10 Best Polarized Safety Glasses in 2021 [Updated]

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When you are working under the bright glare of the sun, you need to protect your eyes. From working in construction to biking and motorcycling, these can make your eye susceptible to harmful UV rays. What you need are the best polarized safety glasses.

These aren’t just your regular sunglasses. Polarized safety glasses filter the sun’s harmful UV rays without sacrificing performance and clarity. These can prevent eye strain. And when you’re out in the bright sun, there are a lot of things that can reflect the glare back to your eyes.

Best Polarized Safety Glasses

We have reviewed the best brands of polarized safety glasses. Once you have tried these, you will never go back to your old lenses. 

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses 
  2. Wiley X Sunglasses
  3. Edge ‘Brazeau Torque’ Glasses

Quick Summary:

  • If there’s polarized safety glasses that you’d want to be stuck with, it’s the Edge Eyewear. This brand combines function and style. It looks edgy and stylish. And at the same time, you can expect sufficient protection for your peepers.
  • Driving under the bright sun is a recipe for disaster. And the Wiley X Sunglasses can efficiently deflect blinding glare. Once you have tried this pair on, you’ll never drive without it. 
  •  Some polarized safety glasses might not be able to provide protection during swift movements. And this is where the Edge ‘Brazeau Torque’ Glasses excels. It’s basically designed for movement. So no matter if you’re running or walking, your peepers are well protected.
  • Is the bright summer light too much to bear? It can be bad for your eyes! You can get the ultimate glare protection with the  Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses .

Top 10 Best Polarized Safety Glasses Reviewed

Whether you’re looking for polarized safety glasses for glare protection or you need one for sports, we have got you covered. See our top picks for great finds. 

BrandLens color  and materialFrame materialScratch resistantUVA/UVB protectionButton
Edge EyewearAqua blue mirrornylonyes99.9 %Check Price on Amazon
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Wiley X SunglassesMatte black composite lensPlastic frameminimum100 % Check Price on Amazon
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Edge ‘Brazeau Torque’ Smoke glass Matte black frame with red logoyes99.9 %Check Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Edge Eyewear Smoke polycarbonatenylonyes99.9 %Check Price on Amazon
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MCR Safety Fire mirror  lensthermoplastic rubberyes90 %Check Price on Amazon
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Crossfire Polarized Silver Mirror glass LenspolycarbonateBlack plasticno99.9%Check Price on Amazon
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3M Fuel X2P Black two tonedBlack plastic yes99.9%Check Price on Amazon
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Crossfire Eyewear Amber polycarbonate Brown plasticyes99.9%Check Price on Amazon
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Crossfire 23226 multicoloredMatte black  plastic yes99.9%Check Price on Amazon
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ErgodyneCopper polycarbonateBlack nylonyes99.9%Check Price on Amazon
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1. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses – Best Versatile

These polarized safety glasses have lots going for them. It excels both in performance and style.

The Edge eyewear lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. These polarized safety glasses can protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays, 99.9 percent of them.

Also, you will not be disappointed with how it looks. It’s stylish and has the perfect fit. It has flexible nylon frames that fit all face shapes and sizes. So this pair of sunglasses can look great for those with oval, round, or even square face shapes. But it fits best those with average head dimensions.

In addition, it can last for the long haul. There’s nothing cheap about the build of these glasses. You can instantly tell that it’s made of high-quality materials. The lenses are clear and sharp while the nylon frame is flexible yet durable.

What we like the most is that even if you’ve been wearing these for a long time, they don’t loosen. It still has a comfortable snug feel after several years. So you don’t have to worry about it falling off your face.

These lenses are even more scratch-proof than Oakley! But that’s at a fraction of the cost.

These are also durable sunglasses. It can take on the constant wear and tear at a commercial construction.


  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Non-scratch lens and nylon frame
  • Lens width is 1.75 inches
  • Photochromatic design
  • UV 400 protection lenses
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It has a snug fit that will not loosen over time
  • The sunglasses look great on almost any face shape
  • The non-scratch lens and nylon frames are durable


  • the bottom part of the arms is not as durable as the entire frame

2. Wiley X Sunglasses– Best for Driving

These premium sunglasses can deflect glare and are highly recommended for driving.

These are professional-looking polarized sunglasses that can effectively decrease glare when you’re driving during sunset. Even better, it deflects the excess glare without compromising the color quality. And they are also ultra-clear.

The lenses are very clear and thick. And they’re also some of the best glasses you can use for safer driving. In addition, the frames feel sturdy and solid too.

Also, it comes with a case, leash cord, and lens cloth, along with information on how to care for them.

