10 Best Kitchen TV in 2020

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Best Kitchen TV

Getting the best kitchen tv will undoubtedly spice up your cooking experience. For many years, television has been the top source of entertainment. You can find it not in our living room and bedrooms, but in the kitchen, too. It provides a way to help people enjoy an otherwise monotonous and tedious work in the kitchen.

A small TV kitchen is becoming a staple in households. Just like when purchasing any other appliance, you only want the best. There is a long list of requirements that consists of size, resolution, and other features. Here are our reviews of the 15 best TVs you should have in your kitchen.

15 Best Kitchen TV

A small tv for the kitchen is a practical choice since it is more compact and could fit into your cramped space easily. But, it isn’t just the size of the screen that matters. You also need to consider the quality, performance, functionality, etc. It is essential to look at these factors to know that you are getting your money’s worth.

1. TCL 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

This smart TV from TCL is an excellent small tv for kitchen entertainment at a reasonable price. Its 1366 x 768 resolution is perfect for streaming your favorite movies and TV series. Moreover, it has a substantial port selection, including three HDMIs, USB port, composite input, headphone jacks, optical audio output, and many more.

Unlike other smart TVs, this has a much easier to use interface that connects to the internet via 802.11n WIFI. Roku TV gives you access to easily browse and search contents from popular channels and services. You can also connect your television to your smartphone or an Alexa device. This way, you can add voice command or use your phone as a secondary remote control.


  • 720p HD resolution with 60Hz refresh rate
  • Multiple inputs, including HDMI, USB, RF, etc.
  • Dual-band WIFI connectivity
  • Smart functionality using Roku TV
  • Simplified remote-control for easy navigation
  • Has a wide range of file type compatibility
  • Can connect to your smartphone for added functionality
  • Works with Alexa devices


  • You cannot directly dial in the channel via antenna using the remote.

2. Insignia 24-Inch Smart HD TV

Voice command is an incredible feature for a small HDTV for your kitchen. With this function, you can watch the tv, open or switch apps, and more, handsfree. You can be busy cooking, baking, or cleaning up and still be able to control your device without touching the remote. Combined with Amazon’s Alexa, the possibilities or what you can do is almost endless.

This 24-inch TV gives you a sharper and crisper picture with a 720p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. If you connect through the internet using WIFI or Ethernet cable, you can access all popular streaming services. Also, you can use its numerous input and output ports to link your devices via HDMI, USB, composite video, optical or analog audio output, and more.


  • 720p HD resolution with 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Has voice command functionality
  • It has plenty of connectivity selection, including 3 HDMI ports, USB, RF, etc.
  • It also has built-in WIFI and an Ethernet port.
  • Works well with Alexa voice assistant


  • It needs a strong WIFI signal to maintain internet connectivity.

3. LG Electronics 22-Inch IPS LED TV

This next best kitchen TV from LG boasts one of the brightest and excellent picture quality. With a 22-inch full HD and 1080p resolution, the image on the screen provides you with the most detail. Its densely packed pixels are made even better with an IPS display. You see consistent color and brightness throughout its wide viewing angles.

Even though it is a small and compact design, it can produce the most natural color and most profound contrast. The picture on the TV screen looks more vibrant and more colorful. You can significantly appreciate high-definition content from your Blu-ray device, computer, or video console connected through HDMI. It is fast and effortless to set up in your kitchen, too.


  • 1080p full HD, IPS display on a 22-inch LED TV
  • Gives the most accurate and most vibrant colors
  • A detailed and crisp image in all viewing angles
  • Compact television with an excellent picture quality
  • Has built-in HDMI and USB ports
  • 2-inch speaker system produces decent sound quality


  • Does not include a built-in headphone jack

4. Samsung Electronics 32-Inch Smart LED TV

Samsung Electronics is one of the most popular brands when it comes to TV sets. Their products are well-known for their fantastic quality picture and colors. It features Wide Color Enhancer Plus that transform images to make colors more vivid and vibrant. This interactive Smart TV has all the essential functionality and features that you need to watch, play, and surf the internet.

