15 Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

Cleaning obstinate stains. Scruffs. Nasty dirt. Dust. Grimes. It’s never an easy thing! Let’s say you’re lucky enough to clean your home with the best multi purpose steam cleaners. However, these strong chemical solutions also happen to cost your health. Or worse, your children’s and pets’ health. 

You certainly couldn’t just clean surfaces using plain water, right? Wrong. You actually can, using the steam cleaners!

The best steam cleaners like that of Dupray’s, Pure Enrichment, Light N’ Easy’s, etc. are here to clean your life’s mess. 

Check all fifteen steamy products below.

Steam Cleaner: All-New Cleaning Technology for the Future!

What is a steam cleaner? It may sound familiar, but you know deep inside that it’s also something new. We understand why you’re taking it that way. Steam technology is very common. But, for cleaning? Yeah. We’ve got it right here for you. So, hold your mop in place.

The best steam cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning device that utilizes steam in removing dirt, scruffs, stains, etc. from all surfaces in your home, office, or car. It’s multi-purpose because it allows various attachments for diverse cleaning functionality: mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing,  wiping windows, etc.

Steam cleaning has now become the preferred process for most people. Why? It’s completely safe, natural and fast. If we were to look into the dangers posed by manual cleaning– considering the use of cleaning chemicals, substances, etc.– we should be cringing by now. Ultimately, manual cleaning is tiring. Exhausting. Costly. 

All these factors both directly and indirectly led to the rise of the steam cleaner as the all-new cleaning technology for the future!

Note that what we refer about being natural here is the actual involvement of mere water, and nothing else.

15 Best Multi purpose Steam Cleaners Reviewed

1. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer

Dupray Neat Multipurpose Steam Cleaners

The largest-capacity multipurpose steam cleaner engine to ever grace our list, this product from Dupray instantly earns our “Top Pick” nod!

  • Certifiably Multi-Purpose
  • Powerful Superheated Steam
  • 100% High Power Capacity
  • Cleans Many Areas
  • High-Functioning Technology & Design

It’s everything you can ask for a multipurpose steam cleaner. It’s nearly perfect. Highly-durable. Low-maintenance. High-capacity. Easy to carry around the home. There’s literally nothing this steam cleaner can’t. It licks clean every single expectation one can have about a steam cleaner. No more, no less!

This number one, “top pick” best multi-purpose steam cleaner is super-efficient in its cleaning technology. It’s also practically designed to penetrate into areas in the home. It also cleans fast your car. But, what’s truly its edge over the rest of the products in this list?

For the record, this representation of the best multi purpose steam cleaners got an integrated funnel, retractable handle, easy-reach design, large capacity steaming machine, and super-solid casing. Looking and feeling absolutely futuristic, it fits perfectly to your home decors, whatever that is.

Its integrated funnel is powered by a large-capacity tank at 54 oz./ 1600 ml. Its retractable handle design is easily manipulated with just a touch of its centre button. Finally, it’s easy-reach steam hose spans 6’6’’/2 meters all in all. All these features complete a transportable, lightweight, yet high-functioning cleaning engine.

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Cleaning is guaranteed to be safe with this top product. Vaporizing at a maximum heat of 275 °F, it releases zero-chemical steam heat into the area. Inhaling it in is no problem. So, you don’t have to worry about it!

Ultimately, our “top pick” product is best for cleaning bathrooms, mattresses, car interiors, furniture, and even home/office windows. 

Finding the product’s fault is like finding a needle in a haystack. It almost seems perfect that you won’t be able to notice its slight drawback: a metal handle that easily heats. You might really have to be careful about it, though!

Other than the said issue, the product remains to be flawless. 


  • High-Power Capacity: 275°F/135°C
  • Effective Cleaning Technology
  • Safe to Use; Zero-Chemical Content; 100% Natural Cleaning
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Heavy-Duty Performance
  • Highly Durable 
  • Best for Cleaning Various Areas in the Home & Office (including the car)


  • Metal handle easily heats up

Why choose it?

  • This “top pick” best steam cleaner for tile and grout from Dupray is practical, smart, and solid enough for heavy-duty use under short time and least effort.

2. Pure Enrichment PureClean Household System

best steam cleaner for tile

Our top 2 or “Best Value” multi-purpose steam cleaner impresses with easier handling, a deep cleaning sensitivity to critical areas in the home or office, and an overall high-power natural cleaning ability! This one is one of the best multi purpose steam cleaners.

  • 100% Natural Steam Cleaning
  • Safe to Use on Sensitive & Narrow Surfaces
  • Extra-Long Power Cord
  • Easy Storage Technology
  • 18-Piece Heavy-Duty Set

This latest product from Pure Enrichment nabs our “Best Value” title. And, it actually earns it. Our team of testers agrees that it works double the energy, but less power. Meaning, it’s also economic. A water boiler can already complete a 45-minute uninterrupted cleaning time. 

With an overall 18-piece (including all accessories) heavy-duty set, it guarantees fast cleaning time in the least effort. And as per the first-hand experience, our testers could affirm its ability to naturally eliminate bed bugs, stains, molds, grimes, etc. Operating intricately into these narrow linings in your place, it proves to be especially handy!

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One reviewer stated that working with this best steam cleaner for cars eliminates the normal difficulty of having to carry a vacuum cleaner. The thing about vacuum cleaners is that they tend to only have limited cord length. 

Multi-purpose steam cleaners, on the other hand, given that they’re not as heavy as vacuum cleaners, can have extended power cords. So, you can simply imagine the delight felt by the user when the already-light and portable steam cleaner, upgrades further with an extended power cord. 

