3 Best Gotham Smokeless Grill in 2021 [Updated]

Best Gotham Smokeless Grill

Now you can still enjoy grilled burgers and steaks even in winter. And you don’t have to go outside your cold backyard to grill. You can grill your favorite foods indoors with the best gotham smokeless grill.

A smokeless grill allows you to grill your favorite savory meats with less smoke. And you’d still enjoy that steak with the pretty charred marks. It’s as if you cooked them in a regular griller in your backyard. Unlike other grillers that have a fixed temperature, gotham grillers have a temperature control. So you can choose how well done you want your steak. 

Gotham has the best grills that can help you girl indoors with less smoke. Hover through our list below to see our top three gotham grills.

Our Top Picks for the Best Gotham Smokeless Grill

Ready your burgers, steak, and kebab recipes! And you don’t have to go out on the porch to do some grilling. With the best gotham indoor grill, you can virtually grill anywhere inside your house.

Let’s see our top Gotham grills.

1. Gotham Ultra Smokeless Grill

That lovely chargrilled mark makes you want to order steak for dinner right now!

Why buy when you can make one in your kitchen? Yes, you can grill indoors with this smokeless electric griller. And best of all, you can enjoy those lovely charred marks. This griller has a ceramic cooking surface that ensures even heat distribution. So your steak chars perfectly on the outside and stays moist inside.

This smokeless electric grill does not have any cold or hot spots. Thus, everything will be grilled evenly. This griller also has several safety options. The handle stays cool to the touch and it has a heat proof frame. So it’s easy and safe to use even if the girl becomes too hot. 

You can choose from 4 temperature settings- warm, low, medium, and high. So you can dictate how your steak turns out. You can select these via a temperature knob. 


  • 17.32 x 14.96 x 3.94 inches
  • Alloy steel
  • Ceramic coating
  • 4.9 lbs
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Detachable temperature dial and heater
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Heatproof frame
  • Removable grease catcher


  • Even heat distribution
  • Has several safety features
  • Detachable parts for easy storage


  • Not that dishwasher safe

Why you should buy this smokeless griller

This gotham steel grill has a ceramic nonstick surface that ensures that your steak and fish will grill evenly. 

2. Gotham Smokeless Grill with Griddle and Pitchfork

It’s complete with a pitchfork for your kebabs and a griddle for breakfast items. 

This indoor griller has a nonstick ceramic grill and griddle. So you get even heat distribution for your grilled meats and vegetables. So your steak and kebabs will cook wonderfully. It even comes with 4 large skewers that you can use for making shrimp and steak kebabs. They’re pretty big and can hold a rather large amount of food. So you don’t have to make kebabs in several batches. 

This smokeless grill has a grease catcher, and it’s also made from ceramic. This prevents the dripping oil and food morsels from burning too much. Thus, there’s no smoke.


  • 9.28 pounds
  • Measures 4 x 9 cooking surface; 18 x 13″ including handle and frame
  • Removable grease catcher
  • Temperature dial
  • 4 heat settings


  • Ceramic drip tray 
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with large skewers and a griddle
  • Even heat distribution


  • Griddle does not come with a lid

Why you should buy this gotham smokeless griller

This indoor smokeless grill has a ceramic non-stick grill and the griddle has one heating element. So you can be assured that your food cooks fast and evenly.

3. GothamDeluxe Smokeless Grill

Like other gotham steel smokeless grills, it’s made from ti cerama surface and strong titanium material. That makes it almost impossible to scratch. 

This material is free from toxic chemicals such as PFOA, pfas, and PTFE. Some smokeless grill and cookware with nonstick cooking surfaces may seem convenient. But they can be harmful to your health. This coating may mix with your food and cause adverse health effects.

This gotham steel smokeless indoor grill can pull apart so it is easy to clean. It also has a removable drip tray. And it’s also made from ceramic so the falling morsels won’t cause smoke.

In addition, you can choose from 4 heat settings. Thus, it allows you to cook your meat, fish or any food the way you like them. And cooking food at a high temperature will give you those lovely grill marks. Just like the ones you get when you order grilled steaks from your favorite restaurant. 


