10 Best Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors in 2021

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A room makeover sounds pretty exciting. But moving heavy furniture is not. It can be heavy and it takes the fun out of redecorating. Sometimes, homeowners tend to just leave a heavy sofa where it was because it won’t budge. 

Moreover, it can ruin your hardwood floors. The friction can cause scratches and dents on your expensive flooring. What to do? The best furniture sliders for hardwood floors can help you move heavy furniture easily.

Best Furniture Sliders For Hardwood Floors

Aside from that, it can make your hardwood floor look brand new. You paid a lot for that oakwood floor so don’t let it go to waste. Keep reading to see our top picks.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Smart Surface 8295 Furniture Sliders
  2. SuperSliders Heavy Furniture Sliders
  3. X-Protector Wood Furniture Sliders

Quick summary:

  • Smart Surface 8295 will give you more bang for your buck. These are affordable sliders that work for hardwood floors and both high and low pile carpets.
  • If you need sliders for larger furniture, you can never  go wrong with the Smart Surface 8295. These are heavy duty and extra large sliders suitable for your huge cabinets and dressers.
  • The X-Protector can provide ultimate protection for your expensive oakwood floors. These are highly scratch resistant sliders that  will not  leave any mark on your expensive hardwood floors.
  • Apart from  Smart Surface 8295 , Supersliders Furniture Carpet Sliders are also heavy duty sliders suitable for extra large funrinte. Moreover, they are extra grippy for extra assurance too.

If you need several sliders for small and big furniture, you can make more savings by buying it in packs. The  Supersliders Assorted Size comes in varying slider sizes. You’ll be able to find all the sizes that you need.

The 10 Best Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors

Moving furniture across hardwood floors isn’t always easy. It presents several risks such as scratches. But that should not stop you from moving your dresser to a new location!. Here are the best sliders that you can use for your hardwood floors, and even carpeted ones too.

BrandSizeShapeMaterialNot for use onButton
Smart Surface 8295 3-1/2″ RoundPlastic with EVA foam backingLighter furnituresCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
SuperSliders Heavy Furniture 2.5 x 12.6 x 8.25 inchesOvalFelt and plasticN/ACheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
X-Protector 4 3/4 inchRoundHeavy felt and rubber foamcarpetsCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Supersliders5”RoundPlastic and rubber with plush sockN/ACheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Sliders Kit Carpet 4 3/4″ RoundFelt, rubber and plasticcarpetCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
SuperSliders Furniture Movers5”SquareDurable rubber foam materialNACheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Liyic 9-1/2in X 5-3/4inOvalslick HDPE plastic and durable EVA foam with socksNACheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Furniture Moving Kit Carpeted89 MMRoundPlastic with EVA foam felt pads backingNACheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Super Sliders Assorted Size5″ square, 3.5″ round2.5″ x 9″ rectangle, and 5 “AssortedWith 3.5″ felt sliders and plastic slidersNACheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Allstar Furniture Moving SystemPads: 4.25″ long and 2.75″ widePlastic and felt sliders Lifter toolEZ Move slider with lifterNACheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review

1. Smart Surface 8295 Furniture Sliders– Best Budget

These affordable sliders function like the more expensive brands. 

It may not look elegant because you can instantly see the plastic material, but it does function well.

Moreover, these are standard plastic siders that you can easily place under your furniture. And these also work for both high pile and low pile carpet floors.

We love the EVA backing foam, it ensures that the sliders will not slip and that they stay in place. However, if you have very light furniture, you might have to allow for the furniture to bear weight on these sliders. Otherwise, it can slide off as you push them. And you have to ensure that the legs of the furniture are at the center of each pad.


  • 3-1/2″ sliders with EVA foam backing
  • Comes in packs of 16


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Solid and durable


  • Might slide off when used with lighter furniture

2. SuperSliders Heavy Furniture SlidersBest Versatile

These heavy-duty XL sliders are perfect for any type of surface.

If you’re looking for a pretty large slider that can accommodate your heavy and large cabinets, this product will oblige.

Moreover, it can work for smaller furniture too, so they are rather versatile too. And it works on carpet, tiles, linoleum, and vinyl floors too.

These sliders are oval, so that’s quite different from most sliders that are round. And the oval shape ensures that there is even weight distribution. Thus, these sliders will not easily slide off the feet of your sofa or bed.

It also has a rather nice grip because of the durable rubber material. To use it, make sure that the black side is on top and the felt side is facing the floor. This will ensure that there is sufficient grip. Otherwise, it will just slide off. So you have to use it as directed.