In another review, the user was especially pleased by its compact storage capacity. The capacity is evidenced by its neat cord wrap just behind the device. Tucking it in for mess-free storage proves easiest! Having said that, our testers also agree. 

On the contrary, its plastic water canister seems to contradict its imposed durability. According to some users, the water canister does not hold much volume as it actually spills some drops during heavy-duty use. 


  • Best for Cleaning Narrow & Critical Areas (carpets, waterproof wood flooring, etc)
  • 18-Piece Heavy-Duty Set
  • Anti-Chemical, All-Natural Cleaning Ability
  • Extended Power Cord
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Economic & Practical Water Boiler Capacity
  • Guarantees fast-cleaning time


  • Cheap, breakable & spill-prone plastic water canister

Why choose it?

  • Our second, “Best Value” product from Pure Enrichment especially works on sensitive and narrow areas in the home or office. More so, it proves to be the best handheld steam cleaner for long-term use with short storage time.

3. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY All-In-One Steam Mop

LIGHT 'N' Multipurpose Steam Cleaners

If you find it rather complicated to operate a multi-purpose steam cleaner, you’ll be delighted at how easy this product from Light N’ Easy actually is! 

  • 100% Multi-Functional; Functions as a Mop
  • Varied Operational Settings 
  • Pumps out 110 °C Steam Power
  • High-Power Capacity
  • Solid Design

Our third-ranking product from Light N’ Easy is literally light and easy. For that very reason, users regard this product with high respect. In turn, it delivers them (including our product testers) with an optimum multi-functionality. Its main highlight is its specialized mop. 

The best high pressure steam cleaner works very fluently and wipes off like it’s been designed to match the 110 °C hot steam release by the steam. Given such an advantage, it has been noted by both regular and expert users to effectively clean all floor surfaces. Yes. Its main niche is cleaning floor surfaces. However, it also extends into cleaning linens, cotton pillows, desks, bedsheets, etc. 

Very notably light and portable, it doesn’t resist vibration but instead, moves smoothly with it. This feature enables it to heat up more for sufficient vapor.  Opposite to a vacuum cleaner, it breaks down stuffy molecules, conditioning the air for a cleaner environment. 

Its other technological advantages include a sofa cloth fresher, steam cleaner, garment steamer, with key features: smart switch, smart sensor, handheld steamer, and steam settings. All in all, our testers conclude that it’s a high-technology cleaning machine for beginners. 

Another reviewer emphasized that the product is a highly-intuitive device. More so, it doesn’t leave cleaning in the side so that it yields the smoothest, most-dust free surfaces with its touch. 

Its drawbacks had to do with an overheat-prone internal motor and a limited duty capacity. 


  • Multi-Functional; All-in-One Steam Mop
  • Easy to Handle Design
  • Solid Casing 
  • Lightweight, Handheld Unit; Detachable Handle
  • Best for Cleaning Diverse Surface Textures
  • Specialized Mop
  • High-Power Capacity


  • Overheat-Prone Motors
  • Not for heavy-duty use

Why choose it?

  • The product is simple to use and handle; it’s best for beginners. However, that cannot overshadow its high-technology advantages. This one is surely one of the best multi purpose steam cleaners list.

4. Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop

best steam cleaner for tile

When it comes to cleaning, nothing utilizes speed and comfort better than this steam cleaner from Shark! 

  • Super-Efficient Touch-Free Technology
  • Double-Sided Dirt Grip Washable Pads
  • Steam Power-Booster Technology
  • Touch-Free Technology
  • Intelligent and Intuitive Power Control

Truly a genius, as our testers would agree, this product from Shark has all the necessary elements for fast and light cleaning. But mind you, it doesn’t take cleaning lightly. Thanks to its Steam Blaster technology, it sweeps out pathogens from anywhere you want it to. Floor surfaces would be the best. 

With a three-setting intelligent steam control, you get to be more in control over your cleaning outputs. Users are generally satisfied by such a feature as it releases heat right before its handle heats up. 

The setting also accurately indicates how much time is needed for the stream to heat up. With that, you’re made aware as to how long you’ll have to wait. Meaning, you can leave it to do other things and be back on expected heating time. 

Its easy-to-assemble accessories can get you up and running in no time. Even our most picky testers noticed that it can instantly deliver with just a few attachments. Now, add in its double-sided dirt grip pads, and you’ll see heaven in cleaning like never before. 

In fact, the pads prove to be the product’s busiest accessory. So, one can understand why it doesn’t last long. By all means, it’s replaceable. Yes, it is. Although its sellers insist that it’s washable, it’s not. Our testers have tried cleaning it thoroughly. However, it just won’t brighten up, not even a bit. 

Other issues our testers encounter with the product include its tendency to leave very thick condensations (due to thickly-boosted vapors) and some high maintenance implications. 


  • Speed & Comfort
  • Easy-to-Use & Install
  • Steam Blaster Technology
  • Three-Setting Intelligent Steam Control
  • Double-Sided Pads
  • Touch-Free Technology
  • Lightweight


  • Mop pads aren’t long-lasting
  • Might leave very thick condensations in the tank
  • High-Maintenance & Storage Standards

Why choose it?

  • With a soft-touch, intelligent control, comfortable and easy-to-handle design, our top product allows you to take control over your cleaning outputs in the shortest time possible.

5. Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

best handheld steam cleaner

Another great steam cleaners from the best multi purpose steam cleaners list. It’s tough. It’s plump. It’s double the capacity! Our 5th-ranking multi-purpose steam cleaner by Steamfast is the bulkiest, yet also works as an indispensable pro!

