12 Best Shower Caddy – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Simplehuman Plus
  2. mDesign Shower Caddy
  3. mDesign Modern Shower Caddy

Your bathroom should be a haven of comfort. But with all the cluttered shampoo bottles, soaps, and bath products, it’s more like a mess. And you might have to dig into the pile of mess to look for your soap bomb. Thus, you won’t be able to enjoy a luxurious bath.

The best shower caddy can make your bathroom organized. It has ample storage where you can organize all your soap collection. But you have to get one that lasts long. It should be well built

That’s why we’re going to list our top picks for the best shower caddies you can find in the market. These caddies can make a lot of difference in your shower routine.

Here is the List of Best Shower Caddies:

  1. Simplehuman Plus
  2. mDesign Shower Caddy
  3. mDesign Modern Shower Caddy
  4. Zenna Home Shower Caddy
  5. Simplehuman Shower Caddy
  6. iDesign Shower Caddy
  7. Zenna Home Shower Door Caddy
  8. Simplehuman Tension
  9. mDesign Bathroom Shower Caddy
  10. Alice Constant Shower Caddy

12 Best Shower Caddies

From this point, you can pay attention to the best qualities of each of the following options. This information will be really useful for you to make the best decision and thus obtain the best results. Therefore, let’s take a look then to decide which is the best shower caddy.

1. Simplehuman Plus

best shower caddy for dorms

As the first option, we have this shower car that can provide adequate space for you to organize all the elements of your bathroom. Therefore, you will have 3 shelves in which you can store all the necessary elements for the shower. So, you can have all the things you need at your fingertips with this simplehuman adjustable shower caddy.

These shelves can be arranged more up or down. This will be useful for tall bottles that you wish to store on one of the shelves. Therefore, this shelf is presented as a possibility with the appropriate versatility. You can also lower the cart to facilitate access to children.

Also included are a complete lower shelf, a towel hanger and a small item holder with two dividers. So you can get that extra capacity to not leave any items outside this shelf.

These are adjustable wire shelves and can easily slide up and down to get the right height for each of them always taking into account the objects you have.

Also, this shower caddy manages to adapt to modern large shower tools and is designed to store large items such as facial cleansing brushes, electric toothbrushes, and razors.

It has dimensions of 14.5 inches wide, 5.9 inches deep, 27.6 inches high, and when fully extended neck offers a height of 39.4 inches.


  • Suitable length
  • Good shelf organizations
  • 3 shelves


  • Intermediate quality resistance

Why should you buy this product?

Because it is an intermediate-range option, which manages to offer a set of good features. Therefore, this model offers the appropriate functionality.

2. mDesign Shower Caddy

best shower caddy for gym

This second option in shower caddies will provide you with simple, but highly effective storage. You can keep all the essential elements inside the shower, and at your fingertips. With what is a practical and versatile product. It is an organizer that has 2 wide baskets, 2 large hooks, and 6 smaller hooks, which are placed to hold in razors or vegetable sponges. A necessary addition from your shower organizer ideas.

It manages to offer a non-slip grip on the top, which offers the cart to remain still and safe, even with the humidity of the bathroom. The open log design allows maximum drainage t excellent air circulation, so all your items will be kept drier. This is highly efficient if what you want is to get rid of mold and fungus.

Its design is intelligent, as it offers two levels of shelves to store all kinds of products. Organize all your products beyond shapes, sizes, and heights. On the hooks, you can store your clothes, brushes, razors and pumice stones, among others. Use large and wide baskets to store your conditioner, body wash, shampoo, hand soap, shaving cream, facial cleansers, essential oils, and salt scrub, among others.

It will not be necessary to waste too much time in the installation since it is a simple and simple process that you can perform yourself. You just need to hang the cart on the showerhead and it will be ready for operation. Besides, its design is ideal to be used in almost all types of shower heads without drilling any walls.

This product is made of resistant steel wire and includes a durable finish to increase its resistance to corrosion. Therefore, it is an efficient and simple product. Its dimensions are 4.2 inches by 16, 25 inches by 21.5 inches tall.


  • Easy installation
  • Design provided
  • Enough space


  • Not compatible with some showerheads

Why should you buy this product?

