15 Best Hand Cleaners For Mechanics In 2020

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Best Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

Auto-mechanic works. Industrial jobs. Not only are they physically tiring, but also abusive to the hands. Quite naturally, you can see from a person’s hands how much work, pain, and labour he/she has endured. Imagine life without the hands. Every day, everywhere– we constantly use our hands. Life won’t ever be the same without them.

Take a close look at your mechanic hands? Have you taken care of them lately? No need to be concerned, my busy friend, for we have ranked the best hand cleaners for mechanics in 2020!

Grab them all right here with your hands…

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15 Best Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

1. Grip Clean | Waterless Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanic Grease & Paint Removing

Grip Clean Best Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

Mild on hands, yet tough on grease, pain, diesel, adhesives, and other stubborn sticky elements, this ultimate hand cleaner by the Grip Clean brand instantly earns our “Top Pick” and “Premium Pick” title!

  • Grease & Paint Removing
  • Heavy-Duty Pumice Soap
  • Dirt Infused
  • Fine Pumice Concentration
  • High Organic Presence

Simply effective. Easy-to-use. Premium Quality. Personally, I consider it perfect. Bringing about soft and tender care on the hand’s skin, this product works with fine activated scrubs. As experts would put, activated scrubs utilizes natural minerals from walnut, orange coating, vegetable protein, etc. So, it should rank up as a highly organic item, a usual reputation for various Grip Clean products.

It certainly is what it’s manufacturers claim it to be. Practical. Easy-to-apply. Straightforward and highly effective. Many reviewers and experts praise it for its non-fluid flow on the hand. Having said that, it does magically pass through your hands, bringing with it the grease, in just seconds.

Alongside its activated scrubs, it’s filled with herbal concentration– Limonene, Olive Oil, Clay-based minerals, Pumice Soap content, Coconut, and other essential nutrient sources. Therefore, it should be highly therapeutic to callous auto-mechanic hands.

Its best feature yet is the ability to stay in good condition even after many years’ use, as if a hand cleaner ideally lasts that long with auto mechanics. By all means, it’s an ultra heavy-duty, waterless hand cleaner you’d want to be using through and through. 

The only problem most users encounter with the product had to do with a weird after-scent. But, it isn’t really that bad. 


  • Super-Fine Activated Scrubs
  • Natural & Organic Minerals
  • Practical & Easy to Apply
  • Filled with Herbal Concentration
  • High-Storage Capacity
  • Deeply Hydrating & Moisturizing 


  • Weird After-Scent

Why choose it?

  • This near-perfect best hand cleaner for auto mechanics from the Grip Clean brand earns both of our “top pick” and “premium pick” titles.

2. Eagle Grit Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner for Auto Grease

Eagle Grit Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner For Mechanics

Another perfect hand cleaner for mechanics, this “Best Value” masterpiece by the Eagle Grit brand truly soars high with the safest and most effective results. 

  • Eco-Friendly Package
  • Moisturizing Silica Formula
  • Tough on Dirt; Soft on Hand
  • Relaxing & Cool Feel
  • 1-Gallon Hand-Pump Feature

Above everything else, this latest entry to the Eagle Grit Industrial Handsoap series of power cleaners is renown for its eco-friendly reputation. Powered by silica (sand) element that effectively removes all kinds of grease, it does not trigger a single reaction from the skin. 

Many prefer this product for its ability to soften callused hands. In a sense, with continuous monthly use, it can ultimately make turn the hands like a baby’s. This reputation of the Eagle Grit product as a heavy duty hand cleaner has been proven and tested throughout the years. 

Thanks to its moisturizing additive, it hydrates the hands’ skin without making it feel oily. Nevertheless, it also unwraps the skin off residue layers, but just enough to not dry it. 

Now, let’s talk about its pumice hand cleaner feature. What you can expect of its pumice element are the feelings of relief, satisfaction and a bit of pain when rubbed forcefully. Yes. Despite its claims, its pumice concentration is, shall we say, a bit high. 

But, it’s just a bit high. It’s not really that harmful. Don’t forcefully rub your hands when you have applied the solution; that would be the best advice. Regardless, this industrial hand cleaner with grit effectively removes dirt, residue, and grease types from your hands. 

Another great thing about the product is that it is residue-free. It flows away with water. No filmy substance. No stick. No grease. Just a soapy scent after. That is how light and cool it feels on the skin after.

