10 Best Chimineas in 2020

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Cast Iron Chiminea
  2. Bad Idea Pyro Chiminea
  3. BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Chiminea

As the season gets colder, your backyard is getting all chilly too. You might not be able to enjoy a nightcap as you did in the summer. Otherwise, you can end up with a cough and a cold.

The good news, you can still enjoy the great outdoors even if it’s a bit chilly. The best chimineas can warm up your porch. So you can still enjoy this part of your living space even as autumn and winter approach. 

We are listing the best brands so that you can keep yourself warm while enjoying marshmallows and smores on a cold night. That won’t be any fun to do in the kitchen.

Here is the List of 10 Best Chimineas:

  1. Cast Iron Chiminea
  2. Bad Idea Pyro Chiminea
  3. BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Chiminea
  4. The Blue Rooster Chiminea
  5. Chiminea Fire Pit
  6. The Blue Rooster Chiminea Oven
  7. Sunnydaze Modern Chiminea
  8. The Blue Rooster Gatsby Chiminea
  9. The Venetian Chiminea
  10. Chiminea by Red Ember

10 Best Chimineas Reviewed

1. Cast Iron Chiminea

Best Cast Iron Chimineas

This top-ranking chiminea from Patio Joy brand goes beyond its quality to surprising measures. That fact alone deservingly earns it our “Top Pick” title. 

  • Guaranteed Durability
  • Compact Design for Mobility
  • Wide Fire Box
  • Easy Use & Installation
  • Best Design; Lightweight

This product is a 35-35 compact perfection. Meaning, it measures 35 inches and weighs 35 lbs. It paired-up bulk is never random. It’s been thoroughly calculated to deliver sheer mathematical and engineering comfort. 

The one I have at home was purchased 5 years ago to be exact. Now, it still stands with its primary glory. It may not have sustained its gloss, given that its cast-iron, but what’s important is that it still functions as effectively as before. Perhaps, the main factor why it’s lost its gloss is due to the cleaning applications I’ve been applying. 

Another feature of the product (I’m sure others users would agree) is its 360-degree viewing bulk via screen mesh. Yes! Claims about it prove to be 100% true! In fact, it surprisingly goes beyond its expected capacity.

By all means, the wire mesh not only provides viewing comfort, but also a stable ventilation for balanced heating. This proves most useful as using a chiminea requires constant replacement of wood. Fortunately, with this at hand, you can get to utilize the wood down to its last bit. 

By precision again, as experts put it, it’s fire box can accommodate logs as long aa 16 inches. This, for me, makes it a highly comfortable use. How? Well, simply said, it doesn’t require me to cut off wood logs to shorter bulks. Amazing, isn’t it?

The only issue I have with this perfectly-rated product is its fade-prone gloss. Other than that, it’s just pure heavenly pleasure. 

  • Highly Stable & Durable
  • Compact Design for Portability
  • Real Cast-Iron Finish
  • 360-Degree Viewing
  • Balanced & Prolonged Heating
  • Wide Fire Box
  • Fade-Prone Gloss

Why choose it?

  • This best chiminea outdoor fireplace from Patio Joy is a certified star. It delivers beyond the expectations of a chiminea!

2. Bad Idea Pyro Chiminea

best Bad Idea Pyro Tower chiminea outdoor fireplace

This next perfect chiminea from the Bad Idea brand is in fact the best idea ever! Multi-purpose, versatile, and durable, this chiminea is sure a winner as any “Best Value” products can be! This is one of my favorite chimineas from our best chimineas list.

  • Compact Design
  • Breezy Slot Placement
  • Pyramid Tower Design for Upward Smoke
  • Added Cooking Kit Options
  • Made from 100% Pure American Steel

For one thing, it’s long become the subject of so many users’ desires– both practically and romantically. Romantically: as it rekindles the love and warmth of outdoor dates! But too much for that, this top-ranking chiminea is best remembered (and in this case, preferred) for its very quick and easy installation. 

As its sellers claim, it’s actually made from pure American steel! Experts and quality evaluators attest that it’s ultra-strong; made to last long, it’s still manages to be light enough for repositioning. 

