15 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Having an outdoor area such as a deck or a porch is quite convenient. You can host intimate parties or even have a summer barbeque outside. But with the sweltering heat of the sun, it can be uncomfortable. The best outdoor ceiling fans can make your outdoors cozier.

Why not use just a standard fan? You might be asking that question. Well, standard indoor fans aren’t rated to be used outside. It can also be a fire hazard once it gets wet from the rain.

So we are going to list the best brands that can make your porch cozier. It may also add more value to your outdoor space.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Emerson Callito Cove CF135DBZ
  2. Casa Blanca Wailea 59524
  3. Bayview 54” Hunter 54098

15 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The good thing about outdoor units is that they can be suitable for covered patios or porches. Thus, they can give proper air ventilation to the area in different seasons. Deciding to purchase one can be one of your best experiences. Keep reading and have a glimpse of the great finds of the best outdoor ceiling fans.

1. Emerson Callito Cove CF135DBZ

Callito Cove, produced by Emerson, is an excellent 52” ceiling fan. This fan is a good option for either indoor or outdoor use. Aside from this, it has a unique and fine-looking bronze finish that creates a stylish décor for the outdoor area. Besides, it has 5 brown and eye-captivating palm leaf blades, which are intended to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

The Callito Cove is a suitable outdoor remedy. This unit comes with a UL Wet Rated stamp that enables it to be ideal for mounting in the patio. You can easily install it outdoors without experiencing worry or hassle about the weather, for such does not affect its performance. Callito’s wet certification secures the unit is sealed for resisting water, rain, or snow.

A quiet yet strong motor powers the fan’s blades. Additionally, such blades are secured and protected inside the housing for the delivery of maximum efficiency through all weather types.

The motor is capable of spins the 5 blades for effective delivery of 5532 CFM air ventilation within the highest speed. This is one of the best outdoor ceiling fan for sure.

This outdoor fan also features the easy-grip reverse-spin operation. It allows a reverse mode and set-up. Thus, if you also mount this unit indoors, you can set the motor to produce cool air and secure 40 percent in your AC system. You can reverse it again during winter to produce warm air coming from the ceiling.

Callito’s special design and function make it hard to beat. Aside from the elegance and power, it also gives you a durable and long-lasting usage.

Moreover, Callito Cove comes with 4.5” downrod and a handy remote control that gives ease in operating 4-speed levels through your palm.


  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Back up 1-year warranty for added accessories
  • Handy speed controller
  • Produces warm and cool air in reverse mode


  • Suitable only for wider outdoor spaces

Why You Should Use

With the reverse mode and set up of this item, you will not have to worry about the changing seasons. The reversible blade rotation enables the fan to produce either cool or warm air, depending on your weather needs.

Therefore, this fan will surely help you enjoy every season at your home porch and exterior. This is an item in the best outdoor ceiling fans list.

2. Casa Blanca Wailea 59524

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The 31” Wailea by the Casa Blanca Company is an amazing outdoor or indoor fan that will suit any of your small space at home. Aside from its appropriate size, you can choose among 3 different designs featuring brush cocoa, nickel, or snow-white surface.

Nevertheless, no matter what design or style you have chosen, Wailea does only offer modern appearance. It also gives excellent performance. Like for instance, this fan built with a powerful motor rotates the 6 blades at a 25” pitch. Evidently, it provides 3055 CFM airflow as efficient as its high speed.

Furthermore, you can also turn the motor in reverse set up to enjoy comfort throughout the year. So, this outdoor ceiling fan fits exactly to humid areas inside and outside your house.

This fan is ETL damp-rated and can be mounted safely in any damp area. To make the most out of it, the unit is recommended to be installed in covered or roofed patios and porches. Also, Wailea is controlled through a 4-speed pull chain. However, you can buy a handy remote control for better operation.


