10 Best Power Inverter for Home

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  1. Energizer 2000 watts
  2. BESTEK 2000
  3. Erayak 1500 watts
Best Power Inverter for Home

You might already be using power inverters for camping and hiking. You can simply connect it to your car’s engine and power up your phones, laptops, or other electronic devices. Quite convenient right?

You can also enjoy the same uninterrupted power for your homes. Power inverters for home also come in different sizes and can power different appliances and electronics.

How to know which is the best brand? Keep reading to our list for the best power inverters for home so you can enjoy uninterrupted access to electricity all the time. 

Here is the List of 10 Best Power Inverter for Home:

  1. Energizer 2000 watts
  2. BESTEK 2000
  3. Erayak 1500 watts
  4. Hiatral 3000 watts
  5. Krieger 1110 watts
  6. Sunforce 11240
  7. Potek 300 watts
  8. Xantrex 806
  9. Bestek 300 watt
  10. Stanley 500 watts

Top 10 Picks for the Best Power Inverter for Home (A Product Review)

These units can power your small electronics up to the larger ones. And who when power is a priority, we also consider the brands that are reliable and rated safe to use.

1. Energizer 2000 watts– Best for Small Appliances

This Energizer inverter can provide 2000 watts of continuous power to small appliances such as microwaves, TV, fans, and other electronic devices. 

It’s very convenient and handy. You can directly connect it to your car’s battery as well. It also has convenient features such as the LCD. It’s very useful as it can show you the following:

-temperature shutdown

-warning indicator for low, high and low voltage, and voltage overload

-input voltage display

-output wattage

– battery level

Furthermore, it looks well built and performs as advertised. And there aren’t any circuit nannies or any popping sound, this inverter operates quietly. You’ll also love how the product came with manufacturer support and a two-year warranty. So you’re sure your purchase is protected, hence you’re making the most out of your money.


  • 2 standard AC outlets
  • LCD display
  • Operates quietly
  • Well built and solid
  • 400 watts peak power


  • Comes with 3 ft battery cables
  • Provides continuous power 
  • Easy to install
  • Operates quietly
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Not for large appliance

Why you should buy this inverter

It’s a quiet and powerful inverter that can provide continuous power to your small appliances.

2. BESTEK 2000– Best for Outdoor Use

The Bestek 200 watts is a workhorse. It can be used to charge large appliances and fit for outdoor use. You can charge even the most demanding appliances. And the bulk and large design tell a lot of how heavy duty it is.

It’s housed in high-quality aluminum material. Therefore, you can expect it to be durable and has a better cooling efficiency. It’s a bit heavy and large but you can still bring it for your travels. It comes with a carry handle at the top, so you can conveniently pick it up and store it in your truck or car.  

It has a lot of safety features that you can connect 3 appliances at a time without overheating. And if ever there’s a risk of overheating, it will sound off an audio alert.

But you’d have less worry on that part since efficient cooling fans are running continuously.


  • 3 America outlets
  • Battery connecting cables
  • 5 50 amp fuses
  • Cooling fans


  • Heavy duty
  • 18-month warranty
  • Has safety features
  • Has a carry handle on top
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Ideal for outdoor use


  • No USB ports

Why you should buy this inverter

The Bestek 200 may not be light, but with all its specs and features, it’s perfect for travels and outdoor use too. 

3. Erayak 1500 watts– Best For Emergencies

The Erayak 1500 is one complete inverter that’s multipurpose and convenient. It’s a heavy-duty unit that is housed inside a heavy grade alloy material. The unit is compact and lightweight too, so it’s quite portable.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy the safety features so you can charge your electronics without any worries. It has a cooling fan that runs indefinitely. So there are no or fewer chances of overheating. And two, it has short circuit protection, which you won’t usually find in regular brands. 

it has an impressive build, the design is very easy to carry. So it’s also perfect to bring for your camping trips. Because you never know when emergencies could arise. And you’ll also love how you can safely use it for long hours. Overall, it’s a reliable inverter that’s easy to use, therefore the most suitable for emergencies


  • 3 American plugs
  • 2 USB ports
  • The peak of 3000 watts
  • 1500 watts sine wave inverter
  • 6 30 amp fuses


  • 30 days return or refund policy
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Fast to connect
  • Great customer service
  • Portable and compact
  • Has safety features


  • A bit noisy

Why you should buy this inverter

It’s very easy to set and can provide constant power. Hence it’s perfect for emergencies.

4. Hiatral 3000 watts– Best Power Inverter for Home for Large Electronics

If you’re looking for an inverter that can power your larger electron inc, look no further. With a continuous supply of 3000 watts, the Hiatral is a reliable unit for your larger appliance. It’s such a workhorse that it can also provide fuel for power tools.

It’s housed inside an aluminum shell. And albeit its prowess, it’s light and easy to carry. So it’s quite portable too. Furthermore, it had some pretty useful safety features. And If there is a risk of overloading, the unit will automatically stop. So this will protect both the unit and your appliances. 

