Pocketing The Top 15 Best Permanent Markers In 2020!

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Best Permanent Markers

Finishing a school project, office design, art work, or a personal write up? Or, are you simply looking for a strong, permanent pen to mark your moving boxes?

All these would deem an impossible feat without permanent markers. No, you are not looking for a pen, crayola, pentel pen, or simple crayons! You need permanent markers. 

No! You need the top 15 best permanent markers we are reviewing herein!

What are you waiting for? Mark in now!

Top 15 Best Permanent Markers in 2020!

1. White Paint Pens, 8 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic Permanent Marker 

Confidently topping our list of the best permanent marker brands and earning our “Top Pick” title, this Hstar product is a superior multipurpose set of paint pens that is 100% safe for the family!

Made of water-based acrylic white paint, the White Paint Pens, 8 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic Permanent Marker can write on several surfaces without back-firing. Reinforcing a good penmanship, it dries up into a full, solid color that fixes on even the most challenging surfaces, say, glass, paper, ceramics, metal, plastic, terra cotta and a lot more. 

Reviewers confirm that it truly deserves our “top pick” recognition. By all means, it is a permanent marker to reckon with. And this is made possible by its glossy, opaque finish. 

How does this ink quality affect the overall quality of the best permanent marker for plastic and other surfaces?

In dealing with permanent markers, we are to look into its long-term quality. Since it is a permanent, it is expected to not only stay in good color and texture after many years but to also stay intact on the surface. 

Regular markers actually persist on the surface. However, their quality tends to reveal faded markings, fonts, outlines, etc. Also, regular markers tend to be harsh on sensitive skin.

Fortunately, the White Paint Pens, 8 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic Permanent Marker package is none of that. 


  • Full, solid color 
  • Multipurpose command
  • Premium quality
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Leakage-free, cap-tight
  • Water-based
  • Long-term performance


  • Strong smell
  • Weak brush; unstable strokes

2. Staples 167056 Duramark Permanent Markers Broad Point Black 12/Pack 

This latest STAPLES product is a popular marker gracing our list and further earning its brand our “Best Value” nod. 

The Staples 167056 Duramark Permanent Markers Broad Point Black 12/Pack is often referred to as the busy writer’s permanent pen because of its accuracy. It draws clear black lines at first stroke. As a result, reviewers recommend it for office-based multitasking performances. 

As we went to test the product, it did guarantee to reduce writing mistakes at one sitting. Leaving bold yet defined strokes, it renders so beautifully that experts consider it an artist’s tool. Designed to last long, it does not weather away come several factors imaginable– humidity, moisture, mildew, erosion, etc. 

The Staples 167056 Duramark Permanent Markers Broad Point Black 12/Pack is also affordable as it is sold as a dozen. Each of all the 12 black markers are proven to last for 1-2 months. Nothing can be more economic than that! Affordable. Economic. This is why the product, lest the brand, is popular. 

Since it creates broad, fine lines, it is rare to commit mistakes with this set of markers. More so, each of the marker’s brushes are designed to withstand pressure and motion. 

How does its brushes fare in our test? Perfect, of course!


  • Permanent marking accuracy
  • Best for on-the-go & multitasking motions
  • Draws clear black lines at first stroke
  • Reduces writing mistakes at one sitting
  • Leaves bold yet defined strokes; broad, fine lines
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Economic pack of 12 


  • Has tendency to spill when shaken (never shake it)
  • Loose cap
  • Poor packaging quality (requires to be transferred to a sturdier carton pack)
  • Bulky pens

3. Sharpie (24 Pack) Pro Magnum Permanent Marker 

Surprising fans as it lands 3rd on our list, this SHARPIE product proves to be literally sharp when it comes to its command in permanent writing and/or drawing!

Perhaps one of the most highly-demanded permanent markers in the industry today, the Sharpie (24 Pack) Pro Magnum Permanent Marker reconciles a chiseled point type and a soft brush. While it may seem impossible for other brands to do, it is simply doable with the Sharpie brand.

What lies between a chiseled point type and a soft brush?

Technically, these two features do not always easily complement. Most chisel-pointed markers require hard brushes to keep its lines going astray. Uniquely, all pens found in this pack effortlessly married the two stringent features. And what do we get in the end? A spontaneous permanent writing command, that’s what!

