Best Lock For Storage Unit: Top 10 Reviewed

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. ABUS 24/60 Padlock
  2. Master Lock 40T Padlock
  3. 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock
Best Lock For Storage Unit

Security. Storage. Protection. These needs cost quite expensive lately. For that, we buy a lot of padlocks, high-tech security scanners, etc. Beyond material value lies the importance of life-preservation. While it seems to be an easy feat for big-time homeowners, it’s a major effort for regular storage unit keepers to do so. But, what if I tell you that security and protection need not be expensive? You don’t believe me? Wait until you get your hands full of the best lock for storage unit 2020 can offer. 

No worries, mate cause you’re in for luck. We’ve got them all ranked here for you. Check out our professional disc lock review below!

Here is the List of 10 Best Lock for Storage Unit:

  1. ABUS 24/60 Padlock
  2. Master Lock 40T Padlock
  3. 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock
  4. ABUS 20/70 Padlock
  5. Discus Disc Storage Locks
  6. Brinks Discus Lock
  7. Key Padlock
  8. Large 4-Position Padlock
  9. BRINKS Discus Padlock
  10. Master Discus Lock

10 Best Lock For Storage Unit In 2020

1. ABUS 24/60 Padlock

Best Disc Locks For Storage Unit

Nothing can secure storage units better than this “Best Pick” top, overwhelmingly high-quality disc lock from the ABUS brand. 

  • Diskus Stainless Steel
  • Padlock Keyed Alike
  • High-Quality Gloss & Finish
  • Highly Durable
  • Brass Chrome Plated Cylinder

Its strong build and finish say it all. Since this best lock for indoor storage unit can weather the weather, there’s no way it could demand higher maintenance than it currently requires. But above everything, I’m fully attracted to its dust cover feature. Such a feature keeps dust and other elements from entering and blocking the keyway. 

There’s so much that the dust cover does than keeping the dust-out. It also works to keep grease concentration impact from within. Come to think of it as a constant protector from the inside out. That’s what! The fine transitions in between its weld areas tell people of its undeniable finesse. No wonder why it ranks as the most popular brand and the best lock for storage units in the market this year. People all agree that its manufacturers and sellers aren’t simply making things up.

This claim about its high-quality weld seam is strongly backed by testimonies left and right. Although the product has problems with a little of this and that, it remains solid, durable and most of all, strong (in terms of locking ability).

Its 2-3/8″ width with 5/16″ diameter and a Diskus steel quality strongly cause people to consider the entire disc lock to be a major work of art. Now, that claim pales in comparison to its “utterly accurate” tag. Made in Germany, the product truly embodies precision and accuracy in terms of its storage unit locking mechanism. 

But even this product, no matter the legacy, still bears certain factors to improve from, particularly on its problematic shipping process and a similar, shareable key. 


  • Low-Maintenance
  • Dust Cover Feature
  • High-Quality Weld Seam
  • 2-3/8″ width with 5/16″ diameter & Diskus steel quality
  • Added Security
  • Made in Germany


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Similar Shareable Key for All

Why choose it?

  • Beyond the comfort, beauty and security it provides, this topnotch “best pick” disc lock from ABUS proves to be simple, easy, and an effective means for securing a quality life.

2. Master Lock 40T Padlock

storage unit locking mechanism

Earning the “Best Value” priority on our list of the best disc locks, this double-disc advantage by the Master Lock brand provides unit storage alternatives on every situation. 

  • 40T Stainless Steel Discus Padlock
  • Dual Locking Lever Mechanism
  • Least Shackle Exposure
  • Shrouded Design
  • Complex Shackle System

Both reviewers and experts consider it empowering! Why not? After all, it works based on a 4-pin cylinder passage. Meaning, it bears the littlest chances of accidental lock-ins imaginable. 

Also bearing one of the most hardened steel shackles available in the market today, this “best value” disc lock is represented by a powerful pair sharing 2-3/4 in. wide lock body; 3/8 in. diameter shackle with 5/8 in. length, 3/4 in. width dimensions.

