15 Best Polarized Safety Glasses in 2021 [Updated]

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses 
  2. Wiley X Sunglasses
  3. Edge ‘Brazeau Torque’ Glasses
Best Polarized Safety Glasses

When you are working under the bright glare of the sun, you need to protect your eyes. From working in construction to biking and motorcycling, these can make your eye susceptible to harmful UV rays. What you need are the best polarized safety glasses.

These aren’t just your regular sunglasses. Polarized safety glasses filter the sun’s harmful UV rays without sacrificing performance and clarity. These can prevent eye strain. And when you’re out in the bright sun, there are a lot of things that can reflect the glare back to your eyes.

We have reviewed the best brands of polarized safety glasses. Once you have tried these, you will never go back to your old lenses. 

Here is the List of Best Polarized Safety Glasses:

  1. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses 
  2. Wiley X Sunglasses
  3. Edge ‘Brazeau Torque’ Glasses
  4. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses 
  5. MCR Safety Safety Glasses 
  6. Crossfire Safety Glasses 
  7. 3M Fuel X2P Safety Glass
  8. Crossfire Eyewear Safety Glasses 
  9. Crossfire 23226 Safety Glasses 
  10. Ergodyne Safety Sunglasses

Top 15 Best Polarized Safety Glasses Reviewed

1. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses 

best safety glasses

Improved comfort, fully flexible nylon frame, and fuller polarized glasses, this MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 compliant top product by the Edge Eyewear brand earns our “Top Pick” title. And, that comes as no surprise. 

  • Kazbek Glasses Type
  • Black Aqua Precision Blue Mirror Lens
  • Highly Durable Quality
  • 99.9% Protection Guarantee
  • High-Fashion Quality

The first thing you’ll feel with these polarized safety glasses by the Edge Eyewear brand is comfort. Quick and easy-fit, these glasses are rigid in terms of protecting your eyes from harmful UVB, UVC, and UVA light rays, all 99.9% of these rays.

Is it really a certified 99.9% masterpiece? Fortunately, it’s everything its sellers claim it to be! From its TPR temples, to its easy-fit, fully flexible nylon frame, polycarbonate scratch-resistant lens, and high-quality glasses, it rigidly protects your eyes without losing a good fashion. 

I’m especially beguiled by its frame shape. Not only is it flexible, but it’s also designed varied facial contours. Long-shaped. Oval-shaped. Round and stout faces greatly benefit from the best sunglasses for eye protection. That it fully protects the eyes and also maintains a commercial traction is one ability of the product that keeps me in awe.

The glasses are also expected to last given their strong-resistance to scratching and impact. From my own experience, I can dare say that it’s highly durable. In addition to that, the glasses don’t loosen up in time. They, in their frame, remain as comfortably tight as they are on first use. 

The best feature about the product lies in its lens. The lens, unlike average ones, don’t suppress color and hue. Wearing them feels like nothing changed from the eyes’ perspectives. But what’s the noticeable difference then? That would be the absence of the glare. 


  • Quick & Easy Fit
  • Highly Comfortable
  • 99.9% Protection from UVA, UVC & UVB Rays
  • Added TPR Temples
  • MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 Compliant
  • Beautiful Design
  • Fully Flexible Nylon Frame
  • Polycarbonate Scratch-Resistant Lens
  • All-Facial-Type Match
  • Highly Durable
  • Discreet Eye Shield Effect


  • Some Inconsistent Color Shades in Lens

Why choose it?

  • It would not be snatching our “Top Pick” trophy had it known secured its reputation over the years; this MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 compliant polarized safety glasses by the Edge Eyewear brand literally have everything you need. 

2. Wiley X Sunglasses

best cheap polarized sunglasses

Wiley X’s ergonomic protective glasses feel bold, neat, yet charmingly effective, hence its “Premium Pick” reputation. 

  • Precise Grey-Reducing Technology
  • Max Glare Reduction Capacity
  • Solid Frames
  • Premium Quality
  • T-Shaped Lens Coating

Firstly, they great at motion. Reviewers state they’re especially great at driving. Reducing the glare, the naturally stabilizing grey-colored lens calm rapidly moving spectrums across. Intensified by their precise grey-reducing technology, high velocity finds no place with these premium glasses around. 

Now, let’s dip our fingers into this kind of technology. What’s in it really? Experts call it the Max Glare Reduction with no internal color. This technology maintains the color from the viewing reference to keep light from deflecting. 