  • 18 x 13 x 3.5 inches
  • 5.7 lbs
  • Temperature dial
  • 4 heat settings


  • Easy to clean
  • Large cooking surface
  • The nontoxic cooking surface


  • Some type of food may still stick to the surface

Why you should buy this gotham indoor smokeless grill

This gotham steel smokeless grill is made from durable titanium material that’s free from chemicals.So no toxic material will mix with your food.

Features in Gotham Smokeless Grills

Gotham grills may be one of its kind. You can grill meat, fish, veggies, kebabs, or any food inside your homes. And it will not cause your fire alarm to go berserk. 

What makes this smokeless grill stand out from the rest? Let’s elaborate on the features of 

this indoor smokeless grill brand. 

1. Ease of cleaning

Since food doesn’t stick or rarely stick to the surface, it makes it very easy to clean. This is made possible by the special coating found in all gotham grills. These products have been said to be dishwasher safe. 

But it’s best to hand wash all gotham steel smokeless grills so that the coating will last longer. Besides, you don’t need to do much scrubbing since food particles rarely stick to the surface. 

2. Portable

These products are very light, compact, and portable. It won’t eat up too much space on your kitchen countertop. And if you want to stack them away, the parts are removable so it is easier to store.

Gotham steel smokeless grills are also lightweight. And since they have a small footprint, you can use them anywhere as long as there is an electric source. You can even grill in your living room while watching your favorite movies on Netflix.

3. The temperature control is user friendly

There isn’t any learning curve, you’d be able to use these indoor smokeless grills out of the box. The temperature control is easy to figure out. 

Moreover, it offers 4 temperature settings, from warm, low, medium to high. And the temperature control is accessible via a knob, which is detachable. So you can find the perfect cooking temperature to achieve those charred grill marks on your steak. The keep-warm mode is a convenient feature. It keeps the food warm until you’re ready to dig in.

4. Nonstick ceramic surface

Grilling can be a chore. Despite how much you love eating grilled fish or pork, the laborious clean up is a turn-off. Nobody wants to do a lot of cleaning after eating. We’d rather drink tea or coffee to warm up their full belly, right? Well, not if you have a gotham grill.

That’s why gotham steel  grills are very convenient. This product lets you grill food to your heart’s content without the need for hefty cleanup.

The non-stick cooking surface ensures no food or only small particles stick to the surface. So you don’t need to do a lot of scrubbing. 

5. Super strong Titanium material

Along with the ceramic surface, the cooking surface is also made of a durable titanium material. That’s why it gets hot fast too.

6. Smoke-less cooking

Since it’s smokeless, you can use gotham steel grills inside your homes. Done are the days when you have to stay outside your porch if you want to grill some barbecued pork skewers. You can even grill in front of your TV.

And the tray catch tray stays cool and doesn’t burn the drippings and food particles. So it won’t cause much commotion. Thus, you only have to worry about your fire alarm beeping while you’re grilling indoors. 

How Gotham Smokeless Electric Grill Works Without Generating any Smoke

Normally, grilling entails a lot of smoke. And if you’re grilling fatty meats, it can be a lot smokier. That’s why you should not grill indoors. It can activate your fire alarm. Not to mention if you have sprinkles in your house, it can activate too. 

So how does gotham steel smokeless indoor grill work? 

  • This smokeless electric grill has a drip pan or catch tray that stays cool. So the drippings, food morsels, and oil will not evaporate as it touches the surface of the drip tray. 
  • So if it does not evaporate, it will not generate any smoke. All the drippings, food particles,  and oil stay on the surface of the tray until you empty them out. 
  • In addition, this smokeless electric grill uses infrared technology. This heats only the grilling surface instead of the entire unit. That’s why the frame of the gotham grill also stays cool to the touch. Also, some gotham grills are equipped with mini fans that help curb a bit of smokiness, if there will be any.

How Do You Use a Gotham Smokeless Grill

Unsure of using the gotham steel grill indoors? We feel you. If you have experienced grilling fatty meats and savory seafood, you know how much smoke it makes. Allow us to show you how. 