Albeit their bulky sizes, the Sharpie (24 Pack) Pro Magnum Permanent Marker pens provide comfortable gripping,  not to mention strong added firmness for stable writing. More so, this advantage also makes them suitable for designing pens. As such, we found out that artists also utilize the product for completing painting outlines and borders. 

Boasting full-bodied blackness, the product package gets better in time. Its color is guaranteed to stay fresh amidst environmental agents. 


  • Chiseled tip
  • Spontaneous permanent writing command
  • Soft brush type
  • Best for architecture & engineering work
  • Best for drawing/painting
  • Provide comfortable gripping
  • Full-bodied “black”
  • Long-lasting quality


  • Not intended for thin linings
  • Bulky pens
  • Strong smell
  • Loose cap

4. Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers

This 4th-ranking, popular SHARPIE set of permanent markers plucks familiar strings with that of the previous SHARPIE counterpart and still manages to stand out as extra-vibrant. 

A set of permanent markers that stay long-term on several surface types– plastic, metal, paper, etc., the Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers pack should come in as a multipurpose royalty. And whenever it sticks to the surface, it is proven to get better in time. As per our testing, it resembles closely a lot like the Sharpie (24 Pack) Pro Magnum Permanent Marker. 

Another major thing that we noticed about its pens is the boldness of its color. While it is popularly bought in black, it offers several other colors via twin tip configuration– blue, turquoise, orange, purple, green, pink, etc. Ultimately, thanks to its twin tip config, the user can actually shift between fine and ultra fine tip marking. Overall, this should make the product a versatile choice for school, office, and many more. 

The Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers set is a worthy artistry tool. Giving off warm, bold but defined lines its colors are guaranteed to excel on any given surface, not to mention that they are quick-dry and fade-resistant. 


  • Multipurpose command
  • Bold & ultra-vibrant color
  • Versatile twin tip configuration
  • High-quality permanent ink
  • Diverse color choices
  • Quick-dry
  • Fade-resistant


  • Ink easily dries up
  • Requires constant ink replacement; not economic
  • Caps can get too tight
  • Shipping problems
  • Ink spills out often

5. Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers

Finally, an Avery product earns its well-deserved 5th place on our list for its versatile and ultra-durable permanent marking pens!

The Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers package is nothing but straight-A’s in quality, durability, sustainability and versatility!

A versatile, all-around set of marking tools, this pack proves yet again, among the other few, its savagely long-lasting quality marks, color, vibrancy, texture, and overall warmth. 

Nothing compares particularly to its smooth tip reinforced by an accuracy-laden brush. As we tried it on various surfaces, the product pens’ marks proved intact. Also, it did impress us with its famed water-resistant and quick-dry performance. On a skin test, the pens marked accurate, non-faded lines. Do not worry about skin contact with the ink because it is 100% safe and non-toxic!

Much like the Sharpie (24 Pack) Pro Magnum Permanent Marker, the pens have chiseled tips. Thus, they should provide the user accurate control on strokes, sizing motions and design-shaping attempts. It is also worthy to know that only a few permanent markers are imbued with a chiseled tip design. With this design on a permanent pen, the rest of the story narrates worry-free details. 

For those who doubt its non-toxic command, they can best deal with its AMCI-certified pack. 

The  Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers package is best known for its ultra-durable and versatile chisel. And these features are even an understatement!


  • Highly durable, versatile & sustainable
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Water-resistant and quick-dry performance
  • Best for accurate strokes
  • Chisel tips for stable hold
  • Safe & non-toxic; AMCI-certified
  • Multipurpose command; works on all surfaces


  • Bulky package
  • Ink easily dries up in contact with air
  • Shipping problems
  • Strong scent
  • Brush is too soft

6. BIC PMR11-blk Marking Retractable Permanent Marker 

In the event of inks drying out, a common phenomenon for permanent markers, this BIC product impresses 6th place on our list for it’s undeniably perfect seal guard. 

