15 Best Hand Tool Brands in 2021 [Updated]

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If you are someone who is always on the hunt to open up machines to check what’s inside or you like to create stuff of your own with all the junk in your garage, then you would need few hand tools alongside to carry out your activities.

Be it a screwdriver or a swiss knife, the tools you buy should be a good investment in terms of their durability and performance. Getting the wrong tools will not only interrupt your activities but also crumble your enthusiasm. Therefore it is very important to get your tools from the best brands in the business.

Best Hand Tool Brands

We have made a list of the best-reviewed hand tool brands that you can trust to deliver great performance and stay with you for a long time.

How to Identify a Good Hand Tools Brand?

There are a few things that make a hand tools brand the best in business and make it stand out apart from the crowd. Let’s understand what are the important aspects of a good hand tools brand.


Though this is not a tangible asset, still it is the most important for a good brand. If the company is well known for its products throughout the years and has been providing great service to its customers then you can definitely trust them.


We all expect our tools to last long and work with the same efficiency for a long duration. If the brand delivers on this aspect, then you should go for it without a doubt.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. DEKOPRO 196 Piece Tool Set
  2. Crescent 101 Piece Tool Set
  3. DEKOPRO 258 Piece Tool Kit

Quick Summary

This is a quick overview of some of the best hand tool brands that we have on our list. We have mentioned a few brands that are well acknowledged by the critics and users based on their functionality and usage. For a detailed review of all our fifteen picks, head to our 15 Best Hand Tool Brands list.

  • DEKOPRO is one of the most trusted and well-known hand tools brands and therefore is also the most featured brand on our list. The DEKOPRO 196 piece toolset is a great choice in terms of affordability and long-term durability.
  • The toolset from Crescent is perfect for people who love DIY and has a range of very unique tools to help you create new things.
  • If you are a mechanic and you need the best tools for your garage, then the toolset from Stanley should be an ideal choice.
  • VonHaus is a great option if you want to have a toolset for your home. It can make your minor household repair jobs easy.
  • IRWIN has a very good set of pliers that are ideal for anything from house repairs, DIYs to mechanic work.

Here is the List of Best Hand Tool Brands:

Product Number of itemsUseButton
DEKOPRO 196 Piece Tool Set196All-round toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Crescent101General-purpose toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
DEKOPRO 208 Piece Tool Kit with Rolling Tool Box208Household toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
VonHaus100Household toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Mechanics Tool Set 205-Piece205Household toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Stanley210Mechanic toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
DEKOPRO 128 Piece Tool Set128Household toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
DEKOPRO 168 Piece Auto Repair Tool168Auto-repair toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Craftsman230Mechanic toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
AmazonBasics Tool Kit Set201Mechanic socket toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Crescent 170 Pc Tool Set170General-purpose toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit204Mechanic toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Set51Drive socket toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set, 8-Piece8Pliers setCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit142Mechanic toolsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review

The 15 Best Hand Tool Brands

The list below includes some of the best tool brands for mechanics and handworkers currently available in the market. The ratings in this list are determined from an attempt to consolidate and normalize their respective ratings with respect to the number of votes.

1. DEKOPRO 196 Piece Tool Set

Starting off this list is this fairly affordable General Household Tool Kit from DEKOPRO. For only $47.99, you get a 196-piece set including a claw hammer, lineman’s plier, tape rule, and a utility knife in addition to the standard ratchet and hex key wrenches and screwdriver set. The 8-piece hex key wrenches come in from 1.5 to 6mm, while the 13-piece ¼” Drive Sockets start from 4 to 14mm.

Use it on a wide range of standard and some non-standard screw sizes with the 40-piece screwdriver bits you can fit and use with the bit holder that comes with the set.

Many users suggested the DEKOPRO Arc Welder as a good gift to give men who are always into making new things in their backyard.

This variety of tools make it perfect for a wide array of activities, ranging from electrical maintenance to furniture assembly. Forged from black steel and given a chrome finish for that durable, corrosion-proof tool kit you will use for a long time.


  • You get a lot of tools for a very affordable price that gives good returns.
  • The set is housed in a sturdy, blow-molded case with a built-in interior organizer, making it easy to bring the entire set around.
  • Screwdrivers and ratchets are durable and corrosion-proof. They are also easy to maintain and clean.


