10 Best Furniture Sliders For Hardwood Floors

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Smart Surface 8295 3-1/2″ Round Carpet Furniture Sliders
  2. SuperSliders Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors
  3. X-Protector Felt Sliders Wood Furniture Sliders
Best Furniture Sliders For Hardwood Floors

Having trouble moving your heavy furniture on hardwood floor types, but you really have to do it? You’ll need the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors right now!

Wait, wait… Don’t risk it! You might potentially injure your body, break the furniture, scratch the super-sensitive hardwood floors, or worst, waste yours over the unsatisfactory result. 

Slide in and check our ultimate review!

Here is the list of 10 best furniture sliders for hardwood floors:

  1. Smart Surface 8295 3-1/2″ Round Carpet Furniture Sliders
  2. SuperSliders Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors
  3. X-Protector Felt Sliders Wood Furniture Sliders
  4. Supersliders Reusable Furniture Carpet Sliders
  5. Supersliders Assorted Size and Shape Value Pack
  6. Sliders Kit Carpet Sliders & Felt Sliders
  7. SuperSliders Furniture Movers for Hardwood Floors
  8. Liyic Reusable Furniture Carpet Slider
  9. Furniture Moving Kit Carpeted and Hard Floor Surfaces
  10. Allstar Furniture Moving System for Carpeted & Hard Floor Surfaces

10 Best Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors

1. Smart Surface 8295 3-1/2″ Round Carpet Furniture Sliders

best furniture sliders for hardwood floors

This furniture slider form the Smart Surface brand is all about ease, comfort and innovation, earning it a “Top Pick” nod on our list!

  • Round-Carpet Sliders
  • 16-Pack in Resealable Bag
  • 3-1/2″ Dimensions
  • EVA Foam Backing
  • Non-Stick Gripper

I got these sliders from a quick scan of the top items this year. And, it sure was great for so many reasons. Other users agree to it too. Its all-practical innovations allow it to move furniture across hardwood floors!

For the best thing– these sliders can easily be placed and removed. They don’t consume much space, and they don’t feel awkward. Thanks to its EVA foam quality, it grips well on furniture bottoms. This is one of the best sliders out there.

Each of the sliders is conveniently shaped up according to a 16) 3-1/2″ dimension. With the least bulk, it should be the most comfortable design present in the market today. Albeit a slight inconvenience of having to make it face upwards, I still think it’s spectacular. 

Especially thin and light, these sliders are easily stored; layered for flat usage, they still manage to support the furniture’s entire weight. That, for me, makes for overall ease. 

All-in-all, the sliders can bear more than 40 lbs of weight across even beyond a 10-meter distance across rooms. While this might not likely be the case, in reality, it nevertheless demands respect and attention from buyers all over the world. 

The only problem I have with it is that it’s too small for large-sized sofas. 


  • Practical Innovations
  • Easily-Placed & Removed
  • EVA Foam Quality
  • Perfect 16) 3-1/2″ Dimensions; Comfortable Design
  • Extra-Thin & Light; Easily-Stored
  • Weight & Pressure-Absorbent


  • Incapacity to Measure up to Large-Sized Sofas

Why choose it?

  • This “top pick” best furniture sliders for wood floors/hardwood floors complete an innovative look, mechanism, and sliding results.

2. SuperSliders Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors

best furniture sliders

A best-selling set of furniture sliders, this item by the Super Sliders brand is extra-convenient due to its linen quality. Thus, it grabs our “Best Value” title. 

  • Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders for Hardwood
  • 9-1/2” x 5-3/4” Linen (4 Pieces)
  • Felt-Floor Protectors
  • Best-Selling Quality
  • Best for All Furniture

When it comes to moving furniture across hardwood floors, this one’s a beast. It’s been proven to move the heaviest furniture without twisting. The experts have passed their verdict. 

It’s undeniably extra-convenient. Among the many factors that make it a successful item, its linen quality claims the dominant position. By the looks of it, a certain breeziness falls right into place. 

As per claims made by its manufacturers, it truly is a for-all-types-of-furniture! Reviewers support this claim from first-hand experiences. Big furniture. Slim and narrow-footed furniture. Regardless. It easily wraps around the furniture’s feet.

Another strong mark of the product, according to several reviewers, is its sheer straightforwardness. So, despite its excessively large size, it conveniently grips into the legs and slides across the hardwood floor. 