I personally think the idea of a pair is monumental for the brand. One can truly imagine its manufacturers wittingly crafting through every knick of the way to come out with such a brilliant idea. Consequently, this feature too admonishes the 4-pin cylinder passage.

Other strong marks the product can truly boast of include a cut-resisting stainless steel bar, hidden shackle, and a weather-resisting quality. And, yes! It resists rust as well. Given these facts, there’s no way you can deny it’s long-lasting capacity!

Complex shackle system. Engineered to block out intrusion from external blows and cuts, it leads the key to a highly-complex labyrinth of in ways in and out. It does not lower its guards anytime because both keys open both locks. That’s why!

Some problems with the disc lock include a peeled-back chrome and easily-chipped keys. You just have to be extra -careful with those keys.


  • 4-Pin Cylinder Package
  • Least Accidental Lock-ins
  • Most Hardened Steel Shackles
  • Well-Crafted Dimensions
  • Cut & Weather-Resistant
  • Complex Shackle System


  • Peeled-Back Chrome
  • Easily-Chipped Keys

Why choose it?

  • This “best value” disc lock wouldn’t have earned such title if it’s not a 100% safe & secure lock for all seasons!

3. 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock

disc lock home depot

If there’s one fact about this top disc lock from Delswin that fully distinguishes it from the rest, that would be its keyless magic! This is one of the most popular ones from our best lock for storage unit list.

  • 4-Digit Combination Disc Padlock
  • Hardened Steel Shackle
  • Silver Lock Quality
  • Perfect for Storage Units & Garages
  • Highly Durable

Compact. Solid. Strong. 100% Safe and Secure. High-quality stainless steel finish. But most of all, it’s keyless! For that, it has been frequently regarded by many as a pleasure lock. This is surely one of the best locks for storage unit

Designed with a 100% anti-corrosion and antifreeze stainless steel finish, it can withstand the most extreme conditions expected. By its trusty 4-digit combination, it will surely keep your storage unit safe and intact. 

Nowadays, thieves have shifted interest to padlocks. Disc locks, on the one hand, tend to be noisier when impacted. Moreover, it takes much time before releasing shackle free. 

Experts were also quick to reference Delswin’s historical feat across the years. Certainly tagged a winner, the brand was first to innovate with digit-combination locks.

With a diameter of ⅜ inches by ¾ in length, it fits various latch sizes and width. In fact, it clips smoothly despite given circumstances like cold weather, hurried actions, and a lot more. 

Reviewers also appreciate the fact that the disc lock is heavy, but not too heavy. As mentioned earlier, it is compact and solid enough to resist external forces. That also includes impacts, blows, and blunt cutting. By all means, it is keyless, users don’t have to always have to be burdened by carrying keys all the time. 

Some drawbacks of the product include a plastic pin tab and razor-sharp edges. 


  • Compact, Solid & Strong
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Anti-Corrosion & Antifreeze Stainless Steel Finish
  • Keyless Mechanism
  • Trusted Brand
  • Versatile Dimensions & Design


  • Plastic Pin Tab
  • Razor-Sharp Edges

Why choose it?

  • This top product from Delswin victors as one of the most innovative items in the lock market in the century!

4. ABUS 20/70 Padlock

cylinder lock for storage unit

An ultimate premium disc lock by the ABUS brand, earning our “Premium Pick” title, is a miracle disc lock made from Germany; and, it’s all about lowering the number of cases of picked locks. 

  • Keyed Different
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Strong & Solid Shackle
  • Chrome-Plated Cylinder
  • Highly Durable

Disc locks are all about variations. Variations only increase the time spent on picking a lock. However, it is not simply all about that because it touches on the other main aspects of security. 

Although these keyless locks for storage units aren’t as light as they promise to be, notwithstanding that they don’t prove as remarkable as the previous version, they’ve got the highest number of variations. Supported by a well-enclosed shackle, it shields its own from external attacks.

