Best Handheld Showerhead: Top 10 Picks

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Best Handheld Showerhead

Do you wonder how you could improve your morning or night showers? The answer can be quite simple and complex at the same time. However, by getting some of the products on this list, you will be a shower away to get more relaxation and well-being. You need the best handheld showerhead, but to choose the most appropriate option you must pay attention to the characteristics of the following models.

Depending on your needs, that is massages, different patterns of water flow, product design, then your choice will be one or the other. To get the best handheld shower head, let’s look at the following ten options that are available today in the market.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head
  2. Moen Six-Function Handheld Showerhead
  3. AquaDance Chrome Face Handheld Shower

10 Best Handheld Showerhead

The following models have been selected to provide you with good options. Choose wisely according to the needs you want to meet.

1. Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head

best handheld shower head for small shower

One of the most relaxing moments that our daily life gives us is in the shower. For this, it is necessary to have one of the best handheld showerhead. Relax and enjoy the different styles of water jets that this product can offer you.

First, you can dive into constant dew. This dew is intensely powerful so that your whole body gets the best satisfaction in the shower. All your needs will be covered, such as massages, good water flow, different styles of water jets.

Do you have tired muscles after a long day at work? Do not worry, this model offers you the highest quality in water pressure. Your concentrated jets will give the right message to your sore and exhausted muscles. The best shower experience is a few steps away.

You will get about 7 high power water spray options. These different water spray options are energy-saving spay, pause, drenching spray, full-body spray with massage, massaging spray, wide full body spray, and full body spray.

Therefore, you can forget about the remaining accessories that are difficult to place. This product offers a varied set of uses. So, by getting this product, you are buying many in one.

Cleaning can be done easily and simply. Do not waste time maintaining this product. With just a few simple steps you will have a new product with each cleaning.

Delta shower heads feature one Touch-Clean spray holes. This gives you quick and easy cleaning. Avoid the accumulation of calcium and lime with just one finger. Do not spend money on chemical cleaners or additional products.

It is a hose that measures about 60 inches. It can also extend to 72 inches. Do not pay for massage sessions every week. Getting a daily massage has never been so easy, simple and cheap.


  • High water pressure
  • Quality massager
  • 7 spray options
  • Easy cleaning


  • Short hose for some uses
  • The installation could be complicated

Why should you buy this product?

Because you will get a product of great quality and performance. Also, its different water jet options offer the right versatility for the whole family.

2. Moen Six-Function Handheld Showerhead

Best Handheld Showerhead

Now, another high-end option in handheld showerheads can offer you an excellent level of water quality. From its different functions, you can get the most suitable versatility for all members of your family. One of the best handheld showerhead around for sure.

This product brings a versatile and elegant design. It has a chrome finish and is highly reflective. Therefore, its mirror appearance manages to be compatible with various decoration styles. So, you can give a touch of distinction to your shower and your bathroom.

Besides, its magnetic base provides you with a safer and more appropriate use of your hand shower head. This product includes a magnetic coupling system. You can disassemble it easily and simply.

Thus, you can use this product as a handheld showerhead. Also, its second mode of use is obtained by replacing effortlessly to dock it with the cascade of a magnet.

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Comfort will be at your fingertips with this coupling system. Its adaptability for all family members.

Customizing your shower is possible. Thanks to the multiple shower configurations you get a more fruitful and specific use to your personal needs. Get the flexibility and variety of water jets that you and your body need. You will find in the six functions of this product the message that your body needs.

These six functions are inspired by the different environments that nature offers. Its spray head has a diameter of 3.5 inches. This results in a spray force optimized for a unique experience.

Its adaptability can be checked because this product meets the specifications of the United States Disability Act (ADA).

The Moen brand offers products with a trajectory that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

The relaxation of your body and muscles is a shower away. Get to start or end your tiring day with this showerhead. Get a renewed body every day.


  • Versatile functions
  • Quality massager
  • Simple installation
  • Easy cleaning


  • Insufficient hose
  • Slightly elevated cost

Why should you buy this product?

Because it is a product that offers a variety of functions. This is appropriate for a family since each member has different needs and tastes when taking a shower. According to best handheld shower head consumer reports, its magnetic coupling avoids the need to buy other accessories.

3. AquaDance Chrome Face Handheld Shower

Best Handheld Showerhead

Getting a good experience in the shower, and not sacrificing your entire budget in the attempt, is also possible. This model manages to offer you an acceptable performance together with a high quality of the materials with which it is made.

