10 Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

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  1. Bissell Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop
  2. 18” Professional Microfiber Dust Mop
  3. Mayshine Microfiber Flat Floor Mop
Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are affordable and can look  great. It’s an easy way to upgrade your flooring without the hefty price tag. It can even look like real wood. And it’s also low maintenance so a lot of homeowners opt to have this type of flooring.

Even though it’s low maintenance, you still have to use the best mop for vinyl floors. Vinyl may be easy to clean, that’s if you’re using the right tool. Use the wrong mop and you won’t be able to clean the dirt and debris fully, you’re just going to scatter dirt around the floor. And it will create laches. Not to mention, you have to spend twice as much time cleaning.

See our top picks. These brands will help you save time so you don’t have to spend the entire day mopping the floors.

Here is the List of 10 Best Mop for Vinyl Floors:

  1. Bissell Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop
  2. 18” Professional Microfiber Dust Mop
  3. Mayshine Microfiber Flat Floor Mop
  4. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop
  5. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop
  6. 3M Scotch Brite Microfiber Floor Mop
  7. Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System
  8. Masthome Sponge Mop and Bucket Set
  9. MR. SIGA Professional Dry Sweeping Flat Mop
  10. SnapMop Microfiber Mop System

The 10 Best Mop for Vinyl Floors Reviewed

Vinyl floors are strong and durable; thus, they are supposed to withstand even a lot of foot traffic. However, proper maintenance of vinyl and laminated floors is necessary. Cleaning a floor’s surface is not as complicated as it may seem. To make your difficult job a lot easier, we have selected the 15 best vinyl floor cleaners for your precious floor.

1. Bissell Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop

vinyl floor polish

If you want to sanitize your floors and get rid of germs and bacteria, this Bissell steam mop is your best choice. It cleans and disinfects without using any harsh chemicals; thus, keeping your family safe from health risks. You can choose between the high or low setting, depending on the type of floor you have. It quickly warms up at about 30 seconds so you can start cleaning immediately.

You can insert a fragrance disc to enjoy a fresh and clean scent while cleaning. This vinyl floor polish comes with a measuring cup to make filling up the water tank easier.

This steam mop quickly takes away stubborn stains and messes with its SpotBoost brush. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre even when cleaning hard-to-reach areas on your floor. Plus, you get to support the BISSELL Pet Foundation for every purchase of BISSELL products.


  • Can get rid of bacteria and germs
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy storage


  • Quite expensive

2. 18” Professional Microfiber Dust Mop

vinyl floor cleaner

If you want to clean any type of floor without hassle, you must use the 18″ Professional Microfiber Dust Mop. It has a stainless steel handle that extends up to 70 inches. So, you do not have to bend while mopping since you can simply adjust the handle to match your height.

The mop includes two microfiber wet pads, a wet mop pad, and two extra premium microfiber cloths that you can use to clean your furniture and car. The microfiber mop cleans your floor more effectively than cotton mops. Its dust mop will collect dirt, large debris, and pet hair thoroughly. On the other hand, you can use the wet mop for deep-cleaning of your floor. Surely one of the best mop for vinyl floors around today.

The mop head has an 18-inch width frame that makes cleaning almost any type of flooring faster without exerting too much effort. The micro-fiber mops are machine washable, making this best mop economical. The full use and care instructions will guide you on how to use and take care of your mop appropriately. This mop will make your life a lot easier!


  • With a wide mop head for faster cleaning
  • Comes with extra pads and microfiber towels
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Ideal for wet and dry mopping
  • Adjustable handle


  • Some find the mop head too big

3. Mayshine Microfiber Flat Floor Mop

Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

The Mayshine microfiber vinyl floor scrubber is a sturdy product with a stainless steel handle and aluminum frame. The steel handle can be extended from 46 to 60 inches to suit almost any height. The 360-degree rotating mop frame enables you to reach areas under your furniture.

It includes microfiber mop cloths, which you can use for hundreds of times to help you save money and the environment. The cloth is reversible. The wide 14.75-inch mop frame makes it suitable for both home and office use. And, the microfiber cloth easily attaches to the mop head using the clamps also to keep it in place. You can use this mop on any type of floor like laminate, stone, concrete, or hardwood. It can also efficiently clean walls and glass.


