15 Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

Having trouble sleeping due to back pain, motion discomfort, and an extremely hard bed surface? It’s obvious what you need: a new luxurious mattress! Yeah, yeah. We know what you’re thinking. Luxurious. Comfortable. You must think it’s overly expensive.  But, let us tell you: it doesn’t have to be. And, you’re in for heavenly luck for we have ranked the best queen mattresses under 500 dollars for your taking. 

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Sweetnight Queen Mattress-Queen Size Mattress,10 Inch Gel...
  • HEALTH &MATTRESSES QUEEN -- certipur-us...
Olee Sleep 10 inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and...
  • Composed of 5 layers includes pocket spring
  • High density foam reduces heat and 1 inch...
  • Our patented Dura pocket spring provides...
Live and Sleep Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress, 10-Inch Cool...
  • Perfect Contour: Queen-size visco bed in a...
  • Cooling Innovation: Breathable, plush &...
  • This stretch knit cover is soft and...

15 Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

Read on to find out why we prefer the queen size mattresses… And what you can purchase under 500

1. Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best Sweetnight 10 Inch Queen Mattresses Under 500

The night’s bound to be sweeter and more romantic than usual with our “Top Pick” and “Premium Pick” queen mattress from the Sweetnight brand!

  • With Sleep Cooler
  • Customizable Feel
  • 3” Supportive High-Density Foam
  • 5” Air-Flow Open-Cell Comfort Foam 
  • 2” Gel Memory Foam

Comfort is an understatement when talking about Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress! A three-layered foam with gel-infused memory foam, you surely won’t feel a single pain when lying on this mattress for hours.

As manufacturers’ claims, it truly provides a cloud-like sensation throughout the night. I also noticed that its 3-zone design balances and supports the body for constantly released pressure. Why, it promotes well-supported body posture, for all I know!

What I also find so amusing about the mattress is its generic size that fits all frames. This, for me, feels so rewarding as it no longer requires time and effort from your end looking for the best-fitting bed frames

The mattress is also low-maintenance. It may not be the most faultless kind of mattress you can acquire, but it sure does keep a low-profile keeping. Certainly, it’s shipping condition was the best I have ever experienced in my life, bar none!

Certified with several awards and recognitions, this top mattress under 500 earns praises among experts. Powered further by its super-soft performance, its overall durability is simply reassuring. No other mattress of this type gains the most trust from experts. 

The only known drawback I can recall from it is its overly loose airflow section. Other than that, I would gladly consider the product as a personal favorite. 


  • 3-Layered Infused Memory Foam
  • 3-Zone Design Balance for Extra Comfort
  • Fit-all-Frame Design & Size
  • Low-Maintenance Package
  • Highly-Certified & Awarded
  • Highly Durable 
  • Customizable Feel


  • Overly Loose Air Flow Section

Why choose it?

  • A luxury bed, this “top pick” and “premium pick” best queen mattresses under 500 is all worth it!

2. Olee Sleep Spring Mattress (Queen)

best cheap mattress

Not only is this “Best Value” product from the Olee brand cool, but it also first-handedly reduces heat; it’s all about dura-cool complex pleasure without losing intact foam memory. 

  • Patented Dura-Pocket Spring
  • Highly Durable
  • Light, Yet Thick (10” Omega Standard)
  • 5-Layered Mattress
  • Pocket-Spring Mattress
  • Coolant Quality

It’s confirmed! Although this best mattress on a budget isn’t my first personal pick, it just proves to be a god! Highly popular among luxury buyers, this top mattress under 500 isn’t really that expensive at all! Interesting, right?

This 5-layered mattress with added pocket spring secures the quietest motion possible. You can jump on it as frequently as you can, and it’ll withstand pressure. Also, the spring, with its strong responsive quality, makes for an airy motion through the foam.

Reviewers went and rummaged over manufacturing claims on the product. In the end, they confirmed that it’s truly genuine. Bearing a 100% satisfaction rate among quality testers, it does not truly fail all types of bed users. 

Boasting also a fit-all-frame command, the mattress deems the least installation time possible. Whether your placing it on a platform bed frame, box spring, floor surface, wooden bed frame, steel bed frame, etc., it can still function at its optimum condition. 

Above every possible feat mentioned about the product, what I believe as its strongest mark yet is its i-Cool gel. The i-Cool gel plays a major role in securing that the mattress, including its innermost foam layers, does not heat up.

Ultimately, this mattress even disperses heat off its interior. As a result, the user experiences prolonged cool and satisfaction. How much of these claims are true? I must say, 80-90%! 

The only drawback I can make out of this top product is its tendency to exhibit flat/soft/hollow spots over the years. 


  • 5-Layered Mattress
  • Pressure- Resistant Pocket Spring
  • Quiet & Responsive Memory Gel
  • Fit-All-Frame Command
  • Includes i-Cool Gel Technology; Coolant Quality; Heat-Releasing
  • 10-Inch Omega Hybrid
  • 1” Duraflex Foam Quality


  • Tendency to Exhibit Soft Spots Over the Years

Why choose it?