Using the Smart Hub interface, you can navigate through different content and apps quickly. Furthermore, it offers a full-functioning web browser to search for your favorite recipe and more. You can also link wirelessly from your smartphone to your TV. With it, you can watch pictures and videos from your phone, or play mobile games on a larger screen.


  • 1366 x 768 resolution and 60Hz motion rate
  • Has Smart Hub interface for easy access to content and apps
  • Input and output connectivity, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, etc.
  • Supports TV and Mobile Mirroring


  • Regularly drop connection when the WIFI signal is weak.

5. Toshiba 32-Inch Smart HD TV

You don’t have to miss your favorite movies and TV series even while you are busy cooking in the kitchen. With a Smart TV, you can stream any content from tons of sources on the internet via WIFI. You get a great entertainment device for a reasonable price, which is perfect if you want a simple and easy to use television for your cozy kitchen.

Their remote comes with four streaming service dedicated buttons for fast and easy access at your fingertips. It is optimized to enhance the viewing experience for Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, and HULU.


  • 720p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 60Hz refresh rate
  • Includes 3 HDMI, composite video, RF, and USB input
  • Built-in headphone and digital audio output
  • Has voice command features integrated with Alexa voice assistant


  • No built-in Bluetooth to connect a wireless sound system

6. Hisense 32-Inch H4 Series Smart LED TV

Watch all your beloved HD content at the comfort of your kitchen with this Smart LED TV. It offers a bright, detailed, and clear picture. The use of Ultra Smooth Motion technology digitally enhances the appearance of fast-moving objects by reducing blur.

Additionally, the integrated Roku TV platform gives you easy access to thousands of streaming sources and other applications. You can also use your smartphone’s Alexa or Google assistants to use voice command features. If you don’t have WIFI available, you can use the HDMI port to connect your other devices to play HD movies or games.


  • 720p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 60Hz refresh rate
  • Offers 3 HDMI ports for connecting Blu-ray players and other devices
  • It also has USB 2.0, RCA, RF, and composite inputs
  • A built-in headphone and optical audio ports
  • Connects through WIFI to access online contents via ROKU TV platform
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistants


  • No Ethernet port for a more stable connection

7. Westinghouse 19-Inch LED TV

Don’t have enough space in your kitchen? This slim and sleek HD TV will give you a high-quality viewing experience anywhere you need it. Not everyone needs a smart TV in their kitchen. This product, however, offers all the essential connectivity you need from regular TV and more.

When you purchase this television, you can use either HDMI, USB, VGA, digital TV tuner to watch or play. This small tv is ideal for small spaces like your kitchen to accompany you while you are cooking. Also, you can now enjoy viewing high-definition content with crisp images and minimal motion blur.

Besides that, it also supports gaming using your favorite consoles. You do not have to dedicate your valuable time going through any complex initial setup. It is as simple as plug and play.


  • High-definition 720p 19-inch LED display
  • Comes with HDMI, VGA, composite video, and optical digital audio output
  • Supports connectivity through USB and HDMI


  • Has limited vertical viewing angle

8. Philips 6000 Series 24-Inch Kitchen TV

Get this Android TV for your kitchen. If you like using Google assistants to control and manage your devices at home, you should add this 24-inch TV to accompany you while you are making dinner. It has an integrated Personal Google Assistant that has voice command capability. With your voice, you can control the lighting, temperature, cameras, and other devices in your home.

Furthermore, Android TV allows you to download apps or watch online content from YouTube and other streaming channels. Just say “Hey Google,” and you can search and browse your favorite recipes, play music, or watch local TV programs.


  • 720p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 60Hz refresh rate
  • 14 millisecond fast response time
  • Dynamic 16W smart speaker
  • Android Oreo Operating System
  • Built-in Google assistant with voice command
  • Provides comprehensive range connectivity through USB, HDMI, etc
  • It can also access the internet via Ethernet or WIFI


  • Some users have difficulty setting up Google assistant.