Permanent inks are bound to dry out because of their high-absorbent nature. They are designed to dry fast to avoid fades. But there is a downside to this. Exposing the pen tip uncapped with air causes it to dry out of ink. This should pose a problem to multi-taskers or people who do several things at once so that they forget to close the pen shut in right away. 

Fortunately, the BIC PMR11-blk Marking Retractable Permanent Marker addresses this crisis all at once!

With its seal guard, the pen can automatically self-preserve ink. Acting as a special lock inserted inside the pen tip, the seal guard closes in on the tip whenever it idles out. Experts consider this a smart technology in the pursuit of permanent marker ink preservation. 

From our test, we concluded that is therefore sustainable for the next 1 hour or so. After about roughly an hour, it still does succumb to dryness. This further indicates that the seal guard effect does not hold permanent consequences. Instead, it works to temporarily block the air from getting inside the tip and brush. 

The seal guard is nevertheless effective and useful. 

Other features of the product include: low-odor ink quality, acid free content, safe and non-toxic (AMCI-approved), and a multipurpose command. 


  • Low-odor ink quality
  • Stable brush performance
  • Acid free content
  • Safe & non-toxic; AMCI-approved
  • Multipurpose command
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Seal Guard-protected ink


  • Spill-prone design; pen bleeds when inverted
  • Tip point dulls quickly
  • Lacks boldness in color
  • Smears when pushed too hard
  • Loose caps
  • Shipping problems

7. Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers

Landing on the 7th mark proves coincidental for this topnotch Avery as it shares more similarities with the previous BIC product previously featured herein than its Avery counterpart; yet, it still manages to excel beyond expectations. 

Even without a seal guard, the Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers impress with a capless ink-preserved output. As it turned out based on our test, it does keep the tip dry-free for 30 minutes to an hour. We however recommend having it capped after not more than 30 minutes. 

Like the BIC PMR11-blk Marking Retractable Permanent Marker, this set of markers also guarantees AMSI-certified, safe and non-toxic ink. Deemed for permanence, the ink sticks on any surfaces without the slightest frays possible. 

Also designed with a chisel tip, the markers provide users control and stability for zero-strays, fades and leaks. Reviewers are particularly fond of its accurate point and motion-sensitive brush. 

What is a motion-sensitive brush?

It is a kind of brush that resists the slightest motion amidst pressure. This should come in handy when you are drawing or writing on an unstable surface. This feature is perfectly aided by the ink’s quick-dry property. 

Given these striking strengths, the Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers  are after all, closely tied to the Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers. And while it shares more similarities with the BIC product, it truly stands out on its own!


  • Multipurpose command
  • AMSI-certified, safe and non-toxic ink
  • Quick-drying on surface but ink does not easily dry out with air contact (for a straight 30-minute capless situation)
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Stable & accurate chiseled tip
  • Motion-sensitive brush


  • Shipping problems
  • Strong scent
  • Easy-spill pen design
  • Too bulky
  • Loose grip
  • Loose cap

8. 30 Colors Permanent Markers

This 8th-ranking top notch permanent marker by the Shuttle Art brand champions as a superior creative tool for its total of 30 diverse high-quality colors!

Not only does the 30 Colors Permanent Markers package satisfy with passionate permanent marks, but it also complements expressive contents with colorful depth. As such, all its 30 different colors prove distinct with each other.  Deemed to be unique from each shade to texture. 

For that reason, reviewers prefer the set of 30 colors to detail markings, borderlines, inner shades, etc. All 30 colors are headed by primary colors and then supplemented by secondary and tertiary colors. All of which are proven to be fully vibrant. And based on our test, the brightest colors blend well through time. Meaning, they do not change hue over time. 

The 30 Colors Permanent Markers by the Shuttle Art brand are also known to be quick-drying, fade-resisting, long-lasting, smear-proof, and waterproof pens. They should fit heavy working/drawing scenarios among architects, office workers, artists, and even kids in daycare. 

Another great aspect of the product is the durable fine point responsible for stable drawing and coloring. A fine point, by the shape of it, automatically leaves fine lines, lest vibrant colors that cannot be mistaken for. 