  • The screwdriver bits are not magnetic.
  • Based on customer reviews, the tools included are not designed for heavy work.
  • Included claw hammer and measure tape rule breaks easily.

2. Crescent – Best Basic Hand Tool Set

The Crescent hand tool set comes with almost everything you need for your DIY repairs. The brand perhaps contains the most precise assortment of modern tools required for most mechanical repairs in your home and office.

The tools are encased in a collapsing plastic case. Thus, making it easily accessible and easier to transport. Its portability allows you to bring it wherever any DIY repairs are needed.

All the tools in the kit from the wrenches to the screws have met ANSI and ASME particulars, so you’re assured that they are of a robust quality and can’t last for some time. You’ll also love the non-slip grip every tool has. You can easily work with almost any job with its slip-resistant handles.

The set doesn’t have some items like hammer and tape that are probably very important when carrying out your own DIY projects.

Moreover, each tool in the kit is made from high-quality stainless steel and finished with high clean chrome, making it corrosion resistant. Few people faced the problem of rusting in their tools which could have been due to improper maintenance of them.


  • A corrosion-resistant coating that keeps the tools safe from any damage and rusting.
  • Ergonomic and slip-resistant handles ensure firm grip while working.
  • Made of durable stainless steel which does not let water stay on it for a long time, and therefore avoids rusting.


  • The case could have been better in terms of adding few essential tools like a hammer.

3. DEKOPRO 208 Piece Tool Kit with Rolling Tool Box

This set from DEKO is poised to be among the best tool brand for mechanics with not just one, but three trays of tools. This includes your standard lineup of wrenches, screwdrivers, measuring tools, as well as a hammer. It also includes two different ratchet handles, the ¼, and ½ drives, which come with 2 universal joints of the same size.

Also, this set now includes a torpedo level, three pliers, plus a wire stripper and an electro probe.

What’s more, this large, three-tray, 208-piece tool kit is fitted in a portable trolley case – keeping your tools with you wherever you go minus the hassle of carrying them.

One thing that DEKOPRO has focused more on are few DIY-friendly tools that weren’t available in its previous toolset.

Experience the difference as the three trays stacked neatly above each other, and special gaskets are included in between trays. These gaskets provide better cushioning, preventing unnecessary stress and scratches on your tools. Surely, the DEKOPRO 208 is a one-stop-shop that is perfect for both amateurs and professionals.


  • Easy to use with the blow-molded tray, keeping sorting and taking tools out is much easier.
  • Price-wise, this is a very affordable price for a 208-piece tool kit.
  • Surface chromium plate is used for the combination wrenches, making it easy to clean off from oils and chemicals and helps your tools resist corrosion.


  • The rubber grip on most tools tends to come off prematurely.
  • In the case of wheel damage or failure, attempting to lift the entire case may be a chore as it is quite heavy.

4. VonHaus– Best Affordable Hand Tool Set

The VonHaus contains the basic tools you’ll need for simple home repairs. And it has a rather sweet price tag too. 

The tools are made from high-grade stainless steel. And the soft handles are quite ergonomic, no-slip, and feel comfortable on the hands. You might not think that a tool kit with such a reasonable price can be well made, but the VonHaus toolset is!

This is a favorite toolset of many mechanics because not only is it an affordable choice but it also has tools of the highest quality that are good for heavy-duty work.

Everything looks well put together, and even the case seems tough to handle a bit of abuse. All the tools are also neatly stacked in the box, everything seems to be in place. And even if you open it, they won’t cause such a mess.


  • One of its stand-out advantages is the affordable price.
  • The tools are made from top-quality stainless steel which makes them powerful yet very lightweight.
  • The durable plastic molded case keeps all the tools safe.
  • Ergonomic soft handles make it very easy to handle these tools.


  • There are some physical issues with the Allen wrench, Phillips screwdriver, and measuring tape.

