15 Best Finish Nailer in 2020

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Back when there were only hammering tools and traditional ways of woodworking, it was a tedious task. Carpenters are at the risk of hitting or splintering fingers, or the wood may break. But now, advanced and innovative tools provide easier access to renovations and repairs. Working with wood needs safe but effective tools, and one of the most popular hand tools to ease the burden of working with wood is a finish nailer.  

Finish nailers are basically hammers in the form of guns, and once you use one, you will never want to go back to hammers again. The best finish nailers drive the nails into the wood without you expending any effort or encountering any major hassle. 

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15 Best Finish Nailers 

This review lists out the 15 best and most sought-after finish nailers in the market today. 

1. DeWalt D51257K

finish nailer reviews

DeWalt has always been a pioneer in the manufacturing of power tools and is among the most trusted and respected brands. With their advanced technology, they are leading manufacturers of unparalleled woodworking equipment. The D51257K 1-inch to 2-½ inch 16-gauge finish nailer is a pneumatic tool full of top-notch features, and may just be one of their best yet. 

The finish nailer’s Sealed Lube Dual Technology, an automatic lubrication system, means that it can be operated with or without an oil lubricant. The magazine can hold up to 100 16-gauge finish nails measuring from 1 inch to 2½ inches, and accepts sizes from 2d to 7d, even 8d, without running into any problems. 

The DeWalt D51257K operates on a pressure level of 70-120 pounds per square inch (PPI). There will be fewer trips to the compressor because the tool contains a nail depth adjustment feature directly on the nailer’s body. The project you are working on will be safe from damages and scratches because of its no-mar tip. Its internal piston catch affords excellent accuracy and drives on each shot, and on the off-chance that something jams, then the tool-free jam extraction and removal feature will come in extra handy. Furthermore, the D51257K provides excellent comfort and safety because of easy reloading, a no-slip grip handle, and an all-around, 360-degree exhaust to direct air away from the operator. 

With its bevvy of features contributing to its versatility, precision, and quality, the high-performing DeWalt D51257K is perfect for professionals and beginners alike. Many finish nailer reviews tout this tool as one of the best finish nailers in the market today, and it is worthy of being called as such.


  • Lots of useful features, such as tool-free clearing, nail depth adjustment, no-mar tip, and 360-degree exhaust
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Operates with air
  • Included in the purchase are a 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, the tool’s carrying case, and sample finish nails. 
  • Reasonable price for its features


  • It is a straight finish nailer; using it at an angle will not work 

Why You Should Choose

This lightweight and durable finish nailer combines all the useful features of bulkier and more expensive brands and puts it in one unit. Owing to its high quality, the DeWalt D51257K is apt for a wide variety of woodworking and nail finishing applications. 

2. Hitachi NT65MA4

finish nailer

Hitachi Ltd is a globally-famous corporation most notably known for its top of the line products for many different areas, such as digital, transportation, and industrial. And one of their high-quality products is the Hitachi NT65MA4. 

The Hitachi NT65MA4 is a worthwhile finish nailer to check out when you need an excellent pneumatic 15-gauge. With its 34-degree magazine angle, it can reach the tighter and more awkward spaces where a straight nailer cannot reach.

Constructed using top-grade aluminium materials, this nailer is durable and lightweight, weighing only a meagre 4.2 lbs. It accepts nail sizes anywhere starting from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches. 

THe NT64MA4 features an actuation mode selection switch, allowing a seamless transition between sequential and bump modes. Other features include a no-mar tip, an integrated air duster to clean your workspace, and a fully-adjustable exhaust portal. Adjusting the tool’s depth-of-drive does not require any kind of device. 

Overall, the Hitachi NT65MA4 is a worthy choice to users who frequently like to switch modes, while still being a fantastic purchase for all your nailing needs. 