  • Not only is this “best value” mattress heavenly comfortable, it also has advanced technology that releases heat, ranking itself as one of the best mattresses for summer bedrooms. One of the best mattress from best queen mattresses under 500 list

3. Live and Sleep Queen Mattress

best mattresses for the price

A queen mattress, indeed! Beyond its contoured comfort, this highly-rated mattress by the Live and Sleep brand is certified innovative! 

  • 10-Inch Cool Bed in A Box
  • CertiPur US-Certified
  • Premium Foam Pillow
  • Medium Firm Quality
  • Infused Pro-Visco Plus Technology
  • Flexi Thread Texture

Before anything else, it’d be worthy to note that this comfort mattress is made plush and innovated to reveal a contoured and tempered material. Meaning, it naturally boosts up its own foam memory performance. 

How useful is it? Well, unlike regular queen mattresses under 500, this item can support its spring action, breathability and/or air-flow. This particular feature by the queen mattress is considered by many users as an innovative achievement. 

Reviewers also praise its non-flip design. Despite this feature appearing commonplace in the ranking, it still manages to go outside the one-sided frame with a specialized mechanism: a highly supportive core. 

What then, entails a highly supportive core? With such core, you can expect a not-too-smooth, uncharacterized mattress weight. Meaning, it does not easily bury your weight down but instead supports you with a cloud-like counter-weight. And, that’s what we call “optimum support”. 

With that optimum support, it does not get your tossing and turning at night. It keeps your body still without trapping it. You can further thank its optimum breathability for that. 

By all means, the product is not technically perfect. It is not that flexible compared to its previous counterparts, especially when it comes to bed frame fitting. 

Its other drawback, unfortunately, deals with the awkwardness usually felt from its contour or the first time. The feeling gets better though, with getting used to. 


  • Contoured & Tempered Material
  • Innovative Design
  • Queen Mattress Comfort Standard
  • Improved Spring Action, Breathability & Air-Flow
  • Non-Flip Design
  • Highly Supportive Core
  • Low-Maintenance


  • Not All-Fitting
  • Awkward Feel of Contour Upon the First Experience

Why choose it?

  • This luxurious queen mattress is doubled in terms of comfort and stability, thanks to its innovative design.

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

best Ashley mattress on a budget

Another great one from best queen mattresses under 500 list. Measuring 59” W x 79” D x 12” H, this top queen mattress under 500 from the Ashley brand impresses with an unmistakable firmness that you won’t be waking up all night long!

  • 12-Inch Chime Express Memory Foam Quality
  • Firm Comfort Level
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Highly Durable
  • Bed in A Box

Added with wheels for easy transformation, the 12-inch queen mattress by Ashley is already, in itself, a light package! In addition to that, its dimensions of 59”W x 79” D X 12” H naturally fits queen-size bed frames. 

Heavily contoured with high-quality memory foam, it keeps the body afloat despite sudden movements. This experience is further enhanced by a springing heavenly response. As a result, users with back-pains most earnestly adore the mattress.

Reviewers and experts also praise the product for its extra-strong foundation. However, it would simply leave you to wonder how light it is. If I were to seal it with just one description– that would be light. 

Another adorable feature of the product is its ultra-firm hold. Anyway, mattresses of such core commands are not far-fetched from ultra-firm possibilities. But, what is really the firmness for? 

Well, ultra-firmness comes in handy when you have a large family. Added weights can be a problem with soft mattresses, but not with this type of mattress!

The mattress is so firm that even if you move it around while someone is asleep on it, that person won’t be woken. That’s just how stable and firm the queen mattress is!

On the contrary, this top mattress falls short on certain degrees too. Some of its drawbacks include some shipping problems and a breakable fiberglass bed. 


  • 12-Inch Mattress
  • Ultra-Light 
  • High-Quality Memory Foam
  • Extra-Strong Core/Foundation
  • Ultra-Firm Quality
  • Secures Peaceful & Quiet Sleep
  • Best Spring Response


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Breakable Fiberglass Bed

Why choose it?

  • This top queen mattress works for users who are into customizable bedding, having to transport mattresses regularly!

5. Sunrising Bedding 8” Natural Latex Queen Mattress

best cheap memory foam mattress

This top queen mattress by SR Red Sunrising Beddings is unique simply because its top layer is made from 100% pure latex! 

  • Naturally-Cooling
  • 120 Night Risk-Free Trial
  • 8-Inch Natural Latex Queen Mattress Quality
  • Non-Toxic & Organic
  • Individually Encased Pocket Spring Coil

So what’s in with the latex top layer? Experts and regular users acknowledge the power of latex to let go of long-term scents. Meaning, it consequently turns the mattress and the overall beddings smell-free and low-maintenance. 

Processed via Talalay Latex Technology laboratory, its top layer also adds breathability to the mattress. In the long run, it also weaves non-toxic turnabouts for both the environment and the user.

Going deeper, one actually beholds individually pocketed spring coils. What’s this for? The main advantage of such a feature deals with the mattress’s more stable response to sudden movements on the surface. Ultimately, it secures that high conformity to the body outline without actually smothering it. You can’t go wrong with this one of the best queen mattresses under 500.

Reviewers could only wish it stayed true to its manufacturers’ claims, though– particularly on such claims concerning least spring noise. Why there’s less spring noise, but not really the “least”. Regardless, this queen mattress secures peaceful sleep all night long. 