Reviewers also appreciate it for its anti-cut plate-a plate so strong even impacts cannot break it apart. It should easily resist breakage as it is handmade of steel from the inside out.

Experts believe that its several keystrokes promote uniqueness on its actual stroke. Certainly, it also brings about firmness among the pins in terms of yields. That would prove hard and almost impossible for thieves to break apart. 

Germany-made, it carries an unmistakably premium finish. One can even see from its key entry that it doesn’t easily call out with several criminal attempts, no matter the force. Hand-made from Germany, it truly represents precision. Meaning, if you know the right stroke, you no longer have to repeat it. It’s surely another great product in our best lock for storage unit list.

Some drawbacks of the disc lock include shipping problems, a brittle key, and a small size. 


  • Added Keystroke Variations
  • Well-Enclosed Shackle
  • Anti-Cut Plate
  • Firm Pin Placement
  • Premium Finish
  • Precise Key Motion


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Brittle Key
  • Small Size

Why choose it?

  • This latest disc lock by the ABUS brand is all about precision and key control, making it the perfect disc lock for users in hurry!

5. Discus Disc Storage Locks

best lock for storage unit

Another high-performing disc lock from the DAYGOS brand, this top product is the standard design for disc locks! 

  • Discus Quality
  • Hardened Steel Shackle
  • Best for Fences & Shields
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Heavy-Duty & Waterproof

There’s no denying it. It’s all got all the experts and reviewers could notice of the disc locks.  Wait. It’s got more. Because of that fact, it hails as the standard design for all disc locks. 

From its waterproof casing, shielded shackle, to its comfortable 2-3/4 inch wide lock body, 3/8 inch diameter dimensions, it truly zeroes in on any given set of standards for a disc lock. 

But let’s talk about its shielded shackle design first. What’s in it that’s so special? You see, according to locking experts, most Daygos shielded shackles emanate stark breathability above others. You can really see in the shackle a perfect allowance toward the lock body. 

What’s so specifically perfect about it then? Well, it keeps the key from completing an entire 360-degree turn. So, it should not be easily picked. Plus, it’s even too heavy to work on without making a sound. 

Although I personally consider its weight as a minus, it ends up as a glorious plus in the case of security and protection. Why that’s the very rationale of buying and using locks. Thus, that alone should serve an entire purpose.

The product is also one-keyed, so it does easily open up to other key variants should you lose your key along the way. In case you lose the key, there’s customer service for you. As for its responsiveness, that’s another area for critique. But how do I rate its customer service? Well, I would give it a 5/10. 

Other problems with the product include a cheap file quality, some shipping problems, loose pins, and a bulky package.


  • Standard Design for Disc Locks
  • Waterproof Casing, Shielded Shackle & Comfortable Dimensions
  • Breathable Shackle Placement
  • Added Weight
  • One-Keyed
  • Highly-Responsive Customer Service


  • Cheap File Quality
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Loose Pins
  • Bulky Package

Why choose it?

  • This top disc lock from the Daygos brand is the standard design for all disc locks. You would love this best lock for storage unit.

6. Brinks Discus Lock

Best Lock For Storage Unit

Made more comfortable, this equally topnotch disc lock by the BRINKS brand integrates lock body to the stainless steel main and surrounds itself with a rubber casing for anti-scratch results. 

  • 673-70001 Model Series
  • Commercial Discus Lock Quality; Newly Improved
  • Stainless Steel Lock Body & Shackle
  • Rubbered Bumper
  • Integrated Lock Body
  • Accurately Secure
  • Highly Durable

Yes. It may look too convenient, but it’s the least convenient it can be, for both intruders and, unfortunately, users too! It is indeed comfortable to hold and place, but surely not easy. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll surely enjoy its long-deemed ease.

Users agree that it’s black rubber bumper not only protects the steel surface from scratches, they also believe that prolongs the entire disc lock life. Even in the finest of ways, damage always comes to a disc lock. 

Now, it’s going to be up to the device (as per envisioning by its manufacturers) as to how it can withstand all these pressures. While other users claim that it’s not accurately secure, most would say that it’s strong enough to delay intrusion.