Users particularly love its pyramid tower design! What’s in it? It’s a simple, yet never-before integrated steel design for any chiminea that shifts the smoke’s direction upwards. Instead of allowing the smoke to suffocate you face-front, it pushes it upwards.

While some users think its cooking kit options are not sturdy, they’re nevertheless expected to deliver. I mean– come to think of think of any other brand that’s as versatile and multipurpose as such! None. It’s uniquely and specially a Bad Idea! 

With the cooking kit options, you’d actually get to cook, grill, bake and even smoke food inside the chiminea. It works perfectly well for picnic activities. According to recent product rankings, this feature particularly sets the product apart from the rest. 

The only issue people see of the product are its not-so-durable cooking kit options. 

  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • 100% Pure American Steel
  • Light & Compact; Highly Portable
  • Solid, Strong & Sturdy Design
  • Pyramid Tower Design
  • Added Cooking Kit Options
  • Breakable Cooking Kit Options

Why choose it?

  • This equally best chiminea fire pit by Bad Idea is compact, unique, versatile and durable– it’s the perfect chiminea for outdoor activities!

3. BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Chiminea

best BALI OUTDOORS chiminea outdoor fireplace

Another top-ranking chiminea, this time by the Bali Outdoors brand, hits high marks with its super-efficient heating directions, extra-strong cast-iron legs, and complementing dimensions!

  • 360-Degree Viewing Feature
  • High-Quality & Durable Cast-Iron Finish
  • Heat-Storing Shape & Design
  • Stable Legs
  • Easy to Use & Install

This product is both exciting and easy to use. Experts, including a dozen of satisfied users recommend using it on unstable grounds– unleveled floor, hilltop, grassy platform, etc. Highly expanded but still manages to be light, its cast-iron legs are sure to hold it flat on anywhere it stands. 

This chiminee brand is especially celebrated for its high propensity for preventing falls and other accidents. Simply said, it’s strong four cast-iron legs guarantee to give it a good grip and balance. 

Internally piped to direct smoke upward, it minimizes the chances of suffocation and smoke-stung eyes. In addition to that, it’s shaped in a way that it effectively releases smoke, without letting the heat escape. 

Bearing an overall 40 lbs weight, and a 22-inch width x 45.7-inch height, it evenly distributes weight for stable and prolonged heat. Still a compact package, it’s easily carried along. So, it proves best for outdoor use. Should you decide to use it indoors, it’ll still blend well. You can thank its solid, elegant black finish for it!

One reviewer praises its 360-degree viewing capacity. Providing one an honest burning status, it gives the user a fuller control over the amount of wood to be burned. It’s economic in a way that it avoids excessive use of wood/logs. 

This chiminea brand is also popularly known for its straightforward peripheries, usage and installation. 

The only known drawback of the product is its small fire box dimensions. 

  • Well-Balanced Design; Grounded Four-Legged Cast Irons
  • Internally Piped to Direct Smoke Upward
  • Evenly Distributed Weight; Stable Heating Output
  • Highly Compact & Durable; Portable
  • 360-Degree Viewing Capacity
  • Easy to Use & Install
  • Small Fire Box Dimensions

Why choose it?

  • This high-quality chiminea minimizes tip-over accidents even when placed on unstable platforms.

4. The Blue Rooster Chiminea

Blue Rooster Dragonfly chiminea reviews

The Blue Rooster’s top chiminea is all about long-lasting efficiency, durability, and burning stability! This is surely another great chiminea from our best chimineas list.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Large Fire Box
  • High-Quality, Ultra-Durable Steel
  • Added Cooking Options
  • Lightweight & Compact

One thing that users cannot miss with this product is its high potential to resist thick smoke exhaust. Experts even note that it’s especially designed to release smoke in a second-to-none frequency. It just won’t hold smoke like you expect. It releases it while keeping the necessary heat possible. 

The painting in its body, according to various users, is removable and somehow toxic. However, with 2 or 3 uses, given that it melts with heating, it’s certified to be all-out safe!

For some, the chemical and toxic coating of the chiminea is bad for the health. For other users, however, it’s only true in a short period of time. The secret here is to sufficiently heat up the whole body first before using it for good. 