The only problem I know of the product is some shipping problems. Other than that, it should be perfect. 


  • Eco-Friendly Reputation
  • Silica Scrub Element
  • Deeply Moisturizing & Hydrating
  • Relaxing on Tired Hands
  • Residue-Free
  • Cool Feel on Skin


  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • This “best value” hand cleaner is unforgiving to all types of industrial dirt– yet, it still manages to feel cool on the skin. Just make sure not to extensively rub hands with it.

3. Stoko Kresto 87045 Hand Cleaner 2000 mL SoftBottle

Stoko Kresto best hand cleaner for auto mechanics

This all-natural miracle cleaner from the Stoko brand utilizes biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers that clean auto mechanics’ hands’ off in no time. 

  • Softbottle Case
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Case of 6
  • Deeply Moisturizing
  • Biodegradable Walnut Shell Scrubs

Grease. Dirt. Acid. Oil. You name it. This Stoko hand cleaner can strip them off your hands in no time. Topping our list for years now, this hand cleaner works perfectly on all skin types. While it can be too runny at times, it does so without leaving the skin clean and goes. It still reigns on top of the list as one of the best hand cleaners for mechanics.

Filled with walnut shell scrubbers, known in the industry as one of the most economically low-solvent soap ingredients, it heats up the pores to open. Once it does so, it detaches root-level some absorbed oil and acid.

Economic, because the scrubbers are biodegradable. Meaning, its particles don’t consume much space in the waste bin, making it eco-friendly as well. In the same effect, beforehand, the scrubbers underwent a natural, eco-friendly process. 

Reviewers and experts all agree that it’s genuinely effective; it is especially tough on ground-in dirt. Ground-in dirt can be too hard to remove. However, it is not always the case with the Stoko product. 

On the other hand, some users prefer it not on the soft bottle. The soft bottle placement, in certain cases, tends to be counter-productive. You see, one strong press on the bottle spews in a large amount of the solution. Ugh. That could be messy.

Using the product’s soft bottle in a hurry is never a good idea. So as advice: be soft on its soft bottle. A little bit of control herein should keep you from messy trouble. 

Another known problem with the product is its slightly awkward after-scent. 


  • High Skin Compatibility
  • Walnut Shell Scrubbers (all-natural)
  • Root-Level Cleansing
  • Biodegradable Scrubbers
  • Best for Ground-in Dirt
  • Low-Solvent Soap Ingredients


  • Slightly Awkward After-Scent

Why choose it?

  • This top hand cleaner is filled with natural scrubbers that cleanses the hands root-level.

4. WONDER SCRUB Hand Cleaner Industrial Strength

best hand cleaner for auto mechanics by WONDER SCRUB

An expensive hand cleaner for auto mechanics, this latest product by the M/A brand does more than it claims– from scrubbing to moisturization. 

  • Heavy-Duty
  • Hand-Cleaning Industrial Strength
  • Patented & Certified Quality
  • High Organic Concentration
  • Effective & Practical Formula

First of all, let’s talk about how much state-of-the-art its scrubbing technology is with this best hand cleaner for mechanics. Extracted from herbal and wood essentials, its scrubbing elements carry along a series of nutrients– vitamin E, B complex, and omega. All these nutrients make the product a deeply-hydrating solution. 

Powered by pumice concentrations, which others consider to be a bit faint, it leaves the skin all smooth and odorless notwithstanding that the product package is entirely unscented. 

What is most arresting about the product is that it can cleanse of the hands with just a single application. Nothing more, nothing less. Motioning the hand circularly thrice already sparks results. That is how much of a wonder scrub the product is. 

It is especially compatible with all skin types. But it is most fitting for hard-knuckled auto mechanic hands. Resins. Oils. Grease. Tar. Grimes. You name it all. It will scrub them all off while moisturizing your skin. 

The product solution can be a bit runny, though. At a touch, it even feels like mere water. But when it builds up with the air and moist, it starts to thicken up. This should indicate the best time for bringing out its luster. Undoubtedly, its luster proves to be just fine.

The two main drawbacks people have with the product involve some shipping problems and a problematic bottle cap. 


  • State of the Art Scrubbing Technology
  • Herbal & Wood Essential Extracts
  • Deeply-Hydrating Solution
  • Odorless Effect
  • Best for All Skin Types & Dirt
  • Soft Watery Concentration


  • Some Shipping Problems 
  • Problematic Bottle Cap

Why choose it?

