15 Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

One of the main problems among many homeowners is limited space. If you’re dealing with the same issue, it is your best interest to purchase a futon for your humble abode. It works as a piece of two-in-one furniture that allows you to sit on during the night and sleep on it during the night. Indeed, convenient addition to your home! Don’t rush to get one right away, though! Read below as we’ve collated the best futons for everyday sleeping, so you can have the best one that you and your home deserves!

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon - Navy Linen
  • Stylish linen upholstery wipes clean easily
  • Ribbed tufted cushioned back with slanted oak...
  • Sturdy wood frame construction that is stable...
Best Futon Lounger Sit Lounge Sleep Smaller Size Furniture...
  • 3 POSITIONS -Sit, Lounge, or Sleep. Perfect...
  • DIMENSIONS: MATTRESS: 79" x 32" x 5-6" - SIT...
  • FROM THE FLOOR DIMENSIONS: Frame height is...
Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon Set - Full Size, Frame, 8"...
  • 100% solid hardwood futon frame - finished...
  • Three position frame easily goes from upright...
  • Complete futon set - futon frame and solid...

15 Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

1. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon – Navy Linen

Best futons for everyday sleeping

Rolling durability, style, and comfort, there’s no wonder why the Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon makes it on the top of this list. This stunning navy futon couch blended perfectly with oak colored legs can be a great addition to your living room and bedroom.

It boasts a wooden frame doesn’t only enhance its elegance, but it is what makes the entire furniture sturdy. It is highly- durable and well-constructed, so you can expect it to last for a long time. 

For utmost, it’s mattress and cushion are generously-filled with foam and polyester material. With its ribbed tufted cushion back, you also can be confident that it is very supportive. Once you get this product, you’ll be surprised how soft, cozy, and ideal it is for sitting or sleeping!


  • Solid construction
  • Generous stuffing and padding
  • Affordable
  • Comes in elegant navy blue color
  • Mattress is soft and cozy


  • Size may be too large for smaller rooms

Why You Should Choose

Durable, cozy, and elegant, look nowhere else if you want a product that will maximize your money’s worth. This sturdy futon is one of the best futon beds you can have in the market today.

2. Kodiak Best Futon Lounger Sit Lounge

Kodiak best futon mattress

One of the better futons from our best futons for everyday sleeping list either for plush sleeping, fun seating or cozy lounging, the Kodiak Best Futon Lounger Sit Lounge is a great futon to add to your home. Place it in your college room, entertainment room, or spare bedroom and have your guests experience the comfortability this best futon couch can provide.

Moreover, with the three positions this futon sofa offers, you have the freedom to use it depending on your needs. Plus, since it includes two pillows, you can immediately experience the utmost comfort without needing to spend extra bucks to buy more.

Lastly, it boasts a 100% polyester blend fabric material and an 80% cotton and 20% polyurethane foam 5″ to 6″ mattress. What you can expect is enhanced coziness when you sit, sleep, lounge on this futon sofa.


  • Generous space
  • Highly durable material
  • Easy to change the mattress
  • Perfect for sitting, sleeping, and lounging


  • Mattress feels very stiff
  • Can be too heavy to move around

Why You Should Choose

If you want a larger futon couch to add to your home without compromising the comfort it offers, this product from the best futons 2019 list is ideal for you.

3. Nirvana Futons Stanford Twill Burgundy Set

Nirvana Twill best cheap futon

Thinking that your futon might not hold up well when used for sleeping? The Nirvana Futons Standard Twill Burgundy will prove you otherwise. This futon bed boasts a frame made of solid hardwood, which means it is highly durable, and you can use it for a long time!

While sturdy, it doesn’t compromise on aesthetics as this futon is built with heritage furnishing. The back and seats are furnished, giving it an attractive look. Plus, with its stunning burgundy color, it will surely entice everyone.

If you’re looking for the utmost comfort, this futon got your back! It is manufactured with a multilayer of foam and poly-cotton. Moreover, thanks to its microfiber tufted futon mattress, its part won’t quickly move, and all you’ll have is a stable sleep!

Ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars



  • Pillows are not included

Why You Should Choose

Want something sure to last a long time? Go ahead and get this highly-durable futon set that boasts a solid of a hardwood frame.

4. Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa

best queen size futon

This futon is one of our luxuries picks from our best futons for everyday sleeping list Blending style and functionality, the Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon will provide one of the best luxury experiences you can have. This futon couch features a reclining function. You can easily convert to a guest bed for the next level of comfort and sleep!

Moreover, it is made of elegant faux leather upholstery that is resistant to scratches and wear. Then, it features four chrome metal legs for equal distribution of weight, making it sturdy and more supportive. Since it’s lightweight, you also can quickly move it to any part of the house where needed.

Lastly, another addition is the two cup holders on its armrest. You can now have a relaxing movie night with friends and family while drinking your favorite beverage or tea!