This top product from the Blue Roosters brand is versatile enough to keep in its rosters grilling, burning and sparking options. Meaning, it doesn’t heat up with hours’ use possible. As I’ve mentioned before, it releases heat when necessary. Yet, it also keeps heat for heating per se. 

A certain reviewer praises it for its wide fire box capacity. It approximately accepts 19-20 inches to its mouth. This only further indicates that accommodates the most number and sizes of wood possible.

Te product is also very light, despite its solid and durable texture. It’s especially designed to fit corners in the home– both internal and external. This is somewhat surprising for most users. 

Drawbacks of the product include a small body that easily heats up. 

  • Thick-Smoke Resistance Technology
  • Heat-Release Mechanism
  • Versatile Roasting & Grilling Options
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Durable
  • Large Fire Box
  • Small Body Size
  • Heat-Prone Surface

Why choose it?

  • Impressing with an eye-catching, beautiful design, this lightweight chiminea heats up fast and easy!

5. Chiminea Fire Pit

Chiminea Fire Pit Wood Burning Set

This unique out-of-the-box “Premium Value” chiminea by InnFinest is all about ease, efficiency, elegance and revolutionary heating circulation system!

  • Unique, Modern, Functional & Space-Economical Bulk
  • Long Heating Circulation
  • 3X Thick Steel Dressing
  • Added Accessories
  • Low Maintenance
  • Highly Durable & Efficient

All active buyers, experts and critics say that it’s a modern piece of luxury. However, before it’s even considered a luxury for some, it’s fulfilled nearly all basic heating needs imagined! Bearing a run-down of 17.5″ (Diameter) x 63.5″(Height), a weight of  30.9 lbs, solid three legs, and an overall thicker steel finish, it’s expected to deliver beyond expectations. 

Consistent to the claims by its sellers, it does secure the longest heating circulation possible. Through its narrowed pipe design and small weight, it easily releases heat and smoke for distribution. Yet, it manages to keep smoke away from the face. Extended upwards, its narrowed pipeline releases smoke. Meanwhile, it’s flat firebox opening distributes heat evenly. If you go with this one of the best chimineas you won’t go wrong.

As it looks simple, it also feels so. In that same effect, in addition to it being light, it proves very easy to clean and maintain. Despite its 4 added accessories: grate poker, grill grid, polyester sheet, and a safety mesh door cover, it still reigns as an undoubtedly straightforward tool. 

One reviewer praises it for its resistance to rusting and rain. Now, to protect it from the rain, it’s got a thick and durable polyester cover to do the job. Consequently, this makes it an overall durable product. 

Another favorable feature by the product is its extended fire box dimensions. Accommodating nearly 10-15 logs of 12 inches in length, it strongly supports heavy heating activity. By all means, its thrice thicker in steel dressing now. That’s got to be the brand’s toughest update known. 

The only known issues about the brand concern some shipping problems and a hole hatch that does not strongly hold. 

  • Fitted Dimensions for Outdoor Work
  • Longest Heating Circulation
  • Light & Small Weight
  • 4 Added Accessories
  • Easy Use & Installation; Extended Fire Box Dimensions
  • Rust & Rain-Resistant; Highly Durable
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Weak Hole Hatch

Why choose it?

  • This “premium value” chiminea boldly ranks as the most unique, revolutionary and comfortable product in the market today.

6. The Blue Rooster Chiminea Oven

best chiminea Wood Burning Chiminea Oven reviews

This 6th-ranking chiminea in our best chimineas list. from the Blue, Rooster hails with a highly protected deck, beautiful and fancy design, durable package and a spacious inside for more wood logs! This is surely one of the biggest chiminea out there.

  • Beautiful & Solid Design
  • Highly Durable
  • Longer Heating Output
  • Easy Assembly
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Solid Finish

At first glance, it fancies the eyes with a fancy little roof on a house. Users are especially captivated by its dreamy nature. Like being plucked right from a fairy tale world, it ranks as simply the prettiest on our list! However, it fanciness isn’t all fancy. It softens interior designs for both commercial and residential buildings. 

