15 Best Cordless Screwdriver

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Best Cordless Screwdriver

One of the simplest but most useful home tools is the screwdriver. The conventional screwdriver was upgraded and made more powerful into the best cordless screwdriver. Cordless screwdrivers, which run on batteries, are portable and give more freedom of movement to users.

From simple tightening of screws to disassembling furniture, finding the best screwdriver for these tasks may be difficult. Thus, we have listed the 15 best cordless screwdrivers available in the market, from which you might find the perfect one.

15 Best Cordless Screwdriver

1. BLACK+DECKER 6V MAX Cordless Screwdriver (PD600)

best screwdriver set for electronics

The Black+Decker 6V Max Cordless Screwdriver can measure and drill at the same time. It has a high-powered 6-volt motor, which you can use at a high or low-speed driving operations. While its three-position handle lock feature makes it ideal for use even in tight areas. Using a removable tape measure, you can work on small and large parts a lot easier.

You may convert this high-quality power tool into manual use with the spindle lock to have greater control over the device. The forward and reverse rocker makes it easy to switch from putting on a screw to removing it. It can also help you better see your work with its built-in light for dark spaces. 


  • Compact
  • Multi-functional
  • High-powered
  • Affordable
  • Long battery life when fully charged
  • Comes with accessories


  • Quite heavy compared to other cordless screwdrivers at eight ounces.

Why You Should Choose

This best screwdriver for pc building is worth buying. For only $32.99, you already have a multi-functional, high-speed, low-speed drill and screwdriver. You can easily switch out bits with its driving system, even those bits from other manufacturers. 

2. BLACK+DECKER Screwdriver with Magnetic Screw Holder

best screwdriver

The Black+Decker LI4000 is a ten-piece drill set that contains 1/16-inch to ¼-inch drill bits. This lithium-ion battery-powered screwdriver has a six-position clutch with visual indicators to prevent stripping. It comes with a charger that can hold the accessory bits securely in place. Plus, you can mount the charger on a wall for easy access. 


  • Comes with accessories
  • Affordable
  • Six-clutch power system
  • Forward and reverse switch


  • Not ideal for heavy tasks

Why You Should Choose

This inexpensive Black+Decker screwdriver has a six-position clutch and a forward and reverse-switch that makes light to medium tasks easy to accomplish. The built-in LED light lets you read the indicator with so much ease.

3. Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit

Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit

This Bosch Power Electric Drill Kit gives a two-speed performance of 0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM. These speeds combined with 265 inch-pound torque make it perfect for any job at home or professionally. The 20+1 clutch setting makes it easy to control plus driving and drilling precision.

The Bosch PS31-2A has two lithium-ion batteries giving you a much longer time for use. The LED lights help improve visibility even when working in low-light or dark spaces. Its 4.73-pound weight and seven-inch head length are perfect for tight spaces and overhead jobs. Plus, it comes with a bag for easy transport whenever you need it.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Longer battery life
  • Powerful torque
  • Two-speed settings
  • Three-year tool warranty


  • There is nothing negative you can say about this powerful best cordless screwdriver, except for its price of over $100.

Why You Should Choose

It is amazing how this lightweight screwdriver can contain so much power and give a high-quality performance for such a compact tool. The Bosch PS31-2A is ideal both for home and professional use. This power driver is backed with a three-year tool warranty and a two-year warranty for the batteries. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel like you are not satisfied with how it works. 

4. Milwaukee Hex Screwdriver

Milwaukee Hex Screwdriver

This easy to handle pistol grip cordless screwdriver has a 500 RPM speed and 150 inch-pound torque. It measures 7.4 x 7.3 x 3.5 inches and only weighs 1.95 pounds. Also, it runs on a 12-volt lithium-ion battery. The Milwaukee 2401-20 M12 may be small, but it can professionally tighten and loosen any screw. Its size is an advantage if you need to reach difficult areas.