Deflection is the primary cause of distortions in the view. To avoid it, the glasses prevent light transmission by 15%. Caused by glare, moving shadows, deflected light, evaporated heat (as in mirages), distortion puts drivers to accident risks. This, among several velocity distortions warrant the demand for no-color and/or precise grey-reducing technologies in glasses. 

They’re durable too, say a lot of reviewers. Sleek and craftly-packaged, these glasses come with a case, leash cord, and a lens cloth. All accessories mentioned herein are proven to be made from high-quality material. 

The product’s sleekness and durability prep it for years or even decades of prolonged functionality. But, beyond its unmistakable sleekness peeks in a high-fashion potential materialized by its t-shaped lens coating. 

The main problem users have with these premium glasses is their incapacity to cover the whole eyes. 


  • Visually-Stabilizing Grey-Colored Lens
  • Precise Grey-Reducing Technology
  • Max Glare Reduction Capacity
  • No Internal Color
  • Highly Durable, Sleek & Craftly-Packaged
  • Downed Light Transmission by 15%
  • Added Case, Leash Cord & Lens Cloth
  • T-Shaped Lens Coating


  • Incapacity to Fully Cover Eyes

Why choose it?

  • This premium and best sunglasses for UV protection by Wiley X soothes busy eyes on the road with its high-technology advantage. 

3. Edge ‘Brazeau Torque’ Glasses

best sunglasses for uv protection

Highly durable, this pair of polarized sunglasses by the Edge Eyewear can withstand and repel all motion, pressure and dangerous UV rays while lasting for months to a year, thus earning itself the “Best Value” nod. 

  • Brazeau Torque Matte Frame Polarized Smoke Lens
  • Extra-Thick & Deep Fashionable Glasses
  • Highly Versatile
  • All-Fitting
  • Lightweight

Reviewers were especially fond of the pair’s neutral stylish-casual command edged by its boldness and versatility. If only its plastic material is stronger than it looks, it would have been perfect. At least, it’s got the highest functionality in our list.

If there’s good out of its light plastic material, it would be the fact that it’s bendable, versatile and easy-fit. Having said that, it would be safe to conclude that it fits all facial structures. One can immediately feel that upon use.

Also highly comfortable as it does not fall off easily even when you bend or tilt to an angle, the product is sure to keep fit without being too tight. Now, we can say that it’s fair advantage for wearers who are in constant motion. 

Some users wonder why its plastic frames are not symmetrical when they’re a good fit. The answer lies in the depth of the glasses. Their depth requires a re-angled turn to better cover the eyes. Therefore, it’s asymmetry comes with a fulfilled purpose. 


  • Neutral Stylish-Casual Command
  • Bold & Versatile Design
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy & All-Fitting
  • Versatile & Flexible Frames
  • Best for Physically Active Wearers
  • Added Depth on Scratch-Resistant Glasses 


  • Low-Quality Plastic Material
  • Asymmetrical Frames
  • Awkward Nose Pads

Why choose it?

  • This pair of polarized safety glasses by the Edge Eyewear brand fits all facial angles without being too tight; they’re just right for physically-active wearers. You wont regret it from our list of best polarized safety glasses.

4. Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses 

best sunglasses for eye protection

An equally-impressive pair of polarized safety sunglasses by the Edge Eyewear brand once again makes it on our list as an extra-darkened and tightened pair glasses.

  • Added Comfort in Nose Pads
  • MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 compliant
  • Extra-Flexible Nylon Frame
  • Scratch-Resistant Lenses
  • 99.% Protection Against UVA, UVB & UVC Light Rays

One reviewer narrated that the glasses felt tight and awkward at first use. However, after just an hour of continued usage, they felt nothing at all. Fitting perfectly, the glasses are also extra-tight. Perhaps, it could improve by adding some adjustments in its fit.

The glasses are also extra-darkened. Certainly, no glare is allowed to pass through glasses into the eyes. And while some complain that they’re too dark, most prefer them as they are. In its fairest review, the product emerges as absolute perfection in terms of protection, a gem in the list of best polarized safety glasses.

Bearing a distinct stylishness, the product prevails more as a party gear. Despite such narrowed reputation, it still manages to function on casual occasions– just an ordinary drive across the city, a calm wear while tending the garden, and a lot more. Definitely the best inexpensive sunglasses polarized.

Its only feature users’ otherwise condemn as counterproductive is its TPR temple. Instead of working to smoothen the lock-in process, the feature bulges as an annoying attachment after an hour’s use. Fortunately, manufacturers are now addressing this issue for their latest 2020 releases. 

Other drawbacks of the product include a weak rubber bottom hold and an otherwise smaller frame width. 