Just take note that these lenses are low profile. So this is a perfect choice if you are going for low-profile eyewear. What we live the best about these sunglasses is that the lenses hug perfectly and tight around the frames.


  • Precise Grey-Reducing Technology
  • Max Glare Reduction Capacity
  • Solid Frames
  • T-Shaped Lens Coating


  • These are premium and durable lenses and frames
  • The lenses wrap around the frames nicely
  • Effectively deflects glare
  • Ultra-clear lenses and bright colors


  • It’s not the most scratch-resistant

3. Edge ‘Brazeau Torque’ Glasses– Best Motion

These neutral stylish glasses can provide optimum protection even when you are in constant motion.

Not only are these pairs of polarized sunglasses affordable, but they are also stylish and quite functional. It’s made of plastic but can tell that it’s durable. The plastic material is also flexible. So this can be a nice fit for all face shapes and sizes.

It has a snug fit so even if you bend over, these glasses will not fall off your face. It feels snug but not too tight. Thus, it’s perfect for you if you are constantly on the move. So if you happen to be running around the field, this will give full protection for your eyes.


  • Brazeau Torque Matte Frame Polarized Smoke Lens
  • Extra-Thick & Deep Fashionable Glasses
  • All-Fitting


  • It has a neutral design that can appeal to most people
  • The plastic material is lightweight yet durable
  • It’s flexible so it can fit most face sizes
  • It has a snug fit so it will not easily fall off
  • Added Depth on Scratch-Resistant Glasses


  • The frames are asymmetrical

4. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses – Best Glare Protection

These polarized safety sunglasses are perfect for the bright light conditions of summer.

These are really dark glasses. So it can deflect more glare than other brands on our list. If you need serious protection from the bright light of the harsh summer, this is it.

Also, these glasses are extra tight. So if you want an extra snug fit, you will love these. Though take note that you might need some time to get used to the way it fits. For others, they find it too tight around the temples.

So you might want to go for another brand if you have a larger head dimension. Thus, the Kleenguard V30 is a better option, we also have that on our list.

And what we love the most is that even if it’s dark, you can still wear it in the early evening without tripping. That might not make sense, but this is how these glasses are.

Also, these sunglasses are quite durable. It can survive wreckage and still function as great.


  • Added Comfort in Nose Pads
  • MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 compliant
  • Extra-Flexible Nylon Frame
  • Scratch-Resistant Lenses
  • Polycarbonate lens and nylon frame
  • 99.% Protection Against UVA, UVB & UVC Light Rays


  • Darkened Glasses with 100 percent glare protection
  • The lenses are scratch-resistant
  • Overall build and the lenses and frames are durable


  • Some find the sunglasses too small and the fit too tight

5. MCR Safety Safety Glasses – Best Stylish 

These glasses are boats of a sporty fashion. But you can still wear it pretty much wherever! 

It’s great to wear for any outdoor activity. It can even complement your tennis attire. You’ll also look stylish when driving or running errands.

The lenses are scratch-resistant and the frames are tight and durable. So this is also made for movement. So even if you’re running, this will hug your face well and it will not easily fall off your face.

These sunglasses are very comfortable. They feel light enough for constant movement but not flimsy. So these can also work well for driving. And best of all, it can provide full protection for our eyes. So you may even use it for woodworking or cutting wood with a chainsaw.

The polarization of these lenses is sufficient and they’re not too dark. So if you don’t want heavily tinted polarized sunglasses, these are great options.


  • Polarized Dominator DM3 Gun Metal Fire Safety Glasses
  • MAX3, MAX6, or BOSSMAN Mirror coatings
  • Italian Fashion
  • Frame made from thermoplastic rubber
  • Giddy & Sporty Design
  • Multi-Colored Package


  • The lenses are highly scratch-resistant
  • It has a sporty edgy look
  • These are versatile. You can use it for driving, sports, and working with tools


  • The nosepiece tends to fall off

6. Crossfire Safety Glasses – Best Neutral Glasses

The lenses aren’t too big and bold, so these are perfect for everyday use. 

Also, these sunglasses provide a neutral shade. So if you want something that’s not too dark but can still give ample protection from bright light, this is a great option. Also, the lenses are not too noticeable and big, so it’s subtle enough for everyday use.

The sunglasses have a snug fit. They will not fall off your face easily. And even if you have a wider face dimension, you’ll also find this rather comfortable. They also feel light and very flexible.