  • Provides colorful depth
  • 30 unique color choices
  • Quick-drying pens
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Smear-proof design
  • Fade-resistant pens
  • Durable fine point
  • Water-proof design
  • Best for detailed rendering 


  • Quickly dries up when left uncapped
  • Tip point dulls quickly
  • Shipping problems
  • Loose caps
  • Strong scent 
  • Weak brush quality
  • Not multipurpose

9. 85118-SH Mean Streak Permanent 

A “Premium Value” white permanent marker by the Rubbermaid brand makes it in the 9th position on our list for its ability to mark on wet surfaces. 

The 85118-SH Mean Streak Permanent impresses with a tough reputation. In fact, it is only one of its kind. What kind? The kind that writes on a wet surface. Actually, it writes on any surface. We also found out that its ink formula does not retract with surface tension. Meaning, it can hold for long despite being in contact with dispersed particles.

The permanent marking pen draws distinct white outlines also necessary for adding dimensionality in character. Because of its organic contents, it does not react with water but instead undergoes  revitalization. Thanks to its organic contents, it succeeds as a 100% waterproof pen. 

For its white ink, a contrastingly dark-colored surface should complement. But that does not necessarily limit the color to black. This fact, as proven by our test, busts the myth about the ink being limited only on black surface. That is obviously not the case for the 85118-SH Mean Streak Permanent because it can print on dark surfaces– dark blue, gray, off-white to darkened paper sheets, rubber, etc. It should work on any given surface as long as it’s dark. 

Like all white colors, it also marks on glass, leather, iron, etc. 


  • Uniquely writes on a wet surface
  • Multipurpose command
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Quick-dry 
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Vibrant white


  • Greasy texture
  • Messy handles; loose cap
  • Strong scent
  • Point tip is easily blunted
  • No brush

10. Sanford Mean Streak Permanent Marking Stick

This 10th-ranking SHARPIE product with a specially-designed permanent marker stick provides the clearest lines possible. 

A white-colored ink, the Sanford Mean Streak Permanent Marking Stick resembles a chalk at first glance. But once applied, it demonstrates the brightest and richest white lines on any surface. 

Due to its oil-coated stick, it can leave bold permanent marks without requiring repeated applications. Thus, it will write on any surface with a single streak. And thanks to its bullet point design, it secures zero smears. Although the oil-coated stick cannot compete much with a 100% waterproof ink, it should deliver just as fine. 

Therefore, it would be essential to mention at this point that the Sanford Mean Streak Permanent Marking Stick can resist water with 60% rate at a time. Also a fade-resistant, it should stay permanent on walls, concrete, paper, glass, etc. In fact, as some reviewers point out, its ink prevails with the brightest, almost silvery white through time. 

The product package is also notably economic. Even when one literally brushes its streak across the surface, it still manages to be intact. This should constitute a solid bullet marker from the inside out. Also, given its solid property, the Sanford Mean Streak Permanent Marking Stick 1-2 months to dissolve entirely. 


  • Bright & rich white color/shade
  • Oil-coated stick
  • Bullet point design for accurate rendering
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Water-resistant package
  • Fade-resistant package; quick-dry
  • Long-lasting quality; gets better through time
  • Does not require repeated application/shading


  • Reacts badly with heat & humidity
  • Requires tight storing; high-maintenance
  • Strong scent
  • Can get sticky 
  • Can get messy on the hand
  • Loose cap
  • Loose grip

11. TICONDEROGA RediSharp Plus Low Odor Permanent Markers, Fine Tip, Black, 12-Pack (98207) 

When it comes to gloriously accurate writing and drawing outputs, these award-winning permanent markers by the Ticonderoga certainly deserve more than our 11th place. 

Boasting a fine-tip, TICONDEROGA RediSharp Plus Low Odor Permanent Markers, Fine Tip, Black, 12-Pack gives the smoothest marking performance the world is yet to know. This is not an exaggeration! All 12 black pens all display a near-perfect noir of  solid “blackness”. 

Why near-perfect?

The pens cannot really guarantee a deeper shade, despite its claims. Yes! While there is much that it can improve upon, it still ranks as an award winning set of pens. 

Made from the safest ink ingredients, marking protections, and coating fully certified safe by the AP, the TICONDEROGA RediSharp Plus Low Odor Permanent Markers, Fine Tip, Black, 12-Pack guarantees a low-odor and safe permanent marking output. 

