10 Best Pop Up Canopies

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Best Pop Up Canopies

Are you having a party outdoors and then it got too hot? Are you planning to have a picnic in the field when it begins to rain? Things like this can bring your day down. That’s true. 

But that does not mean that it should happen, especially when you can avoid it. If only there’s a bigger umbrella we could pull out from our bags or perhaps, a collapsible gazebo. 

Why, there is. Yes. There is. Consider your problem solved for we have reviewed the top 10 best pop up canopies in 2020! 

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Eurmax Instant Sidewall 10×10 Pop up Canopy (White)
  2. SORARA 6′ X 4′ Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent with Carry Bag
  3. EzyFast Ultra Compact Backpack Canopy, Pop Up Shelter

10 Best Pop Up Canopies in 2020!

1. Eurmax Instant Sidewall 10×10 Pop up Canopy (White) 

best 10x10 canopy

Eurmax’s instant sidewall canopy, earning our “Top Pick” nod is a royalty when it comes to breathability, durability and convenience; it’s been in the business for decades now and it remains unbeatable!

The product is known for its captivating slogan, via three main descriptions: portable, durable, and sightly. By these three descriptions alone, one already gets its full idea and functionality. 

I personally regard this Eurmax pop-up canopy as a “top pick” because of its unparallelled simplicity. Straightforward as most camping tools are, it requires the least effort to put up. Also, at least two persons can install it. 

How about its claim of a 60-second set-up process? That sure is true given that there are two people doing the task. The product’s easy setup process can be attributed to its smart structure, elegant design, breathability, lightness, and extra-strong velcro hold. 

Speaking of velcro, it has longer attachment linings. That adds up to the firmness of the setup. Looking from below, one can see other velcro attachments on top of the frame. A common feature among Eurmax products, the velcro positioning gets an upgrade in this one. 

Judging by its looks, the product is not “that” visually-pleasing. All its 19-color shade options appear toned down from afar. But that hardly matters because after all, it’s not the colors one is after of the canopy. It’s the shade, breathability, convenience, and comfort pop-up canopies provide that make them relevant. 

The only disadvantage I experience from this best canopy tent is its lack of rolling tent bag. In my case, it wasn’t really a major issue since I’ve got some spare time at home. 

Standout Qualities

  • Portable, Durable & Sightly
  • Simple Yet Elegant
  • 60-Second Setup Process
  • Highly Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • High Quality 300D Polyester Fabric
  • Extra-Strong Velcro Hold


  • Lack of Rolling Tent Bag

Product Specs

  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Material: Steel, Polyester

2. SORARA 6′ X 4′ Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent with Carry Bag

pop up canopy

From its material quality down to its setup speed, this “Best Value” Sorara pop-up canopy is everything you can ask for when eyeing for quick camping. 

This Sorara product’s ratings have fairly been impressive! It’s generally praised for its convenience, elegance and neatness. Also breathable, its structure is made to withstand summer wind force. 

It’s also praised for its narrow placement that makes it a quick fit for any area dimensions. Meaning, it can be adjusted sideways to either expand or contract depending on spatial coverage. 

Built to last long with its fire and rust-resistant silver coating, it’s proven to genuinely stay in good shape come rain, wind, dust, etc. Doubled-up, its coating is seen to stabilize the canopy’s overall structure. 

Like the Eurmax item, this can be set-up by at least two persons. It does not take more than 30 minutes to stand with stakes and a rope. You will have to be careful in driving stakes into the ground, though. The stake material is bendable and is feared to break at pressure. 

Its bulk is sufficiently packed for easy camping. In addition to its quick setup speed, the product is easily folded. So the 10×10 expanse is made even more distinct. 

The main issue users have with the product is the lack of velcro attachments.

Standout Qualities

  • Convenient, Elegant & Neat
  • Highly Breathable
  • Adjustable Placement
  • Fire & Rust-Resistant Silver Coating
  • More Stable Structure
  • Quick Setup Speed
  • 10×10 Expanse


  • Lack of Velcro Attachments

Product Specs

  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 35.3 x 7.9 x 7 inches
  • Material: Best Quality Fabric, Steel

3. EzyFast Ultra Compact Backpack Canopy, Pop Up Shelter

heavy duty pop up canopy

Lightweight, fashionable, and easy on-the-go, this EzyFast canopy product reigns as a compact recreational canopy. 

