10 Best Knife for Cutting Meat

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Victorinox Swiss Slicing Knife
  2. DALSTRONG Cimitar Knife
  3. Sato Forged Chopping Butcher Knife

That chunk of beef may seem tough. Not if you’re using the best knife for cutting meat. The right knife can make your life in the kitchen easier. You can also seamlessly cut through large cuts of meat with ease.

And the best knife can help you cut pieces of meat like a pro. It can help you create suitable cuts of meat for a variety of dishes. The knife would always feel warm butter on freshly baked bread.

We have curated a list of the best-recommended brands that can help you cut through any chunks of meat. Head on over to our reviews to see which brands made it to our list.

Here is the List of 10 Best Knife for Cutting Meat:

  1. Victorinox Swiss Slicing Knife
  2. DALSTRONG Cimitar Knife
  3. Sato Forged Chopping Butcher Knife
  4. Wusthoff Classic Chef’s Knife
  5. Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife
  6. Mercer Culinary Carving Knife
  7. DALSTRONG Boning Knife
  8. Rada Cutlery Ham Slicer Knife
  9. Jerky Professional Meat-Cutting Knife
  10. TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife

Best Knife for Cutting Meat: Top 10 Reviewed

To help you with your search, we have listed down the best knife in the market. Sticking with a poor carving or chef knife can s

1. Victorinox Swiss Slicing Knife

Best Knife for Cutting Meat

When it comes to reliable knives for any use, Victorinox is one of the world’s best brands. With their Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife, it makes cutting meat easier through the help of air pockets created by its Granton Blade. These pockets reduce the amount of friction between the meat and the blade, allowing the meat to slide down as you cut. The thin blade is very sturdy and surprisingly lightweight, which will enable users to slice and cut food without problems. 

Once you finish using the blade, you can hand wash it with soap and dry immediately. You can also clean it with a dishwasher. If it becomes blunt, you should use a honing steel to sharpen it. 

The knife comes with an international lifetime warranty, which guarantees you can get replaced in case of defects.


  • Lightweight, sturdy and dishwasher safe
  • It has a non-slip Fibrox Pro grip that remains dry even if your hands are wet
  • Can be used to cut other food such as sandwiches
  • Food does not stick on the blade thanks to the Granton Blade
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Can get dull very quickly if used heavily and not regularly sharpened
  • Hard to put on storage because of its length
  • There are reports its handle can detach from the knife without warning

Why You Should Choose

If you want a versatile kitchen knife that will grow with your cooking skills, this Victorinox Slicing Knife is the one for you. Thanks to its lightweight body, you can cut clean slices without having to worry about its balance. The lifetime guarantee is also a big plus because you can return the knife if it has defects or gets your money back. Our number one knife from the best knife for cutting meat list.

2. DALSTRONG Cimitar Knife

best knife for cutting raw meat

When it comes to the best knife for cutting raw meat, you cannot go wrong with DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife. It is the latest member of DALSTRONG’s Gladiator Series, the brand’s best kitchen knives that can trim briskets and raw game easily. It has a curved blade that enables easy cutting without sawing through the food regardless of their toughness. 

It has a beautiful pakkawood handle that allows firm grip and helps with precise cutting. It has a chromium coating that prevents stains and mirrors polished to guarantee sharp cuts each time you use it. It even comes with a BPE-free PerfectFit knife guard, which you can use after you use the knife. 


  • Made from durable German steel
  • Comes with its BPA-friendly knife guard to protect it when not in use
  • Multi-purpose knife that can cut through any meat
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied 
  • Responsive customer service 


  • The thin handle which can be hard to grip for tough meats
  • Customers reported that they saw rust forming in the knife even if they washed and stored it properly
  • It only comes with one size and color
  • It is costly

Why You Should Choose

If you are looking for the best butcher knives in town, you will never go wrong with DALSTRONG’S Butcher Breaking Cimitar Knife. This best knife for smoking meat uses high quality imported materials that are sturdy and can last a lifetime. It cuts any kind of meat easily thanks to its unique curved design. You will also love the fact that it is low maintenance, and it even comes with its knife guard. 