5. Mechanics Tool Set 205-Piece

Wilnerkot places all cards on the table with this 205-Piece Tool Kit. This set boasts ¼”, ⅜”, and ½” socket wrenches usable for both metric and SAE fasteners. Also, all tools within this set are organized in a near-symmetric layout – making it easier to locate tools and not to mention the added visual appeal. All these are in a sturdy plastic case with an ergonomic handle and quick-release switches for easier use.

Tools are also forged using high-quality steel and given an electroplated finish for strength and durability you can rely on. What’s more, even with the affordable price for a 200-plus-piece tool kit, Wilnerkot even offers a satisfaction guarantee for this product. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee should you find any issues with this set.


  • The tool layout is visually appealing and allows for easier retrieval and return of any tools you will use.
  • Wilnerkot offers a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for this product.
  • Even with the staggering number of tools included, everything fits in a small case. Small enough to easily slide underneath the backseat of most vehicles.
  • Screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead, have magnetic tips which provide a firm movement of the tool.


  • It is heavy at a little over 20 pounds which would not be ideal to carry around from place to place.
  • The grip of the blow-molded interior wears out easily, with bits falling out of place a few months after purchase.

6. Stanley– Best Comprehensive Hand Tool Set

The Stanley hand toolset has about everything you need for home and garage repairs.

It’s a complete and comprehensive hand tool kit equipped with everything you need to make home and garage repairs. The Stanley set is a basic tool kit that every homeowner must-have. It might even have more items than what you need.

All the tools have met ANSI specs and all the tools are charmed vanadium forged. It also has a full polish chrome for added durability. So you can expect the Stanley tool kit to be corrosion resistant.

Their tape measures are highly rated among their frequent users.

And another feature that you’ll love is the molded plastic case that it comes with. The handle is so convenient and even the case seems well made and durable. One of the favorites is the magnetic screwdrivers and ratchets.


  • Complete set for garage and home repairs which makes it a good multipurpose option.
  • Durable molded plastic case which keeps the tools safe so that they can stay in use for a long time.
  • Corrosion-resistant material which does not get damaged easily.


  • Some find the channel locks a bit flimsy.

7. DEKOPRO 128 Piece Tool Set

Among all products in the DEKOPRO line included in this review, this 128-Piece Tool Set might be the smallest set in terms of quantity but it has definitely found its way to the approval of a number of users. This general household set from DEKO includes the best hand tools for most of your household repairs and assembly projects.

It has gathered a following as one of the recommended items for hobbyists engaged in small works as well as handymen who are always on the call for your average repair jobs.

It boasts a 72-tooth ratchet in a round head, suitable for most applications while giving you increased control and torque with less effort. The DEKOPRO 128 Piece Set also has a six-piece precision screwdriver set.

In addition, it has an interchangeable screwdriver handle with an assortment of bits for metric and SAE fasteners which comes in flatheads, Phillips, as well as star drives, and Pozi bits.


  • The tool kit includes most of the “average tools” you will need for most applications.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry at only 9.15 pounds gross weight.
  • 72-toothed ratchet gives you better control and output compared to other ratchets with 60 teeth or less
  • The combination wrenches, screwdrivers, and even the drive bits are sturdy and durable.


  • Based on customer reviews, the plastic and rubber handle for most of the tools in this set tend to fall apart easily.
  • The selection of tools is for general use only, not for large projects and heavy work.
  • Some reviews single out the tape measure, that it is thin and tends to wobble a lot when extended past the lengths of one and a half meters.

8. DEKOPRO 168 Piece Auto Repair Tool

With its fourth entry on this list, DEKO appears to try and cater to everyone regardless of their needs. For our hand workers who feel that the previous 128-piece toolset is lacking, the next step in the DEKOPRO line is their 168-Piece Mixed Tool Set.

Aside from the items included in the previous DEKO set, it now comes with a torpedo level, a hand saw utility knife, and even nylon spring clamps. It also utilizes the signature DEKOPRO black dirt-resistant case with a fashionable diamond-shaped design.

Having this set confidently equips you for most household repair jobs plus some specialized tasks in plumbing, automobile, and electronics with the additional tools found here.


  • Now with additional tools for other applications, The additional bits now cater to uncommon fastener measurements used in electronics and appliances.
  • It is also equipped with a 72-toothed ratchet, for better control and output.
  • Relatively lightweight at almost 13.5 pounds gross weight.