  • Extra-Tightened & Darkened Glasses
  • 100% Protection from Glare; Absolutely Perfect Protective Performance
  • Distinct Stylishness & Fashion
  • Highly Flexible Frames
  • Scratch-Resistant Lenses
  • Precise Light-Blocking Action


  • Awkward TPR Temple
  • Weak Rubber Bottom
  • Smaller Frame Width

Why choose it?

  • This best cheap polarized sunglasses satisfy users who are extra-sensitive to light. 

5. MCR Safety Safety Glasses 

best inexpensive sunglasses polarized

MCR Safety’s polarized protective glasses are unique, colorful and on-trend without risking high-protection efficiency. 

  • Polarized Dominator DM3 Gun Metal Fire Safety Glasses
  • MAX3, MAX6, or BOSSMAN Mirror coatings
  • Italian Fashion
  • Giddy & Sporty Design
  • Multi-Colored Package 

Certainly, this product is way too dense for one label. It’s accessorised yet dainty feel simply states that beauty need not be excessive. It feels just right at one wear. It’s everything in one pair. And, while it is not entirely perfect, it has been improving throughout the years.

The lenses’ Bossman Blue Diamond Mirror Duramass HC finish ruled out as anti-scratch models that continually redefine how mirrored glasses are perceived in the trendy era. With their impact-resistant surface coating, the glasses mark what we now know as polarized performance.

Pro-graded for police and military use, the sunglasses remain casual, thanks to their neutral prettiness. This further leads to their unmistakable protection performance. 

The product also comes with a sturdy neck chord and cleaning case. An overall sturdy and flexible material, it requires the least maintenance possible. Propelled by co-injected soft and core wires that enable nose pads and TPR temples adjustment, it fulfills a most-comfortable fit. 

The product is especially a win-win when it comes to its TPR temples quality. Intelligently placed, the TPR temples feature maximizes the sunglasses’ comfort, shortening the fitting process to seconds. 

Some users are not pleased by its other luminous colors though. Describing them as distracting, out-of-place, and unusual. For the good eye however, the yellow frame elicits a giddy feel. 

Other drawbacks of the product include a cheap rubber bottom and a tendency to easily lose out frame hold within a month’s use. 


  • Accessorized & Dainty Feel
  • Blue Diamond Mirror Duramass HC finish; Anti-Scratch Lens
  • Mirrored Glasses
  • Pro-Graded for Police & Military Use
  • Sturdy Neck Cord & Cleaning Case
  • Best TPR Temples Adjustment


  • Unusual Multi-Colors & Shades
  • Cheap Rubber Bottom
  • Tendency to Easily Lose Out Frame Hold

Why choose it?

  • The sunglasses, beyond protecting the eyes, provide the wearers a unique feel and look. 

6. Crossfire Safety Glasses 

best polarized sunglasses for the money

Crossfire’s latest polarized safety glasses effortlessly make it on our list as a premium, yet practically efficient product!

  • 21427 ES4 Polarized Safety Glasses
  • Silver Mirror Polarized Lens
  • Black Frame Attraction
  • Precise Gripping Technology
  • Efficient Polarized Protection

Its problematic snapping ridges are merely eclipsed by its wonderful glasses, great design and efficient protection. Reviewers are greatly satisfied by the sunglasses’ light and comfortable fit. 

Armed with all premium accessories, the product still manages to prioritize practical purposes– protection, fit, and style. Measuring just right, the glasses (unlike other brands) are not an inch closer to resembling a bug’s eyes. They’re just regular-sized glasses that manage to cover both eyes. 

Among the other features mentioned, its polarization quality earns the highest respect from users. Designed with optimum and precise light-blocking performance, it keeps a neutral shade from within and without. Meaning, it doesn’t feel too dark from the user’s perspective. 

Users heavily compare its glasses to Maul Jim’s. And, you simply can’t blame them. With the 21427 ES4 pattern, both models should fall under the same premise. 

The sunglasses can be too light, but they surely don’t fall out. Screwed to grip for hours, it’s proven to stay in the face despite motion. More so, the glasses don’t feel too tight. While this claim warrants looking into among wide-faced individuals, it rings true for most users.

Other drawbacks of the product include scratchable lens and some shipping problems.


  • Great Design
  • Efficient Protection
  • Light & Comfortable Fit
  • Perfectly-Sized Glasses
  • High Polarization Performance Quality
  • Precise Grip


  • Snapping Ridges
  • Scratchable Lens
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • The product is both premium and practical– securing a grip and fit that’s just right for all.

7. 3M Fuel X2P Safety Glass

Ranking among the most highly accessorized polarized safety glasses, this topnotch product from the 3M Safety brand stands out as accommodatingly functional masterpiece.