  • Tools for installation available upon purchase
  • Can be installed in a sloped ceiling even up to 32 degrees
  • Standard 3” downrod pole included
  • Lifetime motor warranty plus 1-year warranty to other accessories


  • Remote control to be purchased separately

Why You Should Use

For maximum indoor or outdoor ceiling choice, Wailea provides dual options. You can use it in laundry rooms, kitchen, or bathrooms. Still, it is also recommended for outdoor spaces like covered patio or porch.

3. Bayview 54” Hunter 54098

Bayview ceiling fan can transform any patio into a captivating and comfortable area. You can select from the two styles featuring Provencal Gold or White color designs.

The Bayview fan, with a 54” size, has a contemporary appearance. Besides, it consists of 5 reversible dark-colored blades that show unique shapes like palm leaves for catching attention. This unit is very stylish, yet it does not compromise efficiency.

Another thing, the excellent quality, and power of the motor enables the fan to spin the 5 blades. Thus, it provides 5803 CFM air ventilation at maximum speed. Because of that power, you can always expect a satisfying generation of cool air, even in a huge area of up to 485 square feet.

However, even if the monitor is exceptionally powerful, it is also extremely quiet. As a result, it offers silent and trembles free performance.

The 54” fan can be easily mounted. In fact, you can install it on an angled, standard, or even flushed ceiling. This outdoor ceiling fan has pull chains for operation and has 3 levels of speed setups. Additionally, it has a reverse air circulation function that assures a remarkable year-long performance. Clockwise spin is for pushing warm air from the ceiling for winter and counter-clockwise to generate cooling wind effect during summer as part of the best outdoor ceiling fans for salt air.


  • Energy Star Certified
  • Utility bills savings
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • No handy controller included

Why You Should Use

For cost-saving purposes and maximum efficiency, this unit will guarantee an excellent outdoor or living space experience. Plus, it can give you the comfort of enjoying any season of the year.

4. Haiku Home Smart Ceiling Fan

The production team of Haiku home developed and combined a world-class and best rated outdoor ceiling fans with remarkable design and efficiency. Because of the streamline and modern package, this Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan garnered several awards for its unique and beyond excellent performance.

However, if you are on a scheduled budget, this fan is not for you. For the high-quality of this ceiling fan comes with a price. This fan has quality in every single detail of the item. It has been thoroughly examined for top results. Aside from this, this fan series has also undergone a thorough and strict noise-free and wobble test. Thus, ensuring maximum durability and efficiency is what you will see once you have it.

Another thing, this amazing fan can also be synced to your smartphone through Wi-Fi. You can download the HaikuHome mobile app. After that, you will be ready to control the fan at your convenience. Also, it includes a user-friendly remote for light control and additional settings. And to top that, you have control with 10 different settings and 16 brightness levels – an illumination and air circulation at hand.


  • Extremely safe for outdoor operations
  • Energy Star Exam Passer exceeding 450% requirement
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Additional 5-year warranty for light kit and controller plus 1-year warranty with other accessories.


  • Moderately expensive

Why You Should Use

This is a great investment for long-term or even life-long outdoor space exteriors. Your Haiku Home purchase may somehow be pricey yet very rewarding, most importantly in sharing living experiences at your home – with family and friends.

5. Casa Delta-Wing Bronze

best rated outdoor ceiling fans

This 52” Delta-Wing is one of the bestselling outdoor ceiling fans of Casa Vieja’s. This unit is fancy and trendy that includes oil rubbed bronze finish motor. Also, it has 3 solid and durable walnut wood blade coating. Likewise, the 3 phase AC motor spins the blades powerfully at a 9-degree pitch. Therefore, it generates a remarkable 6225 CFM airflow at maximum speed.

Aside from that, this ceiling fan is built with a manual reverse pattern and option. So, you can set the motor for spinning the blades that will produce warmer air downwards. Or you can also set the other way around to enjoy the cool wind on hot days.

Delta-Wing is UL rated for damp areas and locations. Thus, it is ideal for covered patios or porches. A handheld remote operates 3-speed levels.