In addition, these are great for all types of hardwood floors such as linoleum and tiles. It can also run across the carpet.

You can also cut the pads to accommodate smaller furniture.


  • Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders for Hardwood
  • 9-1/2” x 5-3/4” Linen (4 Pieces)
  • Felt-Floor Protectors
  • Comes in 4 colors
  • Measures 2.5 x 12.6 x 8.25 inches


  • Versatile
  • Perfect For heavier and bigger furniture]
  • Can be customized


  • Some find the foam a bit too thin

3. X-Protector – Best Anti Scratch

These felt sliders are perfect for any type of hardwood floor.

What sets it apart from other sliders for hardwood floors is that it will not leave a single scratch on your hardwood floor. And you can also opt to leave it under the furniture. It can also make moving a large fridge very easy, even elderly folks will be able to do so.

The downside, however, these sliders may not be able to slide across floor surfaces that are not as smooth as hardwood. Will it be able to slide across concrete? That depends. If the concrete floor is as smooth as your hardwood floors, then it can.

Also, it might not be that efficient on carpeted floors. If you’re looking for a more versatile slider, you can opt for the Super Sliders for heavy furniture instead.


  • 8-Piece Sliders
  • Zero-Scratch Guarantee
  • Reusable Sliders
  • 4 3/4 inch Wood Furniture Sliders


  • Will not scratch hardwood floors
  • Thick and well made
  • Suitable for all types of hardwood floors
  • Easy to use


  • Not for use on carpets

4. Supersliders Furniture Carpet Sliders– Best for Heavy Furniture

These heavy-duty sliders make moving large sofas, beds, and any furniture easy.

And you will not need to flex a muscle. It can also be used for almost any type of surface. The sliders consist of a plastic surface and a rubberized one. And it’s quite grippy too. But if you want to use it on carpeted floors, it comes with a sock that makes it suitable for high or low pile carpets.

Even the plastic material is quite sturdy. It can hold and bear the weight of heavy furniture without causing the plastic to break.

However, as much as these sliders are versatile, it seems to have less power over tiled floors. You might want to use an XProtector instead for your tile floors


  • 2-in-1 Reusable Furniture Carpet Sliders
  • Strong Sock Grip Quality
  • 5” Linen Pack


  • Durable plastic and grippy rubber material
  • Can be used on carpets
  • Easy to use


  • Not for use on tiled floors

5. Supersliders Assorted Size– Best Value

If you need to move furniture across vinyl and carpeted floors, these will not let you down. 

And it has a variety of sizes so you have something for every cabinet size.

Supersliders come in an assortment of sizes. So you’re sure to get one that can fit under all your furniture.

What we love the best about this product is that you can use it to move a cabinet or dresser across vinyl and carpeted floors and you will not feel the difference. The sliders will easily glide through these two types of flooring.

In addition, it has a very good selection of sizes for its price, so you can get the best value for your money. And we love the durable cotton socks. This makes it ideal for use on rough surfaces too.


  • Assorted Size & Shape Value Pack
  • Self-Stick Quality
  • Felt Pads for High Protection


  • Strong grip
  • Can be used on rough surfaces
  • Works for carpet
  • Variety of sizes


  • Some complained of not receiving the right set of sizes

6. Sliders Kit Carpet Sliders– Best Durable

This is one durable and hardworking slider.

These are heavy-duty sliders and can be used to move large and heavier furniture. But at the same time, it’s soft and gentle on your hardwood floor.

It will not incur any dents or scratches. It makes use of hard plastic and you can instantly tell that it’s made of high-quality materials.

It’s also easy to use and you will no longer have any trouble moving your big sofa even if you are alone. However, there seems to be a downside to it. One, the grip is okay, but it’s not the strongest.

Some users suggest adding a piece of folded napkin to add more grip. So if you find the grip less desirable, you can do that. Otherwise, the Supersliders assorted size will be able to serve you better.

Another reason to love these sliders is that they can keep your hardwood floors safe from scratches and dents.


  • Reusable Felt Furniture
  • 4-Piece Square Felts


  • Hard Plastic Cover
  • Highly Durable
  • Best for All Furniture Types


  • The grip is not the best
  • Not that great on carpet floors

7. SuperSliders Furniture Movers– Best For Large Furniture

If you need large and xl sliders, you have to get your hands on these! These are also quite grippy!

These sliders measure up to 5 inches in length. It’s suitable for the flat bottoms of larger furniture such as sofas, large cabinets, and even appliances. Moreover, these extra big and extra-durable sliders can bear the weight of your super cabinets.