  • Black Frame & Grey Polarized Lens
  • Certified Polarized Lens
  • Highly Durable
  • With Added Accessories
  • Mildly-Tinted Glasses

With mildly-tinted glasses, it surely protects the eyes from the summer glare. Made to fit right at first use, it’s ranked as one of the most versatile products on our list. It’s also highly durable. 

One reviewer praises it for its capacity to sustain in the midst of impact, pressure, chipping, etc. Light but not feeling empty, its overall frame stands out as a grooved two-tone design, further strengthening the package’s durability. 

All its accessories– anti-scratch lens coating, adjustable nose bridge and nosepiece, dual molded temples, lanyard, microfiber storage bag, etc.– function in their expected quality, lest the what it’s manufacturers claim it to be. 

Thanks to these added features and accessories, its loose fit is unnoticed. Still, such disadvantage warrants further improvements in the future. Albeit the potential of its lose grip to be tightened, it still rings as a concern.

Some reviewers are also critical about the slightly distorted view of the lens due to excessive depth. For some users with healthy and normal sight though, the lens seem fine. But for the ones with poor eyesight, the lenses are actually detrimental to good view.


  • Mildly-Tinted Glasses
  • Highly Durable
  • Impact-Resistant Frames
  • Scratch-Resistant Glasses
  • Grooved Two-tone Design
  • Added Effective Accessories


  • Loose Fit
  • Excessively Deepened Lenses
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • This second best inexpensive polarized sunglasses ranks among the brands with complete accessories and a strong command for safety. 

8. Crossfire Eyewear Safety Glasses 

Best Polarized Safety Glasses

Crossfire’s latest pair of polarized sunglasses play between beauty and protection, earning a high quality commercial name in the making. 

  • High-Definition Brown Polarized Lens
  • Crystal Brown Frame Design
  • Rubber Nosepiece
  • High-Quality Commercial Package
  • 291113 Es5 Polarized Safety Glasses Model

Simple, yet elegant. The glasses are straightforward when it comes to quick fit. Optically clear, the overall sunglasses are rated to be optically sharp. Supplementing its elegance, the optical and 100% polarized glasses make for a beautiful summer wear.

Its arms open wide. For some, they’re too long that they pass through the ear. This proves most uncomfortable especially when one puts on a hat. For the practical wearer though, this means a quick and sturdy grip. 

Also known to be sturdy, the product resists breakage and scratches. It can stay on for years of abuses. It’s also a low-maintenance package. So while it’s devoid of other accessories, it still completes an elegant look. 

The shade of the glasses can be a bit too light though. This means that slight glare can get through them. But rest assured, no dangerous UV rays go unfiltered. 

Reviewers also praise it for its high comfortability. While it may feel to light in general, as long as it doesn’t break apart, it should do. But that does not mean that it can’t improve particularly on its sleekness. 

Other drawbacks of the product include a cheap plastic material and a tendency for the temple pads to flip out. 


  • Simple & Elegant Design
  • Quick, Easy & Straightforward Fit
  • Optically Sharp
  • 100% Polarized Glasses
  • Anti-Scratch & Impact Glasses
  • Durable & Comfortable


  • Excessively Long/Wide Arms
  • Excessively Light Glasses
  • Cheap Plastic Material
  • Extremely Light Frame

Why choose it?

  • For the practical users who prefer an easy fit without much accessories, this product surely satisfies. 

9. Crossfire 23226 Safety Glasses 

best sunglasses for uv protection

Another Crossfire masterpiece makes it on our list bearing an all-sport wonder, intact with all polarized protection agencies. 

  • 23226 Rpg Polarized Safety Glasses Quality
  • Classic Crossfire Signature
  • High-Quality Blue Shade
  • Great & Comfortable Fit
  • Imported Quality

Coming in as one of the most layered colored pairs on our list, this other great product by the Crossfire shares a large portion of the qualities of is preceding model– simplicity, lightness, comfort, and durability. But above all, as mentioned, it stands out with a clear and layered blue. 

A great achievement by this product that is not present in the former is its darker polarized tint. Despite the tint, it showcases clear visual from the perspective of the eyes. Alongside that, it’s external blue, almost resembling mirrored glasses, changes in shade at certain angles. 

Both reviewers and expert highly regard the product as a sports tool. Highly secure and justly tight, it’s frame does not lose grip anytime. Like most products mentioned herein, it does stay on the face despite motion. 

Perhaps a thing or two that’s missing from this product is a tight bottom rubber and comfortable pair of nose pads. The nose pads for instance, don’t just sit still in place even with the nosepiece attachments latched. This can be quite uncomfortable to some. 

