10 Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person Reviews

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The best chair mat for heavy persons can protect your lovely hardwood floors. The smooth caster wheels may run like butter on hot toast. But it’s not always going to be like that every day. And if you weigh heavier, it can take a toll on your floors.

Also, chair mats help your chair glide smoothly every single time. So you can move to and fro seamlessly. And it benefits your body too. A suitable chair mat can help you sit comfortably too.

Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person

So allow us to lst the best brands that can help you sit more ergonomically. Keep scrolling to see our best picks.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Floortex Cleartex Megamat
  2. Doublecheck Carpet Chair Mat
  3. Marvelux Heavy Duty Chair Mat

Quick Summary:

This is a quick overview of some of the  Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person that we have on our list. We have mentioned a few brands that are well acknowledged by the critics and users based on their functionality and usage. For a detailed review of all our ten picks, head to our 10 Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person list.

  • Floortex Cleartex Megamat is our best overall pick. It’s tough and can even be placed under 500 lb furniture and still hold its shape. It’s also non marring on your expensive hardwood floors.
  •  Some mats can be harmful to you and the environment. Those toxic fumes can do a number on your airways. That’s why the Double Check Carpet Chair Mat is also on our list. This is a heavy duty mat but it’s also one of the most eco friendly. 
  • If you have carpeted floors, it’s hard to find a suitable mat. You need the Marvelux Heavy Duty Chair Mat. It’s heavy duty  and works for all types of carpet- low, medium and high pile. 
  • Ilyapa Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors is the best choice for hardwood floors. It also works for laminates, concrete and tiles.
  • The Office Marshal Chair Mats works best for both carpet and hardwood floors. And like the Dobelcheck carpet mat, it’s also made from environmentally friendly materials.
BrandSurface RecommendationMaterial Load capacity ShapeSize in inchesShops
Floortex Cleartex MegamatHard floor and carpetPolycarbonate500 lbsRectangular34 x 47Check Latest Price
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Doublecheck Carpet Chair MatCarpetPolycarbonate200-300 lbsRectangular With lip36 X 48 X1/8 Check Latest Price
Read Full Review
Marvelux Heavy Duty Chair MatHard floor and carpetPolycarbonate300 lbsRectangular with lip47 x 53 Check Latest Price
Read Full Review
Office Marshal Chair MatsHardfloorPolycarbonate220 lbsRectangular30 x 48Check Latest Price
Read Full Review
Ilyapa Chair Mat for Hardwood FloorsHardfloor and carpetPVC300 lbsRectangular36 x 48Check Latest Price
Read Full Review
Starcounters Heavy Duty Chair MatscarpetPolycarbonate300 lbsRetangyar with lip48x 36 Check Latest Price
Read Full Review
MuArts Thickest Heavy Duty Chair Mat Hardfloor and carpetPolycarbonate330 lbsrectangular35” x 47” x 1/8”Check Latest Price
Read Full Review
Fezibo Office Floor Mats for Low CarpetsCarpetPVC200-300 lbsRectangular with lip48 x 36 Check Latest Price
Read Full Review
Bronzeman Heavy Duty Chair MatCarpetVinyl220-330 lbsRectangular with lip48 x 36Check Latest Price
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Mushyn Office Chair MatHard floor and carpetPVC leather and NBR foam250 lbsrectangular31.5″ x 15.7″Check Latest Price
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Top 10 Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person reviewed

We are going to review 10 best chair mat for a heavy person which would protect your floor from any sort of damage and at the same time would provide you steady sitting experience.

1. Floortex Cleartex Megamat – Best Overall

This is a king of the beast. It can take on a whopping 500 lbs of weight.

If you are specific in looking for a heavy-duty chair mat that can support heavy people, then you need to look no further for Floortex Cleartex Megamat is the one you are looking for. This chair mat is tested to withstand up to 500 lbs of weight making it ideal for tall or big users or 24 hours offices.

It is made from the original Floortex polycarbonate material, that’s been also used in the manufacturing of bulletproof glass and aircraft windows, making it extremely tough. It is perfect in protecting your carpet or hard floor from wear and damage caused by rolling or sliding of the chair.


