Keep Your Deck Flawless With the Best Fire Pit Mats

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  1. Newtex FirePad Deck Protector
  2. Ember Mat
  3. Northland Deck Defender
Best Fire Pit Mat

If you live in a chilly territory, you should cherish the vibe of a warm fire and the best fire pit mat in your midst. While it can feel comfortable and agreeable as you appreciate the glow from the fire, it can also get upsetting to scour away the consumed marks from the outside of your floors.

On the off chance that you have a wooden floor or other such fragile floors, it very well may be tough to dispose of those burn marks. A fire pit mat will keep such things from further causing damage to your floor’s surface. A fire pit mat is heat safe and will viably shield your feet from damages.

Here are the absolute best fire pit mats which you can purchase on the web.

Here is the List of Best Fire Pit Mats:

  1. Newtex FirePad Deck Protector
  2. Ember Mat
  3. Northland Deck Defender
  4. BioLite Fire Mat
  5. GrillBee – Fire Pit Mat
  6. DeckProtect Fire Pit Pad
  7. Together-life Fireplace Hearth Rug
  8. Flame resistant Mat, Fire Pit Mat
  9. Resilia Round Under Grill Mat 
  10.  DiversiTech  Grill Pad Grill Mat 

Top Picks for the Best Fire Pit Mats (A Product Review)

Get your fire burning and make sure you are sitting comfortably in this cold season! There’s nothing like a share of stories and barrage of food to keep everyone entertained.

1. Newtex FirePad Deck Protector

The FirePad Deck Protector provides definitive high-temperature insurance, which reflects up to 95% of brilliant warmth up into the clouds from your yard, grass, or deck. The FirePad is built from different mechanical evaluation layers with high-temperature textures, similar materials utilized in gear for fire containment covers with military-grade and airplane firefighters!

The best part is that this fire pit grass protector from Newtex produces the item in Rochester, New York, USA! Newtex has over 40 years of involvement with warmth and fire security and has gotten the FirePad through thorough testing to guarantee it surpasses your desires.


  • Accessible in either 24″ or 36″ distance across
  • Planned and made in the United States of America
  • Reflects heat with Z-flex innovation


  • Must be gotten together and put away after each utilization

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

The Newtex fire cushion deck defender is a 24″ round flame-resistant mat. It is utilized for securing the decking, concrete, or grass while at the same time cooking or getting a charge out of a fire. Fire pits can be set over the Newtex cushion, planned with z-block innovation to secure both charcoal and fire consumes.

2. Ember Mat

The Ember Mat at 72″x 60″ is utilized to ensure your grass, deck, campground, and yard from popping coals and trickling oil. The fireproof deck mat accompanies eight grommets to sufficiently tie it down to the ground.

The Ember mat is covered with food-grade silicone, making it incredibly simple to tidy up from any wrecks brought about by cooking. Food-Grade Silicone Coating guarantees the Ember Mat will not cause tingling when dealt with and won’t get strands into your food in case of a runaway wiener.


  • Intelligent edging around evening time
  • Accompanies eight grommets for ground security 
  • A simple wipe and clean silicone surface


  • Will not stop the transferring of heat to the ground surface when utilized with fire pits under the airspace of 10-inches between the mat and the lower part of the fire pit.

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

The Ember Mat keeps hot popping ashes and debris from harming or dirtying the ground around your fire pit or barbecue. The Mat can be utilized related to low effect fire pits/dish to meets no follow necessity in all BLM and USFS lands and stops.

3. Northland Deck Defender

This fire-resistant mat is an all-metal warmth shield. No get together is needed for the Northland Online deck protector. Unload and find a spot where you plan to utilize it. Barbecues, smokers, fire pits, and chimineas can be put right over the head of this rigid structure. It has a weight limit of 350 pounds and a long term guarantee.

“Deck Defender and Grass Guard” is the first all-metal warmth shield planned and produced by Northland Metal Industries in the USA. Keep an eye out for low-quality unfamiliar impersonations; the warmth shield lets you securely work wood and gas-consuming fire pits on your wood deck, manufactured wood deck, concrete surfaces, or yard.


  • 26″ x 26″ in size to oblige fire pits, flame broils, and smokers
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds as much as 350 pounds
  • The long term restricted warranty of 2 years
  • 100% flame resistant


  • Lower steel sub-outline and aluminum top plate work together in a 2-piece development, which you can’t dismantle

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

The mat blocks heat by adjusting three components that apply to the standards of heat transferring. 1) Metals with a high shine easily reflect heat, 2) It utilizes aluminum as a sink for warmth, and 3) Metals with multiple layers and air spaces in the middle make a protection impact since air is a poor heat conductor.

NASA utilizes this guideline in protecting space suits and rockets. Basic, no moving parts, lightweight, or require maintenance.