And even if these sliders seem bulky because of their size, they are actually not. Instead, they are flat and foldable. But it also comes with a bigger responsibility in cleaning. These sliders tend to attract more dust and dirt.

What makes it stand out from the competition? For its size, it stays in place and has a rather powerful grip. Even if it bears heavier weight, it will not slide off the legs.


  • Reusable Felt Furniture Quality
  • 5” Square Pieces


  • Larger size Compact Great grip Durable
  • Compact
  • Great grip
  • Durable


  • Harbors dust

8. Liyic Reusable Furniture Carpet Slider– Best for Furniture with Slim Legs

These comfy-looking sliders will prevent the slim feet of your cabinets from poking through your carpets and hardwood floors.

These are made from slick HDPE plastic and durable EVA foam. So it can protect your carpet and hardwood floors from the slim feet of your cabinets.

It has better anti poking features, as we’d like to put it. Slimmer legs tend to be notorious for doing this. Especially if you have carpeted floors, these can easily bore holes into them. And if you have hardwood floors, these thin legs are likely to scratch them more compared to wide furniture bases.

It is made of a premium plush material. So it has more cushion that can add more protection to your floors. Also, it looks plush and sophisticated enough to be left under your cabinets permanently.


  • 9-1/2in X 5-3/4in. Kit
  • 2-in-1 Reusable Furniture Carpet Slider
  • Special Sock Sliders
  • Multi-Directional Sliding Approach


  • Great grip
  • Cushions add protection from thin legs
  • Plush looking


  • Dust-Absorbing

9. Furniture Moving Kit Carpeted– Best Universal

These sliders world for all types of furniture and all types of flooring. 

So this is one multi-purpose slider for your general moving needs.

Also, in terms of durability, we did not have any issues. It was able to bear the weight of the heavier furniture. It has a well-absorbing EVA foam pad that makes it extra durable.

Also, these sliders are not too thick, so they are easy to slide under the furniture. And we love how the pads stay in place while moving, it did not slide off.

One of the downsides, however, it’s not totally scratch-free. Though you can do something to improve this feature. You may add foam to the base to ensure that it will not scratch your vinyl or hardwood floors. Alternatingly, you can opt for more scratch-proof sliders such as the Liyic sliders


  • Kit of 16 Items
  • Round-89MM Weight-233
  • EVA Foam Fillings
  • High Reusable Capacity
  • Felt Pads Suitable for All the Furniture Sliders


  • Works on all types of furniture
  • Perfect for all types of flooring
  • Easy to slide under furniture


  • Sponge tears away overtime
  • Not scratch proof

10. Allstar Furniture Moving System for Hard Floor Surfaces– Best for Furniture Sitting Close to the Ground

If you’re having a hard time placing your sliders under heavier furniture, this all-in-one kit is the answer to your problem.

It comes with a lifter that’s made from stainless steel. It can bear 10X the regular lifting strength any human can exert.   This is perfect for those extra heavy cabinets. Or those who are having a difficult time positioning the sliders underneath the base of the furniture. It’s quite a handy tool.

The lifter has a wish limit of 250 lbs, thus it will work for almost all types of furniture. It’s also very convenient for cabinets that sit too close to the floor.

While this tool is quite handy, the pads are so-so. There might be a need to readjust the pads every time you move. Thus, this product will be best as a complement to other more heavy-duty sliders. In short, the lifter will be more of value to you.


  • Smart Factory Updates
  • Easy Moving System
  • 1 Lifter Tool & 8 Sliders
  • Reusable Quality


  • The lifter has 250 lbs weight capacity
  • 2-in-1 Furniture Sliders
  • Self-Protecting Gears


  • The pad is so- so

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying the Best Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are of other most sensitive to scratches. That’s why furniture sliders are part of your investment too. This will not only make your work easier, it can also preserve the beauty of your expensive flooring.

So here are some factors that you should look for when buying one. 

1. The furniture

You have to consider the shape, weight, and size of the furniture that you’re moving, makes sense right? The slider should be fit for the shape of the furniture. Moreover, it should be able to accommodate the weight of your heavy sofa. Otherwise, it’s going to be useless.

You also have to consider the type of hardwood floor that you have. This will ensure that the furniture will glide easily as you push it.

2. Glued or not glued

You have a choice to choose between a slider that has adhesive and one that doesn’t. 

If you have furniture that has layers of foam, it’s advisable to use non-glue sliders. On the other hand, if you want felted sliders or those with plastic covers, they are usually glued. Large sliders also need to be glued to your floors.

3. Reliable brand

There are a lot of slider brand options in the market. But to be sure you’re getting one that really works, buy from reputable brands. But if you’re not familiar with using sliders, you can learn a lot from our reviews.