You should buy this product as it is a simple, simple, adequate and very efficient option, which will provide you with the comfort you are looking for. Having all your hygiene items in one place is possible.

3. mDesign Modern Shower Caddy

shower caddy walmart

The product found below is also one of the best and most suitable options for the different elements that you have in your bathroom. Get to offer simple storage, which will keep the most important items in an organized way in one place.

This cart has 4 rotating baskets, 2 shaving cloths or shaving hooks, 2 suction cups to hold the cart. In such a way that they will remain safe in humid environments, and a non-slip grip on their upper part. Its central part is open, which allows accommodating in a better way the hand shower nozzles.

Also, there is enough space to handle the hose in the central part. The cart offers an open-grid design for better circulation and drainage. Therefore, the air will dry all your items much faster by reducing the amount of fungus and mold.

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This is another product that offers intelligent design, since it has two different levels to store different types of products, according to the sizes of each one. At the top, you can use the two shelves to place bottles, and/or products with considerable height. On the other hand, use the lower shelves in which you can deposit soaps, small bottles, pumice stones, and other smaller objects. The many varieties of products that can be placed in this is definitely something to consider if you’re looking for the best shower caddy for gym.

This modern shower caddy is another of which you can perform a simple and easy installation, so you will not need to drill any wall to mount your product. You just need to hang it on the showerhead and it will be ready for use.

Finally, this shower caddy is made of a steel wire with high resistance. Even rust or other corrosive elements will not harm this rust proof shower caddy. You only need a damp cloth to keep your shower cart clean. The dimensions offered by this product is 5.2 inches x 9 inches x 23.7 inches high.


  • Smart design
  • Easy installation
  • Made with resistant materials


  • Shelf space may be insufficient

Why should you buy this product?

Because this product is a suitable option for the most important products that you want to have at hand. This model will certainly give you good results.

4. Zenna Home Shower Caddy

simplehuman adjustable shower caddy

If we continue to think of a suitable versatile option that a good organization can offer for its products, then this model is part of that list. It is a shower caddy that adds enough storage, for a long time at an affordable cost. Therefore, you will have adequate storage thanks to the two shelves offered in this model.

These two shelves with built-in inverted bottle storage will give you the space you need for both high bottles and other types of essential products for any shower. Also, hooks and holders for razors and soaps are included in this structure.

On the other hand, this product after providing the most comfortable and simple installation concerning other models offered today in the market. The design of this shower caddy has the right weight balance. Thus, you will only need to hang this shower caddy above the shower head that you own. You also get the peace of mind that this shower caddy does not swing or slide.

Therefore, it is a product that offers a suitable, pleasant and highly functional design. On the other hand, its chrome finish gives it an appearance that can be combined with various decorative bathroom styles.


  • Easy installation
  • Wide shelves
  • Functional structure


  • The strength of the metal could be questionable.

Why should you buy this product?

You should buy this product because it is one of the most suitable options for different types of bathrooms. This is either because of the functionality it manages to offer, but also because of the design that manages to combine with various bathroom styles.

5. Simplehuman Shower Caddy

allzone constant tension corner shower caddy

On this occasion, the following product will offer you a good organization for the different most important objects in your shower. You can have your shower space organized thanks to the great ability to order your items and also keep them very close.

Therefore, this shower caddy will offer more than enough space, even for the highest bottles. You just need to slide some of the shelves very easily, down or up, to get adequate space and store the items you want.

So storing tall bottles of shampoo, soap, skin scrub, among many other products, will be very easy and will only require a simple turn of the dial for proper adjustment. Versatility is another of the strengths of this product because it manages to adapt to any of the modern shower tools even the most voluminous. This shower caddy is designed for you to store your electric toothbrush, razors, facial cleansing brushes, among other items.

On the other hand, the hook over the shower door offers a secure grip. The adjustable hanger manages to adapt perfectly to the shower door, and then obtains a secure grip. Also, the design of this structure allows you to store bottles upside down. Therefore, the holes cut specifically on the shelves provide adequate dispensing.