Now, thanks to its overall support and intensively polarized lens, all these faults are briefly forgiven.  By all means, the entire premise of the sunglasses not only protects the eyes from harmful UV rays, but also relaxes the eye balls. In the absence of the completely polarized lens, such comfort would not have been possible. 


  • Simple & Light
  • Comfortable Wear
  • Highly Durable
  • Well-Shaded Blue Color
  • Clear Visual; No Internal Color
  • Best for Sports and Other Physical Activities


  • Uncomfortable Nose Pads
  • Weak Bottom Rubber
  • Cheap Plastic Finish
  • Lack of Sleekness

Why choose it?

  • These protective sunglasses are a great fit for workouts, sports and other physical activities. 

10. Ergodyne Safety Sunglasses

best cheap polarized sunglasses

Talking about toughness, it’s hard to miss Ergodyne’s latest polarized safety sunglasses!

  • Skullerz Dagr Design Frame
  • Copper Lens
  • Black Frame
  • ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 + & MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Impact-Approved
  • Impact-Resistant Finish

The Ergodyne brand has had carved a reputation out of the toughness of its materials. Running at the same pace with that of  Wiley X and Edge Eyewear’s champions, this brand recently earned the ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 + & MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Impact. 

Earning the tag isn’t an easy fit. That is one sure thing. But the brand still made it in 2020 through its latest Skullerz Dagr polarized model! It sure wasn’t easy for  the manufacturers to get away from its past’s poor records. 

Some time in 2019, complaints about the frame’s wobbly screws, poor plastic material, and breakable arms circulated around several review sites. Fortunately, improvements have certainly made it in the new entries this year. That should be a sounding relief for Ergodyne fans. 

One sure thing about the brand’s products is that they’re a work in progress. Despite complaints raised about them, their manufacturers manage to instantly deal with the problems in the shortest period of time. 

The product’s new and improved temple accessory slot, strengthened anti-scratch and UV-protection lens, non-slip design, fog-off options, and a lot more were only recently added during the last half of 2019. One can just simply picture out the height of its improvement over a few months before. 

Personally, I find the product’s polarization options to be highly satisfying; these options allow the user to brighten or darken the lens in command. And, the options are proven to be 100% effective. 

With the options at hand, users no longer have to squirt their eyes or force them to focus on the view. What a win, indeed!

Some drawbacks of the product remain unaddressed though. These include loose nose piece, poor packaging, awkward temple pad placement, and some shipping problems. 


  • Strengthened Anti-Scratch Quality Lens
  • Increased UV-Protection Capacity
  • Non-Slip Design
  • Fog-Off Options
  • Polarization Options
  • Highly Durable


  • Loose Nose Piece 
  • Poor Packaging
  • Awkward Temple Pad Feel
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • This product is especially tough; it greatly matches construction workers, engineers, etc. It also fits other users, thanks to its casual design.

11. Skullerz Odin Polarized Safety Sunglasses

best inexpensive sunglasses polarized

Behold! Another Ergodyne polarized safety sunglasses item makes it on our list. This time, it impresses with an updated UV-protection performance and a dust-blocking gasket.

  • Skullerz Odin Design Frame
  • Matte Gray Frame
  • Smoke Lens
  • Dust-Blocking Gasket
  • ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 & MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Impact-Approved

Also tough thanks to its impact-resisting finish, ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 & MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Impact, durable full frame, added polarization options, non-slip design, updated UV-protection performance, and a dust-blocking gasket, this older product from the Ergodyne brand secures a place in our list!

Suppose the previous model is ranked up with several tests, this one gets the most number of testings since 2018. So, compared to the former, this one tends to be a veteran in the continual upgrade business. 

It still manages to disappoint several users though. Yes, it’s tough, but not necessarily comfortable. It’s got hyperbold serious look and feel so that it looks too serious on fancy wearers. While it may fall under the extreme, sporty group of glasses, it just tends to be a handful when it comes to matching. 

It’s got quite a number of design options to choose from (although most of these variants hardly differ from the other). The dust-blocking gasket acts as the overarching framework of the variants. A lot of choice for one of the best polarized safety glasses.

Gasket types include the Odin, Baldr, and Kvasir. Any one of these variants can be indicated in the order details. If you find it difficult to name your preferred variant, you can reach the customer service anytime.

The other notable disadvantages of the product have to do with its poor shade color, snapping ridges, uncomfortable fit, peeling paint, and a problematic anti-fog mechanism. 