  • Advanced and mild on all skin types, this product works best as an unscented effect.

5. Zolex Water Activated Hand Cleaner for Working Hands

best hand cleaner for car mechanics Zolex Water Activated Hand Cleaner

A multipurpose, power-cleaner, this top product by the Zolex brand is all about ease, comfort, safety, and wit. 

  • Water-Activated Quality
  • Easy; Comfortable, Safe & Intelligent Application
  • Non-Toxic & Petroleum-Free
  • Deep Stain Remover
  • Heavy-Duty & Multipurpose

If there’s one thing that reviewers are so crazy about it, that would be its water-activated formula. Devoid of all grease, chemicals, solvents, etc. (you can actually feel it at a pour), its effect intensifies upon contact with water.

Another great thing about this configuration is that it does not heat up nor build up despite long exposure to water, friction and even air. That is probably because of its main solution being structured with high organic essentials. In addition to that, it’s got an added herbal density for natural effects. 

With these advantages on hand, it would be safe to say that this best hand cleaner for mechanics is an eco-friendly solution. Like most Zolex products, it bears the least synthetics possible. Giving off a soft, moisturizing feel on the hands, it’s actually 100% hydrating. 

What about its scrub? Well, sellers seem to say rather than mean more. Why it’s got some strong scrubs. However, other users also think that its scrub is too mild. All-in-all, the scrubs still maintain a deep-scrubbing action, just not strong enough. 

Perhaps the second-best thing about it is it’s a fast and easy application. Yes. With the product, reapplication is no longer necessary. This is highly useful especially since the product’s multipurpose. Therefore, the application on all (yes, all) types of automotive industry prove convenient. 

The only problems most encounter with the product include some shipping problems and an awkward after scent. 


  • Multipurpose, Versatile Capacity
  • Water-Activated Formula
  • High Organic Essentials
  • Added Herbal Density
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • 100% Hydrating; Deep Scrubbing Action


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Awkward After-Scent 

Why choose it?

  • This top hand cleaner from the Zolex brand prides itself as a multipurpose and heavy-duty water-activated cleaning formula, making it one of the safest cleaners in the market.

6. Zep Heavy-Duty TKO Hand Cleaner

best hand cleaner  Zep Heavy-Duty TKO

A real tough and heavy-duty hand cleaner for auto mechanics, this top product from the Zep brand boasts of unique pumice scrub, lanolin content and relaxing lime scent. 

  • Heavy-Duty Quality
  • Best After-Cleaning Care
  • Highly Revitalizing
  • Lanolin Presence
  • Lime-Scented

The first thing one notices of the product is its lime scent. It’s strong, but not too off-puttingly strong. The lime only sorts of relieves you of the ugliness of grease, grime, oil, resin, and other chemical scents. 

Users agree that it’s genuinely heavy-duty as its brand claims it. Albeit several uses, the solution still manages to strip off ground-in dirt, even the most obstinate grime. 

But don’t ever go mistaking it as high-solvent, because it’s in no way close to that kind. Utilizing the least solvent rate possible, this best hand cleaners for mechanics do not react with other liquid. In fact, it works best with water. 

In terms of scrub quality, it ranks exceptionally high as well. Filled with high-quality pumice scrub that opens pores, but tends the skin, it fulfills all the expectations of a tough hand cleaner. 

Hydrating. Moisturizing. Reviewers and experts agree that continued usage of the product yields to softer and more vibrant hands. Lanolin oil definitely plays a major role in this. 

Lanolin oil, the one responsible for deeply hydrating the skin, also happens to be an effective activator of the scrub. In a way, it vamps up the pumice scrub capacity to a degree powerful enough to cleanse highly-concentrated chemicals from the hands. 

This heavy-duty hand cleaner for auto mechanics has its share of problems too. These include an excessively lathery solution and some rough walnut shells. 


  • Fresh Lime Scent
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Tough on All Kinds of Dirt
  • Low-Solvent
  • High-Quality Pumice Scrubs
  • Hydrating Lanolin Oil


  • Excessively Lathery Solution
  • Some Rough Walnut Shells

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for a revitalizing hand cleaner with lanolin concentrations, then you’ll be delighted with this product.

7. Stockhausen 30384 Hand Cleaner

best hand soap for mechanics by Stockhausen 30384

Perhaps the most economical among the products on our list, this top hand cleaner for auto mechanics by the Stockhausen brand consummates a holistic cleaning for all hand types. 