The unit is highly efficient and powerful, providing enough airflow and sometimes more. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Long-lasting
  • Silent and tremble free
  • Smart appearance


  • Needs manual operation for a reverse pattern or set up

Why You Should Use

Delta-Wing will provide an economical and engaging outdoor experience through its different features for optimal use.

6. Palm Cove 44” Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer reports

Palm Cove is wet rated and will provide the best performance wherever you place and mount it. The blades are built to resist any weather element. Aside from that, the five blades which are designed for matching the iron color also compliments the matte opal glass bowl light kit. The kit includes 2 by 14Watt CFL bulbs.

Moreover, the motor is highly efficient, and it delivers 4709 CFM air circulation. As a result, it offers an ideal remedy for indoor and outdoor space use.

Aside from the powerful motor, Palm Cove also functions in a noiseless performance at the highest speed. The unit is easy to install.

The unit is primarily designed for outdoor spaces but can still be installed indoors.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Features Quiet Motor Technology Plus
  • Has a lighting kit included


  • No separate controller included upon purchase

Why You Should Use

This is considered as one of the best for outdoor patio fans. But, it can still be used in your indoor spaces. The unit will provide you hassle-free installation and comfort upon use.

7. Westinghouse Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Once you are on the search for the best outdoor ceiling fans consumer reports, do not hesitate to check out Westinghouse Great Falls Ceiling fan. It can help generate good air circulation through a medium to the large-sized area. Besides, this unit has four resin blades with three-speed levels. It is up to you how much cool air you need at every moment. 

Aside from that, this ceiling fan also has a bulb that offers a soft light whenever you want to illuminate the area. This light looks like an antique lantern that keeps the space stylish. Every part of the fan is inspired by coastal design, highlighting a rustic appearance in every environment.

Furthermore, Great Falls ceiling fan includes extension rods for manageable installation for either low or high ceilings. Therefore, it ensures that there is no missing out on the air and comfortable experience.


  • Electric parts completely sealed and cased
  • Waterproof blade polish
  • Good for outdoor spaces


  • Remote control not included

8. Home Kensgrove Indoor/Outdoor Fan

best outdoor ceiling fans for salt air

If you ever looked for a stylish yet durable ceiling fan with a modern look on the side, then Kensgrove Fan is right for you. It features brushed nickel blades that will undoubtedly blend with any of your interior or exterior and outdoor home designs. Aside from that, it has dual efficiency, as mentioned – in indoor and outdoor spaces. It perfectly withstands any outdoor conditions.

Also, the blades have been made weather-resistant, and the electrical details have secured covers plus canopy rings. Then, even there is pouring outside, the fan will still perform well.

This 72” fan is large enough. Meaning to say, it will generate a lot of wind power. Another thing, the 9-level speed of the fan, is quite beneficial for you can be in control of how cool the air will be. You can easily adjust the level depending on the necessary coolness or warmth.


  • Has a remote control included
  • Quiet operation
  • Cater a huge space and generates wider air circulation


  • May not be suitable for very small spaces

Why You Should Use

This unit is very suitable for your outdoor air ventilation needs. It caters to a wider space that will help you enjoy living moments with family and friends even on warm days.

9. Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best outdoor patio fans

This modern-looking ceiling fan is perfect for your unique taste. Auletta fan is damp-rated, which can be a good option for patios, decks, porches, and other outdoor settings. Also, this ceiling fan is easily installed through quick connections. Aside from that, the unit can be hung to the ceiling or may be attached to a downrod, a good option for patios with a high ceiling.

On top of these, the ceiling fan is composed of a quiet motor. That will not bother you anymore, even if the unit is turned on. You can also choose among the 3 speed levels: low, medium, or high.


  • Compatible to most universal remotes
  • Noiseless operation
  • Additional light kit included


  • Does not have its own remote

Why You Should Use

Auletta Ceiling is also counted as part of the best outdoor floor fans for convenient use. It will not give you the hassle from mounting or installation up to long-term use.