But do not take that since it’s a modified sine inverter, it won’t work on inductive units such as motor and sensitive medical equipment.


  • 6000 watts peak power
  • 2 car battery cables
  • Modified sine wave inverter
  • 3 cooling fans


  • Has anti-reverse protection
  • Impressive power
  • Has overload protection feature
  • Suitable for large appliances


  •  Not designed for r DC 24V use

Why you should buy this power inverter

It’s suitable to power your home during typhoons and hurricanes.

5. Krieger 1110 watts– Best Compact Power Inverter For Home

This Krieger inverter is almost all in one inverter for your home. It’s one of the smallest yet powerful inverters that’s available in the market right now. It may be one of the smallest, but it can power large appliances such as a laptop faster than a larger power converter.

Furthermore, it’s durable. It’s housed inside a heavy-duty aluminum casing that’ll protect it from damage and corrosion. Another feature that you’ll love is how convenient the LCD is. It can show you the input voltage, battery level, short circuit, overload, temperature, and outage voltage. And with its design, it won’t overheat. It has a smart cooling fan that can adjust to the temperature. 

In addition, this small and compact inverter can charge appliances with large surge loads. This tiny inverter has a lot going for it. It also includes battery cables that have sufficient length and are of durable construction too.


  • 1110 watts
  • 2 standard 12 V outlets
  • 2200 watts peak power


  • Comes with a 3-year warranty 
  • Durable
  • Comes with 3 battery cables
  • Small and compact


  • Not compatible with some devices

Why you should buy this power inverter for home

It’s a compact and fast charging inverter that can also be used for travels.

6. Sunforce 11240– Best Traditional Power Inverter for Home

The Sunforce inverter has a traditional and simple design. But you’ll love that it includes a remote controller. So it’s easy to turn it on or off whenever you need to.

The Sunforce 11240 has a substantial weight. Not too light nor too heavy at 12 lbs. But what makes it convenient is its remote control. So you can easily access the inverter even in the dark. Moreover, it operates quietly. 

In addition, the Sunforce 11240 is reliable and can charge fast, if you don’t mind the substantial weight and the traditional design, it’s a great buy.


  • Needs 12-volt battery
  • Comes with a remote controller


  • Low interference
  • Operates quietly
  • Easy to install
  • Fan works well
  • Easy to access with a remote control


  • Some may find it heavy

Why you should buy this inverter

It’s a traditional inverter that’s reliable and operates quietly.

7. Potek 300 watts– Best Versatile Power Inverter for Home

The Potek inverter is a compact and ideal inverter to jumpstart your car. It can quickly push your car’s battery to normal functioning. And you can also power up your small appliances.

You can also charge it in two ways. One by the AC adapter. And two, using the DC ports, to charge it with your car’s battery.

In addition, it has a LED indicator that changes lights to let you know of its current beauty condition- yellow light for fully charged, amber means it’s ready to use, and red means you need to charge it ASAP.

Another feature that you’ll love is that the batteries stay charged for a long time. Though you have to pre-charge it for 24 hours before use. Otherwise, it can damage the batteries. 


  • 1500 watts peak power
  • Comes with a tire inflator
  • Small and compact
  • Comes with aH lead battery
  • 2 AC charging ports and a USB port


  • Can jumpstart car quickly
  •  Can be charged in 2 ways
  • LED indicator
  • Can power a lot of appliances


  • Must be charged 2 hours before use

Why you should buy this inverter

It’s a multipurpose inverter that can power a lot of appliances and it works best for cars too. 

8. Xantrex 806-1210– Best Light Duty Power Inverter for Home

The Xantrex offers a lot of protection features such as low voltage shutdown, low voltage alarm, overload protection, overload shutdown, and low voltage alarm.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a thermostatic fan. While it’s not the quietest, it is working efficiently. You may also use it with a remote control, but you have to purchase it separately. And the downside of the remote is that it’s not is not attachable to a keyring Instead, it should be mounted on the walls, so even if it’s a small and compact inverter it’s best used inside the homes only

It also comes with a battery cable that’s quite heavy duty and thick.


  • USB port
  • Comes oath a 25 ft cable
  • Ethernet support
  • DC orts and output power
  • Digital display
  • 900 watts


  • 2-year warranty
  • Has a lot of protection features
  • Heavy-duty terminals


  • The switch needs to be bought separately

Why you should buy this inverter

If you’re looking for a light-duty inverter that you can mount into your home, it’s a good choice.

9. Bestek 300 watt– Best Affordable Power Inverter for Home

Bestek 300 is the most affordable choice on our list. It’s a small and compact inverter so it can easily fit in any vehicle. It’s also perfect to bring along for camping.

Moreover, it has unique fans that quickly dissipates the heat, so there’s less chance of overheating. The allium alloy housing also offers additional protection for the unit. 

It also has a solid build. And it’s practice for appliances that are used to shifting power supplies such as laptops, phones, and chargers. However, it may not perform well with appliances that are sensitive to the quality of power that they are getting, such as medical devices.