  • Solvent-Free
  • Excellent Skin Compatibility
  • Natural Walnut Shell Scrubbers
  • Best on All Skin Types
  • Best on All Kinds of Dirt

Reviewers were particularly fond of its capacity to clean all kinds of dirt. Meaning, it goes beyond the automotive industry. Dust. Mud. All those slimy grime. It’s guaranteed to remove all those. 

Also economical, given this best hand cleaners for mechanics 4 product-in-one-case packages, it does not easily run out of content for the next 6-8 months, notwithstanding its easy-application advantage. 

Users and experts were also fond of its high compatibility with all skin/hand types. Serving not only the auto mechanics, but it also moisturizes the most sensitive of all skin types, thanks to its natural walnut shell scrubbers. 

Smelling it from a distance may give you a slightly off-putting aroma. But if you start spreading it all over your hands, including pouring it with water, it should release a natural fragrance. From its fragrance alone, one can already make out the presence of essential oil concentrations. 

Albeit being tough on grease and oil, it’s highly soft on the hands. That is because it is solvent-free. Most of its minerals are activated by natural agents. In a sense, using it means less effort. Why, because it facilitates its own scrubbing process. 

The only known drawbacks with the product include a problematic spout/container and bad packaging. 


  • Tough Scrub Capacity; Best for All Types of Dirt
  • 4 in 1 Case
  • Easy Application
  • Best on All Skin Types
  • Solvent-Free


  • Problematic Spout
  • Bad Packaging

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for a versatile and highly economic hand cleaner, you’ll be satisfied with this top product from Stockhausen.

8. Dymon Scrubs in A Bucket Hand Cleaner Towels

Dymon Scrubs best hand soap for mechanics

Dymon’s high-quality best hand cleaner for auto mechanics is unique in a way that it’s represented by 72 pcs. towels, not a solution. 

  • Tough & Durable Package
  • Instant Dirt Removal
  • Light & Portable
  • Efficient Canister Dispenser
  • Eco-Friendly Package

The first thing you’ll remember about this Dymon product is its dispenser bucket. While it may not be fully agreeable to some, it should serve a specific purpose under specific circumstances. 

Within the bucket lies a canister that contains the 72 perforated cleaner towels that is considered by some reviews as the best hand cleaners for mechanics. The cleaner towels, claimed by its manufacturers to be high-strength, are indeed high-functioning. 

With a few swipes on the hand, the towels instantly remove dirt, all kinds of it. What’s most wholesome about the towels is that each of them can be reused -4 times. That should make the whole product economical and eco-friendly. 

Now, back to the bucket. Before you even complain about its bulkiness, hear this out. Yeah. It can be quite bulky, occupying 5.9 x 6 x 7.8 inches of volume, but it is also extra-light. A 2-pound container should not waste significant energy from you. Why, you can simply position it stationarily. 

Constantly moistened, the towels are not your typical wet wipes. They don’t wet out unless you press them a bit. By gently placing one on top of the hand, and then pressing it with the other, it should already profusely let out a flow of moist. 

Amazingly, dirt follows through the moist’s path. The next easiest effort would be to wipe the handoff with the previously-extracted towel. Ultimately, the towels are actually towels, and not thin, tear-prone wipes. So, they’re guaranteed high-strength cleaners. 

The drawbacks we get of the product involve a problematic container lid, some shipping problems, and an unlikely small roll. 


  • Dispenser Bucket
  • Unique 72 Cleaner Towels
  • High-Functioning 
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Extra-Light


  • Problematic Container Lid
  • Some Shipping Problems 
  • Unlikely Small Roll

Why choose it?

  • This high-functioning hand cleaner works uniquely with its perforated cleaner towels, a least-messy cleaning configuration.

9. The Original Tough Nut Hand Cleaner

best Tough Nut hand wash for mechanics

An all-natural best hand wash for mechanics by the Tough Nut brand, it utilizes natural solvent and petroleum-free scrubbers for action. 

  • Heavy-Duty
  • Highly Organic
  • Scent-Free
  • Waterless Quality
  • Best for Mechanics’ Hands

In a nutshell, this nut product by the Tough Nut brand is filled with organic essentials. Highly versatile, mild, natural and scent-free, it does not make use of pumice scrubbers. 

