler the space succumbs into. 

  • Go for the one with open cellular structure. 

Always choose the pads that indicate an open-cellular structure in them. The feature eventually contributes to the pads’ ability to deliver maximum air. 

Alternatives for this feature include the fine-patterned filter, multi-layered filter,  sufficient moist for sped-up stream, among many others. These features mentioned possess, in one way or another, similar characteristics with that of open cellular-structured cooler pads.

Chill Out with the Common Types of Swamp Cooler Pads: Get to Know Them Better!

Here are five common types of swamp cooler pads :

1. Blue Synthetic Cooler Pad

Its being Blue does not actually have to do with its color. Rather, you can look to its second word for information. 

Yes. You read it right. This pad is made from synthetic material, usually of high-quality plastic. Texture-wise, it feels spongy.  But that does not mean that it holds much water like a real sponge does.

This pad is long lasting because it doesn’t deteriorate due to the amount of stored water. Since its synthetic, it easily disperses water. So, it has a  weak water-holding capacity. 

It’s also heavily insulated so that it easily warms up. As a result of warming up, it tends to absorb too much water and then disperses it prematurely. 

Due to its disproportionate absorption of water, it eventually ends up hoarding water minerals, causing simultaneously to block its air flow filter. 

2. Rigid Media Cooling Pad

As its name suggests, this pad matches evaporative coolers with focused airflow inlet. It’s designed for that specific purpose, hence its expensive rate.

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This type of cooler pad is usually bulkier due to its widened frames. What are the widened frames for? They’re designed to contain the massive air momentum inside the evaporative cooler. Without this type of pad, evaporative coolers with focused airflow inlets are doomed to break due to pressure. 

3. Master Cool Swamp Cooler Pad

This type of pad is practical, ergonomic, and economic. When it comes to cooling ability, it also ranks as a master. Why? Because, it’s especially thick. It even comes in 2 thickness preferences– 8 and 12 inches. Meaning, it absorbs more water and pushes out more air. 

Now, add in its fine-patterned filter/honeycomb-shaped design, and you’ll surely get a double whammy.  It’s a double whammy because it does not only exceptionally cool your open area, it also automatically disperses the right amount of waste water. With this on hand, you don’t get to replace various pads within a year. And, that answers why it’s economical. 

Main problems with this type of cooler pad include a bad smell and bendable frames. 

4. Breezair Swamp Cooler Pad 

This type of cooler pad impresses exactly like Aspen cooler. It’s only distinct point is its availability in the market. 

This pad fits quickly and easily; it’s easily adjusted or folded to fit unconventional evaporative cooler receptors. Since it’s a beast in sucking water but not dispersing it, it easily sags. But with proper maintenance– specifically by hanging it dry after use– it should last longer.

From all these musings, it would be safe to presume that it’s a high-maintenance cooler pad. But heck, it’s readily available. And, that’s what makes it a popular type. 

You can most likely experience this type of cooler pad from brands like the Dial 3437 Mastercool Cooler Pad, 40″ x 23″ x 8″ , the DIAL MANUFACTURING 3412 Yhl1012 36″ X 24′ Spin Roll Cooler Pads, or Honeywell Replacement Pad Evaporative Cooler Models CL30XC. 

5. Aspen Swamp Cooler Pad

In terms of cooling capacity, the Aspen swamp cooler pad ranks as the best type of swamp cooler pads. Also the most popular cooler pad type in the market, it’s usually made from plant-based fiber. Thus, it is spongy– genuinely spongy, not the Blue Synthetic spongy. 

This type comes with two types of thickness preferences– 1 and 2 inches. The thicker inch holds, stores and cools the most water. 

On the contrary, this cooler pad can be quite a high-maintenance. Simply said, it can be a hassle if not replaced on a yearly basis. Why? Because, its fiber straws fall off in the long run, clogging blocking the water pump. 

7 Tip on Cleaning Your Cooler Pads

Why clean your cooler pads?

Basically, unclean cooler pads are not only dysfunctional, they can also be toxic. Experts say the buildup of hard water minerals can cause problems in the air flow system, your home pipe, the water pump, and a lot more. 

What is hard water then? Hard water means a water flow that’s saturated in minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. These minerals eventually find their way trapped in the pad’s filter, and while they’re not that risky to your health, they can be damaging to your home systems.