Other materials that make up the product include 100% cashmere wool, latex, and fiber. Most of its materials, having undergone safety tests like the Oeko-Tex standard, tend to be responsive to tears and wears. Thus, it should make the product overall durable!

Some of its drawbacks include an excessive firmness and tendency to feel lumpy with a topper. 


  • Latex Top Layer
  • Secures Non-Toxic & Environment-Friendly Turnabout
  • Individually-Pocketed Coil Springs
  • 100% Cashmere Wool, Latex & Fiber
  • Less Spring Noise
  • Compressed & Rolled in A Bag


  • Excessive Firmness
  • Tendency to Feel Lumpy with A Topper

Why choose it?

  • Made from pure latex, this top queen mattress by the SR Red Sunrising Beddings brand is truly a pleasure to experience!

6. Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

Made from 93% polyester and 7% spandex, this unique blue-accented queen mattress by the Olee Sleep brand champions as the coolest mattress on our list!

  • 10-Inch Gel-Infused Layer
  • Blue Accent
  • Cool & Neutral Feel
  • Spontaneously Expanding Upon First 72 Hours of Usage
  • High-Density Base Layer

Everybody agrees! Yes! It’s the coolest bed ever. Albeit being one, it doesn’t actually feel cold. That is because it’s got a temperature neutralizer embedded in its foam.

The polyester/spandex top layer material source of the product also plays a major role in setting it a cool reputation. And, since it’s made from high-quality, pure source materials, the queen mattress truly lives up to the hype!

Do you want to know what else is imbedded underneath? Why you’ve got a cooling gel-infused foam layer. Now, this particular feature, as experts rate, acts as the thermal source whenever the surrounding atmosphere gets cold and a cooling agent when the area gets humid. That is its balancing secret.

What about its claims over a high-density base layer? I’d personally rate it with 7/10. That’s still a pass. While it’s not as perfect as its claims, it surely ranks high experience-wise. 

Give these best queen mattresses under 500 for 10 or more years, and it will surely sustain. Of course, you’ll have to maintain it, though. How’s the maintenance then? Well, it’s not that high nor that low! All-in-all, it requires just the right maintenance effort. 

Note also that the mattress is still bound to expand in the next 72 hours. So, you would better give it room to grow. Anyway, that’s just 72 hours, and you’re good to go.

Some drawbacks of the product include a breakable and risky fiberglass bed and a low-capacity memory foam. 


  • Coolest Feel
  • High-Quality Polyester & Fiber
  • 10-Inch Cooling Gel-Infused Foam Layer
  • Spontaneous Expansion Capacity
  • Fine Spring Action
  • High-Density Base Layer


  • Breakable & Risky Fiberglass Bed
  • Low-Capacity Memory Foam

Why choose it?

  • This top queen mattress by Olee Sleep proves to be the coolest and most efficient temperature-neutralizing mattress on our list!

7. Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

affordable mattress, queen

A quilted queen mattress and easy entry into our best queen mattresses under 500 list, a genuine superstar, and ultimate support for even the toughest light-sleepers, this high-quality product from the Classic brand truly delivers!

  • 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam
  • 14-Inch Mattress w/ Bonus (2) Pillows
  • Premium Pressure Relieving Memory Foam
  • Medium Plush Feel
  • CertiPur US-Tested

When it comes to premium memory foam, nothing beats the optimum softness of this queen mattress. Built to relieve the body of pressure and stress, it is certified to provide the essential support needed for a good night’s rest.

While this may sound too much of a commercial slogan, it actually rings true to many satisfied customers. Experts were also quick to support that this quilted 14-inch mattress can lull even the toughest light-sleepers to an uninterrupted slumber. 

This product is also certified with full hypoallergenic quality. Meaning, it does not react with molds, bacteria and other toxins. In that same case too, the mattress appears to be low-maintenance. Practical users agree to it!

Now, its 9” high-density base foam, according to some reviewers, has much to improve. However, this does not mean to say that it does not fully impress. Why the high-density foam conforms to the body regardless of the weight and quantity. 

All these features further push the overall queen mattress to reach maximum breathability. Supplemented by its contoured sleep surface nevertheless, the fullness of the mattress keeps all light-sleepers in deep slumber. 

The only issues we have with the product is its lack of firmness (despite claims) and some shipping problems. 


  • Optimum Softness
  • 14-Inch Mattress Support
  • Certified Hypoallergenic
  • High-Density Base Foam
  • Maximum Breathability
  • Gel-Infused Ventilated Memory Foam


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Lack of Firmness

Why choose it?

  • This top quilted queen mattress works best for light-sleepers thanks to its optimum softness!

8. Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory Foam

lucid mattress

A quilted queen mattress, a genuine superstar, and an ultimate support for even the toughest light-sleepers, this high-quality product from the Classic brand truly delivers!

  • Top Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • Quilted Mattress Quality
  • Innerspring Hybrid 12” Mattress
  • Full White Color 
  • CertiPur-Approved

When it comes to premium memory foam, nothing beats the optimum softness of this best cheapest memory foam mattress. Built to relieve the body of pressure and stress, it is certified to provide the essential support needed for a good night’s rest.

