15 Best Hard Hats: Based on Popularity

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Bullard 62DGR Hard Hat
  2. Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat
  3. MSA 10079479 V-Gard Hard Hat

Working in a construction site? What about in a fire-hazard environment? It ain’t easy right? Certainly, life is always thrown at a narrow line. Accidents. All bloody painful one of them can cost you your life. Fortunately, the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is one with the government requiring hard hats in the work field. As a result, the industry has been yielding the best hard hats ever known. 

As we conclude the year 2020, let’s look back into what the brands had in store for us. Are you getting hot in your hat? Get it on, then!

Here is the List of Best Hard Hat:

  1. Bullard 62DGR Hard Hat
  2. Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat
  3. MSA 10079479 V-Gard Hard Hat
  4. Fiberglass Hard Hat
  5. Pyramex Hard Hat
  6. Lift Safety HDF Hard Hat
  7. MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat
  8. Fibre-Metal Hard Hat
  9. MSA 458702 Hard Hat
  10. MSA 475407 Hard Hat

Behold: 15 Best Hard Hat Reviewed

1. Bullard 62DGR Hard Hat

cheap hard hats

A leader of hard hats in 2020, this “Top Pick” item by Bullard is everything one can ask from any protective hat. 

  • Authentic Bullard Quality Mark
  • Certified Cotton & Poly Interior
  • Highly Durable
  • Light & Compact
  • Solid Casing
  • High-Quality Materials 

I’ve seen and felt it all, from its straps to its frame; it doesn’t truly disappoint. Many lives have been saved by this hard hat by Bullard. As far as actual reports are concerned, it actually accounts to more than 200 reports in 2020 alone. Certainly, before the year ends, it’ll highlight with one more chapter, a chapter of decreased mortality rates in the construction area. 

Despite the package’s failure to include instruction manuals on how to wear its straps, wearers are nevertheless satisfied by it. Most of their satisfactions have to do with ease and a speedy strap-on mechanisms. This advantage alone makes the product a worthy item to buy and include in anyone’s construction kit.

For me, it’s not a typical hardhat. One can surely see and feel that it’s made from expensive materials. As a takeaway in this case, it’s highly adjustable. You can further thank its horizontal and vertical height adjustments for that. Ultimately, one of the truest testaments to its superiority is its 4-point suspension mechanism. 

What is the 4-point suspended mechanisms? What does it do? Well, the 4-point suspension is a basic mechanism. However, not all hard hat manufacturers include this in their products, because it’s a complex mechanism to integrated. Thankfully, it appears to be fully functional in this product. So, it’s got to be exciting!

In conclusion, I consider rank this hard hat item from Bullard as a top pick, not because it’s perfect, but because it’s continuously improving. Made from high-end materials and processed by a sophisticated technology, this hard hat is a general life-saver.; it is by the essence, an actually hard hat. 

Outside a few issues like the lack of instruction manual and a slightly slippery side-slot, the product ranks as a true masterpiece!


  • Solid Casing
  • Highly Durable
  • ¾ Inch Wide Nylon Crown Straps
  • 4-Point Suspension
  • Front & Rear Vertical Heights Adjustment
  • Extra-Strong Pads


  • Lack of Instruction Manual
  • Slightly Slippery Side-Slot

Why choose it?

  • This “top pick” and most comfortable hard hat item has truly saved many lives in the workforce; it is also overwhelmingly comfortable to wear!

2. Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat

Best Hard Hats

Bagging our “Best Value” nomination, this light, simple, and versatile hard hat from Pyramex Safety protects the head with a perfect fit-in range. It ranks high in our best hard hats list! 

  • Made from ABS Material
  • Topnotch Safety Tool
  • Eco-Friendly; makes use of the littlest plastic material
  • Ultra-Solid Fiber Layer
  • Super-Light
  • Thick Shell
  • Balanced Head Support

Adjustable and modifiable, its fit is regarded by many to be versatile. Meaning, fitting it to varied head shapes and sizes proves easiest. Ensuring the uninterrupted fit, its predominantly crafted ridgeline allows for quick adjustments. 

Adjusting the hat mid-air is a risky thing to do. However, this hard hat’s updated ridgeline, full-brim allowance, 4-point suspension mechanism and replaceable brow pad (in case of damage) guarantees the opposite. Consequently, Pyramex Safety has had fully established a brand reputation for decades now. 

One of the glorious updates in the brand’s product is the material. Tagged with an ABS origin, its material also fulfills an eco-friendly standard. As a result, many buyers endorse it as a topnotch safety tool. Ultimately, the buyers were also quick to note its ultra-solid fiber layer.

The fibered interiors and thick shell of 0.07- 0.16 inches respectively saved lives through the years. Many users have testified over its ultra-soft padding. It is rightly soft in a way that it does not constrict the head upon impact. 

The product is also hailed by a number of users for its super-light design. Without adding an ounce of weight on the head, it provides balanced support to the body during elevation. Thus, this further leads experts to conclude that it is perfectly engineered to fit and support the head with sufficient grip. 

Simple. Low-profile. Solid and tough. Customized fit. This “best value” hard hat is a crafty and beautiful item to behold, from its design to its straps. Bearing just the right head shape fit, it just feels right on the head. 

Some of its drawbacks include a weak resistance to heat and a low-malleability point. 