  • Absorbent and quick-drying pads
  • Quick cleaning
  • Versatile and can be used for any floor type
  • Durable microfiber cloth
  • Extendable handle
  • With five reusable pads


  • Some users say that the microfiber does not perform well when dry

4. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

best spray mop

The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray mop is safe for use on almost all floor types, including vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and tile. The kit includes three microfiber mopping pads, a scrubbing pad, and two refillable bottles for water or mixing solutions. It has a non-battery operated spray giving you full control over the amount of solution you need to clean your floor. You can’t go wrong with this mob and easily included in our list of best mop for vinyl floors.

The microfiber pad is securely kept in place by Velcro straps. It is machine washable and reusable for up to a hundred times. The scrubber can get rid of stubborn stains without leaving a scratch on your vinyl. It is easy to use and will fit comfortably in your hands.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Thick microfiber pad
  • Washable and reusable mop


  • Most users complain about their issues with the spray bottle

5. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop

The O-Cedar dual-action flip mop boasts of a double-sided microfiber head and chenille fabric. This feature makes the best mop for shiny laminate floors great to use for both dry and wet mopping. The dual action microfiber mop is machine washable for up to a hundred times, making it an eco-friendly product.

Its blue ultra-dense chenille fabric efficiently picks-up pet hair and dust. On the other hand, the white deep-clean scrubbing strips can easily remove stubborn stains and dirt. This quality of the mop fabric gives you twice the cleaning power. Also, the mop head can do a full 360-degree rotation to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas under the furniture easily.

The O-Cedar can be used even without chemical solutions. Make sure that the pad is securely attached to the head using the built-in Velcro. The telescoping handle is extendable up to 56 inches.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Washable
  • Can be used for both wet and dry mopping
  • Adjustable handle
  • Comes with two pad refills


  • Some users had trouble with the mop handle

6. 3M Scotch Brite Microfiber Floor Mop

best mop for laminate floors

Another great mob from our list of best mop for vinyl floors. You can depend on the 3M Scotch Brite to lift dust and dirt easily. It traps dirt that comes into its path and efficiently cleans any laminate or wood flooring. This absorbent and heavy-duty mop delicately cares and does not leave any marks or scratches on your precious floor. The microfiber mop is machine-washable; thus, you can use it many times that can ultimately save you money. Ensure the proper cleanliness of your home by using this microfiber mop also to clean walls and ceilings.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Non-scratch
  • Absorbent
  • Quick-cleaning


  • The handle is made of plastic

7. Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

mop for vinyl plank floors

The Turbo microfiber mop is most suitable to clean vinyl, laminate, and wood floorings. The best spray mop comes with two washable and reusable pads that save you money and the environment. The mop pad can easily attach onto the mop head, that even your kids can do the replacement. You can use it as a dry mop to sweep away dust, pet hair, and debris or as a wet mop for thorough cleaning. It comes with scrub pads that can deeply clean your floors and breakdown stubborn stains and messes.

It has an adjustable aluminum handle with a strong and large metal head that can make a full 360-degree spin. You can extend it from 35 to 60 inches long, making it ideal for use by short or tall people. This premium quality floor mop can give your kitchen, bathroom, office, home, or apartment a commercial-grade cleaning anytime. It easily cleans almost any type of floor surface.


  • Comes with two microfiber refills and two scrubbing pads
  • Lightweight with extendable handle
  • Works on almost any floor types
  • Can be used as a wet or dry mop cleaner
  • Affordable scrub pads


  • Users had concerns about the Velcro coming off easily

8. Masthome Sponge Mop and Bucket Set

Masthome Sponge Mop

The Masthome Sponge Mop is of high quality and durable cleaner for vinyl, laminate, tile, marble, and other floor types. It comes as a mop and bucket set with three super-absorbent sponge heads for refills and more extended usage.  The Masthome is a self-wringing mop with long, stainless steel that you can adjust from 44 to 53 inches. This feature gives more convenience when cleaning wide floors, depending on your height, to prevent back pains.