While this may sound too much of a commercial slogan, it actually rings true to many satisfied customers. Experts were also quick to support that this quilted 14-inch mattress can lull even the toughest light-sleepers to an uninterrupted slumber. 

This product is also certified with full hypoallergenic quality. Meaning, it does not react with molds, bacteria and other toxins. In that same case too, the mattress appears to be low-maintenance. Practical users agree to it!

Now, its 9” high-density base foam, according to some reviewers, has much to improve. However, this does not mean to say that it does not fully impress. Why the high-density foam conforms to the body regardless of the weight and quantity. 

All these features further push the overall queen mattress to reach maximum breathability. Supplemented by its contoured sleep surface nevertheless, the fullness of the mattress keeps all light-sleepers in deep slumber. 

The only issues we have with the product is its lack of firmness (despite claims) and some shipping problems. 


  • Optimum Softness
  • 14-Inch Mattress Support
  • Certified Hypoallergenic
  • High-Density Base Foam
  • Maximum Breathability
  • Gel-Infused Ventilated Memory Foam


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Lack of Firmness

Why choose it?

  • This top quilted queen mattress works best for light-sleepers thanks to its optimum softness!

9. Olee Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

Another great queen mattress under 500 that’s best to lie down in and savor is Olee Sleep’s super-comfortable 13-inch Galaxy Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress!

  • Embedded Coolant; Temperature Neutralizer
  • Coated Spring Coils
  • Highly Durable
  • 5-Layered 13” Mattress Compact
  • Quilted Quality

Soft. Firm. Quilted. Yes. It’s almost identical to the mattresses we presented herein. However, it tends to be unique with its coated spring coil. What’s a coated spring and what makes it so special then?

Before we even begin talking about coated springs, let’s first understand its difference from pocketed coil spring. Thankfully, both setup conveniently stands on the concept of soft/quiet spring action. 

Obviously, a pocketed spring action deems to achieve the smoothest and quietest spring motion possible; a coated spring action, on the other hand, is not far-fetched in achieving such pleasure. The former’s only difference from the latter lies in subdued action. 

As a result, this lucid mattress produces the least water-bed-like waves possible in comparison to the pocketed spring coils. Consequently, many users prefer this adjusted mechanism over the other because it triggers the least chances of dizziness.

What about its pressure-relief feature? How well does it fare? The truth of the matter (as per general reviews) scores it with a 5 out of 10 stars. However, if you’d be wise enough to lower your expectations specifically of the pressure-relief feature, you will eventually be satisfied.

Albeit its low-performing pressure-relief feature, it’s always pulled back up by its ultra-firmness. Ultimately, its ultra-firmness enables it to support and conform to the body. Nevertheless, it still seems painless, deep slumber through the night. 

Other issues I have with the product include some shipping problems (despite claims) and some uneven top layer spots. These uneven spots can benefit brief ironing (medium heat) every once in a while. 


  • Coated Spring Coil
  • Quilted Mattress Quality
  • Super-Soft & Firm
  • 5-Layered Mattress
  • Exceptional Durability & Support
  • Light Package


  • Low-Performing Pressure-Relief Feature
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Uneven Top Layer Spots

Why choose it?

  • The comfort it offers is an understatement! It’s got so much to offer– temperature-stabilizer, support, firmness, conformity to body, etc.– that it literally piles up in mattress shops as one of the most popular items!

10. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress

Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

With an updated gel memory foam called BioFoam, a most popular memory foam configuration in the modern times, nothing could go horribly wrong with this topnotch queen mattress under 500 by the Zinus brand. And one of the top pick from our best queen mattresses under 500 list.

  • Ultima Comfort Memory Foam
  • 10-Inch Soft Queen Mattress
  • CertiPur US-Certified
  • Maximum Breathability
  • BioFoam Quality Standard

Complete frame to frame with all the necessary ingredients (5-inch high-density base support, 2-inch pressure-relieving comfort foam layer, CertiPur US-certified reputation, etc.) to a heaven-inducing experience, this top queen mattress by the Zinus brand easily earns general users’ trust. 

Just as when things get all too familiar with foams, a new foam design comes into shape. BioFoam. An openly and advertently promoted environmentally-friendly movement, the BioFoam design tends to be bigger than its name. 

The BioFoam not only protects the environment by utilizing plant-based materials over the typical petroleum variants but also protects the user from exposure to unpredictable toxins in bed.

By all means, the BioFoam design tends to be 10x softer, more responsive, and firmer than regular foam designs. Mechanically adjusted from its insides to accommodate maximum breathability, this type of foam requires years and decades to wear out. 

Not to be overshadowed by its foam design/type, its neat and light Viscolatex-wrapped top layer foam package also gets sufficient attention from buyers. If only the mattress is versatile enough to fit the northern queen size bed frame standard. Too bad it does not!

Other drawbacks of the product include hazardous fibre-sharded mattress cover (I suggest you get rid of it upon receipt of delivery) and a weird plastic smell. 


