The 10 Best Blankets for Bed in 2021 Updated

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With Autumn coming in, the winds have started getting chilly by the day. And while it is a treat during the day, nights are an entirely different story!

But fear not. This is where warm, cozy blankets come in! The right blanket for you will keep you warm and cozy while not compromising on your comfort at all. You know the drill, they have to be soft, velvety to touch! 

Best Blankets for Bed

We understand that buying the right blanket can be an intimidating task. After all, it’s a very personal choice. But with our list of the 10 best blankets for bed in 2021, you will be able to make this choice at the ease of your computer screen!

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket – Premium Pick
  2. Cotton Craft Premium Thermal Blanket – Top Pick in Cotton.
  3. BEDSURE Fleece Blanket – Top Pick for Light-weight blanket

Quick Summary:

Here’s a quick review of our list of 10 Best Hard Hats. This list contains a brief overview of the contents of our list. We have mentioned a few top picks based on their attributes. We have not mentioned every best hard hat in this overview, so don’t forget to go through our complete list of Best Hard Hats to find the best hat for yourself. 

  • If you’re looking for a multipurpose blanket that can be used for summers as well as winters, you have to pick the Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket!
  • If you need a cotton blanket that suits your allergies, you should check out this cotton Bedsure Thermal Blanket.
  • If you need a blanket that is affordable and lightweight, you need to check out the BEDSURE Fleece Blanket! It is made up of Microfiber polyester that will keep you warm. 
  • If you need a wool blanket within a budget, you should check out the PENDLETON Eco-Wise. It is easy to maintain and machine-washable! 
  • If you need to browse through a variety of color options to find your right fit, you have to look at the AmazonBasics Micromink Throw! It comes in 35 attractive colors, one for your every need! 

Here is the List of Best Blankets for Bed:

ProductFabric TypeWeight  (in pounds)Size(in inches) Button
Chanasya Faux Fur BlanketPolyester 6.5King/QueenCheck Price on Amazon
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PENDLETON Eco-WiseVirgin wool 5.28King/Queen/TwinCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
SONORO KATE Fleece Blanket Polyester 4.04KingCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
RICHAVE’s Polar Fleece BlanketMicrofiber polyester2.16King/Queen/TwinCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Bedsure Thermal Blanket Cotton 5.4King/Queen/TwinCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Cotton Craft Premium Thermal BlanketCotton 3.4King/Queen/TwinCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
AmazonBasics Micromink ThrowPolyester 5.7King/Queen/Twin/ ThrowCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Qbedding Inc. Luxury Blanket Micro Fiber4.79KingCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
BEDSURE Fleece BlanketMicrofiber Polyester1.7King/Queen/TwinCheck Price on Amazon
Read Full Review
Utopia Bedding Fleece BlanketPolyester King/Queen/TwinCheck Price on Amazon
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10 Best Blankets for Bed: A Product Review

1. Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket

This warm dreamy long fur blanket that’s cozy and warm. It’s perfect for the winter. 

This warm, cozy blanket is what every girl’s dream is made of! It keeps you warm and all snuggled up, and the weight feels very comforting, especially during winters. And what we love best about these blankets is just how many colors they come in! Seriously, buying them is easy. But choosing which color to buy? That’s a whole different question!

But looks are not what makes this blanket our premium pick. This blanket is designed in a very unique way. The underside of the blanket is made up of a soft, conventional weave, while the outer layer is a rather furry and soft weaving. This design works to your benefit because depending upon the type of warmth you’re looking for, you can flip over and switch sides!

The one thing users did notice about this particular blanket is that it sheds a lot for the first few days. This is nothing to worry about, however, because this problem should be solved in a wash or two. People noticed that a cold wash can reduce up to 90% of the shedding!


  • Super soft, cozy, and Luxurious.
  • 100% microfiber fabric.
  • Available in 13 attractive colors.
  • Comes in 5 different sizes.


  • Luxuriously thick but lightweight making it easy to carry and travel with.
  • Scores an ‘A’ in looks! You just know that it will brighten up your bed in no time!
  • Feels soft on the skin and is resistant to any allergies.
  • Not only is it the perfect blanket for your bed, but it also makes for the perfect gift for loved ones!
  • You can wash it in your washing machines with minimum effort and it does not require any special maintenance!