For various types of people and different tastes, this hand shower head can meet all needs.

Wondering how much quality this product incorporates? So, we must mention that it is a product that has been tested by the best shower experts in the USA.

As a result, this model has managed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. So buying this product means a handheld showerhead with long service life. 

It is a luxury hand shower. You will choose if you use it as a hand shower or as a fixed shower. It is perfectly adaptable, so whatever your need for a shower, this product can satisfy you in the best way. Along with it, the great power of the water jet will leave it more than compliant.

It also includes an ergonomic grip handle for added comfort during the shower. This prevents the hand shower from slipping and eventually wetting your entire bathroom.

It has an angle adjustment mode. In this way, you can calibrate at any time the most appropriate angle to your intentions.

Further. Its water spray is easy and simple to clean. This is useful to prevent lime and other impurities from accumulating and being an obstacle to the correct flow of water.

Place the hand shower on top and use it as a fixed shower. This can be done thanks to the upper angle adjustable support. It will be necessary for those times when you need your hands free.

Its hose offers about five feet of extension and is made with highly resistant materials and excellent quality stainless steel. This one was an easy choice for us to put into best handheld showerhead list.


  • High level of efficiency
  • Innovative design
  • Simple installation
  • Easy cleaning


  • Insufficient dew options
  • Obtaining questionable massages

Why should you buy this product?

Because this shower head with handheld combo is a product that can provide a good level of operation, adequate performance, and affordable cost. Get a good shower experience with a good cost-benefit ratio.

4. AquaDance 7″

Best Handheld Showerhead

To get good massages you need good water pressure, right? Achieving that goal is possible because this product is the best high-pressure handheld showerhead. Just by looking at its qualities you can realize the high level of quality that this product can offer you.

It is a premium quality hand shower. You get quality and versatility because you can use this product as a handheld showerhead or in its fixed shower format. Your needs will be completely covered with this high-performance product.

Also, this product includes a large face, about 4 inches, which ensures a good flow of water at all times. It also includes a high-power click lever and an ergonomic handle. What better than having a great powerful water jet and preventing it from escaping? The grip handle will prevent you from losing control of your shower head at all times.

Cleaning this product will not be complicated at all. Its water spray is easy and simple to clean. Do not waste time and / or money on complicated cleanings. You can also prevent the accumulation of lime and mold in the water head. This ensures that the high performance of the product will last for much longer.

This product also meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Together with all the functions provided, this three-way rain combo is for many people the best handheld showerhead.

The complete combo includes, then, shower hose, washers, three-way water diverter with a six-configuration hand shower, built-in stand, plumber’s tape, 7-inch rain shower head and its six configurations, a manual Installation and a gift box with an exclusive design.

Is it possible to save money with this product? Of course. Do not call any plumber. The installation is easy and simple. It only takes a few minutes for the three manual tightening connections.


  • Efficient product combo
  • Premium quality materials
  • Long service life
  • High-quality standards


  • Improvable design
  • Combination of redundant waterways

Why should you buy this product?

Because you will be getting a shower combo or there are few in the market. Its three waterways, and all the configurations it offers, provide the best performance and the highest quality for your daily showers.

5. Hydroluxe

best handheld shower heads 2020

This product is for the most demanding people. It is a model that will provide a good level of quality and efficiency, along with a large number of functions.

This combo is presented as one of the best options according to the best handheld showerhead consumer reports. You will get excellent performance with this high-pressure head system.

The luxurious design of this shower head will make your bathroom and shower shine. Get a bathroom with a new style with just one product. The top shower head has five configurations.

Besides, the hand shower offers five other configurations. Therefore, you can use each set of configurations separately, also in combination.

In total, you get a set of twenty-four different, complete or combined water flow patterns. Choose the most appropriate for you. Do you need a massage? Or maybe a powerful water jet for bathing? Get the most indicated water flow at all times.

Each of the parts of this combo has a large chrome surface of about four inches, along with a three-zone click lever dial, and cleaning jets.

The five configurations include economical pause to save water, rain mode, a fog that will keep it warm, and heavy rain of great power. Choose the most convenient mode according to your needs.

Also, its patented water diverter has three ways, and includes an anti-roll lock nut and angled adjustable top bracket. Avoid wasting water.