If not poking an appreciative eye on its design, users and critics alike look into its highly spacious inside. Admitting 15-inch logs as many as 10-12, it makes for longer insulation even for outside temperature. 

Despite other users’ claim about it being unfit for outdoor use, it actually is great outdoors. Yes. You heard it right. It’s 100% versatile. While it isn’t as versatile as the previous brands mentioned herein it still manages to deliver beyond its frame. And by the way, it deliciously cooks pizza. 

Despite the fact that it’s extremely heavy, it’s actually easy to transport. How? It’s got rubbered tips protecting it from impact. More so, its parts are tightly tucked in so that these don’t fall in places while being transferred. 

Some of its drawbacks include a flimsy fireplace door, a swingy reputation,  and a scattered smoking output. 

  • Beautiful Design
  • Best for Residential & Commercial Use
  • Spacious Fireplace Dimensions
  • Extended Fire Box Dimensions
  • 100% Versatile
  • Tightly Attached Parts (except the fireplace door)
  • Flimsy Fireplace Door
  • Swingy Reputation due to Unstable Base
  • Scattered Smoking Output/Direction

Why choose it?

  • Beautiful, captivating, yet practical; it especially attracts interior decorators and outdoor adventurers alike.

7. Sunnydaze Modern Chiminea

best Sunnydaze Modern chiminea reviews

Perhaps, the most up-to-fix design that’s extensively neat, elegant, and efficient, this Sunnydaze Decor chiminea is what you need after a stressful day! Our list of best chimineas won’t be fulfilled without this one.

  • Wide & Comfortable Fire Pit Access
  • Wide Opening
  • Lightweight, Yet Durable
  • Low-Maintenance & Easy Cleaning
  • High-Quality Steel

While it may look too small, unusually small that it’s the smallest chiminea on our list, this Sunnydaze product secures as stress-free assembly. Admittedly, it isn’t my type of chiminea, but it’s certainly everyone’s type with its high firepit adjustability and a lot more features. 

Users particularly vote for it for being economical alone. Like Innfinest’s chiminea, it’s also space-saving. Feather-light, small and sleek, this chiminea model proves to be one of the worthiest outdoor tools. It’s economical in the sense that it doesn’t require that much logs to fire up. You see, it stores its heat and is accurate at that. 

In addition to its adjustable and easily-maneuvered fire pit, it’s got a very wide 18-inch opening. So it should even long and thick logs. Thanks to its wide opening too, you’ll no longer have to chop the logs into smaller pieces. Moving them using a grill poke, as per access via the fire pit, makes them burn less, but heat faster. 

Included in its package are a wood grate, assembly hardware, and the main chiminea. All these extension tools, conclude experts, are specially designed with ultra-powerful cold-rolled steel. The steel quality is especially evident on its fire pit body. Also, a cold-rolled steel guarantees least dust/soot absorbed. Cleaning the chiminea is therefore fast and easy. 

Kown disadvantages of the chiminea brand include a tendency to lose balance on unstable ground, loose screws, and other shipping problems. 


  • Fast & Easy Assembly
  • Fast & Easy Cleaning
  • High Fire Pit Adjustability & Maneuvering
  • Sleek, Light & Small Design
  • Cold-Rolled Steel for Durability; Low-Maintenance; Easy-Cleaning


  • Loose Balance on Unstable Ground
  • Loose Screws
  • Other Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • This chiminea model is the smallest on our list; it’s lightness is just right. Ultimately, if you’re the type of user who prefer adjusting logs mid-session, you’ll find this most useful.

8. The Blue Rooster Gatsby Chiminea

best The Blue Rooster Gatsby Wood chiminea fire pit

Another Blue Rooster hits 8th place on our best chimineas list, this special chiminea, like its previous counterpart, guarantees high protection through the handle, ease of use, and of course, a beautiful design!

  • Rich Stainless Steel Quality
  • Quick Assembly
  • Ultra-Lightweight & Portable; Compact
  • Efficient Ventilation/Circulation
  • Spark Arrestor Neck Insert

As common among Blue Rooster products, this one magnets users all over the world for its small, light and completely portable package. With a classic charm, this beautifully rendered stainless steel resists breakage through time. Another of its charm proven to attract buyers are its spark arrestor neck insert and a pair of carrying handles. 

