10 Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump

Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump

A warm sudsy bath is what you need to destress from a hard day’s work. But you’ll be greeted by cold water running from your shower faucet. And sometimes, it takes a while for your water heater to provide hot water.

And if you keep the shower running on until the water becomes hot, you can be wasting water. And it can ring a tune to your utility bills too. Not to mention, the inconvenience that it can cause.

The best hot water recirculating pumps will help you get hot water fast. It can help you save water and cut your utility bills too. 

Here is the List of 10 Best Hot Water Recirculating Pumps:

  1. Laing
  2. Taco 006B4
  3. Grundfos 98420210
  5. Watts 500800
  6. Waterquick PRO II
  7. Grundfos SuperBrute
  8. Laing LHB08100081
  9. Grundfos 98420224
  10. Grundfos GRU

Top 10 Best Hot Water Recirculating Pumps (A Product Review)

Need hot water fast? Scroll down so that you can enjoy a warm bath asap. 

1. Laing–  Best Affordable Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

This Laing hot water recirculation pump is one of the most affordable pumps you can use for your tankless water heater.

It has a very sweet price and you’ll find the features real value for your money.

This Laing recirculating pump is equipped with a timer. So you can program to turn it on before going home so you enjoy a warm bubble bath as soon as you set foot in your house. You can also use the timer to heat water a few minutes before you wake up. It can save you a lot of time getting ready in the morning. 

In terms of installation, it’s easy to install. Beginners won’t have a challenging time. Just take note that this needs to be installed in your water heater


  • Built-in temperature control
  • Comes with a 6-foot power cord
  • Flow rate is 4 gallons per minute


  • Quiet
  • Has a built-in timer
  • Easy to install
  • Heats water fast
  • Affordable


  • Some find the water a bit hotter to their liking

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

It’s affordable and the built-in timer is such a time saver.

2. Taco 006B4– Best Easy Maintenance Hot Water Recirculating Pump

This Taco recirculating pump is perhaps one of the most robust and durable brands that are easy to maintain.

This heavy-duty recirculating pump is made from cast iron, flanged steel, and bronze. It’s also quite versatile and can be used for solar open-loop systems, potable water applications, and hot water circulation systems.

And you’d be surprised at how hot it can go. Some users even complained that the unit itself gets too hot while in operation. But at least you’re assured of consistent hot water every single time. 

And it’s also relatively easy to maintain, the cartridge is removable. And if the need arises, it’s easy to toss in a new cartridge.


  • Flow range is 0-10 GPM
  • The head range is 0-9 ft
  • Mini temp 40Fand max temp 220F
  • Pipe distance max 300 ft


  • Robust and durable construction
  • Versatile for a lot of applications
  • Easy maintenance


  • The unit can get hot while in operation

Why you should buy this recirculating pump

It’s durable and made of high-quality materials. It’s also very easy to maintain.

3. Grundfos 98420210– Best Energy Efficient Hot Water Recirculating Pump

This hot water recirculating pump is easy on your utility bills, it runs only on 8 watts.

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient recirculating pump, an 8-watt unit is what you need. This water recirculating pump also needs to be installed in your water heater unit, but it’s very easy to do so. Even DIY beginners won’t find it hard. You should be able to set it up in less than an hour.

Just take note though that this pump does not have a valve or timer. So it benefits a very busy household. Or perhaps those with a family of more than 4 members who need hot water all day. And you also have to check if it’s compatible with the valve in your water heater.  


  • Flow rate is 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Head max is 3-9 ft
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • ECM permanent magnet motor


  • Easy to install
  • Heats water fast
  • Operates silently


  • Does not have a timer

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

It operates silently and works best for a busy household.

4. KOLERFLO– Best for Potable Water System

This stylish hot water recirculating pump is best for your potable water system.

This KOLEFRO recirculating pump is made from aluminum, thus it’s ideal for your drinking water needs. It’s also heavy-duty and can handle a maximum pressure of 145 psi.  

And it heats water quite fast. You just have to wait for about 15 seconds and you can enjoy a sudsy water foam bath. 

