10 Best Pocket Door Hardware [2021 Updated]

Do you have problems with your doors? Or maybe you need better functionality in them? If so, then below you can find the best pocket door hardware to facilitate the use of your doors.

These are different implements and pocket door systems with great efficiency and quality. In this way, you will avoid spending hours researching what are the most appropriate options to obtain.

After choosing the best pocket door hardware, you only need a few tools and a few minutes to install. It is a good business to take into account that you will obtain greater efficiency in the use of all your doors.

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  1. Baldwin Estate – Pocket door pull
  2. IDH by St. Simons
  3. Prime-Line – Pocket Door Handle and Pull

10 Best Pocket Doors Hardware

From this point, you will be able to verify which are the best 10 options that are available in the market. So, to get a wise and accurate choice, you must pay attention to each of the characteristics of the following products.

1. Johnson Hardware – Sliding Door Hardware

First, we found these sliding door hardware that can offer a commercial grade. That is why it offers a length of 72 inches. Along with this, this set of tools includes the corresponding solid nylon wheel. Therefore, getting a smooth movement when using the door will be easy.

It is an excellent option for those pocket doors. This includes those installations where there are sliding doors or also custom doors. You will get a 125-pound capacity. 

Therefore it is a set of high-quality implements. Simply by purchasing this kit, you can install it on all types of compatible doors.

One of its strong points is its patented design. This design is designed to offer functionality and efficiency in all kinds of situations. So you can use this set of parts in a 2 x 4 interior wall construction. You should also have a minimum door thickness of 1 inch.

Materials offer the durability and strength you need. You will have an aluminum rail that is ANSI certified. 

Along with this, the rails offer a convex shape. This is because its design is thought to provide extended useful life. Being a product made in the United States, quality is assured.

With which, you will not waste time installing these parts. Just by following the instructions, any newbie will be able to mount the installation properly


  • Solid nylon wheel
  • Offers 72 inches
  • Solid and quality materials


  • Minimal knowledge required for installation

Why should you buy it?

Because it is one of the most convenient themes that adapt to various door styles. Comfort and durability will be obtained in the same set of parts.

2. Tibres – Flush Pull Handle for Sliding

Another of the excellent implements that the market offers in these times is this handle for sliding doors. It is a piece mainly in black color, with a length of 7 inches. You will get durability, strength, and confidence in this piece. 

This door handle is made of the highest quality materials. Also, it includes a layer of anti-corrosion powder, so the paint will remain intact.

On the other hand, it is a piece with multifunctional use. This is because this flush door handle can be used on cabinet doors, barn sliding doors, common sliding doors, and pocket doors. 

Without a doubt, it is an excellent option for various types of applications, commercial or residential. Besides, it is an option compatible with wooden, steel, or even aluminum doors.

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Use this part on both exterior doors and interior doors. Weather conditions will not harm this piece in any way. As an additional point, this piece offers an elegant design. So you can improve the look of any door by installing this implement.

It is also very simple and quick to install, which means that anyone can mount this part. Also, you can mount this piece on the surface of any door. This means that you will not need to work inside the door.

You can install this accessory only using the two screws that are included. So it is a simple and highly functional option.


  • Excellent level of functionality
  • Strong materials
  • Elegant design
  • Simple installation


  • Surface grip handle

Why should you buy it?

Because this simple piece can offer you greater comfort when opening your door. It will also give you a more elegant and attractive appearance in the place that you apply these accessories.

3. Johnson Hardware – Pocket Door Frame

In the case of people looking for a pocket door frame, they may consider this model as one of the most appropriate. This set of parts is an excellent choice for commercial or residential uses. 

Therefore, excellent quality is offered for each of the materials included in the kit. You will be able to install these parts on a recessed door, which must be in a 2 x 4 stud wall.

You will be able to save a certain amount of floor space. This is because you will not need the so-called “swings”. In this way, you will have excellent privacy in the same standard door. Whether you’re a DIY hobbyist or a builder, this pocket door frame is one of the best options.

You will also have the new steel posts for this door frame. Compared to previous models, in this case, it offers greater durability and resistance to each of the materials. 

Along with this, the new steel posts offer greater rigidity. Besides, they are compatible with doors 1 ¾ inch thick. You will not need an adapter kit.

Each of the anchors for the floor is self-adjusting and manages to allow good seating of the floor. Along with this, the horizontal alignment of the guide and the head is not altered. Also, the convex rails in the box track can provide free and smooth movement. 

You will have a set of pieces that includes an appropriate design. This design distributes weight evenly to extend life.

One of the strengths of this set of parts is the installation. In a simple and fast process, you can start installing each of these parts. 

In turn, you will not need to buy any additional utensils, since everything necessary is included. You will not need to do any drilling. Also, the arches can be cut to better adapt to the size of your door.


  • Excellent quality of materials
  • Simple installation
  • Comfortable operation


  • Includes low resistance wood

Why should you buy it?

When applying this set of parts, whether, in a home or a shop, the efficiency of your sliding door will be more convenient. You and others will notice the difference.