The PVA mop head, made from high-quality soft PVA cotton, is super absorbent. The built-in mop ridges can lift and capture dirt as you clean the floor. Its soft feature does not leave any water-mark or scratches, thus protecting your vinyl floor from any damages. You can also use almost any type of floor cleaner without corroding the PVA sponge quickly.  It was an easy pick for us to be included into best mop for vinyl floors list.

The smart design of the mop and the bucket makes it easy to store. You can use the mop for wet or dry cleaning. Its self-wringing feature of the mop made it easy to wash by washing the mop head and wringing it in the bucket.


  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to Store
  • Adjustable stainless steel handle
  • Comes with three PVA mop heads


  • The bucket may be quite small for some

9. MR. SIGA Professional Dry Sweeping Flat Mop

waxing vinyl floors

MR. SIGA has a microfiber, absorbent mop head that is ideal for cleaning laminate, tile, or hardwood floors. The mop head is double-sided that you can use one side for mop cleaning, and the beige-colored side for floor waxing. You can also use the mop for wet or dry floor cleaning.

This best mop for linoleum floors has a telescopic stainless steel handle that can be extended to your desired length. It has a 360-degree swivel pole for versatility. This mop can be used on floors, windows, stairs, and cars, while the mop plate has the innovative fabric clip-on design. It results in the easy replacement of the fabric head.

The mop comes with three reusable flat mops and a dirt removal scrubber. The scrubber makes cleaning the mop head a lot easier by scraping off the dirt from the fiber.


  • Super-absorbent microfiber
  • Versatile with a double-sided mop head
  • Includes three mop heads
  • 360-degree swiveling pole
  • Durable extendable, stainless steel handle
  • Mop head is easy to clean with the use of the included scrubber


  • Users complained about the handle not tightening securely

10. SnapMop Microfiber Mop System

microfiber mop

This one is my favorite in the best mop for vinyl floors list. You can use the SnapMop microfiber mop wet or dry on any hard surface flooring like laminate, vinyl, tile, or hardwood. This lightweight flat mop has an adjustable handle to accord with your height. It also makes a full 360-degree swivel to clean corners and edges easily. This feature makes maneuvering and cleaning underneath furniture much more comfortable. Plus, you can hang the mop using the convenient hole on its handle to save a lot of storage space.

The SnapMop is ideal for dry cleaning to get rid of debris, dust, and dirt, or wet for deep floor cleaning. You can easily attach and secure the microfiber pad on the mop head with the built-in Velcro. The included mop pad is washable and reusable that can be used after hundreds of washing; thus, saving you money. How to take care of the mop is also easy since it includes care instructions to prolong your cleaner’s life.  

With the microfiber pad, the SnapMop can clean your floor in a snap!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and store
  • Adjustable and swivel handle
  • Washable microfiber
  • Easy to install fabric mop head


  • Tall people might find the mop a bit too short

Buying Guides: What to Look for in the Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

If you want to maintain a sparkly vinyl floor that you can proudly show off to your visitors, keeping it clean is the best idea. Looking for the best mop as your vinyl floor cleaner is simple if you follow the following tips.

Type of Mop

The best mop for vinyl plank floors comes in different types. It may be confusing to know that mops can be categorized according to design, purpose, and how they are powered. There are mops with cord or cordless, standard or multi-purpose, wet or dry, and electric or battery-powered. Below are the four basic types of vinyl mops you can choose from:

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1. Basic Mop

It is a simple mop with a fibre head and a swivel handle. It is the most basic mop type that does not provide any spraying or steaming method.

2. Mop with Sprayer Technology

It is an upgraded type of mop wherein a sprayer is provided. The user can press the trigger to spray the cleaning solution from the mop whenever necessary.

3. Steam Mop

The steam generated by the tool can easily take away oil and stains from vinyl floors. The steam-generating technology is built-in to the mop.

4. Vacuum Mop

It is a two-in-one cleaner that mops and vacuums your floor for additional clean. It is a revolutionary mop product type that combines the cleaning ability of a mop and the power of a vacuum.  It can easily pick up debris while getting rid of stains and sticky grime at the same time.