What we would like to emphasize about the product is its strong gripping. Reinforced further by a fine tip, it should not fray amidst an unstable surface, securing accurate lining per stroke. But you might have to be careful on which surface you are applying the pens since they are not 100% multipurpose or all-surface-fitting. 

The pens should certainly work well on paper, CD (compact disc) glass, and plastic surfaces, but certainly not on wood, rubber, metal, stainless steel, etc. 


  • Low-odor and safe permanent marking output
  • Gives the smoothest marking performance 
  • Display a near-perfect noir of  solid “blackness”
  • Highly accurate lining output
  • Works on CD, paper, glass & plastic surfaces


  • Cannot guarantee 100% deep shades
  • Does not reflect on wood, rubber,  metal, stainless steel, etc.
  • Slow-drying
  • Sticks to clothing
  • Pen holder bleeds when turned upside down
  • Loose cap

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12. Metallic Marker Pens, Permanent Paint Marker

Our 12th product feature is the latest masterpiece by the MoHoLi brand displaying a unique metallic color characteristic!

Perhaps the only set of permanent markers featured on our list with a color characteristic, the Metallic Marker Pens, Permanent Paint Marker (all ten of it) never ceases to surprise users with each use. 

The 10 famous colors that make up the set feature gold, white, silver, black, pink, purple, light green, brown, blue, and green. As what transpired in our test, the metallic color characteristic of the pens genuinely stand out. They blend well on various surface textures, depth, and property. 

There is a possibility for the metallic trait to fade out. While that deems as a problem, the colors on the other hand, stay in place amidst damaging factors. Therefore, the Metallic Marker Pens, Permanent Paint Marker passes with a long-lasting quality. 

Like the high-quality products featured herein, this set of pens best assists painting efforts due to its opaque shade completion. Moreover, there is no way one commits mistakes with these pens because they are certified water-proof, fade-resistant, and quick-drying. 

Resembling closely our “top pick” product the White Paint Pens, 8 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic Permanent Marker for their “glossy opaque finish”, the  Metallic Marker Pens, Permanent Paint Marker by the MoHoLi brand also satisfies diverse artistic modalities. 


  • Metallic color characteristic
  • Diverse color characteristics/choices with proper depth
  • Multipurpose command; best permanent marker for metal and other surfaces
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Made of 10 distinct colors
  • Best for painting efforts; glossy opaque finish
  • Quick-drying, water-proof & fade-resistant


  • Strong scent
  • Harsh on skin & clothing
  • Loose gripping
  • Pen design easily bleeds out
  • Unstable tip point
  • Lacks brush
  • Shipping problems

13. White Paint Pen, 6 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Marker 

Landing 14th on our list, these efficient FLYMAX permanent white markers embrace artistry with conviction. 

The  White Paint Pen, 6 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Marker is a lone feature that is acrylic. Therefore, it should be safer than most regular permanent markers. Expanding between actual painting properties and supplemental shading traits, it brings about quick-drying, long-lasting, leak-free, and overall safe detailing output.

Detailing is the key capacity of the White Paint Pen, 6 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Marker. Its detailing capacity, in turn, makes it a unique set of permanent markers to reckon with. It is also through the pen’s detailing capacity that we get to measure its degree of conviction and commitment to expressive/artistic rendering. 

Part of its commitment to artistic rendering is its effects. These effects take credit for the product’s all-occasion use. 

The White Paint Pen, 6 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Marker by Flymax makes for successful school projects for kids, office decorations, show signs, and other creative endeavors. 

The product’s fine point and opaque finish work hand-in-hand to establish accurate streaks. Fortunately, the opaque finish manages to compensate for its lack of depth. Unlike the whites featured herein, this product’s “whiteness” is not at all that brilliant. Sometimes, depending on the surface it is marked on, its shade tends to get dull. 

Our recommendation: just use the product for effects and detailing purposes. That is how you make the best of it. 