  • It only has metric bits, not advisable for use with SAE fasteners.
  • Rubber handles tend to come off easily.
  • Ratchet drives and wrenches have no extension bits, putting them at a disadvantage when used in recessed and hard-to-reach places.

9. Craftsman– Best Portable Hand Tool Set

The Craftsman is a decent portable hand toolset that you can carry with you everywhere.

So you can make repairs wherever you need to. The tools are encased in a decent and handy carrying case. It’s portable, compact, and only weighs 11 lbs. That’s for the entire kit already, so can carry it wherever a repair is warranted. And the price is something you’d be happy about as well.

Each tool in the kit is decently durable and made from alloy steel. They are also equipped with ergonomic non-slip handles.


  • Portable set which is easier to carry than most of its competitors.
  • Very affordable price which does not compromise on quality.


  • People faced an issue with the firmness of grip while using the wrench.

10. AmazonBasics Tool Kit Set

At first, this off-brand tool kit definitely raised some eyebrows in utter disbelief. However, a quick look at the actual set quickly elevates it into a candidate for the best mechanics’ toolset, both for beginners and professionals. A must-have best mechanic tool brand. The 201-piece socket set offers most socket wrenches, hex keys, and screwdriver bits to meet most mechanical work.

It also uses chrome-vanadium steel and full-polished chrome for durability and resistance to abrasion and corrosion. It has three ratchets, 1/4, ⅜, and ½, with two sets for standard and deep sockets, each having both SAE and metric sizes.

The set rests organized in its sturdy storage case with a smooth handle with an easy grip. Lastly, this tool kit set is also covered by AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty, The main downside with this set lies with the case. Apparently, this cost-efficient set gives you more quality for the tools but as for the storage case, not so much.


  • Extremely cheap for a 200-plus-piece toolset.
  • Three ratchets allow flexibility for different applications. The ratchets also have a quick-release switch and reversible design.
  • Limited one-year warranty that covers all physical damages.


  • This set has no pliers.
  • Quality of case. Prone to damage and does not hold bits in place

11. Crescent 170 Pc Tool Set

This is an updated reimagining of the brand’s bestselling CTK170CMP. It offers the same general-purpose lineup of tools with the same durability countless handymen have come to know and love. The improvement, however, comes in its sturdier blow-molded storage case. It also has the same three-piece ratchet drives with sockets forged in both SAE and metric sizes.

The durability of Crescent tools is unmatched. One user shared an experience of how he found a Crescent plier in his late grandfather’s tool kit and how the tool had served generations of mechanics in their family.

The tools included in this Crescent Tool Set also boast compliance with ANSI and ASME specifications, delivering that secure feel as you use this in a range of automotive and household repair activities.

Unlike other entries in this list, the CTK170CMP2 also includes long-nose and tongue and groove pliers. The screwdrivers are also equipped with magnetic tips.


  • ANSI and ASME satisfaction guarantee speaks for the quality of the tools.
  • The three-piece ratchet is sturdy and does not get stuck. These are usable even in tight spaces.
  • It has other common tools such as screwdrivers and pliers.


  • While the case is sturdier than its predecessor, it still feels similar to the usual plastic used in budget tool kits. A must-have from the list of best budget tool brands.
  • The grip on the tool holder inside the case is also poorly made, risking spillage when the case is opened or transported.

12. DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit

Next on the list is this highly recommended DeWalt Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, a 204-piece tool set definitely worth every cent.

DeWalt, one of the best tool brands for mechanics since its inception in the 1920s, needs no further introduction and this particular mechanics set is a perfect addition to every handyman’s arsenal.

If someone asks the question, “are Dewalt hand tools good”, show them this item. The set consists mostly of sockets, wrench sets, and ratchets, confirming that DeWalt is one of the best tool brands in the market. Its ratchet also employs a 72-tooth gear system, leading the pace for torque setting even in tight spaces.

While it appears primarily designed for automotive maintenance and repair, the set has still found its way to the hearts of beginners and professionals alike. You can say goodbye to your tools with rubber and plastic grips that grow brittle and come off over time. DeWalt tools use knurled beauty rings to provide that non-slip, tight grip handle surface.