Cooler pads are to be cleaned once a year. That ensures sustainability to the pads. Depending on the brand, one swamp cooler pad might require several replacements or washes in a year. Now, in the case of temporary pads, that means replacement every 3-4 months.

But wait. You can’t simply wash those pads without preparing a few important tools in hand. These tools not only make a successful cleaning, they also speeds up the whole process. 

So here are quick important tools to prepare before cleaning your swamp cooler pads:

  • Ladder

The ladder comes in handy when your uninstalling cooler pads from the roof or other elevated areas. There’s no other tool that can perform what the ladder does. 

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Upon using the ladder, secure its bottom pads are placed on leveled ground. Otherwise, you’ll only endanger yourself from slipping off or falling with the ladder.

  • Hose

The cooler pads, above everything else, benefit greatly from pressurized water. Why, we’re talking about mineral build-ups here stuck in the filters for months.

The hose allows versatile spraying positions, perhaps even remote. It also proves most advantageous during circumstances involving stationary coolers. One in every ten coolers/evaporative coolant is too heavy to transfer. So, you’ll be needing long-reaching hose to reach them. 

  • Gloves

The gloves protect your hands. Consequently, swamp coolers heat up after operation. Therefore, it would be very difficult to manually remove the pads then. Wearing gloves ultimately help you to it. 

In other cases, certain coolants have sharp edges, exposing you to risks of being cut or scratched. Again, the gloves will secure your hands from these. 

  • Flashlight

The flashlight provides you visibility to on the nooks and crannies in your coolant. Besides, un/installing the pads involve digger closer in on the darker areas in the evaporative coolant. 

The tool further enables you to monitor closely the device’s performance under a bright light. By doing so, you get to easily pin-point ongoing problems in your coolant device.

  • Screwdriver

In either removing or reinstalling the cooler pads, you’ll need a screwdriver to either loosen or tighten the screws. Otherwise, the whole system is hindered from fully functioning. 

  • Protective Glasses

Of course! You’ll have to wear them glasses. You will never know when a rapid debris is going to hit you in the face or worse, in the eyes. 

Now, for your cleaning effort, here are 7 fast and easy tips that can best help you:

1. Clean pads when you’re in the right condition or under the perfect weather. 

Cleaning under the perfect weather saves you a lot of trouble. Just imagine cleaning the pads outside (since you’ll have to do it outside as it’s messy) and it’s raining. That would guarantee for a bad mood. 

Next, cleaning the cooler pads under the bright sunny sky leaves manual drying off the list. You can just leave the pads laid under the sun for all your care about. They’ll all dry up in time. 

2. Unpower the coolant/evaporative swamp cooler device.

Note that your involving 80% in your effort with water. Otherwise, cleaning the pads will be in vain. 

Unplugging any electrical device is a safety protocol for all. And, that’s self-explanatory.  

3. Slowly and carefully remove the cooler pads.

Now it’s important that you don’t rush in removing the cooler pads. You see, fiber pads (the wet ones) are exactly wet paper. One wrong move and you’ll tear them in half. 

In the case of the Blue Synthetic Pad, the more you’ll have to be careful. Why? Small minerals from its buildup can potentially fall into the coolant filter or pump, destroying the whole thing to kingdom and giving you a cold fate.

4. Scrutinize the pads. Know what needs cleaning or conditioning. 

Always make it a habit to check on them before cleaning. Never presume. Who knows, after all these years, the cooler pads remain immaculate.

Without knowing it, you might be overcleaning them. Consequences of overcleaning the cooler pads, in case you didn’t know, are dire. So you’d better check on them first  if they need one good clean. 

Checking on the pads before cleaning not only gives you an admission for cleaning, but it also makes you aware of ongoing damage in the pads or in the cooler itself. 

5. Once you’ve decided, proceed in cleaning the swamp cooler pads. 

Cleaning the pads require bashing them to any solid vertical surface first. In this way, prior build-ups and other elements are rid off. 

Spray water into the pads using a hose. 

6. Re-install the pads into the cooler device after drying. 

Leave the pads dry for 10 minutes, before finally reinstalling. 

7. Take 10 minutes before pressing the power button. 

Oops! Do not turn it on immediately. You had to be sure no leaked water has made its way into the intricate wiring system. Otherwise, it will be over for the coolant/cooler device. 