  • Constantly Tested & Evaluated
  • Added Polarization Options
  • Strengthened UV-Protection Performance
  • Non-Slip Design
  • Highly Durable Frame
  • Dust-Blocking Gasket


  • Poor Shade Color
  • Snapping Ridges; 
  • Uncomfortable Fit; Overly Bold Design
  • Peeling Paint
  • Problematic Anti-Fog Mechanism

Why choose it?

  • Ergodyne’s fine product especially works to block dust and other harmful elements from your eyes, making itself the perfect fit for construction work. 

12. KLEENGUARD Polarized Safety Glasses

best polarized sunglasses for the money

The Kleenguard brand’s ideal polarized safety sun/glasses item is all about safety, comfort and fun. 

  • V30 Nemesis Quality
  • Imbedded Storage & Keeping via Lanyard
  • Polarized Brown Lens
  • ANSI Z87.1+ certified
  • Other Added Features

This item from Kleenguard no longer requires conscious handling, storage and overall safe-keeping all thanks to its super-flexible frames. Attached to the tip of the frame’s arms is the lanyard. Consequently, mature users couldn’t be much happier. 

Also known for its topnotch durability, the product bears an enhanced (specifically level V30) sizing and compliance, not so much on protection. The compliance of the product is measured by how light and comfortable it feels. That also includes its fit. 

The lanyard, also working as a neck cord, might tend to be counterproductive  at certain circumstances. Sometimes, it tightens up the fit; sometimes, it loses the grip. Does it keep the glasses safe? Yes. That should be its consolation. 

The glasses are fiercely coated with anti-scratch finish, definitely a must-have from our list of best polarized safety glasses. But here’s the catch! You see, Nemesis polarization qualities are known for their thin UV-protective layers. Albeit the brand’s relentless defenses in the past, its manufacturers and/or sellers still have much to prove about its protectivity. 

So what’s the only safety we can depend on the product? Storage safety, and not anything else. Heartbreaking as its fate is, the product still reigns as one of the most comfortable gears on our list. 

Keep your head up! It still works as powerfully as Wiley X when it comes to reducing glare. Overall, it’s an ANSI Z87.1+ certified tool (impact-resistant standard) for all generations. 

Other problems with the product include the lack of solid support, some shipping problems, poor nose piece quality, and a cheap rubber bottom.


  • Super-Flexible Frames
  • V30 Level Sizing & Compliance
  • Anti-Scratch Glasses/Lens
  • Glare-Reducing 
  • High-Fashion
  • No Internal Color


  • Lack of Solid Support
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Poor Nose Piece Quality
  • Cheap Rubber Bottom
  • Volatile Lanyard/Neck Cord

Why choose it?

  • The product has proven-and-tested toughness and comfortability that makes it a great sporty wear. 

13. BELINOUS Safety Glasses Sunglasses 

best polarized sunglasses

When it comes to optimum integration of advanced upgraded features, BELINOUS’ safety glasses eternally reserves a spot on our list!

  • Motorcycle Riding Glasses/Goggles
  • 1 Copper Smoke Clear Yellow Lens
  • Black Frame
  • Motion & Impact-Resistant
  • 4 Interchangeable Lens

It’s four glasses in one buy! This, above everything else, makes it a worthy item. Complete with a hard-case container, a set of microfiber cleaning pads, some lens foam pads, an extra-sturdy strap, considered as one of the best polarized safety glasses, and a test pattern checker God knows can be useful, this latest Belinous masterpiece is difficult to ignore.

With advanced features– TR-90 frame, ear padding & hinge vent, polycarbonate lenses, and an all-fitting breadth– this set of polarized sunglasses easily matches up to MCR Safety, Edge Eyewear, and Wiley X’s models. 

The TR-90 frame, a Switzerland-standard frame expansion, enables the entire frame to stretch and bend, and fit all facial sizes. The tender rubber material making up the ear padding secures comfort to the wearer. Having proven to stay intact to the ears, the sunglasses’ frame resists sporty motion and even impact. 

Albeit its colored internal lens, the product manages to provide clear visuals to the wearer. But I personally think it’s got unnecessarily thicker hues. That would be the first thing, amidst a dozen other issues, I’d like the manufacturers to improve from the product. 

Apart from the pattern checker, its detachable sport headband deems useless to some users in the context of the existing strap. Whereas, it, at least, isn’t counterproductive. 

Other problems with the product include the lack of polarization options, a slim rubber holding, and cheap colorizations.


  • Added Advanced Features: TR-90 Frame, Ear Padding & Hinge Vent & Polycarbonate Lens
  • EVA Hard Case Container
  • Microfiber Cleaning Pads
  • Lens Foam Pads
  • Extra-Sturdy Strap


  • Limited Polarization Options
  • Slim Rubber Holding
  • Cheap Colorizations
  • Internally Colored & Hued
  • Useless Detachable Sport Headband

Why choose it?