  • 5-Inch High-Density Base Support
  • 2-Inch Pressure-Relieving Comfort Foam Layer
  • BioFoam Quality Standard
  • Maximum Breathability
  • Highly Durable
  • Viscolatex-Wrapped Top Layer Package


  • Failure to Fit Northern Queen Size Standard Bed Frame Standard
  • Hazardous Fiber-Sharded Mattress Cover
  • Weird Plastic Smell

Why choose it?

  • If you are more concerned about an environmentally-redeeming mattress comfort, then you will be delighted by this affordable mattress queen by the Zinus brand.

11. Signature Design by Ashley – 12 Inch Chime

affordable mattress, queen

A bed in a box, this queen mattress from the Ashley brand is exactly everything you will find from any luxury mattress!

  • 12-Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring
  • Quilted Bed-in-a-Box Mattress
  • Easily-Rolled & Unrolled
  • Fire-Retardant Fiber Polyester
  • Ultra-Plush Fabric Quality

Truly a queen, but not just a mattress. This top-notch product by Ashley is also an experience. Since it comes with a box, moving it around is no longer time-consuming. As a bed in a box, it truly delivers as expected of it– ultra-plush, super-soft, firm, and supporting! 

Albeit some users doubting its quilted hybrid quality, the brand still made it among the top ranks. Personally, I find it’s quilted layers sufficient. Perhaps, I can give it a 6/10. Still, it was not as impressive as its manufacturers claim it to be. 

This 60-inch queen-size bears W x 79.5 inches D x 12 inches H dimensions, making it a perfect fit for all queen size bed frame variants. Yes! You heard it right. All the variants including Northern and Southern valley, and even the California Queen!

Despite claims, the product is not entirely low-maintenance. From the looks of it, it easily absorbs animal danders, particularly the finer ones. Failure to clean the mattress at least once a month results in an unlikely accumulation of animal danders. 

But wait–we’re not only talking about animal danders here. There also lies dust, pollen, mites. True, it’s an easy clean. Still, the idea that it quickly absorbing things still bugs me!

Other outstanding issues with the product deal with the dust-absorbing top layer, flimsy spring coils, and some shipping problems. 


  • Bed in a Box Feature
  • Ultra-Plush, Super-Soft, Firm & Supporting
  • 12-Inch Quilted Hybrid Mattress
  • Queen Size Bed Frame Fitting
  • W x 79.5 inches D x 12 inches H Dimensions
  • Low-Maintenance Mattress


  • Dust-Absorbing Top Layer
  • Flimsy Spring Coils
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • If you prefer an easily-transportable, yet solidly-firm queen mattress under 500, you’ll experience with this best 500.00 mattress.

12. TUFT & NEEDLE Full Mattress | Bed in a Box |

best mattress for the money

A list of best queen mattresses under 500 won’t be fulfilled without this one. Marked with an intensified pressure-relief mattress feature, this queen mattress under 500 by Tuft & Needle is all you need when you’re looking for floating comfort. 

  • Bed in A Box
  • T & N Adaptive Foam Standard
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial
  • Intensified Pressure Relief Support
  • Non-Toxic; Hypoallergenic

Users couldn’t help it. This high-quality mattress simply suspends all doubts. And yet, it’s a work in progress! Who says it’s perfect? Regardless, it’s a dreamy mattress. Materialized by a high-grade foam, considered adaptive under the CertiPur US standard, it champions with an added pressure-relief support.

Reviewers even state that its adaptive foam nevertheless succeeds as coolant a pad. And, despite some experts not agreeing, the claim still proves true to an 80% degree. All-in-all, testimonies about the queen mattress is that it doesn’t feel anything at all. 

If we were to look closely into its internal mechanisms, we would be more impressed by its thick layers, hypoallergenic coating, a fully-expanding body, and a high-grade latex memory foam. All other characteristics present in the product prove to be solely distinct to T & N-branded items. 

Some are doubtful over its bed box quality due to the weak placement of its frame. Given this condition, I believe it’s hard to fit the product to any other bed sizes outside the main queen size variant. 

Above everything else, what I am certain about it is that it’s a continuously-improving and evolving creation. And, that’s what makes it most interesting, notwithstanding that it provides the user a heaven-like floating experience. 

Some drawbacks of the product include a limited bed frame fit (despite claims), weak bed frame placement,  some shipping problems, and a weird plastic smell. 


  • Dreamy Quality
  • Adaptive Foam Memory; Coolant Foam
  • Ultra-Plush & Thick Coat
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fully-Expanding Foam


  • Limited Bed Frame Fit
  • Weak Bed Frame Placement
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Weird Plastic Scent

Why choose it?

  • The simplest definition of this simple queen mattress is utter “dreaminess”; it highly benefits light sleepers.

13. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

Above the comfort it provides, this impressive queen mattress under 500 by the Zinus brand kisses body pains goodbye!

  • 12-Inch Memory Foam
  • Certipur US-Certified
  • Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic
  • Easy Installation & Rollout
  • High-Density Base Support Foam

The brand has spoken! Users were instantly delighted. And, like most Zinus products, this product in question bears the toughest memory foam standard possible. 

Alongside that, it builds a reputation for its impressive knitted jacquard, 2-inch comfort foam, 3-inch memory foam, 3.5-inch airflow high-density foam quality, 60 X 80 X 12 inches dimensions, and overall ultra-plush quality, and a lot more.