  • 1500-Watt Cleaner Capacity
  • Large Water Tank for Longer Uninterrupted Use
  • Easy & Convenient Steam Control
  • Deep-Cleaning Output for All Surfaces
  • 100% All Natural Steaming Process

Our top product hails to our testers as a “sumo wrestler” among steam cleaners.  Gauging 1500 watts for its main heating action, it can last for the whole 45 minutes uninterrupted. Many users find its sellers’ claim of it as a 45 to 45. Meaning, by just filling its tank with 45 ounces of water, it can run (cooled) in the next 45 minutes. 

It also further lives up to expectations of it being a multipurpose steam cleaner. Indeed! It works like a vacuum, a sweep, a rug, a surface polisher and of course, a steam cleaner. Its accessories may not largely be as versatile as its sellers claim, but they are indeed easy to attach. More so, the accessories bring cleaning further up the set bar. 

In one review, it’s seen as a genuine short-cut to all tiring cleaning motions. It kills pathogens in an instant, thanks to its powered vapors. It guarantees all these minus the harsh chemicals. Consequently, the reviewer affirms that it’s steaming solution is natural. 

Despite being the largest product that it is, it isn’t entirely draining. Why, you can leave stationed in a corner and proceed in mopping, conditioning and sweeping the area– carpet, furniture, bed sheets, floors, corners, etc. 

For its drawbacks, it fairly earned some irks for its propensity to suck out and contain dust (leading to its eventual system failure). Addressing this, our testers recommend cleaning its interiors more often than usual. In a sense, that makes our product high maintenance equipment. 

Lastly, its other disadvantage concerns a corroding tank. While this cannot be helped, it can be prevented through meticulous storage. Never ever keep it in a high-humidity room!


  • High Wattage Capacity for 45-Minute Use
  • Only Requires 45 Ounces of Water Fill-in for Uninterrupted Operation
  • Genuinely Multi-Purpose
  • Aggressive Cleaner
  • Certified Natural Steamer
  • Easy Steam Control; High-Technology Design
  • Best for Cleaning All Surfaces


  • Tank easily corrodes
  • Sucks and keeps dust in (leading to potential system failure)
  • High-Maintenance Needs

Why choose it?

  • Our top product from Steamfast is a certified multi-purpose cleaner with higher wattage capacity for longer uninterrupted use!

6. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner with 18 Accessories

Best Multi purpose Steam Cleaners

McCulloch’s 6th-ranking multipurpose steam cleaner is versatile, superior and most comfortable to use. You can even use it to reach very narrow places. 

  • Large Capacity Tank
  • Superior Reaching Capacity
  • Extended Power Cord
  • 100% Natural Cleaning Technology
  • Best for All Surface Floor Types
  • 18 Versatile Accessories

With a 15.7 long power cord, it doubles the effort any ordinary steam cleaners can perform. It’s been noted by many users as a very intuitive kind of device. It heats up water reservoir fast, but just not to the point that it heats up its own system. Experts explain that its long cord commits it to even distribution of heat. Such heat distribution determines its overall capacity. 

One reviewer also praises its large capacity tank. Liking its capacity to that of Steamfast’s, the reviewer emphasized how much energy and money the product’s large tank saves. And as a direct result of its long power cord and intelligent heating, its tank is spared from corrosion and condensations.

Like the great products on this list, this best steam cleaner for carpet cleans with natural, chemical-free vapors. Our testers acknowledge that its steaming process releases conditioning particles. The air, as a result, gets to be conditioned good-time! Allergy-free. Mold-free.

Its thick surface-holding mop pad is known to be the perfect match to all surface types– smooth, linoleum-covered, carpeted, etc. Add in the extended power cord, and you’ve got a comfortable narrow cleaning. 

Some issues our testers find with the product include unreliable/cheap hose quality, tank’s incapacity to keep water from pouring from the cracks, and its incapacity to penetrate into and clean fabric. 


  • Intuitive Technology; Smart Heating Control
  • Large Capacity Tank
  • 100 Natural & Chemical-Free Cleaning Vapor
  • Extended Power Cord
  • Best for Reaching Out & Cleaning Narrow Spaces
  • Multi-Purpose Accessories


  • Cheap Hose Quality
  • Absence of Steam Blaster
  • Water drips along its cracks
  • Fails to properly clean fabric surface

Why choose it?

  • It ranks among the most intuitive multi-purpose steam cleaners on this list; it works best for cleaning narrow areas in the home/office. This is one of the best multi purpose steam cleaners for carpet

7. Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0282014 915 On-Demand Steam Cleaner

Wagner Spraytech steam cleaner for tile

This latest steam cleaner from Wagner Spraytech is uniquely effective for removing wallpapers, cobwebs, and other hanging grimes. 

  • Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning
  • Best for Removing Wallpaper Stains & Stickies
  • Long-Running Time
  • High Heating Limit
  • Best for Cleaning Household Items

Noted and guaranteed by everyone, it can actually remove bathroom stains, grill rusts, stove and oven stains, tile and mirror stains, and flooring spots. More so, this (120 volt-powered) equipment functions with two power modes. Marked by green and red light– green representing a ready mode and red representing heating on the process– it’s fully able to clean in a span of 5-10 minutes. 

This best steam cleaner for wallpaper may exhibit the luxury offered by power booster technology, but thanks to its power modes, it gives users the option in handling heating. Thankfully, once tried and tested, it does steam up to a boost-actuated quality. In addition to that, it’s deep sanitizing ability guarantees fully-conditioned space. 

