10 Best Belgian Waffle Makers

Best Belgian Waffle Makers

Even if Belgian-style waffles are over 100 years old, there are still over 75% of Americans that enjoy the crispiness and deliciousness that waffles bring. It’s also among the most famous and most chosen breakfasts in the United States. In short, almost everyone still loves the smell of freshly cooked waffles in the morning topped with melted butter, maple syrup, or whipped cream to brighten the day. And this is why you might need best belgian waffle makers.

10 Best Waffle Makers Reviewed

If you’re planning on making waffles as your morning meal every day, then make sure to invest a Best Belgian waffle maker that has all the features and factors suitable to your needs.

1. Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

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This famous Belgian waffle maker is perfect for those that prefer crispy outsides and tender insides. It has a convenient rotation of 180 degrees along with grids that are extra thick for waffles to make the exact diameter of 7 inches. To store easily, you can lock it into a vertical position. Another feature you can benefit from is its digital timer that counts the baking time down and alerts you when the waffle is perfectly baked through an audible tone. Other than its four sections for smoother cuts, the inner surface of the pan also has an added thicker surface to boost its nonstick feature.


  • It has a conveniently rotating design with thicker grids for a perfectly baked Belgian waffle of seven inches. Not to mention that it’s already made of four sections to reduce the hassle of cutting or slicing.
  • Complete with a digital display countdown timer to signal you when the waffle is baked. Additionally, it also has a stainless-steel exterior.
  • Having an interior made of nonstick material makes it convenient for easy cleaning your waffle
  • s.


  • It takes a few minutes for waffles to bake.
  • The heating mechanism may wear out after a few years.

Why You Should Choose

With a 180 degree flip for an even spread of the batter to create that crispy outside and soft inside. For added guidance, you can refer to the manual included in the package for the troubleshooting steps and timer instructions. It easily becomes our number one in the best Belgian waffle makers list

2. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

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This unique cuisinart waf-f20 double belgian waffle maker has pancake plates to make it the perfect combination of all the features in your list. Aside from its nonstick plates that you can easily remove, you can also choose from its temperature settings of six options to suit the way you prefer your waffles made. Similar to the Presto Ceramic Flipside, it also has four sets of waffle plates, and audible alerts with indicator lights to signal you when the waffle is readily baked. Add the pancake plate of four slots to make it the perfect multi-purpose waffle maker. Take this baby anywhere, and you’ll find yourself wanting to cook waffles or pancakes for friends and family because of its conventionality.


  • It includes both Belgian waffle plates and pancake plates of four slices, with a 36-inch cord.
  • Built with temperature control of six settings
  • It’s coated with a nonstick material, making it dishwasher safe.
  • Designed with audible alert and indicator lights
  • The package includes tongs and a recipe book. You can also easily store it upright.


  • The nonstick coating may start peeling if you use an abrasive for cleaning.
  • The machine not be as durable as the other waffle makers.

Why You Should Choose

Its hefty price is a promising bargain if you consider the longevity and excellent quality used to make this fantastic machine. It wasn’t hard to list this as one of the best Belgian waffle makers.

3. Chef’s Choice Nonstick Classic Belgian Waffle Maker

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The all-clad waffle maker has a new modern design you can look forward to when preparing waffles. With its original floating top-plate, the Chef’s Choice M840 is the most recommended Belgian waffle maker made by the brand. With only a few minutes to spare for preparation and baking, fluffy and tasty waffles are at your service.

Built with a switch where you can select your texture; whether it’s a fast bake for that crispy waffle exterior and tender oven-fresh interior or a deep bake for that perfect uniform texture. Built for the extremes and heavy-duty usage, this state-of-the-art waffle maker is complete with light for “baking” and “ready” along with a beeper to alert when the “waffle is ready.” You won’t have to worry about it overheating when you use the waffle maker consistently since it’s made to have a quick temperature recovery. Additionally, it also has an accessible clean-up overflow channel.


  • Only needs ninety seconds of bake time for the waffles to get cooked
  • Installed with the Quad baking system for customization of texture and colour
  • You have two choices on how you want your waffle baked; either in deep-bake mode or moist interior and crisp exterior
  • Designed with a floating top plate to even the waffle’s thickness.


  • May tend to fail quickly, requiring plenty of repairs.
  • The nonstick coating is frail and easily peels off.

Why You Should Choose

It’s featured with the Quad baking system to allow the freedom to choose the appropriate flavour, colour, and texture of your taste. Because its deep griddle is nonstick, you can conveniently wipe cloth or napkin to tidy up the mess. Lastly, the floating lid will give you a perfect and satisfying even thickness of the waffles on each of its sides.

4. Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

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Start enjoying crispy and fluffy Belgian waffles as a way to start your morning. With the use of the hamilton beach belgian waffle maker, you can bake tasty vanilla waffles when you wake up. To add a bit more flavour, you can include dessert, fruits, or nuts in the batter without creating a storm in your kitchen. The machine allows you to bake fluffy and golden-brown waffles into perfection by offering you complete control when it comes to flipping. Serve restaurant-worthy results by gathering the preferences of your friends and family. Whether they like it light or dark, this waffle maker can bake it within minutes.

If you’re mouth-watering and craving for a taste of a sweet and savoury Belgian waffle but have difficulty deciding on which flavour to stick with, then you’re using the right machine. The Hamilton Beach Flip will get you sorted out with its waffle grid design in a deep groove, ultimately made to handle any sort of batter you want to pour inside. All you have to do is pick a recipe, and this waffle maker will take care of the rest – flipping effortlessly, browning control, and even and fast cooking.


  • It’s quick to clean and dishwasher friendly due to its nonstick grids
  • Made for easy flipping to bake the perfect thick, fluffy waffles
  • It has a cool-touch handle that you can fold for more straightforward storage.
  • Designed to be long-lasting due to the stainless steel exterior housing for added durability
  • Created with advanced heating for even and consistent baking and browning.


  • The heating may sometimes cause a problem, leading you to cook soggy and floppy waffles.

Why You Should Choose

The Hamilton Beach Flip is designed for those who are into waffle experimenting. May it be the thickest or most complex waffle you’re trying to bake, this exemplary waffle maker can make your dream happen. Built with nonstick and removable grids in a Belgian-style that have deep pockets so you can mix as many toppings as you want.

5. KRUPS Adjustable Temperature Belgian Waffle Maker

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KRUPS made a remarkable Belgian waffle maker that has an adjustable temperature in five levels – from light to dark. It can quickly fulfil and accommodate your preferences while also allowing you to bake four delicious waffles in one go. With green and red indicator lights along with an audible tone to alert you when it’s “ready,” this waffle maker does all the hardships for you without making you do any guesswork.

If you want to add a tad of creativity, you can bake deep-pocket waffles and fill it in with whatever dessert that suits you. It can be cream cheese, jam, fresh fruits, maple syrup, or powdered sugar. The choices are endless! Made with stainless steel and nonstick removable waffle plates, you can combine flavours all day, every day and make it for a tasty treat.


  • It comes with lights and audible beeps for alerts.
  • You can make four waffle slices at once.
  • It’s adjustable to five browning settings of your preference.
  • You can store it vertically since countertop space can be precious sometimes.
  • Its removable plates are nonstick, making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


  • The nonstick coating may begin to flake at the upper waffle insert after a few uses.
  • The bottom plate is not removable.

Why You Should Choose

With a unit like the KRUPS waffle maker, you can prepare four square-shaped Belgian waffles at the same time. It efficiently saves you more time and energy when you’re cooking for your family or yourself during a craving strike. For that, it deserves a place among the best belgian waffle makers.

6. All-Clad 4-Square Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

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Similar to the waffle makers mentioned above, the All-Clad 4-Square Belgian Waffle Maker is also one where you can bake four waffles in one go. It’s perfect if you have your friends or family over for brunches or snacks. The machine is also equipped with advanced heating to delivers consistent baking and browning. Built with a steam release system to prevent the build-up of condensation, it can bake waffles in a perfectly crisp exterior with a fluffy and light interior.

It usually bakes square-shaped waffles that are four and a half inches wide and one inch in thickness. It’s also finished with easy-cut sections and deep pockets for you to fill it in with melted butter, whipped cream, fresh fruits, maple syrup, or any topping of your heart’s desire. Along with a red indicator light to let you know when it’s preheating and an audible beep to alert you when it’s ready to fill mouths. All you have to do is pour in the batter you made, close the lid, and turn the knob for it to start doing its magic. Aside from the beep to signal you, the light will also turn green when the waffles are baked to perfection.


  • Delivers the best results and is easy clean-up.
  • It bakes extra deep waffles to create space for fillings or toppings.
  • They are built with light indicators and audible beeps for added control.


  • The package does not come with a manual.
  • The heating element may eventually wear off, making it defective.