And it’s also one of the stylish hot water pumps we have come across. The cool aquamarine hue is such a standout from a sea of black, red, and steel units. So it’s a breath of fresh air.

But do take note that this unit is not self-priming, so you have to make sure that your line is free from the air first. But once it’s properly primed up, it can give hot water fast and consistently. It also operates quietly.


  • Max pressure of 145 psi
  • Measures 5.12 x 5.12 x 4.92 inches


  • Operates quietly
  • Heats water fast
  • Stylish
  • Easy to install


  • Might not work well with solar hot water panel set-ups

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

It can provide hot drinking water fast

5. Watts 500800– Best Quiet Hot Water Recirculating Pump

If you want to enjoy your bubble bath in a serene quiet environment, you need this hot water recirculating pump.

It’s the most silent water pump on our list. You’d even fall asleep while you enjoy your bubble bath.

Moreover, it has a built-in 24 hours timer. So that’s quite convenient and very handy when you’re coming home tired from work. You can set the timer before you head home so that you can have a lovely soak asap.

This recirculating pump is also easy to install and almost maintenance-free. That works for those busy people. Though if your water heater has a heat trap, you might need to remove it as this unit might not work well with a heat trap. 


  • Measures 6.25 x 6 x 5 inches
  • Made of cast aluminum
  • Comes with a 24-hour dual setting timer, flexible water lines, 2 adapters, and a 10 ft electrical cord


  • Operates really quietly
  • Convenient built-in timer
  • Heats water fast


  • Not for tankless water heater

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

If you need a very silent and efficient pump, this is the best brand for you.

6. Waterquick PRO II– Best Flexible Hot Water Recirculating Pump

If you’re looking for a recirculating pump that you can use from a remote location from your sink, this is a great option. 

One of the most notable features of this recirculating pump is its bridge valve. It can connect hot and cold water supply lines under a remote kitchen or sink in your house. 

It’s also an energy-efficient water heater. It saves water and can help you cut down on your utility bills. Moreover, you can get hot water in less than 30 seconds. 

It does not have a timer and will produce hot water on demand. Though you might miss the convenience of having a timer, you’ll enjoy how maintenance-free these units. It’s made from brass and stainless steel, it does need regular upkeep to ensure it’s running efficiently. 


  • Tank-style circulation system
  • Built-in pump manager
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty


  • Operates quietly
  • Relatively maintenance-free
  • Saves water and utility bills


  • Does not have a timer

Why you should buy this hot water  recirculating pump

It gives hot water on demand so it saves on water and electric bills at the same time.

7. Grundfos SuperBrute– Best Heavy Duty Hot Water Recirculating Pump

This Grundfos SuperBrure recirculating pump really lives up to its name, it’s quite durable and strong.

Made of brass and stainless steel, it’s strong and has a robust build. It might not have one of the most powerful motors, but it can last for a long time. It’s also quiet and uses little energy. So you can save a bit on your utility bills.

It’s also easy to install and gives hot water fast. And it can handle water temperatures up to 230 F. Some users even complained that they still get hot water on their cold tap for a few seconds, So it’s really hot. And take note too that it isn’t rated for potable water use. 


  • Flow rate of 0-20 GPM
  • 300 ft max pipe distance
  • 1-15 ft head range
  • 2-year full warranty
  • Corrosion-resistant impeller


  • Easy to install
  • Heavy duty
  • Operates quietly


  • Might not be suitable for under-sink installations

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

It’s a heavy-duty pump that can last for years.

8. Laing LHB08100081– Best Under the Sink Recirculating Pump

It uses up very little energy and can be used with your old brass pump housing. 

This will also save you on the cost of installation since you can make use of your old pump cover. And the pump body is very easy to install. Many homeowners find this unit an easy and simple replacement for their old water pumps.

It has a low water flow and might not be suitable for under the sink installations. And it’s compatible with a timer though it does not come with your initial purchase. But you can outfit it with one. You can also convert it to an on-demand water installation by outfitting it with a check valve and a timer on one side.