4. BioLite Fire Mat Ground Protector FirePit

To secure your ground while lighting a fire, all you will need is the BioLite Fire Mat. You can utilize any heat source, be it paper or logs, while using this surface to light a fire. It will shield your hardwood from damages.

Regularly, flying coals can burn a wooden body or leave a dark imprint over it. With this mat set up, you can adequately shield your floors. It is a heat shield for fire pit on deck and endures high temperatures as well. With a mesh carry bag that comes with the purchase, the Fire Mat gets together effectively and is prepared for your next ember.


  • Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Fabric


  • May be small for your fire pit.

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

The Fire Mat is intended to reflect a brilliant warmth, making it a perfect answer for decks, porches, yards, and other touchy surfaces.

5. GrillBee – Fire Pit Mat

The GrillBee fire pit mat for deck is a 36 inch ensuring a carpet you can place beneath the grill that will shield your deck from flame broils, fire pits that consume wood, and smokers. The GrillBee arrives in an adaptable round shape that is both versatile and lightweight.

This mat accompanies 100% consumer guaranteed satisfaction. The GrillBee has an underside that is non-slip and reflects 95% of the warmth upward and away from yards, grass, or decking because of its reflective surface made from aluminum.


  • Lightweight and simple to move
  • Reflects 95% of descending brilliant warmth
  • Heat-resistant and heat-retardant 


  • The only size option is the 36” round design.

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

Appropriate for regular everyday use all through the seasons. The GrillBee is intended for lightweight versatility that stays aware of dynamic ways of life and new undertakings. Carry it with you outdoors, to back ends and picnics, to the seashore, and gain experiences with loved ones the entire year!

6. DeckProtect Fire Pit Pad

This deck defender mat has layers of carbon woven with volcanic stone strands. It is likewise weatherproofed to utilize in various seasons and will neither rust nor decay. This cushion has had tests to resist heat up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. There is an included rack that makes a rigid base and considers better airflow to prevent moisture accumulation.

Whether your deck comprises composite or wood, the DeckProtect fire pit cushion will ensure it provides the necessary protection. This fire pit pad is additionally accessible in a few distinct sizes from 12 to 36 inches square. Just pick the fire pit mat size that will best accommodate your fire pit and the encompassing region to ensure that your deck is completely secured.


  • Different square sizes accessible going from 12″ to 36″ wide
  • Resists temperatures up to 1400 degrees F
  • Secures both composite and wooden decking
  • Has a carbon filler layer for extra insulating from brilliant warmth


  • Non-portable
  • May be heavy

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

Appreciate clear nights with the glow of your outside fire pit when you utilize this DeckProtect fire pit cushion. This flame-resistant carpet secures both composite decks and wooden decking. It permits you to make the most of your burst for quite a long time without stressing over possible dangers.

This deck mat forestalls harm that may somehow happen to your deck, for example, scratches or debris consumes. Summer evenings are substantially more pleasant when you don’t need to stress over inadvertently consuming your wooden deck as you and your loved ones enjoy around your deck fire pit.

7. Together-life Fireplace Hearth Rug

This simple to clean floor covering mat comes in alluring tones to improve your fire pit’s vibe while ensuring it simultaneously. The rug has been sagaciously intended to amplify airflow beneath it too. It can oppose high temperatures and will shield your floors from damage.

The carpet has been produced using great PVC strands, which will keep it from getting damaged without any problem. It has been sewed flawlessly and, in this manner, can oppose edged fraying. It is anything but difficult to clean and needs less support. 


  • PVC-Free
  • A non-slip surface keeps barbecue mats from slipping. 
  • Waterproof support forestalls spill through 
  • Tidies up effectively with a hose and soap
  • Widespread fit for under most barbecue grills


  •  Too thin 

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

The hearth fire pit mat is intended to secure the regions before a chimney or front of a smokestack from flashes, stray ashes, or debris. It has a 2.5 mm premium thickness that opposes heat up to 500 Fahrenheit.

8. Flame resistant Mat, Fire Pit Mat

The set of fireproof mats come with an associated burn barrel. The barrel can be utilized to light the fire. It is a wholly estimated mat and is circular that will fit any pit. Try to keep it at at least two inches of range from the warmth source. The Deck Protector is accessible in various sizes, and you can choose one according to your preference. It has a high capacity to bear the heat and won’t get harmed without any problem. 


  • Heat resistant
  • Unique size for varied fire pits


  • Requires two inches of space between the source of heat and the deck

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

This fire pit mat for wood deck has a fireproof rating of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll see that it mirrors the warmth effectively that its surface feels cool to touch.

 9. Resilia Round Under Grill Mat 

Your barbecuing meetings can be made cleaner and more charming if you don’t spend too much time cleaning. With this mat, you will have the option to shield your floor’s surface from heat, oil, and soil spots, which are frequently the final products of flame broiling on a surface.