  • Users noticed that it tends to shed a lot when it’s new. And the only way to fix it is to wash it a couple of times.

2. Pendleton Eco-Wise

A lightweight and washable wool blanket. It’s a warm blanket perfect for winter.

Pendleton is a name synonymous with quality. They have been a top brand in manufacturing luxurious, high-quality blankets for years now. This product is no exception.

This Pendleton blanket is warm, soft, and comfortable. Since it is made out of wool, it can keep you cozy even in colder temperatures. The best part? While conventional wool blankets often require a lot of maintenance and frequent dry-cleaning, this one does not! It’s machine-washable and leaves no fuss behind.

If you’re looking for a brand like Poyet Motte, but within a budget, this Pendleton blanket is the right choice for you!

While you might have heard that wool blankets often feel itchy and uncomfortable, this one does not! Our research suggests that users were shocked at just how comfortable and soft these blankets felt.

The one thing you should know before purchasing this particular blanket, though, is that it tends to be bigger in size than mentioned. The queen-sized blankets almost fall over the sides of a double bed. While this may not be a bad thing per se, you do not need to buy blankets a size larger like you normally do.

Another thing to note is that since this blanket is a washable model of wool, it loses some of its extreme insulation qualities. So it might not be for you if you live in sub-zero temperatures.


  • Made out of pure, 100% virgin wool.
  • Do not shrink while washing and drying.
  • Available in 28 attractive colors!
  • Available in King, Queen, and Twin sizes.


  • It requires zero maintenance and is washable.
  • Despite being a wool blanket, it’s not nearly as heavy as those tend to be.
  • It is much, much softer than conventional wool blankets.
  • Comes in brilliant packaging that is fool-proof.
  • For the quality and brand you get, this blanket is perfectly priced!


  • Might be too hot for summers and autumn. Isn’t very well-ventilated.
  • This blanket isn’t as warm as traditional wool blankets are because of its washable technology. It might not be ideal for people looking for extreme insulating properties.

3. Sonoro Kate’s Fleece Blanket

Luxurious, warm, and ultra-soft. It’s a dreamy plush blanket that’s a perfect gift for your loved ones.

There are many blankets in the market. But what stands out about Sonoro Kate’s Fleece blanket is just how unbelievably soft it is. We’re not kidding. Kids love it, pets love it, adults love it!

And there are many reasons why people love this one. One of them being that it is super lightweight and cozy! It is perfect for summers and autumn, and can also be used to put under the comforter during winters.

What stands out the most about this blanket is its anti-static weaving technology. This ensures that the blanket doesn’t become fuzzy over time. Many users have reported being pleasantly shocked by just how stain-resistant it is. Seriously, one person could successfully get rid of an ink stain without any residue!


  • Super soft and plush to touch.
  • Made with 100% polyester fabric.
  • High-density, anti-static weaving.


  • Comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee! You will never have to worry about being stuck with something you don’t like.
  • Washable and very easy to maintain. It does not fade or shed when washed.
  • It is ultra-soft and plushy. Trust us, it is what dreams are made up of!
  • It is very warm and comforting despite being so lightweight.


  • Some users do not like the fact that the white-colored option in this blanket is a cream-ivory-colored blanket. It’s not fully white.

4. Richave’s Polar Fleece Blanket

This fleece blanket will satisfy your blanket needs at a very affordable price. It’s soft, warm, and very easy to wash.

Richave’s polar fleece blanket is a product that is synonymous with high-quality blankets within a reasonable price range. If you’re looking for a brand like Utopia, Richave will be perfect for you!

What Richave stands out most for is its comfort and super-soft material. It is super lightweight and yet so warm! While it isn’t as insulating as conventional wool blankets, it still does a decent job during cold winters. As for mild winters and summers, it is of just the right thickness for you!

What people most love about this fleece blanket is its durability. It comes with a tightly-knit weaving and super durable edges. The weaved corners last for multiple washes without showing any sign of wear!

This blanket is also particularly great for those of you who are slightly taller than average. User experience suggests that the king-sized variety of this blanket is a great fit for people as tall as 7 feet! This is definitely a very attractive quality for those who can never find a blanket that fits their height!