Apart from its convenience, reviewers were especially fond of its breeziness. But why is breeziness an important feature? Well, breeziness releases pressure and friction. 

With that on hand, least scratches and high-pitch noises are secured. In addition to that, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s yields zero-twists, setting its premise to a certain degree of comfort.

The only problem users have with the product concerns a thin, poor-quality plastic support. 


  • Ability to Move Furniture Without Twisting
  • Extra-Convenient Linen Quality
  • Highly Breezy
  • Highly Durable; Reusable
  • Best-Selling
  • Best for All Types of Furniture


  • Thin, Poor-Quality Plastic Support

Why choose it?

  • This “best value” topnotch provides ease and comfort with secure grip, breeziness, and all-furniture support!

3. X-Protector Felt Sliders Wood Furniture Sliders

best furniture sliders

This latest set of furniture sliders for hardwood floors stands out as the most solid design for sliders ever!

  • 8-Piece Sliders
  • Zero-Scratch Guarantee
  • Premium Material
  • Reusable Sliders
  • 4 3/4 inch Wood Furniture Sliders

With a dimension of 4 3/4”, there’s no way it doesn’t fit furniture feet. Not only do they fit, but they also adjust to all sizes. Flexible, yet solid. That’s how people describe it in a nutshell. 

Consisting all-in-all of 8 sliders, this item impresses with the most durable pads. Both experts and regular users have said it–it’s extra-durable. Move it around, push it here and there, and it won’t twist out. No snapping. 

Albeit some reviewers criticizing its glued pads, it still does not flinch. I mean, while I honestly think it’s glued pads don’t look that damn good, they’re however heaven-high strong.

So whatever that glue/adhesive its manufacturers are using, it had to be a monster glue. Otherwise, it won’t be able to hold the pads strongly into the body. 

Besides furniture, the product serves heavy table materials, stools, desks, etc. And, according to most claims, it transfers all these fast and easy. Guaranteed to scratches on the hardwood floor. 

Many have mused about the pads’ quality, including its compatibility with hardwood floor surface– including its friction resistance rate, and even its damage-resisting strength. Fortunately, among those that they agree about is the fact that it’s all a match!

The only two problems users have against the product center on shipping inconsistencies and its tendency to resist vinyl floors. 


  • 4 3/4” Flexible Dimensions
  • 8-Slider Package
  • Best for Heavy Furniture
  • No-Scratch Guarantee
  • Strong Pad Quality
  • High Compatibility Rate


  • Shipping Inconsistencies
  • Tendency to Resist Vinyl Floors

Why choose it?

  • This versatile/best furniture sliders for hardwood floors impress users with strong pad quality and, of course, a solid design.

4. Supersliders Reusable Furniture Carpet Sliders

super sliders for hardwood floors

This smart-functioning set of furniture sliders for hardwood floor by the SuperSliders brand works like slipper in terms of gripping; it defies all forces with its durability too. 

  • 2-in-1 Reusable Furniture Carpet Sliders
  • Strong Sock Grip Quality
  • Extra-Strong Gripping
  • Easy Usage 
  • 5” Linen Pack

Here it goes again. Another SuperSliders masterpiece earns a spot on our list. And, it truly is without question! Thick from the inside out, it does not yield to weight and impact. 

Other reviewers are not really impressed by its pads, though. Perhaps that’s due to its awkwardly thick layer. For many users, the overly thick layer of rubbered pads, completed by polyester and linen, exactly fulfill unforeseen functions. 

For instance, the polyester coating deep within absorbs the sharpness on a double-capacity. You see, some furniture feet have sharp bottoms. In most cases, this detail about the furniture is left unchecked. 

The tendency with thin-layered padding is that when it’s used on furniture foot with rough or sharp bottom, it manages to scratch hardwood floor surface. 

The product is also highly durable and reusable. Based on direct usage, it’s been estimated to last for 4-5 years. Designed to absorb impact, abuse and tears, it truly lives up to the reputation set by its predecessor items. 

Like its previous model, it’s guaranteed to support the heaviest furniture types. Its sliding capacity is also especially matched to sustain hardwood floor polish. 

Some drawbacks of the product include high-maintenance and dust-absorbing socks, and a low-quality plastic coating. 


  • Weight & Impact-Resistant
  • Impressive Pad Quality; Rubbered Pads
  • High-Quality Polyester & Linen
  • Thick Layers
  • Highly Durable & Reusable
  • Heaviest Furniture Support


  • High-Maintenance & Dust-Absorbing Socks
  • Low-Quality Plastic Coating

Why choose it?