  • Lip portion extends under the office desk
  • Materials used 100% polycarbonate, making the mat heavy-duty and can resist high-impact
  • Shipped flat, which does not need any unrolling and you can use it directly out of the box.
  • Green Guard indoor air quality certified and entirely free from lead, tin, PVC, and phthalates, making it safe for children and pets.


  • May break if heavy furniture is placed on it.

2. Doublecheck Carpet Chair Mat – Best Green

If you are looking for a more green and earth friendly option, this is one of the best.

One of the most popular mats available in the market is the Polycarbonate Carpet Chair Mat by Doublecheck Products, which is not only heavy-duty but also environmentally-friendly. The mat is made with a polycarbonate material that won’t break, curl, discolor or scratch in normal use.

Advertised as the thickest office chair mat in the market with a measurement of approximately ⅛ inch, which ensures that your chair will not leave any indentations or sink on the floor or carpet and the corners stay flat, thanks to its studded underside, which holds the mat firmly in place.

The Doublecheck Polycarbonate Mat is highly transparent which lets you display the beauty of your floor without the nuisance of the mat. If you have a low and medium-pile carpet, this mat is perfect for you. It is environmentally-friendly, keeping a healthy indoor abode.


  • Free from volatile toxic compounds and phthalate-free making your office or home healthy and environmentally-friendly.
  • Prevents the corners from curling upwards because of the mat’s underside.
  • Consists of a “lip” that protects the floor under the table.
  • Allows the floor carpet to be visible because of its transparent material
  • Thick, durable, and dent-resistant that can withstand heavyweight
  • Ideal for low and medium-pile carpets


  • The mat may discolor over the time of use

3. Marvelux Heavy Duty Chair Mat – Best for All Types of Carpet

From low, medium to high pile carpets, this heavy duty chair mat is the perfect solution.

When it comes to heavy-duty polycarbonate mats, the first thing that comes to mind is the Marvelux. This heavy duty chair mat for carpet is durable and long-lasting which can protect low, medium, and standard-pile carpets.

If you are using a carpet of 0.5 inches of thickness, then this is the ideal product for you.

It is fitting for underfloor heating and is sound absorbent. It is designed for light up to heavy uses. This mat is also ergonomic, which makes it easier for you to move around, putting less effort on your legs, reducing fatigue.


  • Non-toxic, zero presence of lead, cadmium, and tin.
  • Ergonomic sliding
  • Shipped flat for smaller mats which provides you no bumps and ridges and lay entirely flat on the floor.


  • Larger sized mats are shipped roll which may cause inward rolling in some cases.

4. Office Marshal Chair Mats – Best Versatile

This chair mat can be used on a variety of surfaces.

If you are looking for a mat that is suitable for both carpet and hard floor, then the Office Marshal chair mat is the one you need. It is made from 100% recycled materials making it eco-friendly that you can use for your home and office.

You can also use Office Marshal as a pet mat. Train your dog to eat his meals on the mat and save your carpet from being dirty. The manufacturer’s claimed that this mat is the only certified anti-static chair mat on the market, approved by EPH Dresden GmBH in Germany.


  • Blue Angel eco-label providing a healthy environment.
  • Made from recycled PET reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • You can quickly move your chair to fulfill your daily tasks while maintaining an excellent grip.
  • Supports ergonomic posture
  • It provides high impact resistance and designed to protect your carpet and hard floors.


  • May receive a half-rolled up mat.

5. Ilyapa Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors – Best for Hardwood Floors

Your oakwood floors will not get damaged with these non scruff chair mats.

The Ilyapa Office Chair Mat is created to protect various floor types like concrete, vinyl, laminated tiles, and hardwood. Because of the mat’s texture, you are sure that the office chair remains in place and the floor is covered with an office chair floor protector.

You can avoid cases of scuffing and slip because Ilyapa works to support the quality and aesthetic of the office chair mat. What’s more, you can get an extended, guaranteed lifetime warranty if you register online. Shows how confident the manufacturer is with their product.