The absence of pumice concentration in its solution is, however, considered by many as a major loss for the product. Still, that does not mean that it’s naturally an under-performance. Yeah, it’s not all that perfect. But it sure ranks among the safest multipurpose solutions in the market to date. 

Unlike most of our products featured in this list of best hand cleaners for mechanics, this one prevails with the least water content. So, the fact that it’s pumice-free should only fall right in place. 

Instead of scrubbers, the product notably utilizes minimal beads. Beads, unlike pumice, do not tear the skin; they don’t force the pores apart. Penetrating into the pores, the beads dig in and then pass out with the tough grease. With its natural scent, it too removes the strong smell of chemicals in an instant. 

Another element that’s, fortunately, lacking from the solution is acid. Unlike strong-scented cleaners, or what most people refer to as “orange stuff”, it leaves tissues off. Meaning, it’s effect limited only on the external level, and not beyond. 

Known disadvantages of the product include a not-so-tough effect on paint, a weird after-scent, and a small product size. 


  • High Organic Concentration
  • No Pumice Scrubbers
  • Multipurpose
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Minimal Beads


  • Not-so-Tough Effect on Paint
  • Weird After-Scent
  • Small Product Size

Why choose it?

  • With zero-pumice presence, this product tweaks expectations on hand-cleaning concepts.

10. Zep Cherry Bomb Hand Cleaner 48 Ounce

best Cherry Bomb hand wash for mechanics

Another breathtakingly impressive hand cleaner for auto mechanics, this product by the Zep brand ranks as an equally tough solution for all grime strips. 

  • Deeply Moisturizing; Skin-Hydrating
  • Best for Stubborn Grease, Grimes, Dirt & Adhesives
  • Sweet Cherry Scent
  • Thick Lathered
  • Quick-Dry Capacity

I personally like this because it’s economical. With a 4-gallon package that does not easily waste out with a single-use, I think this is spectacular! It also quickly dries on the skin despite a thick lather.  It should help you save water. 

At par with the sweet-scented products on our list, it actually and genuinely smells infinitely good. Ultimately, its sweet cherry scent doesn’t easily fade in several hours. Certainly, its scent does not also reduce into a weird after-scent. 

Deeply moisturizing, it works like simple soap. While it can be too foamy at times, which I think makes it a messy concoction, it easily dries up. Without wiping it off, it will go away on its own in minutes. 

Also tough on all industrial dirt, it yields effects in an instant. Just 2-3 drops, and it will surely strip off that obstinate oil, grease, adhesives, paint, etc. You can thank its natural pumice for that advantage. 

If there’s one problem I can ask to get rid off of it, that would be its loose cap. The whole idea of the cap and/or press technology is, for me, a hassle. Instead of letting you save off, it loosely pours out large amounts of the solution. Transferring the content to another container should help greatly. 

Other problems with the product include shipping problems and an excessively foamy solution. 


  • Economic 4-Gallon Package
  • Quick-Dry Capacity
  • Sweet Cherry-Scented
  • Economic Package
  • Natural Pumice Scrubs


  • Shipping Problems
  • Excessively Foamy Solution
  • Loose Cap

Why choose it?

  • This top product rules out all the others with its sweet cherry scent and a natural cleansing effect on the skin.

11. Grip Clean | Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics

Grip Clean hand cleaner for car mechanics

A hand cleaner with a fine grip– this is how this high-quality product from the Grip Clean brand is best described. 

  • Heavy-Duty; Long-Lasting Effect
  • Dirt-Infused for Dry Hands
  • Fine Grip, Soft Feel
  • Instant Degreasing Capacity
  • All-Natural

An all-natural hand cleaner packed with absorbent Bentonite clay, this product from the Grip Clean brand not only cleanses the mechanic’s hands, but also absorbs all dirt from it. As it does so, it leaves nutrients into the skin, thanks to its high organic concentration– Coconut oil, Olive oil, and Omega sources. 

Enriched also with pumice, it neatly de-greases the skin from stubborn layers of dirt, adhesives, sticky concentrations and other chemicals. It has proven to do so in just seconds. That is how instant its degreasing power is. 

Considered heavy-duty by most users, it does not lose quality despite several uses. And, that is a proven and tested fact. Experts even confirm its high-capacity performance. High capacity, in a sense, means that it does not easily expire in months. 

There is much to make out from its fine, yet strong grip. Personally, I’m not really openly impressed by its grip. What I think is its strongest mark is its fine quality. By fine, I mean it’s mild on the skin. It even hydrates and revitalizes callous mechanic hands. 