Weight and Size

Since you will be carrying your best mop for scrubbing floors every time you need to clean your vinyl floor, its size and how much it weighs matter. You might need the best vinyl cleaner that will not strain your hands, arms, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

There will also be times when you will need to change the fabric head of the mop for cleaning hard to reach areas. Thus, the size and length of the handle is also an essential factor to consider.  Choose something that is not too short that may cause back pain. Choose something that you will be comfortable to use frequently.

Functionality and Property

You might want to look into the following properties and functions of the best sponge mop for vinyl floors before buying one:

1. Non-Abrasive Material

It is crucial to look for the best laminate floor cleaner that is non-abrasive. Choose something that does not have steel or any hard material that can scratch and damage your vinyl floor.

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2. Absorbency and Cleaning Power

The mop’s functionality is also essential, especially if you need to clean your floor even without electricity. The absorbency of the mop’s head is one of the things you need to consider. Mop heads made of microfibers and cotton are the most absorbent cleaning materials and have the best cleaning power. There are also available microfiber mops for both wet and dry floor cleaning use.

3. Washable and Reusable

You are sure to use a mop frequently to clean the floor. You need to keep the mop fabric head clean as well, the way that you want your floor surface to be germ-free. Thus, the mop fabric must be machine washable for it to be dirt-free for the next use.   It is also a good idea if you get a mop that comes with two or more mop heads for extended usage.

4. Ease of Use

You must not have a difficult time using the best mop for laminate floors. Choose something that has a wringer so you won’t have to bend over to squeeze out the water from the fabric.

Floor Type

Always remember that each floor type has a different cleaning requisite. Vinyl floors need a particular kind of mop and cleaning agent to ensure that its adhesives and laminations won’t be damaged. However, you might also want a mop that can be used on other floor types aside from vinyl. Therefore, find the best mop for vinyl plank floors that are also ideal for cleaning tiles, cement, and other surfaces.

Budget and Brand

Although the brand is not a significant factor to consider in choosing a mop, you might still want to get durable products. Selecting a quality vinyl floor cleaner will not only efficiently keep your floor clean, but it will last longer than others.

However, getting a quality mop brand doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive one. Mops that have the highest price do not necessarily mean that they are the best. Consider all other factors before buying, and you can find the best laminate floor cleaner at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Using  Mops for Vinyl Floors

Benefits of Using the Best Mops for Vinyl Floors

Makes Cleaning Easier

Using the appropriate mop on your vinyl floor can make your work easier and faster. Using a mop with a big fabric head can make you cover more surface area faster. While small mop heads can help you reach and difficult areas that cannot be reached by bigger ones.

You Get the Best Results

It gets your job done in cleaning stubborn dirt that vacuum and broom cannot take away from your vinyl floor. You can do this by using a suitable mop for your type of flooring. It will ensure that you will have the floor free from dust, debris, stain, and germs all the time.

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Protects Your Floor

Your vinyl floor is delicate and needs proper care and maintenance. Dirt build-up can damage any floor quickly. Using the right kind of mop will help protect and preserve the sparkly and shiny vinyl finish of the floor’s surface.

Protects You and Your Family

Proper sanitation is necessary to protect your loved ones from harmful germs that can draw viruses and cause sickness. The health of your family is an utmost priority. Thus, using the best mop for your vinyl plank floors will keep the germs away from your home.

How to Take Care for Vinyl Floors

 Taking care of your vinyl floor can make it last longer than you expected. Also, you will be able to maintain its lustre and beauty if you know how to clean it appropriately. Here are some simple guides on how to take care of your vinyl floor:

  • Use the proper mop to clean a vinyl floor
  • Regularly sweep the floor to avoid the accumulation of dust, dirt, and minimize stains. It is best to do this before mopping the floor with water and cleaning agent. You can also use a vacuum to take away dirt and dust before mop cleaning. 
  • Use a doormat or floor rug on doorways to lessen the dirt and grime coming into your home.
  • Use sheet board under furniture that you want to move around to prevent scratches and dents on the floor.
  • Never use steel wool or any abrasive materials to remove stains from your vinyl floors.
  • Avoid products with ammonia content that can seep in and cause cracks to your floor. Do not use acetone, alcohol, solvents, or oil-based products as well.
  • Do not let water or any liquid to drench a vinyl floor.