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  • A wide selection of tools over a wide selection of sizes makes sure that you won’t be looking for other tool kits anytime soon.
  • Knurled beauty rings make handling easy and comfortable.
  • You can expect a highly functional, durable set of tools to last.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • The set does not have a set of pliers which makes a lot of difference because it is a very important and basic tool.

13. TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Set

While this set only comes in a half-inch drive socket, this is perhaps the best socket set available in the market today. It definitely earns a spot among the best mechanics tool set as it offers every SAE and metric size available, from ⅜” to 1”, from 10mm to 24mm, this set has it all, both in normal and deep sockets variants. It includes the uncommon extra-long 10-inch extension, plus a universal joint, and a breaker bar.

This socket set by TEKTON is a great purchase for a Christmas gift. The red case adds to the Christmas vibes.

If you have read this list up to this point, you would have noticed the recurring issue with these tool kit cases and whatnot. Tekton spares you this trouble as they house this very complete socket set in a heavy-duty case with secure tool sockets in the interior. The fact that it comes in a bright red color is a bonus.


  • A very durable case, a reliable internal organizer, all in a bright red color.
  • Complete range of both SAE and metric sockets, in standard and deep socket sets.


  • It is quite expensive for a ½-inch drive socket set.

14. IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set, 8-Piece

Most tool kits tend to focus on drive sockets and wrenches, going so far as to offer kits without pliers whatsoever. This 8-piece plier set from Irwin deserves a spot on this list, close to the top, for the very reason that it was intended to complement some of the best toolsets which fall short in the category of pliers.

The Irwin Vise-grip comes with their proprietary groove lock technology, with a press and slide button system for easy and fast adjustments on the move. The tools also have no-pinch, non-slip ProTouch Grips which allow you to keep a steady grip with reduced hand fatigue.

Aside from the three-piece vise-grips, the set also includes an adjustable wrench, long-nose pliers, a lineman pliers, slip-joint pliers, and a diagonal cutter – all in a handy and portable kit bag.

Also, this product is under the Lifetime Guarantee courtesy of the Irwin brand.


  • This set offers almost all the pliers and vise-grips you will ever need
  • The kitbag works perfectly with other tool kits and even fits on some larger toolboxes.


  • This set is intended for household maintenance and most of the usual mechanic work, and not for industrial use.

15. DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit

While DeWalt has become one of the brands synonymous with quality, this set passes through the previous entry by a narrow margin, thanks to the significant price difference.

This DeWalt Mechanics 142-Piece Tools Kit and Socket Set is an even better starting set than its 204-Piece counterpart since it is an even more careful selection of tools, keeping only those that will prove useful in most applications.

It has the same ratchets, wrenches, Allen keys, and more – although the selection of drive sockets is significantly less than the earlier set. Unless you expect to work with the lesser-used dimensions of fasteners, you can rest assured that this DeWalt 142-Piece Set has your back.


  • Eliminate some of the lesser-used socket sizes and get the same DeWalt quality tool kit at virtually half the price.
  • It also has knurled beauty rings for easier and better grip.
  • As a DeWalt product, it also has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • This set also has no pliers.
  • Fewer socket options compared to the DeWalt 204-Piece Tool Kit

Buying Guides: What to Look for in the Best Hand Tool Brands

Brand Name

This is a common consideration for most buyers, placing their trust in the brand name. However, it is important to note that there are two types of brands that usually stand out in the market – those who have earned their reputation over years of quality service and those who get a lot of mileage due to admirable efforts in marketing.

Some brands even extend their efforts through warranties and after-sales customer service and support to make sure that they are not forgotten and that they enjoy the continued trust of their customers.


Whether you plan to buy for yourself or as a gift for someone else, make sure that you get the most of what you will pay for. A smaller, general-purpose tool kit might be of more value than a relatively cheap toolset with a lot of items you won’t be using.

On the other hand, it would be better to check the dimensions covered by the toolset you’re looking at instead of buying and finding out that the size you need is not included in the set.

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Make sure you get the most of your money’s worth with small features included in the toolset. This might range from something as simple as a magnetic-tipped screwdriver to a quality blow-molded interior that keeps your tools in place. There are also some tool kits whose wrenches are only made in metric sizes while others have both SAE and metric.