  • 21427 ES4 Polarized Safety Glasses
  • Silver Mirror Polarized Lens
  • Black Frame Attraction
  • Precise Gripping Technology
  • 100 percent polycarbonate
  • Efficient Polarized Protection


  • A neutral design can be worn every day. It also appeals to many.
  • Provide sufficient protection from bright light
  • Affordable
  • Great for all head sizes


  • It doesn’t include a cloth for cleaning

7. 3M Fuel X2P Safety Glass– Best Durable

These glasses can stand the test of time! It’s highly durable.

The frame is durable and the lenses are scratch-resistant. The 3M Fuel safety glasses can also withstand use and abuse, it will not easily bend or shatter

Also, these are versatile glasses. They are mid-tinted so you can use them for other activities too, even for running errands. It can also provide decent protection from bright light.


  • Black Frame & Gray Polarized Lens
  • Certified Polarized Lens
  • Mildly-Tinted Glasses


  • Mildly-Tinted Glasses makes it rather versatile
  • These are highly durable sunglasses
  • Impact-Resistant Frames and Scratch-Resistant lens


  • Loose Fit

8. Crossfire Eyewear Safety Glasses – Best Light Tinted Sunglasses

We love how versatile these light tinted  sunglasses are! 

And the amber tint improves contrast. And with a neutral design, you can use it every day. Though it has a rather light tint, it can still block UVA and UVB rays, but some of the glare might not come through. That’s why it’s not for use under the bright light of the summer season.

What we love the most is the wrap-around view. And you can enjoy that for a fairly affordable price tag.

Also, these Crossfire sunglasses are made of quality materials. The lenses are also scratch-resistant. One thing to note though is that the arms may seem too long. So some users may find a part of the frame protruding from the ears. Hence, it will provide the best fit for those with larger head dimensions.


  • High-Definition Brown Polarized Lens
  • Crystal Brown Frame Design
  • Rubber Nosepiece
  • High-Quality Commercial Package
  • 291113 Es5 Polarized Safety Glasses Model


  • The lenses are scratch-resistant
  • It has an affordable price
  • It has a comfortable snug fit


  • The arms may be too long for those with smaller head dimensions

9. Crossfire 23226 Safety Glasses – Best Value 

These multi-colored lenses are perfect for various light conditions. They also have a rather comfortable fit.

The top of the lens appears blue and the center is colored blue. Thus, this makes the sunglasses versatile and suitable for an array of activities. You can use it for driving, boating, or woodworking.

We also love that despite the affordable price, the frames and lenses are durable. So you can get more value for your money with these multi-colored lenses.


  • 23226 Rpg Polarized Safety Glasses Quality
  • Classic Crossfire Signature
  • High-Quality Blue Shade
  • Multi-Colored lenses


  • Multi-Colored lenses are suitable for an array of light conditions
  • It has an affordable price
  • The frame is rather durable


  • Uncomfortable Nose Pads

10. Ergodyne Safety Sunglasses– Best Improved

These Ergodyne safety sunglasses are an upgrade from their 2019 model.

Complaints about the frame’s wobbly screws, poor plastic material, and breakable arms circulated around several review sites. Fortunately, improvements have certainly been made to this new pair of sunglasses.

The product’s new and improved temple accessory slot strengthened anti-scratch and UV-protection lens, non-slip design, fog-off options, and a lot more were only recently added during the last half of 2019.

Among the improvements, we love how it can block 100 percent of glare. That’s why these upgraded Ergodyne sunglasses are perfect for extreme summers too.

But do take note that it still has its flaws such as the long nose piece and the

awkward temple pad placement


  • Skullerz Dagr Design Frame
  • Copper Lens
  • Black Frame
  • ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 + & MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Impact-Approved
  • Impact-Resistant Finish
  • ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 + & MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Impact.


  • Strengthened Anti-Scratch Quality Lens
  • Increased UV-Protection Capacity
  • Non-Slip Design
  • Fog-Off Options


  • Loose Nose Piece
  • Awkward Temple Pad Feel

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Polarized Safety Glasses

These are important things to consider when buying polarized safety glasses.

The safety rating:

Any type of eyewear should be marked ANSI Z87.1 standards. This means that the product has been tested and meets the requirement for the criteria of safe eyewear. 

Also, this marking will ensure that what you are buying are indeed safety glasses. Safety glasses should bear permanent and legible markings.

Comfort and design:

The designs may not be that important. But nobody wants to wear eyewear that doesn’t look good on them. Especially if you’re going to wear it for 8 hours of work. Or at least it must look decent enough for your face.

Also, it must have a comfortable fit, not too tight or too loose. It should not interfere with your work or your physical activities.

Some brands have extra features that can make the polarized safety glasses more comfortable such as soft nose pieces, rubber temples, and ergonomic frames. Some sizes and styles are suitable for your face shape and size. 