9. Supersonic 13.3-Inch LED HD TV

Do you have a lot of excellent kitchen tv ideas in mind? A custom built-in TV not only looks fantastic, but it is also a perfect way to upgrade your kitchen. For most of these kitchen improvement projects, you’ll need a small TV. Lucky for you, your search is about to end. Supersonic 13.3-inch LED TV will easily fit any design you are working on for your project.

With a 1080p HD resolution, the picture looks beautiful, crisp, and in great detail. The color spectrum and contrast is also impressive. Connecting your Firestick will enable you to watch different content from thousands of streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, and more. Plus, you can use it as a display for your computer or game console, as well.


  • Impressive 1080p resolution on a 13.3-inch HD TV display
  • A fast refresh rate of 60Hz
  • The quality of the image is superb
  • Produces a decent volume and sound quality
  • Allows you to connect your PC via HDMI cable
  • Also has USB and AC ports
  • Compatible with Amazon’s Fire Stick


  • Has limited viewing angles

10. Sony 32-Inch Smart LED TV

Bring entertainment to spruce up your kitchen chores with a smart LED Tv from Sony. It boasts the most precise and sharpest picture quality with the use of X-Reality Pro. What it does is reduce noise and refines pictures so that each detail stands out. No matter what you are watching, you can expect the best viewing quality with the fastest refresh rate from this television.

Out of the box, you have various apps preinstalled to help your browse, watch, and play. Also, you can connect through the internet using WIFI. Its superb audio makes watching your favorite movies more immersive and enjoyable. Plus, you and your friends can send pictures and videos to the TV from your smartphone.


  • 720p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate
  • Two available HDMI ports for various devices
  • Also has HDCP, component, composite, and RF inputs
  • Connect any sound system through headphones and digital outputs
  • Comes with built-in WIFI and Ethernet connectivity
  • 4GB internal storage


  • Can’t use other apps besides the ones preinstalled

11. Venturer 15.4 LCD Kitchen TV

When you think about the best kitchen TV, you want something small and can be easily stored. Venturer has the perfect television for you. The innovative design of this LCD TV allows you to mount it under your kitchen cabinet. If you don’t have any space in the counter or on your walls, this TV is an excellent choice.

With this product, you don’t need any additional hardware or DIY projects to make it work. It comes with everything you need, and it’s also easy to install. Moreover, its flip-up screen allows you to put it away when you don’t need it or just fold it out of the way. It comes with a DVD player that also functions as an AM/FM radio.


  • Great space saver design
  • Has built-in DVD Player compatible with both DVDs and CDs
  • Features digital tuning AM and FM radio
  • Comes with undercabinet mounting hardware
  • Includes one magnetic remote control


  • No HDMI, USB, or WIFI connectivity

12. Sceptre 24-Inch LED HD TV

This high-resolution 24-inch TV has one of the highest contrast in LED displays. You can significantly appreciate this while watching in your kitchen. The colors of the images on the screen remain vibrant from almost all angles. With its extensive array of input choices, you don’t need a smart TV if you have this product.

The anti-glare surface of the screen is also helpful, especially when your kitchen is too bright. Enjoy cooking dinner while watching local TV channels or HD movies from your laptop or other devices connected via HDMI. Also, you can enjoy flipping through pictures from your USB storage device in high definition.


  • Excellent quality 1080p resolution on a 24-inch display
  • A fast refresh rate of up to 60Hz
  • 16:9 aspect ratio, perfect for viewing HD movies
  • 8ms response time
  • Has anti-glare surface
  • 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles
  • Includes HDMI, USB, VGA, component, and composite inputs
  • Comes with built-in headphone jack and 3.5mm Auxiliary input


  • Does not support various media file types via USB

13. VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Smart TV

The picture clarity and quality in this smart TV are up to par with high-end models. It has a 1080p full HD display with edge LED lighting. What is excellent about this TV is its smart features. With the built-in Chromecast and AirPlay, the possibilities of entertainment are almost endless.