  • Light, Simple & Versatile
  • Easy & Perfect Fit on all Head Shapes & Sizes
  • Well-Crafted Ridgeline
  • Full-Brim Allowance
  • 4-Point Suspension
  • Replaceable Brow Pad


  • Weak Resistance to Heat
  • Low-Malleability Point

Why choose it?

  • Pyramex Safety’s low-profile but cool hard hat is a trustworthy safety aid with a perfect-fitting design!

3. MSA 10079479 V-Gard Hard Hat

best hard hats on the market

Spontaneously creative, expressive, and versatile, this top hard hat from the MSA brand challenges the concepts of how the best hard hats are worn. 

  • Top V-Gard Design
  • Annually Updated
  • Tried & Tested Tag
  • Customizable Strap Replacement
  • Color Selections included in Package

A large number of reviewers recommend and consider this hard hat as a most trusted protective gear. They are right to lay their trust on this one because it actually holds world-renowned safety standards. Both its brim and hat design is made subtly for adjustments in the middle of work. Perhaps, it’s most notable feature is the quick-wear capacity. 

Made and assembled in the US, this product underwent several testing agencies. Among these stand the ANSI/ISEA standard. A most prominent testing agency in the country, the ANSI/ISEA makes sure that the hard hat is actually hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. 

Complete and successfully installed of the 4-point suspensions, its inner holding doesn’t move and slide around despite loss of grip. Instead, its grasping force is exerted only on the side,just under the ratchet ridges. Given its ratchet suspension degree, it can actually stay on the head despite tilting. 

Mixing polyethylene with fiber, its manufacturer eyed its shell to absorb and release impact upon engagement. While experts refer to this specific feature as impact-absorption, the product still manages to elevate such feature more uniquely. As a result, the shell not only absorbs and release impact force, it also drags the momentum of the force with its layered ridges. 

According to several product ranking records in 2020 alone, this top hard hat from MSA stands out with its unsurpassed comfort and fit. Users also note of its customizable strap placement, color selection (see package options), and the unmistakable V-Gard design pattern. All in all, the product is a neat, comfortable and perfect fit for all forehead shapes and lengths. 

Some issues concerning this top hard hat include some shipping problems and loosely-sized harness tabs. 


  • Trustworthy Reputation
  • Quick-Wear Capacity
  • ANSI/ISEA-Approved
  • Effective Suspension & Fit
  • Impact-Absorbing Layered Ridges
  • Highly Comfortable & Fitting


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Loosely-Sized Harness Tabs

Why choose it?

  • Beautifully and subtly designed, this best construction hard hat by MSA proves best to wear on extra-challenging constructions and other actions.

4. Fiberglass Hard Hat

best construction hard hats

Nothing spells comfort better than this hard hat from the best hard hats list. From a quick-adjusting design down to impressive breathability, it still manages to stay true to its form and shielding function. 

  • Compact Design
  • Breathable 
  • Glossy Finish
  • Highly Durable
  • Impressive Air-Flow; Light
  • ANSI-Approved

Outside its famed fiberglass material action, this top hard hat by its brand alone already earns accolades from advocates and regular buyers. Thanks to its well-established brand called True, it has become many people’s personal favorite. But, what’s really in it that turns buyers in? Way in to find out. 

Slim. Yet solid, durable and impact-absorbent. This hard hat bears outstanding design. Made for both comfortable and safe fit, the shape and ridge-lining consummates an idealized breathability. Fortunately, it fares well in its attempt, figuring up to a 100% efficiency rate!

Designed and angled to a spectacular degree, it does not simply suspend without direct control. How spectacular? To an air-flow level, that’s how. Unlike regular hard hats, it doesn’t get heavy in the head; it also bears the least chance of falling and slipping. Further supported by an added 4-point suspenders placement, it keeps the head from drooping. 

Other reviewers also cannot get enough from its beautiful design. Intricate. Well-colored. Glossy finish. Compact. It is in fact so beautifully and discreetly designed, that construction workers even wear it outside casually, at least on the streets. 

Its other great feature, as is proven genuine by reviewers, showcases an efficient rain-resisting full brim design. Armed with balanced ridges, the full brim also enables quick adjustments. 

But even with all these given advantages, the product sees some areas to improve upon. These include some shipping problems (highly imitated), possible internal cracks, and a few breakable straps. 


  • Well-Established & Trusted Brand Reputation
  • Comfortable & Safe Fit
  • Highly Breathable & Durable
  • Provides Air Flow & Rain-Resisting Design
  • Beautiful Design, Intricate & Glossy Finish
  • Balanced Ridges


  • Some Shipping Problems (Imitated Design)
  • Possible Internal Cracks
  • Few Breakable Straps

Why choose it?

  • Certainly one of the best hard hats on the market, the True brand proves most useful on highly-active working conditions. Also an eye-candy, the hard is comfortable and breathable to wear!

5. Pyramex Hard Hat

best hard hats on the market

Another full-brim yet light industrial hard hat from the best hard hats list, this Pyramex Safety product is many things similar with its previous model– also a perfect fit, comfortable, easy-adjusting, etc.– except that it’s ratchet, rather than ridgeline-suspended. 

  • SL Industry Standard
  • ANSI-Approved
  • Highly Durable & Comfortable
  • Special Ratchet Suspension
  • Type 1 Class C, E & G

Not to say that it’s better than its predecessor, the hard hat’s ratchet suspension mechanism saves more strapping energy than usual. It is important to note that both mechanisms serve their own purpose and advantage. In this case, given that an easy-adjustment mid-action is eyed, the ratchet suspension earns the upper hand. 