Having said that, it truly works best on storage units, gates, locker rooms, etc. Consequently, it is also intended to bar any areas that store and protect your items. 

Now, let’s talk about its lock body. While it has had fairly surfaced out as the product’s most popular feature, it also equally demands further scrutiny for critiquing alone. 

The integrated lock body to stainless steel main provides a firm stroke per insert. The design, in and of itself, promotes certainty. However, it also condones internal damage. Regularly greasing the device would greatly address that speculated problem. 

On the other hand, the product has much to improve upon particularly when it comes to its good-to-condemn damage realities, difficulty to fit on U-Haul trucks, awkward shackle release pin, and a tendency to take time before returning keystroke. 


  • Black Rubber Bumper
  • Accurately Secure
  • Integrated Lock Body
  • Highly Durable
  • Anti-Scratch, Rust & Bade Weather Coating
  • Firm Keystroke


  • Good-to-Condemn Damage Realities
  • Difficulty to Fit on U-Haul Trucks
  • Awkward Shackle Release Pin
  • Tendency to Take Time Before Returning Keystroke

Why choose it?

  • With prolonged life, this best disk padlock can delay intrusion with the most trustworthy performance.

7. Key Padlock

best locks for storage units

A classic! That’s how users consider this top disc lock from the SnapSafe brand…A compact lock, it improves from the classic Discus design!

  • 100% Stainless Steel Quality
  • Added 4 Keys
  • Set of 2 Padlocks, Keyed Alike
  • Compact Design
  • Classic Package
  • Safe & Easy to Use

When it comes to comfort and ease, nothing from out list could take SnapSafe disc lock’s place. It’s got all the markings of a classic disc lock– Discus design, hardened stainless steel, multifunctional command, and a lot more. 

It sort of marries Abus’ and Master Lock’s assets together. In addition to that, its Discus design is updated to the tee. This feature proves to be one of the most underrated assets in the product. 

It keeps users and experts wondering why it was not highlighted by its sellers and manufacturers. Instead, they sensationalize its water-proof packing. Why, despite its actual “water-proofness”, such feature is not at all that remarkable. 

Back to its remarkable assets! Well, it’s easy to lock and open. That, for one, secures it a place on our list. So, beyond the comfort and security, it’s so easy to manipulate. 

However, that does not mean that it’s easy to manipulate for thieves and intruders. Of course not! It introduces more than 45 stroke variations before presenting the shortest possibility. 

When it comes to its official keystroke, there’s only one. And, that’s a sure comfort. Supporting this advantage further, making sure that it delivers at par, is its rust-protected steel body and overall sturdy shackle case. 

On the contrary, some of its drawbacks include some shipping problems, loose pins, several similar key fits (despite claims), and a high-maintenance lock body grease container.


  • Highly Comfortable & Easy
  • Classic Disc Lock
  • Multifunctional Command
  • Hardened Stainless Steel
  • Updated Discus Design


  • Shipping Problems
  • Loose Pins
  • Several Similar Key Fits
  • High-Maintenance Body Lock Grease Container

Why choose it?

  • This best product from SnapSafe is all about ease, comfort and classic security.

8. Large 4-Position Padlock

best lock for indoor storage unit

Second in the ranking, following Delswin’s standard innovation, this equally impressive keyless disc lock by the WANLIAN brand wows users with a massive, rounded and ultra-strong stainless steel body!

  • Hardened Steel Shackle Shelf Locker
  • Silver Lock Coating
  • 4-Position Combination Disc
  • Rust-Proof Stainless Steel Quality
  • Outdoor Round Cake Tray Design

There’s no mistaking WINLIAN’s top disc lock! With its humongous size, solid and compact, it can’t go unnoticed. Yes. It can unfortunately be excessively heavy, despite its claims, but at least it’s a top security lock!

Its steel placement has been proven by experts to allow double-roundedness in terms of key and pin entry. Double-roundedness, in this case, robusts out the lock’s disc to an external bulkiness. 