In another review, the product is appreciated as fitting multi-purpose cleaning equipment for household appliances. It further guarantees to be safe, as per experts’ nod, as it’s naturally-oriented. In fact, it’s steaming technology maintains natural steam despite high-temperature due– up to 212°F (100°C). 

For its added reach, its famous for its extension tubes. Its other effective accessories include LED lights, assorted brushes, jet nozzle, wallpaper steam plate, window squeegee, etc. 

On the contrary, it suffers from specific drawbacks: short plug cord, heavy body (not best for mobility), heated handles, some accessories too breakable for shipping, breakable casing, uncontrollable water-squirting hose, and a breakable water tank. 


  • Best for Wallpaper Removal
  • Dual Power Mode 
  • High-Power Heating Limit: 212°F (100°C)
  • Best for Cleaning Household Appliances
  • Includes versatile accessories for faster & more effective cleaning outputs


  • Short Plug Cord
  • Heated Handles
  • Breakable Casing
  • Breakable Water Tank
  • Problematic Hose
  • Accessories too Fragile for Shipping

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for the right multi-purpose steam cleaner for removing hanging grimes, wallpaper stains and other obstinate dirt, then you’ll definitely be pleased by this latest Wagner Spraytech toppie.

8. BISSELL Little Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Best Multi purpose Steam Cleaners

This top product from Bissell cleans deeper with its ultra-tough stain brush, built-in hot-water heater, and overall efficient design. 

  • Flexible Hose
  • Tough Stain Brush
  • Built-in Hot-Water Heater
  • Compact Design
  • Superior Packaging
  • Spraying Crevice Tool Included

A package so small and light, you won’t even be bothered to carry it along. Our testers agree that these best multi purpose steam cleaners clean deeper into surface dirt. You name it. In fact, you can even include rust in the picture. Yes. It cleans all of them with its ultra-tough stain brush. It meticulously designed bristles that can go in and across thick buildups, adds up to the product’s versatility. 

Its hose may not be long enough to reach across, but it’s definitely flexible.  With such a feature, many users find the product to be of utmost comfort and efficiency. 

Complementing its hose stretch is its high-capacity tank. Proven and tested to hold (without spilling) 48 ounces of water,  it manages to gear up for boosted action. And boy, what a boosted cleaning action that is. Adding up to its comfort and ease is its separate clean and dirty water tank. While seemingly far-fetched, the efficiency this feature offers actually has much to do with the boosted action. 

As one reviewer points out, it’s got a very easy setup/assembly pattern. Given that you’ve gone through its assembly instructions, you should not take more than 3 minutes to assemble the product’s accessories. You can put them on and off whenever you want to. More so, you can even leave them attached in the storage. 

Another one of our testers emphasized the product’s capacity to remove even the oldest stains, wherever these are seen. Molds. Grimes. Spots. It’s guaranteed to bid them goodbye. It does so without losing the naturalness of the steaming action. And as its sellers claim, it’s perfectly safe around pets and children. 

Certain issues against the product begin with a problematic spray, a non-heavy duty functionality (despite claims), a tendency to leak heat out when not securely locked, incapacity to pretreat carpet, a highly-breakable tank, and a tendency to take time in heating. 


  • Small & Light; Highly Comfortable & Efficient
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Deep Cleaning Capacity via Tough-Bristle Stain Brush
  • High Capacity Tank; Dual Residue-Receiving Tanks
  • 100% Natural Cleaning Capacity


  • Not actually a heavy-duty steam cleaner, despite claims
  • Highly Breakable Tank
  • Takes time in heating
  • Possible Leaking in Steamer Section
  • Problematic Spray; Cannot Pretreat Carpet

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for a light and portable steam cleaner that cleans even the oldest stains, then you’ll be highly delighted by this product!

9. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with 1 Extra Refill

Best Multi purpose Steam Cleaners

Our ninth multi-purpose steam cleaner from O-Cedar brand proves that steam cleaning secures a bacteria-free home. 

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria
  • Lightweight & Beautiful Design
  • Includes a Snap-on Glider
  • Replaceable Microfiber Pad
  • Easy Steam Controls

Known by many users as one of the fastest-heating steam cleaners (taking only 20 seconds from plug-in heating) on our list, this O-Cedar magic makes you say O-Cedar with its sleek, light and sophisticated design. 

Using its snap-on glider, which our testers consider to be practically helpful, it releases steamed bacteria-fighting vapors across the surface. And, thanks to its fast-heating technology again, it’ll complete cleaning in no time. 

While some users think that its triangle-shaped head is unnecessary, most users think that it is otherwise. The triangle-shaped head, with its extra microfiber pad, allows the cleaner for excellent traction. Simply said, it can go through crevices and narrow spaces. More so, it keeps the product from bumping into protrusions. Another great steam cleaner from best multi purpose steam cleaners list.

Its pad is favourably washable. Quite strangely too, the microfiber pad does not keep dirt but releases it right in contact with water. Generally, it’s proven to last for a lifetime. I mean, why not?

One reviewer takes hats off to the product’s concentrated antibacterial vapour quality. As it goes further into the cleaning spree, it utilizes the most natural and chemical-free steam possible. Once again, you can thank its pads for that. 

In another review, our top nine product earns praise for its simple handling design, light-body, adjustable steam settings, and overall smart technology. In fact, seeing it at first glance would make you want to go for cleaning time. Powered by its shiny red, velvety and sleek solid coating, the product genuinely looks beautiful. 

Some of its drawbacks though included a clog-prone steamer, a tendency to overheat when not immediately unplugged, some shipping problems, a tendency for the snap-on device to get in the mop’s way, breakable spray, and the tendency to leak water. 