Although we couldn’t find any real faults with this one, we did notice a careful observation during our research. This blanket tends to be very slippery on some mattresses and no matter how you use it, it tends to just glide off. Our suggestion, in this case, would be to use the blanket as a throw instead!


  • Fantastic thermal insulation and durability.
  • Available in 8 attractive colors.
  • Produced in King, Queen, and Twin sizes.
  • Made up of 100% microfiber-polyester material.

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  • Light, soft, and breathable. It is a perfect blanket for your bed.
  • Low-maintenance and stain-resistant. It does not shed or require any special care.
  • Light-weight and travel-friendly.
  • User experience supports the fact that it does not shrink even after multiple washes.


  • Due to its insulating qualities, some might find that it can be too warm for summers.
  • It tends to be slippery and may not stay put on some mattresses.

5.  Bedsure’s Thermal Blanket

It’s an all-natural cotton blanket that’s free of any chemicals. It’s the safest blanket for your kids too. 

Bedsure is a staple brand when it comes to quality blankets. And they’re well known for producing high-quality, super comfortable blankets. And this one’s no exception.

The best part? It is made up of 100% pure cotton! You can bid your goodbye to any allergies that your previous blankets caused you! This hypo-allergenic material is specially designed for people who are sensitive to other blanket materials like wool or polyester.

The cotton blend is also an ideal fit for thermal insulation. It keeps you warm without feeling uncomfortable. One thing you may want to keep in mind, though, is that these blankets tend to be slightly smaller in size than others. Most users prefer buying one size larger than they actually need.

The only problem you might encounter with these is that they might shed or give out a few loose fabric threads after the first wash. But it’s nothing to worry about! Most of these go away by the second wash and it’s as good as new!


  • Made out of 100% pure cotton material
  • Versatile, stylish, and comfy looks.
  • Available in 8 bright colors.
  • Produced in King, Queen, and Twin sizes.


  • Hypo-allergenic in nature. You can rest assured that this blanket won’t lead to any allergic reactions whatsoever!
  • Doesn’t shrink or tear easily. It is very durable!
  • Very low maintenance. After the first few washes, it won’t leave any residue behind.
  • Dries quickly and does not retain any moisture, making it pet-friendly and fool-proof for any odor.


  • For some people, this blanket may not feel as soft as other synthetic fabrics.
  • It does tend to shed during its first wash. But it gets better after that.

6. Cotton Craft’s Premium Thermal Blanket 

A 100 percent cotton blanket that you can use any time of the year

Out of the two cotton blankets features in our list today, this one’s our favorite with its wide variety of color options! Similar to the Bedsure Thermal Blanket, the Cotton craft blanket provides maximum insulation and warmth.

In terms of its quality, you can rest assured that it is made up of premium quality cotton that is carefully woven into a diamond weaving pattern. It is densely packed, which can be an issue in the summers, but you can always use it as a throw.

One very important thing to remember is that this blanket tends to shed a lot in the washing machine and dryer. And if not done properly, may result in a hard, wrinkled mess.

Thankfully, though, users did find a solution for this problem. You need to wash the blanket with cold water and dry it outdoors before you put it back in the dryer. This way, your blanket will stay good as new for years to come!


  • Made with 100% pure cotton.
  • Available in 21 attractive colors!
  • Available in 5 sizes including King, Queen, Twin, Full-queen, and throw blanket.
  • All-season and hypoallergenic.


  • The fibers are tightly woven and densely packed, ensuring maximum thermal insulation and warmth.
  • Soft, hypo-allergenic, and breathable fabric.
  • The bright variety of colors are just right to brighten up any bedroom!


  • These blankets might shed a little during a wash. But it’s nothing to worry about if you follow the right washing instructions.

7. AmazonBasics Micromink Throw

It’s man-made but it feels ultra-soft like a real sherpa fleece.

Let’s be honest. Sherpa Fleece blankets are all the rage, and rightly so. And getting the right kind of sherpa means spending big bucks.

But this is where the AmazonBasics Sherpa Throw comes in! And don’t you worry. With this product, you get premium quality at a super-affordable price!

With this blanket, you get an all-season, polyester throw that works to keep you warm in the winters. But not just that, since it is also made out of sherpa fleece on the outside, you can double it over and it will keep you cold during the summers too!