  • This topnotch series of sliders offers a strong and unique gripping vital for spontaneous furniture transfers.

5. Supersliders Assorted Size and Shape Value Pack

heavy duty furniture sliders

Another masterpiece by the SuperSliders brand, this series of furniture for hardwood floors reigns with its diversity among the super sliders for hardwood floors featured!

  • Assorted Size & Shape Value Pack
  • Self-Stick Quality
  • Best for Carpet Support
  • Felt Pads for High Protection
  • Linen Layers

When it comes to the most number of variants offered, this series of sliders tops all in the SuperSliders brand. Truly, it waves as the most popular item in the market today, thanks to its existing brand reputation of course!

Practical users, above all, should be the first people to be overjoyed by this! Why? Because, it’s a kit. And, it’s not just any ordinary kit because of its 52 items in total. 

The items vary. Different shapes. Sizes. Designs. It’s actually a joy to look at. But, the ultimate question is: do all these satisfy?

Consolidating the reviewers, the felt and the round sliders ranked as the most useful. The rest fall into the 40-50% usability rank. Not bad!

While general favour for the product settles for an 8/10, no one can still deny how beautiful they are to look at. As some reviewers would say, their appearance is almost fashioned for perfection. But in terms of function, well, that requires separate scrutiny. 

Firstly, they’ve got a strong grip. They don’t snap or slide when moving around awkwardly. Fitting and gripping, the rounded and the felt sliders genuinely spells convenience. 

Secondly, their cotton wrap slides easily and matches perfectly with the hardwood floor surface. They’re even known to keep sliding in spite of a rough surface. 

Finally, the product package proves to be most affordable given its 52-piece options. 


  • Most Popular Item 
  • Kit of 52 Items
  • Economical Package 
  • Diverse Package
  • Strong Grip


  • Dust-Prone
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • A most economical package, this popular series of best furniture sliders for hardwood floors has the most slider designs to choose from.

6. Sliders Kit Carpet Sliders & Felt Sliders

best furniture sliders

This latest set of power sliders from the X-Protector brand is designed for big- sized furniture across hardwood floor!

  • Reusable Felt Furniture
  • 4-Piece Square Felts
  • Strong Pads
  • Hard Plastic Quality
  • Highly Durable

Its most prominent feature is an extra-layer of thickness via hard plastic. Reviewers were also particularly pleased by its soft and hard surface options. Yes! You heard it right. There’s one slider for hard surface, and another one for soft. 

This is accordingly due to the manufacturers’ intent of prolonging the sliders. In that manner, one can actually spot its genuine quality– a capacity that is not forced, but is instead balanced and intuitive. All these characteristics show, at one point or another, the product’s durability.

Rating the sliders hard plastic means take a quick look and feel. And, everyone agrees to, it’s a high-quality solid plastic. Beyond the solid finish, the hard plastic enables the furniture feet so slide properly across hardwood floor. 

It’s also proven to move heavy furniture types without snapping or its plastic sliding off most of the time. Its grip is, shall we say, fine, but not really that strong. Experts suggest adding a folded paper inside its hard plastic cover. 

All-in-all, it’s easy to use and put in. It’s also easily carried along due to its non-bulky package. If not for its tendency to resist carpet surface and a loose rubber wrap, I’d deem it perfect! 


  • Extra Layer of Thickness; Hard Plastic Cover
  • Soft & Hard Surface Options; Balanced & Intuitive Quality
  • Highly Durable
  • Solid Finish
  • Best for All Furniture Types


  • Glued ends
  • Drying Difficulty

Why choose it?

  • An equally impressive set of best furniture sliders for carpet, this product covers broad functions, but most prominently on large-size furniture.

7. SuperSliders Furniture Movers for Hardwood Floors

furniture sliders for wood floors

This top furniture sliders for hardwood floor uniquely ranks as the Super Sliders brand’s largest reusable felt sliders! And, they’re large for a good reason. 

  • Reusable Felt Furniture Quality
  • Best for Hardwood Floors
  • 5” Square Pieces
  • Versatile Package
  • Effortless Furniture Transfers

A strengthened felt. Breathable and breezy. Large-sized, measuring up to 5 inches in length, it accommodates flat-bottom furniture like cabinets, sofas, drawers, and even appliances. It’s perfect for all furniture. 