If you don’t have a yard or any such location, you can utilize this mat to barbecue in any territory. The carpet is heat and oil safe, along these lines will shield your floors from getting untidy. It is effortless to clean and can be placed in the clothes washer as well. 


  • Flexible PVC vinyl shields your yard from oil, grease, charcoal, rust.
  • Flame Retardant 
  • Simple Cleanup: Wash down with cleanser and water 
  • Made with substantial, water-proof plastic for dependable toughness 
  • Eco-friendly: Made with reused vinyl; Phthalate, DINP, and BPA free 


  •  Moisture may get trapped beneath.

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

Purchasing this grill mat is one of the few things you have to do to prevent harm to your wooden floor. If you spread your deck with these floor mats, at that point, you can undoubtedly move them and accomplish the dirty work without stress.

The carpets are anything but difficult to clean also. They are portable and can be quickly taken out for a quick wash without making a mess.

 10. DiversiTech Grill Pad Grill Mat 

All you need is this mat to shield your fragile yard flooring from getting harmed in the high warmth from the fire pit or grill. The carpet arrives at an enormous size, which is appropriate for securing the floor. It tends to be utilized on a wide assortment of textures and has a long life.

You can move the mat up effectively as it is exceptionally adaptable and, in this manner, will occupy significantly less room for capacity.

Secure your composite or wood deck and porch surfaces from sparks, spills, and stains with the round “Original” Grill Pad by Diversitech. The unique concrete fiber material will ensure your deck in a way that is better than plastic, and metal flame broils cushions since it does not rust nor dissolve melt under the sun. 


  • Dependable patio and Deck Protection
  • Brown tone and round shape work out in the right way for different outside space styles. 
  • It is produced using selective fiber concrete. At 8 pounds, it is sufficiently hefty to remain secured to the ground. 
  • Wipe with a gentle cleanser and water—no need for scrubbing! 


  •  Can be too thin

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

The Grill Pad is made of a restrictive material made from fiber concrete, which makes it warm and climate-safe, adaptable, and stable. The remarkable concrete fiber material will ensure a heat shield for fire pit on deck in a way that is better than plastic, and metal flame broils cushions since it won’t rust, and it won’t soften or corrupt in daylight.

The mat won’t adhere to a composite deck surface as it doesn’t contain elastic support material.

11. Fire Resistant Protective Mat

Fire-safe up to 600°, this hardcore fire pit protective mat is a thoughtful, straightforward approach to keep any surface safe from outrageous warmth. It likewise shields surfaces from cooking oil, stains, and spills. The mat also passes the Federal Flammability Standard DOC FF1-70.


  • Substantial, mechanical evaluation elastic.
  • Round tangle with shaped compass plan
  • Shields from spills, fire, stains, and heat
  • Fire impervious to 600°
  • Nitrile elastic won’t form, buildup or decay.
  • Dependable, simple, viable


  • Not suggested for wooden floor

Why You Should Buy This Fire Pit Mat

Ensure outside surfaces against warmth, fire, and harm with the Fire Pit and Grill Mat. The almost 3′ dia. mat with a shaped compass configuration is ideal for circular fire pits and pot grills, just as chimeneas, fryers, and smokers.

What Functions Can Fire Pits Have?


Some models are furnished with metal meshes that can be valuable for barbecuing as well. On the off chance that the model you pick doesn’t, it won’t be hard looking for one that fits over the highest point of your fire pit. There are a few alternatives accessible.

Engaging Surface

Many fire pits have surrounds or tops that permit you to utilize the surface for drinks and food. What could be more special while appreciating the glow of a popping fire.

Open-Air Living Space Accent

Your fire pit will be a fascinating accent piece in your outside living space. It won’t make any difference if its thundering fire is warming and your visitors, or its filling in as an improvised footstool. With a wide range of beautiful alternatives accessible, you’re sure to discover a fire pit that will accommodate your engaging style and stylistic theme.

What Kinds of Fuel do Fire Pits Use?

  • Wood – Logs, kindling, and wood pieces are utilized to fuel the most straightforward fire pits. The sorts of wood you consume will probably rely upon your geological area and nearby sources.
  • Propane – Propane fueled fire pits use a gas tank, making them helpful and safe to utilize. The underlying venture might be higher. However, these units are proficient and outperform gaseous petrol-fueled fire pits by a wide margin.
  • Natural gas – These models are typically introduced in an area that is permanent and connected with the gas source of your home. For the most part, natural gas units have a higher advanced expense since they need installation from professionals. In any case, it will eventually balance the scale because natural gas can be a more affordable fuel alternative generally.
  • Gel – Many little or tabletop models of fire pit utilize a gel that includes a substance that doesn’t radiate the scent of any smoke.
  • Bio-ethanol – Another “clean” fuel for your fire pit fuel is very useful and doesn’t deliver any cinders or smoke.
  • Charcoal – Provides a more modest fire. However, warms equitably and is effortlessly controlled outside.