Above everything else, it’s most adored by family and friends for its giddy, fashionable, yet practically lightweight carry bag; a carry bag with triple durability and complete pockets, it easily wraps on the folded canopy. 

This latest EzyFast canopy is also popular for its readily-assembled frame. All you’ve got to do is simply pull the frame to expand, and then push it to close. And, despite its seemingly cheap material, the frame yields the least entanglements that all the other frames combined. 

The next easy step in setting up the canopy is attaching the thick fabric on top of the widened frame using the velcro snaps. And, that’s just it. The last effort, if you can still consider it an effort, is fully opening the frame wide for final adjustment. 

The heights of all four frame corners are adjustable, making for a controlled shading and/or lighting. Controlling the shade or light traces under the canopy is a rare opportunity. In all honesty, not many canopy designs provide users of such an advantage. 

No. The product is not perfect at all. But it’s surely undergoing upgrades in the moment. This, some users believe, makes it an exciting prospect. Part of its upgrades, for instance, is the all-new telescoping legs. 

What about the telescoping legs? These legs or driving stakes materialize the package’s adjustable height. By either pulling or pushing the legs, their heights change.

Ultimately, the product is rated generously for its high-portability trait, thanks to its light fabric quality, readily-assembled frame and durable travelling pack. Tracking an easy on-the-go reputation, this product is a top favorite among family and student campers. 

Another drawback of this heavy duty pop up canopy concerns a not-so-durable and stable structure. 

Standout Qualities

  • Highly Fashionable
  • 3X Sturdier Carry Bag
  • Readily-Assembled Frame
  • Best for Picnic
  • Adjustable Height
  • Thick Roof Fabric
  • Lightweight & Portable


  • Cheap Plastic Coatings
  • Lack of Durability & Stability

Product Specs

  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.7 x 7.8 x 7.1 inches
  • Material: Polyester, Steel, Fabric

4. Eurmax New Pop up 10×10 Ez Canopy Top Cover

strongest pop up canopy

If there’s one thing that makes this best 10×10 canopy stand out on our list, that would be its unparalleled polyester roof density, that is its protectiveness. Bearing the usual Eurmax command, it flexes even farther with its 10×10 ft. canopy material. 

With 19 colors to choose from, a neutral hue and shade, and a solidly-finished polyester wrap, this second Eurmax product blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Does it deliver? It does with a resounding success! 

Compared to other products in its lineup, it tends to be heavier though. This could turn out for the best too. Consequently, heavier polyester spread makes a more stable standing. 

Other plus features in the product mention of a strong metal D-ring, horizontal velcro design, imbedded banner space, and a 500D polyester fabric that’s CPAI-84 fire-certified. The sole feature from which it delivers the weakest is the horizontal velcro. 

What’s the problem with the horizontal velcro? The horizontal design causes the velcro straps to snap easily, especially when the roof is placed too tight. Bad as it is, the velcro lock isn’t that secure. 

What most users like best among these features is the added space for banner. This proves most beneficial for events like reunions, stall display, fests, contests, etc. 

But nothing compares to the superiority of its polyester quality therein. Exquisite and ultra-detailed to effectively protect the bodies under its shade, its roof quality manifests once again Eurmax’s mark of greatness. 

Standout Qualities

  • High Polyester Roof Density; 500D Polyester Fabric
  • 10×10 Feet Canopy Material Breadth
  • CPAI-84 Fire-Certified Fabric
  • Strong Metal D-Ring
  • Imbedded Banner Space for Display
  • 19 Color Options


  • Problematic Horizontal Velcro Placement
  • Flimsy Structure

Product Specs

  • Weight: 7.89 pounds
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 50.8 inches
  • Material: Fabric, High-Quality Polyester & Steel

5. ABCCANOPY Pop Up Canopy Waterproof

quick pop up canopy

With a stylish design and a perfect fit, this ABCCanopy emanates a certain peaceful charm for stressed users. As seen through its exquisitely layered fabric, a complex technological process takes place. Simply said, its fabric package is 100% UV-resistant!

Albeit its shorter length– much shorter than most canopies featured herein– it manages to block harmful UV rays from penetrating into its fabric layer. Pampered by its breathability, it’s waterproof canopy roof also allows ventilation from under the shade. 

So despite its tendency to take much setup time by two people, it’s still considered by both users and experts as a highly efficient creation. Whereas, it only takes 10-15 minutes by 4-5 people setting it up at once. 