Reviewers praise it for its high-density polyethylene material, a requisite among top-quality hard hats. Coming from the SL industry series, the hard hats polyethylene material is responsible for making it a worthy protection wear. It is incredibly lightweight, yet strong enough to resist impact. 

Combined with necessarily engineered cotton padding, head grip and brim turnabout, it impresses with a lightweight design. Experts were also quick to notice that among the SL-processed hard hats, this item from the same brand owns up to the highest number of feature updates per entry. 

Although its optional ridge suspension may not not be as impressive as its ratchet counterpart, it still manages to cross standard point for comfort and protection. 

In addition to its 4-point suspenders is a more complex, yet effective snap-lock suspension. While it is supposed to be easy as picture, it turns out to be complex. Users recommend replacing the locks with an added item shipping. By all means, it would only take a day or two for the additional order to follow through. 

Other disadvantages of the hard hat deals with its tilted back. 


  • Effort & Energy-Saving
  • Easy Adjustment; Ratchet Suspension
  • High-Density Polyethylene Material
  • Lightweight & Strong
  • Snap-Lock Mechanism


  • Loose Ridge Suspension
  • Complicated Snap-Lock Mechanism
  • Awkwardly Title Back

Why choose it?

  • A tool for protection, this light weight hard hat from Pyramex Safety guarantees high material standard, durability, easy-adjustment, and perfect fit.

6. Lift Safety HDF Hard Hat

Best Hard Hats

As basic as it may be, this highly-regarded “neo-classic” hard hat from Lift Safety boasts of a natural resin shell quality, making it stand out from in the best hard hats list.

  • 8-Point Suspension System
  • EVA Foam Insert
  • Added Leather
  • Comfortable & Extra -Strong Brim Grip
  • Superior Impact Protection

Naturally boosted and positioned to fit all head shapes and sizes, this top hard hat by Lift Safety comes out as a luxury item for most wearers. Apart from its various features, there is one major factor that catapults it to fame. A resin-coated texture. 

What is with such texture then? Well, it does not easily slip and slide from the fingers’ grips. It is most effective when you’re picking it using gloved hands. Consequently, putting on gloves is a protocol in construction sites. Fabric/cotton gloves are the usual type of gloves worn on site. 

Refined with a superior impact-protecting brim grip, it stays in the head in spite of tilting. Some reviewers even recommend it for heavy-motion mechanisms at work. Some of these working conditions involve climbing, transport, channeling, etc. 

Experts also note its comfort dome. Perhaps the closest feature that maximizes the brim grip’s capacity, the comfort dome ensures least friction and pain on the head. Its sidings are lined up with extra-thick cotton padding. In addition to the comfort, the padding also adds grip to the head base. 

Unlike regular hard hats, this one’s got a perfect cinch fit. Meaning, it does not lose out or snap off in the middle of work– an advantage most favored in construction work. 

Along these features lie the brow pad. While it may not be as comfortable as the dome padding, it still manages to keep a painless grip. Ultimately, it absorbs side impact much as a helmet does. 

Other issues concerning this top product include an unusually heavier weight, a low-quality liner ratchet, and low-resistance to heat. 


  • Resin-Coated Finish; Fiber-Reinforced
  • Impact-Protecting Brim Grip
  • Comfort Dome
  • Cinch Fit
  • Brow Pad


  • Heavy Weight Package
  • Low-Quality Liner Ratchet
  • Low-Resistance to Heat

Why choose it?

  • Bearing a basic and neat design, this dubbed slide-resistant “neoclassical” hard hat provides a crown and sided comfort on the head. Certainly, it ranks among the ansi approved hard hats.

7. MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat

ansi approved hard hats

The most expensive hard hat on our list, this “Premium Value” item from MSA promises 100% protection, comfort, and neatness. 

  • Fas-Trac III Tag
  • Heat, Pressure & Impact-Resistant
  • ANSI-Approved
  • Ratchet Adjustment
  • Genuine Skullgard Mark

Gearing its focus to heat and pressure-sensitive working environments, construction areas, and most specifically fire-fighting industries, this ultra-protective hard hat bears a Skullgard mark certified original and genuine by experts.

Users are especially fond of the fact that it is ultra-solid, durable, and tough. In addition to that, it’s got a glossy finish that secures the strongest grip possible. By all means, it just feels right on the head. And, thanks to its ANSI-approved material control, it can resist impact with the fullest turnabout. 

Sizing up to a 6 1⁄2″ to 8″ fit, it does not feel awkward on the head. It may slightly wobbly at the first adjustment, but it sure won’t slip entirely. Reviewers credit its semi-custom fit for such an advancement. However, it’s got to be more than that. I personally think the staz-on pinlock mechanism proves most responsible for it all. 

Reviewers also praise its swing ratchet feature. While it may not seem that useful, a swing ratchet fulfills more advantages than you think. Besides allowing you to swing the brim front sideways or backward, it provides an automatic allowance for motion. Ultimately, this proves most useful during firefighting events. 

MSA’s claims about its products prove debatable saved by one: this specific item is a topnotch. There’s no denying that. Highly malleable. Powerful heat-resistant. All this is ensured by its Fas-Trac III tag. 

