10 Best Caulk Remover to Remove Old Caulk Fast and Easy

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Caulk be Gone
  2. MYX Gel
  3. Goof Off Professional
Best Caulk Remover

Silicon and acrylic caulk can get discolored and chips off over time. Coating it with a new layer of caulk might be the best and fastest solution. But with some silicone caulk, it has to be removed to give way to a new coat.

And most caulk removers in the market can either be ineffective or just too harsh. Some may contain a lot of solvents that are dangerous to your health. They can do a number to mother nature too. Some brands just don’t work even if you have finished half the tube already.

Removing the old caulk is easy! Believe us. And with the best caulk remover, you don’t need to hire a pro, you can easily do it yourself.

Here Is the List of 10 Best Caulk Remover:

  1. Caulk be Gone
  2. MYX Gel
  3. Goof Off Professional
  4. Goo Gone Pro
  5. Motsenbocker’s Lift-Off
  6. 3M Adhesive Remover
  7. Krud Kutter
  8. Orange-Sol De-Sovl-it
  9. MCKANICA Silicone Caulk Remover
  10. Skylarklife

Top 10 Picks for the Best Caulk Remover (A Product Review)

We have listed the best ones in the market so you don’t have to keep on trying products that will only fail you. 

1. Caulk be Gone – Best Latex Caulk Remover

Some latex caulk remover can do a number on your tiles or any other surfaces. Yes, it can remove the dried caulk, but it’ll be leaving a nasty residue of damage to your surface. Caulk Be Gone is proven safe for all surfaces. And you’ll notice that it doesn’t have a strong chemical scent like other brands. Instead, it has a subtle fresh scent.

It’s the perfect solution to clean your bathroom tiles, bathtub, and the entire bathroom.  

It’s a great and effective alternative to strong caulk removers. And it works. It can also remove old dried paint. So just be careful when leaving the tube open.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Has a subtle scent
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Can also be used on dried paint


  • Consistency is a bit runny

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It’s an effective and safer alternative to other strong chemicals.

2. MYX Gel – Best Versatile Caulk Remover

This gel base caulk remover is quite versatile. You can use it to remove caulk and to dislodge sticky adhesive. And you don’t need to buy a separate mold and mildew cleaner too. You can also use MYX gel to clean molds and mildew in your bathroom. It can even remove dye stains in your acrylic countertop. 

The consistency is not runny, instead, it’s in gel form. So it’s easier to use. And you would have no problems with the solution dripping on the surface. It’s a Korena made product that uses Japanese raw materials.

The solution even comes in an easy to squeeze tube container. So you can get every drop of solution from the tube, so you’re getting all your money’s worth. And it’s equipped with a precision tip applicator, so it’s easy to use.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Consistency is not runny
  • Versatile


  • Might be challenging to spread

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It’s not runny and it’s less messy to use. Also, it’s quite versatile and you can use it for other applications.

3. Goof Off Professional – Best for All Surfaces

No matter how luxurious your bathroom is, if it bears stains, adhesive tape, or dried paint, it can look worn out. And other caulk removers can hurt the surface. The Goof Professional is the answer to your dilemma.

This caulk remover is safe to use on all surfaces. It can bring back the pristine glory of your bathroom walls and furniture. It can be used following surfaces too- glass, wood, hand tools, fiberglass, grout, metal, or any finishes. It can remove stubborn stains, caulk, and dried paint without harming the surface.

No household cleaner would be able to do the task with the same prowess as Goof Off Professional.


  • Can be used on a lot of surfaces
  • Removes stain on the spot
  • Great for maintaining furniture


  •  May have a smell

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It’s safe to use on almost all surfaces. Furthermore, it can remove stains without marring your furniture.

4. Goo Gone Pro-Power – Best for a Lot of Applications

This medium-range caulk cleaner is ideal for removing stains on a lot of applications. It’s effective for removing silicone, sealant adhesive, tar, wax, grease, and oil. 

The formula comes in a nod rip clear gel. It’s easier to use and there is no dripping too. Furthermore, you can also use the Goo Gone Spray to clean mold and mildew from your bathroom floors and bath. 

Also, it has a subtle citrus scent. The faint smell is not too overwhelming. But not all are a fan of it.


  •  A little goes a long eas
  • Effective for a lot of applications
  • An be used to clean mold and mildew
  • A non-messy clear gel consistency


  • Might leave a residue after

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It’s versatile and effective for a lot of applications. It’s very effective in removing silicone caulk too.