And, this can either be advantageous or disadvantageous for the user. But whatever the case, the lock has had to attend to all latch diameters. In this case, fortunately, it does.

Reviewers also could not get enough of its keyless magic. Powered by a convenient 4-position combination, it proves elegant;y easy and comfortable for the user, not the intruder. 

While some complain about the digit bar being a high-maintenance, having to require constant greasing, most find it utterly practical. Practicality, in this case, is strongly determined by the nature of your storage needs. In the end, you will have to know your needs. 

Some notable problems with the product include a problematic A-B lever range, an excessively heavy weight, an excessive bulkiness, and an easily-rusted surface. 


  • Certified Top Security Lock
  • Added Weight
  • Double-Rounded/Round Cake Tray Steel Placement
  • Keyless Feature
  • Added Dimensions for All Latch Radius


  • Problematic A-B Lever Range
  • Excessively Heavy Weight
  • Excessive Bulkiness
  • An Easily-Rusted Surface

Why choose it?

  • This excessively wide and heavy disc lock secures a close-to-all-latch, resisting any form of external forces.

9. BRINKS Discus Padlock

best disc lock

Another magic disc lock from the BRINKS brand, this impressive disc lock does not have the usual rubber casting, but rather a powerful steel surface that resists rusting and weathering. 

  • High-Security 80mm Steel Lock Body
  • 173-80051 Model Series
  • Resettable Combination Discus Padlock
  • Perfect for Sheds, Trucks, Work Boxes, etc. 
  • Round-Shielded Design

If only it as durable as it is smooth, I would personally consider it perfect. But being imperfect is not bad. Anyway, our list of the top disc locks isn’t all about perfection. It’s all about innovation and improvement. 

What about its security? Why, it’s guaranteed 100% safe and secure. Beyond keeping break-ins out, it surely holds strongly to latch. As per experiment done, despite being smashed into half, it’s proven to keep its shackle latched. 

Keyless, this top BRINKS model beats its precedent at a point. Although it isn’t as neat and durable as the first, it still manages to keep your storage protected. In addition to that, it’s got a smoother and stronger steel surface. 

Specially chrome-coated, its steel quality is guaranteed to instantly resist rusting, weathering and external impacts. It does so while firmly pinned on to digital combination security code.

And, what are the chances? That would be 100 to 1. That’s how certain it’s combination is. That only means that it’s very difficult to override. Along that line, it keeps a firm grip from the inside out. 

This top product has got so much to improve though. That includes some shipping problems, loose digits, loose factory resetting standards, brittle pins, and a chain link that requires constant greasing. 


  • Innovated & Improved Design
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • Rust & Weather-Resistant Chrome-Coated Surface
  • Firm Digital Combination Code (100:1 ratio)
  • Compact Design


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Loose Digits
  • Loose Factory Resetting Standards
  • Brittle Pins
  • Low-Greased Chain Link

Why choose it?

  • This high-quality best lock for storage unit works perfectly for users who prefer a more certain digit control, instead of direct shackle latching.

10. Master Discus Lock

Best Disc Locks For Storage Unit

Another Master Lock masterpiece, this Boron-Carbide-powered disc lock impresses with a hardened Boron steel– all suited up to store and protect items with grace. 

  • Imported Quality
  • Magnum Stainless Steel Quality
  • Improved Discus Lock Standard
  • Maximum Security
  • Rubbered Bumper

Bearing the usual Master Lock command, this Boron-Carbide finished disc lock channels a hardened, un-sawable steel for up to 50% capacity. Reviewers and experts alike look up to it when it comes to its Magnum stainless steel tag!

Certainly, it is guaranteed to store units with maximum security. For a one-padlock, two-keyed item, it sure does keep a good toe of action. It may have had a lot to improve upon, but at least, it manages to keep a strong stainless steel construction at the helm. 

Its 2-3/4 in. wide lock body; 3/8 in. diameter shackle with 5/8 in. length, 1-1/32 in. width dimensions earned ire from traditional users though. Awkward. It indeed is. But that does not mean that it does not latch on. 