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How long does a vinyl floor last?

Vinyl material is known for its durability and resilience, aside from its beautiful finishes. It is the reason why vinyl is one of the most popular floor materials among homeowners. Apart from its easy-installation property, vinyl floors can last for about ten to 20 years in the average. You can still make its life expectancy longer with proper installation, care, and maintenance.

Is it safe to bleach vinyl floors? (mention bleach on laminate floors here also)

Bleach is ideal for cleaning linoleum, tile, or concrete floors. But, it is not advisable to use bleach on your vinyl floor. Bleach, like abrasive detergents and ammonia-based cleaners, is not a safe product to use on vinyl floors.

It is still best to use water and apple cider to get rid of stains on your floor. The apple cider’s acid is a gentle cleaning agent that does not leave any residue, maintaining your floor’s radiant appearance. Or, you can use cleaners specifically made for vinyl floors to avoid any damages or discolouration.

How do I remove tough vinyl floor stains?

Your floor is one of the areas in your home that is most susceptible to dirt and different kinds of stains. Getting rid of stubborn stains on your floor surface is no magic. You just need to know a few tips to preserve the beauty of your vinyl.  The trick is to clean spills as soon as you notice them on the floor so that they will not stick onto the vinyl floor.

If the stains have already hardened, damp the spot with a white cloth soaked in warm water and vinyl cleaner. Using dyed fabric can bleed color on the floor when it gets wet with a cleaning agent.  You can also alternatively use apple cider vinegar or baking soda to get rid of stains.

Is steaming better than mopping?

Many are asking whether they should get a traditional mop or invest in the best steam mop for vinyl floors at a cost. If you want to sanitize your flooring deeply, it is best to use a steam mop. And since steam mops are more convenient to use, they are widely used in large companies and healthcare facilities. These mops can take away tough dirt quickly due to its steaming technology that loosens grime.

However, steam mops are quite expensive and are a bit heavy, weighing about six to ten pounds. Also, the power cord of steam mops can get in the way while you are cleaning. You can surely choose any mob from the best mop for the vinyl floors list above.

Traditional mops are the most basic floor cleaners you can have. However, these standard mops are now available in different shapes and sizes, together with different types of mop heads. Using traditional mops is the simplest way of cleaning your floor. You just need a bucket of water with a vinyl cleaning agent, and you are good to go.

It is perfect for the immediate cleaning of spills and dirt since you do not need to set it up to use it. You won’t be needing any manual to learn how to hold and use it properly. Also, microfiber mop heads with static electric charges are best in capturing dust on almost any type of flooring. And, these mops are very affordable.

However, you might need to exert more effort if you are trying to get rid of stubborn stains if you are using the standard mops. You will need to go down on the floor and scrub the stains away. Plus, you will need to wash and wring the mop once it gets too wet.

So deciding whether to get a traditional or steam mop will depend on what you need to clean your floor. If you want a heavy-duty tough on stains cleaner, you can go with the pricey steam mop. But if you need an affordable daily cleaner that you can immediately use anytime, the traditional mop will your best choice.

Can I steam clean my vinyl floor? (mention steam on plank floors here also)

You can use steam mops to get rid of grime on your vinyl floor. However, you must steam clean with proper caution. Sweep off dust and debris first before using steam. And, make sure that you use the steam at half-power to reduce the exposure of vinyl from the heat that can cause damage. So, if you plan to use a steam mop, choose the one with variable settings to control the temperature.

But, if you have vinyl floor planks that click together, you might want to avoid the steam mop. Water can easily seep into the lines, seams, and grooves of the planks, especially if you leave the steam at the same place for an extended period. It will be the reason for the floor to rot and create a nasty smell.

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Vinyl floors are durable and a beautiful type of flooring you can install at home or work. But, it still requires proper care and maintenance. The best mop for vinyl floors a floor cleaner that suits vinyl floors, and other types of floorings. There is a variety of vinyl cleaners available that offer a wide range of functionalities and cleaning properties. Each mop cleaner has its advantages that you can choose the best mop for laminate floors that suit your needs.

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