Another positive feature of this product is that the durable construction is due to the stainless steel with which it is made. Therefore it is a corrosion-resistant shower caddy and provides easy and simple cleaning.

Finally, a quick-drying soap dish is included, this means that the water drains completely, which makes the soap dry faster and last longer.


  • Smart design
  • Enough space
  • Acceptable Functionality


  • Without proper cleaning, the shelves could lock

Why should you buy this product?

Because this product can provide you with efficient and comfortable use. Organizing the most important and essential products for your shower will be much easier.

6. iDesign Shower Caddy

oxo shower caddy

Perhaps you are wondering what is the option that can offer you proper operation, and at the same time allow you to take care of your budget. The next option may be the most appropriate for you.

So it consists of a compact shower caddy. This product will offer you 4 storage baskets, 2 baskets in the middle in which the highest bottles you have fit, next to 2 outer hooks in which you can hang gowns outside the shower, or large bath towels.

It is another product that will be very easy to install, so here you should not drill any of its walls to mount it. Therefore, you should only place it on a shower door that is up to 2 inches thick. In fulfilling this requirement you will not need any extra tools.

Your two rear suction cups will hold your shower caddy firmly in place. It is a product that is designed for long service life. This is because it is built with steel wire, and coated with a specialized treatment that gives it great resistance to oxidation. Finally, its matt satin finish offers an attractive and pleasant design.

Finally, this product has compact spaces, but at the same time useful since it has dimensions of 22.7 inches x 10.5 inches x 8.2 inches. Get good storage space this way without requiring too much space in your shower.


  • Compact Design
  • Well organized shelves
  • Steel wire construction


  • Your installation cannot be done if you do not have a door up to 2 inches

Why should you buy this product?

Because this product is an option, which proposes a balance between good performance, adequate life, and an affordable cost. Enjoy the comfort of having your shower elements close without sacrificing your budget in the attempt.

7. Zenna Home Shower Door Caddy

shower organizer ideas

Now, if you prefer to get the best option in shower caddies, then you should pay attention to the characteristics of this model. This product manages to grant a set of excellent features along with a relatively accessible cost, which makes it a good shower caddy for some users.

In the first place, we can check that in its construction of high-quality stainless steel it offers an adequate and acceptable useful life, so this product will accompany you for a very long time. This shower caddy is protected against oxidation, and corrosion, inside your shower and your bathroom.

Besides, it is presented as one of the best solutions for the good storage of all your shower elements, thanks to the comfortable and versatile design it presents. Therefore, this structure only needs to be mounted on a door. So, you will not need any extra tools to perform the installation, which means that you will not need to drill any wall so that this shower caddy is fixed.

You will get enough space for all your items, and this includes two large storage baskets, a soap dish and a few razor holders, cloths and shower pouf. The most essential and important products for proper personal hygiene may be available.

Also, all these products will remain completely dry because their design consists of a grid made of stainless steel wire. With this, this product guarantees an intelligent design and a level of resistance that adapts to the different conditions of any bathroom.

Finally, you will only have to hang this shower caddy on a door with a thickness of up to 2.5 inches. Also, this model includes suction cups to keep the shower caddy firmly, avoiding slips and falls of the items that you store in it.


  • Made with stainless steel
  • Smart design
  • Suckers included


  • Shelves space a bit narrow

Why this is in the list of best shower caddy?

You should consider buying this product as it is the most appropriate option according to its qualities in general. This means an operation that adapts to any type of bathroom, together with a relatively accessible cost.

8. Simplehuman Tension

shower caddy target

Next, we have another good product that is considered one of the best shower caddies. This model presents an innovative design that manages to offer good storage spaces, together with a compact structure that does not remove too much space in your shower door. Therefore, in this case, they can also keep organized all the elements they consider necessary for the shower.

The reinforced aluminum pole provides a secure fit. The high compression spring, and the rubber feet with grip, fit properly between the floor and the ceiling, even at the corners. The shelves are adjustable, providing versatility for all types of products. Just slide the shelves up or down depending on the space you need.

On the other hand, use the towel hooks which are hooked on any part of the aluminum pole, which is a very suitable option for cloths. Besides, the special cutting holes give you the right space to place the bottles you want to face down.