It may seem questionable when it comes to its Green Tea shade since according to uptight buyers, particularly those who have keen eyes for colors, the sensationalized shade isn’t that convincing at all. 

Reviewers also praise the product for its non-toxic, hypoallergenic plant-based source material. This only further entails that it’s non-reactant and easy to maintain. 

But the most impressive feature of the product, so far, is its specialized pressure-relief support. Such support provides an added conformity to the body. According to experts, this can be therapeutic to people with body pains. 

While it isn’t as light as its manufacturers claim of it, it does prove to be an easy assembly mattress. Mattresses of this type work best for people who are always on the move. 

The main disadvantages of the product include a low-quality green tea shade feature (despite claims), breakable zippers, a musty smell, and a fiberglass-sharded top cover.


  • Impressively Knitted Jacquard
  • 3.5-Inch Airflow High-Density Foam Quality
  • 60 X 80 X 12 Inches Dimensions
  • Ultra-Plush Quality
  • Specialized Pressure-Relief Support


  • Low-Quality Green Tea Shade
  • Breakable Zippers
  • Musty Smell
  • Fiberglass-Sharded Top Cover

Why choose it?

  • This updated version of the Zinus mattress model levels up especially in its pressure-relief technology. Nevertheless, it also works best for users who are always on the move. More so, it succeeds within the standards of the Best Queen Mattresses Under 500.

14. Zinus Responsive Memory Foam 10 Inch

Zinus Responsive Best queen mattress under 500

Like the masterpieces before it, this top queen mattress by Zinus doubles up its pressure-relief support and memory foam performance. 

  • Universal Comfort Standard
  • Plant-Based Foam Quality
  • CertiPur US-Certified
  • Fully Expanding Mattress
  • Highly Responsive Memory Foam

Not only is it comfortable, but this best mattress under $350 also smells good. Relaxing. That’s how both users and experts declare their reputation. Of course, this is played out by numerous other factors namely, a plant-based/herbal-infused foam, 2-inch Viscolatex responsive foam, etc. 

Why is equally suffers a number of drawbacks, but here’s the thing about its manufacturers– they continue redesigning it to utilize it to its full form. In a sense, manufacturers are really pushing for a body-supporting, and even conforming mattress quality. 

Fortunately, it hit all the standards! From its pressure-relief support technology and an improved, more responsive memory foam, one can really say it’s gone through deconstructions to get to its current point, deserving it a luxurious tag. 

So, what’s with the responsive memory foam. Talking about the technicalities of the feature proves most complex. Thus, I prefer to analyze it visually. Here’s how you can best see it: while it supports the body, by conforming evenly, it also stabilizes the surface for a dreamy balance.

Firmness is the product’s tag. Anyone can instantly see and feel its firmness at a distance. That is because it’s strongly supported underneath by both pocketed and coated spring coils. 

The product is also noted to be light, easy to maintain and quick to unroll. These, among many others, tag it as a highly mobile queen mattress!

Some drawbacks of the product include a lack of foam ventilation, some shipping problems, limited bed frame fits, and some fiberglass shards in its top layer. 


  • Plant-Based Foam Quality
  • 2-Inch Viscolatex Responsive Foam
  • Increased Pressure-Relief Technology
  • New & Improved Memory Foam Performance
  • Firm & Plus


  • Lack of Foam Ventilation
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Limited Bed Frame Fits
  • Some Fiberglass Shards in its Top Layer

Why choose it?

  • This latest Zinus queen mattress rules the rank with added pressure-relief technology and a more responsive memory foam.

15. Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

This top queen mattress under 500 from the Signature Sleep brand rules with the safest reputation ever! Last but surely not the least from our list of best queen mattresses under 500.

  • 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress
  • Ultra-Light & Firm
  • High Base Density
  • Imported Materials
  • TDCPP, PBDE & TCEP-Approved

Fire. Drips. Mold buildup. All these cannot stand against the product’s TDCPP, PBDE, and TCEP-approved standards! It’s as if the foams are built to resist any weathering conditions. 

Its foams, despite the overt lack of comfortability, compensate as a low-VOC-emission quality. Meaning, it does not interfere with airflow from outside. Instead, it ups its game of molding the body to its right form when sleeping. 

While it can be too hard/firm at times, it sure does sustains with 4-inch layer memory foam. Shaping it up is a group of pocket spring coils that remain intact despite spontaneous movement. 

By all means, thanks to its unquestionable firmness, the queen mattress no longer has to undulate, dizzying up users in the process. Fortunately, it’s intact springs also stabilizes and levels the body for the whole duration of the sleep.

The products’ fabric cover is significantly distinct. Even the high-end mattresses we mentioned earlier on this list, could not match the 100% safety of this product- from its cover, down to its innermost springs. 

Safe. Hypoallergenic. Non-toxic. This queen mattress defies all criteria with its ultra-light and safe foam reputation. 

Some drawbacks of the product include flimsy top layer spots, a lack of ventilation, limited fits, some shipping problems, and an easily-torn fabric cover. 