Technically, its spark arrestor neck insert proves most useful at times when the logs burned are dry ones. Obviously, dry logs are prone to sparks and excessive smoke. Consequently, its spark arrestor neck insert design directs the smoke to escape on a lighter flare. And, with the neck’s fitted dimension, the least amount of spark-igniting air gets contained inside. 

Personally, despite its enduring beauty, I find the product’s paint coating to be weak and toxic. I recommend removing the paint entirely before fully using the chiminea. You can achieve by heating it intently, and then scrubbing off the paint using steel brush. You’d find it more alluring underneath with its deeper black/grey tone.

Reviewers also note about its remarkable ventilation inside. Guaranteed to make logs crackle and crisp up with due heat, it keeps it the longest time possible. If you’re doubtful about such capacity, you can check out its breezy stainless steel mouth screen. Then, you can decide on your own! This is also one of the best chiminea fire pits.

This chiminea isn’t all that pretty and solid. According to some users, it falls short because of its weak leg quality, highly imitated design, lack of deck protection, and poor-quality paint coating. 


  • Lightweight & Portable Package
  • Strong Stainless Steel Quality
  • Highly Durable
  • Spark Arrestor Neck Insert
  • Efficient Ventilation/Circulation System; Breezy Stainless Steel Mouth Screen


  • Weak Leg Quality
  • Highly-Imitated Design; Some Shipping Problems
  • Lack/Absence of Deck Protection
  • Poor Quality Paint Coating 

Why choose it?

  • This equally beautiful yet lighter Blue Roosterbrand product heats up with least chances of sparks and smoke.

9. The Venetian Chiminea

best Venetian Grill & Oven Chiminea chiminea outdoor fireplace

Today’s lucky day for Blue Rooster brand– perhaps even luckier for us– because, another spectacular chiminea, worthy of all emulation, graces our homes and/or backyards with its undeniably solid casting, long-heating result, and an efficient package. 

  • Solid Cast Aluminum
  • Extra-Large Firebox
  • Low Maintenance, Easy Assembly & Easy-Cleaning
  • Added Grilling/Baking Options
  • Moderated Heating System

Another beauty, this venetian-patterned deck-strengthened chiminea is not at all perfect. However, several users still recommend it as a classic charmer! Why? Well, it’s got the solid aluminum finish that resists all rusting and dents. Second, it’s overall compact housing allows it to burn the whole night unattended. This is also one of the best chiminea outdoor fireplace. This is also one of the best chiminea for heat.

Expanded with baking options, it works as effectively as an oven. In addition to that, it guarantees to keep ashes, soots and smoke away from the food. What will you get? Good-smelling food, of course! It generally rids its whole fire place from trapped smoke, burning scent and a lot more. That’s how safe it is as a baking accessory. 

Reviewers also praise it, despite its lacks, for its extra-large firebox. By all means, you can burn in 10-12 logs of 18-20 inches in length in it. You’d also finally get to utilize the logs down to their last inch because of the chiminea’s moderated heating system. 

Through the moderated heating system lies with its neck base. The neck base, using its mesh filter, keeps the fire steady. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not releasing heat. It does, only steady. Meaning, you can leave it burning alone without having to move the logs from their places. 

Known drawbacks of the chiminea include a loose stack fit, some shipping problems, a tendency to change color, and a tendency to topple down. 


  • Solid Aluminum Finish; Classic Charm; Rust-Resistant
  • Extended Baking Options
  • Extra-Large Firebox
  • Moderated Heating System
  • Unattended Heating 


  • Loose Stack Fit
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Tendency to Change Color
  • Tendency to Topple Down

Why choose it?

  • Beautiful, solid and intact, this light outdoor chiminea best fits users who usually fall asleep mid-heating session.

10. Chiminea by Red Ember

Red Ember’s chiminea is a virginal masterpiece, but it isn’t for long! It’s rendering enough heating precision to deserve a place on our best chimineas list!