This high-quality canopy by the ABCCanopy brand is a plump one. While some are necessarily a fan of its plumpness, most are. It’s certainly not for the tall ones. Inside, it’s got a wider opening going into its apex, resembling a carnival-like canopy design. 

Why is it designed as it is? Water-retention and intuitive release, that’s why. This deems a very relevant, intelligent action for any pop-up canopy of such kind. 

Its other strong points include CPAI-84 and ULC-S-109 fire certifications, a thicker polyester, a neutral shaded/hued roof, ventilated design, 100% waterproof and UV-protecting polyester fabric, and 18+ colors to choose from.

Its other drawbacks include a tendency to collapse due to water pressure (from rain) and a lack of frame durability. 

Standout Qualities

  • 100% UV-Resistant
  • CPAI-84 and ULC-S-109 Fire-Certified
  • Waterproof & Ventilated Canopy
  • Velcro Attachments
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • 18+ Color Options


  • Unusually Short Length (non-adjustable)
  • Slow Setup Process
  • Lack of Frame Durability
  • Tendency to Collapse 

Product Specs

  • Weight: 8.95 pounds
  • Dimensions: 118 x 118 x 49.2 inches
  • Material: Fabric, Heavy-Duty Steel, Polyester

6. Z-Shade 14 x 10-Foot Prestige Instant Canopy Outdoor Shelter

10x20 canopy

Stylish, light and a strong gazebo semi-permanent configuration, this high-quality pop-up canopy by the Z-Shade brand solves all picnic concerns. Also a proven heavy-duty frame due to its thick silver coating,  it does not easily collapse even in a storm. 

This 14 x 10-foot canopy is noted for its bright colors. While it’s enough a shade, it also brightens in its own terms, thanks to its well-palette colors. Using the canopy outside does not change its atmosphere at all but only blocks 99% UV rays. 

That’s just it. Overall, the shadow the shade cast exudes a balance between cool and warm/bright feel. If you don’t feel the shade at all, you can easily adjust the height of the frame. Ultimately, setting up and striking it down takes 30+ minutes or so by at least two persons. 

Still, critics were quick to call out its hoarse hinges. We recommend maintaining the hinges with oil at least twice every month. The legs, I think, are too thin. So despite the claims of strength and stability, I’m still not 100% sold out with it. 

In my end, I added a trend support to the legs by individually wrapping them with abaca rope. Now, I feel they’re more secure than ever. At least, the legs are easily driven into the soil. Using grade-weights also helped. The grade-weights were simply effective. 

Come wind and rain, and the canopy will still not budge. Does it retain rainwater? Yes. But you’ll have to push the weight upward to release and pour out water. Guess it’s not that intelligent of a mechanism after all. 

Other drawbacks of the product include some shipping problems, false waterproof claims, and a lack of  carry bag. 

Standout Qualities

  • Stimulating Bright Colors
  • Stylish, Strong & Light
  • Heavy-Duty
  • 150-Denier Polyester Fabric
  • Quick Setup Time
  • Stable 


  • High-Maintenance Hinges
  • Lacks Waterproof/Resisting Mechanism
  • Overly-Thin Frame Legs
  • Some Shipping Problems, e.g. Lack of Carry-on Bag

Product Specs

  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Dimensions: 59 x 9.5 x 9 inches
  • Material: Fabric, Steel, Polyester & Metal

7. Impact Canopy Zippered Mesh Sidewalls for 10′ x 10′ Pop-Up Tent Canopy, White 

best canopy tent

Acting more as a full sidewall cover, this pop-up canopy by the Impact Canopy brand beams with compatibility, protection, lightness, simplicity, and effectiveness via high-quality mesh barrier. 

Its barrier can be zipped fully to a close should your prefer tight protection. The mesh barrier protection setup blocks even the smallest insects. But what’s interesting about the mesh is that it still manages to facilitate air flow. Its 0.5 diameter hole size sufficiently ventilates. 

The product bears beneficial accessories marked with the usual brilliance of the Impact Canopy brand. Treading 20 years of canopy experience, the brand has since come up with effective canopy-gazebo formulas. The main issue surrounding the brand, akin to its saturated popularity, is the rise several imitations. 

This problem, if left unsettled, can be dangerous to both the company and consumers. The cheap imitation industry eventually devalues the real industry. As a responsible buyer, we are expected to look closely into the details, especially of the Canopy Impact items we’re buying, and boycott such chicanery. 