  • Max temp of 230F
  • Uses only 33 watts
  • Max of 150 psi
  • Max distance pipe is 200 ft
  • Compatible with a timer


  • Energy efficient
  • Can be fitted with a timer
  • Easy to install
  • Can be converted to an on-demand water system


  • Timer sold separately

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

It’s easy to install. And it’s easier to replace your old pump with this unit. 

9. Grundfos 98420224– Best Smart Hot Water Recirculating Pump

This is a premium and smart hot water recirculating pump and you can expect premium performance too.

This water pump does not only have a timer, but it has automatic adapt features. What is that? It means that this pump takes note of the homeowner’s water usage. So it automatically adapts to the user’s hot water needs once it memorizes the pattern. 

That’s just one of the temperature modes of this pump. The other two are the 100% mode and the temperature mode. So you have 3 pretty convenient options that you can choose from, depending on your hot water needs. 

So the pump will only run when needed. That can save you on water and electricity,


  • Flow range: 0- 3 U.S. GPM
  • Head range: 0- 5.5-Feet
  • Female sweat fittings
  • 1-1/4-inch NPSM union connections
  • 2-year warranty


  • Easy to install
  • Has timer
  • Energy efficient
  • Has 3 temperature options


  • Doesn’t come with a check valve

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

It’s a premium pump with 3 modes. So you can choose the one that fits your hot water needs. Thereby, making it more energy-efficient.

10. Grundfos GRU – Best Versatile Hot Water Recirculating Pump

This Grundfos pump is your all in one solution. It’s quite versatile.

This hot water recirculating pump can be used for both hot domestic water and circulation of liquid in cooling and air-conditioning systems. So that’s a 2 1 product.

Installation is also quite easy. Just make sure to purge all the air out before turning on this pump. It’s also such a breeze to install this pump as you have all the hardware that you need for the setup. And it does not require any tools for the installation.  


  • Made of bronze and stainless steel
  • Comes with a timer and a 6-foot cord 
  • Flow range: 0 – 9 GPM 
  • 2-year warranty
  •  Head range: 0 – 6-Foot


  • Versatile
  • Compact and small footprint
  • 24-hour timer
  • Complete with everything you need for the installation
  • Almost maintenance-free


  • The cold water may still be hot

Why you should buy this hot water recirculating pump

It’s versatile and can be used for both hot and cold water systems. 

What to Consider When Buying the Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump

1. Flow rate and the size of the pump

These two go hand in hand. You have to get the proper size of the pump for your water heater. Anything too small or too large may only cause problems. The proper size of the pump depends on two factors. One, the size of your water heater. And tow, the distance of your plumbing system.

You also have to get the horsepower or flow rate that’s compatible with your water heater. And this is also determined by the size of your plumbing. This will ensure that the pump will be able to push water properly through the playing.

2. Maintenance

Look for a brand that is easy to maintain. Pumps have many moving parts such as the gasket, motor, etc. and you have to be able to uninstall and clean them properly for easy maintenance. 

If a pump warrants professional upkeep, you might want to look for a low maintenance one to cut on maintenance costs.

3. Temperature settings

Pumps with sensors are very convenient. This system will detect when you shut it off and when to turn it on. 

And pumps should also allow you to be able to change the temperature settings. 

4. Warranty

To make the most value of your purchase, getting one with a decent warranty is a must. It should be at least good for a year.

5. Construction

It’s best to buy brands that are durable, robust, and corrosion-resistant. This will make maintenance easier. But of course, the price may be an issue. But you can also check if the next price tier will save you on maintenance. So weigh between spending a few more moolah versus the need for more maintenance.

6. Traditional vs Tankless water heater recirculation

Do you own a traditional water heater or a tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters require a pump with more power, and not a lot of recirculating pumps can support that. Traditional water heaters, on the other hand, do not require much power. 

Types of Hot Water Recirculating Pump

There are two types of water recirculating pumps. And the installation and cost of the two are very different.

1. Full recirculating pump system

This system needs the installation of an additional pump. It should be installed in your plumbing system so ensure that it’s compatible with your current plumbing. 

This type of system is more expensive, but it can also be viable. And it has several advantages:

  • The hot water is running continuously but it will not affect gas and energy costs.
  • Most of these units have sensors and timers that increase the efficiency and convenience of the pump.