Why You Should Choose

All-Clad is a company that is determined to make the best quality cookware and electronics to give customers their best experience. Their products, especially this waffle maker, ensures the absolute kitchen performance and longevity. Once they meet the standard for their products, they are ready to take on the needs of the masses. The crafting of this best waffle maker 2020 is all passion-infused.

7. Conair WMK600 Belgian Waffle Maker

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You can create two perfectly round, golden brown waffles at once with the Conair WMK600. It houses and extra deep once inch pocket for plump and filled waffles. Other than having 1400 watts, the waffle maker also includes a rotatory thermostat and a control knob for you to set your preferred browning and prevent burning. It also features easy flipping for even browning on both sides.


  • The waffle grids are coated with nonstick material for easy waffle release and effortless cleaning.
  • A user-friendly rotary feature to have an even baked waffle from top to bottom using only 1400 watts of power.
  • Installed with two LED indicator lights with three different audible beeps to alert you when each waffle is ready.
  • A control knob for adjustable temperature and a product warranty limited for one year.


  • It can only cook one waffle at once.

Why You Should Choose

Installed with audible tones for ready use and readily baked, the Conair WMK600 is perfect for pure waffle lovers on the go. Also, it easily contends among the best belgian waffle makers.

8. Oster CKSTWFBF10MR-ECO DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker

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What makes the Oster waffle maker different is that it’s coated with Dura Ceramic. And although most Belgian waffle makers are also nonstick, this ceramic coating allows the batter to cook to up to 30% faster, saving you much time and energy. You can also ensure that it won’t peel or flake as time passes by. However, like most waffle makers, Oster also features easy-flip in its machine and an adjustable knob for temperature control to bake the perfect waffles of your preference. The red candy apple colour makes it an alluring sight in your kitchen, suitable for display and as an accessory.


  • Infused with titanium and coated with Dura Ceramic which you can guarantee to last up to eight times longer than the conventional nonstick coatings.
  • The ceramic coating is natural and free from PFOA and PTFE, which does not peel or flake off.
  • It can cook up to 30% faster than most waffle makers, saving you time and energy
  • Comes with an easy flip feature for waffles you can cook evenly.
  • You can also adjust the temperature and control for light, crispy, or fluffy waffles.


  • May have a fragile handle; it snaps off after frequent use.

Why You Should Choose

The titanium infused ceramic coating makes the waffle maker as durable as ever. Other than that, it’s chemical-free and safe from harmful toxins, scratch-resistant compared to nonstick coatings, and fast cooking. Not to mention, it features secure storage indicative of the best belgian waffle makers.

9. Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates

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Baking crispy, savoury and thick Belgian waffles has never been more comfortable with the Cuisinart WAF-300. It’s brushed with the stainless steel look, making it appealing and stunning to look at as kitchen décor. Like other waffle irons, it’s also installed with an adjustable temperature control knob along with visual and auditory indicators for a refined baking experience. Its plates are also removable and dishwasher safe.


  • Coated with nonstick material for easy clean-up.
  • Its temperature control setting has six choices.
  • It has indicator lights for ready to eat and prepared to bake instances.
  • The machine comes with a stainless steel top cover for added durability.


  • The exterior of the waffle maker may get hotter than usual, making it dangerous when you’re around kids.

Why You Should Choose

One unique feature is that the waffle maker’s bottom is angled inward. It allows for clean drippings when the batter accidentally overflows. The overflowed batter will only drip onto your countertop rather than baking onto the waffle maker’s exterior. This is an advantage since countertops are easier to clean compared to the sides of a waffle maker, making the inward inclination more helpful than you thought.

10. Gourmia GWM460 Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

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With the Gourmia Belgian Waffle Maker, you can bake delicious and crispy waffles in one flip! Fill it with batter, choose the settings of your preference and flip it to its side once you’re sure its cooked. You’ll have the sound of crunch and crisp waffles in no time. Additionally, it also has a drip tray, folding handles that are cool to touch to avoid burns and waffle cooking plates. Impress your visitors and some of your relatives with homemade Belgian style waffles.


  • It’s 180 degrees rotatable to spread the batter evenly
  • You can opt for crunchy, light, or fluffy waffles by adjusting the temperature through the dial
  • It has long durability due to its stainless steel exterior.


  • The handle may quickly come off as it’s made with plastic.
  • The heat pad will detach over time.

Why You Should Choose

The Gourmia Flipster waffle maker can prepare scrumptious waffles with only a few flips! You’ll be surprised at how fast this classic waffle maker is. After pouring the batter and choosing from light to dark golden exterior, simply flip the machine while it bakes evenly crispy waffles with every use. You can use it to impress your guests and show off your skills in Belgian waffle making.