3. Sato Forged Chopping Butcher Knife

best kitchen knives

Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Meat Cleaver Chopping Butcher Knife promises that you can cut your preparation time in half. It has an 8” stainless steel blade that comes with a beautiful wood handle that gives it a timeless look. The blade is hefty, which allows it to cut through bones and meat without any problems. 


  • Easy to cut through bone thanks to its sharp blade
  • Affordable
  • A sturdy wooden handle which allows a comfortable grip
  • Nice weight to enable balanced cuts and stability


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Some users cited reports of rust
  • Requires awareness when used because it is very sharp

Why You Should Choose

If you will use this knife for butchering meat all the time, this is the butcher knife to use. Its stainless steel blade is massive, which assists in how well it can chop through bones without problems. It is also a good investment because it is very sturdy, and many users say it will not chip easily.  You should choose this as one of the best knife for cutting meat.

4. Wusthoff Classic Chef’s Knife

Wusthoff Classic Chef’s Knife

In Germany, Wusthoff is one of their trusted cutlery makers since they started in 1814. Today, their knives – such as the Wusthoff Classic Chef’s Knife – has been lauded as one of the best chef knives in the market. This knife is also a great all-purpose kitchen knife because aside from chopping and cutting, it can do mincing, slicing, and many others. 

The reason for its all-purpose capabilities is thanks to its balanced structure and weight. The blade uses high-carbon stainless steel, which is precision-forged to prevent any stains and wear from appearing on its edge. It also guarantees that the knife is razor-sharp and would not dull too quickly. It is also a weighted blade, which makes it perfect for heavy-duty cuts. 

As a guarantee that users do not experience any problems as they cut, it comes with a riveted handle that is easy to grip and offers maximum control. After using the knife, you can hand wash it and dry it off. 


  • Can be used for various purposes or tasks
  • Made from carbon-infused steel
  • Comes in various lengths
  • Comes with a detailed guide you can access through their website
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty


  • It is not NSF Certified which indicates that it is safe to use and clean
  • Can only be used for cutting and chopping
  • Requires regular sharpening
  • Very expensive

Why You Should Choose

Newbie cooks would love owning this knife. It comes with an informational website that will guide you through the best ways to cut food and how to use the knives effectively. Aside from this website, it is an excellent investment if you are after a trustworthy all-purpose kitchen knife. If you get its smaller sizes, it is the best knife to cut chicken and other similar meats. 

5. Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife

best knife for cutting meat

If you are looking for a knife that you can use for almost any food preparation, the Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife is here. The brand focuses on quality and guarantees that all the blades they make can last for a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with this knife as it’s one of the best knife for cutting meat.

The blade uses ThyssenKrupp German Stainless Steel that guarantees that your knife would not easily suffer from wear and stains. It is very sharp and weighs 400 g, which makes it the best knife for slicing brisket and other thick meat. It is held together by a black ABS handle that gives users a balanced control over the knife as it cuts. 

It also includes an instruction guide on how you can use the knife safely. If you have any concerns about the knife, you can contact their customer service, and they will respond immediately. 


  • Very sharp and perfect for multipurpose use
  • Designed for comfort and easy use
  • Made from high carbon stainless steel which prevents rust, corrosion, and stains
  • Comes with a risk-free lifetime warranty or 100% money-back guarantee


  • No precise details about the blade in its website
  • Only has one size

Why You Should Choose

The Zeolite Infinity Cleaver Knife is another all-purpose kitchen knife that is worth your investment. Not only is it made from high-quality materials, but it also proves that it can give you full control as you use the knife to cut any food you have. It also caters to any type of user since it even has a guide to help you use it to its full potential. 

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6. Mercer Culinary Carving Knife

best knife for trimming meat

Another good-looking knife, the Mercer Culinary Genesis 10-Inch Forged Carving Knife enters our best chef knife because of various factors. It uses high-quality German steel that is both strong and durable, allowing it to withstand heavy use and temperatures. It is also stain and rustproof, which is excellent as time passes on. 

Its ergonomic handle is non-slip even if you use it in wet conditions. It will also withstand temperatures and offer balanced handling. It is also certified by the National Sanitary Foundation, which guarantees it is safe to use and of high quality. 