  • Elegant Faux Leather
  • Great Stability
  • Recline Function
  • Easy To Move
  • Convertible To A Guest Bed


  • Reviews claiming that futon is not comfortable

Why You Should Choose

What could even get better than having a futon with a recliner function and convertible feature? If you want a luxury experience, nowhere to look at but on this product.

5. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

best futon mattress for sleeping

DHP Emily is the best futon mattress for those who want something sleek and stylish. This futon has rounded edge and tufted chrome legs that will surely draw anyone’s attention. And, since it has a smart size, you can feel satisfied as it can fit any area in your room easily.

Then, experience utmost comfort in a breeze as it is quickly convertible and adjustable for sitting, lounging, and as well as sleeping. When it’s time to clean, have no issues accomplishing it as this futon used faux leather. You can easily wipe off any dirt or debris off its surface.

Moreover, expect its cushion to stay firm regardless of constant use as it is made of premium material. Lastly, it’s polyester and foam component is only bound to give you a comfortable sleeping experience.


  • Quick to assemble, use and convert
  • Premium quality faux leather
  • Reasonable price
  • Tufted chrome legs


  • Reviews that futon is hard for the back

6. Milemon Futon Sofa Bed

best futons to sleep on

Sporting a modern design with stunning black faux leather, this is one of the best futons for everyday sleeping to add to your home if you’re looking to add an air of luxury. Its premium upholstery blends perfectly with its chrome legs and will fit most of your rooms elegantly.

While it boasts excellent aesthetics, this futon is also set to solve your family’s sleeping woes. When folded down, it transforms into a bed without having to remove the couch cushions. It is a space-efficient alternative and a cozy sleeping solution for your home.

If you just want to sit or lounge, you can easily adjust it to your desired position. Moreover, it boasts a split-back feature that enables you to operate both sides separately – one of the best futons for sleeping, sitting, and lounging!


  • Premium Faux Leather
  • Luxurious Design
  • Chrome Legs
  • Split Back Feature


  • Cheaper identical options available

Why You Should Choose

A best queen size futon set equipped with a split back and convertible feature, this product is a must for those who want a quick sleeping solution for the family.

7. Mainstay Memory Foam Futon

best futon bed

Often receiving guests but has no extra beds to share? The Mainstay Memory Foam Futon is here to save you money and space. This incredible futon acts as a piece of comfortable seating furniture and a foldable bed in one, making a great addition to your home!

Highly durable, these best futons for everyday sleeping features a clean-lined wooden frame supported by metal legs. You can expect it to hold up from day-to-night, providing you incredible everyday seating and sleeping experience.

Another bonus is that its top-cushioning pillow is made of extra-supportive memory foam. No doubt that you can rely on this product to provide excellent support and snooze-worthy comfortability, 24 hours a day!


  • Memory foam
  • Easy to convert
  • Contemporary design
  • Suede fabric


  • May not be a durable as advertised

Why You Should Choose

Thanks to its memory foam feature, this product effectively provides incredible seating and sleeping experience that you and your family deserve.

8. DHP Lodge Convertible Microfiber Futon Couch Bed

best futon couch

Perfectly designed for small spaces, the DHP Lodge Futon Bed is a piece of the ideal furniture for any space in your humble abode. With its minimalist and contemporary design, it will accentuate your home with a sophisticated and relaxed look.

Moreover, it boasts a lush microfiber upholstery, extra-padded seats, and tufted style, making an ideal futon to help you get a warm and cozy sleep any time of the day. Plus, with its multi-position capability, you can quickly convert this if you want just to sit or lounge at the given time.

Besides these features, you’ll love how it’s incredibly simple to set up. It comes in one convenient box, and you’ll be able to assemble it in minutes, providing a futon with tons of benefits in a breeze!


  • Trendy design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Microfiber cover
  • Easy to clean


  • May not be able to fit taller people

Why You Should Choose

If you want something trendy yet still provides the utmost comfort a futon should provide, this best budget futon will work wonders for you.

9. Novogratz Regal Futon, Green

Best futons for everyday sleeping

Give your home a modern twist with a mid-century touch with the Novogratz Regal Futon set. It is upholstered with an incredibly durable and stunningly luxurious green linen. Don’t worry as it doesn’t take comfort for granted. It boasts a tufted back and generous winged arms for an added level of comfort! This one was an easy pick for our list of best futons for everyday sleeping.

With its extra center leg, you can also expect this product to have additional stability and accommodate substantial weight. Moreover, it features a split back, which means you can easily achieve your desired position. You can quickly switch to sitting, lounging, or sleeping, depending on your needs.