  1. You can use the gotham grill straight from the box. It basically consists of three parts, the grill and griddle, and the detachable temperature knob.
  2. Insert the temperature dial to the slot found on one side of the unit,
  3. Plug it in and select the appropriate cooking temperature for your food.
  4. The package comes with an instruction guide. Say, you’re going to grill hamburgers. The manual will show you what temperature range to grill basic foods. It will also tell you how long you should char the meat.
  5. So for today, I am going to whip up hamburgers. I turned on the grill and placed the temperature in a high setting. I want those lovely grill marks so I amped up the heat a bit. Though you can also cook your burger on medium heat.
  6. Pop in the burger on the grill and you’ll already hear that sizzling sound. The grill surface got hot enough in about 5 minutes.
  7. Take note that if you’re grilling more fatty food items, there can still be a bit of smokiness. But compared to grilling the meat on a regular grilling surface, the smoke is significantly decreased. So you’d also know if what you’re cooking is fatty!
  8. After a few minutes flip the burger and you’ll see the lovely charred marks on the meat. Continue to grill the other side.
  9. Turn off the griller once done and enjoy your burgers!

How To Clean a Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill

Cleaning is such a breeze. It involves only a few steps.

  1. First off, allow the smokeless electric grill to cool completely before cleaning.
  2. Disassemble the parts. Pull away the grill surface from the catch tray. 
  3. Place the grill in the sink. You must hold it in a vertical position. And hold the part with the port for the detachable temperature dial so it does not get into the water.
  4. Get a sponge. Run the grill surface under the tap while gently scrubbing the grill surface with a sponge. You may also use mild dishwashing liquid.
  5. Wipe off with a towel. 
  6. Allow to dry completely before storing.
  7. Next is to clean the grease tray. Do the same thing, run it under the tap while gently brushing the surface. Then wipe off with a paper towel.
  8. Now, wasn’t that easy?

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Is Gotham Steel Electric Grill Better?

Grilling on a pan or a regular griller will give you lots of huff and puff. Now when you’re using a smokeless electric grill, it doesn’t mean that you won’t see any every time you cook.

  • Take a look at the packaging of gotham grills. The word smokeless is spelled as smoke-less. So it doesn’t really mean that you won’t see any even if you’re cooking steak or fatty food and meats. It means that you get less smokiness compared to an ordinary griller.
  • And the brand also stated that if you’re going to cook fatty meats, you may still see a bit of smokiness coming off the grill. But it’s nothing compared to what you experience when you use a pan or a regular grill. So you can still safely use the Gotham grill and griddle indoors. Maybe if you’re grilling high-fat meats, you can have a mini fan nearby. Some Gotham grills actually have one.
  • And since it creates less huff and puff, it’s better for your health. Inhaling too much bbq smoke is bad for your health. 
  • You just have to manage your expectations. Fish, veggies, and shrimps may not give off much puff since they are less in fat. But when you’re grilling high-fat meats such as burgers and sausages, it can emit a bit of smoke. So does it still work? Absolutely. It’s several timeless more smokey compared to your regular griller.


Are gotham steel grills really smokeless?

Yes, they are. But take note that it has decreased puff compared to pans and grillers. But if you’re going to cook fatty meats, there is still a little huff and puff. 

Are gotham grills and griddle dishwasher safe?

Although the brand advertised these items as dishwasher safe, it’s best to wash them using your hands. This way, your gotham grill and griddle will last longer. 

Is it safe to use gotham grills indoors?

Yes, it uses infrared technology that only warms up the cooking surface. So the unit does not get hot.


A smokeless electric grill can spell a lot of conveniences. These are nifty kitchen appliances that allow you to grill whenever wherever you want. Even in the cold winter, you can still feast on grilled burgers and kebabs. 

With less huff and puff, it can be used indoors. Moreover, these smokeless indoor grills are easy to use. And this brand has several grill features that the competition lacks. So go ahead and make bbq indoors with the best gotham smokeless grill.