  • 2 110 AC outlets
  • 700 watts peak power
  • With 540 amps fuse


  • Has dual USB charging points
  • Equipped with unique fans for protection against overheating
  • Operates quietly
  • Strong metal housing
  • Small and compact
  • Affordable


  • May not work with other appliances such as medical devices

Why you should buy this inverter

It’s the most affordable yet decent inverter on our list.

10. Stanley 500 watts– Best Multipurpose Power Inverter for Home

The Stanley 500 watt home inverter is one multipurpose tool. It can be used to quickly jumpstart your car, a digital air compressor, and to charge your small appliances.

It can quickly inflate deflated tires and can also provide USB charging. So it’s very convenient to bring along for your travels. It can save you from a lot of hassle during power interruptions since it’s also pretty simple to use. 

The common complaint users have with this unit is that it only sits flat. So you can’t position it in any other way. And because it had a substantial weight, some users find it a bit heavy. And it’s also advisable to charge it fully before use. 

In addition, you have the convenience of an LCD that would signal you when the unit needs recharging. 


  • 1400 peak watts
  • 120 psi compressor
  • LED and LCD screen
  • USB
  • Port
  • 120 V AC outlet


  • Has air compressor
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Can jumpstart car quickly
  • Has indicator light


  • Can only be positioned in one way

Why you should buy this power inverter

It’s a multipurpose inverter that’s ideal for home use and traveling. You can jumpstart your car and it has USB ports where you can charge your phone and laptops.

What Size Inverter Do I need?

How do you know what size or inverter to use? Here’s our simple guide.

  1. Determine the watts of the appliance. It’s usually found on the appliance itself.
  2. If it’s indicated you can compute for the wattage.

Formula: volts x amps = wattage

  1. Determine if you can charge two appliances at the same time. By adding up their total watts. You have to add 50 percent more in cases of power surges.
  2. If the appliance is motor-driven, you have to add up 2-3 times the normal wattage.

What is a Power Inverter?

Power inverters can change your vehicle’s direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

AC is the kind of electricity that flows into your homes. This is what runs all your electronics and appliances at home.

So it means that you can use your car to fuel up your electric stove or your gadgets, and this is pretty much convenient whenever you’re traveling or camping. 

Nowadays, power inverters aren’t just limited to outdoor use. You can also use these to power up your appliances in case of a blackout or energy interference such as typhoons and hurricanes. 

Pure vs Modified Sine Wave

There are two main types of an inverters-pure sine wave and modified sine wave

  1. Pure sine wave– pure sine wave inverters are more multipurpose and versatile. It can power almost all types of appliances. And it’s also suitable for larger electronics since it can supply power much like the type of electricity the grid gives.
  2. Modified sine wave– modified sine waves have some limitations. They are suited for smaller appliances and may not be sufficient for larger ones. They’re still good for everyday electronics.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Power Inverters

Inverters have different sizes and are suitable for different applications. So before you buy one, there are some factors that you have to consider.

1. The type of inverter

Pure sine waves can power almost any appliance while semi pure sine waves are for smaller electronics only.

2. Applications

Some inverters can be versatile and multipurpose. Some are only intended for single applications. So ensure what you’re using the inverter to get the right buy

  • Heavy-duty inverted- for trucks, and RVs
  • Compact and lightweight- cars, minivans, and SUVs
  • Medical grade inverters- ambulances
  • Inverter chargers-homes and remote worksites.

3. Determine the size of the inverter

You can do this by computing the total watts of the appliances that you will use the inverter for. We have a specific section of that in our article.

4. In and output voltage

You have to buy the inverter that will reach the output of the device you’re attaching into.

Safety Tips When Using Power Inverters

Safety Tips When Using Power Inverters

The best brands on our list are equipped with safety features. But here are some things to consider when using one.

  1. Power inverters must be used with a battery that’s in good condition and fully charged. 
  2. When using a power inverter continuously with an engine that’s stationary make sure to run it at least once an hour for 10-15 minutes. This will prevent the battery from discharging. But open the garage first to let the carbon monoxide out.
  3. The inverter should be properly ventilated when in use.
  4. Use a power inverter that is sufficient enough for the device that you’re going to run.
  5. Always check the manual first before using the inverter. It will help you determine how long the cables should be and what devices you can use the inverter for. 
  6. Always follow all safety precautions in the manufacturer manual. Never skip a page. 


How many hours can an inverter last?

That would depend on what you’re going to connect it to. 

What inverter can run my ref?

You need an inverter with at least 2500 to 3000 watts.

Where should I store my inverter?

It should be stored away from the sunlight. So you should place it in a shaded spot and a cool garage will be the best place.

Can I keep an inverter in the bedroom?

Inverters are not advisable to be kept in the bedroom. It may emit hydrogen fumes. Though it’s still in safe limits, it’s better to keep your inverters in the garage or a shaded area in the balcony. 


Do you need a power inverter? Power inverters are very handy when it comes to emergencies and sudden blackouts. It’s also perfect for traveling and camping. So yes. If you want to enjoy the convenience of having access to power despite interferences, you will need the best inverter for homes.

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