  • Affordable
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to grip


  • You need to buy the battery and charger separately

Why You Should Choose

For less than $40, you can already have a functional cordless screwdriver that can let you fix home furniture easily. It is a small, powerful, and perfect all-purpose power tool that you want to have at home. Certainly, it is one of my favorites in the best screwdriver set for electronics list!

5. Bosch Ultra-Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

Bosch Ultra-Compact Hammer Drill

Compact and convenience best describe this Bosch cordless screwdriver. You can easily carry it around wherever you need weighing only 2.3 lbs. For its size of 7,3 x 7.1 inches, it has a high-powered 12-volts battery with a capacity of 1.3 amperes.

The 20-clutch setting gives a perfect torque and speed for comfortable driving and drilling into wood. It smoothly drives and digs on metals and stonework, too. You can work with it even in the dark spaces with its LED light illumination. 

This power tool, packed with various features and designs, is ideal for any material. Its 3/8-inch auto-lock chuck fittingly clamps drills and bits. The mode selector ring is placed appropriately on the tool for a quick switch between a driver, a drill, or a hammer. It also comes with a carrying case for easy movability  


  • Compact 
  • Lightweight
  • High-powered
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to use
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • The battery is interchangeable with other Bosch products


  • Quite expensive

Why You Should Choose

If you want a compact, lightweight but powerful tool, then the Bosch 12-Volt Ultra-Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit is the best cordless screwdriver for you. Even if it is in the higher price range of more than $150, this power tool delivers. You can use it from simple to heavy tasks and strong walls.

6. Makita Hex Driver-Drill Kit

best screwdriver for pc building

If a convenient and precise cordless screwdriver is what you are looking for, you might want to get the Makita DF012DSE. It has a 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery that gives the tool a 71 inch-pound maximum torque. Makita’s battery does not discharge quickly, thus ensuring longer running time. The two-speed design of 200 RPM and 650 RPM is suitable for high or low torque applications. 

Makita DF012DSE is a versatile and easy to grip screwdriver, either on a straight or pistol position. The ergonomic shape of the tool lessens the possibility of exhaustion even in extended use. Its 21 auto-stop clutch settings and drilling mode ensure fastening control in every application. The auto-stop clutch enables the tool to shut-off automatically when the clutch disengages. It offers added control to prevent the over-riding on the fastener. 

Don’t worry about draining the battery since the built-in LED light automatically flashes to notify when it is time for a recharge. The LED light also helps illuminate dark spaces to ensure proper accomplishment of tasks.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Safe to use
  • Easy two-grip handles
  • Clever LED Light
  • Three-year limited warranty on tool, battery, and charger


  • Costs more than $130

Why You Should Choose

The Makita DFO12DSE will be a great choice if you are looking for a compact power tool that gives enough power and speed. Its compact and easy two-grip design will make every job a lot easier, making it a contending best cordless screwdriver.

7. SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver

The SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver is a portable electric tool that can easily handle small projects and jobs. It has a circuit sensor technology that can detect electrical currents on switches and furniture. With a dual LED light, you can easily see what you are working on even in dark areas. It has a forward and reverses setting for better functionality. 

This cordless electric screwdriver runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that keeps the tool charged for an extended period. The device comes with a nine-piece bit kit and magnetic holder to secure the bits quickly. You can also conveniently switch it to manual use with the automatic spindle lock.


  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Very affordable
  • Has a five-year warranty


  • Cannot be used on heavy and hard materials

Why You Should Choose

At a meager cost, you can have an easy to use and a safe cordless screwdriver that can detect live wires. The SKIL Rechargeable 4V electricity screwdriver has a USB charges; thus, you can carry it along anywhere, anytime.

8. Milwaukee Hex Screwdriver Kit

This best screwdriver set can be used for one-handed bit insertion and release with its Quick Bit 1/4-inch hex chuck. It has a 150 inch-pound torque and a variety of speeds of up to 500 RPM. The fuel gauge-display and LED light make it more friendly to users. This compact and lightweight tool is one of the most durable and easy to use cordless screwdrivers out in the market today. 