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  • Reasonable price for its features
  • A wealth of convenient features, such as tool-free depth adjustment, no-mar tip, and air duster
  • 34-degree angle makes nailing in odd angles easier
  • Mode change through one push of a switch 
  • 5-year limited warranty, with a 90-day warranty on parts such as O-rings, pistons, and drivers


  • Jam removal is not tool-free

Why You Should Choose

The Hitachi NT65MA4 is full to the brim with features handy for both beginner and professional. The angled magazine lets you get to those tight spaces with ease. A fully-adjustable depth of drive allows for improved control. 

3. DeWalt DC618K

best nail gun

DeWalt DC618K boasts cordless power, owing to its 18V XRP battery power source. With this, the DC618K is perfect for more heavy-duty demands, while also being applicable to simple DIY needs. 

It has some of the same features as its brothers the D51257K, such as a no-mar tip, tool-free adjustment and jam clearing, 360-degree exhaust, and the same nail specifications. However, it has a 20-degree angled magazine and a larger magazine capacity of 120 nails.

The user experience is likewise improved by the LED spotlight allowing you to work in dimly-lit areas, and safety is not an issue with its Contact Trip Lock-off feature, which disables the trigger when the tool is not in use. Furthermore, its battery will let you work more hours without charging. It is one of the best nail guns in the market today, and it costs not that much of a pretty penny.


  • Battery power source means a cordless tool 
  • Long battery life
  • Well-built and durable 
  • Two modes: sequential allows for precise placing, bump allows for speed 
  • The LED allows work in dark areas
  • 6-position dial


  • Quite heavy

Why You Should Choose

The DeWalt DC618K is one of the best cordless finish nailers out there today. Finish your projects without the added hassle of oil or cords. When there is no other power source, count on DeWalt DC618K to get the job done.

4. Bostitch N62FNK-2

best 16 gauge finish nailer

Bostitch is notable for its top-quality fastening equipment, and its N62FNK-2 angled finish nailer is no exception. 

The N62FNK-2 is perfect for finishing the finer details owing to its adjustable settings, and four angled profile tips. It is also the first 15-gauge best finish nailer in the world to sport a quiet rear exhaust so that air would not interfere with you and your project. The removable angled magazine ensures precise operation even in hard to reach areas and could hold up to 130 nails, more than many as stated in 15-gauge nailers reviews. 

The pneumatic drive exerts 70 to 120 PPI of pressure, ideal for many applications. Other features include an on-tool air blower, a trigger for different modes, a trigger lock-out for safety purposes, a no-mar pad for lower risk of damaging your project, an LED for more comfortable work in dimly lit areas, and oil-free operation and maintenance. 

What the main advantage the Bostitch N62FNK-2 is its lightweight magnesium casing, allowing for a more extended time of use without putting much strain on your hands, especially for overhead applications such as for ceilings and hanging shutters.   


  • Durable and extremely lightweight
  • Convenient features such as oil-free operation, LED light, tool-free jam clearing, removable magazine, and adjustable depth
  • Long 7-year limited warranty 
  • Ergonomic and easy to handle


  • Quite expensive

Why You Should Choose

Power is packed in this comfortable and lightweight device. Even though it is a bit more pricey, the Bostitch N62FNK-2 is still a value pick for those who need a long-lasting finish nailer. 

5. NuMax SFN64

15 gauge finish nailer vs 16 gauge

The NuMax SFN64 is one of the cheapest products in this list but has no shortage of features that punches above its price range. The SFN64 contains the same features as other top brands, such as tool-less depth customization, a sequence trigger, a 360-degree exhaust, and a no-mar tip. Also, the tool has a quick-release latch for easy correction of jams, and an anti-dust cap to keep the parts of your device clean. 

For extra durability, the NuMax SFN64 has rubber O-rings and a one-piece drive blade inside a durable aluminum casing. All these features for a significantly cheaper product are what lands NuMax SFN64 in this best finish nailer list. 


  • Significantly lower price, but has a lot of features
  • Finger depth adjustment 
  • Quick and easy jam release 
  • Adjustable exhaust 
  • Also cheaper nails


  • No bump actuation mode, only sequential 

Why You Should Choose

Perfect for both interior and exterior finishes, the NuMax SFN64 delivers premium-grade value at a fraction of a premium-grade price.