  • Ultra-Lightweight Package
  • Unique Design
  • Highly Mobile
  • Unattended Heating Capacity
  • Cooking/Grilling Options; Added Hardware & Accessories

Super-easy to assemble, use and maintain, it’s sufficiently light for a quick night out, picnic, camping, and/or stargazing. You’ll only have to pick it up and carry it around. It does not require a single effort to do so. 

Modern-looking, sleek, discreet and unique, it also boasts of a spark arrestor. Is it great enough? Well, not enough, says a number of users. However, it still manages to deliver

As one reviewer points out, this chiminea model is fairly exciting (considering its full package). Why? Because, it comes up with now added hardware, accessories, extended tools, and grill options each time. That reason alone makes it more of a cooking favorite than a heating tool. 

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It may not heat up as strongly as its predecessors, but surely keeps a smoke-free environment by the taking. This feature also secures it odorless cooked food after, notwithstanding a delicious, crispy one. 

This top chiminea by Red Ember brand is an extensively straightforward tool. It does not require excessive controls. It even barely demands a focused eye when operated. By all means, it’s especially designed to open, close and heat logs. And, that’s it. At times, it cooks food just as well. 

The chiminea has a particularly thin and short pipe, so placing it under shorter ceilings has never been a problem. Finally, it also does keep a stable fire. And, with just a few adjustments, it can stay fired up in the next 8-10 hours. 

Problems with the product include a cheap steel quality, extremely unstable legs, some shipping problems, stout smoke stack/pipe, and a tendency for paint to fade. 


  • Extremely Light; Sleek & Unique
  • Added Hardware & Accessories
  • Cooking/Grilling Options
  • Straightforward Operation
  • Stable Fire Maintenance


  • Cheap Steel Quality
  • Extremely Unstable Legs
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Stout SmokeStack
  • Tendency for its Paint to Fade

Why choose it?

  • This top chiminea works best for solo carriers who prefer night alone outdoors.

What to Know Before Buying the Best Chimineas: Buying Guide

Everyone would want to have these charming little fireplaces in their backyard. Not only are chimineas functional, but they can also be a lovely centerpiece in your backyard. But before you swipe your credit card, read our simple tips below. You can get the best deal if you know what to look out for.

1. Construction

Chimeneas can be made out of stainless steel, cast iron, or clay. 

Cast iron is not easily knocked down and is durable. This material is also heat resistant and it can get really hot. Stainless steel is the cheapest among the three. But in terms of longevity and durability, it can be inferior. 

And lastly, clay is quite charming and has a traditional design. It can add a rustic appeal to your outdoor space.  

Traditional chimineas are made of clay. But you would not find many clay chimineas nowadays. More people prefer metal chimineas as it can keep hot for longer. 

2. Type of wood for fuel

Different outdoor chimineas would require different types of wood for fuel. Luckily, most brands indicate what type of wood the chimineas needs. And most brands require firewood or artificial logs. This would be more convenient since these are readily available.

3.  Warranty

Chimineas can last for a long time. So this is going to be an investment. And to get the best deal for your money, you have to get one that has a decent warranty. This assures you that the product is made of high-quality materials.

4. Dimensions

Chiminea can either make your porch look more attractive or it can make it look odd. A too big chiminea for a small porch is not desirable. So you have to choose one that fits right into your garden.

5. Space for firewood

There should be a reasonable amount of space for the wood. Otherwise, you have to keep on tossing wood to keep the fire burning.

Best Chimineas
Photo credit: Corey Edmu nds

Why Do You Need A Chiminea?

An outdoor chiminea can have a lot of functions. And these are the reasons why you need one.

  1. When compared to a fire pit, outdoor chimeneas are safe to use. You have more control over the fire. The well-designed enclave directs the flames upwards. Whereas, an open fire pit can have flames going everywhere. 
  2. Chimeneas can be a focal point in your garden. It can add value to your homes.
  3. It can make your outdoor space a more enticing spot to lounge by.
  4. It’s an alternative source of heat. The best chimeneas can provide warmth for the chilly season.

Where Do I Place a Chiminea?