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use.
  • With a five-year warranty


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks despite its 12-volt battery

Why You Should Choose

The Milwaukee 2401-22 has a variable speed of 0-500 RPM that allows you to accomplish light to medium tasks at home. Also, it has a five-year warranty, which is longer than the typical warranty you get from other power tools.

9. DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit

This 9th best cordless screwdriver gives precise fastening control and with a motion-activated variable speed of 0-430 RPM. It has an adjustable dual position handle for either line or pistol grip. Its 1/4-inch hex enables a quick driving bit change. It can also hold 1-inch bit tips.

This Dewalt screwdriver runs on an eight-volt MAX battery can fully charge within an hour. It has a 15-clutch position setting plus a forward and reverse action capability. The built-in two LED lights serve as illumination while working. It is very portable, weighing only 1.1 lbs. The tool comes with a charger, two compact batteries, and a bag for easy transport and storage.


  • Can be used for wood, plastic, or metal
  • Has a three-year limited warranty
  • Quick bit change
  • Two holding positions
  • Motion-activated
  • Forward and reverse action


  • Does not have enough speed for much harder materials

Why You Should Choose

To get a job done quickly, Dewalt Eight-volt MAX DCF680N2 is what you need. It is lightweight, very portable, and easy to use on almost any material.

10. Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Power Rechargeable Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This cordless screwdriver is a must-have of every woman who needs to get any job done at home. It comes with a pink magnetic bubble level and charger. The Pink Power 3.6-volt cordless screwdriver has a pivoting head that holds the following bits:

  • Two Phillips
  • Two Flathead
  • Two Hex 

If you need to work in a limited space, you can easily adjust its two-position pivoting handle for better use. On the other hand, the LED light can also help you see better in dark areas. The tool also has forward, reverse, and locked positions.

The Pink Power runs on a 3.6-volt lithium-iron with a speed of 200 RPM. The built-in battery gauge lets you know if your tool needs to be recharged. This power tool is much smaller in size compared to other electric screwdrivers. Thus, making it ideal for those with smaller hands. 


  • Versatile with lots of handy features
  • Easy to use 
  • With an adjustable handle 
  • With battery gauge
  • With a one-year warranty


  • It is s not robust enough for hard jobs and materials due to its limited speed and torque

Why You Should Choose

Who says that power tools are only for men? The Pink Power cordless screwdriver is what every woman and man needs and wants at home. It may be small but is a powerful tool that can handle almost any task you need to finish every day.

11. VonHaus Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This 3.6-volt lithium-ion Max battery-powered screwdriver from VonHaus has an ergonomic design. Its twistable handle and 1/4-inch rotating quick-release chuck make it very easy to handle and use. It has an automatic spindle-lock and comes with a 50-bit set composed of the following wide-array of bits:

  • Flat Head
  • Cross Head
  • Tri-Wing
  • Spanner Head
  • Torx 
  • Security Torx
  • One Way
  • Robertson
  • Wing Nut
  • Imperial Hex
  • Metric Hex
  • Security Hex
  • Spline Drive

This power tool’s load speed is 210 RPM with a maximum torque of 44 inch-pounds. It includes a big LED light to help you when working in dark areas of the house. You can ideally use this handy electric screwdriver to install shelves, fix cupboards, or other simple home projects. The case that comes with the tool helps in making it easy to store and transport.


  • Comes with 50 assorted bits and a case
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle


  • There is not enough torque and speed

Why You Should Choose

The VonHaus Cordless Screwdriver Set is ideal for your daily household tasks that need to be done quickly. This contending best cordless screwdriver can easily be recharged and be ready for its next use. 

12. DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit

best power screwdriver

The Dewalt DCF682N1 8V MAX Gyroscopic Inline cordless screwdriver has motion activation for driving and reversing fasteners. Weighing only two pounds, it has a variable speed from 0 to 430 RPM. The eight-volt battery pack enables the tool to have longer running time and can be fully charged within an hour. It also has a display that shows you the status of the battery.


  • Quick charging
  • Motion-activated capability
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to use in areas with limited space

Why You Should Choose

This best battery screwdriver is light and easy to handle gives a precise driving action. It can tighten or unfasten any screw without any setback.