Back to product. Its other notable feature is a 3-way easy setup process that does not take 30 minutes or more to erect by two persons. The 3-way setup process begins with holding the wall, pulling back the valance material, and then lopping the velcro tabs on top for quick attachments. In the context of hurried time, the 3-way setup proves most helpful. 

Among its features, the one that gains most purchase credits is the mesh barrier. This proves most helpful to a lot of users. Perhaps, that’s because of its high-protection demeanor. 

Other problems of the product include overly-short tent walls, weak velcro hold, and a disproportionate bulk. 

Standout Qualities

  • High-Compatibility
  • Effective Protection due to Zipper Mesh Barrier
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Simple & Quick Setup; 3-Way Setup Process
  • Effective Ventilation


  • Easily Imitated
  • Overly-Short Tent Walls
  • Weak Velcro Hold
  • Disproportionate Bulk

Product Specs

  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 x 6 x 15 inches
  • Material: Fabric, Steel, Polyester & Polypropylene

8. Abba Patio 12 x 20 Car Canopy Shelter with Removable Side Panels

pop up canopy tent

Finally: a fully-covered instant canopy frame that’s multipurpose! This latest “Premium Value” Abba Patio is more than anything you can ask for. Its best regarded for its three royal qualities: strong, user-friendly, and attractive. These qualities alone elevate the item as a premium value.

Strong. It’s proven to be strong as seen and felt in its high-grade construction. Its firm powder-coated steel frame, full tight tarp cover, water, and UV-resistant polyethylene guarantee a grounded command. 

User-friendly. Reviewers were particularly fond of its clearly-written manual, quick and easy setup, and a carry-on bag. It’s also superbly light that you won’t expect that it can spread to such enormity. 

Attractive. That this latest Abba Patio item is elegant is an understatement. Integrating several tones and textures into a single modern feel, this all-new design challenges manufacturers’ constructs of pop-up canopies. 

Quite surely, it isn’t just one feel and look. Multifaceted layout. That’s what sets it from the rest. If only its as stable as it’s strong. What’s the difference, anyway? By saying strong, we’re only referring to structure devoid of external factors like wind, rain, snow, etc. 

When we talk about stability, we’re referring to the firmness, or in the simplest sense, its capacity to resist being blown away. Unfortunately in this context, the product has much to prove with its stability. 

One reviewer points out that given its expensive package, it’s shipping and customer service quality isn’t worth it. To sum its shipping reviews, we’re lead with a figure of 70-80% recorded fails– missing parts, broken pieces, defective parts, etc. 

Other product problems concern lack of waterproof/water-releasing mechanism, poor quality foot pads, and complex collapsibility.

Standout Qualities

  • Strong, User-Friendly & Attractive
  • Full Zippered Cover 
  • Spacious & Breathable 
  • Heavy-Duty Bungees Cord
  • Easy Transport Configuration


  • Lack of Firmness
  • Lack of Waterproof/Water-Releasing Mechanism
  • Poor Quality Food Pads
  • Complex Collapsibility

Product Specs

  • Weight: 132 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 77.5 x 13 x 11 inches
  • Material: Polypropylene, Steel & Fabric

9. VINGLI Pop Up Removable Sidewalls Canopy Tent

pop up canopies reviews

Vingli’s impressive pop-up canopy deserves its place on our list due to its high-fashion, waterproof canopy, a light and portable bulk, and a fast setup speed. 

The frame has a fine expansion. Streamlined with long velcro tabs, superior attachments, effective accessories and a neat canopy placement, the frame proves most stable, alongside the pop up canopy with sidewalls

Although it requires 3-4 people to be put up, the canopy is lighter than most gazebo designs. More so, it fits outdoor landscapes. All types of landscapes actually. More so, it does not budge with blowing wind and pressing rain. 

Its canopy expanse along the frame intelligently keeps water drips out. This works well for a large number of picnic people seeking shelter under sudden rain. 

The frame’s legs have specially clutched pads that hold on to the soil. Experts believe that this plays a major role in keeping the frame stable. Perhaps, these clutched pads lighten up the canopy frame in general. 

Extending the frame are enclosed plastic hinges. And, this feature tends to be problematic. Critics even call the plastic hinges downright poor material. Is there any redemption to this? In the context of religious maintenance, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

The product’s bolts also tend to be weak and problematic. They bend and yield to pressure. Despite the inclusion of more bolts, the whole section still manages to swivel out. 