What some users do complain of, though, is a kind of chemical-like smell that this blanket emits. If you’re someone who is sensitive to smells and does not like it, this might not be the right choice for you.


  • Super-soft, sherpa throw.
  • Available in 35 attractive colors and patterns!
  • Designed in a reversible pattern- both polyester and sherpa fleece.
  • Double layered and premium insulation technology.
  • Produced in four sizes – King, Queen, Twin, and Throw.


  • It is wrinkle-free and is very easy to maintain.
  • It feels ultra-soft and is perfect for super cold winters.
  • People love the many colors and patterns it comes in. You just know it will brighten your room!


  • Some users did notice a chemical-like smell at first. While it does go away after a few weeks, it may not suit people who are sensitive to it.

8. Qbedding Inc. Luxury Blanket 

Boasting of 380 GSM, this flannel fleece blanket is a high-quality blanket that’s ultra-soft and comfortable.

This luxury blanket by Qbedding Inc. is a must-buy for those of you looking for maximum comfort at an affordable price.

This flannel blanket boasts of a higher pile, that’s why it’s more durable and softer compared to its competition. This blanket can give you warmth, but it might not be enough come colder season. It’s more appropriate for spring or autumn, as a summer comforter. Just enough for when the wind is just starting to get chillier.

Many people did report excessive shedding. For some, it seemed to get worse over time. Especially for pets, this may not be an ideal fit.


  • Made with 100% microfiber fabric.
  • Full-proof anti-static technology.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • A dense, tightly knit blanket that is great for warmth and comfort.
  • Has the highest GSM for a blanket
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly. It is easily one of the most foldable blankets for your bed.


  • It tends to shed a lot when washed and does not stop even after a few washes.
  • The stitching could have been better.

9. Bedsure’s Fleece Blanket 

This fleece blanket will maintain its shape and texture even after washing, and leave you feeling warm!

Another premium quality product from Bedsure! And this one ranks as our top pick for the most lightweight blanket on the list!

Seriously, it’s like it’s barely there! And despite the ultra-lightweight, it still provides warmth and comfort like no other. You just want to cuddle and snuggle inside the blanket!

This product is popular due to its super-soft fleece flannel fabric and polyester binding. You don’t have to worry about any shedding or pulling with this one! If you liked Bedsure’s Thermal blanket, you will love the fleece one!


  • Made with 100% Microfiber Polyester.
  • 260 GSM, Breathable and lightweight.
  • Sleek on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
  • Comes in 30 attractive colors!
  • Available in various sizes.


  • Affordable, lightweight, and comfortable.
  • It is super easy to clean and does not shed over your bed.
  • It can be very warm and cozy and leave you with a very soft, velvety feeling.


  • For those of you looking for a weighted blanket, this may not fit your criteria. Although it does its job well, the lightweight property takes away some of the warmth.

10. Utopia Bedding Fleece Blanket

It’s easy to care for and doesn’t fade. You’re getting your money’s worth with Utopia Bedding. And it has a cheap price tag too.

Utopia bedding is one of the most affordable blankets on our list of the best blankets for a bed for a good night’s sleep. It’s lightweight but it can still warm you up. Though it may lack the plush feel, it’s still suitable for winter. And it still feels quite comfortable for a good night’s snooze. We also love how easy it is to care for. There are no fading issues or whatsoever.

It doesn’t shed or shrink. We love how we still got the same blanket every single time it comes out of the washer. And if you’re looking for a thinner blanket that could replace those bulky thick ones, this is it. It can give you enough warmth for the cold season sans the bulky feel.


  • Made with 100% Polyester fleece.
  • Finished with double needle stitching.
  • Available in King, Queen, and Twin sizes.
  • 250 GSM fabric that keeps you warm.


  • Lightweight and super comfortable. These blankets can keep you warm and cozy despite their lightweight.
  • Thanks to its double-needle stitching, these blankets are super durable.
  • They’re easy to care for and do not shed at all.


  • Some users reported that it tends to get rough with every wash.
  • Lacks plushness and softness

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Choosing a Blanket

Before you get all snuggly and cozy, here are some factors you should consider before buying a blanket.

1. The type of fabric

While you may have your personal preference, it’s still best to know the basic types of fabric and their characteristics. And here are a few of them.

