10 Best John Boos Cutting Boards

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  1. John Boos Walnut Wood Edge Reversible Cutting Board
  2. John Boos Platinum Commercial Series
  3. John Boos Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board With Juice Groove
Best John Boos Cutting Boards

The kitchen is where you prepare everything food-related: from the simplest of recipes to the most complex ones. Many people invest in equipment that can help make the cooking process better, such as stoves, ovens, or pots and pans. However, others tend to forget that there are tools that contribute to the overall joy and experience of cooking: cutting boards.

Before anything else, one should know that chopping boards are one of the most used items in the kitchen (aside from knives and plates). John boos cutting boards are one of the best brands in the market thanks to their innovative and unique designs and the excellent quality of each piece they produce.

Therefore, investing in the right items is a good choice, especially for those who enjoy cooking all the time and playing chef in the kitchen. 

Here is the list of 10 best john boos cutting boards:

  1. John Boos Walnut Wood Edge Reversible Cutting Board
  2. John Boos Platinum Commercial Series
  3. John Boos Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board With Juice Groove
  4. John Boos Maple Wood Cutting Board With Feet
  5. John Boos Classic Reversible Maple Wood Chopping Block
  6. John Boos Chop-N-Slice Maple Cutting Board
  7. John Boos Wood Cutting Board With Moat
  8. John Boos Maple Oval Cutting Board With Juice Groove
  9. John Boos Blended Walnut Countertop With Oil Finish
  10. John Boos Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board

Top 10 John Boos Cutting Boards Recommended For You

If you’re looking for a great john boos review, this article is the perfect read for you. It contains thorough and precise explanations and summaries about the different products, including pros and cons, so that you’re able to weigh in which product you think might suit your taste.

1. John Boos Walnut Wood Edge Reversible Cutting Board

This item is from 100% American black walnut wood, a dense and tight-grained product known for its vibrant and rich colors. The manufacturers always make sure to correctly select wood that is of high quality and excellent strength. With its sleek and simple design, john boos walnut cutting boards are easy to maintain and use.

There are four available colors to choose from Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. You may also choose a variant board that has grooves on it, known as the Maple with Juice Groove. Different sizes are also available for your liking: 18 by 12 inches, 20 by 15 inches, or 24 by 18 inches. 

The thickness of the product remains constant at 1.5 inches, which is usually the right measurement for most clients. Another distinct feature of the product is the reversibility, wherein you can use both sides of the chopping board. Experts believe that owners should have a cutting board for meat and another one for vegetables and fruits. 


  • There are integrated handgrips created for more comfortable carrying and transport.
  • Surfaces have a smooth finish.
  • The product is easy to store and handle.
  • Owners can use both sides of the cutting board: one for slicing meat, and the other for vegetables and fruits.
  • This product is 100% durable and lasts long.


  • The board may “dry up” and needs a reapplication of John Boos oil or cream.

2. John Boos Platinum Commercial Series

This item is a favorite among local restaurants, food trucks, catering services, and food services because of the versatile design. Same as the Black Walnut Wood Cutting board, the Platinum series of John Boos chopping boards is reversible and has integrated handgrips. The excellent quality of the board comes from Northern Hard Rock Maple.

What clients in the foodservice industry love about the product is the sturdiness it gives whenever they use it, and it’s all thanks to the carefully curated thickness. The board is 1.75 inches thick, making it a sturdy and robust area to chop, slice, and prepare food. Also, the product prevents the dulling of your gourmet knives.

There are also three sizes available for you to choose from 18 by 12 inches, 20 by 15 inches, 24 by 18 inches. All model sizes have a thickness of 1.75 inches. On the side, you’ll also be able to feel two integrated hand grips for better lifting and transport. Overall, the product design looks fresh and sleek, thanks to the smooth finish and great color.


  • The product comes from durable Northern Hard Rock Maple Wood.
  • It’s durable and versatile.
  • Owners may use both sides of the chopping board.
  • The design looks fresh and sleek and is also pleasant to the eye overall.
  • It is approved and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).


  • Stains may be easily visible due to the light color of the product.

3. John Boos Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board With Juice Groove

As mentioned earlier, a “juice groove” on the board means that there is a continuous groove that goes around the frames of the product. This kind of design helps lessen the mess, especially when cutting food that releases juices or liquids along the way. The liquid stays on the groove, making it easier to dispose of or manage later on. 