6. Freeman PFN1564

finishing nailer review

Freeman should always be in your radar when thinking about purchasing a worthwhile 15-gauge pneumatic finish nailer. And the PFN1564 model is on top of that list. Compatible with 1.25-inch to 2.5-inch 15-gauge nails and sporting a unique 34-degree angle, the Freeman PFN1564 model is great for applications such as furniture building, cabinetry, and crown molding.

Its dual trigger mode finish means you can choose your firing mode, contact or sequential. The jam clearing process is quick and almost effortless thanks to its tool-less quick release feature. Its rubber grip affords a secure hold, and Teflon O-rings protect the inside of this device. The die-cast anodized aluminum casing and parts make it lightweight, but still extremely robust. 


  • Adjustable finger depth 
  • Dual trigger mode 
  • 34-degree angle fits into odd spaces 
  • Oil-free operation
  • Soft, secure, and comfortable grip 
  • Quick-jam release 
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Depth adjustment is quite tricky to figure out

Why You Should Choose

The Freeman PFN1564 is just an all-around great tool packed with plenty of features, and a 7-year warranty backs your purchase. 

7. Makita AF601

15 gauge finish nailer reviews

Founded in 1915 as a company that specializes in electric motor sales and repair, Makita has then evolved into a world-renowned company specializing in dependable power tools. The 16-gauge straight finish nailer AF601 is a popular Makita nailer tool, and for a good reason. 

The AF601 stuffs a lot of useful features in a compact, lightweight nailer. A tool-less depth adjustment, a nail lock-out system to help you avoid dry-firing when the magazine is empty, a built-in air duster to clear your workpiece, and a dual-mode selector switch comprise this tool, rounded up by a dependable and robust motor.  

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Additionally, the Makita AF601 comes with a reversible belt hook which allows you to rest the nailer within reach when not in use, a multi-directional exhaust port that will not let air interfere in your work, and an air duster to clear debris. 


  • Durable, lightweight, and compact owing to its Magnesium body
  • Full of features 
  • Lock-out mechanism to prevent dry-firing
  • Efficient motor build and design
  • Reversible belt hook works for both right-and left-handed users


  • Not angled, so it will have a hard time fitting into odd spaces

Why You Should Choose

Trusted by woodworkers and carpenters, the Makita AF601 is a popular tool because of its wealth of features all in a compact frame. 

8. Paslode 902400

cordless finish nailer reviews

Finishing nailer reviews tout feature-packed cordless 16-gauge Paslode 902400 finish nailer as one of the best cordless nail guns out there. 

The device features a unique “in-can” fuel system for reliable use. With the battery, it weighs a mere 4.5 lbs, contributing to its ease of handling and operation. Lithium-ion battery technology enables fast charging and efficient power usage for the device, allowing you to work for longer and charge for less. 

Other features present in the Paslode 902400 are also commonly found in other products in this list, such as a pro-grade depth adjustment, an ergonomic handle, no-mar tip, and a reversible belt hook. 


  • Relatively lightweight, even with the battery
  • Rapid charging time 
  • A little bit more power than standard pneumatic drivers and purely battery operated ones 
  • Pro-grade depth adjustment 
  • Oil-free operation 
  • Improved ergonomics 


  • Expensive, because fuel cells are bought separately 

Why You Should Choose

The Paslode 902400 has a little bit more power than usual because of its fuel ignited battery, and a cordless unit allows for freedom of use and mobility. 

9. Bostitch BCN662D1 

nail gun without compressor

Bostitch, a leading manufacturer of reliable power tools, manufactures the BCN662D1 packed to the brim with useful features for effective and efficient finish nailing.  This product is surely a part of the best finish nailer list.

