About HouseMachinery

Who we are

House Machinery is your go-to source for simple, practical tips and inspirations to help you improve your home living. Our library of articles contains expert advice on everything from home improvement and appliances to kitchen items and provides informative home troubleshooting steps as well as reviews of various products. If you have questions about home repair, improvement, or any kitchen items or appliances; Home Machinery has got you covered.

If you have ever considered upgrading your home but found the costs to exorbitant or thought of doing it yourself but the lack of knowledge and know-how stopped you; you can stop stressing now! That’s exactly the reason why we started House Machinery. 

As homemakers ourselves, we can certainly relate to what you’re going through, and the same feeling has propelled us to write down our own experiences. We’re publishing it here so that we can help people like you to learn more about all your options, choices, and other means to do your own home upgrades safely and practically.

Editorial Guideline

Home Machinery recognizes the fact that the internet is home to a lot of useful information, BUT at the same time it’s difficult to sift through thousands of misinformation and personal opinions being masqueraded as facts. 

The Home Machinery team promises to deliver factual and transparent articles that are completely unbiased, to help you actually do that long-planned home improvement. The end goal is to empower our faithful readers so that they can get their home improvements and repairs done themselves, feeling well-informed and better equipped.

Product Selection Process

Our team of field experts study the latest technology, products, and practices involving home improvements and repairs and share them here through well-researched articles based on facts and actual experience. The team is composed of individuals whose expertise covers a wide range of home improvement, home repairs, gardening, and entertainment topics. You can expect a plethora of products to be reviewed regularly. 

We also review useful, easy to use products, and it is important to us that our readers know, even though we may receive a commission on some of the products we review, that never influences our product selection. Our number one priority is to make sure that you know get the best value at the most affordable prices.

Our articles are highly comprehensive, so that you will have all the information you need to keep your home and garden ship shape.

Our Amazing Writers

In less than a year, our monthly readers grew over 1500%! We owe much of the success to our hardworking team of field experts. They share their years of experience and are willing to dedicate their time to try (and test) out future home improvement and gardening products for our readers’ convenience and information. These people are not just content writers but have real experience in the field, allowing them to write the most factual, informative articles. Meet some of them below:

Gary Barnier

Gary Barnier

Gary is an expert writer for HM where he covers home improvements, electronic installation, remodeling, and plumbing. 

Before joining HouseMachnieary, Gary was a licensed contractor with almost 20 years of experience in home repair, home maintenance, home remodeling, and carpentry. He started his career as a contractor and gained vast experience over the years in home repair, electric installation, HVAC repair, and plumbing. 

Now he runs a small consulting business where he helps passionate DIY enthusiasts with their projects on home improvements, repair, and lots more. 

Marcy Williams

Marcy Williams

Marcy has been managing her family of 5 for twenty years now. This homemaker loves to cook and knows her way around the kitchen. More than just a PB sandwich, she feeds her little family decadent meals that fill their bellies to the brim and warms their hearts with love. Her recipes are passed on from her great grandmother. And she also did her own tweaking to make it her own. You can expect a sumptuous satisfying meal if you’re going to drop by her home!

Her passion for cooking led her to venture into entrepreneurship. She started her own cozy home restaurant and serves fresh home-cooked meals with a lot of souls. Her food gives comfort to the hearts and fills the bellies of her diners with satisfaction. And they keep coming back for more!

This makes her quite an expert in the kitchen. She covers everything related to household stuff, and of course, the kitchen. With her experience and drive, she has great knowledge of anything related to the household and kitchen. And that’s with a lot of soul and heart too. So her readers can expect nothing but the best from her.