  • Complete with integrated advanced options, this currently upgraded protective safety sunglasses by the Belinous brand proves most useful during highly active feats

14. KLEENGUARD V30 Safety Glasses

best safety glasses

Another Kleenguard item ranks up this year; bearing the same Nemesis mark, a wraparound comfort on-the-job, this toughened pair of glasses eternally satisfies. 

  • Polarized Smoke Lens
  • Gunmetal Frame
  • V-30 Level Quality
  • ANSI Z87.1+ certified
  • Other Added Features

They’ve all said it, it works just as effectively as the former feature. Impressing with its usual flexibility, high-fashion, V30-level sizing, among others, this trustworthy product is only a bar behind its predecessor. 

It just couldn’t beat the former with its glare-reducing feature though, a secret formula added to the mix. As one wears it, one immediately feels that something’s missing in the whole wrap. Is it sufficiently unique? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Is to ordinary? Not on its own, it isn’t. In the context of other brand entries, it stands out. 

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It fits large heads comfortably. Supported by its equally compact temple pad, it should exude confidence in the wearer. Aptly complementing to maximise their adjacent straps, the arms wrap securely around larger head dimensions. 

What the nose pads lack, the rubber bottom makes up for. Hollowed out (whether it’s intentional or not) to yield breathability, the whole lower section of the frame softens upon contact with skin. 

Meeting ANSI Z87.1+ standards in terms of impact-resistance, the product is a proven tough shell. You can bend and throw it at your will, and it’ll still retain in shape. Whereas, its former model shies away in this context. It is concerned as one of the best polarized sunglasses for the money.

Its other disadvantages see a lack in solidity, lens firmnes, polarization options, and some shipping problems. 


  • Super-Flexible Frames
  • V30 Level Sizing & Compliance
  • Anti-Scratch Glasses/Lens
  • High-Fashion
  • No Internal Color


  • Lack of Solid Support
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Poor Nose Piece Quality
  • Lack of Lens Firmness & Polarization Options
  • Dim View

Why choose it?

  • This Kleengard product is all about flexibility, durability and safety– all necessary traits for withstanding physically-demanding tasks. 

15. YIMI Polarized Sunglasses  

best sunglasses for eye protection

Yimi’s leading polarized safety sun/glasses redefines glass protection with its Photochromic Design. 

  • Z87-Patterned Model
  • Sports Wear
  • Male & Female Fit
  • High-Fashion Glasses
  • Photochromic Design

What is Photochromic Design? Simply said, it’s a smart auto-conscious technology that enables the polaroid protection shade to adjust depending on the intensity of the UV ray concentration. As it does so, given that it isn’t internally-colored, it hardly blocks or so the wearer’s perception. 

However, since it’s designed to be a sports wear, it’s protective tendencies lag off when the wearer is not in motion. What’s the worst that could happen? The polarization refocuses each time, unprecedentedly admitting glare all throughout. 

Because of such condition, this item has been considered by some experts as a non-generic functioning wear. Therefore, it simply isn’t for all. In the context of sports use, it deems to be highly functional. 

Apart from its photochromic design, it’s got a heightened UV400 lens protective capacity. Meaning, it accurately blocks all glares when it motion. Experts suggest tightening up its nose pads for a narrower wrap. With that ensured, it can be trained to respond to even the slightest movement. 

Other problems with the product concern a lack of solid support, a cheap plastic material, a tendency for the lens to pop out in pressure, and an uncomfortably light feel. 


  • Photochromic Design
  • Heightened UV400 Lens
  • High-Fashion
  • No Internal Color
  • Motion-Sensitive; 100% for Sports


  • Lack of Solid Support
  • Cheap Plastic Material
  • Tendency for the Lens to Pop Out due to Pressure
  • Erratic Polarization Performance
  • Hard Rubber Feel

Why choose it?

  • This high-quality product is auto-intelligent hardwired to support the eyes in the prospect of sports and other physical activities. 

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Polarized Safety Glasses

These are important things to consider when buying polarized safety glasses.

The safety rating

Any type of eyewear should be marked ANSI Z87.1 standards. This means that the product has been tested and meets the requirement for the criteria of safe eyewear. 

Also, this marking will ensure that what you are buying are indeed safety glasses. Safety glasses should bear permanent and legible markings.

Comfort and design

The designs may not be that important. But nobody wants to wear eyewear that doesn’t look good on them. Especially if you’re going to wear it for 8 hours of work. Or at least it must look decent enough for your face.