4. Baldwin Estate – Pocket door pull

One of the best features of the doors is comfort along with durability. Therefore, here we find an accessory that will provide greater comfort to your sliding door. It is a single piece that manages to give you more efficient handling of the same door.

You will be able to completely hide your sliding door, and then use this piece to close the room. This door pull gives you the ability to save space by allowing you to completely hide your sliding door. 

So you can apply this piece to sliding doors in hallways, laundry, bathroom, or even closet doors. This piece greatly facilitates closing and opening.

This accessory for your door will include a spring that re-accommodates the flush lever along with the faceplate. On the other hand, slim design is included to adapt to different types and styles of sliding doors. 

You only need to have a depth of 1.62 inches at your door, and a height of 3.87 inches. In this way, you can install and start enjoying the comfort of this piece.

You will get a set of parts with everything you need for the installation. Simply put, the main piece is included along with two screws that are applied at the bottom and top. In this way, a secure and resistant grip is obtained. 

As a bonus, this door pull is made from the highest quality materials. Which means more confidence in this product.


  • Great pocket door compatibility
  • Excellent quality
  • Good resistance
  • Nice and functional design


  • Intermediate quality screws

Why should you buy it?

If you intend to save some space without losing functionality, then this accessory is the ideal option. You will be able to notice the efficiency of this simple implement every time you use your door.

5. IDH by St. Simons

This is another of the compact models that can offer you excellent performance. First of all, it is a piece of excellent quality. Specifically, it is made of premium solid brass. This will allow you to obtain a long and appropriate service life for various types of doors.

Besides, one of its strong points is simple and fast installation. In just a few steps, you can enjoy the functionality of this piece on your doorstep. Being a small and compact accessory it is highly compatible with different types of doors. 

Whether it is interior doors or exterior doors, this implement offers good performance in different environments.

On the other hand, it is a standard size reversible piece. Along with this, it is a perfect piece that can be combined with different architectural styles. This allows for commercial as well as residential use. Finally, an excellent cost-benefit ratio is offered.


  • Versatile and pleasant design
  • Made with solid brass
  • Quick and simple installation


  • You must turn a knob to unlock

Why should you buy it?

Applying a degree of functionality and elegance is possible with a single accessory. After installing this part you will notice that your door is now more efficient.

6. Prime-Line – Pocket Door Handle and Pull

Today many expert builders choose this model for their sliding doors. The reason is simple, you get an implement of excellent quality and good efficiency. 

So this piece is constructed of premium solid brass. You will not need to spend time researching different options or similar models. Only this product can offer you the necessary functionality.

Although this model meets the brand’s standards of excellence, it is not its only strong point. It also offers a simple and fast installation, thanks to its design. So whether it is a professional or a novice, anyone can mount this accessory on any door. You can improve every movement of your door and overall functionality in a few steps.

Furthermore, a satin nickel finish is included. This certainly improves the look of any type of door that is supported. Beyond any type of door-style wood color, this piece will add a special touch to the overall look.

Also, it is an accessory that is designed and planned to guarantee an excellent useful life. This will prevent you from needing to purchase another door handle over the years. 

During its manufacture, it seeks to perfect the design and functionality. In turn, it is a process that avoids and detects any type of error.


  • Nice and fitting design
  • Excellent metal quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Very affordable cost


  • Unsuitable quality screws

Why should you buy it?

Because for now give your sliding door better functionality at a very affordable cost. In a few steps, you can gain valuable space in any room.

7. Bypass Door Handles

You will be able to find here another one of the handles for the doors in general. First of all, it is a piece that is free of sharp edges. This is because each of the edges, as well as the surface in general, are finely chamfered. 

It is a process that has been carried out with hand polishing for several hours. You will be able to feel the smooth, smooth and high-quality feeling.

If you are a professional builder or just a beginner, the installation will be simple and fast. You only need to apply this rectangular piece to your door. 

Also, you will have the choice between using two screws or glue to mount this piece. Either of these two options will not be displayed in the final result.

While many models provide inadequate depth, this is not the case. This accessory offers adequate depth for a more comfortable door handling. Along with this, this piece can give a pleasant and distinctive style to any type of sliding door. 

Therefore, it is ideal for sliding barn doors, closet doors, and many other types of doors.

As an additional point, this piece is made of high-quality stainless steel. In conclusion, you will be obtaining a piece for a lifetime, since it is a long life. So you can save a lot of valuable space with this handle for your sliding door.


  • Elegant design
  • Excellent functionality
  • Wide compatibility
  • Simple to use
  • Smooth finish


  • Poor quality screws

Why should you buy it?

Because you can forget about the discomfort of one of its doors. Install this part and let yourself be carried away by its excellent performance while contemplating its pleasant design.

8. Schlage – Pocket Sliding Door Bolt

This pocket door hardware is a simple but very efficient option for various door styles. Therefore, we can start by mentioning that this piece is made of premium solid brass. This is an important feature that will prevent you from replacing it in the future for damage. 