Finally, you can use the storage hooks according to how it suits you. This simply means that you can hang your razor blade, your toothbrush, a vegetable sponge, among many other useful accessories. So in conclusion, this product of innovative design, suitable and comfortable, is another of the good options that are available today in the market.


  • Smart design
  • Adequate number of shelves
  • Secure fit


  • It is made of aluminum, which could mean an insufficient shelf life

Why this is in the list of best shower caddy?

Because this product is one of the most appropriate to maintain comfort, together with an excellent degree of versatility, due to its movable shelves. Many users consider this product as the best shower caddy.

9. mDesign Bathroom Shower Caddy

mdesign verona kd shower caddy

Getting a product that can offer a good quality of resistance, excellent functionality, but also offers an elegant design, it is also possible to find. This article manages to provide the right balance between the best features of a shower caddy. First of all, you will get a product that includes the right technology to withstand an excellent degree of tension.

In turn, the plastic shower caddy ends will prevent your product from slipping or scratching on the surface. Along with this, the open grid design will provide air circulation and maximum water drainage, so that its stored elements will be kept dry at all times. This is useful if fungi and mold are a problem.

This shower caddy includes 4 baskets/shelves, which will provide ample space for the most important items in the shower. Therefore, you will have on hand shaving creams, oils, and lotions, soaps, shampoo, among many other products. Also, your basket has a built-in towel bar. Therefore, you can give yourself the pleasure of hanging washcloths and hand towels.

On the other hand, two other hooks are also included if you want to hang razors, foot washers, pumice stones, sponges, vegetable sponges, and other products. Therefore, this product will provide you with suitable shelves for both large items and tall bottles, and shelves for smaller items.

Its installation is really easy and simple since when adjusting the tension post this article requires between 5 feet to 9 feet 5 feet high. The included technology ensures a strong and solid grip. You may realize that the design of this shower caddy manages to optimize the space you have.

Another of its strengths is its construction since it is made of solid steel and a finish that is resistant to rust, in addition to including non-slip plastic covers. You can install the shower caddy without requiring tools such as screwdrivers or drills, so you will not need to drill any wall.

To finish its size, it offers dimensions of 9.75 inches x 8.25 inches x 9.5 inches high.


  • Elegant design
  • Sufficient spaces and shelves
  • Quality construction


  • Cleaning could be uncomfortable

Why should you buy this product?

You should buy this product because it is one of the best options for its excellent efficiency, good quality of materials and elegant and attractive design.

10. Alice Constant Shower Caddy

modern shower caddy

On this occasion, another of them comes good products that give it a correct functionality, beyond presenting a fairly simple and simple design, a must-have if you’re looking for the best shower caddy for dorms. It is a structure with an extra-long tension post, which allows this shower caddy to be installed in the corner of a bathtub or shower.

This product manages to reach a height of 10.4 inches tall. Therefore, it offers enough space on each of its shelves for all types of products. This shower caddy consists of 4 large trays, which will provide adequate space for bath and shower items. Therefore, it is quite adequate beyond the number of objects you have.

Each of its trays has the characteristic of being adjustable, and also, you can adjust them to the height you want. In this way, you can have your products organized most comfortably.

This tension post offers great resistance to the conditions of any bath. Besides, it does not require any type of assembly with tools, such as screwdrivers or drills. Therefore, you are free to install this product without damaging the structure of your bathroom.

Last but not least, you can clean the look of your shower caddy properly and simply. In turn, each of the trays has holes, through which the water will be drained and all its shower elements will be kept dry. Thus, this way you can prevent mold and fungus from accumulating quickly.


  • 4 storage trays
  • Enough height space
  • Good resistance level


  • Trays may not offer adequate drainage

Why this is in the list of best shower caddy?

You should consider buying this product, as it is one of the options that offer the most space for all your bathroom objects. Therefore, you can keep all your bathroom items organized and stored in one place.

11. OXO Shower Caddy

Best Shower Caddy

The last product of this list is presented as one of the best options if we are talking about an independent shower caddy. Perhaps it is because of OXO shower caddy different and pleasant design, or perhaps to be able to have its shower elements in the sector that you want in the bathroom. First, the height of the shower caddy manages to keep the toiletries within reach. Its top shelf will provide you with quick and convenient access.