Indeed. After having been reviewed for decades now, its quality is proven to have had remained unchanged. Earning various seals and recognitions in the past, it also rocks as the number one best-selling product under the felted sliders category.

Like most Super Sliders products, it’s guaranteed to provide added convenience to home cleaners or designers working along. It does bear the brand’s mark of empowerment. Eighty percent of users agree on that fact as well. 

While it may appear too bulky, which it actually is, it’s also easily stored. Why? Because it’s sliders are all flat and foldable. And they’re all good for either long-term storage or just a quick push off the way. Why, they work like cushions, recliners, and even pillows. 

Comprised of 4 pieces, it hardly runs our out of supporting space, making it an economic premise. Why, you can already move a cabinet sideways with just one piece. And, its massive size and crazy flatness have so much to take credit for that. 

Like most Super Sliders products, it tends to be a high-maintenance with its massive dust-absorbing capacity. It’s other drawbacks include shipping problems and of course, its bulkiness. 


  • Breathable & Breezy
  • Expanded Size 5”
  • No. 1 Felter Slides Standard
  • Highly-Empowering; 1-Person Taks Enabling
  • Versatile & Multifunctional Capacity


  • High-maintenance 
  • Shipping Problems
  • Bulky Packafe

Why choose it?

  • A felted group from the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors list, it’s comfortable enough to be used as a cushion, but most importantly, it’s highly empowering.

8. Liyic Reusable Furniture Carpet Slider

best furniture sliders for carpet

Packed with strong gripping, holding and sliding capacities, this top set of “Premium Value” sliders from the Liyic brand improves from its own standard– an EVA plush-covered body for hardwood floor traffic. 

  • 9-1/2in X 5-3/4in. Kit
  • 2-in-1 Reusable Furniture Carpet Slider
  • Hardwood Glides
  • Special Sock Sliders
  • Mutli-Directional Sliding Approach

Working like a sock, this product allows several movements, including directions at one push.. It doesn’t snap nor does it slide away even when not properly placed. As a sock-inspired mechanism, it maintains a strong grip even on the slimmest furniture leg. 

Varied in types as well, the set consists of added options on how the furniture is best moved. Probably due to its added size, its sliders accommodate multi-directional movement across hardwood floor.

Some reviewers complain about its awkward dimensions 9-1/2in X 5-3/4in due to unwanted extra-space. For some, it too does not serve well to its breeziness. In fact, it isn’t that breezy at all. If not for its added carpet-sliding pad, it won’t be able to move things around. 

Personally, I do not think that the expanded dimensions is a drawback. It’s been stretched to such reach to fulfill special purposes. And, as it so happened, most Liyic products stand out in terms of fulfilling unnoticeable purposes– cushioned slide, weight distribution, etc. 

Above everything else, this set of sliders would not have been noticed if not for its self-protecting EVA cushion case. Obviously, that feature protects and prolongs its quality.

The only known drawbacks I know of the product center on a dust-absorbing cushion felt, shipping inconsistencies, and apparent lack of breeziness. 


  • Multi-Movement & Multi-Directional Sliders
  • Sock-Inspired Grip/Mechanism
  • Highly Breezy; EVA Cushioned
  • Added Carpet-Sliding Pads for Carpet Movement
  • Cushioned Slide; Proper Weight Distribution; Premium Quality


  • Dust-Absorbing Cushion Felt
  • Shipping Inconsistencies
  • Lack of Breeziness

Why choose it?

  • This top “premium value” product has so much in store thanks to its felted quality, EVA cushion quality and multi-directional sliding approach.

9. Furniture Moving Kit Carpeted and Hard Floor Surfaces

heavy duty furniture sliders

This next top kit of furniture sliders for hardwood floors by the FLERISE brand juggles between ease and versatility.

  • Durable Package/Kit of 16 Items
  • Round-89MM Weight-233
  • EVA Foam Fillings
  • High Reusable Capacity
  • Felt Pads Suitable for All the Furniture Sliders

A kit of 16 pieces, this has been rated by experts and users as another durable package. Well-packed and covered, it supports all furniture weight without bending the slightest. 

It’s also guaranteed to match carpeted floors, vinyl and even cement. Part of its options include a more neutral non-stick fibers. Layered and coated, their slider section grips into all types of furniture feet. Place it on a carpeted floor, and it still grips well. 