Its other great point, I reckon, is its a wonderful scent. For a cleaner of such toughness, possessing such a great scent is downright impressive. Experts and reviewers all agree with me. 

The known drawbacks of the product include a slightly slimy texture, a problematic container, and some shipping problems. 


  • Grip & Cleansing
  • Bentonite Absorbent Clay
  • High Organic Concentration
  • Instant Degreasing Capacity
  • Heavy-Duty; Economic Package


  • Slightly Slimy Texture
  • Problematic Container
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • This top product uniquely works by absorbing, cleansing and gripping skin’s nutrients for superior results.

12. Fast Orange 25419 Xtreme Fresh Scent Pumice Hand Cleaner

Best Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

Taking from the ranks of the strongest hand cleaners, this Permatex product hits high; it’s perhaps even too high for some skin types.

  • Extreme Fresh Scent
  • Microgel Technology
  • 24-Hour Protection
  • Refreshing Feel
  • Advanced Cleaning Action

Most people prefer it over other brands because it uniquely cleanses hands. It’s packed with a different kind of cleansing power– something any typical soaps cannot perfect. It caps the hands round-the-clock with protective layers. 

My experience with the product at first use is superbly epiphanous. With just a few drops, one can already feel its coating gel form. But make no mistake about it. It’s not that slimy gel thing that wraps your hand; it’s that cool layer that conditions and relaxes your hand. 

It’s manufacturers/sellers call it the infused Microgel Technology! Such a feature encloses the entire hands with a coating film that protects it around the clock. In other words, it keeps the hands clean for the next 24 hours. 

If you were to follow some claims about it, you would be quite disappointed. For instance, they say that once you wash your hands with the solution, you can freely smudge your hands with grease again. That is not entirely true. 

That the effect will constantly shield the hands from dirt is a half-truth. It does not really work that way. But at least, it’s closer to the truth. The truth of the matter is that your hands are still bound to get filthy even with the solution on. 

Only with a second to third washing can you truly experience the desired immaculate result. My advice: wash your hands with the cleaner after every working round. That should do it. 

Some drawbacks of the product include high pumice concentration, problematic pump, small product quantity, and an extremely watery solution. 


  • Lays 24-Hour Protection
  • Microgel Technology
  • Extreme Cleansing Capacity
  • Fast Orange Scent
  • Refreshing Feel & Scent


  • High Pumice Concentration
  • Problematic Pump
  • Small Product Quantity
  • Extremely Watery Solution

Why choose it?

  • If you’re into long-term gel protecting technology, then you’ll be satisfied with this hand cleaner from the Permatex brand.

13. GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner

Best Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

Known for its natural fruit and orange aroma, this top hand cleaner for auto mechanics by the Gojo brand secures pleasure on tired hands. 

  • Natural Orange Aroma
  • Quick-Cleansing Capacity
  • High Pumice Concentration
  • Cleaner Pump Bottle

Before it even ranks as a top product, I would like to emphasize that it’s a miraculous soothing solution for tired hands, hence its high compatibility with industrial hands. Surprisingly though, this could also be its weakness.

Why? It’s highly focused on industrial hands that it fails to match ordinary, sensitive hands. Despite its claims, it comes to be too strong for sensitive skin types. I would advise users to be cautious in applying the product on wounded skin. 

It isn’t really that damaging, though; it’s just that it can be quite painful on wounded sensitive hands. If you can bear the pain, then why not? Other users also complain that it causes a burning sensation on sensitive skin. 

But, that’s only because its pumice concentration is rooted deeply to tear through the skin. Does it damage the skin? No. Not at all. Still, it pays to be cautious over maximum application for this industrial hand cleaner.

Using the product also requires the least rubbing effort, thanks to its active sand scrubs. Coated with organic essentials, the finer-size sand scrub takes out the most stubborn grease, grime, adhesives, tar, etc. It also prompts the skin to self-hydrate. All these take place in its active scrubbing action. This is definitely one of the toughest hand cleaner in the world.

Some drawbacks of the product include a lackluster feel, problematic pump, small product quantity, and a strong feel on the skin. 


  • Soothing Solution
  • Best for Industrial Hands & Dirt
  • Deeply-Rooted Cleansing
  • Least Rubbing Effort


  • Lackluster Feel
  • Problematic Pump
  • Small Product Quantity
  • Strong Feel on Skin

Why choose it? 