The device is purely powered by a 20V battery that charges fast for minimum downtime. Its engine drives into wood 16-gauge straight finish nails measuring anywhere between 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches – which is perfect for most household applications and definitely a gem in the list of best 16 gauge finish nailer. Applications in small or odd places are also a breeze for BCN662D1 because of its narrow nose design. 

LED lights help you work in dim environments, and the tool-free jam release adds to its ease of use. A tool-free stall release mechanism also exists for easier resetting of the driver blade in the case of a stall. 


  • Battery-operated means no need for oil 
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Convenient features 
  • Narrow nose allows accurate nail placement 
  • Functional LED lights 


  • Quite heavy and bulky, being a whole kit instead of too only

Why You Should Choose

Bostitch BCN662D1 is a straight nailer that can also fit into smaller spaces because of its narrow nose. Purely battery operated, oil is not needed in any way. 

10. Senco 4G0001N FinishPro

Best Finish Nailer

Senco Products, Inc. has been producing durable and high quality tools worldwide. They focus on advanced tools used in construction, renovation, remodelling, and assembly. The Senco FinishPro is one of their best offerings, a lightweight finish nailer full of useful features. 

The tool’s magnesium housing makes it light, while still providing durability for the long hours. The main body and driver has been updated to last for years to come. Bright or galvanized 1.25- to 2.5-inch nails are no problem because this tool can effortlessly drive it into the hardest woods. 

A depth-of-drive adjustable through a thumbwheel, a magazine capacity of 104 nails, its economic grip are its main features. A latch that will clear jams dubbed as the EZ-Clear and its NeverLube technology that does away with oil or lubricants are also additions to the main arsenal.


  • Lightweight
  • NeverLube technology requires no messy lubricants
  • Clear jams fast with EZ-Clear latch 
  • Durable body 
  • Adjustable exhaust 
  • No-mar pads


  • Users complain of the tool’s rubber tip 

Why You Should Choose

It’s upgraded driver and body lends to a long life, and its upgraded trigger reach allows you to work on more concealed spaces. The balanced design allows the user to get results with the utmost ease.

11. Bostitch BTFP72156 Smart Point

best nail gun

Bostitch’s legacy in top-of-the-line tools continues with one of the best finish nailer model. The ultra-lightweight and durable Bostitch BTFP72156 contains the company’s Smart Point technology that allows exact nail placement. The accurate technology and lightweight build lessen the strain on the user. 

This Smart Point model can be operated even without the messy oil or lubricant. The dial-a-depth control allows the accurate sinking of nails. The usual tool-free jam release and air blowing mechanisms are also present. A trigger system that lets you switch between contact or sequential depending on your need. The BTFP72156 uses 15 gauge FA-style angled finish nails that range from 1.25 inches to 2.50 inches in length. 

One more desirable trait of this tool is the warranty included in the purchase, which runs for a long seven years. 


  • Durable build while being lightweight
  • Easy nail removal with a tool-free release system 
  • SmartPoint mechanism drives nails accurately 
  • Angled magazine allows for the convenience of use even for tight spaces. 
  • The seven-year warranty guarantees extended safety


  • Sometimes, nail jamming occurs 

Why You Should Choose

The Bostitch BTFP72156 is a worthy alternative for many finish nailers because it contains many of the useful features of other tools, with the addition of Bostitch’s Smart point technology.  

12.  DeWalt DC628K XRP 

best 16 gauge finish nailer

DeWalt combines the fast pace of an air-powered nailer and the accuracy of a nail gun in this durable cordless tool. The perfect tool to use in many woodworking applications, the DC628K is durable and feature-packed. 

The XRP in the name means that the unit is fully powered by a rechargeable 18-volt XRP NiCad battery, doing away with the cords. The rear load magazine angled at a 34-degree configuration can hold up to 110 nails and combined with the narrow nose, enables access to awkward spaces. Sequential and high-speed firing is interchangeable depending on the need.  

Other features include a swing-open nosepiece for seamless jam clearing, LED lights for working under dim lights, a safety lock-off to keep from dry-firing, and precise depth-control. The sturdy materials ensure that the device will last for a long time. 