This cutting board is of 100% solid maple wood with edge grain construction. Unlike the other designs, this model has curved/rounded edges, which give a more sophisticated touch to the overall look.

Customers love rounded edge designs because they see it as a safety measure, especially when there are kids around, as sharp edges may hurt them and cause pain when they get hit. Another innovative idea from the manufacturers is that users can still use the chopping board on both sides! 

You may flip the board over and use it for other food to slice, even with a groove on the upper part. When you reverse the cutting board, there are no bumps, and it remains 100% strong and sturdy. On the corner, you can use a hole to store or dry the item by hanging. 

Users can choose three available sizes by 18 by 24 inches, 20 by 15 inches, and 22 by 16 inches. All models have a thickness of 1.25 inches. The variety in board sizes allows potential clients to choose a size that fits their preferences or their kitchen size. All models are safe and non-toxic to all foods.


  • A juice groove accumulates all the liquids from fruits to meat, and it lessens messiness.
  • There is a hole that can help owners hang the product for drying or storage purposes.
  • The chopping board is reversible.
  • Its overall appearance has a sleek and clean design.
  • Approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).


  • Stains may be easily visible due to the light color of the product.

4. John Boos Maple Wood Cutting Board With Feet

The item is a breath of fresh air from the usual john boos butcher block design in the market because it has four “feet” known as buns that elevate the block by a few inches. Each foot is a rounded, flat shape situated on the four corners of the chopping board. It helps lift the product off the table, making it less prone to accumulating dirt or germs from the table or counter.

You can choose from two colors: Maple Wood and Walnut Wood. Maple Wood has a fresher look because of its light color, while Walnut Wood is a darker, browner version with a bright colored stripe on its upper part. Overall, both models have a straightforward look, which makes it perfect for any occasion or purpose.

There are only two sizes that you can choose from 9 inches and 12 inches. The board itself is 1.5 inches thick, which is just right for most clients. The material of the product makes it durable and robust, while also ensuring that your knives and other cutting tools won’t dull.

This product is a favorite by many homeowners because of its unique and straightforward design while also serving two purposes. Aside from using the item as a chopping board, you may also make it into a serving board for cheese, sushi, cookies, or Hors d’ oeuvres. The sophisticated look makes it perfect for any gathering or party.


  • The product has a double purpose: use it as a chopping board or use it as a plate for different finger foods.
  • There are feet or buns to lift the board off the table.
  • Its overall design makes it easier for owners to chop, slice, mince, and many more.
  • It is NSF approved.
  • The wood does not dull knives and other cutting tools.


  • Unlike other models, this chopping board does not have a reversible feature.

5. John Boos Classic Reversible Maple Wood Chopping Block

If you want an elevated version of the usual chopping board, then this product is for you. This model is thicker than most products from John Boos. Each item has a thickness of three inches. Sizes vary with this type, from 12 inches to 30 inches (for the length) and 12 inches to 24 inches (for the height).

Take note that there is a round version of this model, but it only comes in 18 inches. The variety in sizes gives clients the chance to choose according to the kitchen or counter size, or according to what they usually slice or cut. For example, some people only use a board to cut fruits and small pieces of meat; they can get the product size 15 by 15 inches.

On the side of the board, there are integrated hand grips that help carry the item more comfortably and conveniently. The product also has two available colors: Walnut and Maple. However, it doesn’t have a striped design; instead, it has a checkered/plaid look. Its overall design makes the product eligible for usage as a plate for the presentation of finger foods.

The item is also reversible, which is a staple design that John Boos is famous for among customers. You can use one side for slicing fruits and vegetables, while the other is for meat and other raw food. Overall, this product is an excellent investment if you want a sturdy and durable chopping board.


  • Reversible and easy to use.
  • There are integrated hand grips for more accessible and more convenient usage.
  • Owners can use it as a chopping board and a plate for food presentation.
  • The thickness of the board elevates the food while also making the cutting experience easier for users.
  • NSF certified and approved.


  • It may be too heavy if you choose a large-sized model. Choose accordingly.