13. SKIL 4V Pivot Grip Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

best screwdriver for pc building

This rechargeable cordless screwdriver has a pivot grip handle, which easily converts to a straight or standard grip. Thus, it can easily be adjusted depending on the things that you need to get done. It is a perfect go-to power tool for any small project. 

You also do not need to worry about running out of battery. Its four-volt lithium-ion battery can be used for an extended period. The charging indicator display shows you when it is time to recharge. It also has a micro USB charging capability making it easy to charge anytime and anywhere.

The SKIL 4V Pivot Grip has a 1/4-inch hex drive and a two-finger trigger for secure handling. Further, it includes a spindle lock and forward/reverse features that add to its versatility.


  • Easy-handling and grip
  • Affordable
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Easy to use even in dark areas


  • Has a short battery life

Why You Should Choose

The best cordless screwdriver is very versatile and easy to use, together with the essential drill bits that come with it. For less than $30, you can already have an electric tool to tighten hinges or assemble cabinets and furniture. 

14. WORX WX255L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

best screwdriver set

The most convenient way to fix a drawer or a door at home is by using the Worx WX255L semi-automatic power screwdriver. Measuring only 3.8 x 1.8 x 5 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs., it is ideal for working even in tiny spaces.

You can work with one hand free using its screw holder attachment, keeping your screw in place while you do your job. The 1/4-inch hex shank ensures a quick and correct action of the bits. It has a reloadable cartridge that can hold up to six bits. Plus, it can always give you the right bit by simply pulling or pushing the top slide. The built-in LED light makes dark spaces brighter for increased visibility and safety. 

All of these features make this Worx power tool ideal for home or trade use quickly and conveniently.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Allows a one-handed operation
  • Has a screw holder
  • Has an extended reach


  • Limited runtime battery, with an average battery life of one hour

Why You Should Choose

For less than $40, the Worx WX255L semi-automatic power screwdriver gives high-performance with the convenience you need. Don’t judge it by its size because this power tool can do more than a typical screwdriver. In fact, it ranks as the best cordless screwdriver.

15. TACKLIFE Electric Screwdriver

best screwdriver set for electronics

The Tacklife SDP50DC electric screwdriver has almost everything you are looking for in a power tool. It is compact, easy to use, affordable, and perfectly performs as expected. The ergonomically designed rubberized handle can fit any hand perfectly with a comfortable grip. The hip design of this tool makes it a perfect gift on any occasion. 

If you are having trouble seeing what you are doing due to limited illumination, you can turn on its adjustable lights. These lights can directly point at the screw for convenience and safety. The 2000mAh lithium-ion battery gives a longer runtime; thus, you do not have to worry about charging the tool often. However, if the battery runs out, you can grab the USB cable for fast and easy charging. 

Check out the top cordless screwdriver review to be sure.

It weighs 1.75 lbs. and measures 8.6 x 6.4 x 2 inches, making it portable and lightweight. These tool features are perfect for home and office use.  


  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Can be conveniently charged and stored
  • It has 30+ piece kit set
  • Two LED lights
  • With a USB charging port


  • Limited speed of 200 RPM

Why You Should Choose

The Tacklife electric screwdriver has a 4-volt MAX battery and 30 driver bits, which are fitting when you need to fix or assemble furniture or install shelves and storage. You can treat this power tool as your handy assistant that performs well but does not complain. 

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Buying Guides: What to Look for in the Best Cordless Screwdriver

Like other home tools, cordless screwdrivers come in various styles and features. Here are some of the things you need to be looking for in the best power screwdriver.

Positions. You might have experienced difficulty using a screwdriver in the right angle when working in a very tight corner. It is the reason why multiple-position electric screwdrivers were manufactured. The multiple-position types are much easier to manipulate in any angle than the straight and standard gun-shape ones.

Motor & Power. A cordless screwdriver with high voltage does not quickly overheat while in use. However, a battery-operated variety with a strong motor might require a longer time to charge but can handle many more jobs.