Do’s and Don’ts For Using a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck

Climate Conditions

  • Do: It is best to use a fire pit on a wood deck during quiet climate conditions. A little breeze is subtle and will not cause your fire to catch on furniture accidentally.
  • Don’t: Never utilize your fire pit during windy conditions, particularly on a wood deck. This puts your house, deck, and different resources in danger since fire can undoubtedly travel when it is blustery out.

Extra Layers

  • Do: Pour two or three crawls of sand at the lower part of the fire pit before lighting it. Doing so offers more protection and makes an extra layer between the fire and your wood deck.
  • Don’t: Despite having your fire pit on a stand and a heat-safe mat surrounding the outside of your deck, don’t light a fire without setting an extra layer.

Additionally, having sand as a layer at the bottom of your pit will delay your fire pit cushion’s quality and adequacy.

Spark Screens

  • Do: Invest in a spark screen for your fire pit for extra assurance against flying flashes. This will keep ashes from going noticeable all around and consuming close by things.

Also, it is smart to have a poker instrument accessible so you can, without much of a stretch, control the logs and flares in your open-air fireplace.

  • Don’t: Avoid having an open fire on your fire pit. As referenced before, sparks and ember will generally travel, particularly in windy conditions, so ensure you have the proper embellishments to secure your fire.

Protective Surface

  • Do: Use a fire pit mat for wood deck to shield your deck from ash, embers, and gas. These cushions come in various materials, such as metal and stone, to keep the wood on your deck ensured right around your fire pit.

Notwithstanding utilizing a mat, consistently use the stand the fire pit accompanies. Indeed, you would prefer not to put a fire bowl directly above it despite having a fire pit mat.

  • Don’t: Never place your fire pit right over a wooden deck. The warmth, ash, and flying sparks can genuinely harm your deck and likewise prompt a hazardous fire.


  • Do: Pick an area that is a long way from any combustible things, including your home, overhangs, or furnishings. Your fire pit ought to, in any event, be 10 feet from your home and different things as a general rule.
  • Don’t: Ensure you don’t put your fire pit right next to anything that can, without much of a stretch, burst into flames.

Even if it might appear as though it is far enough away, consistently measure and make sure that the fire is 10 feet from anything combustible. Remember that the fire in your fire pit can travel far and may place your furniture and home in more danger during windy days.

A Buying Guide for Fire Pit Mats

Here are a few variables you ought to consider before purchasing.

Know its Use

Fire-resistant mats are best used to secure the deck where you place your grill or fire pit. The carpets will shield the yard and patio from hot coals that tumble to the ground. Likewise, heat-safe mats are efficient to use under a barbecue or fire pit to get any hot drippings that may spill or splatter when cooking.

When do You Need One?

You need a heat-resistant mat when you are cooking or engaging on a wooden deck. Wood is the most powerless to harm from drippings, coals, and flares. The fire-proof mat will shield the wood decking from burn marks that can happen.

Material and Development

The most significant thing that gives your deck defender mat its capacity to resist heat is its material. Fire pit protective mats are created with an assortment of materials. Some are all-metal, while there are also others produced using volcanic stone fiber. Others are made with various materials combined. Its fabric will decide how much security you will get from your mat.

Shape and Size

Firepit mats arrive in an assortment of sizes. Some are round, while others are rectangular. According to your fire pit, the body isn’t generally a test. The mat’s size is very significant.

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Would you be able to Put A Fire Pit On A Wood Deck?

Truly! Be that as it may, you must be exceptionally mindful to ensure the wood against the hot temperatures produced by the fire pit. With a thundering fire, some fire pits can arrive at 1200 degrees F, well over the temperature that your wooden deck can handle.

What Are Heat-Resistant Mats for Fire Pits?

Firepit mats are little to giant cushions that go about as a warm shield between your fire pit and your floor’s surface. Rather than blowing the warmed air to your composite material or valuable wood, the fire pit cushion brings the warmth to an abrupt halt.

What Size Do I Need?

You’ll need to take care to guarantee the fire pit cushion you purchase is sufficiently enormous to secure your wood deck against heat appropriately. Any fire pit mat shape and size will help, but to ensure no harm will go to your wood, you should gauge your current fire pit to perceive what measurements you’ll require.


Everybody loves the glow and comfortable inclination we receive from our outside fire pits. Be that as it may, every individual who knows the magnificence of fire is likewise mindful of how damaging it very well may be, particularly when mishandled.

The fire pit heat can harm your grass or deck if the additional safeguard isn’t taken, which is why other than your fire pit, you ought to get a deck defender or fire pit mat to keep your wooden deck or flawless grass from getting heat harmed.

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