  • Made from German steel that is stain, rust, and corrosion-proof
  • Sturdy frame and design
  • Easy to hold and use thanks to its Santoprene handle
  • Taper-ground edge ensures that it remains sharp for a long time and make it easier to cut
  • Takes a long time before it starts to be blunt
  • Very sharp
  • Comes with a limited warranty


  • Can be hard to manage at times
  • Can rust easily
  • Some blades are warped and dull
  • Very expensive

Why You Should Choose

Mercer Culinary is a trusted brand in the culinary industry since it started its operations 30 years ago. This best butcher knife definitely fits the best knife for cutting the meat list because it can slice and carve meats easily. It is also great to use in any temperature and conditions thanks to its unique design and material. It even comes with a warranty in case you get it with a defect or not. 

7. DALSTRONG Boning Knife

knife for cutting raw meat

When it comes to boning knives, the DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Boning knife is on the list. This is one of the best kitchen knives for cutting all sorts of meat through filleting, trimming or de-boning. The narrow blade it has allows it to glide through bones easily. The tip is also designed to help users get through narrow corners. Meats don’t get stuck on the blade because of its polished surface, which reduces resistance and friction between the blade and the meat. 

The boning knife is made from ThyssenKrupp German carbon steel, which ensures it is always sharp and sturdy from wear and stains. It also won’t chip easily if you use it for long periods of time. To protect users from long use, the handle has an ergonomic design and made from black Pakkawood. The handle also ensures that users can glide through meat easily without any stress. The entire knife is also very balanced and there are finger protections available to keep users safe as it is used. 

After each use, the best knife for cutting smoked meat can be cleaned by hand and comes with its very own BPA-free protective sheath. 


  • Sharp, flexible and durable carbon steel blade
  • Balanced despite weight
  • Can be used for all types of meat
  • Low maintenance because of its material and design
  • Comes with its sturdy BPA-free sheath
  • Good investment for any kind of cook


  • Not suited for left-handed cooks
  • May have large handles for some users
  • Not very flexible according to some users
  • Early reports of wear and rust
  • Some report that the blade is bent and dull
  • Very expensive

Why You Should Choose

If you are a cook who likes to be efficient, you can never go wrong with the DALSTRONG Boning Knife. When you use this knife for any kind of meat, you won’t leave any leftover meat in the bones. The blade will glide through the meat and warp itself to contour to the bone to get everything. DALSTRONG is also a trusted brand and their kitchen knives are recognized by many chefs and cooks for their high quality. 

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8. Rada Cutlery Ham Slicer Knife

best knife

The RADA Cutlery Ham Slicer Knife is from RADA, one of the US’s premier brands when it comes to cutlery. The company was established in 1948 and they have long made cutlery that is worth every penny. The knife is made from T420 high carbon stainless steel, which is very sturdy and slender enough to cut ham easily. Its handles are made of black stainless steel resin which makes it easy to wash. 

The brand trusts its craftsmanship very much that they offer each user a lifetime guarantee with their knives. If there are any defects, you can get a replacement for free or get your money back guaranteed. 


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for ham, roast, and tenderloin
  • Can be used to cut soft food like cakes, fruits and more
  • Made from quality carbon and stainless steel
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Not good for tough meats

Why You Should Choose

The RADA Cutlery Ham Slicer Knife is a must-have if you want a trustworthy ham knife. It is very easy to use and it can cut almost any type of food. RADA is also a trusted brand for many users, which guarantees that your knife will last as long as you take care of your blade. It is also very cheap, which is perfect for new cooks. Surely one of the best knife for cutting meat list.

9. Jerky Professional Meat-Cutting Knife

best chef knife

For fans who love to make their own jerky, this 12” long stainless steel knife is perfect. It comes with a unique dimpled high-grade steel blade which guarantees smooth cuts for any kind of food you use it for. The food won’t stick on the blade as you cut. When it comes to its grip, it has a riveted handle that guarantees a balanced grip as you cut. 

When you are done cutting, this knife can be cleaned by hand or through dishwashing. 