The hose is made of stainless steel with five feet of extension. It is very flexible and includes brass conical nuts for easy and reliable hand tightening. All washers are included, as well as the plumber’s tape.

Finally, installation is easy and very simple, so you should not spend on a plumber. Connect your combo without tools and manually.

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  • Good reports of this product
  • Elegant and nice design
  • Useful water spray settings
  • 24 water flow combinations


  • Cleaning something awkward
  • Somewhat short hose

Why should you buy this product?

Because it is a product that promises to be one of the best showerheads. Its combo and varied functions offer a wide range of uses, which satisfy all needs. For that, this product ranks among the best shower heads.

6. High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

best handheld shower head for small shower

The following product is one of the best options on the list. This showerhead is even the best handheld shower head for low water pressure according to its qualities. It is a model that can offer an excellent relationship between quality, performance and affordable cost.

The high-pressure hand shower heads make your bathroom shower the best part of the room. Let your bathroom get a unique and incomparable detail with this sprayer. You will get a multifunctional product that manages to meet many shower needs.

The best qualities of this showerhead? Without a doubt, its best features are its reliability, its simplicity, and its applicability. Being a product made with the best materials, its high level of quality is assured.

This product offers a powerful water sprayer, so having low or high water pressure, you will get a more than efficient water jet. Enjoy the correct flow of water, forget about the problems of water pressure.

If you arrive tired after a tiring day, relax and enjoy the best massages a water spray can offer. The water jet you will get with this showerhead is more than enough to relieve muscle pain. Take off your body tension in a few minutes.

Besides, silicone rubber jet nozzles manage to prevent the accumulation of minerals. This can facilitate the removal of possible obstacles to your water sprayer. The mounting bracket and the body of the showerhead are made of high quality and resistant ABS plastic.

The hose made of stainless steel and its solid brass connections will prevent cracks and breakage. You get a product with a more than adequate shelf life.

Therefore, you can offer your family a high-quality shower and very relaxing massages, all in the same product. Your family will thank you.


  • High quality of materials
  • Easy installation
  • Correct water pressure
  • Easy cleaning


  • Design too simple
  • Few water flow settings

Why should you buy this product?

Because this simple and simple product can offer the same qualities as many other models that are for sale in the market. You will get very good experiences every day. You can surely go with this one of the best handheld showerhead.

7. AquaStorm

best handheld shower head for small shower

If you are looking for a good product at an affordable price, and that does not waste water, the next option could then be the most appropriate. This product can offer you a wide variety of functions, to suit all tastes.

The showerhead provides premium quality with appropriate performance. This product has a large 4-inch face and a high-power click lever.

It also provides a friction cleaning jet. Cleaning will be more than simple. Get a product with a new look with each new cleaning. The accumulation of lime and other harmful products will be something of the past.

The design provided by this product is more than appropriate, its modern angle adjustable mode has a chrome finish that is resistant to stains.

The settings you will have at your fingertips include a water-saving mode, rain mist, rain massage, power mist, pulsating massage and powerful rain. Try each of them to achieve the best experiences.

Versatility is not absent. Use this product as a hand shower or as a fixed shower. The large face has about 4 inches and a high-power click lever dial. Also, its grip handle is ergonomic, so it offers greater comfort during use. These qualities make this product the best handheld shower head with an on-off switch.

The entire product includes a patented 3-way water diverter. Also the anti-tilt position lock nut for a safe, easy and fast connection. Just turn the switch to direct the flow of water between the two showers.

You should not hire any plumber with this product. You can install yourself. Easily and easily connect the indicated parts manually. It is a showerhead that can be adapted to any standard shower arm.

It is a gift for the whole family and an excellent investment for your well-being.


  • Adequate water flow
  • The versatility of water flow options
  • High-quality standards
  • Simple installation


  • Complicated cleaning
  • Improvable design

Why should you buy this product?

Because this best handheld shower head for small shower is a product that can offer a good level of functionality at a relatively low cost. These qualities make it a flexible and versatile model to meet all your needs.

8. Chrider Handheld Shower Head

best luxury handheld shower head

Another of the good versatile products that you can find on this list is this shower head with a quality Spa-style massage. It is a suitable option if your pretensions are relaxation and massages.

First, you can install this product easily, without requiring tools or much knowledge. This point is positive from the perspective of time and money. It will not take more than a few minutes to install and will save money by not needing a plumber.