  • Shows visibility of the hardwood or floor tiling thanks to its ultra-transparency
  • It can be used in a variety of floor types like laminates and hardwood.
  • There are many sizes and lip area inclusion that you can choose from


  • Rolled up mat if you chose a bigger size that may cause minor ridges.

6. Starcounters Heavy Duty Chair Mats – Best Value

These are carpet chair mats that are pretty durable and are built to last. 

The office chair mat by Starcounters is specifically designed for carpeted floors. Made of high-quality durable polycarbonate material that is environmentally-friendly, free from toxic and harmful materials, and 100% recyclable.

The mat is Europe-made and ½ inch thick which is built to protect carpeted floors. With its transparency, the chair mat fits any office or home decor allowing the beauty of the floor design to shine. This heavy-duty office chair mat will surely remain intact, slip, and slide-free thanks to the pronged based stud.


  • Remains secured on the carpet because of the 4mm long, pronged base
  • No hills or curved-up edges that can cause casters of the office chair to get stuck


  • It may not be shipped flat.

7. MuArts Thickest Heavy Duty Chair Mat – Best Multipurpose

This multipurpose chair mat works for almost any type of surface.

Murat is proud to present you their thickest heavy duty chair mat which is ideal for hard types of flooring, backed with a 1-year warranty for one of the best chair mat for the heavy person. It has great characteristics for enhanced durability which includes the flame retardant material on the surface.

If you are a smoker, then this is the perfect match for you. It is said that this is the heaviest and thickest mat in the market compared to its competitors. Ideal floor protection that can provide easy movement and withstand the weight of the user.


  • Ideal for a variety of floors
  • The PVC material is phthalate-free.
  • Heavy-duty and ideal for traffic areas
  • Stays put.
  • Crystal-clear mat as if it is not there.


  • Not suited for carpeted floors.

8. Fezibo Office Floor Mats for Low Carpets – Best for Low Pile Carpet

If you have a low pile carpet that is up to ¼ inches, then Fezibo Office Floor Mats is the product that you are looking for.  

If you have a low pile carpet that is up to ¼ inches, then Fezibo Office Floor Mats is the product that you are looking for.  The rigidity and durability of the material can protect all types of low pile carpets, but will not work as a chair mat for high pile carpet. It does not emit any type of odor and its free of any volatile toxins that help provide you a healthy environment.

The ergonomic feature of the Fezibo Office Floor Mats can give you an excellent enjoyable experience that allows you to easily move around on your chair that helps avoid leg fatigue. You can easily roll the chair even during the winter season as the mat stays soft.

The studded underside of the mat holds it firmly in place and can stand the heavy impact of any falling objects. The Fezibo Office Floor Mat is so durable that it can avoid curls, breaks, discoloring, and scratches for long-term use.


  • Shipped flat that you can immediately use.
  • Provides extra protection with the added lip section
  • Firmly holds the mat in place


  • Will only work on low pile carpets

9. Bronzeman Heavy Duty Chair Mat – Best Anti Slip

It’s filled with a studded bottom that will ensure  a great grip on the floor. So no more slipping and sliding. 

Bronzeman Heavy Duty Desk Chair Mat is one of the best mats there is in the market that is heavy-duty and resilient. It provides easy movement for you because of its easy rolling surface for low pile carpets and is compatible with wool, giving you smart carpet protection. It helps in reducing scuffs or scratches.

The Bozeman Heavy Duty Chair Mat is durable and free of toxins, lead, phthalates and lead, which you can rely on in the long run. The mat is compatible to use either in work or home making a more comfortable, stable, and safe working environment.


  • Clear, transparent design lets the color of the floor show without the mat ruining the home or work decor.
  • Studded bottom, which prevents it from rolling, sliding, or slipping when moving around keeping you safe and can help avoid accidents.
  • Heavy-duty resilience


  • You will have to put weights on the corners of the mat to remove the rolling.

10. Mushyn Office Chair Mat – Best Ergonomic

If you often get tired legs from sitting the entire day, this ergonomic mat is the solution to your problem.