  • Fast Heating
  • Sleek, Light & Sophisticated Design
  • Antibacterial Cleaning Capacity
  • Includes Snap-on Glider
  • Smart Technology and Steaming Controls


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Water Leakage
  • Breakable Spray
  • Clog-Prone Streamer
  • Overheat-Prone
  • The snap-on device sometimes gets in the mop’s way (despite secure locking)

Why choose it?

  • Attractive and light, this product pleases with bacteria-free home, office, and venue.

10. Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

best handheld steam cleaner

Homegear’s latest multi-purpose steam cleaner is a product to be reckoned with. With a double-powered solution tank, you won’t ever run out of steam again! it certainly ranks among the best multi purpose steam cleaners!

  • Short Set-Up Time: 7-8 Minutes
  • 59” Hose Included
  • 1500 Watt Capacity
  • 14pcs Accessory Kit Included
  • High Water Tank Capacity
  • Steaming Time: 30-37 Minutes

Powered with 1500-watt capacity, this latest genius by Homegear builds from a light solution tank. This particular feature, according to our testers, satisfies a great deal of convenience from busy users. Certified not to heat or run out of steam (as it creates its own recycled steam), it makes cleaning super-fast and easy. 

One reviewer states that its 140° C – 284° F heating limit generates steam fast and strong enough to remove all dirt in the area, without having to move the device around. Yes. It might be heavier than expected. However, it’s got a full speed and a spray strength to reach dirt meters apart. Despite its heating limit, it doesn’t overheat nor over-charge. It only brings about is solution tank for a controlled, but focused steaming. 

Other users consider the product to be safe. It’s excellently built to both hold and withstand steam pressure. The steam pressure, on its other end, counts close from 3-3.5 bars. This is further helped or complemented by its 14pcs high-grade accessories. Existing with the sole purpose of maximizing the steam cleaners reach, these accessories are guaranteed safe, durable and easy-to-install. 

The product is also guaranteed to keep sofas looking great and new (besides deeply cleaning it, of course). Our testers further affirm that the product is perfect for cleaning sofas and fabric materials. 

On the contrary, the product suffers from certain disadvantages like a leaking tank, breakable hose nozzle, cheap plastic casing, plump and heavy design, need for a constant plug-in fully function, and a limited cleaning capacity (particularly soils, stains and molds). 


  • 1500-Watt Capacity
  • 140° C – 284° F Heating Limit/Bar
  • High Steam Pressure Bar
  • Certified Safe from Overheating
  • Controlled & Focused Steaming


  • Plump & Heavy Design
  • Leaking Tank
  • Breakable Hose Nozzle
  • Cheap Plastic Casing
  • Limited Cleaning Capacity
  • Requires Constant Plug-ins for Maximized Function

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for the best multi purpose steam cleaners that don’t overheat and cleans sofa fabric well, then you’ll find this product interesting.

11. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

best handheld steam cleaner

Another McCulloch masterpiece hits the 11th spot on our list. And, it’s not playing safe because it’s garnering our “Premium Value” in our best multi purpose steam cleaners list!

  • 23 Versatile Accessories
  • Large 64 oz. Water Tank
  • Intense Heat, Steam & Spray Technology
  • Premium Value Guaranteed
  • Extra-Long Cord
  • Deep-Cleaning Capacity

Strong enough to remove dirt, stains and grimes particularly from the tile walls in the bathroom, this “premium value” steam cleaner has high steam pressure capacity, extra-long cord, large water tank, 23 versatile accessories. 

Our testers acknowledge its capacity to remove scuffs with just a spray. Unlike the other products in the market, it’s got a secure, ultra-durable spray. Bearing a water-force, taken from a very high bar 4 pressure, strong enough to take down long-staying molds, it guarantees a polished surface along its path.

Experts also note its impressive features like integrated handle and cord wrap, extra large water tank, and variable steam control. Other experts, on the other hand, criticize its loose squeegee attachment. 

One reviewer points out that its steam force and heat is very high. It’s very high to a point that it acts as a scrub on surface. However, it works too strong that it can be specifically dangerous when pointed to a live subject. Just imagine being squirted in the eyes with a 4-bar strong water pressure, wrapped in 120+ heat temperature! That’d rather be nasty! 

Among its major problems, tallying from a lack of on/off power switch, breakable canister, low-quality cleaning brush, plastic handles that get slippery, complicated accessories, and time-consuming assembly, the spray control rings the most concerns. 


  • Very High Steam Pressure
  • Extra Large Water Tank
  • 23 Versatile Accessories
  • Extra-Long Cord Wrap
  • Integrated Handles


  • Time-Consuming Assembly
  • Dangerous Spray Control
  • Lack of On/Off Power Switch
  • Breakable Canister
  • Complicated Accessories
  • Low-Quality Cleaning Brush
  • Loose Squeegee
  • Slippery Plastic Handles

Why choose it?

  • This premium product cleans all with its extra-strong, concentrated steam and spray technology!

12. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop 

best steam cleaner for grout

A top-quality steam cleaner from Sienna impresses with a never-before-experienced technology– Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration. With this at the helm, mopping is intelligently guided to remove dirt as effectively as possible. 

  • Easy Steam Control
  • Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology
  • High-Temperature Limit
  • Nylon Brushes
  • Best for Cleaning Clothes, Garments & Fabrics

Truly a multi-purpose steam cleaner, our top product sweeps our testers to their feet (pun intended)! By all means, it stands out from the rest due to its all-new Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology. 