Also, this product can be adapted to any type of standard shower arm. You should only install a connection with your hand tightening. Within your product, you will be getting: installation instructions, free Teflon tape, top support, shower hose (including rubber washers), hand shower head and a gift box.

Its wide set of configurations will adapt to your needs. This showerhead provides you with 5 water flow functions. These are the waterfall fog to raise the temperature of the bath, the shower with electric massage, the shower with waterfall mist, the normal rain shower and the powerful rain shower.

All its parts are made with high-quality materials for a longer life. The showerhead is made with high-quality ABS materials and a chrome finish. This gives it superior durability and strength. These are materials that are not toxic and do not contain lead.

Besides, the elegant and pleasant design of the medical silicone nozzles ensures much more comfortable and safe use. The result is a bright and elegant appearance, without subsequent discoloration or oxidation.


  • Easy installation
  • 5 shower modes
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Excellent water pressure


  • Improvable design
  • Few combinations and styles of water jets

Why should you buy this product?

Because it is an intermediate-range product that offers a set of good qualities and acceptable use. This hand shower head will give you very good results. And, it certainly is a top product in the best handheld shower heads 2020 list.

9. Waterpik Shower Head

best all metal handheld shower head

By continuing to look for affordable price options, we find a balanced product that promises a good range of functions, acceptable resistance, a pleasant design, and functionality according to its affordable cost.

First, this product can offer innovative and advanced OptiFLOW technology. This technology manages to provide a full-body spray with a high-pressure level. Therefore, you can obtain a wide range of water jets and water spray.

This can give you the massages you are probably looking for, or the right spray that will increase the temperature of your bath. So, during the winter, the cold will not enter the bathroom at the time of the shower.

The hand shower has a chrome finish to offer strength and durability for a long time. The five water configurations provide you with the versatility to meet your needs.

The materials that have been arranged to manufacture this product are all of the excellent quality. It is a model made with high-quality stainless steel. It would be a shame to buy a product that deteriorates easily and quickly, right?

These functions are: misting, slow massage, pulsating massage, full body plus massage and full body. Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying each of these functions, and obtain a different satisfaction with each one.

Shower nozzles ensure easy and proper cleaning. Besides, the anti-obstruction system manages to offer trouble-free operation, even with time.

Finally, the adjustable angular support will allow you to easily place the showerhead. Therefore, you can use this product as a hand shower, or as a fixed shower. Choose the best option according to your needs.


  • 5 water jet modes
  • Advanced OptiFLOW Technology
  • Easy cleaning
  • 5-foot hose


  • Awkward grip handle
  • Unattractive design

Why should you buy this product?

Because you can get a good mid-range product that will offer you good performance, compared to similar products in the same category. This best handheld shower head wirecutter offers you an adequate level of functionality and performance.

10. Handheld Shower Head

Best Handheld Showerhead

Last but not least, we have this model that manages to provide a good shower experience and excellent massages. The strongest points of this product? Without a doubt, they are premium level quality, its adequate water flow, and its versatile functions.

First of all, we must mention that this product is capable of offering a powerful high-pressure oxygen spray. The new spray provided by this model can increase potency and give you a high level of massage strength.

Beyond you have low or high water pressure, you can achieve excellent results with this water sprayer. So reaching those massages you are looking for is still possible.

Also, don’t waste extra water. This hand shower head allows you to save on your water consumption, and in turn, save you money. This water spray has an Eco switch and drip dial for more effective water savings.

Besides, the installation of this product is also very simple. Therefore, here you will have second money savings. Nothing to spend on plumbers. You install this product yourself, in just a few minutes and without tools.

The materials of this product assure you an extended useful life, it will prevent the accumulation of water pressure, breakages and other damages that could arise with other similar models.

It is a product that is used as a hand shower or fixed shower. And not only that, but it also offers about seven pressure settings and water jet styles. Enjoy the styles: power massage, power spray, outside spray, power spray plus massage, inner spray, and water-saving drip.

This water-saving will be useful to keep the shower warm without giving off water, at the time it is shaved or washed with shampoo.

The top-quality support that is included is adjustable, it can be adapted to your preferences. The stainless steel hose is very flexible and has a strong and durable design.


  • Large face
  • 7 water jet and spray settings
  • Extensive and flexible hose
  • Water-saving mode


  • Something heavy
  • Not so simple installation

Why should you buy this product?

Because this best all metal handheld shower head of medium-high range can provide a set of uses for comfortable use. The hose extension extends the functionalities. The water-saving mode will allow you to save money.