Products that bear this tag exhibit smooth rotation in the brim, anti-snap straps, smooth turning transitions and perfect fits. So, even if this top hard hat slightly suffers from suspension issues, it still manages to rank up thanks to the tag. 

Its other issues include some shipping problems, and outdated harness technology, and a wobbly ratchet motion. 


  • Ultra-Protective Skullgard Mark
  • Fire-Resistant; Best for Fire-fighting actions
  • Glossy Finish; Non-Slip
  • Semi-Custom Fit
  • Swing Ratchet Feature


  • Suspension Issues
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Outdated Harness Technology
  • Wobbly Ratchet Motion

Why choose it?

  • The best helmet for firefighters, this “Premium Value” hard hat by MSA promises ultimate protection without losing grip on the head. It is one of the favorites from the best hard hats list.

8. Fibre-Metal Hard Hat

best construction hard hats

Of all the hard hats featured on this list, nothing beats this Honeywell product when it comes to sheer practicality. 

  • Roughneck P1 Series Injection-Molded Fiberglass
  • Ultra-Light & Compact
  • Optimum Suspension Feature
  • Neat Finish & Package
  • Elegant Design

Considered by users and experts as the helmet for all, this full-brim, ultra-light helmet fulfills fit, adjustment, and handling. It may not be the best when it comes to fitting, but it surely comes in handy especially during on-the-go situations. 

A guaranteed heavy-duty fiber-metal injection-molded hard hat, it does not easily crack and dent out. While others complain about its weak breathability, most consider this reasonable. 

The reality of fiberglass is more felt than seen. Fiberglass materials are naturally uncomfortable. There is no better compensation to this than the exclusion of expanded brim, hence its simple and no-nonsense configurations. 

One reviewer even compares it to an existing Skullgard standard and concludes that it appears to be better. It is better in the sense that it is practical. Construction and fire-fighting industries even see the need for least additions on helmets. 

After all, a helmet is only expected to fair low and provide comfort and protection. Above all, the need for protection stands as the ultimate priority. The thing about the Skullgard hat standard is that it tends to produce products with excessive features. 

Now, if you’re looking for an easy and practical fit that still does not fail in protecting the head, then you’ll be pleased by this Honeywell magic. It is short and sweet, by certain standards. It is in fact, too short sometimes, that some believe it is too plain. 

Meanwhile, some issues concerning the product include limited size options, some shipping problems (easily-imitated quality), tendency to cause the head to sweat (lacks breathability), and poor strap quality. 


  • Full-Brim & Ultra-Light
  • Heavy-Duty Fiber-Metal Quality
  • Practical Fit & Protection
  • Simple, Yet Effective
  • Includes Terry Fabric Sweatband 


  • Limited Size Options
  • Some Shipping Problems (easily imitated)
  • Lacks Breathability
  • Poor Strap Quality

Why choose it? 

  • This helmet for all products by Honeywell exhibits the efficiency of fiberglass material in terms of protecting and providing comfort to the head. It stands among the most unforgettable hard hats for small heads.

9. MSA 458702 Hard Hat

most comfortable hard hat

Not only is this hard hat impact-absorbent, it’s also electric shock-absorbent; manufactured with a full Skullgard standard setting, it does not bend out on pressure. 

  • 4-Point Staz Suspenders
  • ANSI/ISEA-Approved
  • Type I Compliant
  • Standard Size
  • Easy-Fitting
  • Electric Shock-Absorbent

With high approvals from expert product testers, this product achieves close calls with the previous model featured herein. Being in the industry for decades and more, Skullgard titles always gain the upper advantage. 

Also a powerful heat-resistant, this top hard hat from the best hard hats list is considered by both users and experts as an immediate life-saver! Much like its previous model, it’s best for high-pressure and extremely hot situations. You can have its features: staz-on pinlock, swing ratchet, and fas-trac iii to thank for that!

But before you can even come into thinking that it’s a major duplicate of the existing helmet series, you’ll be surprised at how it manages to distinguish itself from the rest of the hard hats in the series. The 458702 model impresses with an even stronger shell quality. 

While some users disagree on its class G quality, most are already admitted that it does reserve the right for any class G model. And, as a durable protective gear, it nevertheless provides immediate airflow along with its brim lining. 

Its other unique feature has to do with a shock-absorption capacity. By its claim that it can absorb and repel 2,200 volts of electric shock alone, it brings about an entirely professional tag. Personally, I think it’s not 100% true to its claim. Still, it manages to be useful due to its dielectric protection. 

Whatever the case, this rugged Skullgard is a filthy strong and powerful hard hat. A helmet for high-pressure and hot situations, it does keep you safe all day long. 

Some of its drawbacks include a breakable harness technology, excessive appendices, wobbly ratchet motion, some shipping problems, and a fading color. 


  • Powerful Heat-Resistant
  • Staz-on, Pinlock & Fas-Trac III Features
  • Stronger Shell Quality
  • Class G Quality
  • Includes Dielectric Protection


  • Breakable Harness Technology
  • Excessive Appendices/Extensions
  • Wobbly Ratchet Motion
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Fading Color

Why choose it?

  • This top product bears the usual Skullgard mark. A Skullgrad mark always boasts of extra-strong helmets for 100% protection in highly-risky working areas! For that, it is found in the cheap hard hats list.