Speed & Torque. If you use your best battery screwdriver on soft materials like wood, a low torque might do the job. But if you plan to use it on harder stuff, you might want a model that exerts more force. In terms of speed, screwdrivers with higher rotations per minute (RPM) can handle more extensive work on harder materials.

The RPM of a screwdriver is the measure of how fast its head spins. You can also find screwdriver models that have adjustable speed and torque. These are best if you are going to use the screwdriver on a wide variety of tasks.

Comfort Features. You may not be paying much attention to some simple features of your screwdrivers that make a job more manageable. You can find LED lights and comfort grips on some of the best cordless screwdrivers. Other types feature a spindle lock to transform your cordless tool into a manual-like screwdriver. These things might not be essential for you to finish a job, but they can make your task a lot easier.

Price. The price of a tool is always an essential factor to consider when making any purchase. It is not prudent to choose the most expensive ones since it does not always guarantee to be the best.

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What is a Cordless Screwdriver?

A cordless screwdriver is a powerful tool for putting and removing screws, and can also be used for drilling holes. Compared to the manual screwdrivers, this electric hand tool saves you a lot of time when working on screws.  Since it runs on a rechargeable battery, it does not require a cable for power. So you need not worry about electrical cords, which can sometimes get in the way while working.

The best cordless screwdriver is a must-have of every household for its versatility, functionality, and affordability.

However, you mustn’t buy the first that you see in a hardware store, for it might not be the best one for you.

Benefits of a Cordless Screwdriver

What are the Benefits of a Cordless Screwdriver?

The cordless screwdriver is fast gaining popularity among the power tools out in the market today. It is becoming one of the commonly used and vital home tools. One of the possible reasons for its popularity is the ease of use that it can work well for anyone. Here are some more benefits of having a cordless screwdriver that may convince you to get one for your home:

1. It is portable and flexible

A cordless screwdriver is wire-free and is typically lightweight. This feature makes it easy to carry around anywhere you need it. You can even bring it along when the family goes camping, just in case you might need one.

2. It is safe to use

Since a cordless screwdriver runs on a battery, you don’t have to worry about getting an electric shock. Further, you also will not have a problem getting tangled by long cords.

3. It is time-efficient

You can finish a task faster with a cordless screwdriver than when using a manual one. Using a cordless screwdriver saves you time, energy, and effort.

4. It is well-suited in limited spaces

Standard straight screwdrivers can take up space in your storage area. A cordless screwdriver is much easier to store and can comfortably fit into your tool chest.


What do you need a cordless screwdriver for?

A cordless screwdriver can do a variety of things. You might want to get one instead of having multiple tools at home. It can easily remove or put back a screw, drill holes, help you build a deck.

In short, a simple cordless screwdriver can help you from the smallest and simplest tasks to the biggest and more complicated ones. An electric driver can also be easily used by people who have minor arm injuries or whose grip may not be firm.

Is a cordless screwdriver better than a corded one?

A corded electric screwdriver has more torque and more power to handle more robust materials than the cordless type. However, the cordless model is more portable and convenient to use, especially in limited areas.

Both types of electric screwdrivers have their benefits and disadvantages. So choosing what kind to get will depend on how and where you will use it.

What is the difference between a cordless screwdriver and a cordless drill?

It is very often that people use these two power tools interchangeably. Nevertheless, these two have their own set of features, advantages, and disadvantages. Drills are more high-powered and typically cost more than cordless screwdrivers.

This heavy and bulky tool is perfectly designed for drilling holes on almost all materials like wood and cement. You can also find a variety of attachments that can be used with a drill.

On the other hand, cordless screwdrivers are compact, lightweight, and easy to control. They have a lower power compared to electric drills. It is ideal for assembling simpler things and smaller projects. 

There are different factors you need to consider before purchasing a cordless screwdriver. Each best screwdriver brand has its set of characteristics and features that answer to any need. Remember, whatever job or project you may have, you will find the best cordless screwdriver that suits your requirements.

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