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Besides, some non-slip feet are included with which you will get a perfect balance. The moisture generated in the bathroom cannot slide or slide this shower caddy. These non-slip feet are adjustable from above to accommodate the shower floor properly.

You get a product that allows you to slide the upper tray towards the corner of the shower. Do not worry about the blows, as it includes non-slip bumpers that manage to grip the walls for maximum stability.

Together with this, its two containers offer a large capacity, as well as being easily removable and adjustable. On the other hand, this will allow you to perform a better cleaning of these containers. Additionally, each of the shelf trays is designed with drainage slots. So if you store a wet shower element, water can be drained underneath keeping all your products dry.

Therefore, you can get rid of fungi and mold more easily. You only need to clean your shower caddy with a cloth to remove any moisture. You get a product with high resistance because it is made of stainless steel resistant to oxidation. Finally, this product has a height of 3 feet.


  • Comfortable design
  • Suitable shelves
  • Made with stainless steel


  • Height may be insufficient

Why this is in the list of best shower caddy?

You should consider buying this product as it is presented as a comfortable and versatile option. You can accommodate this product in the different spaces of your year.

12. HASKO Shower Caddy

plastic shower caddy

Last but not least, this product is presented with a pleasant design and superior quality of the materials with which it is built. Therefore, you can have adequate storage space, without requiring damage to your wall or tiles. This means that the installation of this product is very simple and simple, and will not require any extra tools.

This product offers adequate versatility because it can be installed in a set of several places in your bathroom. You will only need to adhere to the suction cups to the wall of your shower, or your bathtub. As simple as this, you can have your product ready for use in just a few seconds.

It is a product that offers long life since its construction is made of high-quality stainless steel, which provides more than adequate durability. Suction shower shelves do not fog or oxidize, nor do they succumb to the wettest environments.

This shower caddy is rustproof, so it may be one of the most appropriate options, to keep all your most important bathroom items in one place. However, you should keep in mind that the suction will not work on certain surfaces. Some of these surfaces are granite, marble, wood, wallpaper, natural stones, porcelain and painted walls, among others.

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Finally, this product will offer two shelves, each with the right space to place products of different height. Therefore, the storage space is more than generous and acceptable to organize all your products. The dimensions of this product are 13.3 inches x 10, 2 inches x 5.7 inches.


  • Its installation is by suction
  • It is resistant to rust
  • Adequate shelf space


  • Suction installation does not work on certain surfaces

Why this is in the list of best shower caddy?

You should consider buying this product as it is one of the most comfortable options that the market can offer you. Adhering this product to one of the walls of your shower will allow you to organize all your shower products in a better way.

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying Best Shower Caddy?

A lot of shower caddies look aesthetically speaking, but they may not be the best value for your money. But before you pick one, hover through our buying guide first.

1. Application

Where are you going to use these shower caddies? Are you sharing a bathroom with other people? If so, a portable caddy is what you need. You don’t want others to be hovering through your bath supply. Otherwise, a mounted shower caddy can be more appropriate. 

2. Material

Shower caddies can be made from stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. 

Stainless steel caddies are the most popular. These are durable and look more presentable. Plastic, on the other hand, is more affordable. Though it’s not as durable as steel, it’s safe from rusting. But this material can also be prone to molds and mildew. 

So if you’re going to choose metal caddies, make sure it has a rust-free coating. Since caddies often get wet, this should be your primary consideration.

3. Compartments

How many shampoo bottles are you going to store in your caddie? Consider the size and the number of your bathroom essentials. So you can decide how many compartments and shelves you need for a shower caddy. It’s also practical to buy caddies that have adjustable shelves. This can give you more liberty.

4. Stye

Caddies can be divided into two types – a hanging caddy and a corner caddy. Corner shower caddies are mounted on the side of your sower. It can be either pressure-mounted or in a shelf style. While hanging caddies can be hooked to the shower pole. 