This timeless piece is also available in other colors, giving you the freedom to select which color matches your home to make it more fun and exciting. Then, add the corresponding ottoman to complete the look.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra center leg for added stability
  • Split back feature
  • Highly durable linen upholstery


  • Fabric may feel cheap

Why You Should Choose

Who says you can’t be combined stability and aesthetics? This pillow top futon proves that you can offer excellent design without having to compromise durability – a must-buy!

10. Nirvana Futons

best futon for sleeping

If you love the classic, there’s no way you won’t enjoy the Nirvana Futons White Cottage Futon set. Your home will surely have a breath of fresh with its vintage design and satin white finished frame. Plus, it comes with storage drawers! It will not only provide you a comfortable sleeping experience but enough space to keep memorable items!

Classics are expected to last, right? The same goes for this product as it boasts a solid frame made of sturdy hardwood. Even the seats and back are constructed from wood for superior durability. This one is my personal favorite from best futons for everyday sleeping list

Lastly, enjoy any position you’ll like with this futon set. You can use it for fun seating, cozy lounging, or a snooze-worthy sleeping any time of the day!


  • Highly durable
  • Vintage design
  • Solid hardwood frame
  • Comes with storage compartments


  • White satin finish may be prone to visible dirt

Why Should You Choose

Nothing beats the classic! If you want something vintage plus with an added perk of storage compartments, go ahead and purchase this set right away.

11. Kodiak Furniture Futon Set, Barbados

 Barbados best futon for sleeping

The Kodiak Furniture Futon Sets is a piece of unique furniture you can add to your home. It is made of a classic hardwood frame. You can be confident that it will last. Plus, its padding and cushion are composed of 70% polyester and 30% for superior comfort, making it one of the best futons to sleep on!

Another great thing about the product is it features a hinge system, which means you can easily transition into three positions. If you need a cozy sleep, you can convert it to a standard full-size bed with ease.

You’ll also quickly notice its tray-like arms on both sides, which you can extend or adjust, depending on your preference. Lastly, its Barbados design will not miss your eyes. It easily blends with different style schemes and can find a home in almost any type of room in your home!


  • Tray-like arms
  • Solid construction
  • Smooth transition to different positions
  • Easy to assemble


  • Complaints that it doesn’t come with assembly instructions

Why You Should Choose

While its Barbados design is enough to make this best college futon a stunner, you’ll also love its unique tray-like arms, durability, and hinge system for a smoother transition.

12. DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Couch and Bed

DHP Twin best futon mattress for sleeping

Do you have kids who are longing for their space, or do you simply need extra space? Look nowhere else as the DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Couch and Bed is your ideal sleeping partner.

The product features a twin bed up-top a futon at the bottom that can be used as a cozy sofa or a double bed. Imagine all the space you can save with this fantastic product! 

When it comes to durability, don’t fret as this comes in a sturdy metal frame enough to provide superior support and comfort. The top bunk has metal mesh panels, keeping it cozy and safe. Plus, there is a ladder on each side to promote easier access. 


  • Sleek and space-efficient
  • Highly durable
  • Solid construction


  • Complaints about squeaking

Why You Should Choose

If you are desperately in need of space, this sleek and space-efficient, best king size futon will solve everything for you!

13. Best Choice Products Microfiber Futon

Microfiber best queen size futon

A futon with a multifunctional design, the Best Choice Microfiber Convertible Reclining Futon enables you to quickly lay its back flat to convert it from a sofa to a bed. With that, you can easily get a comfortable night’s rest!

Moreover, this product has plush padding for maximum comfort and convenience. It is made with a soft cover and a thick mattress, making it great for sitting and lounging! Another great futon from our best futons for everyday sleeping list

Another thing to love is its microfiber upholstery. This product only requires minimal maintenance as it effectively resists stains and dust. Lastly, its smooth and sleek lines provide a subtle yet sensible look – a lovely addition to your home!


  • Multifunctional design
  • Microfiber upholstery
  • Plush padding


  • Smaller than advertised

Why You Should Choose

The combination of plush padding plus its microfiber upholstery simply makes this product one of the best futons for sleeping.

14. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

Novogratz Brittany best futon couch

Get the support you need and indulge in a cozy sleep you deserve with the Novogratz Grey Linen Brittany Sofa Futon. Through its ribbed tufted cushioned back, it provides utmost comfort, making it all equally great for long hours of sitting and lounging.

Another thing you’ll love about this futon set is its slanted legs and curved armrests that give it its distinct rounded look. Place it in any room you prefer at home, and its elegance will naturally stand out. Moreover, its linen upholstery adds an element of sophistication, transforming it into a timeless piece you’ll surely.

While it boasts aesthetics, the durability of this futon set is never compromised, thanks to its solid wood frame construction. What you are bound is long hours of a sound sleep with this futon bed!


  • Highly durable
  • Elegant design
  • Tufted cushioned back
  • Linen upholstery


  • Fabric may feel cheap

Why You Should Choose

Combining elegance, durability, and comfort, this product is can be your great sleeping partner and an incredible investment for your home.