Measuring up to specific dimensions: Round-89MM Weight-233G, the sliders enable fast transfer of heavy materials outside furniture. It is made possible by its weight-absorbing EVA foam fillings. 

While it’s not totally anti-scratch, measures can be done to keep it from scratching vinyl floor. Measures including added foam to its base, tightening its grip by overlapping 2 sliders, and reversing the sliders’ cap. 

The sliders can also be used by both ends via a reversible angle. More so, their dual-sided layers absorb the sliding friction. Meaning, the sliders are highly protective as well. 

Ultimately, the sliders are not thick. And so, they’re easily placed under the bottom of the furniture feet. Similarly, thanks to their high reusable capacity, the sliders can be permanently placed under the furniture should you be pleased to do so. 

The main problems people have with the product include a tendency for its sponge to tear away through time, poor usage instructions, a lack of breeziness, some shipping problems. 


  • Well-Packed & Covered
  • Full Furniture Weight Support 
  • Best for Hardwood, Cement, Vinyl & Carpet
  • Non-Stick Fibers; Layered & Coated


  • Tendency for Sponge to Tear Away
  • Poor Usage Instructions
  • Lack of Breeziness
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • A best-for-all-floor type series of sliders, this product, from the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors list, by the Flerise also guarantees an empowering capacity.

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10. Allstar Furniture Moving System for Carpeted & Hard Floor Surfaces

best furniture sliders for carpet

An equally impressive set of furniture sliders from the Allstar Innovations brand, it moves furniture of all types and weights with 10X your natural strength!

  • Highly Empowering
  • Smart Factory Updates
  • Easy Moving System
  • 1 Lifter Tool & 8 Sliders
  • Reusable Quality

It’s undeniably easy and straightforward. With its neat blue designer, this set of sliders also work back to back with an efficient lifter What’s the difference between lifters and sliders then? Well, that self-explanatory. 

A lifter, made from stainless steel bears 10X the regular lifting strength any human can exert. That alone, despite some screw problems, helps one fulfill various moving efforts with a push. 

What’s great about this product, rated the reviewers, is that it’s got an added lifter tool. With its mechanism, you will only have to lift the furniture (using the lifter), place the sliders in, and then slide.

The product package is indeed efficient for all furniture types and weight. Allowing you to do the sliding all by yourself, it should be empowering. In addition to that, it’s got 2-in-1 furniture sliders. So, it should give you more sliding options.

Half of the general reviewers give its durability a poor rating though. With its unmistakable lack of self-protecting gears, the product certainly requires careful handling.

Among other things, its design is simply beautiful. Powered with smart factory updates, it should be easily repaired. A low-maintenance set of sliders, that’s what it is. 

Known problems of the product include deformable pads, breakable casing, tendency to resist carpet surface, and loose screws (in lifter).


  • 10X Regular/Natural Lifting Strenght
  • With Added Lifter
  • 2-in-1 Furniture Sliders
  • Self-Protecting Gears


  • Deformable Pads
  • Breakable Casing
  • Tendency to Resist Carpet Surface
  • Loose Screws

Why choose it?

  • This premiere kit of sliders enables user with a unique lifter that doubles the sliding ease for a one-person job.

What’s In The Best Furniture Sliders: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Moving furniture may seem a remarkable thought, especially when you’re considering warming up. However, recent studies prove that moving furniture across floors doesn’t really warm you up. It only tires you physically to a point.

They say, “at least it’s physical’. Yeah! They should be right on that. But, that actually depends on the physical preparation one executes before doing the task. Otherwise, in the absence of physical preparation, the act could only end up counter-productive. 

And unless one does it at home during the weekend, it would be counter-productive. By all means, you can’t do it in the office. Moving the furniture would be unreasonable.

Now, add in the presence of hardwood floors. Apart from the floor’s disinclination for sliding, it’s also most sensitive to scratch. That reason alone warrants us to look into what’s in the best furniture sliders and purchase the best ones. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep sliding and dip your fingers into our comprehensive buying guide

  • Glued or Non-Glued

Both types are of equal advantage. But if you’re expecting a felted set of sliders, then you might opt for the glued design. The glued design best supports sliders with plastic cover, felted layers, and large-sized sliders. 

The non-glued quality usually matches well with foamed layers. The non-glued item frequently supports weight-absorbing sliders. 