6. John Boos Chop-N-Slice Maple Cutting Board

This cutting board is a sturdy and robust product that can last for years from the most beautiful Northern Hard Rock Maple. As an owner, it’s essential to look into the properties and features of the product. In general, Northern Hard Rock Maple is a type of wood that contains enzymes that degrade and kill bacteria.

When you use the ever famous Boos Mystery Oil and Boos Block Cream, it ensures the overall protection from bacteria, germs, and mold accumulation. Make sure that you religiously apply both products every month to achieve excellent results. Apply the Mystery Oil first and wait for a while, then use the Block Cream next.

The product has rounded edges and a light color. You can interchange and use both sides as a chopping board, thanks to its reversible feature. It also has integrated hand grips so that users have an easier time picking up and carrying the board. The product only comes in on size: 18 by 12 inches and the thickness of the board is at 1.25 inches.


  • Easy to handle and carry, thanks to the integrated handgrips.
  • One size fits all: it’s not too big nor too small for any kitchen.
  • NSF approved.
  • The board is reversible.
  • It is of sturdy and durable wood materials.


  • Only one size is available.

7. John Boos Wood Cutting Board With Moat

This board is another product that’s sturdy, thick, and durable. Made from the most beautiful wood selections in America, this model is a customer favorite. There is only one size available, which is 20 by 15 inches. While the product measurements may seem a bit big, it’s perfect if you want to slice big chunks or require a strong chopping board.

There are two available colors: Cherry and Maple. The latter is a standard color that’s light and fresh, also loved by many customers. Their Cherry model, on the other hand, is a darker shade, but it’s not as dark as the Walnut model. All edges are pointed, and if you hold the sides, there are integrated hand grips for overall convenience.

As any John Boos product, you may use both sides of the board to chop and slice any meat, fruits, or vegetables. With the large size of the product, customers no longer have to install grippers to hold it in place.


  • The board is reversible, and you may use both sides for chopping or slicing.
  • 100% sturdy and doesn’t need stoppers to keep the board in place.
  • It doesn’t dull the knives or other slicing tools.
  • Easy to store and wash.
  • NSF approved.


  • The item may be too heavy or big for some customers.

8. John Boos Maple Oval Cutting Board With Juice Groove

This model is a fresher take for customers who want a different kitchen tool from the usual square-shaped cutting boards. The shape makes the product look more sophisticated and sleek. Its material is also of excellent quality because it’s of solid Northern Maple that’s thoroughly selected and handcrafted by the manufacturers. There is only one size available: 18 by 11 inches, with a board thickness of 1.5 inches.

The item has a juice groove, which is made to accumulate the liquids that come from the food that you slice. This groove helps lessen the messiness as well as reduces the spilling over of any juice. If you want to preserve the sweet sauce from the fruit that you’re slicing, rest assured, the juice groove helps you with that.

While some may think that having a juice groove hinders owners from getting the ever-popular reversible feature of John Boos, that’s not true! Even with a juice groove, you may flip over the board and use the other side to slice again. Also, oval cutting boards add to the overall aesthetic when presenting food, so you can also use the product as a plate for finger foods or fruits.


  • It adds to the overall aesthetic when you decide to use the board in food presentations.
  • You may reverse the board and use both sides to cut and slice food.
  • A juice groove helps lessen messiness and accumulate the liquids from foo you cut or slice.
  • There are hand grips on the side for better carrying and lesser risks of accidents.
  • NSF approved.


  • There is only one size and color available for this shape.

9. John Boos Blended Walnut Countertop With Oil Finish

Some customers buy chopping boards aesthetically pleasing because they sometimes use it as a plate for cheese, fruit, or finger foods. This model helps with pleasing presentations because it’s shaped like a tray and looks more than an ordinary chopping board.

You can choose from two excellent colors: Natural Oil and Varnique Semi-Gloss. While both colors are vibrant and elegant, the board’s design is what makes it stand out. There are wood strips of varying colors, from faint yellow hues to medium and dark brown shades. 

Sizes also vary, from 12 inches to 145 inches (for the length) and a constant width of 25 inches. The board is 1.5 inches thick.


  • A broad product that users can transform into a tray or table.
  • There are hand grips at the side to avoid accidents and slipping when carrying food.
  • Reversible feature.
  • NSF approved.
  • Designs are 100% aesthetically pleasing, and the board can be used for food presentations.