Other problems include a tendency for the tabs to pop out and breakable side trusses. 

Standout Qualities

  • High-Fashion Waterproof Quality
  • Light & Portable Bulk
  • Neat & Streamline Accessories
  • Fine Expansion
  • Anti-Drip Design


  • Weak & Problematic Bolts
  • Tendency for Tabs to Pop Out
  • Breakable Side Trusses
  • Poor Quality Plastic Hinges

Product Specs

  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 20 ft. canopy
  • Material: Polyester, Fabric, Steel

10. AMERICAN PHOENIX Canopy Tent 10×20 Ez Pop Up Instant Shelter Shade 

Best Pop Up Canopies

The American Phoenix is a superior pop-up canopy. And, it truly delivers in the context of a pop-up. An easy, instant pop-up following a quick folding, it does not hold pressure by a second. Part of its superior package is a tension-release jaw snatch. 

Reviewers and experts disregard its extremely heavy and bulky expanse in place of its unquestioned stability. Critics went beyond by trying it out under various circumstances. The same result confronted them. The canopy isn’t going down any second. 

The canopy is easily put up. As mentioned earlier, it does not take much time and effort to be erected. Fulfilling expectations of it as an instant pop-up, it’s manufacturers widened its reach to an inch. 

Despite claims of its adjustable height, the whole package still has much to prove regarding versatility. Whereas, it undergoes slight revamping on its leg hinges. But even when that happens, the stature would still be awkward. 

Because of its flat expanse, it fits best parties, market displays, yards, playgrounds, etc. This makes the frame even more suitable for a picnic. It’s known to sustain long in its hold, deserving its place as a superior pop-up canopy.

While it isn’t perfect at all, it continually improves. Thumb latch lock. Double-layered tent frame. Solid tube bracket. All these elevate the product to superiority. 

Issues and problems surrounding it include some shipping problems, loose sidewall caps, loose velcro tabs, and breakable screw panels. 

Standout Qualities

  • Instant Pop-Up Command
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Frim & Strong Leg Work 
  • Superior Quality
  • Solid Tube Bracket; Double-Layered Tent Frame & Thumb Latch Lock


  • Lack of Versatility (despite claims)
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Loose Sidewall Caps
  • Loose Velcro Tabs
  • Breakable Screw Panels

Product Specs

  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Dimensions: 51.57 x 9.25 x 14.17 in
  • Material: Steel, Fabric, Polyester

Spotting the Best Pop Up Canopies: A Professional Buying Guide

Spotting the best pop up canopies is challenging, fun, and empowering. The best criteria to look out for are: (1.) Waterproof Quality, (2) Canopy Size, (3) Seam Sealing, (4) Frame Material, and (5) Canopy Material. 

Imagine setting shelter anytime and anywhere. This is what the pop up canopies provide. A light, portable, compact, and carry-on collapsible shelter makes fun picnic and travel. 

Pop up canopies, to say it bluntly, are designed to literally pop-up. The need for the best pop up canopies arise when a person or a group of persons have had to travel with already a load on hand. So before it’s fun, it’s serious work first and foremost. 

Setting up canopies or gazebos suit in garages, parking areas, market display, reunions and outdoor parties, etc. Beyond picnics, pop up canopies fulfill a number of other occasions for. 

Despite the notion that gazebo or pop up canopies look and work the same,they aren’t! Therefore, choosing the best pop up canopy should be challenging. It’s challenging because first, most designs look similar; second, it’s hard to predict a pop up canopy’s performance. 

To help you pop the best canopy, we have prepared a professional buying guide for spotting the best pop up canopies . 


Waterproof Quality

When eyeing for the best pop up canopies, look for the item with waterproof canopy roof or tarp. What’s great about this mark is that you will either see or not see this indicated in the product. 

Check out some pop up canopies reviews if necessary. Ask customer service to be pretty sure. 

Waterproofness– commonly among tent fabric, polyester, etc.–  keeps the roof from retaining water. It only cause the water to slide fall along gravity as drops, not drips. 

What’s the difference? Drops pour and slide out; drips happen when water is retained or stored and is slowly spilling due to weight.

Maintaining your canopy’s waterproof quality is another story. While it is possible to keep the canopy waterproof for years, it takes a fair effort in doing so. 

The simplest means would be to spray durable water repellent into the canopy and then allowing the solution to dry before storing it. 