Like BRINK’s rubbered bumper, this one got a rubbered body lock for easier key manipulation. For the strictest users, it was a certified plus, not a fancy. Personally, I also find the rubbered body lock  useful as it keeps the key in place when motioned. 

All in all, the Boron-Carbide design makes the whole piece a powered-up mechanism. It delays all external intrusion and therefore, holds the shackle together in the face of extreme weather and rusting conditions. 

Notable drawbacks of the product include a difficult to repair set of pins, an easily-jammed body lock, awkwardly expanded dimensions, a detachable rubber, and a breakable key. 


  • Hardened Boron-Carbide Lock Finish
  • 50% Hardened Steel Capacity
  • One Padlock, 2 Keyed Item
  • Rubbered Bumper & Body Lock
  • Powered-Up Boron Mechanism


  • Difficult-to-Repair Set of Pins
  • Easily-Jammed Body Lock
  • Awkwardly Expanded Dimensions
  • Detachable Rubber 
  • Breakable Key

Why choose it?

  • This latest disc lock by Master Lock is all about tough action, notwithstanding that it maintains grip until relieved.

How to Choose the Best Lock for Storage Unit

Locks. Yeah, yeah. We know. They’re basic. Surely, we can spare you the chit-chats on this. Obviously, no single person who owns a storage unit dismisses the importance of disc lock. That’s a fact. 

But here’s an even bigger fact. There are several padlocks out there to choose from. And, you surely cannot just choose on your own liking. Certainly, the kind of padlock you will be choosing shall have to match fittingly to the storage unit you need padlocking. 

So, there you go. Disc Locks. They won’t be called as such if they aren’t specified and narrowed down to a certain purpose and accomplishment. And, for that very concern, we’ve laid down the buying guide below.

Extra-Thick Bolts

Disc locks are unique because of their extra-thick bolts. They’re especially made with extra-thick bolts. In other words, a disc lock with thin bolt is a misnomer. So, why waste your time?

What are thick bolts for? Thick and strong bolts support the pins inside the body lock. They make sure that shackle holds on tightly to the bar. Force it down and it will still hold. Certainly, it does not give way easily. That’s the best thing extra-thick bolts can do. 

How to know if you’re buying the one with extra-thick bolts? Check out the dimensions. The wider and longer the best lock for storage unit, the thicker the bolts. That’s a sure mark. If still doubtful, consult customer service right away.

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Stronger Steel

Disc locks have stronger steel 80-90 percent of the time. And, it does not take a smart mind to realize that strong steel can actually receive and resist 500 lbs of external force thrown toward it. 

Unfortunately, not all padlocks tagging along a certified stainless steel mark are actually purely made from stainless steel. The truth is far more inconvenient than that. In fact, 80% of the disc locks are not 100% stainless steel. And, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but an accepted fact. 

If a brand manufacturer claims that its padlock is made from 100% stainless steel, the better that you would get away from it as soon as possible. The pureness of stainless steel is not the issue here. The real concern is the strength of the steel. 

After all, a pure, unmixed stainless steel ends up weak and brittle. So, check out the product in your hand. Does it have an added steel strength mark? If  it speaks of “added weight”, “premium finish”, “boron-carbide coated”, “silver-coated”, etc. in its credits, then it should be a trusted brand.

Creating the Best Lock For Storage Unit

Minimal Space Between Latch & Shackle-Bolt

The internal design for the best lock for storage unit is an almost spaceless bolt-to-bolt entryway in the latch plate. This ensures smooth traffic between one bolt’s exit from its entrance. 

With the smooth traffic, there is going to be a 90% chance that the shackle grips tighter into the latch. In addition to that, a smaller spatial allowance accommodates extra-thick bolts inside. 

The problem here though, is how to find out if there’s minimal space inside. The secret (again) actually lies with the dimension. Here’s the standard/average figures for you: 2-3/8″ width with 5/16″ diameter. 