5. Motsenbocker’s Lift Off – Best Eco Friendly Caulk Remover

This silicone caulk remover one of the gentlest caulk removers on our list. it’s eco friendly and biodegradable. So you’re doing Mother nature and yourself a favor at the same time. Apart from silicone, it can also safely remove expansion foams and sealants.

Despite its gentle formula, it can remove caulk well too. It’s fast-acting. And all you do is spray the solution to the area to be treated. Wait a bit, then scrape and scrub. It’s also non- marring and friendly on a lot of surfaces.

Since it has a milder formula, it won’t dissolve the silicone. But instead, it will soften it so that’s easier to remove. 


  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Worf on a lot of applications
  • Safa and effective for most surfaces
  • Made In the USA
  • Affordable price


  • You need to use more amount for it to be effective

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It’s water-based and a more eco-friendly solution to dried caulk and stains.

6. 3M Adhesive Remover – Best Adhesive & Caulk Remover

The 3M adhesive remover can remove grease, oil, and other stains without hurting your surfaces. Other brands may use petroleum distillates to render the solution effective. 3M is a citrus-based product. Instead of petroleum, it makes use of citrus oils, and citrus oil is proven potent to remove stains on surfaces. They’re more pet friendly too.

It’s also quite versatile. 3M has more applications from removing oils, tape residue, and grease. You may also use it to clean tar, marker graffiti, and grease and dirt from industrial floors.

And it won’t make a liquid mess like other products instead, it will soften the adhesive and give way for easy removal. 


  • Doesn’t contain petroleum or chlorinated substances
  • Safer for pets 
  • Won’t harm your surfaces
  • A little goes a long way


  • Might not work on all stains and residue

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It’s a gentler formula that doesn’t contain petroleum or any other chlorinated substances. It’s also best at removing adhesive tape, grease, and oil. 

7. Krud Kutter – Best Professional Caulk Remover

When you need to remove the stubborn stains and caulk, you need a more professional caulk remover. But most professional formulas are too harsh. It may contain a lot of chemicals that can be corrosive to your skin.

The Krud Kutter is one of its kind. It boasts of a professional formula but without the harsh side effects. There’s no harsh chemical smell and it’s safe on your surfaces too. You just need 2-5 minutes then you can scrape or scrub the old caulk off. 

Though it has some limitations on the surfaces it can be applied to. It doesn’t work on any elastic materials. But it pretty much works for most. 

The consistency is a bit slippery. So in case, you dropped some solution on the floor, just wipe it off immediately.


  •  A little goes a long way
  • Professional grade formula
  • Works fast
  • Not corrosive on surfaces


  • Cannot be used on leather, suede, rubber, or elastic materials.

Why you should buy this caulk remover

If you’re looking for a brand that works in as little as 5 minutes, this professional-grade caulk remover is the answer.

8. Orange-Sol De-Sovl-it – Best Degreaser & Caulk Remover

This petroleum-based product can only remove caulk effectively, but it’s also a potent degreaser. So if you have stubborn oil, stain, and grease on your floors, this is the solution.

It can also remove old grease stains from clothing. But be ready for the funky smell. It may do a number on your nose. I can also remove gooey residue from stickers.

This caulk remover comes in an easy to use bottle. It ensures that you’ll only be paying a small amount of solution on the surface. So it’s easy to use and there won’t be any mess or spills. And in case it came into contact with your skin and hair, it’s not corrosive and won’t harm you. 


  • Comes in an easy to spray bottle
  • Effectively removes old stains and grease too
  • Easy to use
  • Free from benzene and other chlorinated solvents
  • Not corrosive to skin and hair
  • Not messy
  • Eco friendly


  • May have a light petroleum smell

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It’s free from chlorinated solvents that can be harmful to the environment and your health. And it’s an effective caulk and stain remover. 

9. MCKANICA Silicone Caulk Remover – Best Mild Silicone Caulk Remover

This silicone remover is a mild caulk remover. It’s great for household use. Even with the milder formulation, it’s effective in removing silicone caulk from windows, glass, shower, tub, and aluminum. 

Since it has a milder formula, you have to wait for 3 hours before you do your scrubbing. Though it is effective in industrial applications where residue and caulk can be a bit thicker. You might need to do a ton of scrubbing though.


  • Odorless
  • Effective on a variety of materials
  • Can also be used on industrial silicone


  •  You might need to do more scrubbing

10. Skylarklife – Best Whitener & Caulk Remover

Your old bathroom floor can be a haven of molds and mildews. Not to mention, the discolored grout will make your bathroom look old and nasty.

Skylar Life is the answer to your problems. It’s not just a caulk remover, it can also whiten the grout on the old bathroom floor. So you’re getting a 2 in 1 product. Skylarklife can effectively clean a lot of surfaces. And it can leave your bathroom looking and smelling new. 

