10 Best Solar Powered Candles

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Best Solar Powered Candles

Offices, commercial establishments, and homes often use candles for decoration and to create a calming ambiance. Flickering candles and scented ones keep the people around feel relaxed. However, traditional wax candles can spill hot wax and may damage furniture or harm pets and children. Worst, if not appropriately handled, can cause a fire. Thus, solar powered candles are the more practical alternatives to keep your place beautiful and safe at the same time.

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10 Best Solar Powered Candles

Just like searching for any household light, it may seem that looking for the best solar power candle is quite simple. You can choose from various brands, colors, and designs to suit your taste and needs. Thus, we have listed ten of the best solar candles that can make your room well-lit and decorated. 

1. TELOSMA Solar-Powered LED Candle Light

solar powered lantern

The TELOSMA LED lights are the perfect solar powered window candles that come in two. These flameless rechargeable lights can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations and events. You can use lanterns to hold the candles to have instant lamps. Leave them under the sunlight, and they will charge automatically. 

These best outdoor candles only light up in the dark to avoid battery wastage. Plus, the solar powered lights also come with two batteries for you to enjoy its bright warm illumination. 


  • Rechargeable and changeable batteries
  • Safe and easy to set up
  • Long-lasting and bright lights
  • Comes with two batteries


  • Some find the candles quite big

Why You Should Choose

The beautiful flameless lights from TALOSMA are perfect as outdoor lamps for your porch or garden. It is also an excellent decoration inside your home, which you can put on window sills or tabletops. 

2. Cozeyat LED Solar Candle Tea Lights

best outdoor candles

The solar LED candle tea light set from Cozeyat comes in six pieces with amber flame or warm white light. These tea lights are the best flameless candles that are ideal as indoor decorations. You can also use these solar candles during camping, along the pathway outdoors, and for parties and events.

There is no need to worry about wind or fire hazard since these solar powered candles illuminate like real candles. The candles give flickering flames without the hot candle wax to bother you. You just have to turn on the switch at the bottom of the candles to charge during the daytime. And at night, let them shine and glow in the dark as solar candles for window sills.


  • Flameless and safe
  • Gives flickering light
  • With six candle tea lights


  • Do not light up at daytime; they only light up in the dark

Why You Should Choose

The Coyezat LED tea lights are 100% solar powered, thus are environmentally friendly. These solar candles are fantastic decorations on tabletops, window sills, during outdoor events, and even on your patio. The tea lights are your perfect partners to brighten up the mood on any occasion all year round.

3. Advocator Solar Powered Tea Light

solar candles next

The solar powered tea light by Advocator is a waterproof romantic flameless candlestick. It is ideal for wedding events, window sill, garden, bedroom, bathroom, and other outdoor activities. The package comes with six tea lights with warm white flickering flameless candles. It will surely give any room a romantic glow at night. 

These solar candles are easy to use. Turn on the bottom switch, and it will automatically charge during the day and turn-on at night. It is a perfect gift or party favor for any occasion.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic charging
  • Functional for decoration, camping, and various events


  • The candles are made of plastic material.

Why You Should Choose

If you want your night or an event to be romantic, use these solar candles from Advocator. These best outdoor solar candles are small, handy, and easy to use lights that even your kids will be able to help you in setting it up. 

4. Tomshine Mini LED Solar Lantern Light

Best Solar Powered Candles

The two-pack Tomshine mini LED Solar Lantern Light is the ideal solar powered candle for your courtyard and patio. These lanterns can endure any type of weather, thus perfect for outdoor display. It doesn’t look light solar panel but it is.

It is very easy to use since no wire is needed to install the lanterns. You can quickly hang them and let them do their job of illuminating your place. Their flickering effect gives added vintage beauty to these candle lights. Also, you can expect extended serviceable life of about 10,000 hours from these LED lights.


  • Easy to install
  • Automatic charging
  • Waterproof
  • Vintage design


  • The solar panel needs sufficient light to charge

Why You Should Choose

This solar candle is very easy to install. Made of glass and plastic, it can withstand heat and rain. It is also easy to maintain since it automatically charges at daytime and the light automatically turns on when it gets dark.

5. MYHH-LITES ZHONG XIN Flameless Solar Lantern Tea Lights

paradise solar flameless candle

If you are looking for additional illumination for your pathways, rooms, parties, or Holiday events, you can try the MYHH-LITES best solar powered candles. You can have eight solar lantern tea lights in one pack. The lights flicker, making it more realistic but safer than using wax candles since the solar candles are flameless and smoke-free.

Each of the solar powered lights requires one Ni-MH rechargeable battery to run. A fully-charged battery can run for five hours at night. It is water-proof; thus, it can be safely used outdoors. It can automatically charge at daytime and automatically turns on when it gets dark. This feature makes these candlesticks very easy to use and maintain.