Like the ABUS product, there is minimal allowance between the 2-⅜ inch width. It only means that it’s tight inside and the bolts mostly extra-thick and full-packed. 

Another indication of a tighter space inside the body lock is the mark of Discus standard in it. Discus padlock designs utilize rounded cake platform 80% of the time. A rounded cake platform means that the bolts inside are heavily thick and rounded.

Why Use A Disc Lock?

When it comes to storage unit security— whether be it for trucks, bikes, gates, doors, garage, etc.– nothing performs with a 100% precision and accuracy like the disc lock home depot can do. 

The second problem with locks is picking. And, regular padlocks have alarmingly become less and less of a challenge for thieves each day. Suppose a disc lock gives in to breakage and impact, it’s at least at the expense of time. Meaning, it delays break-ins over a 50% accuracy. 

This is especially true for hardened stainless steels, shielded shackles and rubbered bumpers. After all, all these configurations have been eyed to serve a certain purpose– comfort, security, and ease. 

For your easier reference, we’ve bulleted some of the known benefits provided by the disc locks

  1. They’re double-locked, or double-rounded to resist cutting, filling, or sawing. 
  2. They’re rust and weather-resistant. That includes extremely hot and cold weather.
  3. They’ve got drain holes to rid them of moist and dry air. 
  4. Some of their variants are keyless. 
  5. They’re cheaper than the traditional locks. 
  6. They’re more difficult to pick and manipulate.
  7. They’re mostly made of hardened stainless steel.
  8. They’re versatile enough to fit various latch bars. 
  9. They’re easier and more comfortable to use. 
  10. The more solid and compact than regular padlocks. Sometimes, they’re even bigger and heavier.

Beyond the Disc Locks: General Security Measures to Consider

Buying and using even the best disc locks will never be enough if you’re not mindful of general procedures, or shall we say general security measures. 

Having said that, it would be particularly helpful if you will be more mindful of the keys. You see, despite the disc locks’ glorious reputation, they’re only bound by one major weakness: a brittle key. 

But again, a brittle key is nothing but a simple issue if you go beyond the extra mile of taking precautions. 

Check out the general security measures to consider in owning disc locks

  1. Never ever buy or use second-hand disc locks. 
  2. Even if you’re buying a trusted brand, buy them from trustworthy sellers. 
  3. Choose the locks with extreme key designs to avoid easy replication. In case you lose your key, refer to customer service right away. Better yet,  ask for spare keys when buying a disc lock. 
  4. Although it may get pricey, still go for the indoor storage units for a more secure output.
  5. Be extra careful with the key. Store it well, by all means.

What Kind of Locks Should I Avoid?

Here are the kind of locks you are to avoid especially when dealing with self-storage efforts:

  • Multiple Combination Padlocks
  • Cheap and ordinary locks
  • Single Combination Padlocks
  • Old and overused padlocks
  • Padlocks with common keys
  • Greasy Cylinder Locks
  • Open-Shackle Padlocks

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Can bolt cutters cut through my disc lock?

It actually depends on how hardened your disc lock is. Double-rounded disc locks might resist bolt cutters for an extended period of time. But on an average degree, a bolt cutter should be strong enough to cut through your disc lock.

Can bolt cutters cut through my Master Lock product?

Although 50% of the Master Lock products are designed to resist bolt cutters, most of them quickly give in to bolt cutters.


This detailed scrutiny of the best lock for storage unit before the year-end extracted both expected and unexpected results. For instance, the ABUS 24/60 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Alike, our number one product, has long dwelt the top place this year. Thus, it earning our “Best Pick” title did not come as a surprise.

On the other hand, the Master Lock 40T Stainless Steel Discus Padlock earning our “Best Value” title slightly came out as a but surprising since the Master Lock brand has modestly stayed in the 5th spot for the whole year. The ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Different was an expected favorite for “Premium Value” though. 

The review of the best disc locks yielded forward information and details about the lock’s mechanism per se, its types, top brands, and some uneasy truths about its key quality vis a vis security.

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