  • Acrylic painting quality
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Quick-dry, long-lasting, & leak-free
  • Provides stable/strong gripping
  • Efficient detailing capacity
  • Provides designing effects for artistic finish
  • All-occassion; multipurpose


  • Lacks brilliance & warmth with its “white” ink; lack of depth
  • Bad smell
  • Easily runs out of ink when exposed to air
  • Thin milky lines, not bold
  • Rubs off very easy even when dry
  • Shipping problems (specifically with its 0.7mm specification)

14. Sharpie Permanent Markers

Another SHARPIE permanent marker makes it on our list; while it is not surprising, this set of permanent markers really gets the attention!

Like the “best value” Staples 167056 Duramark Permanent Markers Broad Point Black 12/Pack ranking second place on our list, the  Sharpie Permanent Markers (all 6 of them) boasts of the bright, brilliant and warm yellow colors. Nay, their “yellowness” shines the brightest among the colored markers featured in this list. 

What is its edge over the others?

For one thing, its shade utilizes activated inks improved by essential oils and other organic materials. For that same reason, the product bags several eco-friendly awards in the not so many years passed. 

The passage for the ink is widened with a .5 cm allowance for fast ink flow but slow retraction. This particular engineering lays its ink to an intensified concentration, hence its intensified yellow brightness. 

And as typical among Sharpie products, the pens are all chisel-pointed. Meaning, one can expect better accuracy and control through it. 

Did our test prove it?

Oh yeah! It sure did. Much can be deduced out of its high functionality– fade-resistant, water-proof, and quick drying ink quality– but nothing stands out more than its chisel tip and supplementing brush. 

Some users think the pens are too big to hold though. Other issues concerning the Sharpie Permanent Markers include an ink that dries quickly with air contact, a flimsy built, loose caps, minimal ink content, a leak-prone package, and other shipping problems. 


  • Uses activated inks
  • Organic materials/ingredients
  • Intense brightness
  • Chisel tip & supplementing brush
  • Water-resistant & fade-resistant quality
  • Pack of 6
  • Quick-dry


  • Too big to grip
  • Ink dries quickly with air contact (uncapped)
  • Minimal ink content
  • Leak-prone package
  • Other shipping problems
  • Loose caps
  • Flimsy built

15. Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers

Another almost-identical Avery masterpiece makes it to our 15th place; it is last but certainly not the least for its durable chisel tip markers with smooth output! 

Sharing the same Avery command both in package and reputation, the Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers are almost alike the previous Avery counterpart but with 24 black and red value packs. 

Safe to use, non-toxic, and low-odor as indicated by its AMCI certificate, all 24 assorted markers are proven to complete straight borders, deep shadings and washed detailing. 

Thanks to their chiseled tips, the pens can spontaneously take detailing action while correcting smears. Depending on the holder’s control and the inclination of the pen, accuracy should be realized. 

Although the product, unlike the top products mentioned herein, cannot guarantee a smear-free performance, it certainly guarantees zero leaks, long-lasting quality, water-resistant quality and a quick-dry capacity. 

The Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers has much to prove with its accuracy though. Nevertheless, it should provide the user with sufficient grip. 

The product is also proven to write on all surfaces. Thus, it should qualify as a multipurpose set of pens. 

But the two most popular characteristics of the product yet is its durable chisel tip and a smooth drawing output. Therefore, it should fit all occasion uses. 


  • AMCI-Approved; safe-to-use, low-odor and non-toxic
  • Assorted black & red options
  • Smooth writing & drawing outputs
  • Durable chisel tip
  • Multipurpose command; works on all surfaces
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Water-resistant and quick-dry performance; zero-leaks


  • Not so accurate
  • Cannot guarantee smear-free performance
  • Brush is too soft
  • Ink easily dries up in contact with air
  • Bulky package
  • Shipping problems
How to Choose the Best Permanent Marker

How to Choose the Best Permanent Marker: A Professional Buyer’s Guide

Working on a project be it for logo design, office work, school art assignment, or the likes of it can be quite tough if you don’t have the right tools for it. Among the most seminal tools would be the permanent marker.

Permanent markers are designed to be that. Permanent. But beyond its mere suppositions, permanent markers uniquely function to provide fine, bold lines, warm colors, detailing configurations, and artistic effects. Thus, it has got to be more than the marking!