10. Allen + Roth 20” Valdosta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best outdoor floor fan

If you are considering using a small outdoor ceiling fan that will still provide the right amount of coolness, then this unit is for you. This fan may look small, but it can do great wonders. The fan’s 24-degree blade pitch can definitely cool the air and move it to you. Thus, a hot day will feel a bit better once you have this model at your hand.

Moreover, the dark color palette this fan has uses can make your porch appear classier. In addition to that, it will be perfect for a smaller space. The color of the unit will also match with the natural environment of your yard or garden.

Furthermore, this outdoor ceiling can stand against rain and direct sunlight because of rust-resistant and different layered coating.


  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Power button easily accessed


  • Mounting jacket separately purchased

Why You Should Use

This unit is suitable for small spaces and is relatively affordable, given its great features and quality.

11. Minka Aire F787-ORB – 52” Outdoor Ceiling Fan

outdoor ceiling fans for salt air

The contemporary style of this fan by Minka Aire is undeniably one of the best ceiling fans. Likewise, this includes oil rubbed bronze motor connected with medium maple blades. The fan is pitched at 14 degrees.

Though it only has 3 blades, F787-ORB gives high air circulation capacity and can provide a maximum of 7051 CFM. The electricity consumption, 33.1 watts, is a little high but still offers more control because of the 6-speed settings.


  • Covers wide space and generated good air circulation
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Slightly higher electricity consumption

12. Honeywell Duvall 52″ Tropical Ceiling Fan

best rated outdoor ceiling fans

Honeywell Duvall ceiling fan appears with a bronze finish and 5 ETL wet rated blades. As you observe, the tropical design of this unit is combined with the wicker blades.

Moreover, you can easily attach and install the item. The unit also can reverse motor rotation with a 4-speed measure. Such features give convenience through shifts in seasons.

This fan is large enough to cover medium to large-sized spaces generating appropriate air circulation.


  • Reversible motor
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Slightly better within indoor spaces

Why You Should Use

Convenience and comfort, as well as easy installation and usage, influence several buyers to repurchase this unit from the best outdoor patio fans.

13. Tahiti Breeze 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor

Tahiti Breeze fans are easily mounted in outdoor spaces. Hence, the iron coating produces a unique and exotic texture. It has a beautifully done bamboo designed blade. Plus, the durable materials ensure all-weather resistance, especially on hot days.

This 52″ ceiling fan consists of a high-power motor, which generates 4295 CFM air ventilation. So, the fan refreshes huge spaces or even patios.

The item is wet rated. Tahiti’s can be operated between 3-speed levels, which are adjusted through a pull-chain. Also, it has an illumination kit for added matching comfort and coziness.


  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Has 3 mount installation options (standard, angled or flush)
  • Captivating design


  • No handheld controller

Why You Should Use

The top-rated design of the Tahiti fan increases the market impact. Hence, the combination of design and durability elevates the overall vitality of the unit.

14. Hunter 53125 Bridgeport ETL Damp Listed Ceiling Fan

When your ceiling fan choice involves elegance and classic performance, then Hunter unit is what you need. If you notice, the white plastic blades and metal details perfectly suit the modern outdoor areas and spaces. But it can project vintage appearance.

Another thing, this ceiling fan is quite easy to mount and operate. You have your choice of whether to install it on or between high and low setups. A pull chain is used to control the fan. Aside from that, reverse blade rotation is also available for a comfortable area.


  • Minimum noise operation
  • Unique design
  •  Suitable for indoor or outdoor setups


  • Does not come with remote control

Why You Should Use

This defies the common denominator among ceiling fans. Hunter fans are specially designed for adding another buyer’s preference.

15. Casa Largo Oil-Brushed Bronze 60″ Fan

Casa Largo fan

For dynamic and convenient outdoor ceiling fan, this unit will guarantee good performance. Moreover, Casa Largo ceiling fan has a special dual-mount design for adjustable installation depending on your needs. The ideal thing about this unit is that it operates even in damp conditions.