15. Nirvana Futons Arden Futon Frame – Full Size, Solid Hardwood

Nirvana Futons Arden Futon Frame best futons to sleep on

Got a mattress but no futon frame to place it? The Nirvana Futons Arden Futon Frame is your best option. Made from solid hardwood, there’s no question about the product’s durability. Moreover, it has three position capability. You can sit, lounge, or sleep once the setup is complete!

This frame can fit a full futon mattress, which you can quickly transform into a standard full-size bed. Then, it also has a heritage furnish made by expert artisans, giving it a stunning look.

Lastly, the hardwood used came from well-managed plantations, making it eco-friendly. Not only you get an incredible sleep, but you also help the world be more sustainable.


  • Sturdy
  • Sustainable, made from eco-friendly hardwood
  • Heritage finish


  • Frame only 

Why You Should Choose

If you’re searching for a frame for your new mattress or replacing your old futon set, this product is your ideal choice.

Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

Buying Guides: What To Look For In the Best Futons For Everyday Sleeping

Buying a futon can be a daunting task, especially that it’s something that you do not do regularly. It is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make, so make to be prepared and inform yourself. To help you out, here are the essential factors you need to consider before buying a futon:

Comfortability. Your futon’s primary purpose is to provide the utmost comfort for sleeping. See to it that you get a futon that has plush padding, soft and comfortable to sleep on to get the comfort you deserve.

Material. Check if the materials used are of high quality. Remember that this factor dictates how long your futon would last. If your futon is made of low-quality, you’ll end up buying a new one in a few months, which can hurt your budget
Features. With the fierce competition among different brands, all are improving and are adding new features. Make sure to check what makes a brand stands out among the others.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Futon?

A futon provides an array of benefits any home would welcome to experience. One of the main advantages it offers is that it provides a cozy space for sleeping whenever there is a limited area or when unexpected guests arrive in your home. Moreover, here are the other benefits using futon can give you:

  • Add a luxurious look to your home
  • Maximize the space in your home
  • Transition it to a sofa, lounger or bed with ease
  • Provide utmost comfort
  • Save you on the cost by not needing to buy an extra bed or a sofa

What Are The Types of Futons?

The futons vary depending on many aspects. When it comes to frames, you can choose from metal, wooden to foldable frames. If you are looking at style, there are traditional futons, loungers, bunk beds, armless ones, or those intended outdoors. They can also differ in size, color, padding, and fabric used. What’s important, however, is to weigh each factor and determine which one do you think will suit your needs.

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How To Clean Your Futon Mattress?

Cleaning your futon mattress is essential not only for hygienic purposes but also to ensure its longevity. Follow the steps below on how to clean your futon mattress

1. Rotate your mattress. Doing so will prevent it from developing sink spots. See to it to rotate it every 30 days for optimal distribution of weight.

2. Remove surface stains. Use a damp washcloth, mild laundry detergent, and warm water to get rid of surface stains.

3. Deodorize. Unfold your mattress and sprinkle it with baking soda. Let it sit for about an hour and vacuum it after that.

4. Air out. Remove the cover or the bedding for an hour to give the mattress the chance to air out.5. Vacuum. Vacuum the mattress regularly throughout the month to keep it free from dust and mites.

FAQ: Best futons for everyday sleeping

Which is better futon or sofa bed?

Each type of furniture has its pros and cons. What is important is determining what you need in your available space. If you have a real tight area, a futon is an ideal choice. But, if you have a bigger house, a sofa bed would be great for you.

Are futons good to sleep on every day?

Sleeping on a futon every day isn’t bad for your health as long as you’ve chosen one with enough padding and cushioning to support your body. Make sure to purchase a quality futon that is ample to provide the support and comfort your body needs.

Are futons bad for your back?

Same goes with the second question, nothing is bad long as you’ve chosen the right product. A futon can be an incredible and supportive bed. Just make sure to choose one that is of premium quality and can provide the support you need.

How much do futons cost?

An average futon costs from $100-$300, however, the price could go higher, depending on the brand and the added features.

How do you make a futon more comfortable?

There are lots of ways to make your futon more comfortable. Often, adding accessories is an excellent way to achieve this goal. You can make use of a featherbed, comforters, or mattress topper for added comfort. If it doesn’t work, try to check your mattress as it might already need a replacement.

How long does a futon last?

Generally, futons last longer when they’re lightly used. If they are well-maintained, they typically last around five to ten years. Make sure to choose premium quality and sturdier futons sets in the first place to ensure longevity.


Futons are excellent additions to any home. If you need a comfy sleeping solution or simply want to maximize your area, futons will do wonders for you. Just make sure to determine your needs first to ensure that you’ll get the best futons for everyday sleeping for you and your home.

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