  • Durable 
  • Jammed with convenient features 
  • The engine is consistently powerful and accurate 
  • Easy access to the jam-clearing nosepiece 
  • Two modes – sequential and bump. 


  • Quite heavy 

Why You Should Choose

The DeWalt DC628K XRP has incredible features to boast about, and the two-year warranty on the XRP battery gives you a sense of security. 

13. PowRyte 16-Gauge

15 gauge finish nailer vs 16 gauge

The PowRyte 16-gauge straight finish nailer is a favorite among woodworkers especially the beginners and DIYers because the PowRyte is made for them. Because of this, it does not require a hefty investment. However, it is full of features also useful for a professional, such as a tool-free adjustment, a jam release mechanism, and an exhaust port to direct air away from the user. 

One of its newer features is the reload indicator to tell when you are running low on nails. Its plastic and the cast aluminum casing is durable. The PowRyte is perfect for light jobs, although admittedly, it is not that professional grade. 


  • Tool-free depth-adjustment
  • Adjustable exhaust port
  • Easily cleared blockages 
  • Reloader indicator 


  • Not professional grade 

Why You Should Choose

For the lighter house jobs that need woodworking, the PowRyte 16-Gauge is a great budget choice. 

14. Valu-Air T64C 

finishing nailer review

Another value choice is the Valu-Air T64C, which delivers the perfect performance for housework and DIYs but not for heavy-duty use. Designed to drive 16-gauge nails with lengths of ⅞-inch up to 2 ½-inches, the Valu-Air T64C makes decorative trimming, skirting, molding, and much more tasks a breeze. 

Its ergonomic handle, selective actuation trigger to switch between two modes, and no-mar tips are features usable by both pro and newbie. The heat-treated aluminum casing ensures that the device will not break down in the face of heavy demand. 


  • A bevy of useful features for both the inexperienced and the professional
  • Heat-treated aluminum is durable 
  • Selective actuation triggers allow for transition between two modes 
  • Great value for money 


  • Nail jams on occasion 

Why You Should Choose

The Valu-Air T64C’s main selling point is its reliability that strikes well and truly above its price point. This best finish nailer is ideal for the homeowner needing quick woodworks, or a hobbyist with a tight budget.

15.  F32 18-Gauge

15 gauge finish nailer reviews

The F32 is one of the best finish nailers in the Chinese market today, and is a worthy investment for just about anywhere in the world, especially when the price is your primary concern. 

Despite its small price tag, it still performs well and has features not commonly found in its price point. The split nose design makes clearing jams fast and easy, and the no-mar tip prevents damages, especially on softwood. The F32 also sports a convenient reload indicator, and along with a lock-out feature so the user will not dry-fire. 


  • Highly economical and affordable 
  • Convenient features, such as jam removal, reload indicator, and no-mar tips 


  • Not ideal for working with hardwood 

Why You Should Choose

The low price is F32’s most attractive point, and its features add even more value to the already worthwhile purchase. 

Buying Guides: What to Look For In A Finish Nailer

Every seasoned woodworker or hobbyist is expected to own the best finish nailer. There are tons of models to choose from out there, but not everything is the same. You need to select the best among them, and here are some things to take note of when purchasing the best finish nailer. 

Straight vs Angled: This refers to the angle of their magazine. Both types have their pros and cons, so choose wisely depending on your needs. Straight finish nailers are commonly bulkier and use thinner nails, and are also less expensive than their angled counterparts. Angled nailers are more expensive and drive nails deep. Their main difference is when used in tight corners, where angled nailers shine. 

Size and weight: A finishing job lasts for hours, sometimes days, on end. A heavy tool means more strain to your arms and hands, while smaller nailer tools allow access at different angles and narrower spaces.

Durability: Of course, who wants a device that will break down the first couple of uses? Durability is a vital component of any power tool, nailers no exception. Never compromise or skimp on durability to save dollars; it may cost you more in the long-run to periodically repair your equipment.