Shower caddies come in a lot of shapes and styles. So you can definitely choose one that best suits the theme of your bathroom. You also have a lot of options, but never prioritize aesthetics over quality. You can enjoy the combination of both with the best shower caddies.

5. Accessories

Shower caddies do come with accessories. And this can make your bathing experience more pleasurable. Some accessories that are nice to have are razor holders and hooks for loofahs.

6. Price

Shower caddies can range from 10 dollars to 50 dollars. It would depend on the material used and the number of shelves and compartments. And also, the more accessories it has, the more expensive it is.

Popular Types of Shower Caddies

Haven’t decided yet on what shower caddy to use? Here are several types of shower caddies. This will help you decide which one to get for your bathroom.

1. Portable shower caddies

These shower caddies are perfect for you if you share a bathroom with other people. It’s handy if you’re going to shower in the gym. It’s also convenient for those living in dorms.  

There are two types of portable shower caddies- open plastic containers and soft-sided totes. Soft totes are collapsible and are made of fast-drying materials. While hard plastic containers can keep your shampoos and soaps secure. But since they aren’t collapsible, it might be more challenging to store. 

2. Pole style shower caddy

Pole style caddies are very versatile and offer more storage space. It’s equipped with 3 to 4 shelves where you can store a lot of your bathroom essentials. This type of caddy would fit in walk-in showers. But it might not be ideal for bathtub configurations and walk-in showers. 

3. Standing shower caddy

If you have a lot of room to spare, standing shower caddies can offer a ton of storage space. These are usually mounted in the corners of your shower.  

4. Hanging shower caddy

If you don’t want installations, hanging shower caddies are your best options. It can still offer a large stage space and can be hung at the shower door. It can be attached to the wall via suction cups. 

5. Basket shelf caddies

These are quite easy to install. And it also has a lot of storage space. Even the smallest basket shelf caddy is enough to store several shampoo bottles. This can be installed via a strong adhesive or hardware.

How Do I Keep My Shower Caddy From Rusting

Shower caddies may be prone to rust, especially the metal ones. While these caddies are elegant and can add value to your bathroom, it can also rust when not taken care of. 

Here are several steps that you can do to prevent your candies from rusting. And if they do rust, it’s quite easy to remove.

  1. Prepare all the materials. We need rust removing product and steel wool or aluminum foil. If you don’t want to buy a rust removing product, you can use lukewarm water and soap.
  2. Get your steel wool and dab it on the solution. 
  3. Rub the rust off gently by slowly lifting the steel wool up and down. Don’t forcefully rub the shower caddy using a back and forth motion. This will strip off the coating.
  4. Repeat as needed.
  5. If there isn’t any rust, you can also routinely do this to prevent rust from forming.
  6. Rinse well and air dry.
  7. If your shower caddy has a lot of nooks and crannies, it’s more prone to rusting. You can dab nail polish on the caddy. This will prevent rust from accumulating. But do this after you have cleaned your shower caddy.
  8. Polis your shower caddies once a month with baby oil or waterproof wax. This will cover the caddy with a protective barrier. 

Ultimately, if you are looking for the ultimate solution, you can spray paint the entire caddy with anti-rust paint.


What is the country of origin of the products?

Usually, these kinds of products are made in China. However, many of them manage to offer excellent quality, strength, and durability. Therefore, you can obtain a product that suits your needs.

How much weight can you bear?

Most of the shelves are manufactured to support the weight of an important set of shower products. This includes several shampoo bottles, which may be the heaviest, in addition to other additional products.

Are all products stainless?

In general, it is possible to offer correct anti-rust treatment. However, it could happen that some product or brand does not provide the appropriate treatment, causing its model to oxidize.

Can shower caddies hang on showerhead damage it?

In general, shower caddies that hang on the showerhead do not get enough weight to damage it. However, if they are overloaded with very heavy products, it may eventually overcome the resistance of your shower head.


The best shower caddy can help you organize all your bathroom products and essentials. All your soaps and shampoo bottles will be at arm’s reach. So you can enjoy a more luxurious bath.

But don’t just buy one that catches your eye. A lot of shower caddies are eye candies, but they may not be built to last. Our list of best brands will help you find one that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

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