  • Flickering lights
  • Easy to use
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with eight batteries and a user manual


  • Short hours of illumination

Why You Should Choose

The MYHH-LITES ZHONG XIN solar powered candles are ideal for outdoor and indoor use. The flickering light makes it look real and will be a beautiful decoration for outdoor events. Also, if you need additional brightness for your home, you can place them by your windows or in any room. It is water-proof and comes with a user manual to guide you in operating the candles properly.

6. MPOWERD Luci Candle Inflatable Solar Light

solar powered lantern

This solar candle from MPOWERD is the complete package. It is compact, inflatable, safe, and gives beautiful flickering lights. The Luci candle can bring warmth into your bedroom, patio, yoga studio, garden, bathroom, and dinner table.

The frosted finish of this solar powered candle provides a calm and comforting ambiance. Its lithium-ion battery can continuously light up a room for twelve hours if fully charged. This eco-friendly candle is waterproof, thus can illuminate your home whatever the weather condition may be.


  • With flickering light
  • Conveniently portable
  • Has three glow settings
  • Waterproof


  • You cannot expect much brightness

Why You Should Choose

These are the perfect solar candles if you are looking for portable illumination you can bring almost everywhere. It is inflatable; thus, it will not take up too much baggage space. It is an ideal camping and mood light. Lastly, these rank as superior outdoor waterproof solar candles.

7. YITING Upgraded Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights

Best Solar Powered Candles

Packed with ten strings of 30 LED fairy star lights, these best solar powered candles from YITING will fire up any party event. You can use them to decorate your patio garden, port, wedding, or party occasions. It comes with ten hangers and six pieces of PVC designs to choose from depending on your mood.

The charging panel has been improved and upgraded with a wider grid for better charging. The solar lights can last up to 12 hours when fully charged. The lids are water and rust-resistant and can fit most regular sized mason jars. The micro-LED warm white lights can illuminate the inside and outside of your home.


  • Comes with ten lights and handles
  • Can be used for any occasion
  • Bright lights
  • Long-lasting bulbs


  • The jar is not included

Why You Should Choose

The YITING string lights are the ideal DIY solar lights that you can have full control of when it comes to decorating. You can put fruits, sprigs, flowers, pebbles, or almost anything together with the YITING lights in mason jars. It is easy to set up and maintain.

8. SOLPEX Solar Walkway Lights

best outdoor solar candles

If you need more lighting in your patio, lawn, yard, garden, or driveway, the Solpex 16-Pack Solar Walkway Lights will do the job. It has an elegant design that you can proudly display outdoors to show to your friends and guests. These solar powered outdoor solar candles lights are made from durable stainless steel, which can endure any kind of weather.

These walkway lights are easy to install since you won’t be needing any wire to light them up. Fully charged lights can give you up to ten illumination hours. They also automatically turn off at daytime to efficiently conserve battery power. 


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to install


  • Some consumers find the light a bit dim

Why You Should Choose

The pack includes 16 solar candlesticks from the best solar powered candles list that can be beautifully arranged in your lawn following your preferred arrangement. These are sturdy lights that can light up your home for a long time.

9. Topmante Solar Flickering Lights

solar candles next

The Topmante Upgraded Solar Lights bring life-like flickering flames. These lights will brighten up your patio driveway and garden like real torches. It is durable that can survive harsh weather conditions like heavy rains and the scorching heat.

You can easily install these lights without the need for any electrical tool. Its fully charged lithium-ion battery will light up to 12 hours in the summer and eight hours in the winter. With 96 LED flame lights, these solar powered outdoor solar candles cast soft and beautiful glows at night.


  • Flickering flames
  • Automatic power on and off
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install


  • The stick is a little bit short

Why You Should Choose

With these dancing lights, the Topmante solar lights are your best alternative to real flames. If you want easy-to-install decorations that can illuminate the outside of your home at night, then get these solar candles.

10. MAGGIFT Hanging Solar Lights with Handle

solar lanterns

The MAGGIFT solar lights come in two lanterns, which you can easily hang using the handle or display on tables. The 6 lumens warm white LED lights can easily brighten your garden, porch, or room. It is made of iron and plastic with a white finish, giving every home a soft and subtle beauty.

This solar powered outdoor solar candle lantern quickly charges when you turn on the switch and automatically turns on when it gets dark. The automatic power on and off feature ensures that its 400mAh Ni-MH battery power will not put into waste.

Hang this lantern on your porch, tree, garden, or use as a tabletop centerpiece to add elegance to your home. You can also display them on special occasions like Christmas, thanksgiving, or birthday parties.


  • With a beautiful white metal finish
  • Multi-purpose and versatile
  • Automatic power on and off
  • Includes two lanterns in each pack


  • Some users said that the lantern quickly builds rust

Why You Should Choose

The MAGGIFT solar powered lantern is made of metal and plastic, thus sturdier than plastic made lanterns. It is a beautiful décor that you can hang inside or outside your home that gives a subtle glow. These lanterns can also be used as solar powered window candles to illuminate your homes.