More often than not, the cost of an entire toolset is the real tipping point in any selection. Instead of simply going for which is cheaper or more expensive, think of it as your investment. Are the tools included really worth it?

What is a Hand Tool

Simply put, a hand tool is anything used to make work easier and is operated manually. It does not rely on other power sources such as motors, generators, or batteries in order to work. These are generally categorized based on application and covers wrenches, pliers, cutters, striking tools such as mallets and hammers, screwdrivers, clamps, and so on.

It is common nowadays in tool kits to offer the same tool in varying sizes, such as in wrenches and screwdrivers. This is to correspond to the variety of fasteners like nuts and screws used in varying applications.

Types of Hand Tools

Ratchet Set (or Socket Set with Ratchet)

It is a combination of a streamlined toothed handle, the ratchet, paired with any of the socket drive connectors used in loosening and tightening most fasteners.

A ratchet set is usually assessed based on two criteria. The first is the variety of sockets available, as it dictates the range of applications you can use your set on. Next is the number of “teeth” on the actual ratchet, as more teeth often equate to better torque with less effort.

Plier Sets

One of the basic tools you will need, regardless of the task at hand. Pliers are scissor-like tools used to hold objects which are quite difficult to handle with bare hands. From unbelievably minute parts to extremely hot or cold items, pliers keep you safe and your work steady.

A plier set usually includes a long-nose plier for gripping and holding small parts in difficult locations and a combination plier that has the standard function plus a wire cutter in the middle of its tongs.

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Another ubiquitous part of any handyman’s toolkit is the screwdrivers. Of course, as the name implies, these are intended to drive screws. It comes in Phillips, the cross-tipped, and flathead screwdrivers of varying measurements. There are also specialized sets for precision screws and screwdrivers for hex-shaped or star-tipped fasteners.

The best screwdrivers offer a good grip and do not deform easily. It should also fit well with the fastener you plan to use it on. And lastly, among quality screwdriver manufacturers, the tips are usually made magnetic for better fitting as well as for picking up stray screws in hard-to-reach places.

Wrench Sets

These are another set of tools seemingly omnipresent in every toolbox, together with ratchets and screwdrivers. Wrench generally refers to any tool designed to give the worker a lever in tightening and loosening parts via fasteners.

There are open wrenches and closed wrenches, each with their own pros and cons. Most wrench sets nowadays have an open wrench on one end and closed wrench on the other and are aptly called combination wrenches. Also, for precise torque commonly required in small projects and in electronics, we have the Allen key or Allen wrench.

Basic Safety Rules for Using Hand Tools

You may be a seasoned DIYer. But these tools aren’t to be taken lightly. One wrong step and you can encounter an accident.

Below are simple safety tips you can observe when using hand tools. You want to keep all 10 fingers on both hands so better read these.

1. Regular inspection

Hover through your toolbox and inspect each tool regularly. Check if there are any parts that need to be replaced. Or are there any tools that are beyond repair? Using a broken wrench or pliers can cut your skin.

2. Don’t forget to wear protective gear

Always wear gloves when you’re using any hand tool in your kit. Gloves are made for a reason.

3. Keep tools where they belong

Keep all your tools in a toolbox, especially the sharp ones. Never attempt to store it in your pocket. It can cause serious accidents once you sit down. You might forget you slipped one in.

4. Use the right tools

Use the right tools intended for the job. Never substitute, unless it’s an acceptable one. Trying to use a wrench in place of pliers can cause accidents. It can also damage the tools.

5. Check your surroundings

Always make sure the coast is clear before embarking on a DIY or repair job. In line with that, you have to be mindful of your surroundings when you’re using a hand tool.

6. Follow instructions

There’s a reason why your manufacturer tossed it along with your purchase. Because it needs to be followed to avoid accidents.

7. Clean and return 

May we add the word immediately? Don’t let your tools sit in grease for a long time. Clean it immediately and return it to the toolbox.

8. Never work with oily hands

Grease is a part of a DIY, but it does not mean that you have to work with grease on your hands. This can be an invitation to accidents. Grease is slippery. So you can lose grip of the tools while working with oily hands

9. Wear eye protection

You never know when shards would hit your face. So always wear eye protection when doing repairs and DIYs.