How to Replace Swamp Cooler Pads with New Ones

Who says maintaining the swamp cooler pads or the swamp cooler per se is easy? Of course, not! But at least, you don’t dizzy out over sky-rocketed electric bills. And, that’s more than a consolation.

Replacing  swamp cooler pads with new ones can be quite tricky. It isn’t that physically-demanding of a task. You’ll only need your gloved hands and your brain to do that!

Replacing swamp cooler pads depend on both the brand and the circumstances that surround them. Factors like low-humidity, dust, hard water buildup, etc. also certainly influence the pads’ life span.

The golden rule says “all swamp cooler pads are to be replaced”. It doesn’t matter how often or how rare, but it says all are to be replaced. 

Here are 6 easy tips on how to replace swamp cooler pads with new ones :

  1. Before you can even remove the old pads, have them measured first so that you’ll get the next new pads with the same measurements. 
  2. Familiarize the fitting position. Remember how and where you placed the pads before. Retrace it. 
  3. Once you’ve located the pads, proceed in unscrewing the filter mesh that protects it.
  4. Slowly remove the old pads. Check if they’re still usable. If not, get rid of them now. 
  5. Put the new one in the same order and fashion. Do it slowly. Be careful. 
  6. Shake the cooler device slowly, yet rapidly from side to side. No noise means a tight fit. 

Swamp Coolers vs. Air-Conditioners

Swamp cooling is almost likened to the air-conditioner in terms of the feel. Some cooler pads even actuate to the air-conditioners’ effects. That’s not really surprising because the air-conditioning mechanism is a fairly basic method in cooling air. 

The whole movement enables the pads to suck in water using air. The moisture inside now undergoes a process, a cyclical one. The ultimate points in the cycle see the release of air at every turn. The air that’s being released now is the conditioned one.

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See? Almost like an air-conditioner. But what is there difference exactly? Well, we can draw the line on horse power. The air-conditioner definitely has a more powerful horsepower than evaporative swamp cooler, edging between 120-100 horsepower.

Meaning, the air-conditioner has higher energy consumption than the cooler. Higher bills. Bigger bulk. Heavier package. All these emerge as immediate consequences of owning an air-conditioning unit. 

So, How Do Swamp Cooler Pads Really Work?

Now, back to the question: how do swamp coolers really work? As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s fairly basic. Even early humans know how to. There’s a trick in it, but not really a magic trick. The trick lies in the principle of humidifying. 

Humidifying means moistening the air and further transforming it from warm air into cold air. By all means, a moist air, since water is always colder, tends to cool and conditioner warm air after contact.

The swamp act as storage of the water. They store water before sucking them out from the air first. Regardless of dry or wet air, the swamp pads are always able to suck in water from the air. Through their filters, they allow air to pass through and exit as cooler air. 


How can I improve my swamp cooler performance?

One helpful tip is turning the cooler on and letting it run ahead of its blower. Another tip is opening wide the window while the cooler is running. 

How often should I change pads in my swamp cooler?

It depends on the type of pad. For the paper or fiber pads, replacing them every 6-8 months would be necessary. 

What can you put in a swamp cooler to keep it from smelling?

You can pour a drop of grape seed extract, tea tree oil, and other essential oils into the swamp cooler to keep it from smelling. 

Does putting ice in a swamp cooler help?

Yes. It might help, but only for a short time. 

Why does my swamp cooler smell like fish?

The bad smell in your swamp cooler is the buildup of moisture in the pads. The smell is actually caused by bacteria. 

Can I put essential oils in my swamp cooler?

Yes. You can. 


From our high-pressured review of the swamp cooler pads, we can finally rank the PPS PACKAGING COMPANY #46IP 29×29 Aspen Cooler Pad as the “Top Pick”, the Portacool PARKULJ24000 KUUL Replacement Media for Jetstream 240 Portable Evaporative Cooler as the “Premium Value”, and the Dial 3428 Replacement Pad MMB14 Mobile Mastercool as the “Best Value”. 

Apart from the ranking, we were able to draw a pattern showcasing brands such as the Dial, Dial Manufacturing, Portacool, and Aspen Snow. From the four reigning brands, the Aspen Snow proved that it need not be commercially recalled to be considered a topnotch. Ultimately, the review briefed us into the necessary considerations of maintaining, cleaning, replacing, and even maximizing the best swamp cooler pads. 

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