  • TDCPP, PBDE & TCEP-Approved
  • Highly Durable; Ultra-Firm
  • Low VOC-Emission Quality
  • Highly Safe 
  • Body-Molding Memory Foam


  • Flimsy Top Layer Spots
  • Lack of Ventilation
  • Limited Fits
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Easily-Torn Fabric Cover

Why choose it?

  • This top queen mattress proves to be the safest mattress on the

Still, didn’t get it? Here, take a quick relaxing tour into our professional buying guide for choosing the best queen mattresses under 500 list.

Best Queen Mattresses Under 500

Professional Buying Guide for the Best Queen Mattresses!

An expensive mattress does not necessarily mean that it is luxurious. You might be surprised to know that some of the great queen mattresses are even under 500 dollars or below. And, they’re what wise buyers call the best mattresses for the money!

Luxury queen mattresses have always become the subject of several stereotypes. And, the most common of these stereotypes is the idea that they had to be luxurious expensive. 

Before everything else, you ought to be a wise buyer. As a wise buyer, you should easily separate the expense from quality. I am not saying that the best mattresses are not expensive. Of course, they are. However, there’s an apex point to what we think is “expensive”. 

Whenever we talk about queen mattresses, a 500 dollar-above rate proves to be too expensive. No, it’s not luxurious. It’s just fancy. We don’t want to end up with fancy. As much as mattress comfort is concerned, practical priorities have had to take the reins. 

So, what am I really trying to say? My point is, there’s a thin line that separates luxury from fancy. This is most especially true when we’re talking about queen mattresses. 

Still, didn’t get it? Here, take a quick relaxing tour into our professional buying guide for choosing the best queen mattresses under 500 :

  • Indentation Load Deflection

When choosing for the best queen mattress firmness to purchase, look into its indentation load deflection (ILD). 

But here’s the thing, ILD measurements are not usually presented, not even in reviews, because these are highly technical details. Now that you know the trick, determine the queen mattress’ ILD from any direct customer service representative. 

The trick about firmness is that it’s what it actually is based on how you feel about it. However, according to experts, firmness quality is more complex than soft, medium and highly-firm. Several factors at handstand to be considered. 

Among these factors include the measurement of the memory foam at hand, the overall dimensions of the mattress, etc. These calculations prove complex especially if you’re not an expert in the science of mattress selection. So, it would be best to go look for customer assistance.

Initially, the higher the ILD level is, the more firm the foam. However, these data could change depending on the contributing factors surrounding the queen mattress. 

  • Back/Stomach/Side Sleeping Quality

When you’re at odds over which queen mattress to purchase, are you a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a side sleeper?

Whenever you feel lost over your shopping spree– these main considerations will definitely save you! Trust me. 

Knowing your preferred sleeping position also offers you other overlapping qualities. It is sort of like hitting two birds with one stone. Sleeping positions determine the propensity for the mattress to provide high pressure-relief support. 

Add in also the mattress’ capacity to either conform to or mold your body. As you ask yourself the three basic questions, you are unconsciously touching into these standards, too. 

Keep in mind: Do not ever go for something that is too firm, or you’ll end up with unnecessary body pains and pressure. However, you also cannot instantly go lie down on an overly-soft mattress as it could trigger motion discomfort in you. 

For the final trick: If you are a stomach sleeper, go for a firm or medium-firm queen mattress. But if you happen to be a back sleeper, go for a soft or medium-firm mattress. Now, if you happen to be a side sleeper, you can go for either medium, soft or firm.

In the end, even with these configurations, the decision always lies with you. Take note that the business of selecting mattress comfort is pure of personal interest.

Best Queen Mattresses

Types of Foam

If is highly important to consider the queen mattress’ comfort & foam types before finally buying it. 

Here are common foam types of the mattress online under $500 (meaning, you can order online):

  • Convoluted Foam

Considered to be one of the most common/basic foam types, the convoluted foam is easy, simplistic, inexpensive and light. 

One can easily identify it through its close semblance with the egg tray. Such an egg tray-like design is made to fulfill a purpose: spine alignment and overall body support. 

Another reason why it’s designed the way it looks is that queen mattresses with such foam are meant for easy/quick/fast-folding. However, under certain circumstances, this type of foam can detrimental to the maintenance of the mattress. 

  • Polyfoam

The polyfoam is an affordable temporary template. Buying the polyfoam means that you have considered replacing it with a new set in the long run. 

Again, it is short-lived and temporary. And, if you’re looking for a foam that lasts long, you’ll be disappointed by this. 

The polyfoam is a series of foam sheets merged together. It is usually ultra-soft so that it can potentially wear off some time in the future.

The polyfoam is usually preferred for its propensity for promoting proper body posture, spine alignment, and pressure relief. 

  • Memory Foam

While it tends to be the most expensive among these foam types, it can still be purchased for a reasonable price. 

The best cheap memory foam for mattresses, above everything else, is about comfort. Responsible for providing the dreamy, floating and sunk-in mattress feel, the memory foam attracts buyers for the fun of it all. 

The problem with the memory foam is that it tends to heat up especially during humid seasons. In response, manufacturers have had come up with a few updates over the years like memory foam infused gel, high-density base, and other coolant elements. 

Try also inquiring for traditional gel-infused memory foam. That should do it. 