10. MSA 475407 Hard Hat

Best Hard Hats

Another Skulgard masterpiece from the best hard hats list, this top hard hat impresses with a natural tan, hard shell and impeccable diverting efforts against heat. 

  • ANSI-Approved
  • Tighter Ratchet Swing Action
  • Heat-Diversion Technology
  • Has Phenolic Fabric
  • Shields Head from Vertical/Horizontal Impacts

Its ANSI-approved material, premium materials, or super-hard shell may have had lent a hand to its eventual success! However, all these features stand pale in comparison to its sophisticated heat-diverting technology. 

Experts even believe that the product’s success is beyond its brand. Many popular hard hat helmets marked with Skullgard don’t exhibit the said intricacy. Emerging somehow as grand exception, this latest hard hat with the usual Fas-Trac III standard stands as a lone model. 

Its special heat-diverting technology makes use of phenolic fabric that instantaneously absorbs and releases heat. Aiding the mechanism further, the malleable fibered-plate retracts overall heat from the surrounding. 

Although the product has much to improve upon, its manufacturers deserve several recognitions for its design. The brimmed quality alone earns it an efficiency no other hard hats can. 

Reviewers note that, unlike its counterparts, it rules with a tighter ratchet swing action. The full-brim quality, reviewers cite, plays a major role in securing such efficiency. 

Intact with poly, fiber and cotton interiors, it fully protects the head from sudden impacts. Yeah, I know it sounds typical. But when you hear what I have to say next, you’ll be more impressed. It does not only shield one, but two impact directions: vertical and horizontal. 

Despite the usual presence of the staz-on pinlock feature, its snap turnabout still manages to fall short by several expectations. Well, let’s just say that the staz-on pinlock isn’t really its strong mark. 

Other issues concerning our product in question include some shipping problems, glued attachments, low-quality suspensions, and some harness technology drawbacks.


  • Natural Tan Color
  • Heat-Diverting Technology
  • Super-Hard Shell
  • Fibered-Plate
  • Full Brim Quality


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Glued Attachments
  • Low-Quality Suspensions
  • Some Harness Technology Drawbacks
  • Weak Pinlock Capacity

Why choose it?

  • Like many Skullgard products, it proves the best helmet for fire-fighters. Certainly, it’s designed with a unique ability of diverting even the hottest of hot exposures.

11. Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat

best construction hard hats

The only hard hat of its kind, this top vented hard hat by Evolution Deluxe surely impresses with both an evolutionary and advanced comfort-protection. It thus stands out from the best hard hats.

  • Vented Design
  • Highly Durable & Malleable
  • Innovative Wheel Ratchet Design
  • 3D Adjustment for Precise Fitting
  • ANSI/ISEA-Approved

Although it may appear strange and off-putting on the outside, it is actually a genuine winner. Full-brimmed, with extra-hard heat and impact-resisting shell, it easily holds most safety records for 2020. As to why it looks weird, reviewers and experts point fingers to its vented appearance. 

Yes. It appears strange, but it is also very unique. And, if you think that its vented shell is intended only to evoke reactions,  you would better think again! Eventually, a vent– as expected of it– ventilates the internal atmosphere of any object, venue, or equipment it serves. 

In this case, vented hard hats not only keep your head sweat free, but also protect you from external pressure. Now, add in a high-density polyethylene, and you’ll end up with a genuinely innovative helmet. 

It isn’t at all perfect. One can instantly see and feel it from its awkward 6-point suspenders. Yet, such a feature is not a common sight and advantage to behold. So, it should deserve attention. 

If not for its awkward placement, the suspenders could be labeled as perfect. Perhaps, manufacturers could further innovate from such innovation, or simply improve. It isn’t really that much of a difficult feat to achieve. 

Some drawbacks of the product include low-quality liner, rough ridges, problematic straps, and a jumpy dial mechanism. 


  • Full-Brimmed Design
  • Heat & Impact-Resisting
  • Vented Design
  • High-Density Polyethylene Shell
  • Added 6-Point Suspenders


  • Low-Quality Liner
  • Rough Ridges
  • Problematic Straps
  • Jumpy Dial Mechanism
  • Awkward Suspender Placement

Why choose it?

  • If you’re up for a uniquely and vividly innovated helmet that provides advanced comfort and protection, then you will surely be overjoyed by this best hard hat for hot weather by the Evolution Deluxe brand!

12. MSA 475395 Hard Hat

light weight hardhat

The Skullgard brand, being the most popular brand in the market today plays between traditional and experimental facets of hard hat protection. 

  • 100% Genuine Brand Standard
  • ANSI/CSA/ISEA-Approved Type
  • Standard Size 
  • Easy Adjustment
  • Electric Shock-Absorbent

Everyone agrees! All Skullgard best hard hats are necessary aids in the fire-fighting industry. The brand, through its series of products manufactured in the past many years, has had since cemented its name in the hall of flame. 

A mere fire-resistant by external and internal standards, hard hats under this tag are expected to protect the head with the least comfort possible. However, that is to be proven wrong by this top product in question!

Unlike the common Skullgard products listed herein, this one’s got a softer cap. The cap then supports the entirety of the ratchet. Meaning, it does not affect the swing nor add weight on the helmet. Made from softened fabric, the cap also derails impact off (both vertically and horizontally). 

Its natural tan, according to eyeful buyers, isn’t actually tan. Actually, it leans towards dark brown, centering to a beige. Outside from this issue, it’s got no problems on its color shade. 