  • Besides the cleansing it provides, it also soothes tired hands.


Best GOJO ORIGINAL Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

A highly-empowered hand cleaner that works even without water, this star hand cleaner by the Gojo impresses yet again with another soothing feel on the skin. 

  • Cream-Style Hand Cleaner
  • No Harsh Solvent
  • Solid Hand Cleaner Canister Container
  • Ultra Safe & Gentle
  • Soothing Effect

Like its previous counterpart, this best hand cleaners for mechanics work like a balm. It soothes tired skin. The only difference it possesses from the former, is its lose concentration. Almost working like water, it passes through the hands smoothly and passively. And, this is the reason why I prefer the former. 

Albeit it being ultra-safe and gentle, it’s all too gentle to remove stubborn grease and oil. Only by repeatedly pouring a large portion of it into your hands can you experience the desired result. 

This for me makes the product a blunt opposite to economic standards. Given the Gojo hand cleaner small product quantity, I would prefer it over a large gallon for many month’s storages. But that does not mean that it’s not a top product. 

Its creamy, thick solution permeates nutrients on a cellular level, continuously enhancing circulation and flow. As it does so, it allows the skin to regenerate properly. This is a crucial cleaning behaviour especially on related industrial circumstances wherein constant washing is expected. 

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Constant washing almost always results to dry and cracked skin. Fortunately, with this nourishing and relaxing cream-like cleaning solution, the said condition should be far from possible. Moreso, it appears to be practical on one hand, because it still works even without water.

Some problems with the product include inaccurate titling, watered-down concentration, lacklustre texture, and a strong scent. 


  • Skin-Soothing
  • Ultra-Safe & Gentle
  • Skin-Regenerating Cellular-Level Cleansing
  • Thick, Creamy Solution


  • Inaccurate Titling
  • Watered-Down Concentration
  • Lacklustre Texture 
  • Strong Scent

Why choose it?

  • This hand cleaner, considered as best hand soap for construction workers by the Gojo brand allows cellular-level cleansing and regeneration.

15. KrestoGT Cherry Turbo – 2 Liter + Dispenser

Best KrestoGT Cherry Turbo Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

Packed with all-natural citrus base aroma, this hand cleaner from the DEB brand best hides the bad scent of grimes and dirts.

  • Natural Citrus Scent
  • Professional-Grade Hand Cleaner
  • Clogged Drain-Free
  • Heavy-Duty Quality
  • Effective Dispenser

In place of all its faults, this top product by DEB is best known as a strong-scented alternative for smelly grease. In other words, it works best to cover the bad scent, instead of straightforward removing the grease. 

It does remove the dirt, but not until you repeatedly rub it in minutes. You’ll need an immense amount of it before you can entirely remove the dirt on your hands. All reviewers and experts agree with me. It’s not what manufacturers say it is. 

Despite this product that is highly reviewed best hand cleaners for mechanics lackluster reputation, it still works effectively on certain hand/skin types. Perhaps, it entails a problem incompatibility. And, once it affects the hands, it actually removes the dirt in an instant. 

Some users claim that it needs proper activation for maximized results. Pairing it with water and ordinary soap truly activates its scrub power. Otherwise, it should remain as a watered-down version of the top hand cleaners we know. 

What I like most about it is its biodegradable container– a soft bottle designed for estimate usage. Certainly, you can save so much from it through the soft bottle. Providing an estimated control on the pour out, it should prolong the product’s storage capacity. 

Known drawbacks of the product include an excessively strong and weird after-scent, watered-down lather, skin-compatibility issues, shipping problems, and a tendency to require continuous rubbing of both hands. 


  • Strong-Scented Alternative; Best for Covering Grease Scents
  • Instant Dirt Removal Capacity; Soothing Effect
  • Biodegradable Container
  • Soft Bottle Design


  • Excessively Strong & Weird After-Scent
  • Watered-Down Lather
  • Skin Compatibility Issues
  • Shipping Problems
  • The tendency to Require Constant Rubbing of Both Hands

Why choose it?

  • This product is an instant cleaner that also soothes tired hands.
How to Choose the Best Hand Cleaners for Mechanics

How to Choose the Best Hand Cleaners for Mechanics

Choosing the best hand cleaners to play a vital role in maintaining a sound industrial routine. The hand, among all parts of the body, endures unspoken labour. Labor, in this case, also entails pain, dryness, callousness, etc. 