But, what does it really do? This vibration technology embodies all known cleaning properties of a scrub, only that it utilizes fine vibrations to literally shake the dirt off. The advantage of vibrated scrubbing over manual scrubbing is speed. Manual scrubbing also takes much effort to take effect.

To guide your mop through, this best multi purpose steam cleaners utilize an LED lighting technology. Now, this particular feature, if not pleasing, however, tends to be annoying to most of our testers. As seen in many reviews, the LED light easily malfunctions. This is perhaps due to the constant vibration it’s coming in contact with. If our testers were to put it, vibrations and LED lights are not a good pair. 

One user reviewed the product’s technology and the reusability of its mop pad. However, the same user also criticized the product’s weak steaming power. 

Other issues about it deal with a cheap slippery plastic shaft, short machine life, low-quality breakable hose, easy-tipped design, and some other shipping problems. 


  • All-New Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology
  • Breaks & Shakes Off Dirt
  • High-Quality Reusable Mop Pad
  • High Temperature Capacity


  • Easy-Tipped Design
  • Cheap Plastic Shaft
  • Short Machine Life
  • Breakable Hose
  • Weak Steaming Power
  • Overheat-Prone Handles
  • Requires Constant Plug-ins
  • LED Lighting Technology does not work well with Vibration Tech

Why choose it?

  • This particular steam cleaner by Sienna requires the least time for cleaning because it breaks apart and shakes dirt off using micro vibrations.

13. Ewbank Steam Dynamo Cleaner for Chemical-Free Cleaning

Best Multi purpose Steam Cleaners

This best multi purpose steam cleaners from Ewbank cuts through dirt and grimes using its high-powered and sharp mop edges. Ultimately, the cleaning time is down by 80% with this device!

  • Powerful Steam Capacity
  • High Temperature Limit
  • 100% Natural & Environmentally-Safe Cleaning Quality
  • 100% Safe to Use and Handle
  • 50-Ounce Tank
  • Extended Flexible Cord

This best steam cleaner for pets is noted by our testers to be easy to operate. And, it doesn’t end with a shiny casing. It makes use of aggressive sharp-edged mop pads. No worries, though. It’s designed to not cut through skin in case of contact. It might not be the powerful kind of steam cleaner you can expect, but it certainly delivers genuine ceiling-to-floor cleaning command. 

With its extended and flexible power cord, you won’t have to return to the main plug-in switch. You can just drag it along and still feel comfortable about it. You can stretch out its cord, point its hose to both vertical and horizontal areas. Most of all, you can safely use it even when currently heating it up for a steam. 

Our testers guarantee its unmistakable safety measures. Indeed, it proves to be a well-protected with both plastic and fiber casing. It may not be long-lasting, but it’s truly safe to use. 

On the contrary, other issues surrounding it include a leak-prone tank, a cheap rubber button, an absence of clear instruction manual, a loose cap, a delayed heating process (takes so much time), an overly bulky body for storage, cheap accessories, and a lack of drain system. 


  • Easy to Operate
  • Sharp Mop Pad Edge
  • Highly Safe and Natural Steam-Cleaning Capacity
  • Best for Ceiling-to-Floor Cleaning Path


  • Loose Cap
  • Cheap Rubber BUtton
  • Leak-Prone Tank
  • No Clear Instruction Manual
  • No Dirt Drain System
  • Too Bulky for Storing
  • High Maintenance Requirements
  • Cheap Accessories

Why choose it?

  • The product has solid casing and a powerful mop for cutting through obstinate dirt, stains and grimes.

14. BISSELL 39N7A/39N71 Steam Shot Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner

best high pressure steam cleaner

Another Bissell power-product makes it in this list of best multi purpose steam cleaners, only that it’s more generic in quality this time!

  • Large Tank Capacity
  • Diverse Accessories
  • Easy to Use
  • High Pressure Steam Cleaner
  • High Temperature Limit

Bearing a 1000-watt power capacity, it’s noted by many users to bear 3-4 bar of pressure. Even so, it’s gentle on fabric. However, if you want it to be sufficiently aggressive on solid surfaces, then you’ll only have to shift nozzles. In that line, many of our testers agree that it’s super-easy to use. In the face of its diverse accessories, it’s still managed to down cleaning time at an overwhelming rate. 

It also earns honest praises for its notable 6.6 water tank capacity. At the same time though, its sellers’ claim about it being quick heating draws flak. Unfortunately, its heating time unpredictably takes long. Perhaps, it also depends on how many ounces of water are being steamed. No one knows exactly. 

Another element by the product is its Steam Shot accessory. It’s an added device that enables the product to wash off dirt from hard surfaces like tiles, wood, etc. Half of our testers rate it generously, saying that it’s highly efficient. The other half, however, rate it poorly due to its fragile casing. 

Other drawbacks of the product include a cheap plastic finish, an overheat-prone canister, a highly breakable tank, a loose squeegee, a breakable nozzle, a leaking tank, a tendency to blow and leak air instead, and a cheap mop quality. 


  • Best for Cleaning Hard Surfaces
  • High 1000-Watt Steaming Capacity
  • Gentle on Fabric, but Aggressive on Hard Surfaces; Easy to Use
  • Large Tank Capacity


  • Takes time heating up
  • Might blow and leak air instead of steam
  • Leaking Water Tank Breakable Tank
  • Loose Squeegee
  • Cheap Plastic Finish
  • Overheat-Prone Canister
  • Breakable Steam Shot Accessory
  • Cheap Mop Quality

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for a steam cleaner that has high wattage capacity with diverse cleaning controls, then you’ll be interested in this product!