Parallel with the growth of the pentel pens, sign pens, and other writing aids, the permanent markers’ industry geared up by the turn of the century. The reason why it roared to mass production? That all would be because of its versatility. 

Permanent markers are not limited to writing. In fact, they can be used for illustrating, shading and deepening subject dimensionalities, hence its “art-supplementing” reputation. 

All these facts tell us one thing: not to settle for less when purchasing a permanent marker. Although the Sharpie brand is generally synonymous to permanent markers, several other brands are also actually responsible for the production of the high-quality permanent markers (most of which are featured on our list). Thus, the markers market is not solely gravitated towards the Sharpie brand. 

Choosing the best permanent marker product, considering today’s tight competition, is naturally challenging. 

How do you spot the quality marks? We say, you learn from our professional buyer’s guide and surely, you will be digging gold in no time. 

Go on…

  • Size of Set

Before you choose to buy one, determine the size of the set you are looking for? Is it going to be a set of one, two or many?

Focus on its desired immediate purpose? Should you consider long-term purposes (set for a large set with assorted colors) then you will have to be conscious of the price tag. 

But the price tag we are referring to here is unfortunately not a lone concept. We are talking about sustainability, affordability and overall practicality. Wise buying requires quantifying all these factors at hand. 

  • What to use for: art or mundane purpose?

At some point, you could just be needing one or two permanent markers to stow away for future mundane needs– marking the boxes, naming the book covers, etc. 

In another reality, you are an artist– graphic novel illustrator, designer, illustrator, etc.– and you could clearly benefit from a set of assorted-colored permanent markers. Here, you are also bound to consider effects, vibrancy and other depth-curbing factors. 

Looking into the colors is another challenging aspect. But if you have one bit of an idea about primary, secondary and tertiary colors, then you are good.

Other factors you are to look into is the color characteristic. The MoHoLi brand’s Metallic Marker Pens for instance boast of metallised colors for added artistic depth and effect. From a technical perspective, the metallic property of the color comes in handy especially for inks that dry up quickly upon contact with air. 

Find out what and where you are in this affair. 

  • Style

The styles of the markers vary depending on their desired outline output. Centered on the tip point, the styles include fine, ultra-fine, slanted, medium, large, chiseled, etc. 

Look into these characteristics individually to know which one could serve you best. 

  • Non-Toxic

The safety tag tied on most permanent markers must be treated as an essential criterion for choosing the best product. Like in the case of Sharpie, Hstar, Staples and other brands, an AMCI certification rules out all doubts about the pen’s odor, concentration (on skin contact) and toxicity. 

Purchasing for the safe product is self-explanatory. It is imperative for users, especially those who are surrounded by kids, to buy the safest ones.


Do permanent markers stick into clothing?

All markers stick into clothing. In fact, even the best-quality markers do stick into clothing. The only win-back for the high-quality markers is that they are easily removed. 

How permanent are permanent markers?

Depending on the brand, we are talking about years to a century, to forever here. Who knows about the business of forever though?

How do I get permanent markers off my skin?

To remove markers off your skin:

  1. Look for a 90% rubbing alcohol. 
  2. Dip a cotton ball into the alcohol. 
  3. Press the cotton ball into the mark for 5 seconds. 
  4. Start wiping the mark off.
  5. Avoid brushing to keep irritating the skin. 

How do I remove permanent markers off clothing/fabric?

To remove markers off clothing/fabric:

  1. Buy an all-purpose fabric stain remover. 
  2. Give the mark 4-5 sprays of the stain remover right away. 
  3. Rinse the fabric/clothing with hot water. 
  4. Proceed to hand-wash the fabric. 


From our detailed exploration, review and research about the best permanent markers present in the industry in 2020, we therefore conclude that there is more to them than the Sharpie craze. While Sharpie certainly hits it in our top ranks, brands like Hstar, Avery, Staples, BIC, Shuttle Art, etc. also prevailed. 
Our top 15 products all came out to be the creme de la creme in marker history. All of which are sealed by our top 3 runner ups: the White Paint Pens, 8 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic Permanent Marker (top pick), the Staples 167056 Duramark Permanent Markers Broad Point Black 12/Pack (best value), and the Rubbermaid’s 85118-SH Mean Streak Permanent (premium value).

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