Essential Features to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Belgian Waffle Maker

If you’re planning on purchasing a single function appliance, make sure to find the time to look for one that is best in that area. When choosing a waffle maker, always make sure to consider the factors and several features you might want. Make your investment worthwhile. First, know the difference between American-style and Belgian-style waffles. The latter is thicker while the former has a deeper well for syrup, butter, or anything else you want to use as toppings. However, the Belgian waffle makers are more highly regarded compared to American (also known as classic) style waffles.

They Have Subjective Ready Indicators

Other waffle irons have both the auditory and visual indicator, while some only have one. Audible alerts are pretty simple and straight to the point. Fast beeps signal that the waffle maker is ready for use, and the next audio when the waffle is cooked to set specification.

Visual indicators can either be one or two lights. Most of the time, one light is indicative of a ready waffle iron for use or when the iron is switched on, and heating and another light indicates that the waffle inside is baked to perfection.

You’ll Benefit More with a Nonstick Surface

Because nonstick surfaces significantly reduce the hassle of removing the waffles from the plate or grid and making sure they don’t break, it’s highly recommended you purchase one coated with nonstick material. Other than effortless cleaning, it also reduces the needed amount of butter or oil to bake the waffle, making them a bit healthier than they usually should be.

Nonstick Surfaces Make Them Easy to Clean

Aside from the added convenience, it also means they have longer lives since the need to scratch the iron for cleaning isn’t necessary anymore. Some professionals suggest a particular oil to prevent your waffle from sticking to the pan. However, most nonstick waffle makers held up to a couple of years and showed enough evidence that you don’t need oil to keep the waffles from sticking. Although, adding a little bit of butter makes the waffle a tad bit crispier compared to having none.

Flip or stationary? 

Now that you’ve decided to get one with a nonstick surface, the next step is choosing on whether or not you need flip mechanism assistance. Without flipping the irons over, you’re solely relying on your batter’s rising agent to fill in the upper plate evenly. Having the easy flip feature will guarantee you even mixture distribution to bake consistent waffles. Although they might consume more space vertically, they’re surprisingly manageable when it comes to a storage position.

Always Check if There is a Warranty Included

While the topic on the best belgian waffle makers is not rocket science, they don’t require electronics of complexity. This means that there is a possibility that several components might stop working earlier than their estimated date. Companies that provide generous warranties are those that have high trust in their products – that believe they won’t have to replace the product within the sad program. Among other things, warranties also provide relief and peace of mind since you’re guaranteed a brand new and functioning appliance in case your machine gets damaged within the given warranty period.

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How to Choose the Best Belgian Waffle Maker

Size of Said Waffle

Even though most people say size doesn’t matter, but when speaking about Belgian waffle makers, it does. First of all, make sure to know where to store your machine when not in use to avoid accidents and maintain a clean surrounding. However, if all your storage cabinets are full, then you are left without a choice but to leave it on the kitchen countertop. You don’t want a bulky machine for that one.

Second, people mostly assume that the more significant waffle makers also bake more giant waffles. However, this isn’t mainly the case. There are waffle makers that bake smaller Belgian waffles in one go rather than cooking them one by one with smaller appliances. To proceed to the next question, how many do you need in one sitting?

How Many Waffles are Enough?

If you have several family members, then it’s practical that you also purchase a waffle maker that can bake many waffles in one go. Typically, more prominent waffle makers have built-in grids to allow them to bake up to four waffles in a single cook. If you want to cook faster and more comfortable, it’s recommended that you use a Belgian waffle maker with the flip feature. Although some may come small in size, it can still cook many waffles at once with others having two plates.

The True Waffle Shape

Standard Belgian waffle makers usually only make sizes of square or round waffles. However, if you want a more creative look, there are still appliances that allow you to prepare waffles in various shapes and sizes, albeit rare. Unless you have children that are entertained with unique waffle shapes, then it’s best to maintain the standard Belgian waffle maker.

Waffle Crunch Factor

The deepness of the grid usually determines how thick your waffles are. The deeper the plate, the thicker and fluffier your waffles are. If you’re into experimenting with your waffles by adding other ingredients to the batter such as fruits, nuts, or cream cheese, then waffle makers with deeper grids are perfect for you. Those with shallow gridirons make crispier and thinner waffles.