Canopy Size

Picking the best canopy size is not usually tricky. In fact, it’s the most mundane of all. Obviously, the bigger the canopy expanse, the better. Whether it’s narrowly or widened, it has to accommodate 6-8 people at best. If it can allow 10 people, then it should be the best (although it’s barely possible). 

In reviews, this standard is termed ‘sitting room’.  The sitting room capacity should be the basis, and not standing room. Why? Because it is maximum expectation. Sitting includes a seat, as well as the space used in it. 

To give you a clearer standard figure, let us look into 10×10 canopy size. This is standard for most marketed best pop up canopies. Accommodating 4-7 people on a sitting room capacity, it does not occupy much space within pre-assigned lots like that of festival areas. 

Bigger canopies, measuring up to 12-13 feet can be quite a handful. It occupies more space and might possibly deprive other festival participants of lot. Therefore, while bigger is better for pop up canopies, it does not apply in the context of festivals.

Therefore, the right standard size would be 10×10 ft. 

Seam Sealing

Look for the features for the strongest pop up canopy that is seam-sealed, not stitched. How do you know? It’s a glossy tape that’s applied to the sidings of the fabric/polyester. 

A seam seal works like a durable water repellent. It holds the waterproof coating off by sealing it, protecting it from heat concentrations, pressure, humidity, dust, and other factors.

Low-quality waterproof canopies either have stitched fabric sidings or weak seam sealing that eventually peels off within months. 

Since it would be difficult to predict the seam sealing’s performance (even the topnotch products may have short-lived seam sealing), it would be helpful to back this up by coating the fabric/polyester with durable water repellent solution. Better to be sure than sorry!

Frame Material

Several reservations are to be first processed before choosing the best frame material. After, there’s not really the best frame material for all, especially that frame weights and solidities have direct proportional consequences in them. 

Choose the sturdiest metal frame material and you’ll end up with a heavy pop up canopy. Go for the light, hollow aluminum tubing, and you’ll end up with the flimsy pop ups. 

One thing’s for sure though. All the best pop up canopies have collapsible frames, and they all must be easily and quickly set-up/stored. If it is not a quick pop up canopy, don’t bother buying it. 

Now, some frames with hollow aluminum tubings are usually held by plastic caps and aluminum rivets. Although the sound of plastic may seem weak and flimsy, that’s not automatically true. That now should depend on the quality of the plastic material. 

Personally, I’d go for the lighter aluminum frame with high-quality plastic hinges, because it only means that it’s light, portable and easily erected.

Canopy Materials

Look for polyester or nylon. These materials are 80% resistant to damage, pressure and the penetrating effect of UV rays. A pop up canopy, by all means, should be a high-protecting agent. That’s its most basic rationale. 

Some polyester canopies, as well as their frames, are coated with silver for rust-resistance, UV-resistance and water release. Also, most polyester and nylon materials have built-in waterproofness in them. So, having them as utilized materials pays buyers off the trouble of having to manually go through the materials. 

Quick & Easy Tips on Caring for Your Pop Up Canopy

Owning the best pop up canopies can be reassuring. Losing pop up canopies can be quite a waste. Constantly buying new ones is also impractical. It is most impractical in the context that you can actually care for and maintain your best quality pop up canopy. 

Pop up canopy maintenance need not be complex. These simple tools also benefit from simple and practical moves. If you thought through it and you’re hands down in learning and unlearning new ways in prolonging your pop up canopy life, then you’re sure to reap what you sow. 

Here are quick and easy tips on caring for your pop up canopy…

For daily use and storage:

  1. Never fold or store canopy immediately, or when it is still wet after being applied with durable water repellent. 
  2. Use roller/carry-on bag in storing your folded canopy. 
  3. Never put the top/roof inside the bag when wet. This will cause molds to develop in the fabric.
  4. Coat oil  (2-3 drops) on frame hinges every after use. 

For cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Rinse the fabric/top thoroughly. Then, wipe with a dry cloth to remove residues. 
  2. Apply mild soap on the fabric. 
  3. Rinse again and then wipe with another clean cloth. 
  4. Check if the seam sealer is still intact. If not, then apply it with a durable water repellent. Or, you can buy a new roll of seam sealer. 
  5. Leave top to dry.
  6. While waiting for it to dry, spray the frame surface with silicone for maximized gloss and protection. This is especially necessary when your canopy frame has been exposed to a moist area. 
  7. Check out the hinges, screws, and bolts. Hand-tighten if loosened. 