Using your smartphone, you can use SmartCast OS to watch movies or play games directly to your TV. You can also download the SmartCast app on your phone to control your smart television. It is compatible with both Android, iPhone, and Alexa devices. Enjoy watching sports, news, movies, and a whole lot more with over a hundred channels free.


  • Full HD 1080p resolution with 60Hz refresh rate
  • Supports USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and WIFI connections
  • Uses six-core processor
  • Has built-in Apple AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Features voice control compatibility with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant
  • You can stream media directly from your phone


  • Unimpressive audio quality but will improve by connecting to speakers.

14. Skyworth 32-Inch Smart LED TV

By combining power with excellent picture quality, this smart TV can outperform and outmatch its competitors. This TV from Skyworth uses premium quality LED panel technology and A53 quad-core processors to enhance both graphics and performance. Loading games, apps, and other content are faster with this system.

With a 1mm bezel, the infinity screen design looks luxurious. It further enhances your viewing experience. This Android TV also has a voice command for more accessible and convenient hands-free control. SkyShare allows you to share content from your mobile device to your smart TV. You can work anywhere in your kitchen and get the most precise image because of its wide viewing angle.


  • 720p resolution with 60Hz precise motion rate
  • Skinny 1mm bezel infinity display
  • Fast 5 ms response time
  • IPS display with Direct LED backlight
  • Wide 178-degree viewing angle
  • Features voice control
  • Includes built-in USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, and WIFI
  • Has Infinity A53 quad-core processor
  • Uses Android OS


  • Has a few technical difficulties with accessing Google assistant

15. Pyle 18.5-Inch LED TV

The widescreen high-resolution display of this LED TV makes it a perfect entertainment center for your kitchen. It is small, compact, and has versatile viewing modes. The range of its supported inputs lets you connect multiple devices via HDMI, VGA, RCA, and more. You can enjoy watching HD content without any loss of quality in this small kitchen TV.

It could easily fit into any space you have available. You can either set it up on your counter or remove the stand to attach it to a wall-mount. It helps you save space and easy cleanup.


  • Full HD 1080p resolution with 60Hz refresh rate
  • Provides input connectivity via HDMI, RCA, VGA, RF, etc
  • Also has output interface for optical/digital audio and headphones
  • Excellent range of brightness and contrast
  • Has built-in full-range stereo speakers


  • Limited 45-degree vertical and 90-degree horizontal viewing angles

How to Choose the Perfect Screen Size for Kitchen TV

Purchasing a television for your kitchen is not the same as buying one for your family living room. For one thing, the family room has more space. Second, you are expecting more audience. The bottom line is, the bigger your TV is, the better it is for viewing. There are no obstructions, and the room is less busy than it is in the kitchen. 

However, if you plan to buy a TV for your kitchen, you have to work with the limited and cramped space. You can’t buy a huge TV and expect it to fit right on the counter. Also, it would be distracting and get in your way while you’re cooking. So, how do you decide how big or small your kitchen TV should be?

To start with, you have to ask yourself. How much space do you have available for your kitchen TV? Small-sized television is excellent if you were to place it on a counter. On the other hand, a larger TV size may need a kitchen tv stand or a wall mount.

About measuring TV’s screen size, you should keep in mind that the indicated measurement pertains to its total length diagonally. You use a tape measure or meter stick and start from one corner to another to get the exact size.

For smaller rooms like the kitchen, you can choose between 20-inch to 32-inch screens. While you may select something bigger for spacious family rooms for better viewing, your kitchen may not have sufficient place for it.

What To Look For When Buying Kitchen TV

What to Look for When Buying Kitchen TV

If you know what features and specifications to look for, your TV shopping experience will be a lot easier. Information is readily available and convenient to access for customers. But, they can be overwhelming, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. And this is why we give you this buying guide to help you find the best TV for your kitchen.