  • Latex Foam

Also affordable, the latex is the only durable foam type from all four. This is because latex foams are manufactured using organic or plant-based materials. 

Latex foams are also usually health-safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Built to last long, the latex foam gets cooler in years. You can thank its stretched molecular configuration for that. 

Because of that factor too, it emerges with the most successful heat-distribution technology over the other three.

What is a Queen Size Mattress

Well, to say it simply, a queen size mattress (usually falls in between a king-size mattress and a full-size mattress) is, of course, a mattress. But “what kind of mattress” should be the next best question to follow this. To answer that, let us keep in mind the specific concepts of dimension. 

By all means, dimension variate these mattresses altogether. And, the manufacturer’s choice of dimension is highly driven by comfort preferences among buyers. 

Certain factors distinguish a queen size mattress from other mattresses. For one, an average queen size mattress is expected to measure approximately 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. 

Some mattresses go even bigger with a 90-inch length and a 70-inch width. Now, the depths of this mattress vary greatly too. In general, depths usually begin with an 8 toward a 16-inch configuration.

What are the Types of a Queen Size Mattress?

Despite its singular tone, a queen mattress can deepen with its categories. Countless variations of the best queen mattresses under 500 continuously grace the industry on a yearly basis. 

It is most difficult to choose your preferred queen size mattress, let alone the best queen size mattress when you are not aware of its subtle differences in size and overall dimensions.

To better guide you, we have prepared specific categorizations of the queen size mattress based on its two main design– standard and non-standard. 

Standard Queen Size Mattresses:

  • Split Queen Mattress

As suggested by its title, a split queen mattress is merged two different mattresses, the one measuring 80 inches and the other measuring 30 inches. 

  • California Queen Mattress

This type of mattress is designed to be longer than usual, approximately 85-90 inches. Obviously, it works best for people with longer legs or anyone who prefers a spacier leg portion. 

  • Expanded-Size Queen Mattress

As its title suggests, the expanded or Olympic queen size mattress is wider than usual. In most cases, an expanded queen size mattress would measure 66 inches wide, and 80+ inches long. This type of queen size mattress satisfies more than 2-3 persons crowding in. 

Non-Standard Queen Size Mattresses:

  • Foam Queen Mattress

This type of queen size mattress proves to be topnotch in providing sleeping comfort and support. It also promotes proper bone alignment and body posture. 

Its potential is best maximized with some added features like gel, memory, latex, and basic foams. 

  • Hybrid Queen Mattress

This type of mattress combines the innerspring mattress and foam queen mattress characteristics. 

It is also characterized by a solid pocketed spring coil foundation, a strong top foam layer quality, and a ventilated inner mattress configuration. 

  • Innerspring Queen Mattress

This type of mattress is identified through its famous “mattress tops”. These are added layers on top of the main foam layer aimed to soften the top surface even more.

10 Benefits of A Queen Size Mattress

Certainly, before you even walk out of your house to decide to buy a queen size mattress, you must have already thought of its advantages. Some decide all of a sudden to buy one if they behold a beautiful, comfortable-looking queen mattress in their path. 

Yes. You heard it right. The Best Queen Mattresses Under 500 are indeed very important. However, not everyone is aware of how important it is. And, important here means a “matter-of-permanently-damaged-body-posture important. 

Still can’t fit it in? We’ve prepared the top 10 benefits of a queen size mattress for your future reference :

  1. It provides comfort in sleeping. 
  2. It secures more room for other bodies to smooch in. 
  3. It supports, corrects and improves body posture. 
  4. It supports, corrects and improves spinal alignment.
  5. It enables you to save space in your room. 
  6. It enriches your sleeping pattern. 
  7. It guarantees undisturbed sleep. 
  8. It keeps you from snoring. 
  9. It distributes foam heat. 
  10. It warms your body when needed.

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How regular should I change my mattress and box spring?

The best pattern for replacing your mattress and box spring is every 8 years or so.

Which type of mattress should I use for my back pain?

The best type of mattress to use for back pain is the foam queen mattress.

Is a queen bed big enough for a couple?

Yes. It can even accommodate more.

Which is better to sleep on: a hard or soft mattress?

It depends on your preference for sleeping position. If you are a stomach sleeper, go for a firm or medium-firm queen mattress. But if you happen to be a back sleeper, go for a soft or medium-firm mattress. Now, if you happen to be a side sleeper, you can go for either medium, soft or firm.

Do “mattress toppers” help treat/ease back pain?

The mattress topper, provided that it’s gel-infused, should help in easing/treating/relieving your back pain.

How can I determine if my mattress is causing my back pain?

Compare between mattresses. If yours tend to be too soft, then you’re bound to suffer back pain due to the spine falling out of alignment.


As far as our comprehensive review of the best queen mattresses under 500, we were able to rank Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress as both our ‘Top Pick” and “Premium Pick” and the Olee Sleep 10 inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen) as the “Best Value”

Our list of the best mattresses reveals the best and luxurious, but not necessarily expensive and fancy products in the market this year. More so, it also informs us about important technical details in choosing the product, specifically in its Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). 

The article also further presents equally useful tips and tricks in producing the best mattress-foam combinations– standard, non-standard and more variated queen size mattress forms.

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