  • Can cut any kind of meat, as well as fruits and vegetables
  • Riveted handle for better grip
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Some report it is flimsy and made from cheap materials
  • Prone to rust even at a short period of time
  • Some users report that it cannot cut easily without sawing through the food

Why You Should Choose

The Jerky Professional Meat-Cutting Knife is perfect if you want to make your own jerky and cut any kind of meat. This best knife for cutting ribs is very stable and its cuts guarantee that the flavor is locked into the meat. Some report that it is also one of the best carving knives available in the market today. 

10. TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife

best carving knife

TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife is made by TUO, a 20-year-old company that specializes in great cutlery. This specific knife enters our list because its a knife that can fit any type of user. It is carefully designed to be comfortable to hold and slide smoothly as users cut through meat, vegetables and fruits. There is also no resistance when you cut thanks to the indents in the blade. As a result, there’s no need to saw through the meat. 

This meat cutter knife set is made with Japanese AUS-10 steel core and high carbon German stainless steel which gives it that sturdy appearance. The materials also guarantee that you can cut through anything without too much strength, especially in long periods of time. It also has a unique angle that allows it to cut evenly without compromising comfort for users. 

The blade is also considered one of the best kitchen knives out there.. When you are done using it, it can be hand washed and dried with a towel. 


  • Very pretty
  • The flexible and sharp blade
  • Easy to maintain its sharpness even in heavy use
  • Blade is made from German carbon stainless steel
  • Food doesn’t stick on the blade
  • Uses Pakkawood handle for better grip and comfort
  • Comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee


  • The blade is very thin and brittle because it is not forged
  • Some report that they received dull blades with rust spots
  • The construction is not very good as some users report that the handles came off after a few tries
  • Reports of rust spots were indicated

Why You Should Choose

If you want a knife that provides better control when you slice meat, TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife is perfect. Its handle will also allow users to use it for a long time without worries since it can handle the weight evenly. Slices are also very even and work well for both meat and veggies.

Buying Guides: What to Look for in the Best Knife for Cutting Meat

Before you head to the store and buy a knife, you need to know what makes the knife stand out. Knowing what every kitchen knife must-have can save you the costs of getting a replacement or constantly sharpening. 

The best knife for butchering chicken in the market must fit the following criteria:

Weight. Knives have different weights which enable it to cut in certain conditions. If it is heavier, it can cut without sawing through the meat. However, lighter knives are better for precision cutting and it is also easy to use for new users. 

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Blade thickness. If you get a kitchen knife that has a thick blade, it is good for carving and trimming tough meats. However, if you need precise cuts, you must get knives thinner blades. 

Blade shape. Every kitchen knife differs when it comes to its blade shape. This influences how wide they cut and how well, as well as identify what kind they are. Carving knives, for example, come with straight edges, which allows it to cut meat in a straight line. Slicing knives, meanwhile, come with curved blades. 

Maintenance. After every use, you need to clean your kitchen knife before you store it. Most kitchen knives are hand-wash only because it prevents easy rusting and wear, but there are those which are dishwasher friendly. Research the type of steel used for the knife and see if they rust easily. 


Different Types of Knives for Cutting Meat

There are four major types of knives used for cutting meat. Using a suitable type of knife for a particular cut of meat can make your work easier. You’d also be able to serve that sizzling steak better without making the meat rubbery.

1. Boning knife

The best boning knife should be six to 8 inches long. It also has a narrow blade that you can use to separate the meat from the bones. You can also use a boning knife to cut meat into small pieces.

2. Carving Knife

This is what you use to slice that sumptuous roasted turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Carving knives are used to cut through cooked or smoked meat. It’s a relatively long knife measuring 8 to 15 inches long with a very straight blade.

3. Meat cleaver

Meat cleavers are often used by professionals. This knife is quite heavy and requires professional skills. That’s why you won’t see this much in home settings unless you’re a chef. Meat cleavers have a distinct hole on the top. And this knife is used to break away bone from meat.

4. Butchers knife

Butchers knives and meat cleavers are commonly mistaken for one another. It can separate meat from large pieces and has a length of 10-15 inches. And this knife is lighter compared to a meat cleaver.