  • Shape, Size & Weight of the Furniture

Before even choosing for the best sliders to buy, consider the shape, size and weight of the furniture you are moving. Consider also the floor type. The best suggestion for this would the mixed qualities from that of the brands– Super Sliders, Smart Surface, and X-Protector.

installing the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors
  • Go for the Recommended Sliders

There isn’t a perfect set of sliders. Even the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors have their share of disadvantages. The standard is obviously subjective. However, if you’re new in the slider’s business, then you opt to learn a thing or two from reviews. Or, you can just ask the shop to recommend it to you.

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What Are Furniture Sliders Exactly?

Sliders , also known as gliders, are small pieces/materials that are placed under the feet of furniture for easy transfer. 

Carrying heavy furniture can take its toll on your body, affecting your posture in the long run. Their main function is to allow easy push and pull on large furniture.

Sliders are usually made of soft/hard rubber, plastic, foam or sponge pads. The plastic or rubber sliders work best on carpeted floors, and the foam/sponge pads match hardwood floors. 

Sometimes, hardwood floors can be demanding. And so, sliders with mixed traits– felted, rubberized, plastic and foam– came in to the scene. Ultimately, the later sliders bear an added grip in the form of a sock-patterned mechanism.

furniture sliders for wood floors

10 Advantages of Using Furniture Sliders

Using furniture sliders, given the dozen of advantages they offer, are not an option, but a requirement. Buying and using the best furniture sliders is imperative. 

Still unconvinced? Hmm.. you’re mind must be that slippery!

Here’s the top 10 advantages of using furniture sliders for you:

  1. They protect the furniture.
  2. They protect the floor from scratches. 
  3. They protect the carpet from tears. 
  4. They allow easy and fast transfer of heavy furniture. 
  5. They protect your body from further injury and posture problems.
  6. They’re very practical and inexpensive to use. 
  7. They’re designed to last long (highly reusable).
  8. They serve several purposes. 
  9. They’re fun to use. 
  10. They’re can be placed permanently under the furniture as an added design.

How to Effectively Use Sliders

Here’s a happy fact: using the heavy-duty furniture sliders is a very easy feat. It does not require the most physical of effort. More so, it does not take much of your time. 

Super-easy. Light. Straightforward. Simple. And, there’s nothing you can’t do with these small helpers.

Now, for a better operation, check out our DIY tips on how to effectively use sliders:

  1. Ask assistance from at least 1 person.  (You can do it on your own if there’s none.
  2. Make sure to remove all tops and objects placed on and in the furniture before sliding them.
  3. Prepare the sliders on the side. 
  4. Ask someone to slant the furniture in its bigger area. 
  5. Ask your partner to suspend the furniture while you install the sliders into the furniture’s feet. 
  6. Make sure the sliders grip well. 
  7. Re-check if there are protrusions in the bottom of the furniture that you missed to wrap with sliders. They easily scratch the floor surface. 
  8. Slide.
  9. Position the furniture to your preferred area. 
  10. Ask your partner to tilt the furniture again to remove the sliders. But if you prefer the sliders underneath, then leave them be.


What can I use to move furniture on hardwood floors?

The best means for moving furniture on hardwood floors is the sliders.

How much weight can furniture sliders hold?

Depending on the quality of the sliders– weight absorption, distribution, etc.– a 500-1,600 lbs furniture can be fully supported.

How do I protect from furniture when moving?

The best way to protect your furniture when moving is by purchasing a deep-layer foamed set of sliders. Or, there are enough number of sliders, you can overlap at 2-3 sliders for protected movement.

Do furniture sliders work on concrete/cement?

Yes, they do.

Can I leave things in the furniture when moving?

No. You cannot leave things in the furniture when moving. That would keep unnecessary weight on the furniture. Ultimately, it can be dangerous.


Based on our detailed review of the best furniture sliders available this year, we were able to determine Smart Surface 8295 3-1/2″ Round Carpet Furniture Sliders as the “Top Pick” product, SuperSliders 4705295N Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors as “Best Value”, and the Liyic 9-1/2in X 5-3/4in.Furniture Moving Kit (8pcs) For All Floor Types/Multi-Surface 2-in-1 Reusable Furniture Carpet Slider as “Premium Value”.

The review also importantly point out the sheer practicality of the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors. The sliders, in their nature, were proven to fulfill multiple tasks at the same time. Another important thing pointed out by the review is the sliders’ highly affordable value. For some, they’re considered priceless.

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