Also, it must have a comfortable fit, not too tight or too loose. It should not interfere with your work or your physical activities.

Some brands have extra features that can make the polarized safety glasses more comfortable such as soft nose pieces, rubber temples, and ergonomic frames. Some sizes and styles are suitable for your face shape and size. 

UV protection

Lenses with UV protection will be able to block most of the sun’s harmful rays. This can protect your eyes from the glare and the UV rays. But it should not interfere with the lenses’ performance and clarity. The lens should still be clear even if it has sufficient UV protection.

Look for a 90-10 percent protective rate. This will give ultimate protection for your eyes. 

Material of the lens

To get the best pair of polarized safety glasses, look for ANSI and CSA-approved scratch-resistant lenses. Moreover, these types of lenses are clear. Also, keeping your lenses free from scratches will ensure that they stay clear for a long time.

Polarized Safety Glasses

What are Polarized Glasses?

The best polarized safety glasses are like any sunglasses, only that they’re wrapped in glare-reducing finish to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays

Some products have added protective layers for increased protection. Increased protection means clearer perspective wherein one no longer has to squint his/her eyes when focusing at glaring subject.

The optical clarity is the key purpose of the best safety glasses. Some safety glasses, depending on their design and the material they’re made, are used for driving, sports, construction work, etc. 

In the case if Wiley X’s model, visual stabilization is an observed trend. The naturally stabilizing grey-coloured lens calm rapidly moving spectrums across. Intensified by their precise grey-reducing technology, high velocity finds no place with these premium glasses around. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Polarized Safety Glasses

Before buying polarized lenses, take time to read through the pros and cons. This will let you know what you should expect from your purchase.

Advantages of polarized safety glasses

Polarized safety lenses are perfect when you’re out in the bright sun. Let us dabble some more on why you should get them. 

  • Enhance visual comfort when you’re out in the sun
  • Reduce that percent of glare your eye receives
  • Polarized glasses let you see things in better contrast.
  • Provides better vision clarity when you are out in the sun.
  •  You will avoid eye fatigue-related headaches.
  • Reduces the harmful impact of UVA and UVB lights
  • Makes it easier to see beneath the surface of the water.
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Makes your eyes feel relaxed and comfortable when you’re out in bright light
  • They also work in the shade, unlike regular sunglasses.
  •  Very useful for the winter season.
  • Safe for use by everyone
  • The lenses come in a variety of color options. And each lens color has specific benefits.

Disadvantages of polarized safety glasses

And here are some reasons and situations when wearing one can be counterproductive and harmful. 

  • Difficult to the view LCD screen
  • If you are working with equipment or machines that use LCD screens, you should not use polarized lenses while at work. 
  • Sometimes, you tend to see window grids on the lenses.
  • Polarized safety glasses are more expensive.

Types of Polarized Lenses and Their Benefits

As mentioned above, polarized lenses come in an array of colors. And each color has a specific benefit.

1. Rose lenses

 These can sharpen focus and contrast in numerous bright conditions. If you have migraines, these are the perfect lenses too. These can help reduce the risk of having migraine attacks. 

2. Yellow lenses

 Yellow lenses block the blue light spectrum, thus, it can help eye fatigue and eye strain.

3. Green lenses

These lenses have superior filtering capabilities. This is suitable for extreme glare situations.

4. Brown lenses

These are perfect for bright light conditions. It’s also ideal if it is a bit cloudy outside.


Does a 100% UV-protection immediately mean that the pair of safety glasses is polarized?

Yes. For a pair of glasses to be considered polarized, it has to exhibit at least a 100% UV protection rate.

How do polarized glasses reduce glare?

The polarized glasses reduce glare by filtering the horizontal wave of light and allowing instead, the vertical wave. 

Do polarized safety glasses cause headache?

No. They don’t. 

Do all safety glasses have UV-protection mechanism?

No. Not all safety glasses have UV-protection mechanism. Only the ones that meet ANSI/CSA standards are certified to have UV-protection mechanism in them. 

How do I know if the lenses are polarized?

You will know it by simply wearing the glasses and assessing the degree of glare being blocked. The lesser the glare, the more polarized lenses. 


The best-polarized safety glasses will not only protect your eyes but can also improve your performance at work or play. And keep in mind to buy only from reliable brands. Some unscrupulous sellers sell polarized safety glasses that are not the real deal.  

Keep in mind that for polarized glasses to serve you well, it has to have built-in UVA and UVB protection. And there are a lot of faux polarized safety glasses in the market that lack these.

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