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Is it okay to cook or grill under a pop up canopy tent?

No. It is not safe. And so it is to be avoided. The chemical coating on the fiber is highly flammable. Even if you’re lucky and the fiber did not catch fire, it can still heat up, losing its protective properties at the moment. 

Experts advise cooking or grilling to be done several feet away from the canopy. 

What is a pop up canopy tent?

A pop up canopy tent is, by the looks of it, a collapsible/temporary gazebo that users can store and carry around for travel. It’s a relatively simple layout that is also usually light. Composed of a roof that is held by four stable legs, the pop up canopy literally pops up with press mechanisms. 

Pop up canopies undergo variations through time, depending on its manufacturers. The variations exist to make the best pop up canopies more effective. Apparently, pop canopies are made from aluminum, steel, metal, fabric– nylon, polyethylene, or polyester. Most pop up canopies are stored or placed in a carry/roller bag. 

The best size standard for pop up canopy tents is a 10×10 ft. expanse. This standard proves as the most fair standard for all occasions, particularly during festivals. Whether narrow or flattened, the 10×10 ft. occupies sufficient space, accommodating 4-7 persons in a sitting room. 

How do I stabilize my canopy tent?

Stabilizing pop up canopy tents is also easy. It’s even easier if you buy a package with complete accessories. Why the accessories? Because the accessories contain the weight plates. These plates are placed on the base of the legs to keep the frame from falling or down or from being blown away. 

In the absence of weight plates, one can actually improvise with rocks, sand bags, and other heavy materials. Some frames that lack the weight plates have driving stakes being inserted via the legs’ hinges. These stakes work by being buried several feet underground. That’s how you effectively stabilize a lightweight pop up canopy tent. 

It is also important to note the difference between stability and strength. Note that stability is all about firmness, while strength is just about the standing capacity of the tent. When wind, rain or snow arrives, a mere strong tent frame can possibly collapse. A firm/stable tent frame stays put and stands erect until needed. 

How do I successfully fold or collapse my pop up canopy for storage/keeping?

Before you even fold the tent, clean it first by washing it with a hose or simply wiping it with moist cloth. This should rid the whole structure of dust and other dirt. Even with a seemingly clean state, you still had to clean it off to be sure. After cleaning, make sure to dry it up before placing it back in its bag. Now, you’re ready for an easy folding. 

To fold, simply:

  1. Hold with both hands the tip of the canopy’s two sides. With the sides identified, fold the sides to each other. 
  2. Place the folded canopy flat on the ground. Slowly latten the surface of the top using your hands or feet (using direction from below going upwards) until air is released. 
  3. Now, search with your fingers the bottom of each side. Pull them and fold them over each other until you have completed four folds all-in-all. 
  4. Fold the top once more if necessary. Then, roll the folded canopy into a long burrito-like line. 
  5. Put it inside the roller/carry-on bag. 

How do I successfully set up a pop up canopy tent?

You can easily and successfully set up a pop up canopy tent through these easy steps:

  • Remove all materials and accessories from storage. Set the down and arrange them. 
  • Open wide the canopy by stretching both sides (preferably done with the help of another person). Set the legs wide apart, at least 12-13 inches from each other, too.
  • Insert in the roof/top/fabric above the frame. Fit the edges of the roof to their corresponding angles from the frame. Attach and connect them using velcro tabs, ropes, etc. 
  • Stretch the legs father until they reach a locking sound. 
  • Extend the frame’s height from below and continue stretching until the entire frame area, along its hinges and brackets come to a lock. 


Our review of the best pop up canopies popped up joyful news of what 2020 has in stored for us. From our professional, honest and meticulous product review, we were able to come up with this ranking: 

The Eurmax Instant Sidewall for 10×10 Pop up Canopy, 1 Pack Only (White) as our “Top Pick”, the SORARA 6′ X 4′ Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent Gazebo Commercial Market Stall with Carry Bag, Watermelon Red as our “Best Value” product, and the Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty Carport, Car Canopy Shelter with Removable Side Panels, Doors and 8 Steel Legs, White as our “Premium Value” product.

The industry of the pop up canopies continue to grow as manufacturers are continually adding variations to the tool. A simple tool, by the looks and feel of it, the pop up canopy is more than fun to use; it’s also highly important!

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