In addition to that, the fan’s motor undergoes strict tests to ensure long-lasting performance plus quiet operating capacity. The unit provides five bronze walnut blades. These blades measure 60″ with a 14-degree pitch. Casa Largo generates up to 6396 CFM air circulation. On the side, it consumes 63.1 watts proving the power of its maximum performance. Thus, airflow efficiency is within 100 CFM per watt.


  • Can install a universal controller
  • Belongs to the largest air circulation ratings
  • Comfortable airflow throughout the year
  • Reversible airflow


  • Does not have its own remote

Why You Should Use

This ceiling fan offers convenience from the mounting, adjustments, and practical and dynamic benefits. You will not be surprised because it does exactly what it needs to do. That is why its part of the best outdoor ceiling fans list.

Buying Guides: What to Look For in The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

You must consider several areas before buying your next outdoor ceiling fan. So, you will see below the things that will guide you for your purchase.

  • Location. The place where you live and install the ceiling fan will have something to do with the unit. Though you consider installing the fan in an outdoor space, you still need to consider the covering of the fan. That is for avoiding corrosion from water and dust.
  • Size. Another thing, you have to choose the right size of the fan depending on the size of your space. This aspect will play an essential role in the equal distribution of airflow. You can also choose based on the specific purpose or need that you have.
  • Power Consumption. Ceiling fans with larger motors can provide better cooling capacity than smaller ones. Aside from this, the power you have will contribute to the total efficiency of your selected fan.
  • Style. People also consider installing ceiling fans for the exterior design of their home. While doing your shopping, you will find a wide variety of designs to choose from.
  • Control. Outdoor ceiling fans come with remote, pull chain, or wall control. However, pull chains are typically used. If you want convenience, you can buy ceiling fans with remote control. But you can still choose the common controllers, depending on your choice.
  • Speed. Good speed is the key element for keeping away mosquitoes or harmful bugs. Meaning to say, if the ceiling fan has an excellent airflow capacity, it will surely give you a significant cooling effect. This feature is essential, especially during extreme heat.
  • Height. The proper height is important for enhanced airflow. Regardless of the kind ceiling, you just have to keep the ceiling fan blades at least 8 feet away from the ground. If you have a low ceiling, you shall consider an adjustable rod for the fan.
  • Color. Your style is related to the color of your fan. The design of your home suggests the right color for your outdoors for a good match.
  • Accessories. Additional accessories can come along with your ceiling fan unit. It may include lighting and other control options. However, some houses do not need additional light because the outdoor space already has it. Thus, you must be adequately decided if you will buy outdoor ceilings fan with added features or not.
What is an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

What is an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Outdoor ceiling fans are built differently compared to the fans intended to be used indoor. The primary purpose of outdoor fans is to withstand weather elements. An indoor fan does not usually feature motor weather resistance capacity compared to outdoor types.

These fans are covered and sealed for preventing water, humidity, and moisture from getting into the motor house. Furthermore, the outdoor fan blades are constructed with stronger and sturdier components, as it was mention in this list of the best outdoor ceiling fans. Because of this, the fan producers assure that every outdoor fan can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.

The wooden blade is not recommended for outdoor fans. It is because the material cannot stand long enough with extreme weather elements. That will just absorb humidity, water, or snow that will only make the item lose its efficiency. 

The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor fans are for indoor applications while outdoor fans are for outdoor use, easy peasy, right? That’s the basic difference between an indoor and an outdoor fan. But allow us to elaborate on this.

Outdoor fans 

  • These fans are made from weather-resistant materials. They can withstand extreme weather, rain, and snow.
  • Outdoor fans have two types: damp rated and wet rated.
  • Wet Rated fans can get drenched in heavy tan. Even the wirings are resilient. You can even hose the unit down for cleaning. While damp rated fans can only handle only, moisture. 
  • Outdoor fans have bigger blades because of more air movement.
  • These fans can also be used indoors where dampness can happen. Spaces such as the bathroom or laundry room can benefit from an outdoor fan.