2. Recirculating pump comfort system

This type of recirculation system makes use of your current cold water system to send hot water to your faucets. And this is more cost-efficient upfront, that’s why it’s the most commonly used. 

This type is also easier to install. And the best brands on our list are considered under this category. This system can give you hot water fast even if the plumbing is far from your kitchen or shower.

And it has the following advantages.

  • No need to install additional pipes. Thus, you can do DIY on it.
  • More cost-effective option.

Though one disadvantage of it is that your cold water can be somewhat hot too since they share the same system.  

What are the Pros and Cons of a Recirculating Pump

How would one benefit you? Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of installing a recirculating pump.


  • These units have smaller footprints and most can fit under the sink.
  • You can get recirculating pumps that are within your budget. And there are a lot of options.
  • Installation is easy and you can do the maintenance yourself
  • Can provide hot water fast.


  • Some units may affect the quality of your cold water. It can be warm also.
  • Most have low output in cooler climates. 
  • Requires a power source near the installation. Problems may arise if the pump leaks.

How Does a Recirculating Pump Work

Let’s talk about a demand controlled system and  gravity fed system to see how each one works.

  • Demand controlled system

This type of system is equipped with a sensor and a switch and it’s often more cost efficient.

The pump is equipped with a switch and a check valve, these will stop the water from flowing back to the return line. The pump will then move water that’s in the back line to the water heater. The sensor will signal the pump once the hot water arrives, and it will shut off the pump. 

  • Gravity fed system

As the word implies, hot water rises up to the bottom while cold water falls to the ground. The water heater must be located below the  hot water taps. 

Hot water will climb up to the system. And since colder water is denser, it will settle to the bottom. The check valve will prevent the water from flowing back into the return line.  Then cold water will be heated and recirculated throughout. 

How to Install a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

Installing a hot water recirculating pump may seem intimidating. But the best brands on your list are pretty easy to install. Even if you’re new to DIYs, you might still find it easy.

1. First off, gather all the material and tools that you need. Some brands may come incomplete with all the hardware, while some may not. And these are some materials that you’re going to need: recirculating pump kit, screwdriver, channel-type pliers or pipe wrench,  bucket, towel, and a 120-volt outlet

Though it may still vary a bit depending on the brand that you’re going to use.

2. Ensure that the water flow is halted. So turn off the water on the shut-off valves of your cold water tank.

3. Disconnect the supply line. Have a towel nearby if residual water will leak out of the pipe.

4. Find the hot side of your water heater and screw the pump on. If you’re installing one with a timer, make sure it’s facing you where you can have easy access to it.

5. Make sure every connection is tightened. Then reconnect the hot water line to the top of the pump.

6. Install the check valve. Close the supply valves for both hot and water supply tubes.

7. Disconnect the supply tube so the faucet from the shut-off valves. Connect the check valve to the supply tubes. 

8. Screw the existing supply tubes to the top two outlets on the check valve. Remember to position the hot water valve on the left and the cold one on the right.

9. Now run the new water supply tubes from the check valve of both hot and cold water shut off valves. 

10. Make sure the supply tubes are tightened and properly positioned. You can then mount the check valve on the wall. Turn the water supply on. And run the water until all the air for the pipes is out. 

11.Check for leaks before plugging in the pipe’s water supply.

12. If it has a timer, you can set the pump using it. 


Do recirculating pumps help you save money?

Yes, you can save water indirectly. Recirculating pumps help you get hot water faster so you can save water. In turn, it can save you on utility bills.

Does hot water recirculating pumps take up a lot of space?

Not really, most recirculating pumps are rather compact and can either be installed under the sink or in the water heater.

Are recirculating pumps hard to install?

The best brands on our list are pretty easy to install. It won’t take you more than 3 hours.

How much does a recirculating pump cost?

Recirculating pumps can run between 200 to 400 dollars.


Now you don’t have to wait long to have a good soak. The best hot water recirculating pumps can give hot water fast.

The best brands on our list are easy to install. But it still requires upkeep and maintenance to ensure that it’s efficiently working and avoid problems in the future.

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