Which is the Best Knife for Cutting Meat?

There are tons of knives that you can use to cut meat. And as a newbie, you might find it confusing and intimidating. We have prepared a simple list so that you’ll know what knife to use for what kitchen scenario.

  • Meat carving knife

It’s also called a carver or a slicer. This knife is used to carve or slice meat on a cutting board.

  • Utility knife

These knives are used to slice cold cuts and cured deli meats such as salamis and sausages.

  • Slicing knife

These are used to slice edible portions of meat and big fishes.

  • Gyuto knife

This is a Japanese knife used for cutting beef

  • Paring knife

When you need very thin and delicate slices, you have to use a paring knife.

  • Flank and shoulder knife

As the name implies, it’s used for cutting flank steak

  • Boning knife

This is what you need to separate the bone from the meat

  • Butcherknife

This is a workhorse in the kitchen. You use this to cut up large pieces of meat into smaller portions.

  • Breaking knife

When you need to remove the cartilage, meat, skin, and small bones you should use this.

  • Cimeter

A cimeter is used to trim off steaks

  • Cleaver

This can cut through thick portions of meat and even bones

  • Deba knife

This is a versatile knife that can be used to cut through meat, fish, and even vegetables

  • Chef’s knife

It’s a multipurpose knife used for chopping, mincing, and slicing

Why Do I Need a Meat Cutting Knife?

You need to cut meat into its proper sizes and serving portions. This will ensure that the meat will be cooked thoroughly and it will be served correctly. 

For instance, you cannot cut meat with a bread knife. Since it’s not sharp enough it can result in jagged ends. And you’ll also have a hard time. 

Meat cutting knives can make your life easier in the kitchen too. With the right knife, you don’t need to apply too much pressure to seamlessly cut thick portions of meat.

Tips for Perfectly Cut Meat

Tips for Perfectly Cut Meat

So now that you have the right meat cutting knife you just have to learn the proper technique. There’s a proper way of cutting meat and it’s not as hard as it seems. Allow us to guide you.

1. Cut against the grain

This cutting technique is crucial when dealing with tougher slices of meat. Meat parts that have a lot of muscle can tend to be tough and chewy. So you need to cut against the grain to make the meat softer and more tender. How to do that? Find the muscle fibers of the meat, then slice perpendicular to them

Doing otherwise can result in a rubbery and tough piece of steak.

2. Freeze the meat first

Frozen or semi-frozen meat is easier to cut, why? Because the water that has solidified between the meat fibers gives it a bit of structure. This makes it firm and easier to slice. But don’t store the meat too long in the freezer. 45 to 60 minutes are enough for 1-inch thick meat.

3. Choose the right type of knife for  cutting meat

There are several types of knives for cutting different parts of the meat. You can’t use a cleaver to cut through cooked portions of meat. Nor can you use a paring knife to debone meat. We have a section in this article dedicated to the different types of knife for cutting meat 

4. Make sure your knife is sharp

 If not, you need to resharpen it. A dull knife can be frustrating to use on any cut of meat. And it won’t get you anywhere.


What knife edges are used for knives that cut meat? 

The meat knife edges also make a difference when it comes to cutting food items even if they look the same. 

Here is a short chat about the various knife edges available for kitchen knives and where they are used for:

  • Straight edges – perfect for chopping and cutting food
  • Serrated edges – perfect for slicing soft food like fruits or bread
  • Granton edges – perfect for making thin slices of meat
  • Hollow ground edges – ideal for sushi cuts
How Should You Clean a Raw Meat Knife?

After cutting through raw meat, run the knife under hot soapy water. Then disinfect with chlorine or any sanitizing compound. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Can Electric Knife Cut Raw Meat?

Yes, it can. It can even cut raw meat with a more consistent size and shape.


The best knife for cutting meat can help you create even slices of meat without much effort. And it can also make your dishes look more appetizing with the proper cuts and shape of meat.

But don’t settle for just any knife for cutting meat. Our list of the best brands can help make you cut beautiful slices of roasted beef, turkey, or pretty much anything.

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