15. BISSELL Symphony Steam Mop for Hardwood and Tile Floors

Best Multi purpose Steam Cleaners

Our last top product sizzles with a unique design, highly antibacterial pad, and an overall lightness! Our last but not the least one from best multi purpose steam cleaners list.

  • Deeply Sanitizing
  • Comes Pad Tray: 4 Mops in an Aset
  • Unique Design
  • Easy Steam Controls
  • 120 Volt Capacity

Another one from Bissell! Yes. It makes it again on our list. And, without question, our testers still consider it a top product nevertheless. Deeply sanitizing, as is common among most Bissell products, it’s guaranteed to remove 99.9% of bacteria in the area. And like most Bissells, it has a grand capacity of reproducing fresh close air. It’s guaranteed safe and natural, too!

With a sufficiently, wide cleaning nozzle, it can hover across the floor like a typical mop. But again, it’s 11” wide, so it’s got to be more accommodating. Despite the fact that it’s not so aggressive on dirt, it still manages to remove them with repeated runs, and of course, proper steaming contact. 

The product is indeed as quick-heating as its sellers claim. It doesn’t take much time. And yeah, 30 seconds is even long for it to heat up. You can thank its large tank for that. 

On the other hand, our last top product suffers from drawbacks surrounding its non-heavy duty capacity, overall breakable casing, overheat-prone handles and canisters (don’t over plug it), absence of suction, cheap mop pad quality, weak vacuum capacity, difficult-to-replace parts, hard-time assembly, and a weak condensing hold. 


  • Deeply Sanitizing; Air-Refreshing
  • Safe & Easy to Use
  • Highly Antibacterial
  • Wide Mop Nozzle


  • Cheap Mop Pad Quality
  • Overheat-Prone Handles & Canisters
  • Breakable Casing
  • Non-Heavy-Duty Capacity
  • Lack of Suction; Poor Vacuum Quality
  • Weak Condensing Hold
  • Difficult-to-Replace Parts
  • Assembly takes a long time to finish

Why choose it?

  • Easy to use, safe and comfortable, this top product from Bissell is highly antibacterial that it makes you want to lie on your floor.

3 Basic Types of Multipurpose Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are recently rising technology. The number of experienced users has with technology is fairly inchoate. Therefore, it’s baseless as of now, to draw a solid conclusion about which ones really work and which ones don’t. 

However, there’s no sweeping under the rug here (pun intended)! The truth about using and buying multipurpose steam cleaners, no matter how basic, shall have to be steamed out. 

This time, let’s tackle a major truth to consider in buying one: the truth about its types. 

Here are 5 known multi-purpose steam cleaner types:

1. Handheld Steam Cleaner

Like the steam mop, this type is intended for cleaning extra-hard and difficult-to-reach surfaces. Some variants of this type include the scrub accessory for focused removal of semi-to-permanent stains. 

2. Upright Steam Cleaner

Almost resembling a vacuum cleaner, (except that it doesn’t have a suction device) this type cleans by brushing off the dust, instead of sucking dust. Given its configurations, it works best on carpets, fabrics, rugs, floors, pillows, mattresses, linen, etc.

3. Steam Mop

Best for cleaning hard surfaces, it’s also known as a hard-floor steam cleaner. This type of steam cleaner greatly resembles a mop. Its main function is to sweep across surfaces using steam (heated water/vapor) to disinfect. 

4. Vapor Steam Cleaner

It could be in any form. The distinction it has from others is its completely “dry cleaning method”.  Using densely condensed vapors, it seeks to break and cut through dirt, disinfect it and refresh the air. 

5. Cylinder Steam Cleaner

Almost similar in appearance with Vapor Stream, this type tends to be bulkier and heavier. Including canisters, large tanks, and other heavy technological accessories in its system, it works with a higher wattage capacity. It’s best for long cleaning durations.

Key Features to Pay Attention to When Shopping for the Best Multi-purpose Steam Cleaners

Besides determining the specific type of steam cleaner you need, determining its cleaning coverage hits as the second most important step to buying the right one! 

Coverage, in this case, is the product’s propensity for cleaning as many spaces as possible. Spaces could be your home, your car or your small office area. Wherever that space is, the best multipurpose steam cleaner should be able to find its way in there, simply to clean out! 

While there are steam cleaners specifically intended for cleaning the home, for instance, there lies somewhere, a better one that can clean all spaces: home, office, car, etc. 

These two major standards could already secure you the best multi-purpose steam cleaner. However, it doesn’t end there. There are other things to consider when you’re looking at one product per se. 

Here’s our buying guide  for choosing the best steam cleaner/s:

  • Water Tank Size

Check out its water tank size and believe it when it says so. Obviously, larger water tanks mean more water storage. More water storage means longer steaming function. 

However, you’d have to be wise enough to catch the catch here. There is a thin line that determines whether your tank would leak or not. In the case of Dupray’s product that has more or less 8-10 ounces of water hold, there is an assurance of zero-leakage. 

This is determined by the solid-ness of the tank per se. The next major factor that determines if it leaks is the holding capacity. See if the holding capacity coincides with the 8-10 ounces of water for instance. 

How do you know? How do you measure? See, a range of 8-10 ounces of water tank capacity should ideally coincide with 3-4 bar pressure holding capacity. 

Yes! You read it right. Holding capacity is measured via bar pressure capacity. 

  • Attachments & Accessories

See the attachments and accessories. Nozzles. Pads. All these things make the steam cleaner versatile. Meaning, it enables the cleaner to clean various surface types depending on the diversity of its accessories. 