Features to Look for Before Buying

As you can see, the hand shower heads are not all the same, and therefore, not everyone can offer you the same qualities. To get the best handheld shower head you should consider the following points.

Spray or massage pattern

If we talk about one of the best qualities of this type of product is its ability to massage our body. The best luxury handheld shower head will be much more beneficial as long as it has a high number of different patterns to offer. A large number of spray patterns allows for greater versatility. This is important since all people have different tastes and needs.

Hose extension

A short hose is not very useful, right? The extension is supposed to provide greater comfort when showering and having a massage. Therefore, to the extent that the extension is greater, the product will be more suitable. Although, you should always consider your needs. If you do not require a large hose extension, it is probably best to give importance to the other features.

Single or double spray

Having a hand sprayer at your disposal is useful. You can direct the water jet at will. But, having two water jets could be better. This means that some products offer a multi-way water combo. Usually, it is a fixed shower, in combination with a hand shower. How cool could that be?

Water-saving capacity

Depending on the area in which you live, water may be charged according to the amount you consume. If so, it would not be bad to have a product with the ability to save some water, and therefore save some money. Some products include a water-saving model. With which its level of efficiency is increased by this characteristic.

Advantages of a Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showers may be the next best thing that you installed for your bathroom. Let us elaborate on why.

1. Accessible by kids and elderly

Assisted showering also means that you’ll get wet. But not if you’re using handheld showers. These are quite accessible to the elderly. Moreover, it makes the elderly folks more self-reliant and this can bring their confidence back. They won’t have a challenging time rinsing the soap off from their back.

And kids will also find it easy to use. And even if you are helping them bathe, you can still stay dry all the time.

2. Can be used for cleaning shower walls and tubs

It’s easy to rinse off the suds and soaps from your shower walls with a handheld shower. It makes it hard to reach areas easy to rinse and clean.

3. Great for bathing pets

It’s quite stressful to bathe your pooch. And you’ll get all the help you need from a handheld shower. You can easily target each area so you don’t have to wet their entire body. This will make them less anxious and less scared.

4. Versatile

You have an option either to use it as a handheld shower or mount it traditionally. So every time you need to pull the shower head closer to you, you can do it anytime.

5. Deals with low water pressure

Bathing with low water pressure can be annoying. A handheld shower can deal with this nuisance. Even if the water pressure is low, you can pull the shower head closer to your body. Thus, you can still have a relaxing bath.

6. Conserves energy and water

You can direct the shower head exactly to the area that needs to be rinsed. You won’t waste water trying to remove the suds from your back.

How to Install a Handheld Shower Head

Are you ready to replace your traditional showerhead with a handheld shower? But not so fast. We need to remove first your old showerhead.

You can use channel-type pliers or an adjustable wrench to loosen the showerhead nut. You can do this by turning it counterclockwise. Your shower arm would have mineral deposits by this time.  

Clean the threads and wrap the threads with a plumber’s tape. This will prevent leaks once you mount your new shower head.

So now we can install your new handheld shower.

  1. Gather all the tools you’ll need for the installation. You’ll need a hex key, drill and bits, plumber’s tape, wrench, tub spout with diverter, and a piece of heavy cloth or leather. And don’t forget your handheld shower kit.
  2. Screw the base of your handheld shower onto the shower arm. Make sure to tighten the connection.
  3. Wrap a plumber’s tape around the cross tea nipple of the sower head base. Then thread the shower hose onto the nipple and tighten it using your hand.
  4. Check for leakage. 
  5. Additionally, tighten the connection once more. You can use an adjustable wrench. Then place a cloth or leather on top of the showerhead base. This will protect the finishing from scratches and dents.

Mount the wall bracket. Some kits may require you to drill holes into the shower wall.


This list offers us some of the best options you can get in the market these days. Therefore, getting the Best handheld shower head will be very easy. You just have to select the best model according to your needs.

If you prefer a product with an affordable cost and a good level of efficiency, then your best option is the Waterpik Shower Head High Pressure 5 Mode Power Spray Shower, 2.5 GPM Chrome Hand Held With Hose, TRS 553. This product will offer you a set of options that will adapt to your needs.

Instead, to obtain the highest quality and efficiency in the best handheld showerhead, your best option is the Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Chrome 75700. It is qualified as a product that can offer better configurations and uses. For which, your family and you will be more than grateful.

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