It’s always best to place chimineas where you can see the flames from your window. Thus, it’s best to place it in an outdoor area such as your porch or patio.  

And since you want the fire to continue burning, it should be facing away from the direction of the breeze. Though it can be unpredictable, you have to consider the direction of the breeze when finding a suitable spot for your chimineas.

Additionally, chimineas should be placed on brick, stone, or concrete. If you have a wooden deck, you can make use of fire-safe pavers. You can make this as a platform of the chiminea so that it’s not in direct contact with the wooden floor. Otherwise, it can catch fire. Also, make sure that there isn’t any type of overhead that can cause a fire.

How to Safely Light a Chiminea

Compared to a fire pit, the flame produced by a chiminea is relatively smaller. So it’s safer and more manageable. But don’t let our guard down. There’s still a proper way of lighting it. And here’s how.

  1. Pour a layer of sand first. This will prevent the fire from burning out easily. It’s ideal to put about 4 inches of sand or gravel inside the chimineas.
  2. Seasoned or artificial logs are the most ideal fuel since they burn better and can get hotter. Get a few pieces of the logs and place them inside the chimineas.
  3. Scrunch up newspapers and place them in the gaps between the logs.
  4. Add a few pieces of twigs or sticks on top of the newspaper and logs. This is called kindling. 
  5. Get a butane lighter and light the newspaper and kindling. Then add more kindling and you’ll notice that the fire is getting bigger. 
  6. Then you can add more logs as soon as the fire starts to stabilize.
  7. Never use any type of liquid fuel.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Chiminea

To make your chiminea last longer, you have to give it proper TLC. And here’s how to care for and maintain your chimineas.

1. Curing

Curing is very important whether you have steel or a clay chiminea. Curing would prepare the chiminea to endure higher heat. So this makes it stronger and more heat resistant. Here are simple steps on how to cure your chiminea.

  • Light balls of paper and toss them into the chiminea. Let it burn out naturally. This will allow the chiminea to cool down completely. 
  • Use sand to line the interior of the chiminea. This will serve as a layer of protection.
  • Light another ball of fire. This one should be slightly larger than the first. Then let it burn out naturally.
  • The cycle of burning and cooling prepares the chiminea or larger fires.

2. After using the chiminea it’s essential to clean it right away. Clean the interior as well. You have to remove the sand and allow the chiminea to dry thoroughly.

3. Replace it with a new layer of sand. 

4. Always allow flames to burn out naturally. 

5. Never use water to turn off the flames. This can cause a drastic temperature change and can damage the chiminea. It can even break a clay chiminea right there and then.

6. Having a rain cover over your chiminea is crucial to prevent damage in case it rains or snows.

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Can I burn charcoal inside a chiminea?

Yes. You actually can Charcoal is best to burn inside a chiminea when you’re planning to smoke, grill or cook food.

How far should I take my chiminea out of the house?

You can move your chiminea within 10-20 feet outside the house. Now, when you’re in a fire-hazard environment, never light your chiminea. You can only do so when you’re at least 20 feet away from the fire-hazard area.

What wood type is best to burn in a chiminea?

The best wood type to burn in a chiminea is hardwood fuel or aromatic wood.

Can a chiminea explode?

Yes. I actually can explode under extreme heat/pressure.

Can I still use my chiminea in the rain?

Yes. You still can.

What type of outdoor flooring do I need for a chiminea?

Chimineas are best placed on stone, brick, tiles, terracotta, or concrete floors.

Why should you choose a metal chiminea?

Metal chimineas burn better and they can get hotter.

Is a fire pit or a chiminea better?

A chiminea is considered safer and the flames are easier to manage compared to a firepit.

What do you put under a chiminea?

If you don’t have a fireproof deck floor. You can make use of flat stones or fire bricks as a base.

Can chimineas explode?

Yes, they can. Chimineas are not built to handle large fires. This can cause them to shatter, break, and explode.


The best chimineas can make your porch or deck sparkle. You can have a nightcap while enjoying a warm fire by the patio. It’s an added value for your home as well. And to get the best value for your money, you have to buy the best brands. Our recommendation will help you spot that charming chiminea for your porch.

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