As usual, it exhibits the standard Skullgard marks: Swing Ratchet, Staz-on Pinlock, Fas-Trac III, Protective Full Brim Hat, and a softened Protective Cap. There’s much it can improve upon especially when it comes to its finishing. 

Its other disadvantages include harness problems, some shipping problems, wobbly ratchet motion, excessive attachments, and an unstable dial placement. 


  • Genuine Heat, Impact & Pressure-Resistant
  • Added Comfort via Cap
  • Swing Ratchet 
  • Staz-on Pinlock
  • Fas-Trac III


  • Harness Problems
  • Shipping Problems
  • Wobbly Ratchet Motion
  • Excessive Attachments
  • Unstable dial Placement

Why choose it?

  • Bearing yet another genuine brand standard, this helmet has added comfort. Still, it does not lose its protective command.

13. Safety Works Hard Hat

best hard hat for hot weather

When it comes to ease, durability and slight fashion that doesn’t the ultimate protective function, this top hard hat product by the Safety Works brand certainly earns everything out of its shell. 

  • Ultra-Light
  • Highly Durable
  • Simplistic & Minimal Design
  • V-Top Head
  • MSA-Based Suspension Standard Quality
  • Full Brim Design

This China-made helmet, bearing a V-gard standard, is as simple as it gets. Easy to wear with no excessive attachments and extensions, it guarantees 100% protection. While it is not as comfortable as other hard hats on our list, it truly functions to keep the head stable during long duty hours. 

As simple as it is durable, this hard hat allows easy adjustment. Supported by quick-release snaps, strong fabric material, and MSA-based suspension standard quality. Users believe that despite its lack of desirable number of suspension points, it still manages to relieve pressure off the head. 

The product’s V-top cap style compensates for what it lacks, a comfortable dome. In this case, it puts in a fashionable and undeniably beautiful look. The cap style, which appears bulky on top, also ventilates the head inside. That is the ultimate reason it’s shaped as it is. 

Users praise the product for being durable. One can already see and feel in its shell how amped it is absorb and divert impact. It also relieves itself. So, unlike the regular hard hats, it both quickly heats up and cools down. This is importantly its own means of sustaining its shell. 

Full brim. Ultra-light. Minimal. Simplistic. Neat finish. Size for all. This quick-fit is definitely an underrated protective gear. It isn’t fancy, but it’s simplistically beautiful.

Some of its drawbacks include some shipping problems, tendency to sit too high on head, too little suspension points, no lockin grip, and a problematic dial placement. 


  • Simple & Easy-to-Fit
  • V-Top Cap
  • Easy Heating & Cooling Capacity
  • Neat and Glossy Finish; Beautiful Design
  • Full Brim


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Tendency to Sit too High on Head
  • Tool Little Suspension Points
  • No Lockin Grip
  • Problematic Dial Placement

Why choose it?

  • This fashionable and easy-fit, straightforward hard hat works as the best protective tool in a multifunctional working environment. It surely earns a place in the best hard hats list.

14. CJ Safety Hard Hat

best hard hats on the market

A type 1, class C top hard hat from CJ Safety, it provides protection, comfort, and stability through an advantageous vented design. 

  • Fas-Trac Suspension
  • Smart & intuitive Design
  • ANSI-Approved
  • Made from High-Density Polyethylene Material
  • Full-Brimmed

Skullgard finally meets its match– CJ Safety! All brimmed up to allow immediate adjustment via 4-point suspension, it automatically locks in whenever the helmet is worn. Experts consider this as the product’s intelligent advantage. 

Long gone are the manual helmets that require longer adjustment time. Reviewers praise this for being straightforwardly easy, compact, light, vented and most of all, stabilizing. Since its brim is surrounded by a series of in-lock connectors, it is easier for the ratchet to move in a stabler swing. 

Users are also going gaga over its comfort-fit chinstrap that tucks away neatly when set aside. It does not dangle in the face since it is attached to a motion-retractor. Meaning, it automatically pulls the straps the instant they’re released.

Many celebrate the product’s high technology assets. So, despite its lack of side supports, it still earns a stable place in the top ranks. All-in-all, it’s a work in progress. As the years passed, its manufacturers seem to earnestly spot its weaknesses, and address them from time to time. 

From where it falls short, it aims high. It proves particularly true especially on the concept of its design. Smart. Practical. These assets in the end cause the product to come full circle.

Some drawbacks of the product include shipping problems, floppy hat dome, easily-cracked surface, breakable adjuster pins, and low-quality harness lines. 


  • Full-Brimmed
  • 4-Point Suspension
  • Easy & Light Fit; Compact
  • Vented Design
  • Comfort Fit Chinstrap


  • Shipping Problems
  • Floppy Hat Dome
  • Easily-Cracked Surface
  • Breakable Adjuster Pins
  • Low-Quality Harness Lines

Why choose it? 

  • Matching Skullgrad’s popular standards, this hard hat is an easier fit with practical advancements for comfort and protection. It surely belongs to the best hard hats list!

15. 3M Hard Hat

best construction hard hats

Securing genuine industrial safety means looking into this top hard hat from 3M Personal Protective Equipment brand as an equally powerful option in the best hard hats list.