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Solar Powered Candles

Buying Guides: What to Look for in the Best Solar Powered Candles

Getting solar candles for your harm can save you a lot on your electricity bill, aside from helping save the environment. When choosing the best solar powered candles for your home, there are essential factors to consider. Below are the things you might need to look for when buying solar lights.


You need to determine whether you want flickering flames or not. Other things you might want to consider are the color and hue of your lights. Depending on the mood you want to set, you can go for amber, warm, or soft white light. You may also choose from a contemporary or retro style whatever fits your home style.


Solar powered outdoor solar candles are available in plastic, wood, glass, or metal. Also, you might want to look at the bulb inside before buying it. There are lamps where you can replace the bulbs. It will save you money instead of buying new ones.


You don’t want to get lights that are too small or too big to fit in your room, especially for solar powered window candles. For outdoor lamps, determine the exact height you need to decorate your yard.


The best flameless candles nowadays can be scented. It does not only serve as decoration but can also make your home smell nice.


When buying solar lanterns/candles, keep in mind what you intend them for use. Determine whether you need a hanging one or something you can put on a table. Will you be putting the lights inside or outside your home? These things you need to know to be able to get the most suitable product for you.

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Solar powered outdoor solar candles candles usually run from ten to 12 hours with a six to eight-hour charging. Select a product that can illuminate your house overnight.


Solar-powered candles cost more than regular wax candles. Cheap solar candles can be made of inferior quality materials. However, the most expensive ones don’t necessarily make them the best ones in the market. Try to look for solar lights that are right into your budget without compromising quality.

How to Take Care of Your Solar Candlesticks

Solar candles typically last two to three years, depending on their exposure to harsh conditions. But, if you take good care of your flameless candles, you can extend and optimize their life expectancy. Here are five tips to make your solar lights last longer.

1. Do not place solar lights where there are street lights

Ensure to put your solar lights where there are low levels of light. Avoid areas where street lamps or other lights that can prevent your solar candles from illuminating efficiently.  Also, place your lights where direct sunlight can get through to optimize charging.

2. Use transparent paint to protect solar candles

Use clear paint on your solar lights. This high-gloss paint can prevent the lamps from being foggy and extend their shine. 

3. Regularly clean the solar panels

Just like other products, your led candles need regular cleaning. The solar panels are the most sensitive part of your lights. The solar panels store and release the necessary power to light up your candles. Use a clean cloth to wipe the panels carefully every two weeks.

4. Properly Store solar powered candles during the winter

Storing your solar candles during the winter season can make their battery life last longer. If you cannot get any sunshine, place the candles under your home lights to retain a charge. Solar lights covered by snow may not be able to keep enough charge for proper illumination.

5. Switch off your solar lights when it’s raining

When Turn the lights off when there is a sign that it rains and gets cloudy because doing such things can help spread the lifetime of your light batteries. Solar lights made of glass can be easily damaged by extreme weather conditions, such as strong wind or storms. For this reason, they need to be stored in the house for optimal protection.


What are solar candlesticks used for?

You can use your solar candles almost anywhere and on any occasion. There are solar powered outdoor solar candles built for indoors and outdoors. Inside your home, you can hang them as lamps or lanterns in your bedroom, comfort room, or in other areas. Outdoors, they can also be used to light up your porch, walkway, driveway, or garden.

How do I charge my solar powered candlesticks properly? 

All solar powered products need direct sunlight to get a full charge at day time. So to optimize the charging of your solar candles, make sure that they are placed directly under the sun during the day. The longer they have been exposed to sunlight, the longer illumination you can get from these solar lights.

What can affect the run time of my solar candles? 

Solar powered candles perform most efficiently during the summer when there is enough sunlight. Cloudy skies, rain, and snow are the most common deterrent to charging solar lights appropriately. Dust and dirt build-up can also minimize battery charging efficiency. So make sure to clean your solar lamps regularly and protect them from harmful elements or weather conditions.

Do solar candles produce heat? 

Although solar powered candles provide flickering flame-like glow, the wattage of LED lights is too low to produce any heart. You will notice that LED bulbs remain cool even after hours of use. But, even if solar candles do not produce heat, they are still one of the environment-friendly sources of illumination. Plus, solar candles now come with various scents to make your home beautiful, bright, and fragrant.

Are solar candles safe? 

Not only are solar candles safe, but they are environment-friendly as well. There are no risks when you use solar candles for window sills. You will not have to worry about catching fire, spilled hot wax, or wind blowing out the flame. Plus, solar candles do not emit any carbon dioxide, unlike when you burn traditional candles.


Solar-powered outdoor solar candles are the safest, convenient, and energy-efficient way to decorate and illuminate the inside and outside of your home. With solar lights, you don’t need to worry about high electricity bills or accidents, especially when there are kids around. So make sure to get the best flameless candle available in the market today. With these economical and beautifully-designed best solar powered candles, you will get the feel and the look of real candles without any hassle.

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