Benefits of Owning Hand Tools

Benefits of Owning Hand Tools

Having your own hand tool set continue to grow in popularity mainly because of the value it adds to one’s life. From practical and budget-friendly reasons to self-satisfaction and development, here are some of the benefits of owning your own hand tools.

Save Money in the Long Run

The main reason for investing in your own tool kit is to save up on the money you would otherwise spend paying the repairman or technician. You do not need extensive experience and knowledge in handiwork and repair to appreciate your long-term savings. Simple tasks such as loose screws on hinges, misaligned doors, or even simple troubleshooting on your computer constitute small and periodic costs for repairs you will save up over time. 

Address Household Emergencies

Breakdowns and failures are accidents that usually happen when you least expect it. Unless you have an on-call repairman available 24/7, it is best to keep a toolset nearby. Electrical and plumbing problems are some of the most common examples. Even in more severe problems, you can at least apply the “first aid” to the problem and let the professionals do the rest of the work.

Enhances creativity

Having the best hand tools usually equate to a better quality of work, which in turn gives satisfaction and convinces you to take the next project with confidence. This cycle then allows you to work on larger, more complex problems and projects. You can even start improving your home as you see fit without having to call a contractor over. This is made possible by the small steps since you now have your own tools.

Efficient Work

Of course, the right tools make your work exponentially easier. Imagine having to remove a screw without the appropriate screwdriver. It is still impossible but poses a lot of problems before and during the task. Being able to do your work with improved efficiency saves you both time and costs.


Do I Have to Buy a Full Toolset?

No. If you have to choose between buying a toolset instead of individually buying the tools you need and setting up your own tools, buy the set instead. It is generally more cost-effective option as the manufacturers package them together and sell them at a lower price compared to their individual prices.

On the other hand, it does not necessarily mean that you have to get your hands on the available toolset with the most number of tools that come with it. Of course, it still depends on your perceived use for the tools, the types of activities you expect to do the most, and such. Buying a lot of tools and not using them sounds like a waste of money.

Can Hand Tools Do the Work As Well As Power Tools?

If efficiency is only measured by the time it takes to finish a task, there is no doubt that power tools are at an advantage. Power tools rely on external power sources to significantly reduce the effort you need to perform formerly manual tasks such as turning and pulling hand tools.

Meanwhile, there are certain tasks over which hand tools still reign supreme. Namely, these are jobs that require a level of precision and fine-tuning, such as carving details or woodworking with musical instruments. Also, hand tools are always available as long as you are available. There is no need for electricity, battery charge, oil, or compressed air.

Are SK Tools made in the USA?

Yes. SK Hand Tools traces its roots in the early 1900s specializing in forging tools and parts for other companies. All aspects of its operations are done in the USA, from design to manufacturing. Starting from Chicago, Illinois in its early years, SK Tools now have forging facilities located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Even their headquarters, including the manufacturing and distribution center, is located in Sycamore, Illinois. Their tools are also made using American steel, keeping SK Tools one of the best tool brands for mechanics for several decades now.


There are a lot of brands and products moving in the market today, making the search for your best hand tool set more than a simple question of yes or no. The list above was made possible by your fellow DIYers and professional handymen who have purchased and tried these products and have shared their experiences and opinions, from different specs to trusted hand tool companies.

Given that, it is also important that you understand your needs and used them properly to make the right choice among the array of hand tools brands.


Best Hand Tool Brands
DEKOPRO 128 Piece Tool Set

DEKOPRO 128 Piece Tool Set

DEKOPRO has surely taken the list of best hand tool brands by storm. The brand was mentioned four times on our list and no doubt it can be proclaimed as the best in the business. 

Its 128 piece tool set is our personal recommendation for all our readers. The set is not filled with extra unnecessary tools and has the right assortment of tools needed for repairs, mechanic work, DIYs, and a lot more.

The limited amount of tools also makes it easy for beginners to use the set and it is also very lightweight to carry with you from place to place. It comes at a decent price that is a good investment for a well-known brand that is known for its durability.

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