However, when attachments and accessories tend to be excessive, they actually become useless. Second, a set of difficult to attach accessories is better off thrown away than used. 

This standard is quite tricky because it requires that you buy and use the product to know if it really works. However, we’ve got the best come-back to that. Reviews. Plenty of reviews. They never die. Always refer to them. 

  • Weight & Size

The steam cleaner’s weight and size greatly determine its portability. However, this doesn’t entirely mean that bulkier and heavier steam cleaners are not good. You see, they’re designed like that to fulfil certain functions. 

In the case of Wagner Spraytech for instance, it’s plump and heavy feature makes it an ample stationary cleaning device. It’s intended not to be moved around because it’s got boosted steaming capacity. 

This also applies to that of Bissell’s, O-Cedar’s and Homegear’s.

The light and portable products, on the one hand, fulfil a moving cleaning method. To compensate, they come with extended, flexible power cords. 

  • Pressure & Temperature

The pressure and temperature determine the holding capacity and the overall steaming power of the device. Some models include features like blasted/boosted steaming, high-temperature limit, etc. All these functions as supporting features to help the model achieve a full temperature capacity?

But, why does it have to have a high temperature? Remember that a steam cleaner is all about heat. Simply said, the hotter (ideally, 275°F/135°C) the steaming capacity, the better. 

What about the pressure? Its pressure power tells how far it supports the holding capacity, overall weight and strength of the steam spray. Lastly, the higher the pressure (ideally, around 4-5 bar), the higher the model resists overheating. 

  • Ease of Use

Despite the width, depth and diversity of the model’s accessories, it has to be, above all, easy to use. Easy steaming control. Automatic buttons. Diverted steam heating process. Quick assembly. Quick plug-in feature. All these make an easier to handle and more effective steam cleaner.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Steam Cleaners

As we mentioned earlier, many homes have now shifted interest in steam cleaning. This is perhaps due to the fact that many people are now aware of the dangers posed by using chemicals in cleaning the place. 

Poisoning. Health problems. Cancer. These are just among the few dangerous consequences of manual cleaning. Now, let’s say you’d get rid of the chemicals and stick to water and soap. It’s actually doable, but only to a certain degree. Unfortunately, some stains are just too tough to surrender from a mix between detergent and water. 

The efficiency of steam cleaning is just unbeatable. Being the most practical cleaning method today, it deserves to be experienced by all. In that line, let’s take a closer peek into its top 5 benefits. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of steam cleaning:

  1. It’s safe for children and pets.
  2. It’s safe for people with allergies and asthma. 
  3. It’s effective in eliminating odor. 
  4. It can remove molds. 
  5. It’s natural, non-toxic and chemical-free.

Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

Unlike other technological devices, the multipurpose steam cleaner is most crucial to maintain. Generally, most of its models are of the high-maintenance bar.

Another challenging factor about the multipurpose steam cleaner is that you don’t only have to maintain its main bulk, but its accessories as well. Many users complain about depreciated pads, broken steamers, nozzles, hoses, etc. after 2-3 months of use. While this is highly due to low-quality design, it’s also factored by careless handling. 

We’re sure you’d want your steam cleaner to last for a lifetime. So, nozzle up and learn from our easy tips. 

Here are the easy tips for maintaining your steam cleaner:

  • Wash the clothes, mop pads, or other fabrics used by the steam cleaner.  Do the washing after every use. Don’t delay in washing them. Hang it to dry afterward.
  • Using a slightly wet clean cloth, wipe your steam cleaner body before and after use. This is important as it loses the dust and dirt that cling to the device.
  • The steam mop’s water tank should be drained right after use. Make sure to keep it tightly dried before storing it. Air-dry the tank when necessary. 
  • Check other possible storage for dirt in the device. Make sure to rid the device of dirt before and after use. 
  • Check the boiler tank. Make sure not a single droplet of water remains in it after use. Air-dry when necessary. This whole process is called descaling. 

Specific Usage Tips:

  • When operating the machine, make sure that you don’t mix anything in the water. Not even mild soap or detergent. Steam cleaning is designed only to steam plain water. Nothing else. 
  • Take a 5-minute interval in between for every time you turn the device on or off.


Do steam cleaners wet surfaces after cleaning?

Yes. Steam cleaners make the surface wet. However, its kind of wetness is described to be of fine condensed molecules. Therefore, it quickly dries up even before you step on the surface.

How effective are steam cleaners?

Steam cleaners are very effective. They can remove 99.9% of bacteria in your place. They also effectively clean any surfaces, leaving them glass-polished.

Can I use a steam cleaner in cleaning the window?

Yes. You can. However, you’ll have to first determine the type of steam cleaner your using. Not all steam cleaners are designed to clean windows.

Can I apply a cleaning solution in the machine?

No. You can’t. Steam cleaners are strictly for water only.

Can I use the steam cleaner on glass?

Yes. You can. But, that depends on the type of steam cleaner you’re using.


From our intensive product review, we were able to rank Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer as the “Top Pick” product, Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Cleaner-2500-Watt Multi-Purpose Household System as the “Best Value” product, and McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System as the “Premium Value” product. 

Through this intensive perusal of the best multi purpose steam cleaners, we were able to conclude that steam cleaning is today’s top practical and effective cleaning method. With the right product choice, proper handling, and the wise matching of its functionality to the type of surface to be cleaned, you’re sure to experience utter joy in your newly-cleaned space. 

The steam cleaner is not easy to maintain. Cleaning it is entirely crucial as it will soon determine its lasting functionality. Fortunately, with our tried and tested tips, you’re sure to keep your steam cleaners handy for a lifetime.

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