Another essential measurement that defines the picture quality on a TV is resolution. Nowadays, you have 4k and 8k TVs. A typical 20 to 32-inch television has a resolution that ranges from 720p to 1080p.

What this translates to is, the more pixels you got, the clearer and sharper the images would be. So, it is vital to even for a kitchen tv to have a higher resolution as you would be viewing it from a distance.


It may surprise you, but you should know that both LED and LCD TVs use the same LCD technology. The only difference is the equipment they use for backlighting. In terms of quality, LED TVs compared to an LCD TV:

  • Produce a better picture
  • Offers more colors
  • Use less energy
  • Has a higher dynamic contrast ratio
  • A thinner structure
  • But, more expensive

Viewing Angles

The TVs display quality changes depending on your position. Picture may appear washout or dim when you are out of its viewing angle. It happens because of the way the backlight is filtered out. The loss in luminance and color becomes more prominent when you are viewing at an angle.

So, if you expect to watch the television while moving around the kitchen, it should provide a uniform image quality. If not all, but for different angles, at least. Both LCD and LED televisions have a viewing perspective of 170-degrees maximum. Of course, you can also improve this by changing the position your TV is facing.

Smart Or Basic TV

You can either purchase a standard or smart TV, depending on your preference. A regular television allows you to watch local TV channels via rf antenna. Other models also allow you to play music or videos through a USB port.

Smart TVs, in addition to basic features, gives you a ton of viewing options. It allows you access to various streaming channels over the internet. Some models may include an internet browser, a limited app selection, and other functionalities.

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Input And Output Connectivity

Through input ports, like USB, HDMI, RCA, CEC VGA, and others, you can access various media sources and devices. Output connectivity gives you an option to connect devices like speakers, soundbars, etc., through speaker output port or wireless Bluetooth.

If your TV has an HDMI port, you can connect devices like a DVD or Blu-ray player, a computer, gaming console, etc. Besides standard input connectivity, smart TVs also have an Ethernet port and a memory card slot.

Additional Features

Modern television, like any other appliances, is packed with optional but helpful functions to fit current customers’ needs. Other features you should look out for consist of:

  • File Type Compatibility – it allows you to play or view various images, audio, and video file types on your TV.
  • Voice Control – smart TVs can also have voice control features that enable you to control your TV using voice commands.
  • Faster Refresh Rate – with a higher refresh rate reduces motion blurs or softening of an image while it is in motion. 


Where is the best spot to have a TV in your kitchen?

The best spot for your TV in the kitchen is where you can view it without any obstruction. Whether over the counter or mounted on a wall, make sure that you have the best viewing angle. Also, check that it is fixed and secured in its place. It is to avoid any chance of your TV getting bumped and falling.

Would it be safe to place a TV near a heat source?

The intense heat from a fire or your oven can damage the hardware of your television. It is also the same with smoke and steam from cooking. So, placing your TV near the stove or oven is not a great idea because of the risk of damaging your television’s electronics.

Is the extra cost for Smart TV worth it?

If you like watching from a  streaming service, then a smart TV will provide you with the best quality and convenience. However, a laptop, computer, or another device with the streaming service installed in it will serve the same purpose. All you’ll need is to connect your device via HDMI. This way, your television will act as a secondary display for your primary device.

What is the ideal height or angle to mount your TV in the kitchen?

There is no exact measurement or formula for mounting your TV. Although it is advisable to place it at an eye-level, it isn’t always plausible. A mount with adjustable height and angle will give you the most flexibility. With it, you can adjust the television’s position whenever you need it.

If that is not an option, what you should do is to start planning. First, find the spot where you see yourself spending the most time watching the kitchen television. Then, from your position, mark the best place where your TV would fit. Make sure that nothing will obstruct your view, and it stays out of the way when you are moving around the kitchen.


Finding the best kitchen TV is more straightforward and faster when you know what to look for in terms of features and specifications. Make sure that you accomplish your homework before your purchase from either online or in-store. Like buying other appliances for your home, you don’t only look for the best, but also practical for you and your budget.

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