In other words, the service life is long and appropriate for various types of sliding doors mounted in various types of environments.

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The installation is a simple and fast process that will not waste your time. You do not have to have prior knowledge to properly mount this accessory. You will get the main part together with two corresponding screws in the kit. So you only need adequate space on your doorstep. Once this is done you only need to screw this accessory correctly to leave it fixed and functional.

The design provided is not only elegant but also effective. On the one hand, you can add an elegant and pleasant touch to your sliding door. On the other hand, spring is incorporated that provides a tactile action. This simple detail will be highly appreciated as you use your door.


  • Simple design
  • Quick Install
  • Good durability
  • Highly functional


  • You need certain tools for installation

Why should you buy it?

Getting a better performance for your door at a low cost is possible. You just have to mount this piece and start enjoying a more comfortable use of your door.

9. Johnson Hardware – Pocket Door Hanger Ball Bearing

A certain door might be somewhat complicated when closing or opening. For this, the solution is much simpler than you think. Simply put, you have found the pieces that make the difference concerning your competitors. 

It is a pocket door kit that is simple but very effective and efficient. Therefore, you will get a set of commercial grade parts.

One of its strong points is its versatility to install on different door sizes. So it has a capacity of 200 pounds or in other words 91 kg. This means good strength and durability that will be available for years. 

Besides, the included wheel is 1 inch, or what is the same, 25mm. Along with this, the mounting suspension plate offers superior quality compared to other similar models.

You will be able to use the wheel effortlessly along the track with a smooth movement. The movement of the door will be so comfortable and precise that when sliding it, it will close almost by itself. Being a stainless steel piece you can avoid all kinds of damage. It also includes a plated steel finish.

Additionally, this set of parts is considered by professionals as one of the best pocket door systems, on the one hand, due to its compatibility. Compatibility includes the 2610F, 138F, 134F and 100 series rails. 

Along with this, installation is one of the easiest and fastest processes you can find.

In just a few steps, you will be able to verify the effective use of this system. You won’t need to waste time assembling this set of parts to your door correctly.


  • Smooth movement
  • Quick installation
  • Excellent durability


  • Installation requires some minimal knowledge

Why should you buy it?

By mounting this system of parts you will give your door a greater resistance. In such a way that you will notice the great effectiveness that it can have at an affordable cost.

10. Hartford Building Products – Heavy Duty Bifold Track

Last but not least, we can find this set of parts that provides excellent functionality. In other words, it is a suitable system for high-end pocket doors. First off, this set of parts offers a 250-pound capacity. Which is a very useful feature for your door.

The minimum thickness of the door must be 1 inch. So it is a system perfectly adaptable to a wide range of doors. It also can adapt interior walls with a dimension of 2 x 4 and 2 x 6. Along with this, hangers with ball bearings are included in the kit. 

You will also have a precision extruded box track.

The ball bearing roller with shafts is not only new but also has improved performance. The design is intended for those built-in door constructions. Therefore, it saves time and effort in your installation. Materials used include thick galvanized steel. As a result, the overall system quality is greatly increased.

Furthermore, you will not waste time when assembling this system of parts. The installation is simple and fast since you will have all the necessary implements during the process.


  • Quick Install
  • Excellent quality of the pieces
  • Excellent weight capacity


  • Without proper instructions, installation could be complicated

Why should you buy it?

Because it is one of the best pocket door parts systems. After a quick installation, you will get efficiency, functionality, and comfort at the same time.

Pocket Door Hardware


How reliable are pocket doors?

You should consider that these are doors that enter and exit a hollow compartment in your wall. Therefore, the main benefit is that they will not need to take up space in your room. 

You only need to deal with the noise that some door models can produce. Beyond this detail, comfort and efficiency are excellent.

Can a pocket door fit in a 2×4 wall?

It can work well if you take the correct steps and use the most appropriate kit.

How hard is it to install a pocket door in an existing wall?

To install a pocket door you will need to remove the existing door next to the drywall where to go to your next door. You will then need to cut the exposed bolts to locate the new frame. Lastly, install the top and bottom rails, as well as the rest of the parts in your kit.

Do sliding doors need a bottom track?

When a lower track is included better support of the weight of the doors is sought. The vast majority of doors include a top rail that supports all weight. This leaves an option for a lower rail as well, which is recommended.

Is it hard to install pocket doors?

Generally, most of the options listed here offer an easy installation. So you only need to have certain tools. You will not have to worry since you do not need complex tools, if not the simplest. 

After following the appropriate instructions you can assemble your part in a few minutes.

To end this article, we can mention that just by reading these 10 options you can find the best pocket door hardware. In this way, improving the operation and characteristics of your doors will be very simple.

You will only need a few tools and a few minutes to install any of these parts. From there you can start enjoying greater comfort at home or in your business.

Therefore, you can verify that a set of implements will give you a more comfortable and pleasant daily life. No doubt you, your family and friends will notice the difference.

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