This  2-in-1 ergonomic Office Chair Mat and Sit-standing mat by Mushyn offer you a lifetime warranty. The anti-fatigue cushioned foam is a CA Prop 65 compliance that can provide you a healthy environment because of the absence of heavy metals and phthalates.

That mat is ideal for all types of hard surfaces such as laminates, concrete, hardwood, and vinyl floors. It can also stay in place even in low pile carpets. The Mushin Office Chair mat is perfect for those who have standing-desk converters at work or at home.


  • Eco-friendly mat
  • Ideal for a wide array of floor types
  • Promotes ergonomic movements thanks to its anti-fatigue mat.
  • Usable even when wearing heels
  • Thin edges for easy rolling.


  • No guarantee that it will lay flat as the product is shipped rolled.

Things to Consider When Buying a Chair Mat

Just like with the other things that you bought, you need to look at the various considerations before you buy that ideal chair mat for your use. Doing this can help you save and purchase a mat that you will not regret. Here are some of the things that you need to consider. 

Type of flooring

Chair mats are created for both carpeted and hard floors. It can also be used as a chair mat for thick carpet. Go with a chair mat that grips the underside if you have a carpet, to keep it safely attached in place. Though, you need to determine the thickness of the carpet for there are some that are not compatible with the thickness of the carpet.

It‘s a bit easier to choose a chair mat for hard flooring, just ensure that you choose the one that has a smooth backing to protect the floor while staying in place. 

Plan it Out

You need to carefully plan and think of what you need the chair mat for. Is it for a new desk? Installing a new floor? Or a larger office. You also need to think if you are going to move your furniture, for it may have a significant impact on the office chair mat that you are planning to buy. 

Size and Shape

Another thing that you should consider is the shape and size of the mat that you need to buy. There’s a wide array of chair mats out there in the market which includes square, rectangular, and it comes with a lip. If you have a corner work area, you choose a clear plastic teardrop shape that can offer more flexibility. 

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A traditional desk with drawers on both sides will require you to buy the mat with a lip, and for your work tables, go for the rectangular ones. You can roll around your work area and find out the measurement of space and floor area for you to choose the best heavy duty chair mat.

The Benefit of Using a Chair Mat

The best chair mat for heavy persons can make you feel more comfortable. Thus, you’re going to be more productive at work.

Allow us to elaborate on some other pros of using a chair mat.

1. Ease in mobility

It’s not a playing field, but you tend to still move a lot while working. You still tend to move a lot while seated. A chair mat allows your office chair to move freely on the ground so you don’t have to exert too much effort. 

2. Allows you to multitask

It’s easy to grab a pen from one desk to the other with chair mats. Since the wheels roll smoothly on the mat, you can easily hover to the other desk. So multitasking can be fun. And you don’t need to stand up to answer the call from the end of the room.

3. Protects your floors

Caster wheels can do a number on your expensive hardwood floors. Chair mats serve as a barrier between the wheels and the floor. So even if you constantly move and swivel your chair around, it won’t scratch your hardwood floors.

4. Prevents accidents

Many of us tried to move an office chair even if it won’t budge. It can be the carpet or the wheels are just stuck. Either way, it’s quite impossible to move. And attempting to move can make you fall down to the ground. 

5. Can add value to your office

Chair mats are office accessories that can add more value to this space. It can make your office look more organized and professional.


Do chair mats reduce noise?

Yes they do. The wheels of the chair screech because it can’t roll out smoothly. And an office chair mat will help your office chair hover smoothly along the floors.

Are glass chair mats good?

Yes, glass chair mats are even better than plastic one. They are more durable and can last longer. But they can cost more.

Do I need a chair mat for carpet?

It’s not easy to roll a chair along carpeted floors. It will take a lot of energy and straining. So yes, you do need a chair mat for your carpeted floor. But ensure that a chair mat is intended for use on carpets as not all are.


Your office chairs are causing dents and scratches on your floors. The best chair mat for heavy persons can benefit your and your hardwood floors. So you can stop struggling to move from one desk to another. You can seamlessly roll out your chair even if you are on the heavy side.

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