It’s easy to use and you just let it sit on the surface for an hour. You might need to do a second application on the most troubled spots, but it can get rid of old stains.


  • Removes molds and mildew effectively
  • Can whiten old bathroom floors
  • 2 in 1 caulk remover and grout whitener


  • Can have an overpowering smell

Why you should buy this caulk remover

It can remove calk and whiten your old bathroom tiles too.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Caulk Remover (a Buying Guide)

1. Harmful ingredients

A lot of effective caulk removers can remove stubborn caulk and stains. But they can also contain a lot of harmful chemicals such as benzene and other solvents. And these can be harmful to your skin, and when inhaled. It can also pose threats to your pets.

The best products on our list contain the most effective brands in the market. And they’re free from toxic chemicals. So before buying, make sure it doesn’t have benzene or harsh solvents.

2. Type of applications

Are you going to use the bathroom? Some caulk remover may have a strong smell that’s only applicable for outdoor applications. We have the best caulk removers that you can use both indoor and outdoor.

3. Versatility

Most caulk removers are versatile tools. You can use them for a wide variety of applications. We have the best brands on our list that can be used for removing caulk, cleaning mildew, whitening old bathroom tiles, and removing stains and oils.

 A more versatile product can be more economical and cost-effective.

4. Effectiveness

How effective is it from removing the caulk? It would be futile if you need to see a ton of the solution to remove a small stained area. Research on the efficacy of the brand that you want to buy. Our review has the best caulk removers that are proven in removing caulk, even the old ones.

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How to Remove Old Caulk

Liquid and gel caulk remover rids the hassle of using a caulk removal tool. You don’t need to scrape through the surfaces. Doing  so can scratch it. 

And here’s how to remove an old silicone caulk using a solution.

  1. Test the solution on a small area first.
  2. You might also want to have clean towels nearby.
  3. Apply the solution to the area as per the manufacturer’s guide. Let it sit for the recommended time. 
  4. As the caulk softens, gently wipe it with a clean cloth.
  5. Make sure that it’s thoroughly dry before applying a new caulk.

How to Remove Old Silicone Caulk

You don’t always need to remove an old caulk if you’re going to apply for a new one. Oftentimes, applying a new layer over an old caulk would suffice. But not if it’s silicone. Silicone caulk old adheres only to silicone. So you have no other choice but to remove it.

And the caulk can be a home to molds and mildews. A lot of people remove their old silicone caulk and replace it with a mold resistant caulk. Removing old silicone caulk is easy. Here’s’ how.

  1. Gather all the materials that you’ll need. Here are the things that you’d be needing- a blade, silicone caulk remover, gloves, methylated spirits, and clean towels.
  2. Put on your gloves. 
  3. Use a blade to cut a portion of the frayed silicone caulk. If you don’t cut it, you might need to do multiple reapplications.
  4. Make sure surfaces are dry.
  5. Then apply the silicone remover about 3 mm high on the old silicone.
  6. Wait for the solution to dry.
  7. Once dry, remove the softened silicone with methylated spirits.
  8. Dry thoroughly before applying new caulk.

Tips on Using Caulk Removers

1. Before anything else, read the labels carefully.

Read the labels carefully. Different brands have different efficacy. Some can dissolve the caulk while others soften it. 

2. Before getting your hands dirty, make sure you’re ready with the following:

-the caulk remover

-clean towels or cloth

– gloves, protective eyewear, or respirator mask

3. Test the solution on a small area first to see if it would not marr the surface. This will also allow you to see how long the product needs to sit on the surface.

4. Apply a solution to the area to be treated. And let sit according to the manufacturer’s label

5. Use a clean cloth to wipe away debris or the softened caulk.

6. Let dry for 12-24 hours before applying a new layer of caulk.


Should I always use gloves when applying caulk?

Yes. And even if the brand claims that it’s gentle on your hands, always wear gloves. You might not know if you are allergic to the substances in the product. And caulk removers aren’t intended to be in contact with your skin.

How long should I let the caulk remover sit before scraping it off?

That depends on the brand. Some professional formulas might only take 5 minutes, but the milder ones need 2-3 hours.

What substances should I avoid in a caulk remover?

Make sure that your caulk remover is free from benzene and other solvents. These can be harmful to your health.


Old discolored caulk is quite easy to remove. But some brands can be too harmful to you and the environment. And it’s too time-consuming and energy-draining to scrape it off using a caulk removal tool. We have listed the best caulk remover that can help you get rid of the old weary caulk in your bathroom faster.

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