  • ANSI-ISEA-Approved
  • Replaceable Brow Pad
  • Lower Suspension Placement
  • 4-Point Suspension
  • Trusted 3M Quality-Control Procedure

This ANSI-approved hard hat is everything you will need in a busy environment. Impressing with a 4-point suspension for faster control and adjustment, it doesn’t just sit on the head, but clings on the head as well.

Many reviewers are especially attracted to its short brim. Such an advantage provides wearer with bigger and clearer upward visibility. In that case, it should not cause the wearer to look whenever he/she has had to focus on something. 

Perhaps a top model in the brand’s series, this product enables tighter control over wearing options. If you were to search into its keyword– that would be control. 

While it suffers certain backfires concerning its slot placement, it still however, ranks high among the top hard hat choices. Contrary to what manufacturers say about them, the slots are just too many and unaligned. Attachments would be a tad easier with better slot alignment, though. 

The product is all-in-all safe. That’s pure, undeniable fact. Reviewers are especially fond of its doubled-shell housing. Bracing, absorbing and diverting impact, this top hard hat extends force outwards. This action protects the head from taking all force.

Reviewers also note the product package to have the most color variations. The variations are duly concentrated on at least 3-4 models per release. This further heats up consumers’ excitement over the product!

Drawbacks of the product include separate insert buttons, shipping problems, weak interior foams, lack of ventilation, and low-quality belt harness. 


  • 4-Point Suspension
  • Short Brim
  • High Control Accessibility
  • Doubled-Shell Housing
  • Color Variations


  • Separate Insert Buttons
  • Shipping Problems
  • Weak Interior Foams
  • Lack of Ventilation
  • Low-Quality Belt Harness
  • Unaligned Slots

Why choose it?

  • This top hard hat by 3M is a modern update of the typical best hard hats. With a highly useful short brim, it provides wearer an interrupted upward view of things.

How to Choose the Best Hard Hat

The hard hat, like many other protective devices, make up PPE (personal protective equipment) in every working area. The protective intent of the hard hat alone deserves it all the attention and scrutiny. You obviously cannot entrust your life to any low-grade helmet, can you?

The thing about choosing the best helmets is that it tends to be easier and more straightforward. It is mostly a basic procedure too. However, because the hard hat’s properties tend to be told-tale, people fail to look further. 

Shopping or selecting an item is different from buying it. A wise buyer knows the difference between the two. Ultimately, a buyer cannot simply choose products for purchase. Meaning, he/she has had to choose the product properly before actually buying it. 

Undoubtedly, hard hats are a tricky tool. You seem to instantly get to know and feel it just by looking at it. However, that is not the real deal here! A more intuitive approach of scrutinizing the hard hat’s basic properties has been idealized by industry/factory experts. 

Now, regardless of you being an experienced buyer or user of the hard hat, do not fail to look into our top qualities that make the best hard hats!

Material Quality

Check out its source materials thoroughly. Inquire if necessary. The best materials you can look for pronounce: polycarbonate plastic, fiber-glass, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), polycarbonate resin, and aluminum. 

These materials guarantee an ultra-light feel on the head; yet, they also ensure solid, compact, and stabilizing feel in contact with impact, heat, and other pressure forces. 

It is also very important for the hard hat not to conduct electricity, but instead absorb the shock. Fortunately, the named material sources enable the hard hat to exhibit the characteristics mentioned above. 

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Manufacturing Date

It is highly important to scrutinize the hard hat’s manufacturing date because of the issue on working lifespan. An average hard hat survives in a span between 4 to 5 years. Failure in doing so results to unthinkable damage and injury in the future. 

Suspension Mechanism

The suspension, regardless if its a 4, 6 or 8-pointed, has had to be deeply considered before buying the hard hat. 

Besides keeping the hard hat positioned at the right angles, the suspensions nevertheless provide allowance between the crown of the head and the dome of the helmet. Consequently, such allowance ensures that the head does not entirely absorb the impact of fall or force. 

The suspension, usually made of durable materials like nylon or polyester,  also keeps the ratchet from swinging around aimlessly. Believe, you would not want to imagine a hard hat without proper suspensions. 

Fit & Size

Check out and fit in the hard hat. Ask someone to assist you if necessary. Fitting it right before buying it is a basic and practical move. 

Does it feel neutral? By all means, it should not be too tight to cause pains and sores in your head; it should also not be too loosen up that it falls off whenever you tilt your body down and up. 

Some buyers even set the size fit to MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat’s standard 6 1⁄2″ to 8″. Albeit that, in itself, proving helpful, you are still supposed to fit the helmet right in. Upon fitting it, determine if its easily-adjustable as manufacturers claim it to be. 


Even before choosing the color, it is important for you to determine the full expectations of your job. Which color-coded system do you belong in your company’s construction site. 

You cannot just choose a color because it’s your favorite. If you do, you’d simply mix things up and cause confusion in your workplace. 

Know the codes. The white hard hat, for example, is assigned to engineers, VIP workers, foremen, architects, etc; black to orange hats are for firefighters; bright yellow hats are for carpenters, operators, masons, etc. 

Certification Standard (Including Types & Classes)

Check out the certification standards. And, by standard we mean types and classes. Type I hard hats are concentrated on giving premium protection on the head, while type II hats are more inclined to provide the head a comfortable fit.

The hard hat classes include class C, E and G. The class C hats are electrical conductor hats that are usually made of aluminum. Hats under this category function to absorb and divert direct impact, force and heat pressure. 