  • The product may be too big for some kitchen counters if customers don’t measure what size they need.

10. John Boos Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board

This item is a simple, yet durable piece. It’s from the best woods for cutting boards (Northern Hard Rock Maple Wood), one of the most popular and recognized materials in the industry. The shape resembles the regular cutting board, and it comes in three available sizes: 18 by 12 inches, 20 by 15 inches, and 24 by 18 inches. Its thickness is 1.5 inches.

Because of the flat surfaces, you can use both sides of the board, which is a staple feature for john boos butcher block. This model has three designs for you to choose from: Maple, Walnut, and Maple with a juice groove. All colors are exceptionally pleasing to the eyes. Overall, this cutting board is an investment that everyone should know about and try.


  • There are hand grips on the side.
  • It has a smooth finish.
  • Designs are excellent and pleasing to the eye.
  • Reversible feature.
  • The wooden material has antimicrobial properties.


  • The wood may dry up, especially in places with a warm climate.

About The Manufacturers

Thanks to the innovative idea from John Boos in 1887, making boards out of sturdy wood became the groundbreaking idea for an exceptional business. With over 125 years of excellent service, John Boos Co. continues to create timeless pieces that cater to each client’s needs and preferences.

All items are made and crafted in Effingham, Illinois, by highly skilled and experienced craftspeople who have continuously used the same methods since 1887. The manufacturers ensure to always provide their clients with products that are from 100% hardwood carefully and thoroughly selected from the most excellent sources in America. 

Also, John Boos Co. makes sure to recycle 95% of all raw lumber scraps and sawdust to use it for generating electricity and steam for their machines. With the constant change in market trends, the company continues to adapt while retaining the brand’s goal: to provide people with long-lasting, high quality woodblock chopping boards.

Boos Block Mystery Oil And Board Cream

Before buying any John boos cutting board, you should first familiarize yourself with the proper maintenance and care for the products. The company sells two innovative items that protect and improve the cutting board quality.

Boos Block Mystery Oil is a unique formulation made from safe, natural ingredients that helps protect the wood while in transit. On the other hand, the Boos Block Cream comes after Mystery Oil and is used to seal the board’s surface. Both products are approved and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

As recommended by the manufacturers, here’s the correct way of using both products:

  • Use the Mystery Oil and apply it to the board once a month. Leave the oil on the board for 24 hours. Make sure to reapply if you live in a place that has dry, amid climate because this can dry up the board.
  • After the application of the oil, seal the wood with the Block Cream.

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Note that wooden items are prone to the development of molds and the accumulation of bacteria or microbes. Make sure that you also purchase John Boos Oil and Cream to protect the product from becoming the breeding ground of unwanted dirt and bacteria. It acts as a physical barrier while also lessening the chances of bacterial fluids staying onto the product.

How To Clean Your Chopping Boards

How To Clean Your Chopping Boards

For sanitation purposes, John Boos Co. recommends that owners handwash the products instead of putting them in the dishwasher. Use warm water mixed with a little soap. If you want to ensure further cleanliness, you may rinse the product in vinegar or bleach solution. Mix one teaspoon of bleach plus 1 quart of water or use a 5-to-1 ratio of vinegar and


Remember, never soak the cutting boards in water. The wood might absorb the liquid and become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, or other germs.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Wooden Cutting Board

While many think that buying a chopping board is easy as purchasing candy, it’s crucial to thoroughly check and consider different factors so that you get not only the best cutting boards in the market but also an excellent experience overall.


Every brand has features that are different from most companies in the industry. Take note of the features that caught your eye and see if you deem the products as fit or excellent for your liking and activities in the kitchen.


As mentioned earlier, wood can accumulate dirt, germs, and mold if not correctly maintained. Ensure that the brand provides you with guidelines on how you can keep the product for a long time. It’s also a bonus if they have products that specifically help in caring for the cutting board.


Ensure that the brand offers a variety of sizes because you never know when and where you’ll use the board: either for cutting and slicing or food presentations. It’s always best to have many choices, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


If you want to invest in quality products for your kitchen, John boos cutting boards are a great start. The brand has excellent reviews as well as outstanding customer feedback, all thanks to the commitment they have in creating pieces that suit every homeowner’s needs and preferences. Make the right choice and choose wisely.

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