Nail Depth: The depth needed to drive nails varies with the kind of wood you are working on. Some nailers have a built-in adjustable depth control, while others have none and would require separate tools. Choose what works best for you.

Nail jams: Jamming of nails can be quite tricky and annoying to deal with as it consumes precious time, especially when you are working on a time-constrained project. Choose a model featuring tool-free jam clearing or a swing-open latch for easy jam extraction. 

Warranty: Warranty coverage varies, and as a rule-of-thumb, longer warranties mean that the company has faith in the quality of their tool.  

Price: Arguably the most crucial consideration is the price. Will you shell out those extra dollars for a trusted brand, or would you take a risk with the lesser-known but way cheaper brand? 

What are the kinds of finish nailers? 

Finish nailers generally fall under three kinds based on the power source and modes of operation: electric, pneumatic, and gas. 

Electric Finish Nailers

Electric finish nailers, as clear from their name, derive their power from electricity and are further classified into two types. Corded finish nailers require plugging into a socket first before usage. Their operating time is virtually unlimited, but mobility is subject to the length of the cord, which can be extended through the use of extension cords. Cordless finish nailers receive power from an internal rechargeable battery. It is more advantageous in terms of mobility, but running time is subject to the capability of the battery cell, as stated in cordless finish nailer reviews.

Pneumatic Finish Nailers

Pneumatic nailers are powered by compressed air from a built-in air compressor, the nearest thing you can have if you want a nail gun without compressor. These types of nailers are comparable in power to the electric ones but are much easier to operate using one hand. Make sure that your tool will meet your PSI requirements to make sure that nails will drive into the wood. 

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Gas Finish Nailers 

Gas finish nailers use an internal fuel reservoir that will release a small bit of gas into a chamber. An electronic mechanism will ignite the gas flow, and the combustion inside the chamber will drive nails into the wood. Gas nailers are usually challenging to maintain and more expensive than other counterparts.

Types of Nailer Gauges

What Are The Types of Nailer Gauges?

The size of the nail affects the gauge type of a nailer, and also determines what task the finish nailer will be appropriate for. 

15-gauge. In comparison, 15 gauge nailers vs 16 gauge nailers use and shoot the thickest nails, and are ideal for solid surfaces, and work such as cabinetry, trim and moulding installation, and upholstery trims. 

16-gauge. These shoots slightly thinner nails than 15-gaugers and are generally lighter.  

18-gauge. 18-gauge nails are arguably the most popular type of gauges and are a favourite among homeowners, DIYers, and hobbyists. They shoot 18-gauge nails lighter than both 15 and 16 ones and are more effective in penetrating softer workpieces without any kind of damage. 

23-gauge. 23-gauge nailers shoot the thinnest nails, often referred to as pins. They are most apt for projects requiring the usage of tiny pins, such as small trims and very light wood assembly. 


What are finish nailers used for? 

Finish nailers are primarily used for finishing the finer details of your wooden work. The nails leave behind a minimal footprint and could be filled very quickly for a much smoother finish. 

What gauge do I need? 

It all depends on the piece you are working on, but the rule of thumb is that a higher gauge number means thinner nails. For more delicate finishes, use 18- and 23-gauge nailers. If you need an industrial-grade finish, then use 15- and 16-gauge nailers.  

How do I choose between a straight and angled finish nailer?

Angled finish nailers have access to hard to reach areas, but are more expensive than straight finish nailers. The angled finish nailer can do all things a straight nailer can, but a straight nailer cannot do all the things an angled nailer can, especially in accessing harder to reach areas. In this view, an angled finish nailer is better.

However, the cost of operating one is higher, since straight finish nails are cheaper than angled ones. From an economic point of view and when your work will not involve odd angles, a straight finish nailer is better. 

It all depends on your needs and budget.  

The best finish nailers are essential hardware tools useful to have in your shed, and they come in many types and models. Understand your needs and the different types of nailers for you to find the perfect tool. And for those who are still unsure, then the recommendations above prove to be great starting areas. 

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