  • Cashmere – it’s a luxurious fabric that’s velvety to touch. It’s light and soft, but it has a premium price tag too
  • Wool-  this type of fabric is perfect for the cooler season. It’s warm and insulated but still breathable. But some people can be allergic to wool so check if you have wool allergies in the past before purchasing one.
  • Fleece- it’s warm yet light. It’s perfect for you if you want warmth but hates heavy blankets.
  • Cotton- it’s hypoallergenic, durable, and long-lasting. It also has tons of options on the thickness. This fabric is also ideal for the warmer season.
  • Down- it has a layer of soft feathers and can feel warm yet light. The downside is, it can cause seating.
  • Synthetic- this is the most inexpensive type of fabric, but it can be static

2. Weave style

The weaving style can make a lot of difference. It can also add warmth to the fabric. And here are the various weaving styles.

  • Quilted

These are bulky and warm and often used for down blankets.

  • Conventional- 

The fabric is tightly woven and good for insulation

  • Knit

This has a substantial weight and is often used for wool and synthetic fabrics. It’s also warm and comfortable.

  • Thermal

This is a summer blanket. The style is loose and flowing.

3. The right size

The bigger the better right? It can be if you want to cover your entire bed. But alternatively, there are several blanket sizes. And it helps to know what they are so you can pick the right size for your bed.

  • Twin: 90” x 65”
  • Full/Queen: 90” x 85”
  • Queen: 90” x 90”

King: 90” x 11

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Types of Blankets

Blankets are very versatile. You can use it to cover your entire bed or hang it on a chair or sofa. It can add charm to your living space. 

And there different types of blankets. And each type is suited for a specific use. Let’s see what they are.

1. Throws

Throws are often lightweight and can have a lot of colors and print options. This type of blanket is often draped on your sofa or at the edge of your bed. It’s often used to add color and charm to your room. It can also make you feel comfortable while watching TV.

2. Standard

This is the regular blanket that you use for your bed. It sits between you and the sheets.

3. Weighted blankets

These blankets have a substantial weight ranging from 5 to 30 lbs. It’s designed to be heavy to aid in sleeping. Moreover, it’s also used to help manage mental health disorders.

4. Afghan

Afghans are often confused with throws. Well, they used to be a type of throw blanket. But Afghans are now recognized as another type of blanket. These fun and quirky blankets are made of yarn and crochet.

5. Quilts

Quilts are perfect for the cooler season. And it’s often used in replacement of comforters. These Blankets are layered with 3 components-an insulating layers, a cotton or wool layer, and a quilted top that gives it its distinctive appearance.

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6. Travel 

These are compact blankets that you can bring with you when you’re traveling. It’s often used in airplane rides and camping trips.

7. Electric blankets

These are heated blankets peered by electrical wires. It can provide warmth and heat once plugged in. Moreover, it has a thermostat where you can control the temperature to your liking.


How often do you wash your bed blankets?

Ideally, you want to wash your blanket once-twice every month. However, some people prefer washing it at the end of every season.

What kind of blanket goes under a comforter?

During winters, you might want to use a thicker blanket that insulates the heat and keeps you warm. However, during summers, you can switch to using a quilt to keep you warm and not get too hot!

What is the difference between a comforter and a blanket?

A comforter is usually warmer, heavier, and heavier than blankets. Blankets are slightly thicker than sheets but are meant to keep you warm in slightly cold temperatures


Blankets are versatile home decors. It can add warmth to your bed and it can also add a pop of color to your space. Moreover, the blankets are very cozy and homey, and you can just never go wrong with them! 

We hope our review of the top 10 best blankets for bed in 2021 helped you get closer to your buying decision! If you have any further questions, feel free to drop them below! 


Sonoro Kate's Fleece Blanket
Sonoro Kate’s Fleece Blanket

Sonoro Kate’s Fleece Blanket

This blanket by Sonoro Kate is our top recommendation for today, and rightly so. It’s a fleece blanket that is made up of 100% polyester fabric, and it is ultra soft to touch. This blanket is also ideal for babies and pets alike! 

It also features an anti-static weaving technology that prevents any shedding and keeps it looking fresh for years on end. What’s more, it is super easy to maintain and keeps you very warm. Perfect for anyone looking for a decent blanket!

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