Less Mess, Less Fuss = More Waffle Making

When searching for the best belgian waffle makers, you must always check the grill surface. Ideal waffle makers are those with nonstick coatings on the surface. Not only does it make cleaning easier and hassle-free, but it also allows you easy removing of the waffles from the grill without destroying its form. It also makes the machine last longer since scrubbing won’t be necessary for extra cleaning, keeping your waffle iron from scratches.

Done To Perfection

It can be difficult for you to know whether your waffle is already cooked or not if the machine does not have any form of indicator; may it be auditory or visual. You should opt for those with indicatory lights or audible beeps in case you get busy and can’t keep an eye on the waffle maker. It may seem like the most apparent technological necessity of waffle makers made in this decade. Several observations have found that only better and newer models can indicate whether a waffle is ready, no matter how flavored or thick you prepared your batter.

Additionally, it’s also vital for a model to have an internal thermostat to control the cooking temperature completely. The best waffle makers have adjustable knobs for temperature control so you can freely decide the heat for your waffle maker.

Cook The Waffles, Not My Fingers

Due to the number of testing procedures, make sure the heated areas of your rotating waffle maker have proper insulation to prevent any accidental burns when in use. Models mentioned above guaranteed that there were no areas on their waffle makers that absorb excessive heat. Thus the term, cool-touch.

This is also a critical consideration if you have children or younger ones running around the house. Curious ones might take the opportunity to stick their little fingers and touch dangerous areas when you’re not around to watch them.

Avoiding The Mess

You can create a superb mess if the batter accidentally spills out on your kitchen countertop. If you want to keep this from happening, go for waffle makers that have drip trays to collect the dripping batter, therefore reducing the amount of chaos in the kitchen.

What’s the Difference Between Belgian Waffle Maker & Regular Waffle Maker?

You’ll have plenty of options from a waffle’s shape and size to choose from, whether it be a regular or Belgian waffle maker. However, there are still fundamental differences.

Making Belgian waffles requires using yeast, which means owning a waffle maker that has deep grooves for the risen batter to fit is unnecessary. For regular waffles, a rising mixture isn’t something you expect. However, the difference in the depth of the grooves also indicates that Belgian waffles take longer to cook in a waffle maker designed for Belgian waffles due to the added depth of the grids. 

For regular or classic waffles, you’ll find yourself seeing all kinds of shapes and sizes, such as cartoon character shapes of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. So, opting for several varieties for regular waffle makers will be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it’s a different case for Belgian waffle makers due to the deeper grooves. There are only two sizes available – circular and square – and you’ll have to make do.

Are Flip Waffle Makers Better?

This might be a question that does not have straight answers. However, comparing and debating between a flip waffle maker versus a standard one, the former has all the glory. Why? The answer is simply because a flip waffle maker makes sure that your waffles will result in a fluffy inside and a crisp exterior. While it rotates, it also evenly spreads out the batter onto the iron, making sure that it’s neither overcooked or undercooked.

Without flipping the irons over, you’re solely relying on your batter’s rising agent to fill in the upper plate evenly. Having the easy flip feature will guarantee you even mixture distribution to bake consistent waffles. Although they might consume more space vertically, they’re surprisingly manageable when it comes to a storage position. However, if you’re quite low on space, then flip waffle makers might not be a recommended option since they are also most likely more massive compared to standard waffle makers.

What Makes Nonstick Surfaces More Convenient?

Because nonstick surfaces significantly reduce the hassle of removing the waffles from the plate or grid and making sure they don’t break, it’s highly recommended that you purchase one coated with nonstick material. Other than effortless cleaning, it also reduces the needed amount of butter or oil to bake the waffle, making them a bit healthier than they usually should be.

Having a nonstick surface also means they have longer lives since the need to scratch the iron for cleaning isn’t necessary anymore. Some professionals suggest a particular oil to prevent your waffle from sticking to the pan. However, the best belgian waffle makers (non-stick) held up to a couple of years and showed enough evidence that you don’t need oil to keep the waffles from sticking. Although, adding a little bit of butter makes the waffle a tad bit crispier compared to having none.

It is ensured that having an appliance of either single or multi-function is indeed a luxury not everyone can afford. However, you won’t have to sell your organs to purchase a fantastic product. The best belgian waffle makers are not only perfect for your kitchen when it comes to baking delicious waffles for breakfast, lunch, or any type of occasion.

As you may know, several waffle forms come in various shapes and sizes such as Scandinavian vafler, Belgian liege, and Italian gofri. No matter which of the waffle makers you choose from the list, they are all design to prepare the most famously known American (classic) and Belgian waffles.

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