What Are Furniture Sliders Exactly?

Sliders , also known as gliders, are small pieces/materials that are placed under the feet of furniture for easy transfer. 

Carrying heavy furniture can take its toll on your body, affecting your posture in the long run. Their main function is to allow easy push and pull on large furniture.

Sliders are usually made of soft/hard rubber, plastic, foam or sponge pads. The plastic or rubber sliders work best on carpeted floors, and the foam/sponge pads match hardwood floors. 

Sometimes, hardwood floors can be demanding. And so, sliders with mixed traits– felted, rubberized, plastic and foam– came in to the scene. Ultimately, the later sliders bear an added grip in the form of a sock-patterned mechanism.

When and Why You Need a Furniture Slider?

Are sliders necessary? Here are scenarios where sliders can come in really handy.

1. If you need a floor protection

Hardwood floors can easily get scratched or dented when you’re moving heavy furniture. So if you want to keep your hardwood floors looking new and pristine, you need furniture sliders.

2. Prevent injuries when moving

Moving heavy furniture can give you a bad back. And worse, it can result in injuries if your body is not up to it. And sliders can help with moving furniture seamlessly. It might even feel like butter siding on hot toast.

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3. Furniture protection

Sliders do not only protect your floors, but they can also protect your furniture. How? The slides will help lessen the pressure on your furniture legs. Thus, you can extend the life of your favorite sofa.

10 Advantages of Using Furniture Sliders

Using furniture sliders, given the dozen of advantages they offer, are not an option, but a requirement. Buying and using the best furniture sliders is imperative. 

Still unconvinced? Hmm.. you’re mind must be that slippery!

Here’s the top 10 advantages of using furniture sliders for you:

  1. They protect the furniture.
  2. They protect the floor from scratches. 
  3. They protect the carpet from tears. 
  4. They allow easy and fast transfer of heavy furniture. 
  5. They protect your body from further injury and posture problems.
  6. They’re very practical and inexpensive to use. 
  7. They’re designed to last long (highly reusable).
  8. They serve several purposes. 
  9. They’re fun to use. 
  10. They’re can be placed permanently under the furniture as an added design.

How to Effectively Use Sliders

Here’s a happy fact: using the heavy-duty furniture sliders is a very easy feat. It does not require the most physical of effort. More so, it does not take much of your time. 

Super-easy. Light. Straightforward. Simple. And, there’s nothing you can’t do with these small helpers.

Now, for a better operation, check out our DIY tips on how to effectively use sliders:

  1. Ask assistance from at least 1 person.  (You can do it on your own if there’s none.
  2. Make sure to remove all tops and objects placed on and in the furniture before sliding them.
  3. Prepare the sliders on the side. 
  4. Ask someone to slant the furniture in its bigger area. 
  5. Ask your partner to suspend the furniture while you install the sliders into the furniture’s feet. 
  6. Make sure the sliders grip well. 
  7. Re-check if there are protrusions in the bottom of the furniture that you missed to wrap with sliders. They easily scratch the floor surface. 
  8. Slide.
  9. Position the furniture to your preferred area. 
  10. Ask your partner to tilt the furniture again to remove the sliders. But if you prefer the sliders underneath, then leave them be.


What can I use to move furniture on hardwood floors?

The best means for moving furniture on hardwood floors is the sliders.

How much weight can furniture sliders hold?

Depending on the quality of the sliders– weight absorption, distribution, etc.– a 500-1,600 lbs furniture can be fully supported.

How do I protect from furniture when moving?

The best way to protect your furniture when moving is by purchasing a deep-layer foamed set of sliders. Or, there are enough number of sliders, you can overlap at 2-3 sliders for protected movement.

Do furniture sliders work on concrete/cement?

Yes, they do.

Can I leave things in the furniture when moving?

No. You cannot leave things in the furniture when moving. That would keep unnecessary weight on the furniture. Ultimately, it can be dangerous.


Sliders are one of the most overlooked household accessories. These babies may be small, but they can do a lot for your furniture and floors. The best furniture slider for hardwood floors can make moving and redecorating rather easy. So that’s no worse back and you’ll also be able to maintain the beauty of your oakwood floors.


Smart Surface 8295 Furniture Sliders

Smart Surface 8295 Furniture Sliders

We are all after economical yet reliable sliders. That’s why the  Smart Surface 8295 Furniture Sliders is our top choice. These sliders are pretty reliable, versatile, and most of all, it fits right into your budget. And don’t judge a book by its cover. 

These sliders may look pretty basic and standard, but they are also tough and reliable.

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