The hats under class E, also known as electric shields, ultimately function to absorb electricity shock from a maximum of 20,000 volts. 

The hats under class G, owing from its initial, are used for their general multifunctionality– impact absorption, heat and electrical shock-absorption. 

However, since these helmets have stretched or distributed properties, they tend to be 20% less effective than the specified ones. 

Another certification guarantee of any hard hat is through an ANSI/ISEA approval stamp.

Hard Hat & How Does it Work

What is a Hard Hat & How Does it Work?

The first thing you’ll have to consider from the hard hat is that it is similar to a helmet. However, it has more specific functions that differ from that of the helmet. 

The hard hat is intended in working environments with high mortality factors. Specifically, these working environments resemble closely construction sites, mining sites and fire-hazardous environments. 

The hard hat serves to protect the head from blunt forces. These include impacts from falling and recieving a blow in the head. More so, the hard hat also relieves the head from absorbing heat, electrical shock and other pressure forces. 

For a more emphasized understanding of the hard hat, check out our top situations that require hard hat usage:

  • When responding to a burning site
  • When proceeding into any area that deems falling debris, equipment, falling shar/blunt tools, etc. 
  • When proceeding or working in an area with dense electrical wiring
  • When being elevated to any height that results to unprecedented falls

Beyond the Shell: Knowing Your Hard Hat through its Types

The hard hat (or the best hard hats in that matter) would not have existed if it is not as mortally important as it currently is. Considered one of the basic safety products on-site, it easily graces the market in millions. 

Nevertheless, the hard hat does not shy away from variations. For years now, manufacturers saw to it that the hard hat protects the head, the most crucial part of the body, with optimum capacity. And so, the types and/or variants came in order. 

Here are the types of hard hats  recognized in the industry today:

Type I

Type I hard hats are concentrated on giving premium protection on the head. However, despite its inclusive tone, it only focuses on single-direction impacts like falls, strikes, etc. 

Type II

Type II hard hats are more inclined to provide the head a comfortable fit. However, it tends to be more than that because it can actually receive impacts and blows from various directions– vertical, horizontal, lateral, etc. 

More so, hard hats under this category tend to be easily-adjustable because of the large presence of suspension points and slots. 


Class C

Hard hats under the class C category are also known as conductor. They have high shielding capacity against impact, but very low on electricity. 

Class E 

The hats under class E (electrical) ultimately function to absorb electricity shock from a maximum of 20,000 volts. These hats are usually made with a fuller shell, fuller brim and a more absorbent fiberglass. 

Class G

Hats under this category are also known as general hard hats. These hats are best known as the best from both worlds (E and C). However, it isn’t as powerful as hats under E because it can only withstand 2, 000 volts of electric power.

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Bump Caps & Hard Hats: Drawing the Line in Between

Bump caps and hard hats, despite their similarities, are overtly considered by users and experts as very different protection tools

For one thing, both are determined by the force and/or impact they withstand. Looking into the concept of head injury, two types of forces are immediately thought through: object-generated impact and worker-generated impact. 

Knowing the two types of forces by heart makes you wiser in choosing the right helmet for you. Bump caps, or hard hats?

Object-generated impacts are any blunt forces struck by any external object. It could either be a falling or flying object. 

Worker-generated impacts, on the other hand, usually occur in tight spaces. Opposite to the latter that naturally happens in open spaces like construction sites, this type of impact is caused by the wearer him/herself. 

Meaning, the wearer almost always ends up causing much more expensive property than the other way around. Regardless, this type of type-spaced impact still deems the need for a specialized type of hard hat. 

Therefore, use hard hats in working situations that likely see the occurrence of object-generated impacts; use bump caps in tight/close spaces/situations that confront worker-generated impacts.


What is the OSHA standard for hard hats?

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires hard hats to  meet ANSI Z89.1 standards. Other requirements benchmark Type I and II, and classes G, E, C for hard hats.

How can I adjust my hard hat to be more comfortable?

The best adjustment tip for making the hard hat more comfortable is by (1) folding its bandana from corner to corner, (2) inserting the folded bandana inside the shell, (3) pulling the bandana’s tip and letting it go through the flat chock and into the suspenders toward the back of the hard hat, and (4) tying the two tips of the bandana just below the adjustment clamp.

Why should I never paint my hard hat with another color?

Painting the hard hat only shortens its working lifespan. Paint has chemicals that don’t sit well with fiber, plastic, resin, etc. 

Next, hard hats are assigned based on color codes. Consequently, color codes are determined by the nature of the wearer’s job. Now, changing your hard hat’s color without consulting your administrator/manager will only cause future confusion, mishaps and even physical risks.

Do roofers also need hard hats?

Yes. Roofers need hard hats. As per OSHA standards, workers exposed in a field frequented by object-generated impacts are heavily required to wear one.

Can hard hat damage my hair?

Hard hats that lack ventilation eventually cause hair loss among its wearers.


As far as our comprehensive review of the best hard hats, we were able to rank 13. Bullard 62DGR Hard Hat as our ‘Top Pick”, Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat as our “Best Value”, and the MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat as our “Premium Value”. 

Our list of the best hard hats not only reveal the genuine products in the market today but also tell us several points about hard hat usage, maintenance, and selection.

The article also detailed the realities surrounding hard hats– how they’re similar to bump caps, how they categorized, and why they’re required in the working site in the first place.

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