UV protection:

Lenses with UV protection will be able to block most of the sun’s harmful rays. This can protect your eyes from the glare and the UV rays. But it should not interfere with the lenses’ performance and clarity. The lens should still be clear even if it has sufficient UV protection.

Look for a 90-10 percent protective rate. This will give ultimate protection for your eyes. 

Material of the lens:

To get the best pair of polarized safety glasses, look for ANSI and CSA-approved scratch-resistant lenses. Moreover, these types of lenses are clear. Also, keeping your lenses free from scratches will ensure that they stay clear for a long time.

Polarized Safety Glasses

What are Polarized Glasses?

The best polarized safety glasses are like any sunglasses, only that they’re wrapped in glare-reducing finish to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays

Some products have added protective layers for increased protection. Increased protection means clearer perspective wherein one no longer has to squint his/her eyes when focusing at glaring subject.

The optical clarity is the key purpose of the best safety glasses. Some safety glasses, depending on their design and the material they’re made, are used for driving, sports, construction work, etc. 

In the case if Wiley X’s model, visual stabilization is an observed trend. The naturally stabilizing grey-coloured lens calm rapidly moving spectrums across. Intensified by their precise grey-reducing technology, high velocity finds no place with these premium glasses around. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Polarized Safety Glasses

Before buying polarized lenses, take time to read through the pros and cons. This will let you know what you should expect from your purchase.

Advantages of polarized safety glasses:

Polarized safety lenses are perfect when you’re out in the bright sun. Let us dabble some more on why you should get them. 

  • Enhance visual comfort when you’re out in the sun
  • Reduce that percent of glare your eye receives
  • Polarized glasses let you see things in better contrast.
  • Provides better vision clarity when you are out in the sun.
  •  You will avoid eye fatigue-related headaches.
  • Reduces the harmful impact of UVA and UVB lights
  • Makes it easier to see beneath the surface of the water.
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Makes your eyes feel relaxed and comfortable when you’re out in bright light
  • They also work in the shade, unlike regular sunglasses.
  •  Very useful for the winter season.
  • Safe for use by everyone
  • The lenses come in a variety of color options. And each lens color has specific benefits.

Disadvantages of polarized safety glasses:

And here are some reasons and situations when wearing one can be counterproductive and harmful. 

  • Difficult to the view LCD screen
  • If you are working with equipment or machines that use LCD screens, you should not use polarized lenses while at work. 
  • Sometimes, you tend to see window grids on the lenses.
  • Polarized safety glasses are more expensive.

Types of Polarized Lenses and Their Benefits

As mentioned above, polarized lenses come in an array of colors. And each color has a specific benefit.

1. Rose lenses

 These can sharpen focus and contrast in numerous bright conditions. If you have migraines, these are the perfect lenses too. These can help reduce the risk of having migraine attacks. 

2. Yellow lenses

 Yellow lenses block the blue light spectrum, thus, it can help eye fatigue and eye strain.

3. Green lenses

These lenses have superior filtering capabilities. This is suitable for extreme glare situations.

4. Brown lenses

These are perfect for bright light conditions. It’s also ideal if it is a bit cloudy outside.


Does a 100% UV-protection immediately mean that the pair of safety glasses is polarized?

Yes. For a pair of glasses to be considered polarized, it has to exhibit at least a 100% UV protection rate.

How do polarized glasses reduce glare?

The polarized glasses reduce glare by filtering the horizontal wave of light and allowing instead, the vertical wave. 

Do polarized safety glasses cause headache?

No. They don’t. 

Do all safety glasses have UV-protection mechanism?

No. Not all safety glasses have UV-protection mechanism. Only the ones that meet ANSI/CSA standards are certified to have UV-protection mechanism in them. 

How do I know if the lenses are polarized?

You will know it by simply wearing the glasses and assessing the degree of glare being blocked. The lesser the glare, the more polarized lenses.


The best-polarized safety glasses will not only protect your eyes but can also improve your performance at work or play. And keep in mind to buy only from reliable brands. Some unscrupulous sellers sell polarized safety glasses that are not the real deal.  

Keep in mind that for polarized glasses to serve you well, it has to have built-in UVA and UVB protection. And there are a lot of faux polarized safety glasses in the market that lack these.


Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses
Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses

Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses

The  Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses takes the cake away. This pair of polarized safety sunglasses can cross out most items in your list! It’s easy on the budget yet it can provide sufficient protection for your precious peppers.

We also love how accommodating it is. It can look good on Tom or Harry. it can fit most face shapes and sizes!

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