The bruised hands warrant not only the best but the most compatible hand cleaners. Oftentimes, problems lie beyond the product quality, leaning toward compatibility. Matching the right-hand cleaner to your hand/skin type is not always an easy feat. 

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Several hand cleaner qualities also end up a failure. Factors and standards like pumice presence, scrub strength, organic concentrations, etc. highly determine the overall quality of the hand quality. 

To immerse you further into the hand cleaners’ universe, explore our buying guide for securing the best hand cleaners for mechanics!


How do you determine versatility? Well, you’ve got the multipurpose capacity, long-lasting effect and a heavy-duty action to manifest such trait. 

Type of Formula

Always make it a habit to check the type of formula that makes up the product. The more the formula leans closer to the main soap, the more it’s enzyme-laden, and therefore, drying to the skin. 

Organic formulas like microgel action, natural pumice presence, organic essential layers, herbal concentration, and the like should rank as the best hand-cleaning formulas for mechanic hands. 


What’s the difference between a formula and an ingredient. Simply said, an ingredient makes up a formula. Now, if you look closely below the product’s application instructions, you’ll see the ingredient’s list.

The top ingredients you should avoid (to keep away from dried and cracked skin) start with petroleum, solvents, glycerin acid, artificial orange/lime extracts, and end with fatty oil. 


The scent does not entirely harm the skin, but it can be off-putting. Harsh scents can cause buildups in your lungs. So, avoid harsh-scented products by all means.

Tips on How to Clean Mechanic Hands

Best Easy Tips on How to Clean Mechanic Hands

It takes a hard day’s work at the industrial site to realize that one’s hands thirst for a quick-action cleansing and pampering.

Besides cleansing, hands require moisturization and hydration, which regular soaps cannot provide. Thus, comes in the best hand cleaners for mechanics. Beyond all these concerns loom in the dire consequences like bacterial infestation– diarrhea, eye infections, diseases, colds, etc.

However, even the best hand cleaners for car mechanics could not suffice without a proper hand cleaning procedure. And I assure you– it’s never just a simple rub rub rub here and there. 

So, before everything else, learn the best easy tips on how to clean mechanic hands:

Without hand cleaners:

  • Prepare a tablespoon full of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water. Mix both to form a past. 
  • Apply thoroughly on both hands.
  • Rub both hands on a circular motion. 
  • Cause friction between both palms.
  • Keep doing it for 2 minutes straight. 
  • Use a toothbrush if grease is too stubborn. 
  • Use oil against oil if necessary.
  • Rinse with water. 
  • Wash hands again like you usually do. This time, use soap for fragrance.
  • Apply hand moisturizer/lotion after as a final-touch.

With hand cleaners:

  • Wet hands with lukewarm water. 
  • Pour in the solution. 
  • Allow the solution to absorb into the skin for 2 minutes. 
  • Do the circular rubbing motion. 
  • Do not rub forcefully to avoid extensive friction.
  • Rub the areas between the fingers. 
  • Clean the tip of the nails using the opposite nails.
  • Let the solution cool. 
  • Rinse with water.

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How do mechanics remove grease from hands?

Mechanics remove grease from hands using either a home-based sugar paste/oil coating or a hand cleaner.

Is it bad to wet my hands with motor oil?

Depending on the hands/skin’s resistance, motor oil may cause a damaging effect at contact. Firstly, it easily gets hot on the skin surface, burning the skin. Secondly, it proves so difficult to remove once it sticks on the skin.

Can motor oil give me cancer?

Constant contact with motor oil eventually burns your skin. It also causes dermatitis and other skin problems that lead to cancer.

What is a waterless hand cleaner?

A waterless hand cleaner almost identifies with a sanitizer. It washes and cleans mechanic hands without involving lather or water presence. Using specialized scrubs, it grips off grease layers when wiped with a dry towel.


Our extensive review of the best hand cleaners for mechanics essentially revealed our “Top Pick” and “Premium Value” item from the Grip Clean brand, the Grip Clean: Waterless Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanic Grease & Paint Removing and our “Best Value” item from the Eagle Grit brand, the Eagle Grit Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner for Auto Grease

The suppositions surrounding hand cleaners, and mechanic hand cleaning procedures lead us to conclude that the industrial work is an extensively abusive routine for hands. Thus, it simply warrants the procurement of the top hand cleaner brands.

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