Indoor fans

  • Indoor fans offer more variety in terms of the style, design, and materials used. Indoor fans can even be made of wood. Whereas this material is not suggested for outdoor fans as it can warp easily when subjected to extreme environments.
  • Indoor fans are for indoor applications only. Using it outdoors can be a fire hazard. 
  • These fans are dry rated. Meaning, they cannot be exposed to water or even moisture. 
  • It’s also not advisable to install fans in areas that tend to be damp such as your bathroom and laundry area.
  • Dust can build up over time on a dry rated fan. And it can cause allergies. Thus, there’s a need for regular cleaning of the blades and fan. 
  • Lighting components and ornamentations of indoor fans are more intricate and diverse.

What is the Benefit of An Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Having an outdoor ceiling fan provides a good option on your porch or patio. Moreover, if you decided to or already have such fans you can gain a benefit like:

  • Cooling. Outdoor ceiling fans provide cooling effect around you to provide enjoyment as you spend your day.
  • Lighting. Some ceiling fans are packaged with light bulbs for cooling the air and providing light during your evening activities.
  • Style. These fans provide stylish décor for your patio and have a lot of customizing options. Such designs can surely improve the appearance of your outdoor area and space.

Choosing the Size of Your Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are more economical than air conditioning units. It can cool your space at a fraction of a cost. But does it mean that the bigger fan is always better? Not really. Buying a big fan for a small patio can still be a waste of money. 

Even if you have the luxury to splurge, you won’t still want a huge fan for a small room. A too-large fan in a tiny room can sound like a torpedo launching. It isn’t the most conducive sound for restless slumber. 

Alternatively, using a small fan for a big space can be useless. You won’t be able to cool the entire space. And the fan has to work double-time to cool a very large space. Once it gets overworked, it will break. 

Getting the right fan size will also protect the fan from being overworked. Thus, it will ensure the maximum performance of the unit. So here’s how to determine the right size of fan for your patio.

  • You have to compute the square footage of your patio or porch. This is equivalent to the space that needs to be covered.
  • Multiply the length of the room (ft) by the width of the room (ft).
  • The result is the total size of the room.
  • Then measure the diameter of the blades. And there are two types of blades. So it has two different ways of computing.
  • If your fan has an even number of blades, measure the distance between the two opposing blades.
  • And if you have an odd number of blades, measure the distance from the center of the fan to the tip of the blade.
  • Use this guide to gauge what size of the fan is needed for the size of your porch:

75 square feet = 29-36 inch

76-144 square feet = 36-42 inch

144-225 square feet = 44 inch

 225-400 square feet = 50-54 inch

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How to Hang an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

An outdoor fan can provide a cool breeze to your porch and patio on a sunny day. But to be able to maximize the fan’s potential, you have to hang it properly.

And here’s how.

  1. The first step is to make sure that you bought the right fan. If you have a very high ceiling, make sure that the fan has a pole extender. While if you have a very low ceiling, you have to purchase a flush mount model.
  2. Select the right size of the blades. We have a section above that can help you determine the right size of fan for your outdoor space.
  3. Turn off the electricity and remove the existing light fixture.
  4. If the fan has lights, ensure that the light is rated for outdoor use.
  5. Attach the support base to the electrical junction box. Using the appropriate support base is important. This will ensure that your fan is fully supported. So it’s better to use the support base that comes in with your purchase.
  6. Install the fan blades before attaching the fan to the bracket.
  7. Reconnect the wire. You can also use weight straps to balance the blades.


How can I ensure that my outdoor ceiling fan is safe to use?

Weather blades, finishing and coating, casing and waterproof casing may help you determine the safety of a specific ceiling fan.

Where shall I put my outdoor fan?

You may install fans on your patio, porch, deck, garage, and sunrooms for good air circulation.

What styles of outdoor fans are available?

There is a vast range of style choices. You can choose from traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, or even industrial.


The best outdoor ceiling fans can make your pergolas, patio, or porch more conducive. With such comfort, your outdoor area can instantly become an extension of your living space. And it also adds value to your homes.

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